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					November 2008   Chapter 50 – Classic Thunderbird Club International   Volume 36 Number 11
                            THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

The Early Bird Fan is the monthly newsletter of the Santa Clara Valley Thunderbirds, SCVT. SCVT is
dedicated the enjoyment of the classic 1955, 1956, and 1957 Ford Thunderbirds.

Address     Santa Clara Valley Thunderbirds
            P.O. Box 26103
            San Jose, CA 95159

Web Sites

Meetings    Meetings are held on the second Friday of each month at West Valley College 14000 Fruitvale
            Ave. Saratoga, CA. The meeting starts at 7:30 p.m. in the school board room.

Events      SCVT members participate in parades, displays, homecomings, regional and national
            meets, local cars shows, and driving events.

Membership Dues are $40.00 per year per family and are due by January 31 of each year. SCVT is
chapter 50 of the Classic Thunderbird Club International, CTCI. Membership in CTCI is mandatory to
participate in parades and displays sponsored by SCVT. See for CTCI membership

2008 SCVT Board Members                                     SCVT Items for sale
                                                            Contact Bernie Epolite -
 President        Joe Ryan         650-483-6256                 Magnetic signs         $5.00
 Vice President   Dennis Kay                                    Visors                 $8.00
 Secretary        Don Reisinger                                 Baseball mesh caps     $8.00
 Treasurer        Ray Delgado                                   Baseball Cotton Hats   $15.00
 Editor           Larry Maness                                  Summer Jacket          $21.00
 Parades          Jerry Dance                                   Winter Jacket          $39.50
 Displays         Montgomery Roach                              Large Patch            $10.00
 Activities       Gene Cox                                      Name Badge             $8.50
 Fundraising      Al Thomas                                     License plate frame    $12.00
 Historian        Joan Peterson                                 Personalized tote      $10.00
 CTCI Rep         Carl Epolite                                  Logo T-Shirts          $15.00
                                                                SCVT Chairs            $15.00
                                                                3-Piece Luggage Set    $25.00

Caravan tips      Parts Boxes
     Maintain your car.                                     Box 1            Delgado
     Gas up and check fluids/tires.                         Box 2            Charlie
     Know who your leader is and follow.                    Box 3            Reisinger
     Turn CB to channel 11.                                 6-Volt           Williams
     Turn FRS to channel 7-11.                              Tents            Kirk
     Leave enough space for merging traffic.
     Gas up at scheduled pit stops.
     Generic cars at the end of the caravan.

News Letter
Deadline:     25th of each month.
Send to:      Larry Maness
              3822 Whinney Place Way
              San Jose, CA 95121

                              THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

                                        Presidents Message
                                        Ryan’s Ramblings

It’s hard to believe that the holiday season is fast approaching. It just seems like last week we were getting
ready for the Awards Banquet. Don’t fret; there are still several more SCVT get togethers before we ring
in 2009. The Holiday Parade is coming up the 2nd weekend in December. We do this as a club and do not
charge the sponsors. There is also the bag stuffing for seniors that is being put together at Jill Schwab’s
house on Dec 4. Give her a call as she can use as much help as possible. Then will be the Holiday Party at
the Eichenbaums. More in the Fan and at the November meeting. Remember, there is no December
meeting so you will have to get the information from the Fan or from Rich at the November meeting.

This past month we had a great get together at the Affrunti’s house to celebrate the return of our wandering
members, Doc Docktor, Bill Mann and Paul Lynch, from their 48 in 08 Tour. We missed Paul as he wasn’t
able to attend. The party was hosted by the Affrunti’s and Mann’s. Bill along with Jerry Schwab did the
cooking and the food was great. Doc & Bill didn’t do much sitting. I wonder why? They had great stories
to tell about their adventure. When see them you ask them about the trip.

Oct 26 the Schuette’s put on a great event. The day started with the gathering point at Krispy Kreme where
everyone satisfied their sweet tooth with a donut or two. We then went to the Bertolotti Collection in Santa
Clara. Their vehicles were amazing. There were several that at one time were in the Harrah’s Collection.
From there we went to the Guglielmo Winery in Morgan Hill. We had all the wine we could drink and a
great Italian lunch. We even got to keep the wine glasses!

The nominees for the 2009 Board have been announced. However, we do have an opening for Parades
Chair Person. Please let one of the Board members know if you are interested in this position. We can use
your help. You will find a ballot in this months’ Fan. If you cannot attend the November meeting you can
mail it in to Don Reisinger before the meeting.

Geoff Dye has been diligently working to get the Flea Market back on our schedule. He has been in
contact with them and they are interested in putting together a 50’s – 60’s event and car show. He is still
working out the details but he is suggesting the weekend of April 4 & 5. They might be looking for 70 cars
each day, with about 25 TBirds and 10 other classics from our club, and the rest from other clubs, etc. If
this comes to pass we need as many club members as possible take part so members will not have to
participate in both days. This would be a great addition to our treasury.

