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                                                                                         ‘‘   the real crisis is not,
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                                                                                           the debt ceiling. the crisis
                                                                                                is the debt itself.
                                                                                                                           ‘‘  when the first major
                                                                                                                             european central bank
                                                                                                                            dumps dollars for gold, it
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      a digest of significant world news from the PhiladelPhia TrumPeT staff • for the week of July 31-august 6, 2011

                                           the Battle for Syria
                                      hen the United States govern-       power, he needs friends—and that comes with a price.
                                      ment and al Qaeda agree on              With the United States winding down its presence in the
                                      something, you know that can’t      Middle East and evacuating its troops, the region is frag-
                            be a good thing.                              menting into competing power blocs. Syria is caught right
                                In this case, they both want Syrian       in the center of the power struggle.
                            President Bashir Assad to step down               These power blocs can be categorized as those aligned
                            and they both want democracy brought          with Iran and those reacting against Iran’s growing strength.
                            to the masses. Yet for all the talk, nei-         Currently, Syria is in the Iranian camp (along with Iraq
        roberT morley ther group has much influence in Syria.             and, increasingly, Egypt). Syria is Iran’s most important ally,
          columnisT             Syria’s future is in the hands of other   and Iran will do all it can to keep it in its sphere of influence.
                            more influential powers. Since the               Attempting to oppose Iran’s growing influence in the
       country sits near the heart of the world’s most important          Middle East is a Saudi-led coalition of nations.
       but increasingly volatile oil-exporting region, Syria’s Arab          “Saudi Arabia has an ambition and so does Iran,” noted
       Spring will not only impact regional stability but the world       Bassel Salloukh, assistant professor of politics at the Leba-
       economy. Plus, Syria’s Arab Spring could easily morph into         nese American University, in 2009. “Syria stands in the
       Israel’s dark winter if the Jewish state ends up with an even      middle.”
       more radical regime as a “peace partner.”                              Saudi Arabia has been working on shifting Syrian loyal-
          The pressure for regime change in Syria is coming from          ties for years. It too looks on the current crisis as a game-
       both inside and outside—but not necessarily from where             changing opportunity.
       you might expect.                                                      Saudi Arabia’s current plan of action hinges on its greatest
          From within, the pressure for change comes from its             strength: oil exports. The message from Saudi Arabia and
       75 percent Sunni majority, who are upset with the ruling           other Gulf Cooperation Council members (which now include
       Alawite minority of President Bashir Assad. This is not un-        Jordan) is that they are more than willing to help Assad over-
       expected. Sunnis are both economically disadvantaged and           come his financial difficulties, as long as his regime takes the
       politically unrepresented despite their vast majority. The         necessary and visible actions to distance itself from Iran.
       recent protests are the product of years of repression and in          But perhaps the greatest pressure for change in Syria is
       some cases outright persecution.                                   coming via its neighbor Turkey.
          Now the protests seem to be intensifying—as is Assad’s             As it is for Saudi Arabia, it is in Turkey’s strategic inter-
       crackdown. Sunday was perhaps the bloodiest day so far.            est to build a coalition of states to act as a counterbalance
       Reports indicate that another 120 people were killed as            to Iran.
       tanks shelled the city Hama (population 800,000). Hama                 This fits well with the views of Turkey’s Islamist Prime
       controls the main highway connecting the capital city of           Minister Recip Erdogan, who seems to envision Turkey as the
       Damascus with Syria’s largest city, Aleppo.                        leader of the Arabs. Coming to power in 2002, he has since
          On Monday, an intense gun battle was also reportedly            been accused of seeking to establish a new Ottoman empire.
       raging in the eastern city of Deir el-Zour, and soldiers               With a fast-growing economy, a rising population and
       backed by tanks took control of the town of Houla in the           the largest military in Europe, Turkey has become a for-
       central province of Homs.                                          midable power. “For the first time since the end of World
          The protests are no longer just contained to the far south,     War i, Ankara is beginning to revisit its historical role as a
       and it is harder for Assad to blame the uprisings on agita-        regional powerhouse,” wrote Stratfor (June 8, 2010).
       tors from Jordan and Israel. As the protests have grown               Although its first small steps saw it begin to diminish its
       in strength, and greater numbers of military defections            defense agreement with Israel and make overtures to Iran,
       continue to occur, there is a growing sense that Assad may         events in Syria are now setting up a clash with the Persians.
       be starting to lose control of events.                                 Turkey has been working closely with Syria to help man-
          The internal turmoil has opened up Syria to exploitation        age the fallout from the protests there. Syria is relying on
       by outside powers. This is not unknown to Assad, but there         Turkey to prevent nato intervention (like in Libya), while
       may be little he can do about it. If Assad wants to stay in                                                        see syria page 10
                                        The TrumPeT weekly august 6, 2011 •   2   sTePhen flurry | columnist

