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					August 16, 2010

Dear Grade 11 and 12 students and parents of SGCHS:

The staff of Spruce Grove Composite High School would like to welcome you to our school for
the coming term. We wish you the best, loads of enjoyment, and lots of hard work along with
the success that comes with it!

The following information is intended to help you get your year at SGCHS off to a smooth start
and we ask your full cooperation in adhering to the following procedures and timelines.

Grade 12 Students am ONLY – 8:30 – Wednesday, September 1st

Grade 11 Students pm ONLY – 12:00 – Wednesday, September 1st

Students already registered will report directly to the Small Gym on Wednesday, September 1st
to have their photo taken both for Comp Cards and picture packages and then proceed to the
Large Gym to pick up a timetable and be assigned a locker.

        8:30 am                  N–Z
        9:30 am                  G–M
       10:30 am                  A–F
When this process is complete, students are free to leave the school. The first day of classes will
be Friday, September 3rd and it will be Day 1. REMINDER: Any textbooks from 2009-2010
MUST be returned to Business Services BEFORE classes begin.

Students already registered will report directly to the Small Gym on Wednesday, September 1st
to have their photo taken both for Comp Cards and picture packages and then proceed to the
Large Gym to pick up timetables and be assigned a locker.

       12:00 noon       A-G
        1:00 pm         H–M
        2:00 pm         N–Z
When this process is complete, students are free to leave the school. The first day of classes will
be Friday, September 3rd and it will be Day 1. REMINDER: Any textbooks from 2009-2010
MUST be returned to Business Services BEFORE classes begin.


If a timetable change is required because of not meeting the required prerequisite or because a
course was completed during Summer School, those changes can be made on August 25-27 in
Student Services. Counselors will do changes only those days and an appointment must be
made prior to those dates by calling the office. The office will open on Wednesday, August
18th and the hours are 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. Timetable adjustment forms will be available in
Student Services.

PHOTOS and COMP CARDS – Photos will be taken by Smart Photography on September 1st.
A picture package can be ordered at that time (cheques payable to SMART
PHOTOGRAPHY). PICTURE RETAKE DAY is October 26. Please refer to the enclosed
Smart Photography brochure for details on packages available.

Each student receives two Comp Cards. They are bar coded to be used in conjunction with our
Library, the Central Book Distribution Centre, and ID for exams. One card will be issued
immediately, the second one kept in the Office and given out as required. Subsequent cards cost
$5.00 and are available at the Business Services Office. Staff and students are required to
have their Comp Cards available at all times.

PLEASE NOTE: We have a dress code in effect at SGCHS and students must adhere to the
code when having their photos taken (Student Handbook 1.11: Student Dress and
Appearance – “tops must meet waistline, midriffs and backs are covered; necklines are
modest; backless tops, belly shirts, spaghetti straps and see through tops are OUT”). Our dress
code will be explained to ALL students during assemblies later in September. Parents wishing to
receive a copy of the dress code may contact our main office.

TEXTBOOK DEPOSIT: All students are required to pay a $60 text deposit when they first
register at Spruce Grove Composite High School. Students new to the school were required to
pay this fee when they completed their registration in the spring. If it was not paid at that time, it
must be paid before textbooks will be issued to the student. Payment may be made at the SGCHS
Business Services office, Monday to Friday, 8:15 am to 3:30 pm.

STUDENT FEES: Invoices for student fees will be mailed home in mid-September with all
fees due by Sept. 30th.
Payment can be made by returning the invoice with a cheque, payable to Spruce Grove
Composite High School, or by completing the Visa/ MasterCard authorization on the invoice and
returning it to the Business Services office at the school. Payment can also be made in person at
the Business Services office which is open Monday to Friday, 8:15 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

All students will be invoiced for the following fees:
         Instructional Materials Fee - $121.00 (Family Plan - $280.00)
         Student Fee - $10.00
         Locker Rental Fee - $6.00
         Course Fees (most optional courses have fees ranging from $25 to $50)
Parents who are experiencing financial difficulties may contact my secretary, Mrs. Audrey
Kyfiuk regarding this matter.
LOCKER RENTAL: Lockers, complete with a school combination padlock, will be assigned to
all students on the first day, provided a Locker License Agreement was filled in at registration
and signed by the student and parent/guardian. The $6 rental fee will be added to the student’s

YEARBOOKS: Students are encouraged to pre-order yearbooks, available at a cost of $45.
GRAD FEE: All Grade 12 students will be charged a $60 graduation fee. This fee covers the
rental of the gown and stole and the purchase of a commencement cap and tassel; graduation
photo sitting fee and ten proofs; one 5x7 photo of student crossing stage at commencement;
commencement certificate and diploma from SGCHS.

