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									                                          Winter 2010                                            Volume13, Issue 4

                                                                AASRA News
                                          Alberta Amputee Sports and Recreation Association News

President’s Message
by Hal Gibbens, President, AASRA
                                                                                    In This Issue
On behalf of all AASRA members, I offer our sincere condolences
                                                                        President’s Message
to Jaye Milley and his family, on the sudden passing of Jaye’s Dad      Editorial Calendar
– Tom.  
                                                                        Executive Director’s Report
We also offer our condolences to Dave Marchand, AASRA Vice
President and his family, on the passing of Dave’s Dad after an
                                                                        Calendar of Events
8-year battle with cancer.                                              Golf
Thank you to all those volunteers who gave of their time and talents    Thank You
to make our Casino at Calgary Casino on October 28th and 29th
a success. From all reports receipts from casinos are down but
                                                                        Member Assistance Policy
hopefully it won’t impact our proceeds.  We have to wait now and        Opportunities
see how others in the pool did, prior to getting our money from
Gaming.                                                                 Appreciation
Congratulations to Bob MacDermott and his committee, on a very          News
successful Canadian Amputee National Open golf tournament at            Bobsleigh
Broadmore Golf and Country Club in Sherwood Park in August.
And wouldn’t you know it; Bob also found the time to win the            Annual General Meeting
tournament, shooting a 68 on the first day!
I think we may need to change the name of the Alberta Amputee           Stay Fit
Pro-Am to the ‘Rainmaker Tournament,’ as; once again we were
rained out. It was too late to reschedule for this year, hopefully we   Support
will have better luck next year. 
The 33rd Annual General Meeting of AASRA will be held on                Cycling
Saturday March 19th at the Black Knight Inn in Red Deer at
1.00pm.                                                                 Wheelchair Curling
As I write my report, there is no snow, at least not in Edmonton.       Wheelchair Rugby
I even played golf a couple of times in October. It is too bad our
summer wasn’t as good weather-wise as Fall has been. Oh well,
maybe we will have a mild Winter!                                       Life Membership
I look forward to seeing everyone at the AGM, please mark it on
your calendars.                                                              Special!
Hal Gibbens

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   2                                                   AASRA News - Winter 2010
Executive Director’s Report by Gwen Davies, Executive Director
If ever I felt like I was getting old and had lost a lot of energy, I was   the Federal Govt had approved a proposal put forward by the
certainly brought back to reality when I went to visit our oldest           University of Calgary and WinSport Canada to keep the Olympic
member of AASRA – Ernie Mc Neil. Ernie – an arm amp - lives in              Oval running for another 20 years. The Oval if you remember, is a
Calgary and I usually go up to see him on his birthday and take him         legacy from the 1988 Winter Games that were held in Calgary and
a food basket on behalf of AASRA. November was a very exciting              where so many of our Canadian athletes continue to train. The
time for him. On November 11th he laid a wreath at the Jubilee              main part of the proposal is that the Oval will be allowed to have
Auditorium during the Remembrance Day service on behalf of the              an annual draw to pay for the daily operating of the facilities, rather
War Amps, and on November 17th he celebrated his 97th birthday!             than relying only on interest generated by the endowment fund in
Ernie is still very alert and up on everything that is happening            place. WinSport, like so many others, took a huge hit in 2008 when
around him and Ernie (who used to be a baker) makes the best                markets plunged. The Oval will still continue to be managed by the
darn butter tarts in the Province! I’ll see you next year Ernie!            University of Calgary who put up one third of the funds to operate
                                                                            the building. There is a concern right now about the Oval’s roof,
Another year has gone by and our Annual General Meeting is                  which depending on the weather, drips onto the track, creating a
coming up on Saturday 19th March, 2011 at the Black Knight Inn              safety concern, and will be the first priority when the annual draw

    So what does this mean to AASRA?                                        So what does this mean to AASRA? It means that the cycling
                                                                            program presently being run by coach Steven Burke at the Oval,
                                                                            will continue unabated and for that, we are very grateful! Good
in Red Deer, starting with Registration at 11.30am and finishing            News!
with a Mini trade fair/Wine & Cheese. A Registration form can be
found in the newsletter and on the AASRA website. Details of the            It was most unfortunate that our Pro/Am was rained out again
Schedule for the day will be available on the web as it is firmed up.       this year (for the 5th year in a row!). In the past 4 years, we were
This is the place to be in March where you will have a wonderful            able to play on another day, but with this year being scheduled
opportunity to get out and meet many of our members, to learn
about the newest prosthetic products that are on the market and
to hear about the various programs that are available to you, whilst        I guarantee that you will leave with a lot
listening to some very interesting speakers. This is not just for
Lifetime AASRA members, it is also most importantly for new                   more information that when you came
amputees, their families and friends. I guarantee that you will leave
at the end of the day with a lot more information than when you
came and you will have had a lot of laughs! We amps know how                for September 13th, it was too late in the season to be able to re-
to enjoy ourselves! The entire day is free for paid up Lifetime and         schedule this popular event. Even though the tournament didn’t
Annual members and is only $25 for guests which includes lunch              go ahead, there was still a lot of work that had to be done by the
and the wine and cheese.                                                    Committee leading up to, and after the event, and I would like to
                                                                            sincerely thank Cor Abbenbroek, Vic Mc Clelland, Doug Karlson,
As many of you know, AASRA member Bob Mac Dermott was                       Stephen Hoffort, Robert Pennock, Gary Palmer & Liz Starker for
the host of this year’s Canadian Amputee National Open golf                 their efforts. I would also like to sincerely thank those companies
tournament at the Broadmore Golf course in Sherwood Park in                 and individuals who made donations of their sponsorships to the
August. Bob and his Committee left no stone unturned to give every          Association, in lieu of the tournament this year.
one a great time visiting Edmonton and playing at Broadmore, and
CAGA (Canadian Amputee Golf Association) was very pleased                   And now that the golf clubs have been put away, and the skis have
with the results of such a successful event. Congratulations Bob            been taken out waiting for the snow to fall, our thoughts turn to
on a great time!                                                            Christmas and reflections of the year that has been. I hope 2010
                                                                            was a good year for you and that you achieved whatever goal you
Our Player of the Year golf award for 2009 was John Getchell                had set for yourself for the year.
and John was very excited and pleased to accept this award – the
Dan Olesen Memorial trophy, at our last AGM in March of 2010,               The very merriest of seasons to you all and best wishes for a Happy
presented by Mrs. Barb Olesen. Unfortunately John has not been              New Year!
well since that time, having spent some time in hospital and is
currently having treatment. We all wish him well and look forward           Gwen Davies
to seeing him back on the golf course next season.                          Executive Director

I was very pleased to hear at the beginning of November, that

                                                           AASRA News - Winter 2010                                                         3
Calendar of Events

