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Morning Prayer – Short Version
Pray until you feel the connection. Pray because prayer is the key in getting first things first. And
without first things first, there is no power, point or reason to anything you‘re so anxious to do
after the prayer. Pray as long as you need too. Everything else will still be there. Nothing is going
to get done right anyway (even if it does get done) without a real prayer. Pray because you need
to know you are loved and important if you‘re going to assist others in knowing that they are loved
and important. Pray because without Him at the center, everything else becomes too important
and your world becomes too brittle to manage. Pray because in His world, the world you enter in
prayer, there is peace and happiness, and maybe, after the prayer you can take some of this peace
and happiness into your world.


Morning Prayer - Full Version
Pray until you feel the connection. Pray because prayer is the key in getting first things first in
your mind and in your heart. And without first things first, there is no power, point or reason to
anything you‘re so anxious to do after the prayer. Pray as long as you need too. Everything else
will still be there. Nothing is going to get done right anyway (even if it does get done) without a
real prayer. Pray because you need to know you are loved and important if you‘re going to assist
others in knowing that they are loved and important. Pray because without Him at the center,
everything else becomes too important and your world becomes too brittle to manage. Pray
because in His world, the world you enter in prayer, there is peace and happiness, and maybe,
after the prayer you can take some of this peace and happiness into your world. Pray until you are
in the present—where there is no past or future, where there is only the blessed ―now.‖ That‘s
where God lives, in this eternal present. So, pray to be with him, to simply enjoy his presence.
Draw near to Him-- but more so, draw into Him, for at least a little while—long enough to put your
head on his bosom, like John the Beloved leaned on Jesus. Come unto Him. Stay here for a while.
Fill up with joy and then, filled with the abundance of joy and peace that only He can give-- only
then, will it make sense connect to your vision for your life and what you want to contribute.
Enjoying His presence and abundance tends to open your soul for all that He is trying to bless you
with, in every area of your life. So spend some time each morning, making the opening. In prayer
and meditation—in enjoying His presence, you will be filled. And to those who are filled, even
more tends to come. But to simply jump into your desires without first filling up with God only
connects you to your lack and your want (and attracts only more of that). So first fill up. Then
consider the things you want and want to accomplish. In this, see, more fully who and how to
serve. What is truly the most important and how to accomplish it. In this, feel the ideas flow, and
the guidance begin to build. Now is the time to rise from your knees and begin your day. This is
the way to start each day, the rest of your life.

Mission Statement
The mission of John Canaan Music and workshops is to bring hope, laughter, perspective and
encouragement into the hearts of millions—through the Grace of God, to assist in freeing people‘s
minds from limiting beliefs -- to stir and re-open hearts and inspire vulnerability and passion. To
be a voice of possibility amidst discouragement-- to be a light of hope in the darkness of despair--
to show a clear way to effective relationships, in the midst of fear and confusion. Through
workshops, concerts, support association and written curriculum, to emerge as a major resource of
uplifting, life changing entertainment, healing and guidance—strong arms of peace, fellowship,
cheer and enlightenment for those who allow us to serve them.

The mission of the STRM Life and Relationships workshop and association is first, to assist people in
peeling back protective layers of fear and re-opening their hearts, but more so, to assist singles
and couples in thinking at a higher, clearer level-- to instill hope, encouragement, submission to
God, service and self mastery.

QUICK PHRASE: To help people get on a higher level of thinking and feeling with their relationships
and to help them get out of ―protectiveness‖ and back into an open heart.


A top
Express and Request, less format (if you‘re struggling with all the rules and IF
   You trust each other enough to engage at this level)
   (The 5 commandments are all you need for this – That‘s it.)
Registration page: Let us know which workshop you‘re attending. Include signature for ―honor system‖

Out List
Ask Zion‘s for mercy
Dollar Glasses

Night Time
Recording – ―From Mattie to Oprah‖

Please note how these tools work together. The blame to pain exercise works particularly
    well with the centering questions. You will come up with better answers if you can get clear
    of your blame and upset long enough to get some inspiration.
Take out the penny system for DEBITS (Deposits only). Everything should be written a) go creat
    a space and nderstanding and opp for OFR, and b) to slow down or dampen the reactivity,
    Misbehavioer loop that can result in a lot of OFRs being given in a short period. USE ofrs sparingly
,,,,Train, instead, love, re driectc and teach, but if you‘re going to do an OFR, let it
   be a careful and deliberate, and pre though out moimrnet (whicnh is what WRITING
    the OFRs encrouages.
Unconditional trust (or connection to someone‘s love) is another tool that can be used at anytime
    to slow down the blame reaction, to encourage the light of God, to keep you out of fear and into
    the present (and into His precense). Unconditioanl trust needs to be part of our basic tool set
     not just You can /Count On me.‖
Jason Burt for fixing INFINITY 9325 South 1300 East BURT BROTHERS
Pay Bills (See internet)
―Melting‖ Resistance‖ migh be better thatn choosing the path of most....

Balancing your PH through Positive Music and Affirmations
    from John Canaan
Where Can I turn For Peace? To MOM, or a comp. VICKIE
Robyn on sponsorships, plus ordering the green drink.
Have Randy look over the E.R.
Email and Dates to Steve Hope (Fireside)
Margo stuff
Voice Blast for concerts
Special STRM Music CD with Music especially from the workshop
    and a huge ad at the end, AND the agreements
    $5.00, only includes 5 songs.
Sponsorship stuff (UPDATED ON INTERNET... Who‘s who, where)
   Doug and Carol, including staff meeting, Lisa Buckles
   Karmen, Robyn, Narelle etc.
What‘s Up (See ―main/whatsup‖)
Stan Stahl for timeshare / resort 360-481-4905 or 630-357-5477
  Workshop at end of week. Family at beginning of week.
Sharla Allen 378-8656 or 278 5 270 5501
State tax check
Meeting w/Becky - 50/2 LLC now for JC.
out: state tax check out.
Blues Clues

