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					Welcome to LCHS!
What are typical
concerns for 9th
Typical Concerns are:
 Will I see my      Taking
  friends?            medication?
 What is normal?    Peer pressure?
 Locker?            Assignments?
 Lunch?             Safety?
 Crowded halls?     What will my
 Sports/Clubs?       schedule look like?
 Bathroom?          Bus line-up?
High School is a time of change

 You will be taking new courses.
 You will have new teachers.
 You will have more independence.
 You will have more responsibilities.
Transition Activities
 December-CTAE Tours
 January 21 -High school students visit
  8th Grade classrooms
 Feb 3-Honors/AP info Night @ 6:30
 Feb 24/28-Parent Nights at LCHS
 March 1-3- Classroom
 March 5th - Freshman Festival @ 10 am
 May 3 to 6 - Tours of LCHS
Why have transition activities?
 Reduce fear and anxiety
 Reduce schedule changes
 Reduce misunderstandings
 Reduce discipline, attendance, and
  academic problems
 Increase confidence, information, and
 Increase involvement in school and
  participation in clubs/sports
 Increase knowledge about requirements
  and school policies
     Organization makes the
 Know when your work is due.
 Plan how to do quality work and get it
  done on time.
 Set short-term goals you can reach.
 Write down assignments for the day,
  week, month and semester in your
  agenda book. Include quizzes,
  papers, and tests.
Grades are MORE important!

 In high school students earn course credit
  for classes passed.
      Most courses = 1 credit

 You must earn 28 credits to graduate
  which means you must pass all your
  academic classes and a certain number of
Grades are more important!
 Your final grades in ALL the courses you
  take in high school will become part of
  your grade point average (GPA).
 Colleges and employers consider your GPA
  for college entrance and employers may
  consider it for employment.
 Hope Scholarship-To receive Hope
  Scholarship students must earn a 3.0
  overall GPA in all academic courses
  (English, Math, Science, S.S., and Modern
Grading Scale
 A= 90-100
 B= 80-89
 C= 70-79
 F= Below 70

 Some courses in high school have an End of
  Course Test (EOCT) and account for 15%
  of your grade. Biology, English 9, Math I
  are 9th grade courses that have an EOCT.
Block Schedule
 Students typically take 2 academic classes
  and 2 elective classes each semester.
 Students take a year’s worth of coursework
  for 4 subjects each semester.

 Classes are approximately 90 minutes.
1st Block- 7:50 – 9:25  3rd Block- 11:19 – 1:19
2nd Block- 9:35 – 11:13 4th Block- 1:25 – 3:00

*Students eat lunch during 3rd Block.
Semester System
 At the end of each semester, final grades
  for the courses taken are entered on your
  permanent record. If you fail a course and
  retake it, the failed grade still shows on
  your transcript!!!
 On block schedule, if all courses are passed,
  you may earn 4 units/credits each semester
  (total of 8 for the year).
 To move on to be a sophomore, students
  must pass 6 classes their Freshman year.
Course Offerings
 Academic (Math, Science, SS, English)
  Support Math
 Electives
  Modern Language (French or Spanish)
  Fine Arts (Visual Art, Band, Drama, Chorus)
  Physical Education (Dance, Health/Personal
                  Fitness, Team Sports, Weight
                  Training, General PE)

 Honors courses are offered in all academic
  areas: Math, Science, Social Studies and

 Honors courses require a commitment of extra
  time and energy.

 Honors courses usually require outside
  research, reading and writing beyond that of a
  non-honors course.
What is AP?
 Advanced Placement (AP) Courses
  Students can take AP Courses starting in 10th
  grade at the high school. An AP course covers
  material normally studied in college-level
Choose a
3-4 CTAE Courses
CTAE Pathways

 Agriculture (Agriscience, Forestry, Horticulture)
 Transportation
 Business and Computer Science (Computing,
    Small Business, Interactive Media)
   Construction
   Family/Consumer Science (Early Childhood Ed)
   Healthcare Science Technology Ed (Therapeutic
    Nursing, Therapeutic Medical Services)
   Engineering
Example of 9th Grade Schedule
1st Semester          2nd Semester