Middle east                                                                       let god Work it out!
 n the most powerful man in iraq: Iraqi politicians acknowledge                   a long the western shore
 that Gen. Qassem Suleimani, the head of Iran’s al-Quds Force, rules              of the Dead Sea, beyond
 Iraq, according to an article published July 28 by the Guardian. “He             the Judea Mountains, lies
 is the most powerful man in Iraq without question,” said Mowaffak                the dry, barren Judean
 al-Rubaie, former Iraqi national security minister. “Nothing gets done           wilderness that has re-
 without him.” “The strength of the ties between Suleimani and Iraqi              mained mostly uninhabited
 legislators has been revealed during weeks of interviews with key of-            throughout history. When
 ficials, including those who admire him and those who fear the man               on the run from a mur-
 like no other,” writes the Guardian’s Martin Chulov. Suleimani was               derous King Saul, it was
 put in charge of the al-Quds force shortly before the invasion of Iraq.          throughout the hills and valleys of this
“His power comes straight from [Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah]                 wilderness that the future King David
 Khamenei,” said Sunni Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq.               was able to take refuge.
“It bypasses everyone else, including Ahmadinejad. … All of the impor-                Once King Saul discovered God had
 tant people in Iraq go to see him.” “He has managed to form links with           appointed David to become king over
 every single Shia group, on every level. Last year, in the meeting in            Israel, he tried to murder David at least
 Damascus that formed the current Iraqi government, he was present at             10 different times. One time, when Saul
 the meeting along with leaders from Syria, Turkey, Iran and Hezbollah,”          paused in his search to rest in a nearby
 Chulov quotes an anonymous Iraqi member of parliament as saying.                 cave, he was within easy reach of David
“He forced them all to change their mind and anoint Maliki as leader for          and his men (1 Samuel 24:1-3).
 a second term.” This is remarkable proof of something the Trumpet has                David’s men urged him to take Saul,
 been predicting for years: that Iran would get control of Iraq.                  but David merely cut off a piece of Saul’s
 n Suppressing islamism can get you in a heap of trouble:                         clothing secretly while he slept—and even
 The trial of Hosni Mubarak opened on Wednesday, with the former                  that he later repented of (verses 4-5).
 Egyptian president being wheeled into a courtroom cage in a hospital                 This fascinating history shows David’s
 bed. His two sons, Alaa and Gamal, as well as former Interior Minister           loyalty to King Saul, even when Saul was
 Habib al-Adli and six senior officers, were also on trial. “The trial of         out to kill him. David knew he was to as-
 Mubarak is a lesson to candidates for the presidency to know the fate of         sume the crown, but he didn’t feel it was
 those who try to violate the freedom of the people or become autocratic,”        his prerogative to usurp Saul’s authority.
 senior Muslim Brotherhood member Essam el-Erian told the state-run               What an attitude of humility, repentance
 daily Al-Ahram. “It is also a warning message to all Arab rulers who use         and loyalty David had! One lesson we can
 the same methods as Mubarak that they have to guard against a popu-              certainly take away from this history is
 lar uprising, because if it succeeds then they are going to face the same        that God will execute His judgment when
 fate,” said political analyst Mustapha al-Sayyed. This public humiliation        and how He sees fit—so we had better not
 of a bold leader who almost single-handedly held Egypt’s forces of reli-         get in His way.
 gious extremism and anti-Israelism in check for 30 years was aided and               God is the one who takes care of and
 abetted by the U.S., which sided with the anti-government movement in            provides for His work! David did not take
 Egypt and helped force Mubarak from power. This is destined to have              matters into his own hands. He didn’t
 the same result as America’s betrayal of the shah of Iran had during the         listen to the carnal advisers who sur-
 Islamic Revolution: the emergence of an Islamist Egypt.                          rounded him. He knew there was a God
                                                                                  in heaven, and he remained loyal to his
                                                                                      In 1 Samuel 26, David again discovered
 debkafile | July 31                                                              the camp where Saul was sleeping and
                                                                                  had another opportunity to take things
iran trains hamas                                                                 into his own hands (verses 1-5). But
                                                                                  David told his men not to stretch forth

Brigade in gaza                                                                   their hands against God’s anointed, even
                                                                                  though Saul had mobilized 3,000 men in
                                                                                  order to track down David so they could

          team of Iranian Revolutionary Guards (irgc) officers has just fin-      kill him!
        ished setting up Hamas’s first commando unit especially trained               Think about David’s attitude in rela-
        to combat any Israel military force entering the Gaza Strip, deb-         tion to the way you support your super-
ka file’s military sources report. The new “al Qods Brigades” unit of 400         visor or minister—or, if you are a youth,
men is to be the first of three. …                                                the way you support your parents or
    This information reached the desk of U.S. Defense Secretary Leon              guardians—whoever it is in a position of
Panetta, who passed it on to Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak when             authority above you.
they met in Washington Friday, July 29. Panetta has scheduled a visit                Will you let God work out His plan for
to Israel in October.                                                             you the way He sees fit? Or will you take
    The urban guerrilla combat tactics which the Iranian instructors im-          matters into your own hands? That is the
parted to their Hamas trainees drew heavily on the experience al Qods             question.
                                        The TrumPeT weekly august 6, 2011 •   3   ambrose evans-PriTchard | august 2
is gaining in Syria, where its experts are helping President Bashar
Assad crack down on protest—especially accentuating advanced dis-                 europe’s Money 
guise and camouflage techniques for striking at the enemy under cover.
    Many of the weapons handed out to trainees came from Libyan                   Markets Freeze as 
rebels who received them from British and French intelligence for their
war on Muammar Qadhafi. The rebels sold the arms to the purchasing                crisis escalates in 
agencies Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas maintain secretly in Benghazi.
The weapons were then smuggled to the Gaza Strip via Egypt. …                     italy and Spain
                                                                                  the european money markets have begun
                                                                                  to seize up as pressure mounts on the
 Guardian | august 3                                                              Italian and Spanish banking systems,
                                                                                  tracking the pattern seen during the
new president of opec                                                             buildup toward the financial crisis in

         senior Iranian Revolutionary Guards commander targeted by in-                The three-month euribor/ois spread,
       ternational sanctions has taken over the presidency of opec after          the fear gauge of credit markets, reached
       he became Iran’s oil minister on Wednesday.                                the highest level in two years today, jump-
    Rostam Qasemi, head of the Khatam al-Anbia military and indus-                ing 7 basis points to 40 in wild trading.
trial base, was one of four ministers nominated by President Mahmoud                 “Europe’s money markets are undoubt-
Ahmadinejad to join his cabinet last week and approved by Iran’s                  edly starting to freeze up,” said Marc
conservative-dominated parliament.                                                Ostwald from Monument Securities. “It’s
    Qasemi is currently subject to U.S., EU and Australian sanctions and          not as dramatic as pre-Lehman but it is
his assets have been blacklisted by U.S. Treasury and Western powers.             alarming and shows the pervasive degree
He took 216 votes from the 246 deputies present in the 290-seat parlia-           of fear in the markets. People are again re-
ment. …                                                                           fusing to lend except on a secured basis.” …
    In a parliamentary debate before the vote, however, Ali Motahari, a              “We have a revolt taking place by
prominent conservative mp who has previously threatened to impeach                foreign investors in these bond markets,”
Ahmadinejad, spoke out against the involvement of the Revolutionary               said Hans Redeker, currency chief at Mor-
Guards in Iran’s politics.                                                        gan Stanley. “There have been hardly any
   “The integration of the guard, as a military force, in political and           purchases for several months. We are see-
economic power is not in the interests of the system,” Motahari told the          ing net disinvestment because people fear
parliament. “In neighboring countries, military officials are distancing          that these countries lack the potential to
themselves from politics and power, while it’s the opposite in Iran.”             grow their way out of the problem, and
    The appointment of Qasemi as Iran’s oil minister automatically                risk falling into a Fisherite debt trap.” …
makes him the head of opec, which has a crucial role in determining oil              “The eurozone faces a very big decision:
prices. As its second-largest crude oil exporter, Iran took the presidency        It either creates a central fiscal authority
of opec after 36 years last October, and Qasemi’s position will give the          or accepts reality and starts to think the
Revolutionary Guards a unique opportunity to influence an interna-                unthinkable, which is to cut the currency
tional organization.                                                              union into workable pieces.” …
                                                                                      Simon Derrick from the bny Mellon
                                                                                  said the trigger for the final denoue-
                                                                                  ment in each of the eurozone’s bond