Email offering private ―nanny style‖ coaching
Catch up on Royalty checks CURRENT stuff.
Addresses to Wade: Lill, Bill and Mary, Chris, Bob, Reeva,
  Dave Newren
  Email this also to
Sales Tax 2002 to 2004 every quarter. 400.73 400.73
    GC Services regarding Sales Tax
   725 Toll Gate Rd. Suite e Elgin, Ill. 60123
    Reference No. 1992088
    800 964 7921 -- 6023 (Jamie)
Follow up w/Terri W. (Maybe do song). 858-748-1919
     858 335 0916
 Proposal‘s to Anita, Jill and 8 other Insurance companies.
Prioritize this entire doc. Ethics by Ron Hubbard
Sweet Hour of Prayer, Card Song.
Book Larry Miller the minute we have sponsorship $
Borrow Algie‘s Guitar to start production (RENT or TRADE)
Put together our promotional CD for companies
Report difference between estimation and what I really owe to: 800 662 4335

Paragraphs from STRM 3 to 5 pages to 10. Maybe the 8 agreements Get Randy to rewrite.
Offer Dave cash debt for 10K ITEX.
Eric Towner Travel Plans (MORNING – Eric and BRANDON)
STRM Publicity
Volunteers: Karman, Carol, (559 305 0254), Brenda N
Put Sandy and Jill Maddox on the Leadership List.
Every 3 weeks GEN. EMAIL(Concerts, CDs, Workshops, HCs)
Healing CD for Masters Miracle
Staffing List
    Seats back in circle
    Instantly respond to noises
    Keep eyes open during visualizations
Give more gleaner numbers to Lisa Buckles (for computer)
See if Clive wants travel 685-0569
State tax NEW CHECK
STRM leadership notes

Out List
Oil change.
2001 S. State R 3300 in South Building - $77.38
Check to State, re issued.
Sales Tax
 Washington Mutual - 888 852 1745

Later Evening
Off load stuff from the lap top
Take sales tax off

Accounting Questions
What‘s up with Hagen Software on my Quicken Records
Chris Barben‘s checks

Editing and Creative Writing Stuff (Keep Annette Posted)
Annette‘s Editing: Bottom of ―everything‖ (New section and whole thing) Re wrote the ―Love Turn Around‖
Fix the Chapter 4 Turn Around Chart
Story of the stubborn donkey for YCCOM Boundaries
Create the ―Balance‖ Introduction Workshop
Tool: If I‘m angry, I‘m hallucinating
Hopelessly Devoted to you... BAM
No, no, no, no. (production)
My Visit to Earth

Ad in paper for 100% commission sales job AND an $8.00 an hour
   assistant for Narelle (sending out hundreds of proposals).
Visits to all stores
Enroll Lei into the idea of being a sweat equity, profit sharing
   Partner! We are coming up with the plan as we speak!
Enrollment like your friends and the people that come to events.
Talk to me about where to have you at the STRM meetings.
Names from Karyn Grant (Also, ready to do affirmations)

Event Promotion
Hold space a) Partner in concerts (Doug) b) web based director
   c) Money d) Director and Co Director of workshop
 Date for Sacramento. AND our e tickets and e tickets system
New York Trip/Polly‘s Brother in New York etc. Work with Anita
If Not Love at Cost Co - Next Concert in Vegas and Dallas
House Concerts and other appreciation nights
FUND raising house concerts
Trip to Calif. Make it from Monday the 17th to Wednesday.
STRM/and Music-something that I love AND something that
   supports my family at the highest level i.e. college, This way, my
   kids will have more influence for good.
Robert 548-4282 - (Ready to meet with you)

Change all references/posture in Web site so that people know that STRM sponsors different categories of
events a) General ) b) Singles c) Couples d) Singles 45 minus (more to come)

Relationship Themed Concerts Flyer including/and/or
    Happy Couples Happy Employees brochure advertising
   John‘s ―If Not Love‖ Concert Presentation for Couples.
    STRM Workshops and Support Separate Flyer
Quicken (40 in retail 135 in COGs on that last big Visa thing coming THE rest is STRM)
Quicken 05 to Becky Sh.
Get Kathleen on communication
Recipes for Communication Success

Ending pages of STRM workbook Who can we invite???
    Resource highlights.
Record ―At Last‖ myself (guitar) or, that one guy (Mark).
String parts arranged.

Get JR a car on ITEX, for production and band rehearsal (choir too) AND if he‘ll pass out flyers.
Volunteer Encouragement CD - Nature of Volunteer orgs. What we need. What‘s in it for you?

Network ITEX Get cash for goods;
  Buy more ITEX at 25 cents to $1.00 ITEX
  Then get more cash for this ITEX money.CDs and Concerts with Itex. Call Lauren

Big Thoughts to keep in mind – Add to “What’s Working”
S.T.R.M. I am the match. The quality of our tools and materials is
   the lighter fluid laying on the ground in ____ cities.
Dave N. ―Enjoy being in the presence of God every day. Everything
  you want will then work out. Being in His presence creates an
  abundance, which attracts more of itself. Living in desire only,
   creates more want, creates more of itself (want and lack)
 Business plan/Raise Money (Burt, Narelle and Me)
Goal setting w/ Concerts AND workshops including Teen Trainings
     AND huge concerts with bigger artists. i.e. to sponsors....
     ―we will have one of the following artists... We‘re working with all them.‖
Spiff up WAY TO presentation to lean AWAY from chips especially about short or thin.
Follow up with Kathleen on her health and the on being Communication Coordinator
Call bank about: 24692169200QEAGTR TWX*ENTERTAINMENT
Wes         25    4809 6500 0206 4902 04 07
Sales Tax
Production List
Events and Sponsorship – Narelle, Lei and I
Set up an ungoogleable page for each CD and sell any CD for 9.98 (no shipping)
      Including ALL the old tunes, which could be called JC Ancient.
Song search CD Project Development Pay JR $5.00 a good song. 50 for one I use.
Marjean, Fred‘s friend. 514 3391
In Silence - Find out from Margo if I can use the BT on ―If Not Love‖
Study stuff in ―My E Books‖ each morning to sharpen symbolic mind.
‖I‘ll Be Home For Christmas‖ SINGLE Card song, with the assignment in it
Hinds Feet in High Places for Sharla, He did deliver me and the Power of Now.

