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powerpoint instruction


									Microsoft PowerPoint Instructions Name: ________________________________ To create a new presentation

Period: ___________

1. Go to the Start button and under Programs go to Microsoft PowerPoint. 2. You will be presented with a dialog box asking you to choose between AutoContent Wizard, Template, and Blank Presentation. Choose Template and click OK. 3. The next dialog box will ask you to select a template you like under the Presentation Design tab. This is the background that will appear on every slide. Click just once on any template to get a preview in the preview window as you scroll through the list. When you find one you like, click on OK. 4. The “New Slide” dialogue box will appear. Here you will pick the layout for each new slide. Depending on what will be on a particular slide, this will change from slide to slide. For the first slide, use the “Title” layout.

Entering text
Now you can see the slide and you are ready to enter the title. 1. Click once on “Click to add title.” The space is now highlighted and you can begin typing in your title. The words you type will replace “Click to add title.” 2. Repeat the same process to add a subtitle.

Editing text
1. Click the text once and a text box will appear. 2. Click before the words you want to change and drag the mouse to highlight the words you want to change. 3. Click on the buttons on the Tool Bar or use the FORMAT menu to change style, font, size or color of the text.

To get a new slide
Go to insert and click on New Slide. Anytime you want to see an outline view of your slide show go to the lower left corner of your screen and hit the second button on the left that resembles an outline or go under View on the toolbar and select Outline.

To preview the slide
Click the “Slide Show” button on the bottom bar of the screen or go to the drop-down menu VIEW and then select “Slide Show.”

Slide transition and sound
When running a presentation, you can create special effects as to how one slide replaces another (transition) or include a little sound effect. Selecting the appropriate slide transition can create a professional appearance to your slide show.

Slide transition To select a slide transition for an individual slide or an entire
slideshow, select “Slide Transition” from the “Slide Show” menu. A dialog box will appear where you can select a type of transition and see a demo of it. You can also select the speed or how fast you want to move from one slide to the next using transition. Also, in this box, you will select as to whether that transition will apply to the current slide only or the entire slideshow.

Sound effects Sound effects can also be found in the “Slide Transition” dialog box.
Here you can select a sound effect such as a camera click or typewriter sound.

Special note: Make sure that in the “Advance” box in this dialog box, “on mouse
click” is checked unless you want a timed slideshow.

Adding a graphic
Select a slide from the layout that allows you to add a graphic with your text. You can add a graphic from clip art. Go to Insert and select a picture. Or if your clip art selection is limited go to the tab that says “Clips Online.” You must have the Internet active on your computer. You will automatically go directly to a Microsoft site that has many graphics for you to choose. Simply right click on the desired clip art and copy it onto your slide. Once you have pasted your picture use the handles to resize it on your slide. Note: If you decide to save clip art to a floppy disc it is recommended that a graphic have a .jpg , .bmp, .rie, or .dib extension. Remember the more graphics on your slides, the more space that is taken up on your floppy disc.

Selecting a slide to edit
You can either go to slide sorter under View on the tool bar and double click on that slide, or use the up and down arrow keys on the right side of your screen until you go to the slide you wanted to view. You can also use the picture in the bottom left corner of the screen with four slides on it and click it to go to slide sorter.

Deleting a slide
What if you don’t like a slide you created? Double click on the slide and hit the delete button, or hit the control + x button. You can also go under the Edit button and hit delete slide. You can duplicate a slide also under the Edit button. Maybe you don’t like the order of your slides. Cut the slide and paste it in the desired position of your show.

Running your slide show
You are now ready to preview or run your slideshow. Make sure you do a spell check under the Tools menu first. To begin a slideshow: Click on the slideshow button at the left hand corner in the bottom of the screen or Select “Slideshow” from the “View Show” menu. To advance slides during your show, simply click once on the mouse or hit the ENTER key. A slideshow will automatically end with the last slide but if you need to stop the show prior to that, simply press the ESC button. Arrow keys can also be used to move forward or backward during a slideshow

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