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                   WHY BARTER
                                IMPROVED CASH FLOW
                                If you have unbooked time, unsold inventory, or empty
                                space you would like to fill, we help you turn it into cash

                                RISK FREE GUARANTEE
                                If we can’t save you money or help you make money
                                within the first year of service, we will refund your yearly
                                fees. Simply put, we do not make money unless you do.

                                A COMPETITIVE EDGE
                                You gain a competitive edge by increasing your sales,
                                reducing your out-of-pocket expenses, improving your
                                profitability and reducing your marketing costs.

                                Our affiliation with worldwide trading companies gives
                                you the ability to buy and sell with thousands of
                                business owners across the globe.

                                OUR FEES ARE MINIMAL
                                IT’S EASY TO JOIN

We give you a line of credit

that is backed by your
products and services.

We start advertising your
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Product and Service Categories Available...
(0)                                    Beauty Supplies (1)                   Cosmetics (2)                        Field Hockey (1)
2 & 4 Color (2)                        Beauty Treatments (1)                 Cosmetics & Perfumes (1)             Food (2)
Accounting (1)                         Birthdays (1)                         Cosmetics ~ Retail (1)               Gift Baskets - Custom (1)
Admin Assistant (2)                    Body Products (1)                     Coupons (1)                          Gift Certificates (1)
Administrative Consulting (1)          Boxes (1)                             Daycare Services (1)                 Gift Ideas (4)
Advertising (5)                        Brakes (1)                            Deli (1)                             Gift Wrapping (1)
Advertising - Magazines (6)            Building Inspectors (1)               Dental Implants (1)                  Gifts (4)
Advertising - News Paper (3)           Business ~ Cards (1)                  Dental Restoration (1)               Graphic Design (6)
Advertising - Newsletters (1)          Business ~ Support & Service (1)      Dentist (1)                          Grocery Store (1)
Advertising - Online (1)               Business Supplies (1)                 Design (2)                           Hair Salon (2)
Advertising - Print (4)                Calendars (1)                         Design-Print (1)                     Hair Salon Products (1)
Advertising - Signage (1)              Calendars (Custom) (1)                Desktop Publishing (1)               Hairstyling-Mobile Services (1)
Advertising - Website (1)              Carpert Cleaning (1)                  Dining (2)                           Handyman (1)
Air Duct Cleaning (1)                  Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners (1)      Disc Jockey Service (1)              Health & Beauty Aids (3)
Air Filtration (1)                     Catering (1)                          Divorces (1)                         Health & Wellness (1)
Air Purifiers (1)                      Cell Phone Accessories (1)            DJ's (1)                             Health equipment (1)
Allergy Relief (1)                     Children Services (3)                 Doctor (1)                           Health Services (4)
Apparel Shop (1)                       Children's Education (1)              Document Shredding (1)               Herbal Facials (1)
Architect (1)                          Chiropractors (2)                     Drafting Services (1)                Herbal Products (2)
Aroma Therapy (1)                      Christian Gift Items (1)              Dresses (1)                          Hispanic Business (1)
Aromatherpy Fragrances (1)             Cleaning Service (2)                  E- Mail programs (1)                 Holistic Medicine (1)
Art (2)                                Closet Organizers (1)                 E-Commerce Development (1)           Home Improvement (3)
Art & Pictures (2)                     Clothing - Men's (1)                  Editor (1)                           Home Innovations (1)
Art Gallery (2)                        Clothing - Women's (1)                Education (1)                        Home Theater Seating (1)
Artist (1)                             Collectables (1)                      Education Services (1)               Home Theater Systems (1)
Artist - Digital Photo (1)             Colognes (1)                          Electric Backup Power Protection (1) Homeopathy (2)
Artist - Portraits (1)                 Commercial Cleaning Service (1)       Electronics (1)                      Hotel (1)
Artwork (1)                            Computer ~ Networking (2)             Email (1)                            Human Resource Consulting (1)
Attorney (4)                           Computer ~ Repair (2)                 Employment Screening (1)             Ink Cartridges (1)
Automotive - Maintenance (1)           Computer ~ Services (1)               Energy Drinks (1)                    Internet Development (1)
Automotive - Parts (1)                 Computer Training (1)                 Energy Saving Devices (1)            Janitorial & Maid Services (1)
Automotive - Radios (1)                Computer Virus Removal (1)            Entertainment (2)                    Jewelry (1)
Automotive - Repairs (1)               Conference Rooms (1)                  Environmental Education (1)          Kids Activities (1)
Automotive - Services (1)              Construction (4)                      Environmental Services (1)           Lacross (1)
Automotive Maintenance (1)             Construction Project Mangment (1)     Estate Planning (1)                  Ladies Clothing (1)
Automotive Repair (1)                  Consulting (1)                        Esthetic Services (1)                Landscapers (3)
Automotive Service (1)                 Contractors (1)                       Event Location - Rental (1)          Language Instruction (1)
Bankruptcy (1)                         Copy editing (2)                      Event Photography (1)                Lawn Care (2)
Banners (1)                            Copy machine Service & Repair (1)     Event Planning (1)                   Lawn Mower Maintenance (1)
Bar (2)                                Copy Service (1)                      Event Space (1)                      Lawn Mower Repair (1)
Bar Mitzvahs (1)                       Copywriter (2)                        Executive Gifts (3)                  Lawn Service (1)
Barber Shop                            Corporations (1)                      Facials (1)                          Lawyer (3)
Beauty ~ Skin Care (2)                 Cosmetic Procedures (1)               Fax Machine Service & Repair (1)     Leaf Removal (1)

                     Barter Your Way   |       1285 Willow Avenue, Suite 4       |         Louisville, KY 40204   |     Page 1 of 15
                                                                                          Member and
                                                                                       Category Directory