                                     Calendar of Events

November to February                                                        
Wheelchair Curling                    December                             26th January
Ogden Leagion, Calgary                Lethbridge Support Group             Lethbridge Support Group
Saturdays 10.30am – 12.30pm           no scheduled meeting                 (Last Wednesday of the month)
contact Jack                          contact Don                          Lethbridge Hospital
jack.smart@shaw.ca                    drywine@telus.net                    7.30 pm
                                                                           Contact Don
Last week of November                 27th December                        drywine@telus.net
Alberta Bobsleigh Orientation         Red Deer Support Group meeting        
Canada Olympic Park, Calgary          (last Monday of the month)           31st January
contact Alan                          Second Cup, South Pointe Common      Red Deer Support Group meeting
amorasch62@gmail.com                  7.00pm                               (last Monday of the month)
                                      Contact Shane                        Second Cup, South Pointe Common
December – March                      shane.westin@rdc.ab.ca               7.00pm
Cycling Programs Continue                                                  Contact Shane
Olympic Oval, Calgary                 January – March, 2011                shane.westin@rdc.ab.ca
Tuesdays and Thursdays 7 – 9pm        Cross Country Skiing                  
                                      Canada Olympic Park, Calgary         11th – 27th February
3rd December                          Mondays                              Canada Winter Games
International Day                     contact Melanie                      Halifax, Nova Scotia
for Persons with a Disability         melanie@melanieross.ca                
                                                                           23rd February
4th - 5th December                    January – March, 2011                Calgary Support Group meeting
Wheelchair Rugby Tournament           Biathalon                            (Last Wednesday of the month)
Harry Ainley High School, Edmonton    Canada Olympic Park, Calgary         Glenmore Auxiliary Hospital 7.00pm
8am – 4pm each day                    Mondays                              contact Gwen
contact Bruce                         contact Melanie                      info@aasra.ab.ca
(780) 905-0751                        melanie@melanieross.ca                
                                                                           23rd February
22nd December                         26th January                         Edmonton Support Group meeting
Calgary Support Group meeting         Calgary Support Group meeting        (Last Wednesday of the month)
(Last Wednesday of the month)         (Last Wednesday of the month)        Glenrose Hospital Rec. The. Dept.
Glenmore Auxiliary Hospital 7.00pm    Glenmore Auxiliary Hospital 7.00pm   Room #2177 - 7.00pm
contact Gwen                          contact Gwen                         Contact Dave
info@aasra.ab.ca                      info@aasra.ab.ca                     davemarchand@hotmail.com
22nd December                         26th January                         23rd February
Edmonton Support Group meeting        Edmonton Support Group meeting       Lethbridge Support Group
(Last Wednesday of the month)         (Last Wednesday of the month)        (Last Wednesday of the month)
Glenrose Hospital Rec. The. Dept.     Glenrose Hospital Rec. The. Dept.    Lethbridge Hospital
Room #2177 - 7.00pm                   Room #2177 - 7.00pm                  7.30 pm
Contact Dave                          Contact Dave                         Contact Don
davemarchand@hotmail.com              davemarchand@hotmail.com             drywine@telus.net

    4                                       AASRA News - Winter 2010
                                                4th - 7th May                                  11th - 12th June
28th February
                                                2nd Annual Los Cabos                           Alberta Amputee Open
Red Deer Support Group meeting
                                                Amputee Open Golf Tournament                   Golf Tournament
(last Monday of the month)
                                                Los Cabos, Mexico                              Land O Lakes Golf Course
Second Cup, South Pointe Common
                                                contact Pat                                    Lethbridge
                                                www.loscabosamputeeopen.com                    contact Don
Contact Shane
                                                8th May                                         
                                                Novice Golf clinic                             1st - 4th August
Wheelchair basketball
                                                Broadmore Golf Course                          Canadian Amputee National
Edmonton & Calgary
                                                Sherwood Park                                  Open Golf Tournament
Wheelchair rugby
                                                6.30pm                                         Montreal, Quebec
Edmonton & Calgary
                                                contact Bob                                    contact Bernard
Sledge Hockey
                                                bobbymacd@shaw.ca                              ouelletbernard@videotron.ca
Edmonton & Calgary
                                                $10.00 members, $25 non-members
Information for all can be found on Page
                                                                                               Please check out the Calendar of Events on
14 - 15 under Wheelchair Sports.
                                                28th May                                       our AASRA website at www.aasra.ab.ca for
                                                Advanced Golf Clinic                           updates and further events.
17th December to 11th February
                                                Broadmore Golf Course
Cross Country Skiing Program
                                                Sherwood Park
                                                11.30am Registration
6.30pm - 8.30pm
                                                contact Bob
contact Laurie Beresnak
                                                $25.00 members, $50 non-members
19th March
Annual General Meeting & Trade Fair
Black Knight Inn, Red Deer
11.30 Registration                                                                               To John and Crystal McNaughton on the
contact Gwen                                                                                     birth on October 26th of their first child
info@aasra.ab.ca                                                                                 - Alister - 6lbs 14ozs and 19” long

                               Why become an AASRA member?

    To support the members of the association in its endeavours to assist amputees in life and sport.

    Pay $20 annually *or $150 for life and receive:
                                                                                          •   Quarterly newsletter - AASRA NEWS
                                 •   Moral and physical support
                                                                                          •   Volunteer development
                                 •   Meet other amputees
                                                                                          •   Seasonal amputee sporting events
                                 •   FREE or subsidized attendance to AASRA events
                                                                                          •   Hospital and home visits to new amputees
                                 •   Financial Assistance opportunities**
                                                                                          •   Member website

    *   Annual memberships run from January 1 to December 31 of each year.

    ** Assistance from AASRA for qualified members is available for recreation as well as elite sporting activities. We have a Member
       Assistance policy in place whereby assistance can be given for such recreational or sporting activities as bowling, swimming,
       curling, gym membership, ski pass, hockey league, etc.

                                                       AASRA News - Winter 2010                                                   5

Golf Clinics
EDMONTON                                                                CALGARY

May 8th, 2011 – Novice clinic at 6.30pm at the Broadmore Golf           As long as we have the participants, we will continue to run the
Course, Sherwood Park.  AASRA members - $10.00  non-members             Novice and Advanced golf clinics in Calgary at the end of May,
- $25.00  (Registration forms will be available on the website in       beginning of June.  Some years we are full to capacity, others we
early 2011).                                                            only get one or two interested members out.

If you are just starting and would like to see how you enjoy golf, we   At press time, although we have confirmed the running of these
have ‘gently used’ clubs available for your use.                        clinics, we were unable to confirm dates with the Pros at the
                                                                        Inglewood Golf & Curling Club.  However, if you are interested in
May 28th, 2011 – 11.30am Advanced clinic Registration Broadmore         either clinic, check out our website, and confirm your interest with
Golf course, Sherwood Park.  This clinic will consist of instruction    the office, once the dates and times are published.
in the long and short game, followed by a 9 hole playing lesson. 
AASRA members $25.00,(includes lunch) non members $50.00. 
(Registration forms will be available on the website in early 2011)

                                                                        5th ANNUAL LETHBRIDGE GOLF CLINIC

                                                                        Following yet another successful golf clinic last Spring, two clinics
                                                                        will be held this year in Lethbridge, one Novice and one Advanced. 
                                                                        At press time full details were not available, but will be posted on
                                                                        our website as soon as details are in hand.

                                                                        PROSTHETIC CONCEPTS

                                                                                Paul E. Osborne C.P (c)

Thank You
                                                                                   Serving amputees with their
                                                                                prosthetic needs. Children, adults
On behalf of Canadian Amputee Golf Association, I   would like                  seniors and professional athletes.
to take this opportunity to thank AASRA for their support and
sponsorship with the Canadian Amputee National Open golf
tournament, that was held in Sherwood Park and Edmonton,
                                                                                        3515G 17 Ave. SW
August 16 thru 19th, 2010.                                                            Calgary, AB T3E 0B6
                                                                                       PH: (403) 246-3351
We had a great turnout of Albertans that graced us with their                         FAX: (403) 246-3317
inspiration and presence.                                                       WEB: www.prostheticconcepts.ca
                                                                               EMAIL: info@prostheticconcepts.ca
Robert MacDermott
Tournament Chair                                                                  "Helping with the Next Step"

      6                                                  AASRA News - Winter 2010
                                                                                                           Member Assistance

Member Assistance Policy
Applicant must have been an Alberta resident for a minimum of            Funding will be considered and approved for one chaperone of a
two (2) years.                                                           junior AASRA member to cover transportation to an event, as long
                                                                         as the qualifying chaperone is a current member of AASRA and is
Applicant must have been a member of AASRA for a minimum                 actively involved in AASRA.
consecutive two (2) years. (Membership for this purpose
commences on the date of payment of annual or Lifetime dues)             Payment of all previously approved funding, will be made to the
                                                                         member directly from the AASRA Treasurer on production of
Applicant must have been involved in supporting AASRA such as:           original receipts from the member.
Recruiting others to join the Association, working or recruiting
others to assist with AASRA fund-raising events, contributing            Funding to AASRA members annually, shall not exceed fifty
articles for the Web page and/or AASRA NEWS, serving on a                percent (50%) of the balance of Association funds, at the end of
Committee or the Board of Directors, making hospital and at-             any given fiscal year.
home visits to new amputees.
                                                                         These guidelines are subject to change without notice by the
Items AASRA shall consider assistance towards: Registration,             Board of Directors. The member assistance request form can be
Accommodation, Transportation.                                           downloaded from www.aasra.ab.ca

Items AASRA shall not consider assistance towards: Food,                 Revised procedures in effect February 2010
Clothing, and or Equipment.