Traditions and Scrapbooks
Home Teaching SUN

Production List
Agreements and Right Questions
Promo CD @ dances - $10.00 Intro, Agreements, RQs, (data & audio), 10 songs
       [Money Back Guar] - $10 goes toward our association.
+ Highlights of the tool book i.e. Decl. of power etc..
12 step meeting handout, including ―pay offs‖ (See workbook)
In Silence – New Recording for female, or just find out from Margo if I can get the tracks.
Consider the Lilies ―A special collection of healing music featuring vocals by John
Chapter 7 and Chapter 8 Affirmations, or make part of ADVANCED affirmations.

Music and affirmation CD for Master‘s Miracle.        Good for workshop too.
Canaan - SEND HOME with participant along with 12 step book.
How to get over a break up through farts.
Family traditions, trips, daily habits, weekly traditions,
Family mission statement
Bonding time with each family member.

10 days to set up anything OUTSIDE of the Wasatch front (St. George PAUL)-
Get organ Loft again. Friday night parties and dances – or coaching social, party and dance.
   Send email to Coleen, Vickie, Randy and whole teams.
09/13/05 brenda hayes called nadine- to say she wants to come to sept 17 workshop, take $50
out for two nights (to share a room and have own bed). Then take $20/a month for next 4 months
on the 30th of each month to total $80. visa 4758 2405 4374 4849 exp 08/07 Brenda A Hayes
phone # 294-7336
 Find some LITTLE sponsors for give aways and stuff like that at dances.
Check with Cindy D. Are we supposed to take more out? 4758 1011 3993 6159 Exp 5/07
Call Mom and Deb w/respect to St. George trip., .. when? What? Lisa? Kids? What?
Money to Christ Barben, Bruce, CDI, Bullocks, Diane and Rod – Set up regular checks $10.00
JOHN GRAY 415 381 5743 20 Sunnyside Ave.
   Suite A130 mill Vall, Ca. 94941
Nature Riche: jeff schlegel 949 697 9779
Email stuff to Cindy D. Enrollment stuff. Make her list half as big Book Midway for the next two or
List to Deb and Leamay
FHE fun with the kinds
Contact Shane‘s sister about the workshop.
Rewrite hats
Breakthrough Bear
CD for Master‘s Miracle
Upstairs bathroom (Let go of the carpeting. It‘s over).
bookmarks on ―sending the right message‖ the book.
Deb re: ―The way to‖ deal for 45-
Get JUNK ready to dump Wed READY, Thurs DUMP.
BYU/UofU People to help w/ John Canaan Enterprises Business Plan
Seagull, get into computer
Aug 5 Workshop Bonnie Cameron 208-542-9623 Full amount
Aug 5 Workshop Lourene - Full amount

Right After ―RIGHT NOW‖
Build a deadline and report by __ dimension into the hats doc.Mahana recording
Logan Woman
Reschedule Flights
Cards and flyers for Booksellers
Leah May Cell 920-6863 Couples workshop for her friends
Jane Flynn -> Alecia and Lisa in the same trip – back to back, ―the way to‖ meetings w/MORE
Email list to Vickie and LeeAnn
Introductory Audio CD / The Mahana Paradox Audio CD / ―The Way To...‖ Audio CD
DB 3 Projects Proposal: 1) Hymns w/MD 2) Standards and Show Tune fav. Vol 1 3) Good Mourning
Resolving The Mahana Paradox Audio Book on CD an Affirmations.
Give Aways for Dance Promos
State Tax Disaster
Must do list for paid administrator.
$10.00 to CSD. P.O. Box 1270 Ogden 84402

Tithing and Royalties.                               John, Get out of Heavenly Father‘s way. God
working through you will provide more joy by far then YOU trying to get through. Let Him get
through, not you.
Lars: (562) 221-1194
Booktable lady, Apollo and Larry Miller Theatre with Shane. Christmas. 2000 people.
What WEEK will Brent be camping. Let‘s plan a big camp out that INCLUDES seeing them.
Restaurant Vouchers i.e. Hogi Yogi.
LDSSO vouchers 1 month.
Fun4Less Letter
Nancy and Rebecca Lynn in Dallas
Pray about Deseret Book.
MP3 file that gives an overview of STRM.
Web Site Changes:
800 number or such that can give the whole story of STRM or press 2 for specifics or press 3 to
leave a
Conference Coaching Calls: Questions, success, encouragement in life and relationships.
  Every week for 30 minutes. Come in and out whenever you‘d like, but don‘t ask us to catch you
Phoenix trip: Bingham and Ang. and Welker‘s and everyone. Maryanne (marketing) - Becky (Sales girl) 866-469-4483 SLE
Brenda‗s sister Karman at TJ
Leave message for Brenda at 208 656 0275
Use Jet Blue flight. Funds stop being avail by July 4. ($142.70) Conf. No. T1PBCL 1 800 538
Bev Shelly. Are we on? 955-1698
Call Gwen for details. It‘s hard for her to get to internet. 208 528 2898
Back up ―essentials‖, book of mormon, quicken,
Phoenix (Ang), DC (The Nanny), Michigan (Sasha and Lori), SLC (Judy and Jared)
STRM Flyers tweaked and mass produced.
Restaurant Give Away Coupons for Friday. Restaurants, Check ITEX. Talk to Denis about coupons.
Quicken 40 a month to Chris Barben
15th of each month. Smith Insurance 710 New England Dr. Sandy UT. 84094 Accnt No. 126447
   9675 South and 710 East. JulieAnn
Location for June 10 concert
Give Linda Brown some dates.
Baggies of Coacoa, honey and/or sweet life or fructose w/caption –reduce plque, lwer coletrol,
     flood your boddy with antioxidants 20 times stonger than vitiman C
Tina in Dallas DIRECTOR and/or concerts - 972-877-9826. 35 years old
Keep JodyLynn in with LDSSO, get us flyers, cards everything for dances. We‘re on it.
Warm up for Kurt Bestor or Michael McLean
Artists, including Shane, and dates for Larry Miller theater.
Create a cross coaching format for Randy‘s review (See STRM Misc.)
Lunch with Burt once a week to keep my BUSINESS head on straight.
Ogden INQUIRY about Coaching/Socials 347-3831
Cindy Dupee 982-0300
STRM Bulletin Board including ―Needs‖ Email once a week.
Original Fast Food Book to John Bingham
Laurie Walker 520-6469 (Anita‘s friend)
 See STRM Creative and Administrative below.
Lynette called back (STRM) can‘t come this week, but CALL
Letter to Bryan at Black Mountain explaining need for NON Exclusivity, BUT on all songs.
Lots of STANDARD STRM flyers to hand out TUES for Weekend Cross promotions.
Creating a Spouse-Handbook, or Assembly Your Personal Spouse-Handbook