Product and Service Categories Available...
Legal Services (3)                  Pet Store/Supplies (1)                Tires - New (1)
Logo Design (1)                     Photography (1)                       Transmission - Services (1)
Lotions (1)                         Pool Parts (1)                        Travel (4)
Maid Service (1)                    Portrait Photography (1)              Tree Trimming (4)
MakeUp Consultant (1)               Portraits (1)                         Tuxedos (1)
Marketing (2)                       Post Cards (2)                        Utility Management (1)
Marketing Consulting (1)            Print Design (3)                      Vacation (1)
Marketing Materials (1)             Printer Cartridges (1)                Vacation Getaway (2)
Massage Therapy (1)                 Printing (3)                          Virus Removal (1)
Medical Doctor (1)                  Printing - Design (1)                 Water Purifiers (1)
Meeting Rooms (1)                   Printing Supplies (1)                 Website Advertising (1)
Memorabilia (1)                     Prom Dresses (1)                      Website design (1)
Miscellaneous (1)                   Public Relations (2)                  Wedding - Entertainment (1)
Mortgages (1)                       Rehabilitation Services (1)           Wedding Entertainment (1)
Motor Scooters (1)                  Remodeling (2)                        Wedding Photography (1)
Motorcycle Service (1)              Repairs (1)                           Wedding Services (3)
Movers (1)                          Restaurant (4)                        Weight Loss (1)
Moving (2)                          Safety Products (2)                   Wellness (1)
Moving Boxes (1)                    School Photography (1)                Wills (1)
Moving Company (2)                  Search Engine Optimization (1)        Window Cleaning (1)
Multimedia Development (1)          Security Cameras (1)                  Writer (2)
Music (1)                           Security Cards (1)                    Yard Maintenance (3)
Natural Health & Wellness (2)       Security Equipment (1)                Yoga - Children (1)
Naturopath (1)                      Security System Monitoring (1)        Yoga - Corporate (1)
News Paper (3)                      Security Systems (1)                  Yoga - Disabled (1)
Nutrition (1)                       Shipping & Packing (1)
Nutrition Counseling (1)            Signs (1)
Nutritional Consulting (1)          Skin treatment (2)
Office Equipment (1)                Small Engine Repair (1)
Office Supplies (1)                 Snow Removal (2)
Package Design (1)                  Soap (1)
Packaging (1)                       Soccer (1)
Packing (1)                         Sport Photography (1)
Packing Supplies (1)                Sports Activities (1)
Pain Relief (2)                     Sports Art (1)
Painting (1)                        Sports Memorabilia (1)
Painting Murals (1)                 Sportswear (1)
Parties (1)                         Stereo Equipment (2)
Party Entertainment (1)             Storage (1)
PC Repair (1)                       Tax Services (1)
Perfumes (1)                        Therapy - Family (1)
Personal Care (1)                   Therapy - Individual (1)
Personal Care Products (3)          Tickets (1)

                  Barter Your Way   |       1285 Willow Avenue, Suite 4       |        Louisville, KY 40204   |   Page 2 of 15
                                                                             Member and
                                                                          Category Directory

Local Members in Both 100% and 50/50 Exchanges
                     2 Night Bridal
                          Mohammad Anjum - (502) 425-7889 - Louisville, KY 40222 United States
                          Welcome to 2 Night Bridal & Prom Outlet. We are located at 724 Lyndon Lane Louisville, KY
                          40222. We carry Bridal gowns, Bridesmaids Dresses, Mother of the Bride, Quincenerra Gowns,
                          Pageant Wear, Tuxedos and much much more…. We also carry Hard to find plus size dresses.
                          We rent Bridesmaids Dresses and Tuxedos for only $65.00.

                          Wedding Services, Dresses, Tuxedos, Prom Dresses, Apparel Shop

                     Aaron's Tree Service, LLC
                          Aaron Gnau - (502) 813-0643 - Louisville, KY 40299 United States
                          When your ready to dress up your lawn, be sure to give us a call. We can plant and remove
                          trees, cut and dress up the lawn, plant flowers in the spring and remove the leaves in the fall. No
                          job is to big or to small. When you're ready give Aaron a call. Mainly serving the J-town area.

                          Tree Trimming, Landscapers, Lawn Care, Leaf Removal, Yard Maintenance

                     Absolute Colors
                          Darryl Howery - (502) 714-0556 - Louisville, KY 40258 United States
                          Call us when you need it right. We have over 30 years experience in painting homes and
                          businesses. Our services include Painting, Wallpapering, Faux Finishing. New Construction or
                          just Remodeling we can do it all. Locally owned and operated.

                          Contractors, Painting, Remodeling

                     Ask Andy PC Repair
                          William Milliner - (502) 224-6037 - Louisville, KY 40229 United States
                          Our mission here at Ask Andy is to fix any computer related problems that you may have. We are
                          resourceful and work hard at it. We want to make sure you are kept up and running at all times, if
                          your not, then we want to help you get there again. As effective as we are, we also strive to be a
                          lot cheaper than other repair businesses. You can receive our services without paying 'an arm
                          and a leg'.
                          PC Repair, Computer ~ Networking, Computer ~ Repair, Virus Removal

                     Bargain Priced Printing, LLC
                          Adam Jacob - (502) 410-1377 - Louisville, KY 40204 United States
                          Every business needs to have the basics, so we provide them at amazing prices. We know there
                          are other companies that offer reasonable prices for printing. We are different because we will not
                          nickel and dime you to death for every additional feature you want. Printing on both sides of the
                          business card comes at the same price as only 1-sided cards. There is also no extra charge for
                          UV coating, or color vs black & white. Give us a try. You will love how simple and professional our
                          Business Supplies, Business ~ Cards, Post Cards, Printing, Printing, 2 & 4 Color

   Barter Your Way    |        1285 Willow Avenue, Suite 4     |     Louisville, KY 40204     |    Page 3 of 15
Local Members in Both 100% and 50/50 Exchanges
                     Café Palacio
                          Monica Palacio - (502) 410-1377 - Louisville, KY 40207 United States
                          At Café Palcio we're always serving up great sandwiches, wraps, salads, panini's, soups,
                          specialty coffee's and our spectacular daily specials. We have a variety of beverages to choose
                          from and we serve off our breakfast menu all day. If you're in a hurry, stop by and pick up a lunch
                          box to go or grab one of our delicious dessert as a quick snack.

