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   FOR THE YEAR 2009



 MDIndia Healthcare Services (TPA) Pvt.Ltd,
                    HEAD OFFICE
         S.No-46/1,E-Space,A2-Wing,3rd Floor,
      Pune Nagar Road, Vadgaonsheri, Pune-411014
Dear Mediclaim Member of SAIL,

Welcome to the MDIndia Family.

MDIndia Healthcare TPA Services has been appointed by United India
Insurance Company, to provide healthcare insurance services to you.
These services include ID card issuance, Cashless Hospitalization and
Settlement of claims on behalf of the UIIC.

This guide book gives a preview of various services provided by MDIndia.
The guidebook also contains a list of hospitals/nursing homes in the
SAIL/MDIndia network where you can avail OPD and Hospitalization

For any clarifications or information, please contact us on our enquiry
numbers as mentioned on the reverse side of your member ID card.
You can also visit ‘’ for more information.

We, the MDIndians, look forward to a long-lasting relationship with
It will be our constant endeavor to provide all services to you with high
quality and minimum turnaround time.

Wishing you a healthy and happy life

  Rajnish Sharma

                                                          Page 2
1. Objectives                                     4

2. Reimbursement Services                         8

3. Cashless Services                              9

4. OPD Services                                  10

5. Customer Care services                        11

6. Details of SAIL Plant Officials               12

7. MD India Branch Details                       13

8. Claim Forms (Annexure A-F)                 14- 21

9. Network Hospitals OPD                  22 - 31

10. Network Hospitals IPD                 32 - 46

                                     Page 3
             OF SAIL AND THEIR SPOUSES (2009)

        To extend the Medical Benefits to the retired employees of SAIL and their spouses

        i) Retired employees of SAIL (including IISCO) and their spouses.
        ii) The employees who have taken voluntary retirement and their spouses.
        iii) The employees who cease to be in employment on account of permanent total
             disablement and their spouses
        iv) The spouse of an employee who dies in service.
             This scheme is optional and those who opt for this scheme, will hereinafter be referred to as

3.      SCHEME
        The members will be covered through Group Insurance Mediclaim Policy of the Insurance
        Company and will be operated through The United India Insurance Co. Ltd., Divisional
        Office- XI, E 85, Himalaya House, 8th Floor, K.G. Marg, New Delhi-110001. The period of
        the policy is 1/1/2009 to 31/12/2009.

MDIndia Healthcare Services (TPA) Pvt. Ltd. (Headquartered at Building A 2, 3rd Floor, E
Space, VadgaonSheri, Nagar Road, Pune-411014) has been authorized to offer TPA (Third
Party Administrator) services for the Group Mediclaim Policy issued for the retired employees
of SAIL and their spouses.
MDIndia would work out of 9 locations for the purpose of claim settlement.
For the purpose of claim settlement, the bills & other related documents should be directly sent
to any of the opted centers of MDIndia (vide page no. 13).

        i)   As per the arrangement with SAIL, all retiring employees shall be given an enrolment
             form by the respective offices of plants/units handling the Mediclaim Scheme.
        ii) This enrolment form should be filled in by the employee and his spouse desiring to join
             the scheme. Answer to all columns should be given specifically. No Column should be
             left blank.
        iii) All retiring employees should get themselves enrolled under the scheme before their
             retirement. Under no circumstances applications for enrolment received after the
             retirement will be entertained. However, a grace period of 30 days will be allowed in
             case of retirement & 90 days in case of death of employee.
        iv) The postal address should be mentioned in CAPITAL LETTERS.

                                                                              Page 4
         v) The enrolment fee is Rs. 925/- per member for the policy period, who in turn shall send
             the enrollment data to SAIL Corporate Office for onward transmission to the insurance
         vi) On receipt of complete enrolment form by the plant/Unit of SAIL, the Plant/unit shall
             allot a Mediclaim Index No. (MIN).

Note:    Any change of address must be immediately intimated to the concerned Plant/unit and
         Insurance Company giving the Mediclaim Index No. (MIN).

         The policy covers reimbursement of Hospitalization (and also Cashless Facility) and/ or Out-
         Patient Department (OPD) expenses within the prescribed limits under the policy for
         illness/diseases contracted or injury / sustained by the insured person. In the event of any
         claim becoming admissible under the policy, the company will pay to the insured member
         the amount of such expenses as reasonably and necessarily incurred anywhere in India, but
         not exceeding in any one period of insurance of amounts under the respective category in the
         TABLE OF BENEFITS mentioned at clause 8 of this booklet.


        a) Hospital/Nursing Home means any institution in India established for Indoor care and
        treatment of sickness and injuries and which has been registered either as a Hospital or
        Nursing Home with the local authorities and is under the Supervision of a registered and
        qualified Medical Practitioner.
        Hospital/Nursing Home should comply with minimum criteria as under,
        (i) It should have at least 15 inpatient beds, however, in class 'C' towns, condition of Number
            of beds be reduced to 10.
        (ii) Fully equipped operation theatre of its own wherever surgical operations are carried out.
        (iii) Fully qualified nursing staff under its employment round the clock.
        (iv) Fully qualified Doctor(s) should be in charge round the clock.
For the purpose of O.P.D. treatment, "Hospital" shall mean:

1.   A Government Hospital,
2.   Dispensaries/Clinics run by local Government authority/Municipalities,
3.   SAIL Plant Hospitals/Dispensaries
4.   SAIL /Approved Hospitals/Nursing Homes (List of SAIL Hospitals Refer Page 22 to 31 )
5.   Franchisee of major Hospitals viz. Apollo, Max, Escorts, Fortis, etc. anywhere in India.
       Note:The terms "Hospital" shall not include an establishment which is a place of rest, a
       place for the aged, a place for drug addicts or alcoholic, a hotel or a similar place.

         b) Surgical Operation means manual and operative procedures for correction of deformities
         and defects, repair of injuries, diagnosis and cure of diseases, relief of suffering and
         prolongation of life.

                                                                              Page 5
Note: 1. when treatment such as Dialysis, Chemotherapy, Cataract and Microsurgery is
      taken in the Hospital/Nursing Home and the insured is discharged on the same day, the
      treatment will be considered to be taken under Hospitalisation Benefit Section.
      2. While Hospitalization facility can be availed of from any Hospital or Registered
      Nursing Home in India, OPD facility can only be availed of from any Govt.
      Hospitals/SAIL Plant Hospitals/Dispensaries or Hospitals listed in this Booklet (Page
      22to 31).

       c) O.P.D.Treatment: Means treatment taken as an out-patient in any Govt.
          Hospital/SAIL Plant Hospital or SAIL approved Hospital/Nursing Home. The Charges
          incurred for treatment taken from Registered Medical Practitioners or other than SAIL
          approved Hospital/Nursing Home will not be reimbursed. The Medicine should be
          prescribed by the Doctors on the letter heads of the hospital. Even though a medical
          practitioner is attached to any of the Govt. / SAIL plant hospital or SAIL approved
          hospital and if the treatment is taken by him/her privately the OPD Claim amount will not
          be reimbursed, under any circumstances.
       d) Anyone Illness: Anyone illness will be deemed to mean continuous period of illness and
          it includes relapse within 105 days from the date of last consultation with the Doctor
          /Hospital Nursing Home. Occurrence of same illness after lapse of 105 days as stated
          above will be considered as fresh illness for the purpose of this policy.
      e) Medical Practitioner: Means a person who holds a degree / diploma of a recognized
          institution and is registered by Medical Council of respective State of India. The term
          Medical Practitioner would include Physician, Specialist and Surgeon.
      f) Qualified Nurse: Means a person who holds a certificate of a recognized Nursing Council
          and who is employed on recommendations of the attending Medical Practitioners.

       Under Group Mediclaim Insurance Policy, the Company shall not be liable to make any
       payment in respect of any expenses whatsoever incurred by the insured person in connection
       1. Any Disease/complication caused due to alcohol intake.
       2. Any disease / injury caused by War/Nuclear Weapons/Radiations / Breach of Criminal
       3. Circumcision, cosmetic or Plastic Surgery unless necessitated by an accident or as a part
            of any Disease / illness.
       4. All health check - ups, routine eye examinations and cost of glasses and contact lenses.
       5. Cost of dentures.
       6. Convalescence, general debility, "Run-down" condition or rest cure, congenital diseases
           or defects, sterility, venereal diseases, intentional self injury and use of intoxicating
       7. Any expenses incurred for diagnosis etc. not consistent with treatment for injury / illness
       / disease.
       8. Expenses on vitamins and tonics unless forming part of treatment for injury or disease as
            certified by the attending physician.

                                                                            Page 6
       9. Treatment traceable to pregnancy / child birth, voluntary medical termination of
           pregnancy during first 12 weeks of conception.
       10. Naturopathy Treatment
        Hospitalization benefit, Reimbursement and/or cashless will be paid upto Rs. 1,50,000/- per
        member (with clubbing facility between the retired employee and his/ her spouse) as per policy
        terms and conditions. The clubbed ceiling under Hospitalization will be upto Rs. 3,00,000/- (Rs.
        1,50,000/- x 2) per policy period.
   8.1.1 Reimbursement: Reimbursement of actual charges upto Rs. 1,50,000/- per member per
        policy (with clubbing facility between retired employee & spouse) period spent on Room, IC
        Unit, nursing expenses, surgeon, anesthesia, medical practitioner, consultant, specialist fees,
        anesthesia, blood, oxygen, operation theatre charges, surgical appliances, medicines &
        drugs, diagnostic materials, X-ray, dialysis, chemotherapy, radio-therapy, cost of pacemaker,
        artificial limbs of and similar other expenses. CLAIM UNDER HOSPITALIZATION
        Relevant medical expenses incurred during the policy period upto 30 days prior to the
        hospitalisation on disease / illness sustained will be considered as part of claim under
        Relevant medical expenses incurred during the policy period upto 60 days after
        hospitalisation on disease / illness / injury sustained will be considered as a part of claim
        under hospitalisation. However, regular OPD treatment prescribed under post hospitalisation
        prescription will not fall under Hospitalisation claim.
  8.1.2 Cashless: The member can also avail of the Cashless Facility in case of hospitalization in
        empanelled hospitals.