                                                                                  crises so far has been when the spread
                                                                                  over German Bunds reaches 450 basis
                                                                                  points, prompting lch Clearnet to impose
 n they haven’t solved the euro crisis yet: The eurozone needs                    higher margin requirements. The Spanish
 to make more big changes to its bailout fund, European Commission                spread hit a record 400 on Tuesday.
 President José Manuel Barroso wrote in a letter to eurozone lead-                    The political ferment behind the scenes
 ers August 3. The Bank of Cyprus warned on August 1 that “there is               points to a major policy shift, though it is
 an imminent threat of Cyprus joining the European Union’s support                unclear what the EU authorities can do
 mechanism, with whatever drawbacks that will entail,” as rising costs            without the full backing of EU leaders. …
 of borrowing in Italy and Spain indicated that Europe’s financial crisis             The EU summit accord in late July
 has not yet been solved. On August 2, Italy’s cost of borrowing reached          has clearly failed to reassure investors. It
 its highest level since the euro was introduced 11 years ago. Share              gave the efsf bailout fund powers to buy
 prices for three of Italy’s biggest banks, Unicredit, Intesa Sanpaolo and        Spanish and Italian bond preemptively
 Monte dei Paschi, sank so fast that trading was suspended. The interest          but this has to be ratified by all parlia-
 rate on Italy’s 10-year bonds rose to 6.3 percent. Spain is also suffer-         ments, which may take four months. Wil-
 ing—the interest on its equivalent bonds reached close to 6.5 percent.           lem Buiter from Citigroup said the €440
“If yields reach 7 percent, a country has effectively lost the support            billion fund is far too small to cope with
 of the international markets,” warned Britain’s Guardian newspaper.              Italy and Spain, and requires immediate
 Barroso admitted that the eurozone’s latest steps had not solved the             firepower of €2.5 trillion. Such demands
 crisis. “Whatever the factors behind the lack of success, it is clear that       risk setting off a political crisis in Berlin.
                                        The TrumPeT weekly august 6, 2011 •   4   ambrose evans-PriTchard | august 3
 we are no longer managing a crisis just in the euro area periphery,”
 he said, urging all “EU institutions” to play “their part with the full
                                                                                  the West’s horrible 
 backing of euro area member states.” He continued: “We need also
 to consider how to further improve the effectiveness of both the efsf
                                                                                  Fiscal choice
 [European Financial Stability Facility] and the esm [European Stability          the u.s., Britain, and Europe are
 Mechanism].”                                                                     together embarking on a sudden and se-
 n What’s wrong with european politics? not enough catho-                         vere tightening of fiscal policy, in unison,
 lics: Europe needs more Catholics in politics, vice president of the             before economic recovery has reached
 Italian Parliament’s Chamber of Deputies, Rocco Buttiglione, said in             safe take-off speed. The experiment was
 an interview with the Catholic News Agency published August 4. “We               last tried in the 1930s. …
 need people with conscience in politics,” he said. “And, I think the great           Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Larry
 reservoir of values today is in the Christian people, and we must tell           Summers said there is now a one-third
 them, you must make politics, you must enter into politics, you must             chance of a full-blown recession next
 make with your hands the future of the land.” Watch for politics and             year in the U.S. Nobel laureate Paul
 religion (Catholicism) to become more entwined not just in Italy, but on         Krugman said obscurantists had run
 the Continent as a whole. European history throughout the centuries              amok. “What we’re witnessing here is a
 of the “Holy” Roman Empire has witnessed such collusion. Expect the              catastrophe on multiple levels. We are
 church to use its stand against secularism and Islam to take control of          doing a terrible thing. We are repeating
 the Continent.                                                                   all the mistakes of the 1930s, doing our
 n lifting the veil on islam in italy: The Italian Parliament will                best shot at recreating the Great Depres-
 vote on a law to ban face-covering veils in September after the consti-          sion,” he said.
 tutional affairs commission approved a draft of the law August 2. The                Fear that a synchronized squeeze in
 bill is supported by Italy’s ruling coalition, so it will probably become        half the global economy may go horribly
 law. The law would ban anyone from wearing something in public that              wrong has seeped into market psychol-
 covers the face, such as a motorbike helmet. It would also forbid any-           ogy. …
 thing with “ethnic origins” from covering the face. Violators would be               The U.S. is expected to tighten by 2
 fined up to €300 (us$426) and given some kind of community service.              percent of gdp next year …. Britain is
Anyone who forces another to cover her face could be jailed up to 12              tightening by 1.7 percent this year and
 months and pay a fine of up to €30,000 (us$43,000). “Five years ago              almost as much next year. Harsher ver-
 no one wore the burka [in Italy]. Today there is always more,” said the          sions are under way in Ireland and Club
 law’s sponsor, Moroccan-born Souad Sbai, a member of Italian Prime               Med. Greece is retrenching by 16 percent
 Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s People of Freedom Party. “We have to help           over three years. Canada, France and
 women get out of this segregation … to get out of this submission.” With         Germany will all tighten in 2012.
 France and Belgium already enforcing similar laws, burka banning                     The International Monetary Fund
 seems set to become standard across Europe.                                      said the combined effect is double the
 n guess who is behind the scenes of the eu?: A growing num-                      last synchronized squeeze in 1980. It
 ber of Germans are controlling the European Union from behind the                comes as China is curbing credit to cool
 scenes, Laurence Norman wrote in the Wall Street Journal August 1.               its property boom. …
“Observers note a growing ring of key Brussels players from the EU’s                  Bank of England Governor Mervyn
 largest member state,” he wrote. Last month, for example, former finan-          King has called for a “grand bargain” of
 cial policy adviser to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Uwe Corse-               the world’s major players to ensure that
 pius, was appointed secretary general of the European Council. The               the burden of rectifying global imbal-
 man he replaced, Pierre de Boissieu, was “considered one of the most             ances does not fall on debtors alone,
 powerful people in Brussels,” wrote Norman. “But the post itself is also         which feeds a vicious circle. “The need to
 a powerful and influential one. As secretary general of the European             act in the collective interest has yet to be
 Council, which represents the interests of member states, Mr. Corse-             recognized. Unless it is, it will be only a
 pius would likely have access to almost any meeting that President               matter of time before one or more coun-
 Herman Van Rompuy holds, as well as the key EU and eurozone sum-                 tries resort to protectionism. That could,
 mits. … When Mr. Van Rompuy reports in October on how to improve                 as in the 1930s, lead to a disastrous
 EU crisis management, Mr. Corsepius, who holds a PhD in economics,               collapse in activity around the world,” he
 will likely have his fingerprints somewhere on the recommendations.”             said. …
 Corespius is not alone. Johannes Laitenberger is head of European                    The Bank for International Settle-
 Commission President Barroso’s cabinet. Martin Schulz is expected                ments warned last year that fiscal woes
 to become president of the European Parliament toward the end of                 are already near “boiling point” as
 this year. Jürgen Stark is the chief economist at the European Central           demographics go from bad to worse
 Bank (ecb). “Many would consider him the de facto No. 2 once Mario               and average public debt surpasses 100
 Draghi takes over as ecb president on November 1, even though Vítor              percent of gdp. “Current fiscal policy is
 Constâncio holds the vice president spot,” wrote Norman. Germany                 unsustainable in every country. Drastic
 also controls what is emerging as one of the most important Europe               improvements will be necessary to pre-
 institutions—the efsf. As Stratfor writes, “Unlike previous EU institu-          vent debt ratios from exploding,” it said.
 tions (which the Germans strongly influence), the efsf takes its orders              The indebted West is in a frighten-
 from the Germans. The mechanism is not enshrined in EU treaties; it              ing bind: damned if it does, and equally
 is instead a private bank, the director of which is German.” This means          damned if it doesn’t.
                                       The TrumPeT weekly august 6, 2011 •   5   TeleGraPh | august 3
that a nation must meet Germany’s terms and conditions before receiv-
ing any financial help from the EU. The euro crisis proves that Germany          china chief  
is calling the shots in Europe.
n Building bridges to build ships: France and Germany may                        Suspect in Major 
merge their shipbuilding infrastructure in the biggest example of in-
dustrial cooperation between the two since they established eads, the            cyberattack
aerospace group that owns Airbus, according to an article in the Fi-
nancial Times Deutschland published August 1. German defense                      security experts have discovered the
firm and steelmaker ThyssenKrupp, French shipbuilder dcns and the                 biggest series of cyberattacks to date,
German and French governments plan to discuss a shipbuilding alli-                involving the infiltration of the net-
ance later this year, the paper reported. One proposal for the “eads of           works of 72 organizations including
the seas” would put dcns in charge of frigate building and Thyssen-               the United Nations, governments and
Krupp over submarines. France has pushed for some kind of alli-                   companies around the world.
ance in this area before, but it has always been rejected by Germany,                 China has been accused of mount-
which is nervous about how much control France will have over the                 ing a five-year hacking operation that
group. The possibility of a deal comes after a potential partnership              stole industrial and national secrets
between ThyssenKrupp and Abu Dhabi mar fell apart. The partner-                   on an unprecedented scale, after an
ship would have seen the two companies sell military surface vessels              investigation by a leading Internet
to nations in the Middle East and North Africa. ThyssenKrupp cited                group uncovered a huge international
changes to the political landscape as the reason for canceling the                security breach.
deal. Germany is still keen on developing a military partnership with                 More than 70 organizations,
Middle Eastern nations, however, as its recent decision to sell battle            including the United Nations, the In-
tanks to Saudi Arabia shows. In the meantime, this kind of a deal be-             ternational Olympic Committee (ioc)
tween Germany and France would be another step toward European                    and defense contractors for both the
military integration.                                                             UK and U.S. were said to have been
n at last: French people becoming more devout … oh wait:                          victims of the attack, which was the
More of France’s Muslims plan on fasting for the full month of Ra-                work of a single “state actor.” …
madan than in 20 years, showing that they are becoming more                          “Everything points to China,” said
devout, according to an article published in France’s La Croix Au-                James Lewis, a cyber security expert
gust 1. Seventy-one percent of France’s Muslims plan to fast for the              at the Center for Strategic and Inter-
full month, it reports. “The intention to participate in Ramadan has              national Studies who was briefed on
increased strongly, rising by 10 points since 1989, the date of the first         the report. “You can think of at least
French survey. And it is also a general sign of an upsurge in the num-            three other large programs attributed
bers of the 3.5-million-strong French Muslim population who practice              to China that look very similar. It’s
their religion,” it writes. It also reports that many of France’s Muslims         a pattern of activity that we’ve seen
are young, 62 percent under 35. Islam and Catholicism are building                before.” …
toward a clash in Europe.                                                              “Even we were surprised by the
                                                                                  enormous diversity of the victim
                                                                                  organizations and were taken aback
                                                                                  by the audacity of the perpetrators,”