Everyone have a great Thanksgiving.

                                      SEE YOU FRIDAY, November 14th

                            THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

                           Meeting Minutes, October 10th, 2008
President: President Joe Ryan called the meeting to order at 7:35 PM. Officers present were Joe Ryan, Dennis
Kay, Ray Delgado and Don Reisinger. Doc’s introduced his guests. Joe thanked the board for the work done to
provide additional information in regards to the tasks for each of the officers and what gets communicated to future
Vice President: Dennis Kay thanked the Kelley’s and the Lerma’s for providing the refreshments and drinks for
the evening. Membership is now at 106 with another new membership to be processed for a total of 107. The
anniversaries for the month were read. Doc@5years, the Nelsons@7years, the Parkers@8 years, the Citti’s@9
years, the Allens@10 years, Gaines Adcock & June Moreland @ 11 years, the Deutsch’s @16 years, the Berquist’s
@17 years, the Epolite’s @18 years, Ellen Hayes@29 years and Gary Dinger@32 years. The buy/sell board was
Secretary: Minutes from the September meeting were published in the Fan; questions and/or corrections were
discussed at the break. No changes or corrections were reported and the minutes were approved.
Treasurer: Treasurer Ray Delgado read the treasurer’s report. The condition of the Club treasury has improved.
Revenue is increasing with the onset of our Homecoming Season. Carl presented the club with a check for the
2007 Gilroy parade which had not been paid.
Activities: Activities Chair Gene Cox discussed the reports of prior events and the events scheduled for the
upcoming months. Rick Deutsch reported on the Ironstone Concours and described the event as another great one.
There were a total of 7 SCVT members who made the trip to Murphy’s for the Concours. T-Birds on the Wharf
was also a great success even though attendance was down a little from prior years. SCVT hosted the post show
Clam Bake and there were a total of 85 people who attended and were well fed and watered. Rick also discussed
the Tour of Castle Air Force Base in Merced on October 17th. A small number of SCVT members are planning on
joining the NorCal Galaxie Club on this event. The Affrunti’s have scheduled a social event they’re calling,
“What’s Up Doc?” with our intrepid traveler Doc “aka Christopher Columbus” Docktor as the guest of honor &
he’ll relate stories of his trip on October 4th. October 5th is Horses to Horsepower in Redwood City. Hal & Becky
Schutte are sponsoring an event where we will visit John Bertolotti’s car collection in San Jose followed by lunch
at the Guglielmo Winery in Cupertino on October 26th. Rich Eichenbaum discussed the Holiday party and the
arrangements that have been made so far. The date is December 13th. Joe discussed the Awards Banquet on
Saturday, January 24th. Everyone is on pins and needles with anticipation of who will get the coveted Blunderbird.
Joe encouraged members who had not organized an event or had not done one recently to go ahead and do one as
they are a lot of fun. There was some additional conversation on convoy etiquette and on having and using the CB
and why it is important to be able to communicate on the trips.
Displays: No display information.
Parades: Jerry Dance updated the situation on homecomings for 2008. Alternates were needed for the 17th,
Fremont High school parade and game. A signup was passed around for Mt. Pleasant on 10/30.
Editor: Larry is looking for articles of interest to add to the Fan as well as pictures. The number of members still
receiving the Fan in a printed format is down to about 26 and it is hoped that more members will take advantage of
receiving the Fan electronically to both save SCVT money and to provide a better Fan experience. It was decided
that the Fan would have a set space where updates/changes to information in the directory would be reported each
CTCI: Carl Epolite - filling in for Jerry Schwab - reported there was nothing new to report and that Jerry Schwab
is expected to resume his position in the near future
Historian: Joan Peterson advised that the most recent historical information was at the back of the room for
inspection during the break. Please send any pictures of events to Joan for inclusion in the history book as well as
on the web site.
Fund Raising: Al & Jenny covered the theme for October raffle and ticket prices.
Old Business: The donation that was approved for the Rose City Thunderbirds in 2007 has not been paid as of the
September meeting and it was agreed to send the check post event.
New Business: A set of earrings and a pin were presented where the image is your car. Business cards for the
person producing them were made available. Jill Schwab announced that the bag stuffing day will be the first
Saturday in December. Also, she will be entering an SCVT car in the Pine Wood Derby.
Tech Talk: Paul Perry asked for a suggestion on where to get his speedometer fixed. Palo Alto Speedometer Shop
was recommended
Buy/Sell: The Buy/Sell information was read.
Raffle: The raffle was held.
Announcements: No Announcements.
Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned upon the completion of business.
Respectfully submitted, Don Reisinger, Secretary