Welcome Days - Welcome activities will be held during the second week of September. It is
important that everyone understand that this is a frosh free school. Froshing activities will not be
tolerated by SGCHS, Parkland School Division or the RCMP. Offenders will be suspended and
their registration will be reviewed with their parents. Recommended action for expulsion may
result. RCMP will be involved and criminal charges could result. Please see the Student Agenda
Book under Froshing for more information.

School Council will hold its first meeting on Tuesday, September 21st at 7:00 p.m. in Room
113. All parents are encouraged to become involved in the School Council. Your input is very
important and will enhance the learning experience of our students. The School Council is a
forum of ideas, information and innovative response. Elections for the Executive for the new
school year will be held at the second meeting, Tuesday, October 19th at 7:00 p.m. Parents
who are interested in letting their names stand for elections to executive positions can contact
Mrs. Darlene Marcinkevics at 780-962-0800. Education is a partnership - let’s make it work to
benefit our students!!

Newsletters will be available the first week of each month and will be posted on the SGCHS
website: Copies are available in the office. Our newsletters
contain information about school activities, policies, issues and celebrations and will include an
updated activity calendar for the next month.

Watch our SGCHS digital sign located at the north parking lot entrance for pertinent events
happening at our school.

ALL SGCHS information is posted on the school website. Please refer to the site to stay in touch
with current events of our school.

Bus Passes will be available for purchase as follows:
Broxton Park School (Spruce Grove) and Stony Plain Central (Stony Plain):
       Ecole Broxton Park School August 16-20 and August 23-27 (11:30 am – 7:00 pm each
       Stony Plain Central August 16-20 and August 23-27 (11:30 am – 7:00 pm each day)

PARKING PRIVILEGES AT SGCHS: Students are expected to keep the parking lot clean.
All garbage is to be placed in the containers provided. Students are allowed to park in green
painted zones ONLY. Vehicles found parked in staff (yellow painted zones), 24 hour reserved or
the fire lane may be ticketed and/or towed at the owners’ expense. There will be no parking
passes issued for students. Parking will be on a first come, first served, basis. Staff parking
will be on the WEST side of the lot including the 3 stalls in the east lot closest to the school.
Student parking will be in the EAST lot. Grade 10 students will have NO parking privileges.
NEW CELL PHONE POLICY – After consultation and input from students, the following will
be the new cell phone policy for SGCHS for the 2010-2011 school year.
    1. During class time (even for students on spares) there will be NO cell phone use (calling,
        talking, texting, e-mailing, twittering, etc) anywhere other than the lounge/cafeteria.
    2. Outside of class time (before school, during breaks, lunch time and after school) – cell
        phones can be used in the building except the LIBRARY, WHICH IS A CELL FREE
        ZONE, and CTS labs where student safety might be compromised.
      3. Consequences for breach of this policy will mean that cell phones will be taken away and
         given to the grade coordinator. For a first offence, students can pick up their cell phones
         at the end of the day from their grade coordinator. For subsequent violations, parents will
         be contacted and asked to come and pick up the cell phone.

Our bell schedule is included in this package and will be
posted to our school website.

Extra! Extra! It is important that all students and parents understand that the school employs a
variety of processes for supporting students with unsatisfactory attendance and behavior habits.
Students whose performance is deliberately poor and who will not respond to encouragement to
improve will be encouraged to develop a personal success plan that may include: studying in a
supervised environment; studying at home, attending our Outreach Centre, or other appropriate
programs that will lead to student success.

NOTE: Please refer to the Student Handbook for all policies and regulations. The Student
Handbook will be posted on our website. It will also be available in an electronic form.

I hope this information is of help to you. Please feel welcome to phone us if you require further
information or assistance.


Mrs. Darlene Marcinkevics
Acting Principal