                          Restaurant, Food, Gift Certificates, Dining

                     Camelot Wireless
                          Tony Raffa - (502) 779-9990 - Louisville, KY United States
                          Camelot Wireless offers a wide variety of cell phone accessories. We can sell in bulk orders or
                          individual. If we don't have it in stock then we can get it. XM Satellite Radios, Satellite Accessories
                          for Dish Network and DIrect TV.

                          Automotive - Radios, Cell Phone Accessories, Miscellaneous, Stereo Equipment

                     Candlewood Suites
                          Samantha Humbert - (812) 284-6113 - Clarksville, IN 47129 United States
                          Maximize Value on your travel expenses with Candlewood Suites Louisville North. BRAND NEW
                          all suite facility conveniently located…Nearly 150 restaurants, Bass Pro Store, Green Tree Mall
                          and Nearly 50 Retail Stores all within blocks and only minutes from Downtown Louisville! We
                          offer all the amenities for business travelers and many home like features you won't find with
                          anyone else. Come and see why Candlewood Suites is rapidly growing!
                          Hotel, Travel, Vacation, Meeting Rooms

                     Coffee News
                          Larry Rother - (502) 235-2707 - Louisville, KY 40205 United States
                          Coffee News is a national advertiser with a local feel. This edition publishes in the Highlands area
                          of Louisville. The rate is $39 per issue with weekly distribution to coffee houses, restaurants, and
                          other businesses in the highlands.

                          Advertising - Magazines, News Paper, Advertising, Advertising - Print, Advertising - News

                     Coffee News KY
                          David Hermsen - (502) 797-7828 - Louisville, KY 40220 United States
                          Coffee News is a National Franchise but-Locally owned. We distribute weekly papers to
                          restaurants and waiting areas. Our locations include the SW Louisville Edition--Shively-PRP-
                          Valley Station and Auburndale--The Okololna edition and the Oldham county Edition that covers
                          La Grange-Buckner-Crestwood and Pewee Valley. Rates are 35.00 per week per Edition --
                          Advertising, Advertising - Magazines, Advertising - Print, Advertising - News Paper, News

                     Coffee News on the Sunny Side
                          Stacy Marshall - (812) 786-2224 - Greenville, IN 47124 United States
                          Discover what Coffee News has to offer! Coffee News is a free weekly publication delivered to
                          restaurants, coffee shops and waiting areas throughout New Albany, Clarksville and Jeffersonville
                          IN. It has the week’s funniest and most unusual news stories, amazing facts, trivia, local events
                          and more. Our mission is to strengthen our community by promoting small and medium sized
                          businesses and bring awareness to local non-profit organizations.
                          Advertising, News Paper, Advertising - Magazines, Advertising - News Paper, Advertising -

   Barter Your Way    |        1285 Willow Avenue, Suite 4      |     Louisville, KY 40204     |     Page 4 of 15
Local Members in Both 100% and 50/50 Exchanges
                     Comedy Caravan
                          Darrell Holladay - (502) 459-0022 - Louisville, KY 40204 United States
                          Located at 1250 Bardstown Road, in the Mid-City Mall, Comedy Caravan has been bringing
                          laughter to Louisville for 23 years. Offering 8 headliner shows each week and 3 Comedy
                          Underground shows, highlighting local & upcoming comedians, as well as seasoned comics
                          working on new material. Check out our website or call 502-459-0022.
                          Come see why we are LEO's People's Choice Award winning comedy club year after year.
                          Bar, Entertainment, Restaurant

                     Connemara Group
                          Patti Naiser - (502) 244-8300 - Louisville, KY 40243 United States
                          Connemara Group is a full service advertising agency. We help businesses by providing services
                          in areas such as: advertising, public relations, government relations, political consulting,
                          markering strategy, graphic design, multimedia, internet development, logos and marketing

                          Advertising, Public Relations, Graphic Design, Multimedia Development, Internet

                     Cottman Transmission
                          Jeff Ballard - (502) 897-9915 - Louisville, KY 40291 United States
                          We specialize in automotive services. Some of our services include transmission replacements
                          and repairs for automatics, manuals & 4x4's, clutches, starters, alternators, radiators, wheel
                          bearings, brakes, differentials & transfer cases. A neighborhood landmark, were conveniently
                          located on the corner of Shelbyville Rd. and St. Matthews Ave. in the heart of St. Mattews next to
                          Trinity High School.
                          Automotive - Services, Transmission - Services, Brakes, Automotive - Repairs,

                     Creative Images
                          Patti Holmes - (502) 415-4100 - Louisville, KY 40219 United States
                          Creative Images offers wedding photography, family portraits, senior portraits, school photos,
                          sport photography and event photography. We also offer on-site viewing and printing for event

                          When you need excellent photos fast, you need Creative Images.
                          Sport Photography, Wedding Photography, Event Photography, School Photography,

                     David Minnich Designs
                          David Minnich - (502) 345-0400 - Louisville, KY 40220 United States
                          I've been an artist since I was old enough to draw. I can paint murals, portraits, logo desgin &
                          Grahic Design for print. I'm affordable and I love what I do. Give me a call before you start your
                          next project to see what David Minnich Designs can do for you.