       1) The limit of reimbursement of OPD expenses would be Rs. 4000/- per member for the
          policy period.
       2) The member can take treatment in the out-patient department (OPD) of any of the
           following Hospitals.
           i) Government Hospital, ii) SAIL Plant Hospital/Dispensaries, iii) SAIL Approved
           Homes (List attached), iv) SAIL Doctors /Medical Consultants.
       3) Retired employee and spouse will not be permitted under any circumstances to club the
           individual limit\ of Rs. 4000/- per head per policy period.

                                                                              Page 7
     4) The members can avail of OPD treatment facility in the above Hospitals. In case, the
        OPD treatment is taken in the SAIL Plant Hospitals the members are not required
        to pay any expenses. SAIL Plant Hospitals will make claims with the Insurance Co.
        for the any Treatment given to the member. Para 6 (C) may also be referred to. In
        case OPD treatment is taken at approved Hospital other than SAIL Plant Hospital,
        the claim should be submitted to MDINDIA Health Care Services (TPA)
        Pvt.Ltd. at the opted centre. (Vide page no. page 18)
     5) OPD treatment availed from the listed Hospitals should be necessarily claimed on the
        letterhead of the listed Hospital. Private OPD treatment wherein the prescription is on
        the letterhead of the doctor shall be treated as private treatment and will not be

     A. Reimbursement Hospitalisation
     i) Notice of the claim should be sent to the MDIndia at the centre of option, immediately
          and not later than 7 days of the injury / hospitalisation indicating Mediclaim Index No,
          Name of the Insured Member, Nature of Injury/illness, Name of the Hospital/Nursing
          Home. Specimen of claim intimation letter is Annexure- A, at page 14.
     ii) The claim form should be submitted duly filled in all respects and no column should be
          left blank. The specimen copy of claim form on pages 15-17, Annexure- B, Annexure-
          C may be used for the purpose.
     iii) All bills, Medical Reports, test reports, Pathological test report along with original
          prescription, Hospital Admission & Discharge Certificates be submitted by Registered
          Post, to the specified office of MDINDIA Health Care Services (TPA) Pvt. Ltd .
          as per centre opted at the address given in this booklet in support of the claim along with
          prescribed claim form (specimen copy on page 15 to 17 ) immediately on completion of
          the treatment or on expiry of 60 days from the date of discharge from the hospital
          whichever is earlier.
          Do ensure that the treatment is taken from a Registered Medical Hospital. However, in
          case, the treatment is taken in non-registered hospitals on an emergency basis, the
          insured member should have valid reasons for doing so and should immediately inform
          the Insurance Company with full details. All claim papers should be submitted in
          original. No photocopy will be accepted.
          Further, it may be noted that in case the bills/report enclosed with the hospitalisation
          claim paper pertain to establishment other than the nursing homes/hospital where the
          insured was hospitalized and they are not supported by proper prescription/advice of the
          attending doctor, then such bills/reports must be duly certified by the attending Doctor.
     iv) On receipt of completed claim form along with relevant document & discharge voucher,
          MDIndia shall process the claim. If the documents are found to be in order and other
          relevant information is complete, the claim will be settled and claim cheque would be
          posted as early as possible, normally within 15 days of the receipt of all claim
          documents mentioned by the Insurance Company. Cheques valuing more than Rs.
          1000/- would be sent by Regd. Post. Cheques can also be collected in person by the
          claimant or by any person authorized by the claimant.

                                                                           Page 8
   B. Cashless Hospitalization
      MDIndia offers Cashless Service to the Insured, where treatment can be obtained at any
      of MDIndia network hospitals without payment, subject to the terms and conditions
      of the policy. MDIndia will settle the hospital bills directly on behalf of insured. A list
      of network hospitals is attached for reference. (Ref to pages # 31-45).

   **ID Cards
      Insured is requested to show the enclosed MDIndia ID card at the time of Cashless
      hospitalization. Please establish photo identification, as it is a non-photo ID card,
      by confirming it with a valid identity proof like driving license, Passport, Election
      Commission Card or Mediclaim Booklet issued by the SAIL plant, etc. The Request
      for Authorization along with the MDIndia card and a photo ID has to be faxed to
      MDIndia at Authorization # 1-800-2334505, within 72 hours before the admission.
      The filled up RAL form is faxed by the hospital authorities.
      The format of the RAL is attached for reference on Annexure F (ref to Page # 20).
      The information in this form is to be filled in by the Hospital Authorities and partially
      by the Insured.

       When the policyholder is advised admission to one of the network hospitals for
        • Part I of “Request for Authorization” to be filled in by SAIL member (Ref page
        no 20).
        • Part II of the RAL to be filled by the attending doctor/surgeon/hospital
        • RAL to be faxed by the hospital to MDIndia Head Office at 020-25300030/1-800-
On receiving the RAL, MDIndia will do one of the following:

   a. Authorize
      MDIndia will fax an "Authorization Letter" (AL) directly to the hospital. In case the
      cost of hospitalization exceeds the sum insured in the policy, the policyholder will have
      to pay the difference to the hospital. MDIndia will not be liable for any amount in
      excess of the amount specified in the AL. The AL is valid only for the period of
      hospitalization as specified on the RAL.
   b. Request Additional Information
      In case the information provided in the RAL is incomplete, unclear or insufficient, MDI
      will request clarification from the policyholder/hospital. RAL maybe approved or
      rejected subject to obtaining the Additional information and based on the terms and
      conditions outlined in the policy.
   c. Denial
      MDIndia will fax “Denial of Authorization Letter” (DAL)* directly to the hospital.
      Cashless facility may be denied in some situations as mentioned below:
      Any ambiguity in the policy terms and conditions with respect to the present ailment.
      Insufficient sum insured to cover the hospitalization expenses.

                                                                        Page 9
               RAL is not received by MDIndia in time.
               If the information sent to MDIndia is insufficient to confirm the coverage.
            The policyholder or his/her relative must sign the claim form and hospital bills at the time
            of discharge from the hospital.
         *Please note that DAL is only denial of cashless facility and is no way to be interpreted as
         denial of treatment. You retain the right to get treated, pay for the services and then submit
         the bills to us for reimbursement, subject to policy terms and conditions.
          In case of hospitals/cities not included in the list, call at the Authorization #. Each request
         would be dealt on a case to case basis.

            In case the insured is admitted to one of our network hospitals in any emergency or
            accident, the RAL should be faxed to MDIndia Head Office or Branch within 24 hours of
            admission. MDIndia would authorize or deny the request as mentioned earlier. If the
            insured gets admitted to a non-network hospital, please refer to non-cashless
            hospitalization services section.

          i) OPD claim should be submitted to the concerned office of MDINDIA Health Care
             Services (TPA) Pvt.Ltd along with-
               1) OPD claim Form (specimen at page 18) duly filled in.
               2) All Doctor's Prescription
               3) All Receipts for Drugs/Diagnostic Tests
               4) All Diagnostic Reports
     All the above documents should be submitted in Original, in proper sequence, duly
          ii) Dental Treatment can also be availed of within the existing limit of Rs. 4000/- per
               member for the policy under O.P.D. treatment. Cost of dentures will not be reimbursed.
          iii) In case of expenses on Eye Treatment, cost of spectacles/contact lenses shall not be
          iv) OPD Claims should be submitted by the beneficiary to the concerned office of
               MDINDIA Health Care Services (TPA) Pvt.Ltd .only when the expenses exceed
               Rs. 1000 per person per policy period, within 15 days from the date of completion of the
               treatment. In other words the minimum claim for OPD should be Rs. 1000/- For those
               members whose OPD expenses do not exceed Rs. 1000/- during the entire policy period,
               the bills should be forwarded by such members within 15 days from the date of expiry
               of policy period i.e. latest by 15th January of the succeeding year For claims not lodged
               within the stipulated time limit. the company shall not be liable for such claims.
          v) In case of treatment of ear, cost of hearing aid is not reimbursable

C.       In case of any dispute in a claim, a committee of SAIL, UIIC officials and
         MDIndia Health Care Services (TPA) Pvt Ltd will be constituted to resolve
         the dispute. The decision of the committee in this regard will be binding on

                                                                                Page 10
       the parties. It shall be compulsory for all members of the scheme to first
       refer any grievance that they may have to the committee and wait for a
       reasonable time for the decision of the committee. The committee shall give
       detailed reasons for the decision taken for each and every dispute or
       grievance referred to it by any member of the scheme.

Customer care services

In case you have any questions or require assistance during hospitalization / claims
processing we offer complete support to you, 24/7, through our multi-lingual
Customer Care Centre.

             Toll Free Customer care Number : 1800-233-1166

             Customer care Voice (UAN ) Number : 1860-233-4446

             Toll Free Authorization Number :1800-233-4505

             Authorization Fax Number : 020-25300030

             Authorization Voice (UAN ) Number :1860-233-4448

             Authorization Fax (UAN ) Number :1860-233-4449

                                                                Page 11
PLANT                                NAME OF THE                           CONTACT
               PLANT/ UNIT                              DESIGNATION                      EMAIL ADDRESS
CODE                                   OFFICIAL                              NO.

