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					  Proven Marketing
 Strategies To build
Your Online Business

      Joseph Ducat
       Corey Post
Presentation Agenda

  Elements Of A
   Successful Online
  Proven Online
   Marketing Strategies
  Case Studies of
   Good and Bad Sites
The 7 Elements Of Highly
Effective Websites:
  A Specific Purpose
  A Target Audience
  A Fluid Process To Lead Visitors To
   Take Action
  Stickiness
  Email Capture
  Consistent Testing and Testing
  Traffic
Proven Online Marketing
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC)
    Affiliate Marketing
    Email Marketing
    Social Media Marketing
The Costner Strategy For
   Online Marketing
If You Build It,
They Will Come
Search Engine Fun Facts

  As of May 2008, There are approximately
   168.4 Million websites (Source:
  As of December 2006, Only an estimated
   20% of web pages are indexed by search
   engines. (Source:
  The size of the Invisible Web is estimated
   to be between 1 to 4 Trillion web pages.
The Costner Strategy
Search Engine Usage

  For the Month of February 2008, over 10
   Billion searches were conducted in
   Search Engines in the US alone (Source:

  A Forrester Research report states that
   81% of consumers on the Internet use
   search engines to find products.
Search Engine Arena

       US Share of Searches as of Nov 2007

       Ask 3.9%
             MSN 9.2%
The Yin and Yang Of
Search Engine Marketing
The Google Landscape
Search Engine Optimization

  SEO is the process of increasing a
   website’s visibility in the search engines
   in order to improve the volume and
   quality of traffic.
  Free organic traffic from high rankings in
   the search engines for specific keywords.
Search Engine Optimization

  Overall 60.5% of searchers click on
   organic listings in the search engine
   results pages (SERPs).
  For Google Click Thru Rate (CTR) is
   even higher at 72.3% (Source:
  Usually takes a few months to rise up the
   search engine rankings.
  Long-Term Strategy
Pay-Per-Click Marketing

  PPC is an advertising model where an
   advertiser only pays when a user clicks
   their ad to visit the advertiser’s website.
  Appears above and at the side of organic
   listings of the SERPs
Pay-Per-Click Marketing

  PPC is more predictable than SEO
  Results are easier to track, to determine
  You only pay when a searcher clicks your
   ad to visit your site.
  Can drive lots of traffic immediately.
  Short-term strategy
              SEO Basics

On Page Factors
 Website Structure
 Content/Keywords
Off Page Factors
   Link Building
   Page Rank
   Competition
   History
    How Does Google Find

What do you feed your Googlebot to keep it happy?
Linking = Ranking
Links: Quality or Quantity?

  Reciprocal Links
  Backlinks
      Generic
      Themed or Related
      Authority
      Authority Themed
  Outbound Links
  “No Follow” Tags
On Page Factors

 1. Keyword-based Domain Name
    If possible, register a domain name
     using one or more of your keywords
    EX:
On Page Factors
 2.    Keep your content
       themed and organized
       Make it easy for
          spiders to
          categorize and
          catalogue your
On Page Factors

 3. Use Keywords properly
     Use in <h1> <h2> and <h3> header tags
     Bold, italicize, and underline some
     Use your main keyword at the beginning
      and end of your webpage
     Use your keywords as “anchor text” to link
      to internal pages
On Page Factors

 4. Your website should have the following
    Contact Page
    About Us Page
    Privacy Policy Page
 5. Keyword Density
    Keep keyword use at 2.5% to 6%
      Free Tool:
On Page Factors
 6. Use meta tags properly
     Create unique meta tags for every web
     Insert your keywords on your Title tags
      − Use the | symbol to separate your keywords
    Use your Description tag to “sell” your
     site. SEs usually use this in the SERPs.
On Page Factors
 7. Use <alt> image tags and include your
     keyword, plus the word "image" or
     Example:
        <img src=“picture.jpg” alt=“keyword
On Page Factors

8. Setup a sitemap
   HTML Sitemap
     Don’t put more than 100 links on the sitemap
     If more than 100, set up additional sitemaps
   XML Sitemap
      Do a search for “Free Sitemap Generator
      Submit Sitemap to Google
On Page Factors

 9. Use a robots.txt file
     Gives spiders instructions on what to
On Page Factors

 10.Check validity of Html code:
    Watch for missing tags, broken links,
     invalid characters
    Use either HTML 4.01 Transitional or
     XHTML 1.0 and keep the code valid.
Off-Page Factors