                          Graphic Design, Painting Murals, Artist, Print Design

                          John Nicholson - (502) 641-8154 - Louisville, KY 40207 United States
                          We offer a variety of stylish, vintage and recycled clothes for women, men and kids from the 60s,
                          70s and 80s. In addition, we also sell high quality brand name items too like: Tommy Bahama,
                          Christian Dior, LL Bean and Ralph Lauren.

                          Clothing - Men's, Clothing - Women's, Gift Ideas, Gifts, Ladies Clothing, Sportswear

   Barter Your Way    |        1285 Willow Avenue, Suite 4     |     Louisville, KY 40204      |   Page 5 of 15
Local Members in Both 100% and 50/50 Exchanges
                     Fenley Office Suites Brownsboro
                          Jami Sergeant - (502) 855-3403 - Louisville, KY 40222 United States
                          At Fenley Office Suites our focus is on you, the client, so you can focus on what matters most -
                          growing your business. We provide you with Louisville office space and concentrate on the
                          important critical details of keeping your office running so you don’t have to. With our extensive
                          experience in the industry and market…we do this well.

                          Answering Service, Business Support & Service, Conference Rooms, Corporate Events,

                     Green Clean of Kentucky
                          Marc Mullins - (502) 641-8109 - Mount Washington, KY 40047 United States
                          At Green Clean of Kentucky, We Clean for Health!
                          We are a Service Disabled Veteran owned family business of professional textile cleaners who
                          are IICRC certified in Upholstery, Fabric and Carpet Cleaning. We also provide air duct cleaning
                          to keep your indoor environment as healthy as possible. To make our service even more unique
                          and better for your indoor air quality, you can rest assured that we only use certified green
                          Cleaning Service

                     Healing Hands Massage Therapy
                          Melanie Lipsey - (502) 649-3475 - New Albany, IN 47150 United States
                          1 hour massage $60.00

                          We have a 24 hour notice for scheduling changes and no refunds will be issued if less than 12
                          hours are given. If you desire, we can come to where you are. There is a $10 cash convenience
                          fee for this service.
                          Massage Therapy

                     Heaven Scent Personal Care Products, LLC
                          Sharon Harris - (812) 258-0857 - Jeffersonville, IN 47130 United States
                          Heaven scent Shea Butter actually changes the texture of dry skin. Many customers tell us that
                          they leave other raw shea butter products unused because of the unpleasant smell. But Heaven
                          scent shea butter gets used and reordered. It is excellent moisturizer for dry skin.

                          Heavenscent is a personal care establishment located in Jeffersonville, Indiana, offering a variety
                          Health & Beauty Aids, Personal Care Products, Soap

                     Ink & Toner USA
                          Susan Harris - (502) 253-6700 - Louisville, KY 40243 United States
                          Why buy a new toner or ink cartridge from those expensive retailers when you can buy a refilled
                          cartridge for up to 70% less? Ask how you can save even more with free delivery. We offer refill
                          services for all major brands, and a few minor ones too. Stretch your dollar farther with Ink and
                          Toner USA.

                          Copy machine Service & Repair, Fax Machine Service & Repair, Ink Cartridges, Office

                     John Winston Markham LLM Tax PSC
                          John Markham - (502) 420-8495 - Louisville, KY 40241 United States
                          John Winston Markham LLM Tax PSC is a master of Legal Letters in Taxation, Tax Planning,
                          Estate Planning & Corporate Law. We can take care of anything legal. A failure to plan is the
                          same as planning to fail. I specialize in helping people who have an interest in planning to
                          succeed. I can help you plan for the future and hold on to more of your money today and for
                          Attorney, Legal Services, Tax Services, Estate Planning

   Barter Your Way    |        1285 Willow Avenue, Suite 4     |     Louisville, KY 40204     |     Page 6 of 15
Local Members in Both 100% and 50/50 Exchanges
                     Kenneth J. Bader, PSC
                          Kenneth Bader - (502) 584-8426 - Louisville, KY 40204 United States
                          Ken Bader has been a Louisville native for 28 years. His law practice can handle a wide spectrum
                          of legal matters including: Bankruptcies, Divorces, Business Law, Wills & Estates, Traffic Cases,
                          and Criminal Law. If you need an experienced attorney who knows his way around Louisville's
                          judicial system, then you need Kenneth J. Bader.

                          Attorney, Bankruptcy, Corporations, Divorces, Lawyer, Tickets, Wills

                     Loyalty Lawn Care
                          Lisa C Herdt - (502) 356-3602 - Louisville, KY 40202 United States
                          We are a full service tree and lawn care company providing services to all of metro Louisville.
                          Our services include lawn care, mowing, trimming/edging, lawn preparation for both fall/winter,
                          leaf removal, fertilization, as well as, tree & shrub work. Our lawn and tree care specialist take
                          pride in all that we do. Think of us the next time you consider who should take care of your lawn
                          and tree care needs.
                          Landscapers, Tree Trimming, Lawn Care

                     Margaret's Moving and Storage
                          Margaret Weathers - (502) 895-9354 - Louisville, KY 40203 United States
                          Margaret's Moving and Storage wants to be the only mover you will ever need. We will be there
                          when your family outgrows your first home, the refrigerator finally quits working, and when the
                          teens go off to college. No matter what your moving needs are, Margaret's Moving and Storage
                          can handle the job.