An application for financial assistance, with complete details of the
                                                                         Disability Tax Credit
program/event, place, date, etc must be made to the AASRA Sports         Check      out      this            website    for     information
Director on the appropriate form (available on-line). Requests for       on     the       Disability          Tax      Credit     Form2201
each year are to be received by the Sports Director by January           www.cra-arc.gc.ca
31st of that year, even though many events’ costs will have to be
estimated. The funding request will be approved or disapproved
by the Board and any decision shall always be based on funds             Membership Special!!
available and at the Board’s discretion.                                 Just a little nudge to all of our Annual members, that your dues are
                                                                         now due for 2011. Remember, you must keep your membership
Moving?                                                                  continuous if you want to apply for funding now or in the future.
Planning on moving? Please make sure you let us know of your
change of address, new telephone number and/or email address.            However as we are not going to see a change in our physical
We don’t get very much returned mail, and we’d like to keep it that      condition that will give us back our limb(s), it would seem prudent
way, knowing that you have received your magazine each quarter.          to take out a Lifetime membership which is only $150 and you
We do however get a lot of emails bounced back to us, so if you          then don’t have to worry each year about paying on time, and
have not been receiving information via email on a regular basis,        have we got a deal for you!! Not only have we not increased our
perhaps you should send us your email address and we’ll make sure        Membership fees in over 10 years, from now until 31st December,
you are in the data base.                                                2010, we have a special rate for a Lifetime membership of only
                                                                         $100.00. This offer will end on December 31st, so get your
                                                                         Lifetime membership to-day! (No tax receipts can be issued for

Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP)
It is now two years since the inception of the RDSP and the             There are workshops being run on a continual basis by the banks
Government of Canada has paid over $170million in grants and            involved  (BMO and RBC to name two) and AASRA members are
bonds to Canadians living with disabilities, and their families.        encouraged to seek them out to find what is the best option for you
There are a number of banks handling this plan and each one can         or your loved ones.  Contributions are based on present age and
tell you how this investment option works for you.  Everyone’s          income, as the plan was originally designed to have ways and means
circumstances are different and therefore your savings plan, will not   for people to plan for care of their disabled family member after
necessarily be the same as someone else’s.                              they were gone.  Contact www.cra-arc.gc.ca for more information.

                                                       AASRA News - Winter 2010                                                    7
Missed Opportunities
Some time ago - 22 years this Remembrance day 2010 - I was hit by a If you think there might be financial resources available for you, or are
drunk driver. I had everything going for me. I was young, 20 years old unsure, I highly recommend that you research it. In a nutshell, there are a
with the world at my feet and tons of options. I just had to figure out ton of programs available to assist those out there with financial or other
what life had to offer me. Then wham!!! My life changed. On 11/11/88, needs, including specific ones for people with disabilities. One just has
just after arriving home from working an evening shift, I was hit by a to know where to look for it and I will share some of those resources:
drunk driver. He hit my grandma’s car first - it was a write off. Then
he hit me as I was just getting out of my car and pinned me against First of all, there is an information and referral line available, at
it.  My own car was a write-off                                                                                  least for those in the major
as well. I was not - although my                                                                                 cities in Alberta.  It is simple,
injuries were serious enough,                         Here Is My Life Experience                                 call 211. It is just like dialing
that I ended up losing my left                                                                                   411 or 911.  No need to dial
leg above the knee very shortly                                                                                  any other digits. All you
after the accident. Six months later I was released from the hospital. have to do is tell the 211 operator what you are looking for
                                                                           and they will refer you to appropriate community resources. 
I am writing this, not because of my accident and because of my
amputation, rather than missed opportunities for financial assistance I went through University, paying for it myself on a very fixed income. 
during and after the fact. Here I was confined to a lengthy hospital term, In my last year I learned that there are many scholarships and grants
unable to work, and broke! No money coming in. Who knew at the time that would have been available to me, as a student with a disability
that I could apply for medical EI (employment insurance) or income that are not widely accessed. So all you post-secondary students out
support. No one informed me that I should apply. I was young and did there, I recommend that you contact your school as they are very
not know what the resources were. I thought I would share my story knowledgeable as to what is available to you as a student with a disability. 
and share some important information so that others do not miss out. If you need adaptive supports, there could be funding available to you.

                                                                          There are so many resources out there ready for you to access. Are
                                                                          you in crisis, need financial assistance, need job search support, want
                                                                          to start a business? Programs come and they go. However, programs
                                                                          are always readily available and some main numbers remain constant. 
                                                                          As mentioned earlier in this article, call 211 or look at the inform
                                                                          Alberta website (inform.Alberta.ca). There are community resource
                                                                          centres out there at least in the major Alberta cities. Most of them can
                                                                          connect you to other resources. The Government of Alberta website
                                                                          or the Rite Line at 310-0000 is good number to call or Service Canada
                                                                          at 1-800-O-Canada,  or one can simply use Google on the internet,
                                                                          or access a community resource centre or an Alberta Works office.

                                                                          A quick example of services available include: health benefits (that
                                                                          could help with prosthetics), emergency financial assistance, ongoing
                                                                          financial assistance, food assistance, resources for students, job
                                                                          search supports, entrepreneurial assistance, clothing, etc.  If you
                                                                          need assistance for anything, I recommend researching it online or
                                                                          contacting any of the resources mentioned earlier. We all have to be
                                                                          accountable for ourselves! If I only knew then, what I know now.

                                                                          Afterthought... really wishing I had connected to AASRA 20 years
                                                                          ago! Who knew how much the organization could offer? I am more
                                                                          active now in my 40’s than I was throughout my 20+ year amputee life.

                                                                          Wendy Frazier
                                                                          AASRA member

      8                                                  AASRA News - Winter 2010
Greetings Friends and Fellow Amputees
I felt the need to sit down and write a few words of appreciation to       I think of how far we have come with technology, thanks to the
the Alberta Amputee Sports and Recreation Association. I know              feedback from amputees that have gone before us.
we can’t go backwards, but I find that reflection helps us keep
moving forward.                                                            I think of how far AASRA has come as an organization and
                                                                           the spirit that it continues to work diligently, on behalf of its
I was introduced to the organization in 1990 when I entered a golf         membership and to support the passions that they pursue.
tournament. It was gratifying to me that there were other people
going through the same trails and tribulations in life as I was. It        If it wasn’t for the support that AASRA has given me over the years,
opened my eyes to the possibilities in sports and recreation or            I would not have been able to compete around the world. I have
life itself and it helped me to confirm in my mind, that I was on          gained in performance, and more importantly - I have gained so
the right track. All you need is a passion to perform in anything          much by meeting new friends and I hope, I have become a better
you choose to excel at, but it costs money. Sometimes we just try          person.
something new and we fall in love with it and then there is no
turning back.                                                              If you are a Novice or a Veteran amputee, sitting reading this and
                                                                           would like to try something new, I encourage you to get up and
I reflect back to that first tournament with AASRA. Never in my            do it. If you are telling yourself I am to old, or you live by the
mind did I think that I would reach the goals that I set for myself        philosophy “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” I say “BS”! Just
or attain the performance level to qualify or compete in Alberta           how bad do you want it - that is the question?
Professional Tournaments, Alberta Amateur Tournaments and
National and International Amputee tournaments, where the                  I ask you if you want to contribute to a worthy cause and want to
competition is as good as it gets - trust me!!                             see what you are capable of, then you are in the right organization.
                                                                           If you want to see any changes, AASRA is good, but it cannot read
It will get your juices flowing like nothing you have ever felt, it lets   minds, so get involved and make a difference.
you know you are alive and able, it will confirm that you are not
disabled - you are an amputee.                                             Thanks again for your continued support.