                                                                                  wrote Dmitri Alperovitch, McAfee’s
                                                                                  vice president of threat research.
                                                                                 “Companies and government agen-
n asian ally afraid of becoming “owned” by china: Wash-                           cies are getting raped and pillaged
ington is concerned about China’s rising influence in Thailand, as the            every day. They are losing economic
U.S.’s prestige appears to be fading with its oldest South Asian ally, the        advantage and national secrets to
Washington Times reported on Sunday. In a confidential cable released             unscrupulous competitors. This is the
by WikiLeaks, America’s former ambassador to Thailand Eric John                   biggest transfer of wealth in terms of
warned of Beijing’s assertive policies. In the document, John called at-          intellectual property in history,” he
tention to “China’s sustained, successful efforts to court Southeast Asia         added.
and Thailand.” He continued, saying Thai “government officials and                    It was unclear precisely what
academics sympathetic to the U.S. see the dynamic of China rising—                purpose stolen data had been used for,
and the U.S. receding—likely to continue, unless the U.S. takes more              with other targets including sensitive
vigorous action ….” In 2006, Beijing convinced the Thai military to hold          data on U.S. military systems and
annual special forces joint exercises with Chinese troops, and, in 2010,          satellite communications.
the two sides held a 15-day joint antiterrorism exercise. The former                 As well as the governments of the
ambassador said Beijing is also competing aggressively with the U.S.              United States, Taiwan, India, South
on the cultural front. Thailand’s incoming prime minister is anxious to           Korea, Vietnam and Canada; other
further boost the Sino-Thai relationship, but not everyone in Bangkok             targets included the Association of
welcomes Beijing’s advances. One Thai official expressed alarm over               Southeast Asian Nations (asean); the
China’s growing economic power in Thailand. “China will own us!” she              World Anti-Doping Agency; and an
said. “Thailand will be like a vassal of China.”                                  array of high-tech enterprises. …
n taking over the pacific: The Chinese military is ramping up its
                                       The TrumPeT weekly august 6, 2011 •   6   ron fraser | columnist

                                                                                 the un’s campaign 
 naval activities in the Pacific Ocean, and the South and East China seas,
 Japan warned in its annual defense report released on Tuesday. “Given