                          Boxes, Moving, Moving Boxes, Moving Company, Packaging, Packing, Packing Supplies,

                     Mark A. Walden, DC
                          Mark A. Walden - (502) 585-5400 - Louisville, KY 40204 United States
                          At Walden Chiropractic we specialize in the treatment and rehabilitation of spinal and extra-
                          vertebral joints such as shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and ankles. Walden Chiropractic is
                          specifically trained to treat and rehabilitate a broad range of health problems such as: Auto
                          Accident Injuries, Back/Hip Pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Sports Injuries, Work/Job Related
                          Injuries, and many other health problems. Visit us today to see how Walden Chiropractic can help.
                          Chiropractors, Health Services, Massage Therapy, Rehabilitation Services

                     Mary Kay Cosmetics
                          London Junker - (502) 329-0006 - Louisville, KY 40216 United States
                          Mary Kay Cosmetics is America’s # 1 best selling skincare and color cosmetics brand. Products
                          can be purchased and are available 24/7. I keep product on hand to fill orders quickly. Career
                          opportunities are available for those interested and free gifts are given to anyone who hosts a

                          Beauty Supplies, Beauty Treatments, Body Products, Christian Gift Items, Colognes,

                     Mi Patria
                          Tiffany Vasquez - (502) 339-9420 - Louisville, KY 40222 United States
                          Why have Tex-Mex when you can have Mex-Mex? Mi Patria is a family owned hispanic grocery
                          store, deli & restaurant. Conveniently located at the corner of Lyndon Ln. and Old Lagrange Rd.
                          When you’re here, you're treated like family and all are welcome. We carry a wide range of items
                          and entrees to serve all our friends south of the border. "Mi Patria es tu Patria". If you can't
                          speak spanish, don't worry, owner Tiffany and general manager Melissa can translate for you.
                          Grocery Store, Restaurant, Deli, Bar, Hispanic Business

   Barter Your Way    |        1285 Willow Avenue, Suite 4     |     Louisville, KY 40204     |    Page 7 of 15
Local Members in Both 100% and 50/50 Exchanges
                     Michael G. Cassaro, MD, PSC
                          Michael Cassaro - (502) 891-8940 - Louisville, KY 40207 United States
                          Services provided by Dr Cassaro include medical services, minimally invasive surgery, medical
                          diagnostic services, metabolic therapy, hormone therapy, and nutritional supplements.

                          Medical Doctor, Naturopath, Health Services, Nutrition, Nutritional Consulting, Pain Relief,

                     Mobile Mechanics
                          Jonathan Piasta - (502) 689-4626 - Crestwood, KY 40014 United States
                          We offer a variety of vehicle maintenance and repair services with specialized experience in
                          motorcycle care. We work on just about anything automotive including small engines such as
                          lawnmowers and other lawn equipment.

                          Automotive Maintenance, Automotive Repair, Automotive Service, Lawn Mower

                     New Image Graphics, LLC
                          Roger Winemiller - (502) 413-6905 - Louisville, KY 40299 United States
                          Yard signs, Banners, Magnets, Posters, Stickers, window clings and special order printing at
                          100% barter. , Hide

                          2 & 4 Color, Printing

                     Nick Wright & Bill Yackey
                          Nick Wright - (270) 559-5599 - Louisville, KY 40204 United States
                          Don't misout on booking acoustic guitar duo and vocalist Nick Wright & Bill Yackey. Playing
                          covers of artist like Ryan Adams, Dave Matthews Band, Damien Rice, U2 and others. Great for
                          nightclub / restaurant entertainment, private parties, advertisements and more. Call Nick for more
                          information or scheduling. Please allow 3-4 weeks for scheduling. Cost will depend on venue and
                          length of set.
                          Music, Entertainment, Parties, Wedding - Entertainment

                     Paul Curry, Attorney at Law
                          Paul Curry - (502) 584-8445 - Louisville, KY 40204 United States
                          Paul Curry offers legal services in the area of Traffic, Criminal Defense, Family Court, and

                          Attorney, Lawyer, Legal Services

                     Plan Ahead, Inc.
                          Anthony Williams - (502) 817-7526 - Louisville, KY 40216 United States
                          Plan Ahead is a home design & drafting firm with over 20 years of experience. They can help you
                          add value to your existing property, or start designing everything from the ground up. With prices
                          starting at 25 cents per square foot, and easy-to-read blue prints, you will find it both affordable
                          and easy to work with the staff at Plan Ahead. Before you get over-charged by someone else,
                          bring your ideas to Plan Ahead.
                          Building Inspectors, Construction, Consulting, Architect, Drafting Services, Home

   Barter Your Way    |        1285 Willow Avenue, Suite 4     |     Louisville, KY 40204     |     Page 8 of 15
Local Members in Both 100% and 50/50 Exchanges
                          Gary Hahn - (859) 492-8377 - Louisville, KY 40204 United States
                          "Green" up your organizational image and meetings with a visit by planetSWAMPY, tailored to
                          discuss your interests in environmental/impact issues. Topics include but are not limited to; water
                          resources, planning, GIS, forestry, mining and disaster assistance. For more information and to
                          request a visit to your school or company please visit

                          Environmental Services, Environmental Education, Education Services, Children Services

                          Michael Waddell - (502) 585-2664 - New Albany, IN 47150 United States
                          Michael J. Waddell, “digital photo artist”, writer & public relations guru (Michael will get your story
                          on Google and printed in the appropriate local press). While advertising is necessary to get your
                          products and businesses known getting stories written about you will generally get prospects
                          remembering and calling you. Check out: “artist michael10” on Google. And
                 See a piece you like just call 502-585-2664 for a price
                          Artist - Digital Photo, Writer, Public Relations

                     Ray's Repairs & Construction
                          Ray Pinter - (502) 639-4073 - Louisville, KY 40204 United States
                          Ray Pinter, owner of Ray's Repairs & Construction, has been servicing the Metro Louisville area
                          for more than 20 years. As a quailified veteran in the construction industry, Ray is ready to tackle
                          just about any job. When you're in need of help, look no further. For more information please call
                          502.639.4073 or send an email to

                          Handyman, Construction, Repairs, Remodeling, Construction Project Mangment

                     Real Choice Dental Implant Center
                          Roy D Long Jr. - (502) 365-4290 - Louisville, KY 40202 United States
                          4th Street Dental spa is located in the Starks building in the heart of downtown Louisville. We
                          offer services services such as dental implants and restorations at a savings up to 50% off the
                          national averages in a warm spa like atmoshpere. Escape to our spa like retreat, when you leave
                          we promise you'll be looking and feeling better than before you showed up.