                                                                          0788-2854928   vijaysharma@sail-
  1      BHILAI STEELPLANT         Vijay Kumar Sharma   Sr.Mgr(P)
                                                        Jr. Mgr (Pers-
  2      DURGAPUR STEEL PLANT      Prabir Kr. Das                         0343-2562316

                                                        SR.MGR                           amarendra.patnaik@sailr
  3      ROURKELA STEEL PLANT      A.Patnaik                              0661-2448506

                                                        Asstt. Gen Mgr
  4      BOKARO STEEL PLANT        BP Barnwal                             06542-240273

         IISCO                                          JR. MGR                          a.banerjee94172@gmail.
  5                                Arup Kr. Banerjee                      0341-2240313
         STEEL PLANT                                    (PERS)                           com
         ALLOY                                                            0343-          apsingh_dgp@redif
  6                                A.P. Singh           Sr.Mgr (Pers)
         STEELS PLANT                                                     2545795
         SALEM                                          ASSTT.MGR                        Saif_salem@rediffmail.c
  7                                A.Saifudeen                            0427-2382210
         STEEL PLANT                                    (PERS)                           om

                                   Ambarish                                              ambarishc@sail-
  8      CENTRAL MKTG.OFFICE                            Dy.Mgr (Pers)     033-22888825

         SAIL CORP                                                                       yp.manchanda@sailex.c
  9                                Y.P.Manchanda        Dy. Mgr(PERS)     011-24300329
         .OFFICE                                                                         om

         CENTRE FOR                                     DY MGR
 10                                SHIBAJI DEY                            0651-2411175
         ENGG & TECH.                                   (PERS)

 11      GROWTH DIVISION KULTI     BL DHAWAN            SR.Mgr (PERS)

         GROWTH DIVISION                                ASSTT.MGR                        swapankumar.sarkar@re
 12                                S.K.SARKAR                             033-22263399
         KOLKATA                                        (Law)                  

                                                        (PERS)                           m
                                                                          Ext. 2011

                                                        Asstt. Gen. Mgr
 14      MEL CHANDRAPUR            PP Chakrabarty                         07172-254368

         RAW MATERIALS DIVISION,                                                         rmd_mediclaim@rediff
 15                                V Kevin Ghose        SR.MGR(PERS)      033-22827603

         RESEARCH &                                     SR.MGR
 16      DEVELOPMENT CENTRE,       A.K.Sinha                              0651-2411128
         RANCHI                                         (PERS)

                                                                                Page 12
D. Details of dealing officers / office at the Nine centers & MDIndia HO is given below:
    1. Kolkata Branch                               2. Chennai Branch
MDIndia Healthcare Services (TPA) Pvt. Ltd      MDIndia Healthcare Services (TPA) Pvt. Ltd
169 Sarat Bose Road,                            1402, 15th Main Road, Annanagar,
2nd Floor, Kolkata – 700 026                    Chennai - 600040
Phone: 033-24669429                             Phone: 044-26162386
Fax : 033-24656633                                     044-26160370
Email :                 Fax: 044-26164000
     3. Delhi Branch                                4. Bhilai Branch
 MDIndia Healthcare Services (TPA) Pvt. Ltd     MDIndia Healthcare Services (TPA) Pvt. Ltd
 E98, 2nd Floor, Lajpat Nagar, Part – II,       10th Street, Shanti Nagar, Opp. Dashera Maidan,
 New Delhi – 110024                             Bhilai – Durg , Pin– 490023.
 Phone: 011-29811840                            Phone: 0788-2291860
 Fax : 011-29811838                             Fax: 0788 - 2291860
 Email :
    5. Durgapur Branch                              6. Rourkela Branch
MDIndia Healthcare Services (TPA) Pvt. Ltd      MDIndia Healthcare Services (TPA) Pvt. Ltd
22, Kabiguru Sarani, SAIL Co-Op, City Center,   BM-77, Basanty Colony, Near DL Chowk,
Durgapur- 713216                                Rourkela, Orissa – 769 012
Phone: 0343 - 2605644                           Phone: 0661- 2420779
Fax: 0343 - 2605644                             Fax: 0661 - 2420779
Email:                 Email:

    7. Bokaro Branch                                8. Salem Branch
MDIndia Healthcare Services (TPA) Pvt. Ltd      MDIndia Healthcare Services (TPA) Pvt. Ltd
1st floor, Mishra Market, Plot no. 7081, Near   59 S.K. Nagar, Seelanaickenpatty,
Vaibhav Hotel, By-Pass road, Chas,              Pin Code – 636201
Bokaro, Pin- 827013
Phone:06542-236426                              Phone: 0427-246686
Fax: 06542-236426                               Fax: 0427-246686
Email:                   Email:

    9. Asansol Branch                                   Pune HO Office
MDIndia Healthcare Services (TPA) Pvt. Ltd      MDIndia Healthcare Services (TPA) Pvt. Ltd
Room no.3 Shanti Niwas, 1st floor, Besides      S.No-46/1,E-Space,A-Wing,3rd Floor,
Income tax office, G.T. Road, Asansol , Pin     Pune Nagar Road, Vadgaonsheri, Pune-411014
No.- 713304                                     Phone: 020 - 25300030
Phone: 0341-2250799                             Fax : 020 -25300003
Fax: 0341-2250799                               Email :

                                                                             Page 13
Annexure A
                                          CLAIM INTIMATION LETTER

To,                                                                                             Dated: .........................
MDIndia Healthcare Services (TPA) Pvt.Ltd

Dear Sir,
                                    Sub: MIN No. . . .........................................

This is to inform you that I have been admitted to Hospital, details of which are as

1) Name of Insured Member: ................................................................................

2) Phone No. : ................................................................................

3) Nature of Injury/Illness: ................................................................................

4) Name & Address of Hospital: ..............................................................................

5) Date of Admission of Hospital: ................................................................................

Thanking You,
                                                                                                            Yours Faithfully

                                                            Name: ___________________________

                                                            Full Address for Correspondence: _______


                                                            Phone No. : ________________________

                                                                                                            Page 14

Issuing Office:                                                          Specimen



                                                         Claim No. …………………
                                                               (For office use only)

Please fill all columns without exception, put “N.A”, wherever the column is not relevant.

    1) Name of the Insured: …………………………………. …………………………….
       (In Capital Letters)     SURNAME         NAME

    2) Detail of the person
       Undergoing treatment:

        a) Name                 : …………………………………………………………………

        b) Date of Birth        : …………………………………………………………………

        c) Residential Address: ………………………………………………………………...

        d) Phone Number         : …………………………………………………………………

    3) MIN No. (Self)           : …………………………………………………………………

        MIN No. (Spouse)        : …………………………………………………………………

    4) Nature of Disease/
       Illness/Injury Suffered : …………………………………………………………………
    5) a) Name and Address
       of the Hospital/Nursing

                                                                         Page 15
        Home                   :………………………………………………………………….

        Registration No.       :………………………. State/U.Territory……………………..

        b) Date of Admission   : ……………………… …………………………

        c) Date of Discharge   : ……………………… …………………………

I have incurred on the treatment of Disease/Illness/Accident referred to above, the
expenses as per the details given by me in the Schedule of expenses given overleaf. In
support of the above claim I enclose the following documents in Original.

1. Bill, receipt and Discharge Certificate/Card from the Hospital.

2. Cash Memos from the Hospital/Chemist/(s), Supported by the proper prescription.

3. Pathological Test Report.

4. Surgeon's Certificate stating nature of operation performed.

5. Attending Doctor's/Consultant's/Specialist/Anesthetist’s Report.

6. Discharge Voucher duly signed on Rs. 1/- Revenue Stamp (Specimen given on page

I hereby warrant the truth of the foregoing particulars in every respect. I further declare
that, in respect of the above treatment, no benefit under any other scheme of insurance or
from my present employer's if any, have been claimed by me.

I also consent and authorize MDIndia/Insurance Company to seek medical
information/collect documents from any hospital/Medical Practitioner who has any time
attended on the insured person.

Date:                                                        Signature of Claimant

                                                                      Page 16

             MIN NUMBER                                                    CLAIM NO
                                        (If allotted)

                  (Attach separate Annexure for details of bills)

             Details of expenses claimed under
                                                                           Amount Claimed
    (To be supported by Bills/Receipt, Cash Memos etc)

                 1. Pre Hospitalisation Benefits
        (Within 30 days prior to admission in the hospital)

                     2. Hospitalisation Benefits

                 3. Post- Hospitalisation Benefits
               (upto 60 days from Date of Discharge)


I also consent and authorize MDINDIA/ united India insurance /SAIL to seek medical
information/documents from any hospital /provider who has any time attend on the insured person .

Date:                                      Place:                             Signature of Claima

                                                                               Page 17

                                 O.P.D TREATMENT CLAIM FORM

1) Name                       : ………………………………………………………………………

2) MIN                        : ………………………………………………………………………

3) Address (IN BLOCK LETTERS): ……………………………………………………………………...

4) Phone Number               : ………………………………………………………………………

5) Nature of Illness          : ………………………………………………………………………

6) Period of Illness          : ………………………………………………………………………

7) Expenses Incurred                         Amount            Bill No.                  Bill Date

a) For Consultation                   :

b) For Medicines                      :

c) For Pathological & Other
   Diagnostic tests                   :

I declare that the given information is correct and that I have not claimed reimbursement for the above
expenses incurred by from any other source.

 I also consent and authorize MDINDIA/ united India insurance /SAIL to seek medical
information/documents from any hospital /provider who has any time attend on the insured person .

Place: …………………

Date : …………………                                                            (Signature of Insured)

Note : Please enclose the following documents in original along with the claim form :

a) OPD Card of SAIL approved / Govt. Hospital.
b) Chemist/Nursing Home Bills/Receipts.
c) All Pathological & other test report and bills, if any.
d) Discharge Voucher duly signed (specimen given on page 14).
All the above should be in original. No Photocopies will be accepted.