                                                                           Bob MacDermott
                                                                           AASRA member

                                                          AASRA News - Winter 2010                                                       9
Jay Brenner, AASRA member from Lethbridge, Alberta attended
the Taekwon-Do National Championships tournament at the
Olympic Oval in Richmond, BC, Vancouver in the middle of
November. Jay was very excited about going to this event and he
did well in patterns and sparing, gaining a Bronze medal in his
event. He was extremely happy getting his ribbon and medal!

What was also exciting for Jay, was that participants came from
all over Canada to compete, while speaking French, Spanish and
English. This was a wonderful opportunity for Jay, a trip made
possible by AASRA.

News From Don                                                          Jay Brenner - Second from left

Unfortunately I have missed the Casino this year. This is due to       Once in the appointed village, we begin “patterns of Life” to
recently making a major change to my life. At the ripe old age of 50   simulate life in a Muslim village. This involved just about anything
I am back in school. My residence is now the Purple Palace in Fort     you can think of. I have played a shopkeeper, husband, brother
McMurray, called that because it has been painted purple from day      and the village “cripple”. (Some say idiot). I have done the most
one. Coming into Fort Mac from the south it sticks out like a sore     mundane things, to running from gunfire, to being a victim of a
thumb. I am currently enrolled in the Musical Instrument Repair        suicide bomber.
course at Keyano College, the only one of its kind in Canada and
one of Four in North America. I am being helped with a scholarship     We amputees are hired for special effects. One day each session we
from The Canadian Amputee Golf Association (CAGA)                      had a mass casualty day in which we go through F/X and Makeup.
                                                                       I had a prosthesis that was strapped on to my hip. This ended above
Presently I am in the first year of a two-year program. The program    the knee and had the bone and tissue showing. There was a small
involves learning all the different brass and woodwind instruments     pump attached to a bag of “blood” which was used very effectively.
in order to be able to determine what a properly aligned instrument    I have been told that a few soldiers had approached me and have
should sound like. For anyone that has seen what a trumpet looks       turned away at the sight. Once the bomber blows himself up there
like, imagine what goes into one. At this time I have a trumpet        is a lot of smoke, noise and confusion. This helps train the solders
completely apart on my work bench, just about anything that can        with their reactions. Usually they got to me quickly and put a
be unsoldered has been. I have finished taking the dents out and       tourniquet on the stump. Once they picked me up and put me in
have the slides working silky smooth.                                  the back of an armoured vehicle with out the proper care. About
                                                                       5 minutes later I sat up and said “you wankers, I’m dead.” and laid
If you have an old instrument gathering dust and want to donate it     back down on the stretcher!
for me to practice with please e-mail don_johnston@ymail.com I
am coming back to Calgary in mid December for Christmas and            If you get a chance to participate in a Casting Call, it is a great
can stop anywhere in between to pick them up.                          experience. You will meet a wide variety of people and get to learn
                                                                       and experience something out of your safe zone. Most important
I have been meaning to write about my Casting Call experiences         is the satisfaction you get from helping save lives. I have talked to
with ACS and the British Military.                                     armed forces personnel that have been through the training in
                                                                       Suffield and/or Wainwright and have done tours in Afghanistan,
This was an educational, challenging, boring, and FUN. Most days       and they have said in no uncertain terms, that without training
start a 0 dark 30 hours, way before my usual noonish wakeup time.      of this type, they and a lot more people, would be injured or dead.
We had to walk to the mess for breakfast, get a costume, and then      I encourage you to experience this if you can. It is something that
board the vans for the trip to the field. This usually took anywhere   will make a positive impression on the military personal going into
from 45 to 75 minuets. The return trip usually had us back on base     harm’s way.
for supper at about 6 or 7 PM. Once dinner was over and you had
cleaned up, you usually had about an hour to relax before falling      Don Johnston
asleep.                                                                AASRA Member

    10                                                AASRA News - Winter 2010
Alberta Bobsleigh
Alberta Bobsleigh was founded on January 21, 1983, and has been
developing athletes and programs since it’s inception. Alberta
Bobsleigh has decided to develop an adaptive bobsleigh program
at their track in Calgary in 2010. They plan to slide integrated in
the Alberta Bobsleigh sliding sessions, so there will be no special
requirements of track time and everyone will be racing together.
They are busy approaching athletes, and anyone else who may be
able to help them recruit interested people, and have interest from
a number of local disabled athletes and are working hard to get up
and running for this season.

Here is a brief overview of the sport:

Bobsleigh is a great sport powered by gravity. The U.S.A. is currently
the only country with a program, Canada will be 2nd. They begin
sliding early in November so check out their website at http://
albertabobsleigh.com and see a run down the track by a gal in the club
http://fibt.pixabit.de/index.php?id=150&track_id=6&L=0. The idea
is that you start lower on the hill and work your way to the top, as
you get comfortable.

Recently, Alberta Bobsleigh got an email from David Kurtz from the
FIBT and it looks like the Sochi Russia Organizing Committee has
recently contacted the IOC and the FIBT to prepare a disabled Plan
for the 2014 Games. Its a beautiful city on the Black Sea!

It looks like Alberta Bobsleigh will be up fitting one or more of the
Cal-Bob donated sleds and will use them with minimal start-up
costs. During World cup 2009 in Whistler, B.C., Bob Cuneo of the
US Bo-Dyn bobsleigh project, who designed the US equipment to
FIBT regulations, suggested that they would be interested in helping
out where they could. Dr. Clark Sloan from the local CPA office has
joined the Board of directors, to help with developing this program.
Bobsleigh Canada is also behind the venture.

Check out the link for info on the U.S. program and some pictures
supplied by Dave Nicholls, one of the U.S. athletes. www.usaabf.com

An orientation day for all disabled athletes and anyone else that
maybe interested, is currently being set up between Christmas and
New Year, for an afternoon of checking out the facilities at, and
around the track, to get ready for an inaugural adaptive DRIVING
school and second adaptive SLIDING season.

I am hoping during the final week of November for an orientation
and first ever track “walk”.

Please email Alan or Devin Findlay at slide@albertabobsleigh.com
for more information

Alan Morasch

                                                         AASRA News - Winter 2010        11

                                         Annual General Meeting

                                       Saturday 19th March, 2011

                              Black Knight Inn, 2929 - 50th Avenue
                                       Red Deer, Alberta
                                                 11.30 - Registration
                                                     Noon - Lunch
                                                       1.00 - AGM
         Followed by Guest Speakers, Open Forum, Prosthetic Development, Sports
           Update, New Prosthetic Products, Wine & Cheese and Mini Trade Fair.
                            Check out the AASRA website for further details as they become available

Winter Rowing
Yes you read right, Winter Rowing! 
The Fall Adaptive Rowing                                                                           in the rowing program, had a
program at the Calgary                                                                             wonderful time.  Leslie gave
Rowing Club on Glenmore                                                                            thanks to coaches Christina,
Lake, came to a close at the                                                                       Shannon and Shona .  They
end of October and what a                                                                          actually got the group rowing
great session it was!  Just a                                                                      the whole night - who would
few flurries on the last night,                                                                    have guessed!  To quote Leslie “A
and as you can see from the                                                                        wonderful night to end a great
picture, it got very dark,                                                                         season - and we didn’t go in the
very early - what dedication                                                                       drink once”!
eh!        AASRA member
Leslie Diltz went from cross                                                                       Mary, Les, Glen, Christina
country skiing in the Spring,
to Rowing in the Fall and as
evidenced from the photo,
she and others that were
                                MEMBER REGISTRATION FORM
                                                  A.A.S.R.A. Annual General Meeting

                                                               March 19th, 2011

To assist us with the planning of this event, we would ask you to complete this form and email it (fastest) to
info@aasra.ab.ca or fax to (403) 256-7611 (just as fast) or mail your response (snail mail) to:

AASRA, P.O.Box 708, Stn M, Calgary, Alberta, T2P 2J3. Thank you.