                          Dentist, Dental Implants, Dental Restoration

                     Reisch Enterprises, LLC
                          Scott Reisch - (800) 334-9678 - La Grange, KY 40031 United States
                          Reisch Enterprises, LLC is a family owned and operated business serving the Louisville Metro
                          area for the last 12 years. Our work is guarenteed and our prices are very competitive. If you're
                          in need of air duct, dryer vent, carpet, tile or upholstery cleaning, give us a call. We can also
                          clean and seal VCT tile floors. Remember, at Reisch Enterprises, we come back to admire our
                          work not to apologize for it.
                          Air Duct Cleaning, Carpert Cleaning, Dryer Vent Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning,

                     Sams Food & Spirits
                          Sam Anderson - (812) 945-9757 - New Albany, IN 47150 United States
                          "Sam's" Food & Spirits offers excellent food and services in a casual atmosphere at reasonable
                          prices. That's why we're a Southern Indiana favorite gathering spot for friends and family. Now
                          you can enjoy Sam's exclusively for your next social gathering, office meeting or civic function.
                          We are proud to showcase our private dining areas, where you can reserve a dining area for up
                          to 60 people. Three meeting rooms are available. Make your next event a private affair at Sam's.
                          Restaurant, Food, Catering, Dining

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Local Members in Both 100% and 50/50 Exchanges
                     Sapling Design Studio, LLC
                          Janelle Owen - (812) 774-7065 - Corydon, IN 47112 United States
                          Producing the high end designs your company deserves such as; logos, brochures, business
                          cards, menus, postcards and more. We work with print vendors to get the final piece(s) produced
                          as well.

                          Advertising - Print, Graphic Design, Printing - Design

                     The Art of Words
                          Louise Elder - (502) 299-9944 - Louisville, KY 40206 United States
                          The Art of Words provides written and spoken language services such as: proofreading
                          (correcting basic spelling, typographical and grammatical errors), rewriting (copy editing), English
                          language instruction, Greek translations & tutoring. Clients benefit from a curriculum that focuses
                          on both written and verbal skills.

                          Copy editing, Copywriter, Editor, Education, Language Instruction, Writer

                     Tread Express Tires
                          Monica Palacio - (502) 410-1377 - Louisville, KY 40210 United States
                          Tread Express Tires is a tire company who specializes in tire changes on location. We deliver, fit
                          and balance new tires at our customer’s choice of location, whether it’s at home, work or
                          business. Our goal is to help our customer save time and money while being safer on the road.
                          Tread Express Tires is revolutionizing the tire business as we know it today, and making a
                          necessary tire change more convenient for you and your wallet.
                          Tires - New, Automotive - Parts

                     Venture Elite, LLC
                          Brad Koressel - (502) 794-9498 - Louisville, KY 40250 United States
                          As Experienced traders, we often have new items in our inventory and services to offer. For a list
                          of items available please contact your broker. All travel must first be arranged through the Barter
                          Your Way office. Currently we have salon products and energy drinks.

                          Energy Drinks, Hair Salon Products, Personal Care Products, Travel, Vacation Getaway

                     Vital Force Naturopathy, Inc.
                          Peter Swanz - (502) 855-3688 - Louisville, KY 40222 United States
                          Vital Force Naturopathy is a holistic healing practice utilizing the best of Naturopathic and
                          Homeopathic medicine. Dr. Peter Swanz and Dr. Lisa Tostado, Naturopathic Family Doctors, are
                          graduates of the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and are providing pure
                          naturopathic and classical homeopathic care in Louisville, Kentucky and Southern Indiana.

                          Doctor, Homeopathy, Health Services, Holistic Medicine, Herbal Products

                     Waters Law Group, PLLC
                          Robert R. Waters - (502) 425-2424 - Louisville, KY 40222 United States
                          Waters Law Office PLLC - A Full- Service Law Firm Specializing In

                          Intellectual Property , Business & Personal Litigations.

                          Attorney, Lawyer, Legal Services

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Local Members in Both 100% and 50/50 Exchanges
                     WLOU Radio
                          Bill Price - (502) 776-1240 - Louisville, KY 40201 United States
                          We offer Air Time and Commercial Production

                          : Advertising - Production, Voice-Overs, Advertising - Radio, Radio Commercials, Radio

                     Woody's Barber Shop, LLC
                          Brian Hurle - (502) 583-2336 - Louisville, KY 40204 United States
                          A neighborhood landmark, Woody's is an old fashion barber shop with all the latest techniques.
                          Don't trust your fade, shave or trim to just anyone, stop by and see the professionals. In business
                          for 40 years and located in the heart of Louisville at 966 Baxter Ave. The same corner of Wick's
                          and Osheas in the Highlands on Bardstown Rd. Give us a call or just stop by, we're always glad
                          to see you.
                          Barber Shop, Hair Salon, Personal Care