                           THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

                                         Lifetime Members

                                      Pete and Marge Gray
                                      Bill and Diana Mann
                                    Charlie and Isabell Vincent

                      2008 SCVT Snacks and Beverage Signup
Date      Snacks        Beverages                    Date Snacks              Beverages
Jan 11    Pedone        Peterson                     Jul 11   Hamblin         Affrunti
Feb 08    Kay           Lynch                        Aug 15   Maness          Roach
Mar 14    Hill          Epolite                      Sep 12   Hernandez       Mann
Apr 11    Reisinger     Reisinger                    Oct 10   Kelley          Lerma
May 09    Cox           Dockter                      Nov 14   Dye             Miller
Jun 13    Schwab        Perry

                  2008 Santa Clara Valley Thunderbird Events
                                 By Gene Cox

Date                    Event                                        Host
Jan 26                  Awards Dinner                                Reisinger
Feb 24                  Canepa Design Tour                           Deutsch
Mar 15                  South County Hold Um                         Epolite/Delgado
Mar 24                  Australia Trip                               Chinn
Apr 27                  Dream Machines                               Schwab
May 10                  Gil’s Tech Session                           Croxton
May 16-18               American Graffiti - Petaluma                 Cox
May 18                  Tbird Migration
Jun 8-9                 Capitola Rod & Custom Show                   Affrunti/Mann
Jun 21-22               BATOC’s 50th Anniversary                     Hickey
July 19                 SCVT Annual Picnic                           Reisinger
July 24                 48 in 08                                     Doc
July 28                 CTCI Convention – Portland                   Doc
Aug 7                   Hot August Nights                            Kay
Aug 16                  San Mateo BBQ & Car Show                     Ryan
Aug 17                  Overbird/Underbird                           Eichenbaum/Jenson
Aug 23                  Giants Game                                  Reisinger
Sep 6-7                 Fun Ford Sunday                              Reisinger
Sep 26-27               Ironstone                                    Pierson
Sep 27                  Birds on the Wharf                           Perry
Oct 4                   What’s up Doc                                Affrunti/Mann
Oct 5                   Horses to Horsepower
Oct 26                  Guglielmo Wine Tour                          Schuette
Oct 26                  Avila Beach Concourse                        Affrunti
Dec 4                   Senior Bag Stuffing                          Schwab
Dec 13                  Holiday Party                                Eichenbaum
Jan 24                  Awards Banquet                               Ryan
Feb ?                   Surprise Trip                                Pedone
Mar ?                   Surprise Trip                                Kay
Apr 17 2009             Kool April Nights
May 1-3 2009            Morro Bay Car Show                           Ryan
May 17 2009             Friendship Day
May 30 2009             Cars for ABC's at Brittan Acres              Heather Mann

                                   THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

                         November 2008 Membership Anniversaries
                                      Member                                 Years

                             Patty Lopes                                       31
                             Steven & Charlotte Yep                            23
                             Cliff Underwood                                   21
                             Daryl Morford                                     19
                             Geoff & Elaine Dye                                13
                             Joe & Fran Hendrickson                            13
                             Gene & Rachel Zierdt                              11
                             Paul & Barbara Perry                              10

                                     Parades Chairman Message
                                            Jerry Dance
Homecoming Parades are fun for everyone, not just T-Bird drivers.

                                   At the Cupertino High School Parade we started training our next generation of
                                   Parade Chairmen. James Croxton did a great job keeping all our drivers on track!

                                 Fremont High School has great alumni
                                 participation and this year’s homecoming
                                 committee was thrilled to meet alumni and SCVT
                                 member Diane Roach. They even asked her lead
the parade for graduates from 1960-1969.

October Parades
Thanks to everyone for signing up for our October parades. Halloween is shaping
up to be our busiest homecoming night this year so if you’re signed up be there. We need cars for the Evergreen

November Parades
Our last Parade is November 7th.

December Parades
San Jose Holiday Parade will be Sunday, December 7th. Sign-ups will be passed around at the November meeting.

If you have any questions, please contact: Jerry Dance 408-314-1632 (cell)

                                    Crusin Morro Bay Car Show
                                          May 1 - 3, 2009
It's not too late to join us for the Morro Bay car show. We still have 2 rooms left at the Best Western El
Rancho (smoking rooms). It's a great show and we have always had a great time. You can download the
car registration at The motel phone number is 805-772-2212. Let them
know you are with the Santa Clara Valley Thunderbirds.

Joe & Pat    650-483-6256

                              THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

                                     SCVT Holiday Party
                                      December 13, 2008
                                  5:00 p.m. until we get tired
At the home of Rich and Marianne Eichenbaum

104 Harwood Court

Los Gatos, Ca 95032

$37.00 per person

(You may pick up driving directions at the November meeting, or call us directly.

Bring one unwrapped child’s gift for “Toys for Tots”.