 1. English 9         1. Biology
 2. Am Govt/World     2. Math I
  Geography            3. Intro to
 3. Health/PE          Healthcare Science
 4. Math I Support    4. Visual
                        Arts/Comp I
Promotion Requirements
 Earn 6 credits = 10th Grade

 Earn 13 credits = 11th Grade

 Earn 20 credits = 12th Grade

28 credits = Graduation!
Graduation Requirements
 4 English (Am. Lit req.)
 4 S.S.
 4 Math
 4 Science
 2 Foreign Language (college requirement)
 1 Health/PE or 3 JROTC
 3 Fine Arts, CTAE, or Modern Language
 8 Total Electives
   3-4 CTAE Electives to complete a Career Pathway
28 Total Credits
To Graduate:
 Earn 28 credits (you can earn a total
  of 8 per year)

 Pass all parts of the Georgia High
  School Graduation Test (GHSGT) in
  writing, language, math, science, and
  social studies.
9th Grade Recognitions

 Incentives for grades/attendance/behavior:

 *Ice cream socials
 *Pizza certificates
 *Students of the month
 *Movie Day
 *Field Day

 **Honor’s Night (Top 10% of Class, Perfect
  Attendance, Class Awards, Competitive Clubs,
  Athlete/Scholar Student)
 Documentation for the reason you are
  absent is due within 48 hours of
  return to school to the front office.

 All students who are late must sign in
  at the front office. An accumulation of
  tardies will result in a discipline
  referral. Transportation issues are
  not excusable.
Attendance Cont.
 To check out early, bring a note to the
  front office from your parent with specific
  dismissal time and phone number to verify
  check out before the morning bell rings.
  Faxes and phone checkouts will not be

 In order to receive a certificate of
  attendance to get your learner’s permit,
  you can not have more than 10 unexcused
  absences in a year.

 Bi-Weekly students meet with their
  advisor to discuss grades, goals for
  improvement, testing taking strategies, 4
  year plans, post-secondary options,
  HOPE Scholarship and more!
 Students eat during 3rd Block.
 Students report to their 3rd period teacher
  and are dismissed by schedule.
 There are three 25 minute lunch periods.
 Cost of lunch is $1.75
 You can bring your own lunch.
 9th Grade students sit with all grade levels.
 Students will be able to purchase a
 locker at open house for $10.

 Students taking PE will have access to
 a PE locker but will need to buy an
 additional lock.

 PE locks should be removed after
 each class period.
Academic Help
 Tutoring is available before school and
  after school with your teachers. Each
  teacher has office hours for students.

 Friday Fast Forward – Tutoring on Friday

 Library available for research/studying
Credit Recovery
 Is an option for students who have failed an
  academic course. Students work at their
  own pace to makeup a course instead of
  repeating the course in a traditional
 Even if a student earns credit for a course
  they failed previously, the failing grade and
  the new grade both appear on their
  transcript and are calculated into their
          Play a Sport!
Cross Country   Softball     Golf
Football        Basketball   Soccer
Marching Band   Riflery      Tennis
Cheerleading    Wrestling    Track
Baseball        Swimming
          Athletic Eligibility
 Physical Exam (on a Georgia form).
 School Insurance or proof of individual
  accident coverage.
 Signed parental permission form.
 Satisfaction of all Georgia High School,
  system, and school policies.
 All ninth graders are automatically eligible
  1st semester. After that, students must
  pass 3 out of 4 courses and be on track for
            Join a Club!
Academic Team
Art Honor Society
CTAE Junior Honor Society
Drama Club
FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Family and Consumer Science
Future Business Leaders of America
Future Educators of America
Join a Club Cont.
 International Thespian Society,
Key Club,
Literary Team,
Pep Club,
Mock Trial,
Modern Language Club,
 National Beta Club,
 National Honor Society,
 Raider Team,
Student Council,
Skills USA,
Tri-M Musical Honor Society


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