Yes ___ please register me for the Annual General Meeting

I will ___ will not ___ be attending the luncheon (no charge if a paid-up AASRA member)

I will ___ have __ guests (spouses, etc) attending the luncheon (cost $25 ea. enclosed)

I will ___      will not ___        be attending the Wine & Cheese (no charge)

AASRA is prepared to pay overnight accommodation on March 19th, 2011 (50% of the room rate)

for all Lifetime members and all current paid-up Annual members (as of December, 2010), so

long as this signed form is received in AASRA’s head office prior to February 25th, 2011

I will ___      will not ___       require a room for the night of March 19th, 2010

Preference: ___ Single room 1P/1B* (50% paid by AASRA)

___ Double room 2P/1B

___ Double room 2P/2B

Name(s) of occupants _____________________________________________________

I will ___         will not ___ * share a room with another AASRA member.

I am a Lifetime member ___ I wish to become a Lifetime member ___ ($150 enclosed)

I am a 2011 member ___ I wish to renew my membership for 2011___ ($20 enclosed)

_______________________________                             _______________________________

  (signed)                                                           print name

By my signature above, I acknowledge that AASRA will book and pay for 50% of a room and tax at the Black Knight Inn, Red Deer, Alberta for the night
of March 19th, 2011 (Any additional personal charges shall be to my own account). Should I not require this room, I agree to give AASRA advance notice
of cancellation in writing prior to February 25th, 2011 otherwise the cost for this room shall be my personal responsibility.

Wheelchair Sports Update
“Bridging the Gap - Getting Physically Active” offers individuals with   to introduce and support continued involvement of individuals
physical disabilities  the opportunity to get involved in wheelchair     with physical disabilities in wheelchair sports and recreational
sports.  If you are looking to get involved in sports at either a        opportunities, promoting an active, healthy lifestyle and improved
recreational or competitive level, we can help! For more information,    quality of life.
contact: Laurie Wilson at wsa2@telus.net or 403.456.3175.
                                                                         The Weekly Programs are an opportunity for clients to try out
Our  “Have a Go” days offer a variety of different sports for            different sports at  a recreational level. If they wish to continue
participants to sample in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.  Current         to a more competitive team, we can offer support in finding an
wheelchair athletes demonstrate sports and share their stories of        appropriate team. If they wish to continue at a recreational level,
getting involved and being physically active. Once individuals have      they are encouraged to keep coming to the Weekly Program! Each
identified a sport that interests them, they can participate regularly   week, a sport is selected based on the participants in attendance.
in a weekly developmental program. The focus of the program is


•   Weekly indoor track racing training is taking place at the University of Calgary track (2500 University Drive, NW – Kinesiology B

•   Saturdays 2:00 – 4:00 pm

•   December 11th & 18th

•   For more info, please contact Steve at sje@telus.net


•   The Grizzlies and Rollers will be hosting a development program at Mount Royal University

•   The program runs from January – April on Wednesday nights from 7:00 – 10:00pm

•   All players are welcome to attend!

•   Cost is $15.00 for students, $12.00 for juniors, $20.00 for members of MRU and $35.00 for non-members (from September – April)

•   Mount Royal University Triple Gym East Court 

•   For more information about the Calgary Grizzlies and Rollers, visit http://www.calgarygrizzlies.ab.ca


•   The Calgary Inferno practice weekly at Mount Royal University. For a full listing of practice dates and times, please visit

Sledge Hockey

•   The 2010-2011 season is underway! If you are interested in learning more, or want to get involved, visit
    http://www.calgarysledgehockty.ca for all the details.

    14                                                 AASRA News - Winter 2010


Weekly Sports Program

•   This drop-in program is a great chance for you to try different sports and stay active!

•   When: Thursdays from 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

•   Where: Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital - GlenWest Gym (10230 - 111 Avenue, Edmonton)


•   Alberta Northern Lights have opportunities for anyone looking to get active or be competitive! For more information about the club,
    visit http://www.albertanorthernlights.com


•   The Edmonton Steel Wheels Quad Rugby team practices twice a week in Edmonton. For information about the sport or the team,
    visit http://www.steel-wheels.ca/quadrugby/home.html

Sledge Hockey

•   The Edmonton Impact splits their practice time between the Tri-Leisure Centre in Spruce Grove and the Leduc Recreation Centre.
    For more info about the team or details on how you can get involved, visit: http://www3.telus.net/eshc/home.html

Grande Prairie                                                           Lethbridge
For more information about wheelchair sport programs running             The Lethbridge Steamers basketball team will be starting up again
Grande Prairie, visit the Wolverines Wheelchair Sport Association        in the fall of 2010. If you are interested in getting involved, please
website at http://www.gpwolverines.com                                   contact Laurie Wilson at wsa2@telus.net for more information.

Red Deer
Weekly Sports Program - This drop-in program is a great chance for you to try different sports and stay active!

When: Saturdays from 3:00 – 5:00 pm from January 22nd – February 26th, 2011

Where: Red Deer College Kevin Sirois Gymnasium (KS 1000)

Laurie Wilson
Program Manager - Bridging the Gap
Wheelchair Sports Alberta
11759 Groat Road
Edmonton, AB T5M 3K6
P 403.456.3175 - Calgary
P 780.427.8721 - Edmonton
F 780.427.8723

                                                      AASRA News - Winter 2010                                                       15
   NAOAGA Golf
 Letter to the AASRA Board of Directors:      throughout the tournament, due to rainfall     It truly was a Heaven on Earth, and to
                                              that was on and off, with the exception of     top it off, along with fine seafood, it was
 I wanted to drop you a line to express       the final match day.                           the opportunity to meet some old friends
 my sincere appreciation for the support                                                     and make many new ones, that left me
 given to assist me to compete in the North   Day 1:was a qualifying day, which I beat       with cherished memories that I will have
 American One Arm Golf Association golf       it around one over par - 73, to win the        forever.
 Championship.                                top qualifier award in the Assisted arm
                                              division, which led to draws for Match play.   I think I might even have managed to
 The tournament took place at Brudnell                                                       convert a couple unassisted players to use
 River Resort about 45 minutes east of        Day 2:was Match play - I drew the 7 seed       a prosthesis!
 Charlettown. There were about 26 players     and won 10-8.
 who travelled from South Africa, all over                                                   Thanks again AASRA for your support and
 the United States, and Canada to play        Day 3: I played the winner of 5 & 6 seed,      enabling me to keep the NAOAGA trophy
 on the Dundarave course - one of the         and won 8-7 with the afternoon player. I       on home soil.
 two courses. It being the links style, was   then played the winner of 2 & 3 seed, and
 very challenging and wet! Unfortunately      won 5-4 to win the Championship.               Bob MacDermott.
 (or not) the bunkers were unplayable                                                        AASRA Member

Adaptive Cross Country and Sit Skiing Edmonton
We are planning to ski with the Edmonton Nordic Ski Club at Gold Bar Park in Edmonton. Most of our lessons will be on Friday
evenings. We have a coach, a club and some trails - now we need you to sign up! The group will learn to ski and get ready for the 5km
Birkie in February as a goal. It’s a great event and the Calgary group will come up to join us too.

To register for our program, contact Mike Neary, Instructor at Cross Country Alberta (780) 415-1738 or Laurie Beresnak, Co-Ordinator,
Beresnak@telus.net (780) 462-6529 The Registration fee is $100. Program starts December 17th .