Change tire                                         Contact ―crook‖ via Anita re: Kaysville region.
Work with Ann and Jane on speaking
Get ―Star of Beth‖ and ―His Love‖ on the lap top

Creative Work on Sending the Right Message
Flyers for workshop for party tonight
Starter Cards Assembly
Page numbers in STRM workbook
Index for STRM tool box. How to diagnose your buddy coaching‘s buddy partner problem.
Finish the STRM audio Ad CD ADVERTISING
Develop the Life Sucks thing in the tool book
Anti-slap back program for STRM workbook.

STRM Administrative List
STRM standards poster board and at the bottom of the emails. ― We will ask you to leave if you
struggle with this list.‖
Kathy Headily - April 24, May 1, or Wednesdays.
           Need 20 into Zambia $3500.00 a person. Covers everything. 2 weeks. 2006.
           MAY would be the perfect time. Weather‘s nice. Airfairs are low. Or Sept.
           if KIDS, you‘ll need June, July, Aug. includes Vict falls Safari
           TEACHKING, playing with kids, construction.
Also, announce at the party that if anyone is offending you please let the manager of this party
know, we will ask him to leave.

Clean Office (filing etc.)
Order checks (get web site from wallet)
Meet with Randy and Dixie and figure out first move for Buddy Training. It‘s own night.
Couples training in Australia with Laurie (Get number from Colleen).
Royalties and Temple Recommend
Don‘t you Dare Get Married Until you read this
Contact ALL people in Nevada and California about house concerts (Google)
Contact Dees. BIG give aways IF she sends people to table.
Weekly email illustrating a real life example of one of the agreements. Separate from
Plan trip to San Diego, book a flight and stick by it. Do it on Email.
Backslap Document on the Welcome Page. Announce to graduates all over.
Home insurance Insurance.
Letter from DALLAS leaders.
―We Will Dance‖
Speed dating ―Un Game‖ Cards. We need printed. I‘ll write the un game stuff.
Nadine (Who‘s going to call who, including in our communication tree)
Enrollment Notebooks for EVERYONE who‘s even THNKING about wearing that hat.
Email options on WHEN to do the first buddy coaching 2 hour session. April 9 or 16
Amber 435-676-2006 435-616-2262
Schedule POT lucks for the major firesides. 2nd sun is fort union - 4th Sun is Joseph Smith
Reconcile calendars: Pocket, Outlook, STRM and Concerts.htm
Heat situation
John Prepare agenda each week, including everyone's email. - Email in by Tues. morn.
Sponsored Concert Contact potential sponsors for concerts. See ―Mother‖
Sponsored Concert Aritist‘s schedule (517 3431 FOLL UP. I thought it was Angie)
Sponsored Concert Contact radio stations, artists and venues and move ahead AS IF money is
Start on John Canaan ―Classics‖, then ―Classics 2‖ - Combine show tunes with standards
Book Sandiego before April
This week‘s email-draft out to STRM staff every Fri (for Mon morning delivery).
Pay Avis her balance

STRM flyers for Dance Promos, including            ―Register tonight‖ flyers.
Quilted Bear (Ogden, check)
Get into a store (Call all the stores. Bring Demo. Val, Secret Haven, etc.)
Cruize Lady

Chocolate/Peanut Butter Balls (Deb our neighbor, home teachees, Steve, Mom, Chris, Bob, Mary)
Peace Giver to Chris, Bonds that make us free or SOMETHING to Mom.
Find John Canaan on all ILLEGAL mp3 companies
File, clean and listen to tapes or CDs from Library
Ironing and unpacking

Call April H. in Idaho next Tues. about change of date.
Green chord.
International Business Exchange (Dave N.)
Get all over the Dallas thing with Linda B., Jim Kepple and Lynn Koberna
Diamond Rio and Lone Star songs for me to remake for concerts for my COUNTRY collection
Get P.O. from Idaho Falls Store 36
Denis for March 19th in Pocatello. Have SHARLA and a STRM staff go up to promote STRM
Get Burt‘s feedback on the Sponsorship proposal
Richardson      Cheryl 972 414 9611 Edit the book for me??? Follow up on this.
Solidify Enrollment team: Sharla, Nadine, Cara, Nadine‘s Stacy.
Calling tree (including Nadine‘s new friend)
CRA Community Reinvestment Action PERSON, plus the marketing director for the 1, 2 pow.
Pick up Our Savior‘s Love/Drop off If Not Love 3.7 with new Song order
STRM calls. Identify ―H‖ list in ―Mother.‖ Focus on those for now.
Email out. Send out to Colleen and Randy each week.
Make some CLASSY ―Private Concert‖ flyers.
Monday Morning Email regarding staff meeting.
Deal with Lynn Koberna‘s email.
Get the sacred ―fullsongs‖ on the websdite
Get Jeff and Doyle to split ANOTHER thousand for just LDS stores (my others are Christian)
Finding the Hero in your Husband (Julianna Slattery)
Trade for Margo: Painting, Carp Cleaning, Orthodontist, Dentist,
Get dates from Shane and OTHER artists and I‘ll get proposal to them.
Randy gets with Colleen to set her up.
Use ITEX for Feb STRM retreat.
Arlyn and Sky for ITEX
Confirm Feb workshop with Steve Hope? Or Itex retreat? Which.
House Concerts (Search ―concerts‖ in ―Mother‖), Registrations, Malls and Boutiques
Follow Up on I-15 South. Have the kids fly down and meet me in San Diego and then fly back.
St. George/Cedar City
Linda Brown, Sally and Jackie Harrah
Anita‘s Mom
Las Vegas
Lisa, Chad and Linda in Las Vegas (See ―mother‖)
Lori in San Diego
Search for ―Amazing original songs. Incredible Singer‖ emails in Austrailia
Take $200.00 order from Chad.
Addendum to email. The buy 6, get 1 free deal is note for DB.
Other Ma and Pa Stores in SLC. Provo Area. What are they

