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									                 Managing Complex Projects At Allison Transmission
                                                          Colin Roney, Allison Transmission
                                                                Gaurav Yadav, GyanSys Inc.

                                                          [ CHAVONE JACOBS
                                                           ASUG INSTALLATION MEMBER
                                                           MEMBER SINCE: 2003

                              [ COREY PEARSON
[ Agenda
       About Allison Transmission
       About GyanSys
       Allison SAP Initiatives
       Project Background
       Design Overview
       Integration with MM
       Integration with CO
       Integration with Microsoft Project
       Key Learning

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[ Abstract
              Discover how Allison Transmission implemented SAP solutions
              that support project systems for manufacturing operations
              projects. It also includes the complete project lifecycle from
              initiation to close. Some of the topics include different planning
              capabilities, budgeting with availability control, schedule
              integration from Microsoft Project via SAP's Open PS
              middleware and period-end close activities. This session also
              addresses lessons learned during the implementation.

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[ Abstract (cont’d)
       Key Learning Points
              Learn about integration with MM for external procurement and
              Learn about integration with CO for settlement, and close
              Learn about integration with Microsoft Project for scheduling
              through open PS middleware

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[ About Allison Transmission
       The world leader in the design, manufacture and sales of
       commercial-duty automatic transmissions, hybrid-propulsion
       system, and related parts and services for on-highway trucks
       and buses, off-highway equipment and military vehicles.

       The company holds an 80% market share of all medium- and
       heavy-duty commercial fully automatic transmissions produced.

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[ About Allison Transmission (cont’d)
       Founded in 1915 by James Allison
       Headquartered in Indianapolis
       Five international regional offices: The Netherlands, Japan,
       China, India, and Brazil.
       Presence in more than 80 countries, which includes over 1,500
       distributors and dealers.
       Workforce of over 2,700 salaried and hourly employees.
       Owned by GM until August 2007 when sold to two private
       equity firms: Onex Corporation and Carlyle Group

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[ About GyanSys
       Global headquarters located in Indianapolis
       India headquarters located in Hyderabad with
       development center in Bangalore which handles GyanSys
       US projects as well as local projects
       Certified SAP Services Partner
       Ongoing Partnership with SAP on Product testing and
       Provides cost effective innovative solutions using onshore,
       offshore and near-shore delivery models
       Specializes in PLM, FSCM, CRM, SCM, HCM, SRM and other
       business suites on BI & Portal
       Growth rate of over 100% for each of the last 3 years

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[ Allison Transmission SAP Initiatives
       Implemented FI (GL, AR, AP, SPL, FA), CO (CCA, PCA, CO-
       PA, IO), SD, MM, WM, PP in 2001
       Upgraded to ECC 6.0 from 4.6C in Dec 07
       Sandbox, Development, Quality & Production systems
       Three of five off-shore parts distribution centers are live on
       SAP as of Q1 2009.
       Implemented Unicode upgrade, Portal, BI, and HCM.
       Currently continuing SAP rollout to balance of international
       Enhancing QM utilization to replace legacy supplier corrective
       action workflow tool.
       Kicking off initiative to overhaul PLM environment for
       Engineering and Procurement.

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 [                                                    SAP Landscape
                                 Development            Quality Assurance                             Production
                                 (GDV)                  (GQT)                                         (GPD)
                            100                                                                 100
                            Configuration Client                                                Production Client
                                                        Master Configuration
                            ABAP Client

                            300                                 VC Dev
Internal client copy

                            Security Client                     (GQA)
                            400                                                                         Transport Path
                                                        100                                             Transport Path
                            Unit Test Client            Config. reference client                        Automatic
                                                                                                        Transport Path
                            Sandbox Client                                                              On request
                                                        Master VC Client
                                                                                                        Transport Path
                                                                                                Indicates clients in the
                            Master Data Load Client            Sandbox                          landscape that are not
                                                               (SA1)                            used.
                            VC upgrade test client      100                                     Indicates default client on
                                                        Production Refresh Client               system

                                    Change                                         Transport
                                    Request                                        Request #1
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[ Project Functions
   Project Structure
   Cost planning
   Procurement of Goods
   Period End Close
   Project Completion

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[ Design Overview
       Project Structure
              4 WBS hierarchy levels
              Networks Activities (Internal/External/General)
              Multiple Network headers
              Project Builder for updates
              AUC is created at level 3 WBS element
              Level 3 WBS element
                      Investment Profile

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[ Design Overview (cont’d)
       Project Planning
              Cost Planning at WBS level
                      Hierarchical/ Overall Cost Planning
              Work-force Planning ( out-of-scope)
              Revenue Planning ( out of scope)

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[ Design Overview (cont’d)
       Project Budgeting
              Level 1 WBS is budgeted
              Availability Control with e-mail notification to Project managers
              Tolerance Limit
              Segregation of Duties between Planning & Budgeting

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[ Design Overview (cont’d)
       Project Versioning
              Automatic creation during status change “REL”, “AUC”, “BUDG”
              & “TECO”
              Monthly creation of all the projects
              CO version was not used due to structural maintenance
              Simulation version (out-of-Scope)

       Project Status management
              User Status with authorization keys
              Prohibited system release until the project is “Approved”
              At TECO, all the cost is settled to final asset

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[ Integration with MM
       PS integration with MM
              External processed network activity for Services and non-stock
              Procurement Strategy
                      Purchase requisition with release strategy
                      Purchase orders with account assignment

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[ Integration with CO
       PS integration with CO
              Initial settlement to an AUC
              Final settlement to final asset
              Settlement runs twice for the same WBS in order to settle the
              cost to the final asset
              Cost posted from the WBS element to an AUC is settled to final
              asset at “TECO”

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[ Integration with Microsoft Project
       PS integration with Microsoft Project
              Open PS middleware between SAP PS & MSP
              WBS elements are mapped as summary tasks in MSP
              Network activities are mapped as tasks under summary tasks in
              Data that is transferred between the two systems
                      WBS elements, WBS milestones, network activities, activity
                      Scheduling information
                      Cost (Actual cost only from SAP to MSP)
                      Resources (out of scope)

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[ Integration with Microsoft Project (cont’d)

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[ Key Learnings
       Define the internal business process first before system
       Dedicated full-time business resource
       Manageable scope and team focus
       Train end users
       Implement in Phases (Walk before Run !!!!!)

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[ Website Help & References

       Project System


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[ Speakers Contact Information
       Colin Roney
              Allison Transmission, SAP Project Manager, Purchasing & Parts
                      E-mail – Colin.Roney@AllisonTransmission.Com
                      Weblink – www.AllisonTransmission.Com

       Gaurav Yadav
              GyanSys Inc., SAP PS Consultant
                      E-mail –
                      Weblink –

       Please visit GyanSys Booth 428 for more details

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                                       Thank you for participating.
                                                              Please remember to complete and return your
                                                                       evaluation form following this session.
                                             For ongoing education on this area of focus, visit the Year-Round
                                                                     Community page at

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