                           Colorful fore-arm crutches and Tornado non-slip tips
   16                                               AASRA News - Winter 2010

This summer I had the opportunity to go skiing on Mt. Hood in I trained there for a week and had some amazing experiences and
Oregon. It’s an active volcano but it has a glacier on it. This was a met some fascinating people. There was a shop owner in the ski
very exhilarating opportunity for me as I’ve never been there and town near by nicknamed “Fuxi” after his Fuxi racing products. He
I’ve also never seen a volcano. I was there at the end of August would come up to the glacier, ski with us, give us free stuff and
and the weather was burning hot. People were skiing in shorts and then give us special deals at his shop! After a day of skiing my
t-shirts and for the first                                                                                     whole team would go hot
time I wasn’t cold when                                                                                        tubbing together and we’d
wearing just my spandex          It`s an active volcano but it has a glacier on it. bond while prepping our
suit. Also because of the                                                                                      skis for the next day.
hot weather, there were a
lot of bumblebees around even though there wasn’t much vegetation Overall the experience was incredible and I’d recommend for
on the volcano. It was the first time I’ve ever seen a bumblebee anyone that has the opportunity to get involved with a sport. If you
while skiing. There was also a vast population of squirrels in the get the chance to go on a trip, go for it! trips can be really fun and
area and the lift operators were like squirrel whisperers. They had the people on your team become family.
the squirrels sitting on their laps while they fed them peanuts and
stroked their furry backs.                                            Alexandra Starker
                                                                      AASRA member

Alexandra Starker at Nakiska

Adaptive Cross Country/Sit Skiing Calgary
We are once again offering our cross country skiing program in           We will also be offering biathlon in Calgary for the first time this
Calgary this coming season.   It will take place on Monday nights        year.  Details are still being worked out, but a short program will run
at Canada Olympic Park from January through March, 2011, 6:30-           in conjunction with the cross-country COP program.  We welcome
8:00pm. This year we will be offering Nordic seasons passes to COP       all ages and abilities!   Please contact Melanie Ross at melanie@
for each participant and rental passes, if you don’t have your own       melanieross.ca 403-269-4368 or the AASRA office at 403 201-0507
equipment.   This means that everyone will have access to the ski
trails at any time throughout the entire season.  We are also planning
some fun ski days in Kananaskis on the weekends.   We welcome            Melanie Ross
all ages and abilities!   Please contact Melanie Ross at melanie@        403.269.4368 (h)
melanieross.ca or 403-269-4368.  Spots are limited, so sign up soon!     403.608.5306 (c)

                                                       AASRA News - Winter 2010                                                       17
Stay Fit

Want To                                                                   Casino
Get/Stay Fit?
The Don Wheaton YMCA - jointly with the Franklin Foundation, are          Well another Casino has come and gone and AASRA wants to
pleased to offer an Active Amputee Fitness Program to all AASRA           sincerely thank everyone who was involved.  The Casino was
members.  A YMCA monthly membership to the Don Wheaton                    held October 28th and 29th, 2010 and although both days were
YMCA at 10211 – 102nd Avenue, Edmonton, is required.  The                 very successful, we now await the results of the proceeds from the
regular cost is $60 month.  However the Franklin Foundation will          pool we are in, which we should know about around the end of
subsidize $40 a month off this, so the net cost for each participant is   January 2011.  A very big thank you to Liz Starker – Volunteer Co-
$20 per month.                                                            ordinator, and Robert Pennock – General Manager, for their time
                                                                          and effort in gathering names and putting the Casino Volunteer
Physical Fitness Trainer – Chantell Widney, will set you up on an         Schedule in place. 
individual program.  Chantell is a world class triathelete, and has
amassed considerable knowledge in dealing with amputees.  Sessions
are from 2 – 4pm on Tuesdays and 9 – 11am on Fridays.  Specialized              AASRA wants to sincerely thank
circuit training, weight training, walking and running are all
available.                                                                         everyone who was involved.
Drop by and say hello, or contact
Harry Wright, AASRA Member and Volunteer Co-ordinator                     Thank you also to Leslie Dilts, Mike Karbovanec, Stephen Hoffort,
of the YMCA Active Amputee Fitness Program at (780)                       Doreen Florkowski, Lori and Tim Tratch, Rachael Pasay, Shane
707.2187 or ooharry@shaw.ca for further details.                          Westin, Helen Vik, Barb Griffen, Cheri Long, Hal Gibbens, Jaye
                                                                          Milley, Gordon Mc Kay, Marilyn Jennings, Gregg Starker, Don
                                                                          Young, Marc Polley, Wendy Frazier, Ricardo Berner, Kevin Wright,
                                                                          Bob and Janie Mac Dermott, Brad Callihoo, Doug Karlson, Vic Mc
                                                                          Clelland, John Mc Naughton, Glen Scott, Cor Abbenbroek, John
                                                                          Cornish and Steve Mc Queen.  Some of the shifts went very late, so
                                                                          we do appreciate your efforts.  However, without these funds, our
                                                                          Association would not be able to assist as many of our members in
                                                                          their endeavours  as we do.
                         #208, 279 Midpark Way SE
                           Calgary, AB T2X 1M2                            Our next scheduled Casino will be in the second quarter of 2012.
                             Tel: 403.221.9000
                            Fax: 403.221.9009

 Beverly Pilon, CIP CAIB
 Email: bev.pilon@cminsurance.ca

    Thank you for your business, we’re here to

     assist with your home, auto and business

  insurance needs. If you like our service, please

          tell a friend, we appreciate referrals.

     18                                                 AASRA News - Winter 2010

EDMONTON                                                                CALGARY

We continue to get a steady stream of amputees coming out to            Please note that the Calgary Support Group, who meet in the
our Support Group meetings held at the Glenrose Rehabilitation          Physio room at the Glenmore Auxiliary Hospital (next to the
Hospital in Edmonton, Floor 2 – West Building - Activity Room           Rockyview Hospital), have moved their meetings to Wednesdays
across from the Recreation Department’s general office – last           now at 7.00pm.  It is good to see some AASRA members coming
Wednesday of the month. However, we offer not only a warm               out to be a part of this group and to offer support to new amputees
invitation to in-patients, but to all ‘experienced’ amputees in the     who come to the meetings.   Here you will get some answers to your
Edmonton and surrounding areas to come join us.  What do we do          questions and will see how others are managing their amputation. 
at these meetings?  Talk to other amputees and their families; have     We share a lot of information; we offer support to spouses; a few
a coffee; learn what is available in the field of prosthetics; share    laughs; and if you’re lucky - a coffee on a cold night!  Thank you to
stories; (maybe a few jokes) and find out that after amputation         John Cornish and Paul Beaugrand for your attendance and positive
it’s not what you’ve lost that’s important, you have to get on with     contributions to the meeting.  If you would like to come out to help
life and it’s what you do with what you have left.  Contact Dave at     at these meetings, contact Gwen at info@aasra.ab.ca and we would
davemarchand@hotmail.com if you have any questions.  Hope to            be happy to have you participate.
see you soon!

                                       Support Groups


We held three Support Group meetings this Fall. The first was on        Our November meeting was held on November 24th as usual in
Sept 29 which saw four members attend. We discussed the type of         the small dining room off the cafeteria in the Lethbridge Regional
sporting activity/clinics they would like to see held in Lethbridge     Hospital and started at 7:00 PM. The topic was Canada’s Registered
for amputees. Suggestions included sailing, table tennis, bowling,      Disabled Savings Plan with a speaker coming from the Royal Bank.
air rifle, and archery. Other meeting suggestions included; “What’s     Further information is available from the Government of Canada
new in prosthetics?”, information on the Registered Disability          website http://www.hrsdc.gc.ca/eng/disability_issues/disability_
Savings Plan, the possibility of holding a joint support group          savings/index.shtml
meeting with another location using Skype or a video feed. Any
takers??                                                                One suggestion that I have is to ask each of the Support Group
                                                                        Coordinators to share the topics of their meetings either past or
The October meeting had Ryan, a newly Certified Prosthetist             future. This would help those of us who are occasionally at a loss of
from Lethbridge Orthotic- Prosthetic Services attend and give an        a meeting topic and are on the lookout for a great idea.
excellent presentation on all the new advances in prosthetics for
both leg and arm amps. Lots of questions and discussion saw the         My personal thanks to Ricardo and Kevin for going up to work a
meeting carry on for an extra half hour over our usually scheduled      shift at the Casino in Calgary at the end of October. Everyone was
time! The evening also saw two new members attend, one who had          needed to make this successful and it went well. Now we have to
lost their lower leg as a child and the other who was going to have     wait to see what it will earn us!
their foot and lower leg removed as the result of a bad fall a number
of years ago.                                                           Respectfully Submitted,
                                                                        Don Young