Find out what Candi, Meridith, charge for guest        appearance on Show tunes for DB Proposal
House concert/store TOUR: San Diego, Vegas, St. George, Cedar. Boys fly down. I‘ll pick them up
Pay Anita trade for helping me w/ royalties. i.e. 7 peaks, and other stuff. She LOVES fam perks.
Offer a HUGE discount to the who Seagull chain via an email to buyer, marketing director,
     Signings, demos to employees. Whole bit. Work from office before furthering visits.
Send Doug $200 OR TRADE….
Email Heidi on Stores, Script, and House concerts.
Ron, at Granite. Did he note the 15 that I shipped personally to Id falls? Did he call Pocatello?
    Chris Nelson 208 237 3921
Start Croquet up again. Get more PCV pipe if nessesary
Plan Trip to San Diego (Jet Blue Schedule. Rent Car. Hit Cal. Stores. 1 to 2 hour signings)
Sponsored concerts (Valentine‘s day - See ―Mother‖ for who I‘m working with ―sponsor hopeful‖)
Work on Royalty Letters.
Move ahead on SHOW TUNES. Contact Rich Dixon, or Michael Dowdle w/cash.
Prioritize and order this list.
Take car in to shop to check electrical stuff and change oil.
Have Ken from Id Falls write me a letter that I can copy and send to other DB stores.
Find out WHO the big QUESTION checks are to in Quicken. Call Zion‘s.
Trip to Calif. W/New car? Half Itex, Half cash.
Extra money: Car fund, Margo for Dentistry, Reed Robinson, Polly, 1000 Demos.
HUGE retreats.. horse back, fishing, 2 hr workshop etc. RESEARCH places online.
Hire Marketing director for retreats, workshops, dances, follow up.
Hire Marketing director for sponsored, benefit concerts including several artists.
Hire MYSELF for house concerts and distribution support.
Form agency with Karyn and another presenter. Form agency with Shane and another artist.
Sponsored concert for Valentine‘s day with Gingerbread or Mother‘s w/o borders or both.
Clinton‘s and Fun for Less as sponsors for the Valentine‘s concert.
―Current‖ file and other files in Current File Holder.
Put January‘s STRM workshop together.
Trade show in New York with Arlyn…
Research ―Single‘s Retreat) See AOL (on lap top) for piggy backing. Experience? Success? What?
Sign up for Bronze (free service) at
Send STRM Job Opport. To Job Bank at johncanaan - 123456
ITEX summary on paper and in laptop for Sam, and other possible producers for Show Tune CD.
Contact Rod Morrell, Bullocks, Jeff Hoch, etc. explaining that I‘m setting up payments
Mic stand and adapter from Michelle.
Put ―I will Always love You‖ and ―Sometimes I Say Too Much‖ on ―If Not Love‖
List of everything I want written in hand, and then to the computer
Read ―Rich‖ book and do ―want list‖ for meeting with Kathy
Contact Sam re: plan. (See ―Projects‖)
Sales tax.
5 INL CDs to Larry and Mary Barnum P.O. Box 580 Logan Dale NV 89021 - I don‘t think I sent
Workshop Weekend in LV starting in Logan Dale, Thur night. Start w/ Larry/Mary Barnum 702 398
Dallas email to create sponsor for House Concert, inc Jim and friends.
Money to Boys Ranch, Roland‘s Money… or installment. ..Randy $80 to Randy
Mini Camp Out and Fishing w/boys.
$15.00 a month deal from AOL
Davidnewren7424 Laurin is Dave‘s Broker 916-927-7600 (Spend 30 K in 6 months)
April Re Carolyn‘s concert
Have Anita submit licenses for NEW CD ―A Carol to My King Christmas Classics.‖ I take care of
ITEX – Car. Osmond Studio., Studio Equipment. Ann Marie or Dave for Login.

Standard Flyers and Cards – Standard STRM            email drawing slips.
Michelle with Hope for the Children/Mother‘s without Borders 856 7675
Follow up on again. Dave N. may still be involved.
See Evening List for top priorities AFTER HOURS
Contact that one Guitar Player I‘ve used for concerts for CLASSICS
Robert Payne 3359 South Main #302 SLC 84115  Card Songs
Send Lori ―I Am Your Prince‖ SINGLE in a card with that cool newest blurb.
Call Chris for some appearances at Quiilted Bear together. Author: 547 0928.
Algie, Me, Shane and Rima in our own label and agency, dividing the work involved.
SOUND burst orders, then book Media plays
Check on Tithing Check.
Idaho Falls/Poc. proj with Deb? Anita? Rima? Jackie? Proposal to Jackie‘s brokerage
Send ―prayer‖ to Kathy.
Contact Steve A., Dan C. for Which Fri or Sat would be good. Explain what we‘re doing
1c Money to Linda B. on Monday.
Send Lay out of ―All I Ask of You‖ to Carolyn M.
2 Lucky 4 you, Chris Barben, LDSSO, Mingle, etc.- Workshops AND CS's
1b Break up names to Ann Marie, Anita, Christi etc. ambmusic
3 Printing: Fav. Cards, If Not Love,If Not Love B list, MHF Loves Me
2 Deer Valley for December (Weekend Format)
Zero Expectation – The pathway to each other‘s heart.
1 Start marketing the SLC weekend retreat in key LDS areas i.e. DC, Veg/George, Az (Create
1 INL Covers/Card Song
1 Terri 885-2972
2 Follow up with Nate at Crossroads (See Business Directory). Or Allison 321-8778
2 Gift to Terri N.
2 Proposal to Jeff and Doyle
2 Safety Insp.
2 Set up Boy‘s Ranch schedule with Robyn
3 Boise Mall and house concert (end of August). Geoff Kruegar - Home concert w/mall visit.
3 Call Byron about his friend in Washington DC. Busy student. Jeremy Cardon.
3 Home Concerts FOR approaching investors
3 Idaho Falls, Boise etc. See Bus Dir in MTL.
3 John Bingham's friend in Spokane (Have we given him my number)
3 Pitch Rich Dixon, with simplicity in concept and scheduling.
3 Sound burst product and signings at their stores and Media play
3 Sue and Jim Js (972)317-7840 Sister in Seattle Sharon Madson – Concert in tri cities
3 for Linda Thomson in connection with ITEX Christian station promo.
4 HP Help center to replace my 12 dollars.
4 Secret Haven
ID Falls Mall and house concert (Thurs, Friday, Sat)
Put Nadine on the Mortgate payment list.
St. George (Mall and House Concert) (send him links to all my good songs. He‘s a song writer.)
Las Vegas Mall and House Concert
Mesa Mall and House concert via Bingham
Thank you CARDS to Jim and Sue and to Marty and Sue and to Jim
Get money back from Hewlett Packer ux2368-01 Case 731 237 1854Kevin Koeger – Articles 491-
3754 Ext 11
Community Health Center with Sliding scale for finance. Challenged (Get a physical)
Email ―Need your help on song choice‖ Favorite Standards, Fav. Christmas, Fav. Upbeat or blues
(or send surv)
South Town Mall (Thurs, Friday, Sat)