                                                                                   Page 18
     Annexure E: Payment Voucher

     (Regd Office and H.O., Building A 2, 3rd Floor,                  Payment No:
     E Space, Vadgaon Sheri, Nagar Road, Pune-411014)

     Payment Voucher :                                                Date:

     Office: Doc. Code:                                               Bank A/c Code:

     Pay to Towards :                                            MIN NO. :

    S.L     Dept    Policy    Tr.      Endt / Ren    Amount            A/C    Code     CL       Insp      NOL
            code    Yr        Code     Yr Number     Debit       Credi Main   Sub      Code     Cod       code
                    Number             Tp                                                       e





Authorised By        AAO     AO       Asst/Dy. MGR            MGR             AGM              GM

                                                                                       Please affix Rs.
Received with thanks from                                                              1/- revenue
MDIndia Healthcare Services(TPA) Pvt. Ltd                                              stamp if amount
A sum of Rupees (in words)                                                             exceeds Rs.

 By Cheque No.

Drawn On:                     Dated                    Cashier                 Signature of Recipient

                                                                              Page 19
Annexure F: Request for Authorization (RAL) for Cashless Hospitalization.

                                                 Page 20
                                  Annexure “G”

                     Document Acknowledgement Form

MIN: …………………….

Name of Patient: ………………………………..

Date of Submission: ………………………………..

Branch of Submission: ……………………………….

Type of Document:
            a. OPD Claim
            b. Hospitalization Claim
            c. Additional Document Replies
            d. Pre/ Post Hospitalization Claim
            e. Deduction Payment
            f. Reconsideration Claim

                                                 Page 21
                         MEDICLAIM SCHEME

City Name                Hospital Name
Hyderabad                Apollo Hospital
Hyderabad                Aghava Ratna Towers, ChiragAli Lane
Hyderabad                Care Hospital
Hyderabad                Jaya Diagnostic & Research Centre Ltd. MEDWIN Hospitals
Hyderabad                LN Prasad Eye Hospital
Hyderabad                Yashoda Hospital & Medicity Hospital
Hyderabad                Maxvision Eye HospitalBegumpet , Hyderabad
Kakinada                 Apollo Samudra Hospitals
Kakinada                 Care Hospital
Nellore                  Bollineli Ramanaiah Memorial Hospital
Vijayawada               Global Medical Centre
Vijayawada               Pinnamaneni Care Hospital
Vijayawada               Saumya Apollo Hospital
Vijayawada               St. Ann's Hospital
Vijayawada               Vijetha Hospital
Visakhapatnam            City Care Hospital
Visakhapatnam            K.G. Hospital


City Name                Hospital Name
Guwahati                 International Hospital


City Name                Hospital Name
Bokaro                   Referral Hospital, P.O. Jainamore
Darbhanga                Ram Janki Hospital
Darbhanga                R.B. Memorial Hospital
Dhanbad                  BCCL Hospital
Dhanbad                  CCWO Hospital Sariadhella
Dharbhanga               DMCH
Dhanbad                  Patliputra Medical College
Giridih                  State Referral Hospital, Dumri
Hazaribagh               Mission Hospital
Jamshedpur               Cancer Hospital
Jamshedpur               Tata Main Hospital
Jamshedpur               Telco Hospital
Patna                    Holy Family, Hospital, Kurji
Patna                    Indira Gandhi Ayur Sansthan,Sekhpur

                                                          Page 22
Patna                             Patna Medical College Hospital
Ranchi                            Apollo Hospital, IRBA
Ranchi                            Gurunanak Hospital & Research Centre
Ranchi                            Hospital for Mental Disease
Ranchi                            Ispat Hospital, MECON
Ranchi                            Mahadevi Birla TB Sanatorium
Ranchi                            Marwari Sewa Sadan
Ranchi                            Mission Hospital, Bariatu
Ranchi                            Nagar Mal Modi Seva Sadan
Ranchi                            Rajendra Medical College Hospital
Ranchi                            R.K. Mission TB Sanatorium
Ranchi                             Raj Hospital Nidan - Main Road

City Name                         Hospital Name
Anand Vihar                       Swastik Medical Centre
Ashok Nagar                       Tyagi Nursing Home
Ashok Vihar, Phase-III            Sunder Lal Jain Charitable Hospital
Darya Ganj                        Sanjeevan Hospital
Dwarka                            Ayushman Hospital
Rohini                            Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre,
East of Kailash                   National Heart Institute, 49, Community Centre
East of Kailash, New Delhi - 24   R.G. Stone Clinic Urological Research Centre
Greater Kailash, Part-I           East West Medical Centre Pvt. Ltd.
23/7 Shakti Nagar,Delhi-7         Parmarth Misson Hospital
Rohini                            Saroj Hospital & Heart Institute
Jangapura, New Delhi-14           Sahi Hospital
Madhuban Chowk New Delhi          Bhagwan Mahavir Hospital
Greater Kailash-II                Retina Associates Eye Institute
Greater Kailash-II                South Point Hospial
Green Park, Extn                  Mohindra Hospital
Janakpuri                         Mata Chanan Devi Hospital
Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar-IV        The Heart Centre,
Greater Kailash –I                Sukdha Hospital,
Delhi                             Max Hospitals
Qutab Institutional Area          Sita Ram Bhartia Institute of Science & Research,
Qutab Institutional Area          Rockland Hospital,
Pusa Road                         Jeevan Nursing Home & Hospital,
Panchuian Road,                   Delhi Heart & Lung Institute,
K.G. Marg & Kailash Colony        Shroff Eye Centre
Safadurjang Development Area      Orthonova Institute of Advanced Surgery and Research Centre
Lajpat Nagar                      Moolchand Khairati Ram Hospital
Lajpat Nagar                      Dr. Patnaik Laser Eye Institute
Laxmi Nagar                       Walia Nursing Home
                                  Gujarmal Modi Hospital & Research Centre For Medical
Mandir Marg, Saket                Sciences

                                                                     Page 23
Mathura Road, Near Sarita Vihar           Apollo Indraprastha Hospital
Mayur Vihar                               Jeevan Anmol Hospital
Naveen Shahdara                           Dr. Gupta Nursing Home & Hospital
Vasant Vihar                              Vasant Lok Hospital
                                          Vidhya Sagar Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Science
Lajpat Nagar                              (VIMHANS)
Okhla Road                                Batra Hospital and Medical Research Centre
Okhla Road                                Escorts Heart Institute and Research Centre
Okhla Road                                Holy Family Hospital
Pandav Nagar, Naraina road                Khera Hospital
Paschim Vihar                             Bhatia Global Hospital
Preet Vihar                               Anand Health Care Pvt. Ltd.
Pusa Road                                 Kolmet Hospital & Medical Research Centre
Rajendra Nagar                            Sir Ganga Ram Hospital
Rajpur Road                               Tirath Ram Shah Hospital
Rohini                                    Bhagwati Hospital
Rohini                                    Jaipur Golden Hospital
Rohtak Road, Punjabi Bagh                 Maharaja Agrasain Charitable Hospital
Sarita Vihar                              Shri Ram Medical Centre
Sham Nath Marg                            Sant Parmanand Hospital
                                          Pushpavati Singhania Research Institute for Liver, Renal &
Sheikh Sarai, Phase-II                    Digestive Diseases,
South Extn                                Arya Vaidyashala, (Kottakal)
Sheikh Sarai                              Venu Eye Institute
Tis Hazari                                St. Stephans Hospital
Vasant Kunj                               Indian Spinal Injuries Centre
Vasant Vihar                              Seth Prabhu Dayal Gupta Charitable Hospital
Vasundhra Enclave                         Dharmshila Cancer Hospital & Research Centre
Vikas Marg, Extn.                         Deepak Memorial Hospital & Medical Research Centre
Vikas Marg, Extn.                         Shanti Mukund Hospital
Village Khizrabad (Near Friends Colony)   Lions Hospital & Research Centre, Lions Service Trust


City Name                                 Hospital Name
Bonapavla                                 Manipal Goa Cancer and General Hospital
Margao                                    Apollo Victor Hospital


City Name                                 Hospital Name
                                          Dr. Jeevraj Mehta Smarak Health Foundation Medical Research
Ahmedabad                                 Centre
Ahmedabad                                 M.P. Shah Cancer Hospital
Ahmedabad                                 R.G. Stone Clinic
Vadodara                                  Bhailal Amin General Hospital
Vadodara                                  Metro Hospital & Research Center

                                                                             Page 24

City Name              Hospital Name

Sector-51, Gurgaon     Artemis Health Institute
Palam Vihar, Gurgaon   Columbia Asia Hospital,
DLF City -IV Gurgaon   Shri Ram Bhartia Clinic
Faridabad              Escorts Hospital Centre
Gurgaon                Ark Hospital
Gurgaon                MP Heart Research Institute
Gurgaon                Privat Hospital
Gurgaon                Paras Hospital
Gurgaon                Uma Sanjivini Heatlh Centre Pvt. Ltd
Gurgaon                Umkal Hospital
Hissar                 Hospital attached to Jindal Steel
Panchkula              Alchemist Hospital
Panchkula              Dhawan Hospital
Sonipat                Bharat Hospital
Sonipat                Janki Das Kapoor Memorial Hospital
Sonipat                Sathya OmNethra & Maternity Hospital
Yamuna Nagar           JP Hospital
Bahadurgarh            Delhi Hospital & Nursing Home


City Name              Hospital Name
Bangalore              Bangalore Institute of Dental Science & Hospital
Bangalore              Central Institute of Neuro-Science
Bangalore              Chinmaya Mission Hospital
Bangalore              Innovative Dental and Medical Poly Care Centre
Bangalore              KMC Hospital
Bangalore              Mallaya Hospital
Bangalore              Manipal Hospital
Bangalore              Manipal Heart Foundation
Bangalore              Mental Hospital
Bangalore              Model Eye Clinic and Nursing Home
Bangalore              Nethradhama Superspeciality Eye Hospital
Bangalore              Shri Satya Sai Hospital
Bangalore              St. Marthas Hospital
Bangalore              The Bangalore Hospital
Bangalore              Vittala International Institute of Ophthalmology
Bangalore              Wochardt Hospital
Bangalore              Ramiah Hospital