                                                                                 against Young people
 the modernization of China’s naval and air forces in recent years, its
 sphere of influence is likely to grow beyond its neighboring waters,” the
 report said. The report said China’s growing presence is prompting
 Tokyo to take measures to increase Japan’s coastal defenses, its radar           l ast week the United Na-
 ability, and the size and power of its submarine fleet. Military spending        tions Youth Conference
 throughout Asia is on the rise largely because of tensions among Asian           was held in New York. This
 nations, but all of that military might will soon be pooled together and         culminated the UN “In-
 channeled against a colossal European enemy.                                     ternational Year of Youth.”
 n eyeing presidency, putin slams u.S., mimics Spiderman:                        As part of the input to
 Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin pulled no punches in a tele-               that conference, a United
 vised speech to Russian youth on Wednesday, criticizing U.S. indebted-           Nations Population Fund
 ness and calling the dollar’s dominance a threat to financial markets.           youth initiative issued a
“Countries like Russia and China hold a significant part of their reserves        statement claiming that
 in American securities,” he said, “there should be other reserve curren-        “more needs to be done to ensure young people’s
 cies.” In the video, viewed as part of his campaign to become Russia’s           sexual and reproductive rights—especially ‘the
 official leader once again, Putin also called for reunification between          right to choose,’ a reference to abortion. The
 Belarus and Russia, and said the breakaway Georgian region of South              statement also says all young people globally
 Ossetia should become part of Russia. In addition, the video included            have the ‘right to confidentiality’ and the right
 a scene of Putin scaling a climbing wall “Spiderman-style” with no hel-          to ‘be free from judgment.’ … The UN-affiliated
 met or harness. Even Russia’s more liberal analysts describe Russian             group also issued what UN analysts say is a call
 President Dmitry Medvedev as “weak and helpless” compared to Putin,              for the decriminalization of prostitution and
 and say that the return of Putin to Russia’s presidency is inevitable.           drug use” (, July 28).
                                                                                     The statement issued by the UN-affiliated
                                                                                  group y-peer clearly reveals that it has a specific
                                                                                  agenda to open up youth to predation from all

africa/latin aMerica
                                                                                  and sundry perverts within the global com-
                                                                                  munity. The endorsement of a more anti-parent
                                                                                  stance could hardly be imagined, given the
n From breadbasket to basket case: Zimbabwe needs an addi-                        claim by y-peer that young people “have a right
tional $73 million in humanitarian aid this year in order to meet the             to confidentiality” and to not have their youth-
increased food needs of its people, according to statements made by               ful behavior “judged.”
United Nations humanitarian coordinator Alain Noudehou on Tuesday.                   Among its active participants, y-peer lists
Instead of the $415 million slated to go to Zimbabwe for food aid, UN            “youth advocates for adolescent sexual and
agencies were now appealing for $488 million for 2011. Nearly 1.7 mil-            reproductive health.” There would be no need
lion Zimbabweans need food assistance this year. Zimbabwe once was                for such “advocates” if adolescents were taught
a major regional agricultural producer, but President Robert Mugabe’s             proper self-control—to behave with both de-
policy of seizing successful white-owned farms and handing them                   cency toward and respect for the opposite sex
over to untrained black workers has transformed the country from a                based on the timeless laws of their Creator.
breadbasket to a basket case. The chief of the Commercial Farmers’                    So, consider the devolution of civilized soci-
Union in Harare stated that food production had slumped by 70 percent             ety that has occurred over the past few months
in Zimbabwe since Mugabe began his policy of land seizures in 2000.               creating an avalanche toward a globalized
All in all, this amounts to $12 billion in lost production over the past          Sodom and Gomorrah.
decade. A nation that once sold food to others is now begging for money              The most Catholic nation on Earth, Malta,
to stave of starvation.                                                           recently agreed to legalize divorce.
n South african youth leader calls for regime change in Bo-                          New York has now “legalized” same-sex
tswana: Firebrand South African youth leader Julius Malema verbally               unions, creating a rush by other American states
attacked the president of Botswana this past Sunday, calling him a pup-           to follow suit. Other nations are already hopping
pet of Western imperialists. He further stated that his African National          on the bandwagon of the deviate and the per-
Congress (anc) Youth League would soon establish a “command team”                 verse by creating their own copy-cat legislation.
that would work to unite opposition forces in Botswana in a bid to                   President Obama refuses to endorse his own
topple President Ian Khama. Malema was careful to note, however, that             country’s Defense of Marriage Act, freely and
his “command team” would work to bring change in Botswana through                 very publicly entertaining all classes of deviates
democratic means. Still, many are very concerned about Malema’s                   at the White House.
growing influence on the South African political scene. While he may                 To cap it all, the global institution set up to
not be the king of South African politics, Malema could definitely be             maintain peace and order in a morally respon-
considered the primary king-maker. South African President Jacob                  sible global order, the United Nations, endorses
Zuma relied heavily on the support of Julius Malema’s Youth League                the very worst of practices among the world’s
during the ouster of his predecessor, Thabo Mbeki. Zuma cannot risk               youth.
having Malema throwing his support behind some other candidate in                     Of a truth, responsible, legitimate marriage
next year’s anc party election. This means South Africa looks to become           between mature adults of the opposite sex is
much more racist and tribal in the near future.                                   rapidly becoming obsolete.
                                            The TrumPeT weekly august 6, 2011 •   7   deTroiT free Press | august 5
    n the last thing Britain needs in the Falklands: Argentinean
    Defense Minister Arturo Puricelli recently announced that his country
                                                                                      Drought Might 
    is building a nuclear-powered submarine. Superior to conventional
    models, nuclear-powered submarines can operate at high speed for long
                                                                                      persist into 2012
    durations and do not need to surface frequently. Puricelli indicated              the drought that has turned Texas and
    that a submarine already under construction would be the first to be              parts of the Plains into a parched moon-
    put into operation and suggested that others would follow. This an-               scape of cracked earth could persist into
    nouncement comes at a time of heightened tension between Argentina                next year, prolonging the misery of farm-
    and Britain over the sovereignty of the Falkland Island, which British            ers and ranchers who have endured a dry
    forces won back in a 10-week war in 1982 following an Argentine inva-             spell now expected to be the state’s worst
    sion. With British naval power at a historic low due to budget cuts, the          since the 1950s.
    development of a nuclear-powered submarine will be a great boon to                    The U.S. Climate Prediction Center
    Argentina in any future conflict over the Falklands.                              said Thursday that the La Niña weather
                                                                                      phenomenon blamed for the lack of rain
                                                                                      might be back soon, just two months after
                                                                                      the last La Niña ended. If that happens,
     reuTers | July 28                                                                the drought would almost certainly extend
                                                                                      into 2012.
   eritrea Behind au Summit                                                               The extreme dry conditions have been
                                                                                      made worse by week after week of triple-

   attack plot: un report                                                             digit temperatures, which have caused
                                                                                      reservoirs to evaporate, crops to wither
                                                                                      and animals and fish to die off by the