Window washing or house cleaning with the              kids.
Lunch w/ Randy Jacob‘s friend Bruce Granath from Clear Channel 355 2200 (Called once LM)
Two 1/3rd owners for STRM. Two other 1/3 owners for John Canaan Music and concerts.
Money to Bruce, Raland and Anita -
Jim Johnston‘s friend in the fort worth area for a house concert.
Jim‘s list of distributors in Europe.
Sue Johnston‘s sister in Tri cities area for a concert
Sue and Marty Johnston‘s contact with 4 Life (conventions or sponsorship)
Video of Home concerts or ―John Canaan Private concert‖ for CD duplication Get it two days.
Foll up coaching, concert and workshop directions on internet
Love vs. Agenda for the workshop Chapter 4. Hey says right here you‘re supposed too….
Approach people at the STRM 50% ownership
MANAGEMENT. Net research ie., production, independent labels, music promotion etc.
Sponsorship proposals (revolving) bearing in mind our two locations.
Get an RV to sponsor concert. Tickets bought IN the RV, with emails and Phone Numbers given
inside RV
IP number for ―My Heavenly Father Loves Me‖
Make and send Burt new MHF cover.
Media Plays, Wall Marts etc.
Card Kit (See MY DOCUMENTS here)
St. George Contert 1000 or $3.00 a head plus 500 for last concert. (for those cool tapping exercises)
Talk to Dave Handley 265 9619 and Dave Shane 201 8932 about Riverton house.

Rima Needs to practice 523-1441
787-7833 Jennifer Ruff (House concert)
Mike Ag. 319-3801
Messages: Karla 830-0996 756-6577 637-0438
Diana from Lexington Virg (Unhappy about starter kit) 540-458-8700
Burlynn from college 254-6371 15 days 562 462 2137 818 -374-7176 - Over night delivery 562 462 2103
Shana about the car 435 563 0078
2 ―Doug‖ Insurance 433-0161 – Compare with MY guy - ―Family (27 a month) or somethings

Linda Cell: 435 559 0519
President Brent Peterson 942 6428


Production people:

Sharla‘s login and Password: sharla1000 iloveamy
The ―Phone Tree 2100‖ 865 for Non Profits. 510 339 8279 Charles

I love life

Karyn Grant Words
Looking back I see the fairy tale that was written in my mind
Turning through the pages of the pictures in my mind.


Dreams of Nights and Armor
Stallions White and Strong

In their hands a scepter and in their hearts a song.
Call Bryce 801-898-0933.


Wellsburg Location for Workshops
3 Bedrooms (2 with queen sized beds), (1 with King sized along with couches and two mattresses
on the floor)
Loft that sleeps 19 people (Doubles, queens and other stuff)
1985 East Main Canyon Road, Wallsburg UT 84092-9733
Drive up Provo Canyon about 3 or 4 minutes. Past the deer creek damn to the ―Wallsburg‖ turn off
(West Main Canyon Road). Turn right onto west main canyon road/CR-3106. Continue to follow
this road until it becomes ―west main street.‖ Turn right onto S 100 East. S 100 East becomes
―east 300 South.‖ Turn right on S 200 East. S 200 East becomes East main canyon road. End
at the address above. The cabin turn off is a dirt lane on the right through a gate in a wooden rail
fence. Dive straight down this lane. Go past a right turn (don‘t turn). Go straight through another
gate, past a river and the lane ends in a grassy lot and the cabin is in there among the trees.

"Hi, this is John Canaan, wishing you a Happy Mothers Day from FM100's Soft Sunday Sounds."
Hi, this is John Canaan, wishing you a Happy Mothers Day IF you‘re a Mother. If you‘re NOT a
mother, but would like to be, please come to one of my relationships workshops. If you feel like
you are also your Husband‘s, or that he needs a Mama, more than he does a wife, please also,
report to one of my relationships workshops. And bring your husband. Anyway, to all the rest...
you are listening to the Soft Sunday Sounds on FM100,

"Hi, this is _________, and you're listening to Soft Sunday Sounds on FM100,

Please send .mp3 files (only one per email, but you could send more than one email, got that?) to: Then we'll burn 'em all on a CD and insert them throughout the day,
sometimes even right before we hear your lovely music.

Jan 2006 Legal Stuff
Zoning Variance
Operational Definition of ―living‖ somewhere or of residence.
Inspections for Garage
Unlicensed cars are out
SLC County Recorder‘s office: (801)468-3391
Zoning – 468-2000 Russ 468-2076 SLC county zoning questions

Check with Development Services - Archives 468 2330

Built in 1952

Impounded Car
SLC Justice Court 535-6321
City Impound 799-3101 (Press 1 or 799-3412) - Impounded Sat. 5:00 PM

(Reportable accident 2005 Feb)

888 265 3733 AOL
Julie Clark 224 8255
Don Jepson – 733 4178 Cell 706 3834
Gary Acevedo 569-9329 414-7020
Brent Jensen 453 0193      809-3098
Pat Williams (Dinner for several wards) – Jackie‘s friend 208-232-5642
Michelle Hardman 295-1077
Dan Schmidt 759-5254