                                                           Page 25
Bangalore                   St. John's Medical College and Hospital
Manipal                     Kasturba Hospital
Mysore                      Basappa Memorial Hospital
Mangalore                   A J Hospital & Research Centre


City Name                   Hospital Name
Alapuzha                    VSM Hospital
Melamur Palakkad-6          Karuna Hospital
Chittur Road, Palakkad-13   Lakshmi Hospital
Kollam                      Amrita Ayurveda Medical College Hospital & Research Centre,
Palakkad                    Diabetic Centre
Perinthalmanna-679322       EMS Memorial Co-operative Hospital & Research Centre
Alleppey                    St. Thomas Mission Hospital
Calicut                     Bady Memorial Hospital
Chengannur                  Christian Mission Hospital
Kochi                       Amrita Institute of Medical Science & Research Centre
Kochi                       Arya Vaidyasala (Kottakal)
Kochi                       Ernakulam Medical Centre
Kochi                       Indira Gandhi Co-op. Hospital
Kochi                       KPM Eye Hospital
Kochi                       Ojus Clinic & Nursing Home
Kochi                       PVS Hospital
Kochi                       Giridhar Eye Institute
Kochi                       Lisie Hospital
Kochi                       Lourdes Hospital
Kochi                       Medical Trust Hospital
Eraviperoor                 Kotakkattu Medicare Hospital
Irinjalakuda                Lal Memorial Hospital
Kannur                      Cooperative Hospital
Kannur                      Indira Gandhi Co-op. Hospital
Kollam                      S.S.M. Hospital
Kottayam                    Karithas Hospital
Kottayam                    Mar Gee Varghese Dionysius Memorial Hospital
Kottayam                    S.H. Medical Centre
Kottayam, Kollam            Holy Cross Multispeciality Hospital
Kozhencherry                Muthoot Medical Centre
Mulakuzha                   Century Hospital
Palakkad                    Palana Hospital
Palakkad                    Palat Memorial Hospital
Palakkad                    Thangam Hospital of PMRC
Palakkad                    Welcare Hospital
Pandalam                    N.S.S. Medical Mission Hospital
Parumala                    St. Gregorios Cardio-Vascular Centre
Pathanam Thitta             Tiruvalla Medical Mission

                                                               Page 26
Pathanamthitta              Marthoma Medical Mission Hospital
Pathanamthitta              Muthoot Medical Mission Hospital
Perumbavoor                 San Joe, Hospital
Trichur                     Amala Cancer Hospital
Trichur                     Aswani Hospital
Trichur                     Elite Mission Hospital
Trichur                     Jublee Mission Hospital
Trichur                     Trichur Heart Hospital
Trichy                      Maruti Hospital
Triuvalla Dist, Ernakulam   Pushpgiri Hospital
Trivandrum                  General Hospital
Trivandrum                  Mental Hospital
Trivandrum                  Mother Hospital
Trivandrum                  Samaritan Hospital
Trivandrum                  Shreechitra Tirumak Medical Centre
Trivandrum                  Sree Uthradom Thirunal Hospital


City Name                   Hospital Name
Bhopal                      Kasturba Hospital (BHEL)
Gwalior                     G.R. Medical College
Bhopal                      Ayushman Hospital Centre
Indore                      Bombay Hospital
Indore                      Choitham Hospital & Research Centre
Indore                      M.Y. Hospital
Jabalpur                    Jabalpur Hospital & Research Centre
Raipur                      D.K. Hospital
Raipur                      Modern Medical Institute
Ujjain                      PSS Hospital & Research Centre
Ujjain                      Pushpa Mission Hospital
Vindyanagar                 Vindyachal Hospital (NTPC)


City Name                   Hospital Name
Mumbai                      Bombay Hospital
Vashi Navi Mumbai           Sterling Wockhardt Hospital
Mumbai                      Lilavati Hospital & Research Centre

Mumbai                      B.J. Wadia Hospital
Mumbai                      G.T. Hospital
Mumbai                      Hinduja Hospital
Mumbai                      Jaslok Hospital
Mumbai                      J.J. Group of Hospital
Mumbai                      K.E.M. Hospital

                                                                  Page 27
Mumbai         NAIR Hospital
Mumbai         Nanavathi Hospital
Mumbai         R.G. Stone Clinic
Mumbai         Tata Cancer Research Institute
Mumbai         Tata Memorial Hospital
Nagpur         Central India Institute of Medical Science
Nagpur         Mental Hospital
Nagpur         Wockhardt Hospitals
Navi Mumbai    Dr. D. Y. Patil Hospital & Research Centre
Navi Mumbai    Sterling Hospital
Pune           Artificial Limb Centre
Pune           Sadhu Vaswani Mission Medical Complex
Pune           K.E.M. Hospital
Pune           Medipoint Hospital
Pune           N.M. Wadia Institute of Cardiology
Pune           Jehangir Hospital
Thane          Lok Hospital


City Name      Hospital Name
Berhampur      M.K.C.G. Medical College
Bhubaneshwar   Apollo Hospital
Bhubaneshwar   CDR Hospital
Bhubaneshwar   Kalinga Hospital
Cuttack        S.C.B. Medical College
Sambalpur      V.S.S. Medical College


City Name      Hospital Name
Chandigarh     Fortis Hospital
Chandigarh     Inscol
Chandigarh     CMC Hospital
Ferozpur       Anil Baghi Hospital
Hoshiarpur     Modern Hospital
Jallandhar     Patel Hospital Pvt. Ltd.
Ludhiana       CMC Hospital
Rajpura        Soni Hospital


City Name      Hospital Name
Alwar          Indraprastha Apollo Hospital
Alwar          Sinha Nursing Home

                                                  Page 28
Jaipur                 SMS Medical College
Jodhpur                Goyal Hospital & Research Centre Pvt. Ltd.
Vasant Vihar , Alwar   Seth Prabhir Dayal Gupta Charitable Hospital


City Name              Hospital Name
Chennai                Apollo Hospital
Chennai                B.S.S. Hospital
Chennai                Shri. Ramachandra Hospital
Chennai                Cancer Institute
Chennai                General Hospital
Chennai                K.J. Hospital
Chennai                Malar Hospital
Chennai                Madras General Hospital
Chennai                Railway Headquarters Hospital
Chennai                R.S.R's Trinity Acute Care, Hospital
Chennai                Shanker Netralaya
Chennai                Sundaram Medical Foundation
Chennai                Tamil Nadu Hospitals
Chennai                Vijaya Hospital
Chennai                St. Isabel Hospital
Chennai                Dr. Mohan’s Diabetological Institute
Chennai                Madras Medical Mission
Chennai.               Indian Medical Practitioners, Co-operative Society Hospital
Chennai.               Ramachandra Medical College & Research Institute
Coimbatore             Kottakkal Arya Vaidyasala
Coimbatore             Ganga Medical Centre & Hospital Pvt. Ltd.
Coimbatore             G Kuppuswamy Naidu Memorial Hospital,
Combiatore             Vijaya Hospitals
Coimbatore             Kennedy Hospital,
Coimbatore             K.G. Hospital
Coimbatore             Nataraj Hospital, Kanchi Kamakoti Trust
Coimbatore             Ram Krishna Hospital
Coimbatore             The Eye Foundation
Coimbatore             Coimbatore Aryu Viidyu (Pharmacy)
Madurai                Apollo Hospital
Madurai                Arvind Eye Hospital
Madurai                Bose Hospital
Madurai                Meenakshi Mission Hospital & Research Centre
Pondicherry            East Coast Hospital
R.S. Puram             Vedanayakam Hospital
Salem                  Sri Gokulam Hospital
Trichy                 Sea Horse Hospital Ltd
Trichy                 Kavery Medical Centre (KMC) Trichy

                                                              Page 29
Vellore         Christian Medical College & Hospital


City Name       Hospital Name
Agra            Jalma Insitute of Leprosy Trg. & Research Centre
Aligarh         Gandhi Eye Hospital
Aligarh         J.N. Medical College
Allahabad       MLN Medical College
Ghaziabad       Dr. R.S.G. (Indo German) Medical Centre
Ghaziabad       Ganesh Hospital
Ghaziabad       Narendra Mohan Hospital
Ghaziabad       Sarvodya Hospital
Ghaziabad       Yashoda Hospital
Haridwar        Dispensaries run under Divya Yog Mandir (Trust)
Kanpur          Regency Hospital Ltd
Kaushambi       Jashoda Speciality Hospital
Lucknow         Vivekanand Polyclinic
Lucknow         OP Chaudhar Hospital & Research Centre,
Lucknow         Ramakrishnan Mission
NOIDA           Aggarwal Eye Hospital & Dental Care Centre
NOIDA           Kailash Hospital & Research Centre Ltd
NOIDA           Keerti Medical Centre
NOIDA           Metro Multi Speciality Hospital
NOIDA           Fortis Hospital,
NOIDA           Metro Heart Hospital,
NOIDA           NOIDA Medical Centre
Sitapur         Eye Hospital
Varanasi        B.H.U. Hospital


Dehradun        Jolly Grant Himalaya Institute of Medical Sciences

Barrakpore      Disha Eye Hospital & Research Centre-
Hooghly         Aroga Niketan
Howrah          West Bank Hospital
Burdwan         Burdwan Medical College & Hospital
Kolkata         Zenith Superspeciality Hospital,
Kolkata         Nightingle Digonostic & Medicare Centre Pvt. Ltd,
Kolkatta        Advance Medicare and Research Institute
Kolkatta        Anandlok Hospital
Kolkatta        Assembly of God Church Hospital