                     Yardscapes By Design, LLC
                          Chris McCain - (812) 967-2000 - Pekin, IN 47165 United States
                          Commercial and residential landscape and snow removal services for the Metro Louisville Area.
                          We provide services for every season. With over 25 years experience, owner Chris McCain and
                          his team of experts are true specialist when it comes to lawn care. We can handle any size job.
                          We offer: cutting/mowing, tree trimming, weed eating, hedge trimming, landscapijng, blowing, leaf
                          & snow removal.
                          Landscapers, Yard Maintenance, Tree Trimming, Snow Removal

                     Yoga For Every Body
                          Loren Freed - (502) 589-8088 - Louisville, KY 40206 United States
                          Children's yoga classes and summer camps; office, corporate, and group yoga programs; team
                          and staff development; classes for adults and children with disabilities: Yoga is for Every Body!
                          Reduce stress, relieve tension, increase energy, improve health, and heighten productivity with
                          simple poses and relaxation exercises. Yoga instructor Loren Freed, M.S. Ed, RCYP, offers
                          workshops for teachers, students, families, administrators, human service professionals.
                          Yoga - Children, Yoga - Corporate, Yoga - Disabled, Children Services, Health & Wellness

Local Members of 50/50 Trading Only
                     Colonial Computing & Cellular
                          Steve Goldberg - (502) 767-8955 - Jeffersonville, IN 47130 United States
                          We offer a full line of on-site "Computer Services" at your home or your place of business. Our
                          services include: networking, security systems, virus and spyware removal and prevention,
                          repairs, troubleshooting, hardware and software installation, training etc... "Anything Computers!"

                          Computer Training, Computer Virus Removal, Computer ~ Networking, Computer ~ Repair,

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Local Members of 50/50 Trading Only
                     Fern Valley Chiropractor
                          Steve Jones - (502) 961-9355 - Louisville, KY 40213 United States
                          Unlike conventional medicine, which focuses on attempting to treat disease once it occurs, Fern
                          Valley Chiropractic emphasizes improving your health in an effort to reduce the risk of pain and
                          illness in the first place. Give us a call to see how we can help you or your loved ones.

                          Chiropractors, Health Services

                     Hilo Fidelity Productions
                          Trevor Bowles - (502) 459-9434 - Louisville, KY 40206 United States
                          Make Hilo Fidelity Productions your first and only choice for DJ services. We provide a wide
                          variety of music for private parties, banquets, receptions, weddings and more. If it requires music,
                          we will be there. When you need to add that right touch to the occasion, you need Hilo Fidelity

                          Bar Mitzvahs, Birthdays, Disc Jockey Service, DJ's, Party Entertainment, Wedding

                     Mobile Cuts
                          Trevor Bowles - (502) 459-9434 - Louisville, KY 40206 United States
                          Mobile Cuts brings fabulous hair care to your home or office. We charge $35 for hair cuts. Please
                          feel free to call for a quote on hair coloring & chemical services (perms, etc.). Mobile cuts
                          provides excellent service to the Crescent Hill, Highlands, and downtown Louisville areas. Tired of
                          trying to get an appointment with your regular barber or stylist? Mobile Cuts works around your
                          Hair Salon, Hairstyling-Mobile Services, Wedding Services

                     ReSource for Health
                          Micki Wilcox - (502) 893-7044 - Louisville, KY 40206 United States
                          ReSource for Health provides several options for cleaning the air in your home or workplace with
                          light-weight, portable air purification units. Units clean and sanitize areas up to 3,000 sq. ft. You
                          will love coming home to an environment that is maintained by technology that is suitable for the
                          NASA space station. No gimmicks here. This technology has been SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to
                          kill germs and sanitize surfaces.
                          Air Filtration, Air Purifiers, Allergy Relief, Electric Backup Power Protection, Energy Saving

National Members in Both 100% and 50/50 Exchanges
                     2 Hire A Handyman
                          Keith Kelchner - (404) 441-3242 - Canton, GA 30115 United States
                          Is there anything at your home not working right now? Is there an annoying problem you need
                          cured? 2 Hire a Handyman has been carefully crafted to meet your needs as a home owner and
                          treat your home as if it were our own. That includes keeping the price reasonable.

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National Members in Both 100% and 50/50 Exchanges
                     Beautiful Media LLC
                          Katherine Phelps - (404) 847-0282 - Atlanta, GA 30342 United States
                          Beautiful Media, publishers of BEAUTFUL MAGAZINE with over 25 years of experience in
                          publishing, consumer marketing, branding, and business development offer national advertising
                          and hard and soft cover book publishing.

                          Advertising - Magazines, Copy editing, Copywriter, Graphic Design, Marketing Consulting

                     Carpet Care and Beyond
                          Greg Stockett - (770) 443-4452 - Powder Springs, GA 30127 United States
                          We take pride in our training to stay up to date with the latest methods of cleaning. Our
                          equipment is the highest quality and most effective on the market.

                          Specializing in Water Damage Restoration and Structural Drying with over 15 years experience.