            ritrea was behind a plot to attack an African Union summit in             thousands.
            Ethiopia in January and is bankrolling al Qaeda-linked Somali                “The suffering and desperate need for
            rebels through its embassy in Kenya, according to a UN report. A          relief grows with the rising temperatures
     UN Monitoring Group report on Somalia and Eritrea said the Red Sea               and record-breaking heat that continue to
     state’s intelligence personnel were … a threat to security and peace in          scorch Texas with each passing day,” state
     the region.                                                                      Agricultural Commissioner Todd Staples
       “Whereas Eritrean support to foreign armed opposition groups has               said.
     in the past been limited to conventional military operations, the plot               Even the state’s feral hogs are hiding
     to disrupt the African Union summit in Addis Ababa [Ethiopia] in                 from the heat, postponing a new reality tv
     January 2011, which envisaged mass casualty attacks against civilian             show about Texans gunning them down
     targets and the strategic use of explosives to create a climate of fear,         from helicopters.
     represents a qualitative shift in Eritrean tactics,” the report obtained             Texas had less than an inch of rain
     by Reuters said.                                                                 statewide in July, and more than 90 per-
        The UN said while past Eritrean support for rebel groups in both              cent of the state is already in the two most
     Somalia and Ethiopia had to be seen in the context of an unresolved              extreme stages of drought.
     border dispute with Addis Ababa, the new approach was a threat to the               “Anything below 2 to 3 inches of rainfall
     whole of the Horn and east Africa.                                               would be a fly-on-the-windshield type
       “The fact that the same Eritrean officers responsible for the plan-            thing as far as improvement,” said Victor
                                                    ning and direction of this        Murphy, a climate expert with the Nation-
“so you need to watch libya and ethiopia. They      operation are also involved,      al Weather Service.
 are about to fall under the heavy influence or     both in supervisory and               Also Thursday, the state climatologist
 control of iran, the king of the south. … both     operational roles, in exter-      declared this the most severe one-year
 countries have already been influenced by          nal operations in Djibouti,       drought on record in Texas. Officials ex-
 radical islam. but they are not in the radical    Kenya, Uganda, Somalia             pect to declare soon that it has become the
 muslim camp—yet.”                                  and Sudan implies an              worst drought since the 1950s. An updated
              —Gerald flurry, Trumpet, april 2011   enhanced level of threat to       weather map showed the drought holding
                                                    the region as a whole.” …         firm—if not intensifying—through at least

                                                                                      “we should consider the worsening weather
                                                                                       trend a warning from God. biblical prophecy
                                                                                       shows that we can expect this increasingly
    n congress approves more debt, now 100 percent gDp: After                          chaotic weather to get far, far worse very soon
    weeks of political wrangling, a last-minute deal was signed on Tuesday             (see revelation 6:5-8; 8:4-12). The powerful
    that raised the U.S government’s debt ceiling by $400 billion. Al-                 natural forces are going to be unleashed upon
    most immediately, U.S. public debt shot up $238 billion to reach 100               a disobedient world to bring it to its knees in
    percent of gross domestic product, Treasury figures showed Wednes-                 repentance.”
    day. This new borrowing took total public debt up to $14.58 trillion,                                     —, may 4
    putting America on the same playing field as highly indebted nations
                                      The TrumPeT weekly august 6, 2011 •   8   daily mail | august 3
such as Italy and Belgium. The last time U.S. public debt exceeded the
size of its annual economy was in 1947 just after World War ii. Rat-            Shameful  
ings agencies are now warning the country to reduce its debt-to-gdp
ratio quickly or face losing its coveted aaa credit rating. America now         Betrayal of the 
stands in grave danger as the rest of the world loses faith in its finan-
cial system.                                                                    State’s First Duty
n children start school not knowing their own name: Some
children are arriving for their first day of school not knowing their own       it should go without saying that the first and
name, the British government’s poverty tzar Frank Field said on bbc Ra-         overriding duty of every government is the
dio 4 on June 23. The bbc followed up on the statement on the To-               defense of the realm.
day program, July 28, in which an executive head teacher of a group of              This is not to underestimate the importance
schools in South Manchester, Neil Wilson, said, “I think the problem            of other functions of the state—from maintain-
is much wider spread than we give it credit for.” “A very few families          ing law and order and a trustworthy currency
haven’t developed communication issues at an early age,” he said. “It’s a       to providing essential services and guarantee-
communication issue at home. I think the advent of the media, particu-          ing a decent minimum standard of living for
lar the television, has had a pretty poor impact on communication. I            all.
think that once upon a time families would spend a lot of time talking.             On the contrary, it is because we value all
Nowadays of course they’ve got dvds, they’ve got the Internet, they’ve          these components of our liberal democracy
got the tv. So I think this formal communication process in terms of            so immeasurably that we attach paramount
talking and listening … has got worse because fewer opportunities are           importance to keeping up our ability to defend
there.” Jean Gross, the government’s communication champion for chil-           them. Lose that, and we risk losing everything
dren, told Today that as she traveled around the country she had come           else—as so very nearly happened in 1940,
across cases where children didn’t know their name, and didn’t even             within the lifetime of many readers.
know that they have a name. This shocking state of affairs shows how                This is why every freedom lover, of every po-
a lack of time spent communicating as a family is having a direct and           litical leaning, should be appalled by Wednes-
detrimental impact on education.                                                day’s cross-party report predicting that defense
                                                                                cuts will leave our armed forces unable to
                                                                                ensure Britain’s security within just four years.
                                                                                    Could there be any more fundamental be-
TeleGraPh | august 2                                                            trayal of a government’s duty?
                                                                                    If every other budget had been slashed to

eu Demands Britain                                                              nothing, and not a penny was left to beg or
                                                                                borrow, there might be some excuse for leaving

admit Welfare  
                                                                                us vulnerable in this terrifyingly volatile world.
                                                                                    Yet the truth is quite a different story. As the
                                                                                Mail reported this week, the government is still
immigrants                                                                      finding millions to recruit extra staff for quan-
                                                                                gos concerned with sexual equality, climate