                                                   Page 30
Kolkatta   Aurobindo Seva Kendra
Kolkatta   B. P. Poddar Hospital & Medical Research Ltd
Kolkatta   B.M. Birla Heart Research Insitute
Kolkatta   Bangur Institute of Neurology
Kolkatta   Behala Balananda Brahmachari Hospital & Research Centre
Kolkatta   Calcutta Medical & Research Insitute
Kolkatta   Cancer Centre and Welfare Home
Kolkatta   Calcutta Heart Clinic & Hospital
Kolkatta   Chittaranjan Cancer Hospital
Kolkatta   Dr. Rafi Ahmed Dental College & Hospital
           Dr. Sudarsan Chakarborti Memorial Centre for Research and
Kolkatta   Treatment
Kolkatta   Apollo Gleneagles Hospital
Kolkatta   Eskag-Sanjeevani
Kolkatta   Eye Care & Research Centre
Kolkatta   Harmoni Nursing Home
Kolkatta   ILS Multi Speciality Clinic
Kolkatta   Jitendra Narayan Ray Sishu Seva Bhawan
Kolkatta   Kothari Medical Centre
Kolkatta   K.P.C. Medical College & Hospital
Kolkatta   Microlap Nursing Home
Kolkatta   Paramount Hospital Pvt. Ltd
Kolkatta   Park Clinic
Kolkatta   North Bank Diagnostic Centre
Kolkatta   North City Hospital & Neuro Institute
Kolkatta   Peerless Hospital
Kolkatta   Ramakrishna Mission Seba Pratishthan
Kolkatta   Ruby General Hospital
Kolkatta   Rabindra Tagore International Institue of Cardiac Sciences
Kolkatta   SEBA Hospital
Kolkatta   Sahid Khudiram Bose Institute & Research Centre
Kolkatta   Silver Line Hospital & Research Institute
Kolkatta   Subodh Mitra Cancer Hospital & Research Centre
Kolkatta   Suraksha Hospital
Kolkatta   Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre
Kolkatta   Wockhard Medical Centre
Kolkatta   West Bengal Spastics Society
Kolkatta   Wockhard Hospital & Kidney Institute IIIA
Kolkatta   Woodland Nursing Home
Purulia    Netaji Eye Hospital
Raniganj   Anandlok Hospital

                                              Page 31


Location                      Hospital Name
Dr Jivraj Mehta Marg          Dr Jivraj Mehta Smarak Health Foundation
Memnagar                      Sterling Hospital
S.G. Highway                  Shalby Hospitals Ltd
                              The Gujarat Research & Medical Institute (rajasthan
Shahibag                      Hospitals)


Location                      Hospital Name
G T Road                      Asansol Metropolitan Nursing home
G T Road                      City Nursing Home
G T Road                      Kamalya Nursing Home
G T Road (W)                  Asansol Mecdial center
Lower chelidanga              Life linemedicare
Ranigung NH 2                 AnandalokHospital
Sen raligelh road             Dodadil nursing
Sen raligelh road             HLG Hsopital (tertiary)
Sen raligelh road             Lion Hospital


Location                      Hospital Name
Ballabgarh                    Akash Hospital


Location                      Hospital Name
2nd Main Road                 Chiranjeevi Hospital and Maternity Home
Agrahara Dasarahalli          Sarvodaya Hospital
Ashok nagar                   St Philomena Hospital
Indira nagar                  Chinmaya Mission Hospital
Sonde koppa Circle            Harsha Hospital
Vittal Mallya Road            Mallya Hospital
Bommasandra Industrial Area   Narayana Hrudayalaya
Mahalaxmi Layout              Sangolli Nursing Home
Airport Whitefield Rd         Sankara Eye Hospital

                                                          Page 32
Bannergatta Road                     Wockhardt Hospitals Limited
Bannerghatta road                    Apollo Hospitals Bangalore
Basavanagudi                         Avadhani Nethralaya
Basavesharanagar                     Panacea Hospitals (P) Ltd
Below Railway Bridge                 Sundar Hospital
Hanumantha Nagar                     Vishwabharathi Hospital Pvt Ltd
Hebbal                               Bangalore Baptist Hospital
Hosakerehalli                        Vittala International Institute of Ophthalmology
Jayanagar                            Sagar Hospitals
Jayanagar (Near Vivekanand School)   Jayanagar Orthopaedic Centre
Kalyananagar                         Lokhande Hospital
Kanakapura Main Road                 Bharath Nursing Home
Kanakpura Main Rd                    Deepak Hospital
Looft Ring Road                      Pulse Diagnostics & Specialist Care Centre
Magadi Main Road                     Padmavathi Hospital
Mahalakshmipuram                     Sneha Nursing Home
Malleshwaram                         Columbia Asia Hospitals Pvt Ltd
Malleshwaram                         Jupiter Hospital
MSR Ngr                              M S Ramaiah Memorial Hospital
Near Cantonment Rly Station          Church Of South India
Near Ulsoor Lake                     Lakeside Medical Centre & Hospital
Tumkur Rd                            Sri Raghavendra Hospital
Vidyalaya Rd                         The Bangalore Hospital
Vijaynagar                           Vidya Eye Hospital


Location                             Hospital Name
Mayura Talkies                       Revival Nursing
Nehru Nagar                          BSR Apollo
Nehru Nagar                          BSR Cancer Hospital
Nehru Nagar                          C M Hospital
Nehru Nagar                          KGH Hospital(Cardiac)
Nehru Nagar                          Suraj Hospital
Opp Mayura Talkies                   Bhilai Nursing Home
Supela                               Gayathri Hospital
Supela                               Sparsh Hospital


Location                             Hospital Name
Kolar Road                           Harsiddhi Hospital
M P Ngr                              N M R Hospital

                                                                  Page 33
Opp Dushehra Maidan                 Career Institute Of Medical Sciences
Opp Nermal Meera School             Chirayu Health & Medicare Pvt Ltd
Shahpura                            Ayushman Hospitial


Location                            Hospital Name
BBSR                                Panda Nursing Home (P) Ltd
Kharelnagar Near BBSR Rly Station   Neelachal Hospital Pvt Ltd
Ekamra Marg                         Maa Shakti Hospital
Nr. Muncipal Kalyan Mandap          Aditya Care Hospital
Saheednagar                         Deepak Clinic - N - Nursing Home


Location                            Hospital Name
Bokaro                              Dr K K Das
B.S. City                           Mother Care
City Centre, Sec-4                  Sri Sai Hospital
Birla Dental College Campus         Om Sri Sai Hospital & Research Centre
Doctor's Clony                      Shanti nursing hospital
Chas                                K M memorial hospital
Chas                                MuskanHospital
Chas                                Nilam hospital


Location                            Hospital Name
Bhind grudwara                      Oxford heart & Multispeciality Hospital
Chandigarh                          Kapoor's Kidney And Urostone Centre Pvt. Ltd
Chandigarh                          Omni Hospital
Sec - 34 A                          Inscol Hospital
Sector 15-c                         Dharam Hospital


Location                            Hospital Name
19,Cathedral Road,                  Dr.Agarwal Eye Hospital Ltd.
21, Greams Lane                     Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd
45, G A Road                        CSI Rainy Multispeciality Hospital
Adayar                              Malar Hospitals Limited
Alwarpet                            Harvey Healthcare Ltd
Anna Nagar                          KHM Hospital

                                                                 Page 34
Baracks road             GKM Hospital Pvt. Ltd.
58 LB Road               Adyar P M Hospital & Research Ctr P Ltd.
Naid Colony Aminjika     M R Hospital
Poonamallee High Road    New Hope Medical Centre
Valasaravakkam Opp       Rakshit Hospital
Chromepet                Royal Balaaji Hospital
College Road             Medical Research Foundation
Jaganathan Street        Balaji Hospitals (P) Ltd.
Kaladipet                Rohit Hospital
Kattankuluthur           SRM Medical College Hospital & Research Centre
Kelampakkam              Chettinad Hospital & Research Institute
Kilpauk                  Apollo First Med
Kilpauk                  Deepam Eye Hospital
Kilpauk                  The Guest Hospital
Medavakkam               Global Hospitals & Health City
Mogappair                Frontier Lifeline Pvt Ltd
Mogappair                Madras Medical Mission
Mount Poonamallee Road   Miot Hospitals Limited
Mylapore                 Sampat Nursing Home
Mylapore                 Chennai Meenakshi Multispeciality Hospital Ltd
Mylapore                 RSR Trinity Acute Care Hospital
Mylapore                 St Isabel Hospital
Nandanam                 Apollo Specialty Hospital
Nandanam                 Venkataeswara Hospitals
Nanganallur              Hindu Mission Health Services
Near Valluvarkottam      Rajan Eye Care Hospital
Nungambakkam             Kanchi Kamakoti Childs Trust Hospital
Pallikaranai             Dr Kamakshi Memorial Hospital
Peravallur (Perambur)    Abhijay Hospital (P) Ltd
Porur                    Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre
Purasawalkam             Noble Hospital
Raja Annamalaipuram      Andhra Mahila Sabha
Raja Annamalaipuram      Chennai Kaliappa Hospital
Saidapet                 Vasan Eye Care Hospital
Shenoy Nagar             Billroth Hospitals
Sowcarpet                Apollo Hospitals Sowcarpet
St Thomas Mount          St Thomas Hospital
T.Nagar                  Bharathi rajaa speciality Hospital
Tambaram (W)             Bethesda Medical Mission
Thiruvotriyur            Sugam Hospital
Tondiarpet               Apollo Hospitals Tondiarpet
Vadapalani               Vijaya health centre
Vadapalani               Vijaya Heart Foundation

                                                       Page 35
Vadapalani                      Vijaya Hospital
West road                       Vijais Nursing home


Location                        Hospital Name
Alwave                          Carmel Hoapital
Diwans Road Ernakulam           Lakshmi Hospital
KMK Jn                          Don Bosco Hospital
M.G.Road                        Kochi Hospital
Pachalam                        Lourdes Hospital


Location                        Hospital Name
Alam Nagar Road                 Ashwin Hospital
Avinashi Road                   Lotus Eye Care Hospital Ltd
Mettupalayam Road               V G Hospital
Peelamedu                       Psg Hospital
Sundarapurah                    Sree Abirami Hospital (P) Ltd