                                                       AASRA News - Winter 2010                                                      19

When Loss is Gain
This was by far the most suave dental office      incredible act of athleticism I could never     own, struck me quite hard while I waited to
I’d ever been in before, with dark purple         imagine for myself. The article was about       get the plaque off my teeth. The dental bill
walls and Ikea furniture, you could feel like     the state of persons living with physical and   would be a hundred dollars or so, enough
you were awaiting a meeting with the Prime        mental disability throughout the developing     money according to the stats, to feed your
Minister. But in truth I had come to get some     world. The tales and statistics were hard to    average person for a year, but I’d never see
plaque scrapped off my teeth. I picked up a       stomach. The inevitable poverty, the social     the bill anyways, because my student dental
fresh copy of the National Geographic and         shaming, women taken advantage of who           plan would be picking up the tab.
the first page I opened up to, has stuck with     cannot escape their attackers, the non-
me ever since. There was a picture of a dozen     existent social safety net… on and on goes      On this Remembrance Day 2010, I
or so Nigerian men on a dusty soccer field,       the doling drum of tragedy. And yet these       acknowledge the great sacrifices that were
all missing a limb of sorts, there was a flurry   men and women still had enough spirit left      made for me so that I could live a better
of dust and action, as one man lifted himself     in them to have a soccer game. The plight       life. It’s been 8 years now since I lost my
upside down on his crutches to kick a soccer      of those with disability in a world that is     left leg to cancer. I am fortunate to not have
ball that was flying high through the air. An     almost inconceivably less privileged than my    pressure-sore problems, phantom pains,
                                                                                                  fitting issues, or the whole gambit of troubles
                                                                                                  that many amputees face. This speaks to the
                                                                                                  enormous privileges I have been given in
                                                                                                  this great country of ours. AASRA as well
                                                                                                  as CHAMPS, my supportive parents, the
                                                                                                  Canadian health care system, the ability to
                                                                                                  purchase health insurance… all things that
                                                                                                  can far too easily be taken for granted.

                                                                                                  These days I keep myself busy working as a
                                                                                                  lifeguard and swim-coach, as well as training
                                                                                                  12 hours a week on my bicycle. My goal is
                                                                                                  to make the National Paracycling Team
                                                                                                  and perhaps one day go to the Paralympic
                                                                                                  Games. It’s a great dream to have. But my
                                                                                                  real heart lies beneath the glossy pages of
                                                                                                  that magazine, where the dust can be tasted.
                                                                                                  Thus far the best I can do, is pray and I
Top: John Austring Bottom: Jaye Milley                                                            pray best when I spin my wheels, training
                                                                                                  like an animal until my heart is ready to

                                                                                                  burst from my chest. Somehow I feel, the
                                                                                                  faster I go on my bike, the longer I travel,
                                                                                                  the closer I am getting to that place where
                                                                                                  the deep calls unto deep. I cannot say that
                                                                   Suite 105                      I would have this passion if I had not lost
                                                                   1144 29th Ave NE
                                                                   T2E 7P1                        my leg 8 years ago. And that is why I cannot

                       Limb Inc.                                   Ph: (403) 244-2029             ever say whether I’ve lost or gained with my
                                                                                                  amputation. Perhaps what I lost in limb -I
                                                                                                  have gained in mind. We will see what the
                            www.aalonline.com                     Lethbridge
                                                                                                  future holds… in the meantime, I’ll just keep
                                                                                                  doing what makes most sense for me right
                                                                  Suite 103
                                                                  1410 Mayor McGrath Dr.          now: spinning my wheels and tracking my
                                                                  T1K 2K3                         heart beat.
       Jon Allen C.P. (c)                                         Ph: (888) 241-2029
                                                                                                  John Austring
       Michelle Martin C.P. (c)                                                                   AASRA Member,

      20                                                AASRA News - Winter 2010

The Cycling Season has come to an end          athletes.  From this clinic a number of      The biggest success story for the program
and the Program is in a transition from        participants have committed to a winter      this year was the progress made by young
Competitive Race Mode to Winter Training.      long training program with the goals to      rider (AASRA member) Jaye Milley.  His
The Program supported by AASRA this past       start local competition next season.  I’ve   acceleration onto the National Team was
season was the most successful to date, with   also been asked to provide continued         not a shock, but his performance at World
the number of participants increasing, as      support to a couple of participants who      Championships was unexpected.              To
well as the level                                                                                                     attend his first
of commitment                                                                                                         ever UCI World
and motivation                                                                                                        Championships
was also brought                                                                                                      at the age of
to a new level.                                                                                                       19, and to ride
All      summer                                                                                                       at the level he
long there were                                                                                                       did, is very
weekly      rides                                                                                                     commendable
for 2 programs,                                                                                                       and           from
one targeted at                                                                                                       all        reports
Youth while the                                                                                                       his       attitude,
other targeted                                                                                                        integration on
Adults.        In                                                                                                     the team and
addition to the                                                                                                       attitude     while
Weekly Rides,                                                                                                         on the National
I traveled to                                                                                                         Team,           was
Edmonton in                                                                                                           first class.  His
June for a Clinic                                                                                                     performance this
and        hosted                                                                                                     year was well
another clinic                                                                                                        above what we
in Calgary in                                                                                                         expected, a 6th
August.      The                                                                                                      place finish in
Calgary Clinic                                                                                                        the Time Trial
was by far the most successful, with           would like to continue training from Home    and 5th Place finish in the Road Race (15
participation from many streams including      over the winter.                             Starters in each event) definitely put him
Wheel Chair, Blind, Amputee and CP                                                          in a category among the top riders in the

                                                                                            What’s next for Jaye and those other athletes
                                                                                            in Alberta who qualify for Track Worlds,
                                                                                            training is now targeting this event that is
                                                                                            to be held in March in Italy.  The original
                                                                                            November dates/location were postponed
                                                                                            recently which was a good thing, as
                                                                                            preparing for World Championships in
                                                                                            December while living in Calgary, would
                                                                                            have been very difficult.  The official team
                                                                                            announcement has not been made yet,
                                                                                            but we are fully expecting that Jaye will be
                                                                                            nominated and attend this event. 

                                                                                            London 2012 is just around the corner; to
                                                                                            get there Jaye will need to accumulate as
                                                                                            many UCI points as possible in the next
                                                                                            2 years.  He will get points from attending

