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									                        Requisition Document Types

There is a new requisition approval process within Fulton County Schools, that has
been implemented to move a document through workflow, based on the document type.
Until the advent of Workflow, requisitions were submitted as a regular document type
purchase requisition.

Now that workflow is in place, you will begin to use three different document types in
SAP. Listed below are the document types, a description, and the document type code:

                                                                Document Type
      Document Type              Description
                                 Standard Requisition used
      Purchase Requisition                                      NB
                                 at FCS
                                 Used when only one source
      Sole Source                is available to supply an      ZS
                                 item or service
                                 Used only in Emergency
      Emergency Requisition *                                   ZE

      (*) Note: Emergency Requisitions will have a unique requisition number starting
      with 0911

How do you change a document type?

      1) When creating a requisition, click on the piece of paper icon next to the
         Shopping cart icon and the Purchase Requisition button,

      2) A drop-down menu is displayed, showing the three FCS document types.
         Choose from the list, based on the type of requisition you need to submit.

      3) If you have additional questions, you can access the FCS Help Link from the
         ME51N transaction code in SAP.

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