       he european Commission may finally have hit on an issue that
                                                                                change and other obsessions of the Lib Dems.
       jerks Britain from its Euro-torpor—an issue that simultaneously              More scandalous still, it continues to ring-
       presses the buttons of border control, welfare abuse and Brussels        fence our massive overseas aid budget, which it
intrusiveness. … Eurocrats are demanding that Britain stop asking im-           plans to increase—yes, increase—by 35 percent
migrants to show that they won’t immediately start accessing the social         to an extraordinary £11.4 billion by 2015. …
security system.                                                                    Britain’s armed forces are to lose at least
    As the law stands, people wishing to settle in Britain must demon-          22,000 soldiers, sailors and airmen—more
strate that they have the means to support themselves, either through           than 10 percent of their strength—while we
work or through an alternative source of income such as a pension. The          won’t have a single operational aircraft carrier
European Commission claims that this amounts to discrimination                  until 2020.
against EU citizens, who are supposed to enjoy the same rights as Brit-             Yet far from reducing their demands on the
ish nationals.                                                                  services, the government has piled on more,
    In fact, as so often happens, Eurocrats are disregarding the plain          recklessly committing our airmen to an open-
text of their own rules. Article 7(1) of the Free Movement Directive            ended war in Libya.
gives EU citizens the right to reside in another member state only if
they have “sufficient resources for themselves and their family mem-             “The truth is that the defense budget getting
bers not to become a burden on the social assistance system of the host           squashed by a bloated debt is only a symptom
member state.”                                                                    of a far greater problem. … [e]pic indebtedness,
    In order to get around this clause, the European Commission is                impossibly expensive entitlement programs,
deploying a piece of sheer sophistry. It argues that, if immigrants were          unwinnable nation-building-type military
able to top up their income with British benefits, they would have “suf-          projects—all stem from the nation’s having
ficient resources.” …                                                             turned its back on the source of its prosperity
    If the European Commission were to get its way, [immigrants] would            and broken his immutable laws.”
not only be able to claim Pension Credit, but also council tax and hous-                               —, June 15
ing subsidies—despite not having paid a penny into the system. …
                                                                                      euroPacific caPiTal,
                                            The TrumPeT weekly august 6, 2011 •   9   PeTer schiff | august 2
 brad macdonald | columnist
                                                                                      Debt Deal is a 
armstrong’s iron                                                                      Blank check
Bridge to israel                                                                      by supposedly compromising to raise the
                                                                                      debt ceiling, Congress and the president