    I explained to my manager what we are attempting to do and ask if there might be some type
of budget I could get for this event to happen. Things are not definite yet, as I will need to bring it
up at the diversity mtg on Thursday for final approval. He did strongly indicate that we could get
approximately $150.-$200. for your presentation that night. I will make the arrangements for the
theater on Monday Feb 13th at 6:30 p.m. I would like the presentation to go for approximately 1
hr and 15 longer than 1 1/2 hrs. Cell Number: 603 0166 5:30 PM

   Clearfield Job corps is located in Clearfield, west of Hwy 15
ANTELOPE ISLAND (next exit after the Layton Mall). Go west.
You will pass the main street traveling through approximately 5 lights and over a viaduct, (2nd
light after the viaduct) before you will hit CLEARFIELD job corps. You will see a guard station and
a parking lot in front of it. I will meet you there as I will need to escort you on center to the right
location. I will be glad to give you better directions at the coaching social on the 9th.
   I am most grateful for your willingness to do this for us. Thank you for your kindness.
                                         Graciously, Marion Marsh

Offer to P.O. box 79 elgine, IIlinois 60121

Delta 0067001661925 July 29th Flight.
Southwest $142 credit T1pbcl 800 538 2583        H2uelw    July 9th to 12th I think

Qwest 1800-573-1311
Kevin Max ―Between the Fence and the Universe‖

Production Facts and Figures
Engineer Mike Green 706-5856
Interface PRO-TOOLS M box with Software - Original M Box $350

Email letters to boys to Margo, or print them for our own leaders EVAN 942 2208

Home Eq                                         147,680
9 ¼ Adjustable rate DEC
1590.50 includes escrowed taxes and insurance (1,088 a year for insurance)
90 has been add

Unicall 1-866-654-4701 Monte
Press 1 for explanation of our services, press 2 to leave a message, 3 to live person. (you can also
record the conversation). Send a live message to voice mail. VIRTUAL office. Conference calls
are up to 5 people. 6 cents a minute coming in or out.

$4.95 is JUST toll free voice mail.
$14.95 is the virtual office. CALL SCREENING, Find me follow me right from the web site, conf.
Calling 9cents, sending back
Chateau de Rosel
Diane Russell at Fun for less 232 3868 571 5998
Lynn Russell 230 7111

Jeanne and Anna (with the 4 wheeler‘s around the corner)

Data Base, sorting
For Enrollment Calls
Registered for this date, or check w/this person for referrals. (Currently ―K‖)
AA H/C (Currently ―E‖)
Last Name

For Communication Calls
AA Who‘s currently on this person

Free Conference calls: 619 345 3000 Press 2       Soul food (768-5366 3)
     STRM is: 7876 - Mahana 8733
Tina 972 Case no. 151669046

LISA Dec 20, 1960 Time Early AM - Afton Wyoming.

Phone Doctors 2990 South State      Open 9 to 6    467 1616    $25.00 for phone jack

Larry Miller Campus: 957 5200     SARAH Open 2005 May 27, June 17th and 18. Holds 304 people.
$500.00 25% down ($125)

Brian Ostaszewski - BLACK MOUNTAIN PRODUCTIONS 70/30 – I get 30
      888-404-1168 (Brian)

Hampton Inn - Sat. $125 + $12.00 a person for lunch. 20 people min.
$125.00 Sat.   Fri. $50 + $15.00 ea. 20 people min. For dinner
Eric. 571-0800

DISCOVERY INN - Linda 561-2256
50 for Fri

87 Full Day

Sat Night - $8.00 - Utah Cultural Celebration Center - 1355 W 3100 S, Salt Lake City, Utah

Questar Gas 800 323 5517

Jessica 517 3431     Deseret Book Booking Agent
Ana 592-8887

What is STRM about?
Dixie, an idea. 347 9831

Gary's website is
For POI go to

Express Rentals – 261 4433

2 Anita
3 STRM phone
4 Sharla
5 Sharla
6 Terri
7 Jody Lynn
8 Jody Lynn
9 Denis

Randy Cell
Nadine Cell
Colleen Tye
Karyn Grant (Cell)
Heidi Moore
Lisa Cell Hit Enter
user name:       That‘s also the email address
jcSTRM3m@1l Send to team

What‘s the reason John isn‘t famous so far? For a lot of reasons, he really never has taken it that
seriously until now. For some reason, he has become very excited about the music he‘s singing,
and the need for it in our world today. John finds himself with the kind of music and messages
that seems stirring and healing in today‘s world. Consequently he‘s jumped in with both feet.

What‘s the reason John is doing House concerts and/or why

 *No inbetween L and rapid fire L BIG ONE
 *No processes before 9:30 PM. Processes can be written down on an ―Issue pad‖ and saved unitl a
    Therapeutic environment (unless someone is sick). Processes must be limited to 45 min.
    Or until therapy is over, whichever comes last. Use music as background for therapy so

     as to dovetail John‘s need for musical input every day.
 *PRE anxiety attack DVDs or TV (Just put on the TV or DVD instantly without asking any questions(
 *MIDDLE of anxiety attack (Leave completely alone – Give instructions as to where to go and why ―Ie.
 *ABOSULTELY no movement at all under any condition whatsoever. BIG ONE
 *Anti-anxiety Medication precludes therapy.
 *BOUNDARY connected to this is that if we break this agreement even once more, we call someone else in…
 Karyn, or someone (NOT anyone in my business circles).
 *What Sharla is willing to offer in connection with STRM (NO OBLIGATION. NO AGREEMENT) This is an
 1) All attention to tasks at hand with following exceptions.
 a) Marks intuitive escapades
 b) This Saturday‘s date with
 c) Amy

 Tell me more about what you‘re saying, feeling, want, don‘t want, do want
 What is that I could that would make you feel ___________ (trusting, happy)
 Any question that‘s not YES, NO or A, B i.e. ―Do you want me to send you a picture.‖
 When do you want me to do it? Vs. Do I have a time limit.
 Coach me on...

 d) ___ hours of TV.

 John Canaan
 Sharla Thompson

 $8.00 for members.
 $12.00 for non members.
 Salt Lake City
 3285 E 3300 S
 (801) 486-2100
 230 W 10600 S Ste 1700
 (801) 501-0850
 My motivation for asking Sharla to sacrifice. Testing her love.