                                                      AASRA News - Winter 2010                                                    21

events like National Championships, Defi       July-August Summer Programs continue                                         Cycling.  There are no Female Amputees on
Sportif, Regional Cups as well as World        locally for youth and adults who attend,                                     the National Team and within Canada, I
Cups and World Championships.  In 2011         provincial championships take place for                                      suspect that only 2-3 female amputees are
we also have the first Para Pan Am Games       road and track, final preparations for                                       training towards this goal.  So this is an area
with cycling in Guadalajara Mexico next        those athletes attending UCI Road World                                      I am looking at expanding here in Alberta. 
November. For Jaye this event will hold a      Championships in Denmark in September                                        In 2011 I want to run more female specific
lot of importance for points and he stands a                                                                                clinics and camps to address this so that
really good chance to be the First Para Pan    September-November Final Preparations                                        maybe we can discover some new talent in
American Champion.                             for those athletes attending the Para Pan                                    the Province and influence the dynamics
                                               American Games in Guadalajara Mexico                                         on the National Team in the near future. 
Winter Training has started and this is
a brief outline of what is ahead for the       December-March          Prepare      athletes                                Finally, watch out for one of our members
athletes in the Program:                       attending UCI Track World Championships                                      in a commercial for a National Sport
                                               (Last event to collect points for 2012)                                      Organization…nothing is official yet so
Tuesday and Thursday Training at the                                                                                        I don’t have many details at this point in
Olympic Oval, Calgary from 7-9 PM,             Deadline for Points towards London 2012                                      time. 
intervals specific to the time of year and     is March 31st 2012.  Team Size will be
training priorities                            based on National Points Accumulated                                         Thanks AASRA for your continued support
                                               over the 2 year point’s collection time                                      for the Cycling Program here in Calgary, I
Saturday Training from 12-2pm outside          period; Athletes are then selected by their                                  am looking forward to another great year of
while the weather permits, x-training or on    NSO based on UCI Points, Performance at                                      development in the Province.
bike Aerobic Training.                         World Championships and Medal Potential
                                               Status.                                                                      Sincerely
Seminars on topics like Sport Nutrition,                                                                                    Stephen Burke
Sport Psychology, Bike Fit, Bike               At this time the National Cycling Program
Maintenance and Adaptations for those          has athletes in a number of categories,
with special requirements, due to either       however the female side of the equation
physical or neurological impairments occur     is not good. At this time, the National
throughout the winter months                   Team has female athletes in the following
                                               categories; Visually Impaired, CP and Hand
Testing will be done every 6-8 weeks and
will include a Maximal Aerobic Power test                                                                                                                   Clinic Locations
                                                                                                                                        
that will take the participant up to their                                                                         
max heart rate and power output for several                                                                                     
minutes                                                                                                                     

                                                                                                                                Camrose
                                                                              

Winter training camps for those who
                                                         
can attend are also an option (Florida in                                                                                                                Grande Prairie
December, Victoria in January, Cuba in                         

March or the Oval Camp in Penticton at                            • 
                                                                                                                                                            Two Hills
the end of March)                                                 • 
2011 at a glance:                                                 • 
                                                                  • 
January-March continue training towards                     
Track World Championships                                         • 
March-April Spring Camps and Racing
(Defi Sportif etc)                                      Roper Road Professional Centre                                      Toll Free: (866) 438.5409
                                                                                                                                                            Please Call Our
                                                        5341 75 Street                                                      Phone:     (780) 438.5409       Toll Free # For
May-June Spring Programs Start, clinics                 Edmonton AB T6E 0W4                                                 Fax:       (780) 437.1285       An Appointment
                                                                                                                            Email: randy@troppman.ca
happen in Calgary and Edmonton and
Road Nationals take place in Ontario at the
end of June
                                                                       www.troppman.ca                                                                      1-866-438-5409

     22                                                     AASRA News - Winter 2010
High Performance Cycling
The Olympic Oval High performance cycling, is a group of                  individuals and coaches are dedicated cyclists, that strive to be the
dedicated cyclists with the dreams and aspirations to represent           best they can be in their respective roles.
Canada in future International cycling races. Since the 2010 race
season concluded in October, the focus has now switched from              Jaye Milley
maintenance and fine tuning, to muscle building and endurance             AASRA member

Under coach Stephen Burke’s direction, the program started off with
LSD training. Now you may be thinking, “what is this guy doing
telling these young athletes to take LSD and ride a bike?” However,       Sledge Hockey
LSD is just an acronym for Long Slow Distance – essentially you do
very long rides, never breaching a 150 pulse heart rate. This allows       Things are going very well with sledge hockey in Calgary and with
your body to get much more efficient in many different aspects             the Calgary Scorpions. There has been a lot of new players this year
such as glycogen (energy) uptake to expanding the chambers of              and we've enjoyed the enthusiasm that new people bring to the team.
your heart, allowing more blood to be pumped. Once the six week            Practice is every Saturday night at the Stew Hendry Arena located
block of “LSD” training is completed, we will jump into a 6 week           at 814 13 Avenue NE, Calgary, from 6:15 to 8:15 p.m. Anyone is
weight room block, designed to increase muscle mass. As we                 welcome to try it out. They just need some good upper body strength
                                                                           and a hockey helmet and some gloves to get started. It costs $150
                                                                           for the season to play as we try to keep costs low to accommodate
         what is this guy doing telling                                    various income levels. For further information contact Jon at
          these young athletes to take
                 LSD and ride a bike?

quickly approach Track World Championships, which will be held
in Italy in March 2011, the training steadily gets more and more                 Providing “Technology for Motion” Since 1979
                                                                              We Are Committed To:
You may also be thinking “Wow, all this training sounds tedious
and boring. How do these athletes train for hours on end?” Well –              - Service & Availability
the training in the program can be done either individually or in a         - Professional Amputee Care
social atmosphere with other riders that all have similar goals. We            - Educated Pre & Post
train as a team, and more importantly, as friends. It’s quick and easy
to make friends with people that have the same interests as you,              Operative Consultations
whether it is staying in shape, or competitive racing. If you were
to go to the Olympic Oval for an evening winter training session,
you would see us all in a row, suffering through the intervals, while
Stephen Burke yells motivating words at us, monitors our effort,
and assesses our training programs and every move. However,
when the resting break comes after the intervals are done, we as
friends socialize and catch up. Even though we are all team mates,
we are all competitive as well and use each other to push our                                                                Monthly Clinics
limits to the max. When we test to see how much strength and                                                                Held In Northern &
endurance we have for those 15 minutes intervals, we are focused                                                             Central Alberta!
only on our training, not our friendships. During these times, we
are trying to beat each other’s output, but after the intervals, we are
again laughing and joking.                                                             Head Office: 10733-124th Street Edmonton, AB T5M 0H2
                                                                               Local Phone: 780-452-5771 Toll-Free: 1-800-387-5053 Fax: 780-452-2752
I am fortunate to be involved with the Olympic Oval High                              Website: www.khager.com E-Mail: reception@khager.com
performance cycling group, as each and every one of these                                  Free Wheelchair Accessible Parking Available

                                                         AASRA News - Winter 2010                                                              23
                                                                                             2010 Executive
Wheelchair Curling                                                                                 President
                                                                                                  Hal	Gibbens
Why not give it a try?
We have curlers aged 16 to 60!                                                                   Vice President
                                                                                                Dave	Marchand
Are you interested in trying curling?  You would be surprised at how much fun you can
have!  Wheelchair curling is gaining in popularity since the Vancouver Paralympics!                Treasurer	
                                                                                                 Doug	Karlson
Saturday mornings at the Ogden Legion Curling Club, 2625 – 78th Avenue SE from 10.30
am – 12.30pm you can join in.  Brooms and chairs are provided.                                     Secretary
                                                                                                 Janelle	Maros
Why not give it a try.  For further information, contact Jace at jack.smart@shaw.ca or the
                                                                                                Director at Large
the AASRA office at info@aasra.ab.ca.
                                                                                                   Don	Young
                                                                                                Director at Large
Wheelchair Rugby                                                                                 Vic	McClelland
Want to see how it’s done?  Possibly want to try it yourself?                                   Director at Large

Why not come out on December 4 and 5th 2010 between 8am and 4pm both days, and
                                                                                                	Randy	Reaman
watch the Wheelchair Rugby tournament that is taking place at the Harry Ainley High            Executive Director
School,  4350 – 111 Street NW, Edmonton.
                                                                                                  Gwen	Davies
If you think you might be interested in taking up this sport, contact Head Coach of                 Auditor
the Steel-Wheels team Bruce Crosby at (780) 905-0751 or check out their website at           Monika	Johnston	C.G.A.
http://www.steel-wheels.ca.   Lots of fun!!
                                                                                                 Legal Counsel
                                                                                             Gordon	J.	Hoffman	Q.C.
                                                                                             Volunteer Co-Ordinator
Our	sincerest	thanks	to	the	following	for	their	continued	financial	support	                       Liz	Starker
of	our	association:

                                                      Donor Choice Program                   The Kayak Foundation at

    24                                                 AASRA News - Winter 2010

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