                     Gallery Roadshow
                          Kathy Crawford - (770) 378-7512 - Bowdon, GA 30108 United States
                          Gallery Roadshow specializes in reproducing the paintings of the Old Masters and any other
                          paintings that are in the public domain. We use state of the art printing equipment that produces
                          beautiful Giclee' prints on a high quality canvas. The ink that we use is pigmented and UV
                          protected to last for many years. We also use a special laminating process to further protect and
                          increase the life of the print.
                          Art, Art & Pictures, Art Gallery, Artist - Portraits, Artwork, Gift Ideas, Gifts, Photography,

                     Paradise Cove at Lemon Bay
                          Jason Middleton - (502) 417-4118 - Englewood, FL 34223 United States
                          Paradise Cove is a boutique waterfront property. Whether you are seeking a peaceful retreat, a
                          romantic getaway, or simply want to experience a taste of "Old Florida", you will find what you are
                          looking for at Paradise Cove. Each rental villa has it's own unique flair featuring custom
                          furnishings, fully equiped modern kitchens, Flat Screen TV's, Cable, Wi-Fi, wonderful garden
                          surroundings, new fitness facility, private beach & pier on Lemon Bay, picnic & gaming area,
                          Hotel Accommodations, Hotels, Resorts

                     Right Track
                          Lisa D Nelson - (440) 357-9993 - Concord, OH 44077 United States
                          Queen's Grant, Palmetto Dunes, Island Areas, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. (Under 1 Hour
                          from The Savannah Airport). A great Villa with a big kitchen, a great family room and 1400
                          square feet of living on the first floor. Simply the best you will find in Hilton Head! Newly
                          furnished, newly tiled, just painted and well equipped. Our 2000 square foot villa will blow you
                          away. It can house one large family or two small ones. We also have a Domican Republic
                          Vacation Getaway, Travel

                     Select Fresh Cuisine
                          Irene Ralston - (510) 667-9911 - San Leandro, CA 94579 United States
                          Hello, my name is Irene and in 1986 I was involved in large scale food sales to hospitals, school
                          districts and hotel chains when I encountered an innovative chef named Eric and his wife Debra
                          in Santa Cruz, California. He challenged me, a Home Economist and Nutritional Trainer, to create
                          chef prepared entrée’s with a quality home-style taste that are full of flavor yet "heart-healthy" and
                          Food, Health Food, Weight Loss, Wellness

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National Members in Both 100% and 50/50 Exchanges
                     Spotlight Design Works
                          Rebecca Holtzman - (510) 387-8320 - San Rafael, CA 94901 United States
                          At Spotlight Design Works we work with our clients to meet and exceed their goals and
                          expectations. We will work with you to develop excellent design consistent with your
                          brand/company's values, personality and goals. Please contact us for more info or to see a
                          sampling of our portfolio.

                          Design, Print Design, Package Design, Marketing Materials, Advertising

                     Susan Storie Designs
                          Susan Storie - (828) 728-7524 - Lenoir, NC 28645 United States
                          I've been making custom handmade jewelry since the early 70's. The pieces I create are more
                          like wearable artwork. My jewelry includes modern pieces, antiques & timeless collectables
                          comprised of pearls, precious & semi precious stones. All of it is handmade and very seldom is a
                          piece ever duplicated. I also offer free S&H on most orders. The next time you're thinking of
                          buying a gift for your loved one, by them something that will last forever.
                          Gifts, Jewelry, Art

National Members of 50/50 Trading Only
                     Albert Baawo Jr DMD PC
                          Albert Baawo - (404) 355-6088 - Atlanta, GA 30327 United States
                          Our professional staff is dedicated to making your visits pleasant. Please call on us for all of your
                          dental needs.

                     Beyond Beautiful, Inc.
                          Jackie Rios - (718) 915-0549 - Union City, NJ 07087 United States
                          Beyond Beautiful Inc. produces unique and exciting products 100% natural skin care products
                          unlike anything else you have ever experienced. For skin that is Beyond Beautiful.

                          Aroma Therapy, Aromatherpy Fragrances, Beauty ~ Skin Care, Cosmetics, Cosmetics &

                     Catastrophe Rentals
                          Greg Stockett - (727) 471-5020 - Powder Springs, GA 30127 United States
                          We provide the very best contractor-grade equipment to handle your restoration problems. Our
                          equipment includes dehumidifiers, air movers and air scrubbers.

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National Members of 50/50 Trading Only
                     Duluth Multicare
                          Dr. Robert Grace - (770) 497-9700 - Duluth, GA 30097 United States
                          Since 1989, Duluth Multicare, Inc. has offered family practice chiropractic, chiropractic for
                          athletes, rehabilitation, nutritional counseling. In addition, we are also an official distributor of
                          Juice Plus, Sinus Buster and other natural supplements that promote a healthy lifestyle.

                     Memories and Legends
                          Lawrence Hirsch - (678) 851-6661 - Alpharetta, GA 30004 United States
                          Memories & Legends Autographed Memorabilia provides the finest authentic autographed
                          memorabilia in the world.

                          Art & Pictures, Art Gallery, Collectables, Executive Gifts, Gifts, Memorabilia, Sports Art,

                     Multiprint & Design
                          Bob Lane - (770) 413-0313 - Stone Mountain, GA 30087 United States
                          Multiprint & Design is a full service commercial printer and sign company with a professional staff
                          devoted to meet your needs. We offer free pick-up and delivery along with in-house typesetting
                          and graphic design. Our customer's appreciation for quality service and competitive prices are the
                          major reason for our success and growth.

                          Advertising - Signage, Banners, Copy Service, Design, Design-Print, Graphic Design, Logo

                     Parnes Family Dentistry
                          Dr. Gary Parnes - (770) 475-4434 - Alpharetta, GA 30004 United States
                          Full Service Family Dental Facilities in Alpharetta and Austell, GA.
                          Our expertise is to make you smile. We want your smile to be healthy, radiant and gleaming---the
                          sort that lights up a room when you enter. Start a conversation with us about whitening, porcelain
                          veneers, onlays or tooth-colored restorations. We bet we can get you just as excited about these
                          procedures as we are.

                     Windows P3 "Cubed"
                          Brian Hancock - (770) 499-7446 - Kennesaw, GA 30152 United States
                          Windows P3 Cubed has offered total home care solution and provided a professionally hand
                          washed window service to homeowners for over 10 years. Our coverage area includes all of
                          Atlanta and North of Atlanta, however, we may provide service outside our normal coverage area
                          with prior notification.

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