If you would like to participate in a gift exchange(with Santa’s help), please bring one wrapped gift in the
value of no more than $20.


                              I haven’t figured that out yet, but it will be good


                                               Roasted Tri Tip

                                               Chicken Sherry

                                     Penne Pasta with Italian Sausage

                                               Creamed Corn

                                            Roasted Red Potatoes

                                            Mediterranean Salad

                 Spring Greens with Walnuts, Oranges, Tomatoes and Blue Cheese Salad

                                             Desserts & Drinks

                                              Assorted Desserts

                              Wine, Beer, sodas, Coffee, Assorted Teas, Water

                                       HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!!!

                          THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

                  Stuffed from Turkey? Time to Stuff for Christmas…

Seniors Stocking Stuffers will be from 10:00 a.m. until the last bag is stuffed, on
December 4th at the Schwab’s house, 501 Coos Ct. Foster City. Come for an hour or two
or all day. For anyone who has never attended it’s a great way to begin your Holiday
Sharing. We make and distribute holiday gift bags for needy Seniors in our area (last
year we made and delivered over 700). Come and join in the fun, conversation, a little
confusion and help make someone’s holiday a little brighter. We will have coffee, tea,
homemade turkey soup and anything you wish to share. If you have questions just give
Jill a call at (650) 341-5633.

                               Annual Awards Banquet
                                  January 24, 2008
The awards banquet will be held at the Biltmore Hotel in Santa Clara on Saturday,
January 24th. If you would like to spend the night, we have been given special rates.
The rates are $85 for a Garden Room and $105 for a Tower Suite. The hotel phone
number is 408-988-8411. Let them know it is the special Santa Clara Valley Thunderbird

There will be a sign up sheet at the October and November meetings. More to follow in
the November Fan.


                            Car Show and Toy/Food drive
                                 November 22, 2008
This is the car show that used to be held at Bethel Church in San Jose. At Bethel they
were restricted to 400 cars and filled the place! The new church, Cathedral of Faith, is
right off the freeway and has lots of space, so we were told that SCVT T-Birders that
wanted to participate could all be grouped together. They have activities all day including
breakfast, food booths, and raffles. Everyone is asked to bring 1 new unwrapped toy and
all donated gifts and food items will be given to those less fortunate than us. The event is
held on the Saturday before Thanksgiving and sounds like a perfect way to get into the
holiday spirit! See flyer at the end of the FAN.

                             SCVT Directory Addendum
Rick Deutsch cell phone change: from (408) 390-6791 to 408-888-4752
Diane Deutsch email change to :

                            THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

                   Monterey Bay Club’s T-Birds on the Wharf
                        Saturday, September 27, 2008
The Monterey Bay club’s 11th annual T-Birds on the Wharf event came off with a foggy day to start but
ended with a great day followed by a great night on the beach.

There were a total of 24 SCVT members that attended and we had a number of winners, both in the raffles
and on the choice for the nicest T-Birds in the various categories.

SCVT went back to the beach for another all comers post event Clam Bake. There were a total of about 85
attendees at the Clam Bake and everyone we spoke to had a great time.

                                      BUY AND SELL
57 Thunderbird – Bing Kunzig 949-831-9465

Really nice T-Bird Pins. Al Thomas

1965 El Camino Bright Yellow 350, 4-speed, 3.73 posi, no rust, line-x bedliner, full 3-inch
exhaust, nice interior 8K miles on rebuild. $21.5K. Geoff Dye.

1955 Thunderbird, Maroon. $45K, Dick Kirk

1961 Jaguar Mark II – Cutie, Make offer. Steve Perdone.

New T-Bird jacket XL. Steve & Kathy
No-Mar Deck Protector. Your Choice Black Or White. $9.99
Parade Rest 2-Pad Set. Your Choice Black Or White. $19.99
Ding Bats Dent Protectors. Your Choice Black Or White $9.99
Don Reisinger (888) 206-0148. Don@Be-Ntouch.Com





                        THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

                 Santa Clara Valley Thunderbird Club Ballot
                               2009 Nominees

Elections will be held at the meeting on Friday November 14, 2008.

Each club member is entitled to one (1) vote.

     Position             Nominee                  Write In             Vote 1 Vote 2
President              Joe Ryan
Vice President         Dennis Kay
Secretary              Don Resinger
Treasurer              Ray Delgado
Editor                 Marty Gerbasi
Parades                Open
Displays               Mont Roach
Activities             Gene Cox
Fundraising            Al Thomas

Each member should place their vote in either the Vote 1 or Vote 2 box or write in the
candidate of your choice. Bring this ballot to the meeting November 14th or mail it to
Don Reisinger, 931 Matts Court, Los Altos, CA 94024. Ballots must be received by
November 14th in order to be included in the voting process.


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