 Focus on Links From Authority & Similarly
  Themed Sites
    With high Page Rank
    With high traffic
    Without the No Follow tag
 The Key is Consistent Link Building
    Too much too soon will land you on the Google
 Vary Your Anchor Text To Appear Natural
Link Building:
Article Marketing
     Submit articles to Article Directories
     Include a Resource Box with up to 3 links back to your money

 Ex: here may be a typical resource box:
      To learn more about the <a target="_new"
      title=>Keyword 1</a> and <a target="_new"
      title=>Keyword 2</a> visit

 It would look like this when it is seen online:

 To learn more about the Keyword 1 and Keyword 2 visit
Link Building:
Forum Posting
 Join Theme Related Public Forums
      Do a Google search: “keyword+forum”
      Choose forum that allow you to have
      Find the most popular threads and
       make a relevant comment
Link Building:
Press Releases
  Similar to Article Marketing
  Include a link back to your website
  It can be sent to hundreds of media
  Make it informative, but not salesy.
  Services:
    PRWeb, PRNewswire
Link Building:
Directory Submissions
  Submit to Human-edited directories
  Free sites like DMOZ are hard to get
  Yahoo Directory - $299/year
  - $39.99 one-time fee
  - $80/year
SEO No Nos

  Using Frames
   SEs cannot process framed pages properly
  Using javascript.
   If you need to use javascript, call script
     from an external file so spiders don’t have
     to wade through the code to get to the text.
   CSS can emulate some javascript like drop
     down menus
SEO No Nos

  Duplicate Content
   Do not use duplicate domains with identical
  Keyword Stuffing
   White text on white background
   Hiding text on hidden divs
SEO No Nos

  Joining Link Farms
   Such as FFA, Traffic Exchanges
  Buying Text Links
   Google no longer allows sites to buy links
     from high PR sites
PPC Basics

  PPC marketing is setup like an auction
  Bid prices can start from $0.01/click and
  However, Competition and a low Quality
   Score can drive up bid prices
  Quality Score is a function of CTR and
   keyword relevance
Quality Score Strategies

  Split keywords into smaller, targeted Ad
  Always be split-testing your ads
  Remove non-performing keywords
  Use Negative Keyword filtering
Quality Score Strategies

  Make sure your ads, keywords and
   landing pages are closely related.
  Create Ad Group-Specific, Search
   Engine Optimized Landing Pages
    Use the targeted keywords in your page
    Include links to theme-related pages
    Include links to essential site pages
Quality Score Strategies

  Check to see which keywords Google
   thinks is relevant for your landing page
Affiliate Marketing

  Pay for Performance
  Affiliate Marketing = Leverage
    Software
    Join 3rd Party Networks
Email Marketing

    Build relationship with customer
    Continuous marketing
    Little to no marketing costs
    Personalized messaging
Email Marketing
  Tactics
    Email capture form
       Squeeze page
       Opt-in form
       Pop up/under
    Auto responder
         Automated email messaging to prospects
         Create email campaign in advance
         Personalize
         Warnings
            Opt in/Opt out
            CanSPAM
Social Media Marketing
    What is social media marketing?
       Access the “social graph”
           Market through connections
    Why is social media marketing important?
       Cost effective
           Viral
       Trust factor
    Example Social Media Sites
       Video
           You Tube
       Profiles
           MySpace
           Facebook
       News
           Digg
       Bookmarking
           Delicious
Social Media Case Study: Chevy Aveo
    Goal
       Increase awareness of the new
        Chevy Aveo with college
    Action
       Launched "Chevy Aveo Livin'
        Large Campus Challenge"
             Students on seven college
              campuses spent a week living
              inside a Chevy Aveo
             Students wrote blogs, posted
              YouTube videos, and led
              discussions in groups on
              Facebook and MySpace
    Results
       217 million impressions for Aveo
       More than 1,000,000 college
        students connected to the
        contest through Facebook,                           Source: Harnessing the Power of
        MySpace, and other media                            Social Applications - MIT Sloan
                             Proprietary and Confidential
Social Media Case Study: Fiskars

    Goal
       Grow market among
        predominantly female customers
        who identified themselves as
    Action
       Hired four crafters as part-time
        "lead ambassadors”
             Ambassadors recruited other
              crafters into an online brand
              community called "Fiskateers"
    Results
       Five months after launch:
             The online discussion of Fiskars
              products surged by more than
             The number of ambassadors
              was more than 1,400                            Source: Harnessing the Power of
                                                             Social Applications - MIT Sloan
                              Proprietary and Confidential
You Tube Viral Videos
Proven Marketing Strategies
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