866-822-1471 Home Eq. servicing corporation. Ext. 38242 - Code City: Homeq -- Code State:
Ca. Account No. 320 26 5424 $1727.05

940 367 6412

STRM through the Church in IDAHO FALLS
Plan 1) Group pays $1000.00 This includes materials for whoever comes or
Plan 2)

Fri Concert for everyone Families - (Home concert 10 dollars a person) if through church then that
part would be $500.00

Sat Workshop 8 hours (none of the advance stuff)


Clothes: Utility Tan shirt, Green Golf Shirt. Striped can go with Green pants or Brown pants.

Artist‘s availability
Shane 491-8394 Cell - (In my phone).
Cherie Call, Mike McLean, Julie

$25.00 STRM mini retreat up Big Cottonwood Canyon $15.00              We are taking the first 40 people
that sign up.

Friday Night Dance Pot Luck Dinner
Friday night fun and games
Friday night dance

Sat Continental Breakfast provided by STRM
Sat Morning Hike
Sat Lunch provided by STRM 1:00
Sat 2:30 – 3:45 The Way to a Man‘s Heart. The Way to a Woman‘s Heart.
2:00 Whatever you want to do

Tpuch my heart and light up my life that I may be a light for my friends… that we may travel
across this sea with love… that we may travel with love.

What I'm lookin for (not that I'm looking!!... so relax. I'm O.K. I don't need you. No, I don't need
anyone!! I'm JUST FINE!!! -- just kidding. Actually, I may need you. Well, just a little.

Here's what I'm looking for in dating relationships:

1)   someone   who   doesn't take life too seriously (and gets that most of my profile is just for fun)
2)   someone   who   I'm attracted too.
3)   someone   who   is supportive, fun and understanding of an unusual career.
5)   someone   who   also loves life!

So if you fit this, here's my plan...

1) I write you, or you write me -- either one.
2) if that works out for both of us, we meet for lunch.
3) We get married.

O.K. If you really want to, I guess we could date before getting married.

Anyway, be good. Hope to see you soon at something.


Hi, my name is John.

I'm very excited about this life, mainly because     each day we get a chance to get it down even

That's why my favorite movie is "Ground hog day."

A little about me:

I love my amazing kids. I love conversation. I love music. I love to laugh and to make others
laugh. I love hiking, uplifting movies, inspirational lectures and some sports. I'm pretty good at
tennis, foot ball and basket ball. My favorite exercise is walking though.

When it comes to dating, I enjoy making new friends and kind of getting a feel for someone on a
more casual basis at first (vs. running off to las vegas).

What I'm looking for:

Someone who is positive, warm, genuine, easy to entertain and who is easily touched by things of
a spiritual nature. I love women who love kids too (their own kids, my kids, the neighbors kids,
just all kids).

Most of all I think what I'm looking for is someone who would enjoy being a part of the kind of
work I do. I actually do two things: I'm a singer, and do a lot of private concerts. I also run a
workshop organization and do relationship workshops for singles and for couples.

Thanks for reading my profile. If you write and I don't write back, please don't be offended. I
don't really chat much on the internet. Would love to say hi to you at an event though. So until
then, as E.Ts says, "be good" and keep up all the good you are involved in.


P.S. If you want to hear some of my music you can go go I've written a song
called "I'm Am Your Prince" that I think is important for every single woman. It's dedicated from
you future prince (whoever that turns out to be) to you


Hi John top

Thank you for your interest in Postcalls. I would be glad to help you with your
    With Postcalls, there are no setup fees, no monthly or yearly fees, the only
thing you pay for are the calls. You purchase calls for your account and use
them until you need more calls or run out. You do not have to purchase each
month, only when you need more calls. There is no extra fee for long distance
calls. The rate that I am giving you is 10 cents a call for a 60-second call.
The basic package is 500 calls for $50.00. You must go through me for your first
purchase to receive the discounted rate. You may also earn free calls in the
future by referring other people to me. For everyone you refer to me who signs
up, I will give you 50 free calls.
    You can have as many numbers in a group as you like, and as many groups as
you like. These names and numbers will stay in your account until you change or
delete them. You can listen to your        message before you send it. You can send
your message when you record it or schedule the message to go out at a different
    The basic information that I will need from you to sign up is, name,
address, phone number, email, business, and who referred you. You can either
call or email me this information and I will be glad to set up your account.
Then all I will need to do is call you for your credit card number to make your
purchase and give you the information on how to use the Postcalls system. I look
forward to hearing from you soon.
•   If you do sign up on line you need to put in my referral code in the box,
then call me for the discounted rate.
•     Referral code 706 863 2586

Kathie Davis
CallingPost Communications, Inc.
Referral code 706 863 2586

1) Go to
2) User ID is 801 347 7667
Pin is 43434
3) to the left you will see a list of group names i.e. the one we’re working with
at first is “STRM First 100”. Click on this.
4) Take a look at the names.
 a) If you’d like, you can create a printable version by clicking on: “Click Here
for a Printer-Friendly Version.”
 b) Make sure you hit “next” at the bottom of the list to see the complete list.
 c) Make sure you have the names in there that you’d like. You can cross reference
what’s there with what’s on our STRM database, or just ad whatever numbers you
5) Now click on the “How To Send A Message” orange box on the left.
6) Then ―Click here for instructions on how to send a message from the phone."
7) From here you can schedule when you want the calls to go out.
8) From there, you can purchase more calls from the ―Purchase more calls‖ button, and then
repeat this process.

3 Way with Narelle and Sharla

“I have to decide where I am with him. I can’t take this anymore” – Sharla

“Don’t tell John about this (23rd floor) was something Sharla
said, not Narelle i.e. “I’ll get yelled at.”
“As long as we’ve got Cynthia working for us, Sharla can’t come back.”

“John doesn’t want to do ERs about this.” (regarding the 23rd floor I think)

“You wait till you’ve been with him for as long as I have” (see his
dark side?) – Where to did Sharla GO with this statement?


”John’s going to go off and marry the glamour girl, after all Sharla’s done‖ (true, but not
appropriate to say to Narelle.l

If you‘re working full time you‘ve got to bring


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