Effects of Drugs

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					Effects of Drugs


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 Cocaine, Crack Cocaine                    3
 Alcohol                                   6
 Heroin                                    9
 Ecstasy
                                      2    16
 Shrooms, Magical Mushrooms               21
 Crystal Meth                             24
 Bibliography                             30
 Q&A

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                             Crack Cocaine

 Crack cocaine is a highly addictive and powerful stimulant that is derived from

   powdered cocaine. Crack is made by dissolving powdered cocaine in a mixture
   of water and ammonia or sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). The mixture is
   boiled until a solid substance forms. It is removed from the liquid, dried, and
   then broken into the chunks (rocks) that are sold as crack cocaine.

 Crack is nearly always smoked, delivering a large quantity of the drug to the

   lungs, producing an immediate and intense euphoric effect. Because of its
   availability and intense effects, crack has grown in popularity. Health risks and
   problems resulting from crack use are the same as those listed for cocaine,
   however because of the intensity of the drug it is a higher risk.

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 Loss of appetite

 Blurred vision


 High anxiety


 Constricted blood vessels

 Dilated pupils

 Nasal infections

 Nose bleeds

 Rapid breathing


 Violent behavior


                             Hazards of Cocaine
 Chest pain

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 Most commonly used drug

 Impairs judgment and causes you to make bad

    decisions which may end up regretting

 Can be extremely addictive drug

 Can become alcoholic

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                        What is Heroin?

 Heroin is an illegal, highly addictive drug. It is both the most

    abused and the most rapidly acting of the opiates. Heroin is
    processed from morphine, a naturally occurring substance
    extracted from the seed pod of certain varieties of poppy plants.
    It is typically sold as a white or brownish powder or as the black
    sticky substance known on the streets as "black tar heroin."

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                   Short-Term Effects

 "Rush"
 Depressed respiration
 Clouded mental functioning
 Nausea and vomiting
 Suppression of pain
 Spontaneous abortion

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                                                •A D D I C T I O N

                   •I N F E C T I O U S D I S E A S E S , F O R E X A M P L E , H I V / A I D S
                                      AND HEPATITIS B AND C
                                          •C O L L A P S E D V E I N S

                                      •B A C T E R I A L I N F E C T I O N S

                                                •A B S C E S S E S

                       •I N F E C T I O N O F H E A R T L I N I N G A N D V A L V E S

                             •A R T H R I T I S A N D O T H E R P R O B L E M S

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Effects of Drugs            READ 90

   FACTS:

    Ecstasy is often used at all-night dance parties (“raves”), nightclubs, and concerts.
    Ecstasy can damage the neurons in your brain, impairing your senses, memory, judgment,
    and coordination.

   Ecstasy affects your body and your brain its a stimulant that increases your heart
    rate and blood pressure and can lead to heart or kidney failure.
    Because ecstasy is illegal and often produced in makeshift laboratories, it is impossible to
    know exactly what chemicals were used to produce it and where it came from. How
    strong or dangerous any illegal drug is varies each time..
    Higher doses of ecstasy can cause severe breathing problems, coma, or even death.

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 It is illegal to buy, sell, or
 possess ecstasy for any
 reasons. Ecstasy can be

 Mixing ecstasy with other
 drugs or with alcohol is
 extremely dangerous. The
 effects of one drug can
 magnify the effects and
 risks of another. In fact,
 mixing substances can be
 lethal. Ecstasy is the most
 commonly used club drug.

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                                Ecstasy: Facts

         A. Studies on both humans and animals have proven that regular use of
              ecstasy produces long-lasting, perhaps permanent damage to the
              brain’s ability to think and store memories.

         B. The stimulant effects of drugs like ecstasy that allow the user to dance
              for long periods of time, combined with the hot, crowded conditions
              usually found at raves, can lead to extreme dehydration and even heart
              or kidney failure. In addition, some of ecstasy’s effects, like confusion,
              depression, anxiety, paranoia, and sleep problems, have been reported
              to occur even weeks after the drug is taken.
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                                   Shrooms: Laws
   On the 18 July 2005 the Drugs Act
    2005 came into force. The new law
    means that raw magic mushrooms, as
    well as those that are dried or prepared,
    are now classified as Class A drugs.

   Possession of magic mushrooms could
    lead to up to seven years in jail and an
    unlimited fine. Supplying someone else
    with magic mushrooms could get you
    life imprisonment and an unlimited
    fine. It is illegal to import, export,
    produce, supply, possess or possess
    with intent to supply magic mushrooms,
    in any form
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                   Crystal Meth: What is it?

 A powerful and highly addictive synthetic (man-made)


 Resembles small fragments of glass or shiny blue-white

   "rocks" of various sizes

 Typically has a higher purity level and may produce even

   longer-lasting and more intense physiological effects

 Crystal methamphetamine is abused because of the long-

   lasting effects it produces.
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                   Crystal Meth: How is it abused?

 Typically is smoked using glass pipes similar to pipes

   used to smoke crack cocaine

 Also may be injected

 A user who smokes or injects the drug immediately

   experiences an intense sensation followed by a high
   that may last 12 hours or more.

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