Location                        Hospital Name
Telengapenth N H - 5            Panda Curie Cancer Centre


Location                        Hospital Name
Adjacent to Moolchand Flyores   Moolchand Khairati Ram Hospital
Anand Vihar                     Swasthik Medical Centre
Bali Nagar                      Khetarpal Hospital
Budh Vihar                      Brahm Shakti Hospital & Research Centre Pvt
Darya Ganj                      Sanjeevan Medical Research Centre (P)Ltd
Daryaganj                       Dr Shroffs Charity Eye Hospital
Delhi Mathura Road              Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals
East of Kailash                 National Heart Institute
G. T Karnal Highway             Bhatia Hospital
Greater Kailash - II            Talwar Medical Centre
Janakpuri                       Mata Chanan Devi Hospital
Janakpuri                       Hemraj Jain Hospital & Maternity Home
Jeewan Nagar                    Jeewan Hospital & Nursing Home

                                                              Page 36
Kailash Colony                    Dr Sharma Nursing Home
Kailash Colony                    Shroff Eye Centre
Kalkaji                           Banarsidas Chandiwala Institute Of Medical Sciences
Kirti Nagar                       Kalra Hospital
Krishna Nagar                     Ganesh Ortho Trauma & Medical Centre
Lajpat Nagar                      Vimhans Hospital
Madhuban Chowk, Rohini            Saroj Hospital & Heart Institute
Main Panchkul Geetanjali Road     Sunil Hospital and Nursing Home
Malviya Nagar                     Aakash Hospital
Mayur Vihar                       Jeevan Anmol Hospital
Mayur Vihar                       Kukreja Hospital
Najafgarh                         Ortho Plus Hospital
Nangloi                           Bimal Hospital
Near Janak Puri West Metro        Anand Hospital
Near Keshnopur Bus Depo           Park Hospital
Near Popular Apt & Mother Dairy   Bhagwati Hospital
Near Sir Ganga Ram Hospital       Mohan Eye Institute
Near Sunlight Colony              Jeewan Nursing Home
Okhala Rd                         Escorts Heart Institute & Research Centre
Panchkulan Rd                     Delhi Heart & Lung Institute
Paschim Vihar                     Sri Balaji Action Medical Institite
Patparganj                        Max Balaji Hospital
Phase-3                           Sunder Lal Jain Hospital
Preet Vihar                       Metro Hospital & Cancer Institute
Priyadarshini Vihar               Makkar Medical Centre
Punjabi Bagh                      Maharaja Agrasen Hospital
Punjabi Bagh                      MGS Hospital
Pusa Road                         Jeewan Nursing Home & Hospital
Rajinder Nagar                    Sir Ganga Ram Hospital
Rajouri Garden                    Kukreja Hospital And Heart Centre
Rohini                            Family Hospital (P) Ltd
Rohini                            Jaipur Golden Hospital
Rohtak Rd                         Shree Jeewan Hospital
Safdarjung Enclave                Centre For Sight
Saket                             Max Devki Devi Heart & Vascular Institute
Saket                             Sawan Neelu Angels Nursing Home
Sarva Priya Vihar                 Healing Touch Hospital
Sec – V                           Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre
Sec-16 Rohini                     Satyam Hospital Pvt Ltd
Sector - 14 Rohini                Santom Hospital Pvt Ltd

                                                               Page 37
Shalimar Bagh                   Kesar Hospital
Tughlabad                       Batra Hospital & Medical Research Centre
Uttam Nagar                     Gandhi Nursing Home
Uttam Nagar                     Mata Roop Rani Maggo Mahindru Hospital
Vikas Marg                      Malik Radix Healthcare Pvt Ltd
Vikas Marg                      Pushpanjali Medical Centre
Vikas Marg                      Sharp Sight Centre
Yamuna Vihar                    Panchsheel Hospital (P) Ltd


Location                        Hospital Name
A/1 Nandal Bishti               Presidnecy Nursing Home
Aldrin Path                     West Midland Nursing Home
B-120 Aldrin Path               Bidhan Niramoy Hospital
CENTRAL PARK                    City Clinc and Nursing Home Pvt Ltd
Dr Zakir Hossain Avenue         Vivekanad Hospital ( Secondary Care)
G T ROAD                        west end Nursing Home
Manora Das Market               Amader Nursing Home
N1 Doctor's Colony              Dr B C Roy Hospital
Near Durgapur Station           JeevanDeep Nursing Home
Nera DurgapurStaion             Dollar Nursing Home
Nera DurgapurStaion             Dr Vivek Nursing home
Sector 2C                       Mission Hosiptal (tertairty Care)


Location                        Hospital Name
5R/5 ,NIT                       Surya Ortho & Trauma Centre
Near Neelam Bata Flyover        Escorts Hospital & Research Centre
Neelam Flyover, Ajronda Chowk   QRG Central Hospital
Sector 16                       Metro Heart Institute
Sector 19, Gopi Colony          Sarvodaya Hospital & Research Centre
YMCA Road                       Sarvodaya Hospital & Research Centre


Location                        Hospital Name
H-1, Kaushambi                  Yashoda Hospital & Research Centre Ltd
Indirapuram                     Shanti Gopal
Mohan Nagar                     Narendra Mohan Hospital
Nehru Nagar                     Yashoda Hospital & Research Centre Ltd

                                                              Page 38
Plot No 481, Friend Society, Sector 12,
Vasundra                                  Param Jyoti Eye Care
Rajnagar                                  Shivam Hospital & Heart Centre Pvt Ltd.


Location                                  Hospital Name
380, City Centre, Sector 29               Doctor Kares Health Care Pvt Ltd
877/12, Mata Road                         Mamta Hospital
B Block, Sushant Lok 1                    Max Hospital
Mehrauli Road                             Kalyani Hospital Pvt Ltd
Near Mayfield Garden                      Artemis Medicare Services Pvt Ltd
Near Shalom School                        Paras Hospital


Location                                  Hospital Name
Banjara Hills                             Care Hospitals
Secretariat Road                          MediCiti Hospitals
Jubilee Hills                             Apollo Hospitals
L.B.Nagar                                 Kamineni Hospitals
Malakpet                                  Yashoda Super Speciality Hospital
Nampally Railway Station                  Medwin Hospital
Sanath Nagar                              St Therasa Hospital
Somajiguda                                Yashoda Super Speciality Hospital


Location                                  Hospital Name
A B Road                                  CHL Apollo Hospitals
Dr Sarju Prasad Marg                      Gokuldas Hospitals Ltd
Mainak Bagh Road                          Choithram Hospital & Research Centre
Ring Rd                                   Mayur Hospital & Research Centre
Ujjain Road                               Sri Aurobindo Institute Of Medical Sciences


Location                                  Hospital Name
Damoh naka                                Metro Hospital & Cancer Research Centre
Gol bazar                                 National Hospital
Jabalpur                                  City Hospital &Research Centre
Near Gate No 3                            Anant Institute Of Medical Sciences
Opp. Wright town stadium                  Mahakoshal Hospital

                                                                     Page 39

Location                    Hospital Name
Ashok Marg                  Liberty Hospital
Jaipur                      Sahai Hospital &Research Centre
Jawaharlal Nehru Marg       Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital & Research Centre
Malviya Nagar               Fortis Escorts Hospital
Malviya Ngr                 Apex Hospital (P) Ltd
Mansarovar                  Dhanvantri Hospital & R Centre
Mansarovar                  Saket Medicare & Reasearch Centre
Sector 5                    S K Soni Hospital
                            Ganadhipati Purushottam Shekhawati Hospital& Research
Vidhyadhar Nagar            Centre
Vidhyadhar Nagar            Shekhawati Hospital And Research Centre


Location                    Hospital Name
Main Road Bistapur          Life Line Hospital


Location                    Hospital Name
Residency Road              Goyal Hospital & Research Centre(p) Ltd.


Location                    Hospital Name
Chittor road,               Sree Sudheendra Medical Mission
Opp Adam Pillykadu Temple   Vijaya Kumara Menon Hospital
Panayappilly                Gautham Hospital
Ravipuram                   V. G. Saraf Memorial Hospital (P) Ltd.
Vellikulam Rd               Ccmk Hospital


Location                    Hospital Name
Albert Road                 Gamma Centauri Healthcare Pvt Ltd
Andul Road                  West Bank Hospital
APC Road                    Capitol Nursing Home Pvt Ltd
Barsat                      Care & Cure Nursing Home
Belgharia                   Sahid Khudiram bose Hospital