       osef aviram is a man who has devoted the bulk                                  have now paved the way for ever higher
       of his 95 years to promoting archeology in Is-                                 levels of federal spending. Although the
       rael. On Tuesday, Trumpet editor in chief Ger-                                 nation was spared the trauma of borrow-
 ald Flurry met Aviram at his office in Jerusalem.                                    ing restrictions, the actual risk of default
    The meeting was arranged after a June 22 telephone conversation                   existed solely in the minds of Washington
 with Mr. Aviram, a call that began: “Hello Mr. Aviram, I’m from the                  politicians. But the real crisis is not, nor
 Armstrong Int ….” The sprightly Mr. Aviram immediately interrupted:                  has it ever been, the debt ceiling. The
“Armstrong, you mean Herbert Armstrong? Where is his work? What                       crisis is the debt itself. Economic Arma-
 happened to it?”                                                                     geddon would not have resulted from fail-
    It was clear: This man respected and loved Herbert Armstrong. We                  ure to raise the ceiling, but it will come
 needed to talk with Mr. Aviram more, in person—and soon!                             because we succeeded in raising it. …
    On Tuesday, Josef Aviram, still the president of the Israel Exploration              Both parties are now pretending that
 Society (ies), recalled some of his history with Mr. Armstrong, and Mr.              the promised cuts in spending outweigh
 Armstrong’s history in Israel. The relationship began in October 1968,               the increase in the debt limit. But the
 Aviram explained, when Herbert Armstrong flew to Israel to meet with                 $900 billion in identified cuts are spread
 Dr. Benjamin Mazar from Hebrew University and investigate his archeo-                over a decade and are skewed toward the
 logical excavations on the Temple Mount, adjacent to the Western Wall.               end of that period. There are an addi-
    After the tour, a meeting was arranged between Mr. Armstrong and                  tional $1.4 trillion in cuts that the plan
 high-ranking officials of both Hebrew University and Israel’s govern-                assumes will be identified by a bipartisan
 ment. As the meeting came to a close, Israeli Minister of Tourism Moshe              budget committee. But similarly empow-
 Kol, grabbed Mr. Armstrong’s hand and shook it and told Mr. Armstrong                ered panels in the past have almost never
 that they must “form an iron bridge,” never to be broken, between Am-                delivered on their mandates.
 bassador College and Hebrew University/Israel Exploration Society.                      More importantly, none of these “cuts”
    Over the next 10 years, the iron bridge between Pasadena, California,             are actually binding. There is plenty of
 and the city of Jerusalem bustled with activity. Each summer, scores of              time for future Congresses to reverse
 young, energetic AC students would pack their bags and fly to Jerusa-                what was so laboriously agreed to over
 lem to volunteer on the massive excavation on the southern wall of the               the past few weeks. …
 Temple Mount. During that span, Mr. Armstrong visited the dig many                      The Congressional Budget Office cur-
 times and was often seen walking arm-in-arm around the site with his                 rently projects that $9.5 trillion in new
 close friend Dr. Mazar. Together with Jerusalem Mayor Teddy Kollek,                  debt will have to be issued over the next
 Mr. Aviram told us this week, Benjamin Mazar was Mr. Armstrong’s                     10 years. Even if all of the reductions
 best friend in Israel. The men were brothers in arms, and shared many                proposed in the deal were to come to pass,
 similar traits. Both were straight-talking and uncompromising. Both                  which is highly unlikely, that would still
 were interested in taking the Bible and objectively proving the truth,               leave $7.1 trillion in new debt accumula-
 rather than trying to fit it in with preconceived beliefs.                           tion by 2021. Our problems have not been
    When the Temple Mount excavations concluded in 1976, Mr. Arm-                     solved by a long shot.
 strong made sure the iron bridge between Pasadena and California re-                    Essentially, the structure announced
 mained strong. “We built the bridge,” Mr. Armstrong wrote in November                today allows both political parties to talk
 1980, and “it’s still standing, [and] we’re still traveling back and forth on it.”   about reform without actually changing
    When Mr. Armstrong died in January 1986, Josef Aviram and Benja-                  anything. To underscore that point, the
 min Mazar dispatched a touching condolence to Pasadena. In their note                deal involves less than $25 billion in im-
 they recalled: “During the years of our association with him all of us               mediate cuts! This is less than a rounding
 developed the highest regard for his wonderful personality and quali-                error in a $3.8 trillion budget. …
 ties. His deep devotion to the ideals of peace and justice in the spirit                Even these estimates are based on
 of the biblical prophets was appreciated by his friends in Israel. His               rosy economic assumptions that have no
 feeling for Israel and for Jerusalem was manifested in his true inter-               chance of coming to fruition. For example,
 est in the archeological excavations near the Temple Mount and in the                for the current fiscal year, Washington
 City of David. His name will always be attached to this most important               estimates gdp growth at 4 percent. But
 undertaking carried out in Jerusalem.”                                               actual growth for the first half of 2011
    Twenty-five years later, Herbert Armstrong’s name remains attached                is below 1 percent! If our government is
 to the Temple Mount and City of David excavations. Beyond that, Mr.                  overestimating our current year’s growth
 Armstrong’s fingerprints remain all over Jerusalem, and his name still               by a factor of 4, how accurate could their
 reverberates with many, including the venerable Josef Aviram.                        forecasts be 10 years into the future? A
    Most importantly, the divinely inspired and led life and work of                  more honest assessment of likely eco-
 Herbert Armstrong in Jerusalem is today being perpetuated by Gerald                  nomic performance would reveal future
 Flurry and the Philadelphia Church of God.                                           budget deficits spiraling out of control. …
                                       The TrumPeT weekly august 6, 2011 •   10   roberT morley | august 4
syria from page 1
                                                                                  the hindenburg  
Turkey wants to make sure the violence does not spread from Syria’s
Kurdish population into its own. Toward this end, Erdogan is publicly
                                                                                  had a ceiling too
insisting on enough reforms to satisfy the protesters, but not so many as         on august 1, the U.S. president announced
to cause Assad to lose power.                                                     that a deal raising the debt ceiling and cut-
    However, behind the scenes, there is evidence that Turkey is pushing          ting spending had been reached. He called
for much more dramatic changes. According to the Jerusalem Post’s                 it a “win for the economy and budget
Caroline Glick, Turkey has been actively interfering in the revolt against        discipline.”
Assad. Meanwhile, Turkish humanitarian relief agencies are hosting                    Few people believe it. On Tuesday, the
Syrian opposition leaders in Turkey.                                              S&P got hammered for the seventh day in
    Stratfor confirms that the “Assad regime may have reason to be wary           a row—making it the longest losing streak
of Turkey’s long-term intentions for Syria” (April 7). According to Strat-        since the dark days of 2008. The Dow
for analysts, Erdogan’s party wants Syria’s Islamist organizations to             Jones was down too. So was the Nasdaq.
gain political space—with the goal of becoming their eventual sponsor.            More than a trillion dollars in stock mar-
For now, Syria needs Turkish support, so Ottoman influence in Syria               ket wealth simply evaporated.
will probably grow.                                                                   Why the negativity? The debt deal
   “Erdogan’s clear aim is to replace Iran as Syria’s overlord in a post-         stinks. Congress may pay its immediate
Assad Syria,” says Glick.                                                         bills, but nothing has been done to even
    So who will win in Syria?                                                     begin to fix the debt problem.
    In March, Saudi Deputy Defense Minister Prince Khalid bin Sultan                  And the debt ceiling spectacle was
told his Turkish counterpart that the Saudi royals “want to see Turkey            played prime-time for the world to see.
as a strategic partner of Saudi Arabia” (Stratfor, March 4).                      What does the world think? Just look at
    Will the Turks join Saudi Arabia’s Gulf Cooperation Council (gcc) in          what went up and what went down.
opposing Iran? By working together, they would certainly form a much                  As the stock market slid and the value
more formidable front.                                                            of America’s businesses evaporated, one
    The longer and more violent the Syrian protests get, the more an              investment soared. Unfortunately, it is an
Arab coalition including Syria and joined with Turkey looks probable.             investment that indicates more trouble
    In fact, this is exactly what the Bible predicts will happen. Psalm 83        ahead.
gives us an insight into what is coming in the very near future.                      On Tuesday, gold prices blew through
    This Psalm contains a prophecy of a group of nations that ally                previous records. Then on Wednesday,
themselves together with the purpose of destroying Israel. The Psalm              they charged higher still, reaching $1,666
83 nations are distinct from a more powerful region-wide dominating               per ounce.
power (the Iran-led camp). This prophecy is fulfilled after a German-led              As American politicians were arguing
European power conquers Iran and its allies (Daniel 11:40-43).                    who got the window seat on the Hindenburg,
    Psalm 83:5-8 list who is in this non-Iranian alliance that readily allies     the Bank of Korea announced it was buying
itself with the invading Europeans. “For they have consulted together             gold. Other big players evidently were too.
with one consent: they are confederate against thee: The tabernacles              Meanwhile, the dollar was being dumped—
of Edom, and the Ishmaelites; of Moab, and the Hagarenes; Gebal, and              sending it toward its 2008 crisis lows.
Ammon, and Amalek; the Philistines with the inhabitants of Tyre; Assur                The world is realizing that the U.S
[Assyria or Germany] also is joined with them: they have holpen the               dollar is facing a bonfire. Gold might get
children of Lot. Selah.” Here are the modern names of these nations, as           melted by the coming financial inferno,
taught at Ambassador College under Herbert W. Armstrong: Edom—Tur-                but at least it won’t go up in smoke.
key; Ishmaelites—Saudi Arabia; Moab—Jordan; Hagarenes—anciently                       Once Europeans gets their act together,
dwelt in the land known as Syria today; Gebal and Tyre—Lebanon;                   expect dollar dumping and gold buy-
Ammon—also Jordan. This is not extremely precise, but it gives a good             ing from them too. When the first major
general idea of where these nations are today. The small Arab nations on          European central bank dumps dollars for
the Arabian Peninsula making up the gcc biblically-speaking would be              gold, it will be the spark that lights up the
considered part of Saudi Arabia because of their Ishmaelitish origin.             hydrogen balloon.
    The reason Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Libya and Ethiopia are missing from                 The fact that America’s political class
the Psalm 83 list is that they are allied with Iran when it is conquered          evidently has no idea what the term “bud-
by a German-led Europe (Daniel 11:42-43).                                         get discipline” really means is only adding
    As we see Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the other gcc member states seek           hot gas to the explosive mix.
to incorporate more allies to protect themselves from Iran, watch for a               America is great at talking the talk—and
change in Syrian politics. Bible prophecy indicates that at the time of           telling other nations how to run their econ-
the Daniel 11 European invasion, Syria and Lebanon will not be allied             omies. But when it comes to walking the
with Iran. Since in many ways Lebanon is controlled by Syria, watch for           walk, that is a different story. At least that
it to eventually abandon Iran.                                                    is what the debt ceiling spectacle conveys.
    Syria’s Arab Spring is not over yet. America is shrinking in influence.           But soon, America isn’t going to have
Iran is becoming the undisputed king of the region, and new allies are            a choice in the matter. It has its own walk
banding together for protection. Prophecy is being fulfilled, and despite         with reality looming.
the troubles ahead, it is all leading to the best news ever: the return of            Prepare to reduce your standard of
Jesus Christ.                                                                     living.

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