                                                       Page 40
Beliaghata                                   Divine Nursing Home,
Bose Road                                    Lansdowne Nursing Home
Bose Road                                    Ramakrishna Mission Seva Pratishthan
Deshpran Sasmal Road                         Rsv Nursing Home & Speciality Diagnostic Centre
E M Bypass                                   Ruby General Hospital
Gariahat                                     AMRI Hospitals
Kasba Golpark                                Desun Hospital & Heart Institute
Canal Circular Road                          Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals
National Library Avenue                      B M Birla Heart Research Centre
1/3 Dover Place                              Dr. Nihar Munshi Eye Foundation
Rajdanga Main Road                           Genesis Hospital
Rajarhat Road                                Swasti Eye &Super Speciality Nursing Home
Diamond Harbour Road                         The Calcutta Medical Research Institute
Alipore Road                                 Woodlands Medical Centre Limited
Dimond Harbour Road                          Behala Balananda Brahmachari Hospital & Research Centre
Gorky Terrace                                Park Clinic
Loudon Street                                Priyamvada Birla Aravind Eye Hospital
Mallick Square,                              Sankar Netralaya
                                             Rabindranath Tagore International Institute Of Cardiac
Mukandapur                                   Sciences & Armenian Church Trauma Ctr
Music World Park Street,Mocambo Restaurant   Royd Nursing Home & Health Care Ltd
Nagaland House                               Nightingale Diagnostic & Medicare Centre Pvt Ltd
Near Alipore Zoo                             Kothari Medical Centre
Near Vandoan Market                          Life Line Nursing Home
Near WBSEB Office                            Hindustan Health Point Pvt Ltd
New Alipore, Block-G                         B.P Poddar Hospital & Medical Research Ltd
Nr Kamarhati                                 Zenith Super Speciality Hospital
Opp to Club Town                             Charnock Hospital Pvt Ltd
Opp Triangular Park                          N G Medicare & Calcutta Hope Infertility Clinic
Opp. Medical College                         The Sherwood Nursing Home
Opp.Traingular Park,Near Priya Cinema        Wockhardt Hospital &Kidney Institute
Panchasayar                                  National Neurosciences Centre
Panchasayar                                  Peerless Hospitex Hospital And Research Centre Ltd.
Park Street                                  Mission of Mercy Hospital & Research Centre
Paul Road                                    Microlap
Prannath Pandit Street                       Health Point
S C Mullick Rd                               K P C Medical College & Hospital Jadavpur
Salt Lake                                    Columbia Asia Hospital
Salt Lake                                    Rotary Narayana Nethralaya
Salt Lake city                               Ils Hospital
                                             Susruta Clinic &Research Institute For Advance Medical
Salt Lake Stadium                            Pvt Ltd
Saltlake                                     Subodh Mitra Cancer Hospital & Research Centre

                                                                           Page 41
Saltlake City                    Anandalok Hospital
Sinthee More (Binayak Enclave)   Binayak Multispeciality Hospital
Sukanta Sadan                    Disha Eye Hospitals & Research Centre Pvt Ltd
VIP Road                         Uma Medical Related Institute (P) Ltd
VIP Road                         Vip Apex Medical Centre Private Limited


Location                         Hospital Name
Azad Lane                        Bharath Charitable Hospital Society
Azad Lane                        Bharath Hospital
Kollam                           Holy Cross Hospital
Thellakom                        Matha Hospital
Ponkunnam                        P N P Memorial K V M S Hindu Medical Mission Hospital


Location                         Hospital Name
Field Ganj Market                Christion Medical college & Hospital
G T Road                         Sps Apollo Hospitals
Model Town                       Deep Nursing Home and Children Hospital


Location                         Hospital Name
37 Cantt Road                    F I Hospital
Aliganj Crossing                 Neera Hospital
Indiranagar                      Shekhar Hospital Pvt Ltd
River Bank Colony                K K Hospital
Seva Nagar Sitapur Road          Sewa Hospital & Research Centre


Location                         Hospital Name
Chokkikulam                      Vadamalayan Hospital
K K Nagar                        Apollo Speciality Hospitals
Anna Nagar                       Aravind Eye Hospital
Melur Rd                         Meenakshi Misson Hospital and Research Centre
Narimedu                         Saravana Hospitals

                                                               Page 42

Location                            Hospital Name
Andheri (E)                         Ashirwad Child & Surgical Hospital
Andheri (W)                         BSES MG Hospital
Andheri (W)                         Criticare Hospital & Research Centre
Bandra - Kurla Complex              Asian Heart Institute
Chembur                             Inlaks General Hospital
Chembur                             Joy Hospital Pvt Ltd
Chembur                             Joy Hospital Pvt Ltd
Chembur                             Surana Sethia Hospital & Research Centre
Gandhi Market                       Smt S R Mehta & Sir K P Cardiac Institute
Ghatkopar (E)                       Advanced Orthopaedic & Superspeciality Centre
Ghatkopar (E)                       Parakh Hospital Pvt Ltd
Ghatkopar (W)                       Kedia Nursing Home
Ghtakopar (E)                       Bakul Parekh Children Hospital
Govardhanbapa Chowk                 Sir Hurkisindas Nurrotumdas Hospital & Research Centre
Jogeswari (W)                       Mallika Hospital
Kandivli (E)                        Asha Hospital
Kandivli (E)                        Nupur Nursing Home
Koparkhairane                       Satyam Multi Speciality Hospital & Trauma Centre
Kurla (W)                           City Hospital & Recearch Centre
Malad (W)                           Life Line Hospital
Malad (W)                           Riddhi Vinayak Critical Care And Cardiac Centre
Marin Lines                         Bombay Hospital & Medical Research Centre
Mulund (W)                          Holy Trinity Hospital
Mulund Goregaon Link Rd             Wockhardt Hospital Limited
Mulund(W)                           Hira Mongi Navneet Hospital
Near dahisar                        Shraddha Hospital
Near Kemp's Corner flyover          Cumballa Hills Hospital and Heart Institute
Next to Maitri Park Best Bus Stop   Niramaya General Hospital
Panvel                              Ashtavinayak Hospital
Panvel                              Dr Patil Hospital
Panvel                              Dr Patil Hospital
Panvel                              Gandhi Hospital
Panvel                              Life Line Hospital
Peddar Rd                           Jaslok Hospital And Research Centre
Powai                               L H Hiranandani Hospital
Santacruz (E)                       R.K.Hospital
Vasai                               Cardinal Gracias Memorial Hospital Trust (Dir Mailer)
Vikhroli (W)                        Godrej Memorial Hospital

                                                                 Page 43
                              Bhartiya Arogya Nidhi Shet Kantilal C Parikh General
Vile Parrle(W)                Hospital
Ville Parle(w)                Dr Balabhai Nanavati Hospital


Location                      Hospital Name
Jayalakshmipuram              Basappa Memorial Hospital
Kuvempunagar                  B. G. S.Apollo Hospitals
Kuvempunagar                  Kamakshi Hospital
Nr Nazarbad Police Station    Gopal Gowda Shanthaveri Memorial Hospital
Siddalingapura post           Bhagwan Mahaveer Darshan eye Hospital


Location                      Hospital Name
E-3A, Sector 26               Icare Eye Hospital & Post Graduate Institute
NH -1, Sector 27              Vinayak Hospital
Sector 11                     Metro Multispeciality Hospital
Sec-18, Near Aatta Market     Max Health Care Institute
                              Kailash Hospital & Heart Indistitute Ltd (a Unit Of Kailash
Sector 27                     Health Care Ltd)
Sector 35, Golf Course Road   Surbhi Hospital


Location                      Hospital Name
Rajendra Nagar                Magadh Hospital


Location                      Hospital Name
Chinchwad                     Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital
Chincwad                      Lokmanya Care Hospital
Erandawane                    Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital & Research Centre
Hadapsar                      Noble Hospital
Karve Road                    Sahyadri Speciality Hospital
Nigdi                         Lokmanya Hospital
Rasta Peth                    K E M Hospital
Sadashiv Peth                 Poona Hospital & Research Centre
Sassoon Road                  Jehangir Hospital
Sassoon Road                  Ruby Hall Clinic

                                                             Page 44

Location                             Hospital Name
Booty Road                           Alam Hospital & Reasearch Centre Pvt Ltd
Main Road                            Raj Hospital & Reasearch Centre
                                     Abdur Razzaque Ansari Memorial Weavers
Ranchi                               Hospital(Apollo Hospital)


Location                             Hospital Name
Civil town                           City ClincHsopital
Jagatha                              CSW Hospital
Civil town                           Life Linehsopital
Udit nagar                           Meher Eye Hsopital
Civil town                           OM Appollo Hsopital
Civil town                           Rourkela Lifeline Pvt Ltd
Udit nagar                           Shanti Memorial Hsopital
Civil town                           Veagase Patel hospital


Location                             Hospital Name
Agraharam                            Sri Raam Hospital
Alagapuram                           S K S Hospital Pvt. Ltd
Ammapet                              S. Palaniandi Mudaliar Memorial Hospital
Annathanapatti                       Sri Bharathi Nursing Home
Ashram road,                         Nathan super speciality Hospital
Behind Sarada College Hasthampatty   Thambi Medical Surgical Eye Hospital
Dadagapatty                          Shanthi Nursing Home
Five Roads                           Kurinji Hospital
Hasthampatti                         Salem Medical Center Hospital Pvt Ltd
Main Road                            Arokya Hospital
Meyyanur Road                        Sri Gokulam Hospitals (P) Ltd
Near Gandhi Steadium                 Shri Shellapha Hospital
Near Jothi Theatre bus stop          Rajammal Hospital

                                                                 Page 45
Near Old Bus Stand            A C Hospital
Omalur Road                   Nagarajan Nursing Home
Opp DSP Office                Sree Vasantham Hospital
Opp New Bus Stand             Vasan Eye Care Hospital
Opp. New Bus Stand            Pranav Hospitals Pvt. Ltd.
Rajaji Road                   CKR Hospital
Rajaji road                   Kiruba hospital
Ramakrishna Road              Salem Gopi Hospital (P) Ltd
S.K.Nagar                     R P S Hospital
Raghavachari Road             Chellam Hospital
Seelanaickanpatty Bye-pass    Dharan Hospital
Cheery Road                   Dr.Haneefa Polyclinic and Nursing Home
Ramakrishna Park              Ganesan Hospital
Second Agraharam              Mohanraj Childrens Hospital
Salem - Bangalore - Highway   Manipal Hospital
Sardar College Rd             Shanmuga Hospital & Salem Cancer Institute
Shankar Nagar                 M/s. Vidya Hospital
Sree Krishna Complex          Kamala Hospital
Valapady                      Deepam Hospital
Veerapandi                    Vinayaka Mission Hospital


Location                      Hospital Name
Anayara Post                  Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences
Peroorkada                    Punarjani Institute Of Medical Science
Anayara P.D.Tvm               Lords Hospital
Fort,                         SP Fort Hospital
Venjara Moody                 Sree Gokulam Medical College & Research Foundation


Location                      Hospital Name
IDA Scurrer Road              Christian Medical College

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