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									  Prescott Computer Society
                                      OCTOBER 2008
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                                     Phil Ball, Newsletter Editor — 778-2652

                                                               Saturday, November 15 General Meeting, 1 pm
   OCTOBER 2008                                                First Hour: Guest speaker, Don Milburn will speak about
Saturday, October 18 General Meeting, 1:00 pm                  “New Advances In Medical Imaging”
Friday, October   24   Beginner's Vista SIG 1:00 pm            Don is a Prescott resident who is the Manager, LOGIQ
         Lesson 5 “Installing Additional Programs”             Customer Education Programs, GE Healthcare.
                                                               He is a well-known author and lecturer who has given
Saturday, October 25 Advanced SIG 1:00 pm
                                                               well over 1000 lectures in several countries on
This month we are fortunate to have a presentation by
                                                               sonography and on Doppler Physics. Sonography is the
LUGY (Linux User's Group of Yavapai). John Crawford, the
                                                               ultrasound-based diagnostic imaging technique used to
team leader for Ubuntu Arizona, will be covering the Linux
                                                               visualize muscles and internal organs, their size,
desktop and Shane Lofgren will be covering servers. They
                                                               structures and possible pathologies . Computer support
will focus their talks to newcomers to the Linux operating
                                                               has allowed impressive improvements in the images
system. They will address practical interests in using Linux
                                                               generated by ultrasound equipment, and these
as a desktop and server. They also plan an interactive
                                                               improvements will be the focus of Don's talk.
discussion and to focus on the interests of the group.
John Crawford - (Ubuntu Desktop) Installation, general         He has been one of the leaders in the Society of
desktop, standard programs, installing optional programs,      Diagnostic Medical Imaging and their educational
how Linux is unaffected by worms/trojans/rootkits/viruses,     Foundation. That organization has created a service
and our team and the support we offer.                         award for contributions to education in the sonography
                                                               profession and named it after Don because of his past
Shane Lofgren - (Ubuntu Server) Installation, configuring      contributions in that area.
services, basic security practices, server hardware
selection, practical uses for a home or Small Home Office.     Second Hour: Robin E. Ziegler will demonstrate
                                                               Google Earth, Sky and Maps
If, like me, you've been interested in Linux but just don't
know what to do next, you will find this a very interesting    Robin Ziegler hails from the Chicago area. His career in
presentation.                                                  computer information technology spans some 40 years
                                                               as a consultant, programmer, software engineer, and
                                                               training seminar presenter.
   NOVEMBER 2008                                               Throughout his career, training has been a recurring
Friday, November 7, Beginner's Vista SIG 1:00 pm               theme. Since 2006, he has managed “Google Earth
                                                               Community Development”, with nearly a million
         Lesson 6 “Connecting to the Internet”                 registered users, and conducts user training seminars
Saturday, November 8         Quicken SIG 1:00 pm               throughout the world. Combine the awesome power of
                                                               satellite imagery, aerial photography, observatory and
We will continue using the Video Professor Quicken
                                                               Hubble Space Telescope imagery, with fast video
Training Program for these lessons.
                                                               rendering, and you can truly have the whole universe in
                                                               the palm of your hand!
            Meetings are usually held at 1:00 pm,
                    in the Founder’s Suite                     Saturday, November 22 Digital Photo SIG 1pm
    at the Prescott Public Library, 215 E Goodwin Street,
                  unless otherwise noted.                       Note: There will be no Advanced SIG this month due to
                                                                      holidays and that Ray wants the time off!
Page 2                                                                 Prescott Computer Society MESSENGER

            Ubuntu & Linux Software
                                 by Brian K. Lewis, Ph.D.
            Member of the Sarasota Personal Computer Users Group, Inc., Florida

This article has been obtained from APCUG with the author’s permission for publication by APCUG
member groups; all other uses require the permission of the author (see e-mail address above).

       I suppose some of you might be              a remote desktop viewer. Graphics software
 wondering why I have been writing about the       includes the F-Spot photo manager, GIMP
 Ubuntu Linux operating system and Linux           Image Editor and Xsane scanner software.
 software. As I noted in last month’s article      Also, there is a CD burner, movie player for
 my laptop is now my sole computer.                DVDs and two music players.
 Although it has a Pentium 4 processor it only           I grant you that the included software
 has 512 MB of RAM. Naturally, that means it       doesn’t always meet all the needs for many
 is incapable of running Windows Vista. But it     users. So Ubuntu has several ways of
 does easily run Ubuntu with more than             installing additional software. I mentioned
 enough memory to do multi-tasking with no         last month about installing the drivers for my
 reduction in speed. I also know that there        printer, scanner and the wireless modem.
 are a number of the members of the SPCUG          This month I will continue with other
 that use computers that are running               applications that are the equivalent of those
 Windows 98 or Windows XP. The point is,           that I used under Windows. The installation
 that it is not necessary to try to upgrade        of these applications was much easier than
 these computers to run Vista or to buy a new      installing drivers for the accessory hardware.
 computer. Instead you have the free                     The first step in installing any
 alternative of installing Ubuntu or another       application is to go to the Applications –
 version of Linux. This article will discuss       Add/Remove menu. When this application
 some of the range of free Linux software and      runs it provides you with a list of all the
 how easy it is to install it.                     software available through Ubuntu and its
       The original installation CD of Ubuntu      third-party providers. On the left side of the
 included the OpenOffice software.                 window are listed various categories that you
 OpenOffice includes a word processor,             can highlight and the appropriate
 spreadsheet and presentation applications.        applications are then listed on the right side.
 These are fully compatible with the               When you highlight a specific application, a
 components of Microsoft Office. I frequently      description appears in the lower portion of
 receive documents prepared in MS Word and         the window. There is also a search box that
 they open directly into OpenOffice Writer. I      you can use to find a specific program or a
 can edit, comment and save a copy in the          group of programs.
 OpenOffice format. Then I can return the                Since I maintain my financial records on
 modified document to the originator in MS         my computer I wanted a financial program
 Word format with all the edits and                that ran under Ubuntu. Not knowing the
 comments intact. The same is true for             specific name, I just searched on the term
 spreadsheets. The OpenOffice presentation         "finances". This brought up a list of financial
 application (Impress) reads, writes and           software. One of the interesting aspects of
 modifies PowerPoint files as easily as Writer     the Add/Remove application is that programs
 works with documents. OpenOffice also             are rated based on feedback from users using
 includes a Drawing application. Drawing is an     1 to 5 stars. There was a 5 star application
 application that I haven’t used.                  listed, GNUcash, which can import files in the
       Other included software with Ubuntu         Quicken format. So I put a check mark in the
 are Ekiga (internet phone software), Pidgeon      box by the application name and then clicked
 (internet messenger), Evolution (e-mail), and     on the "Apply Changes" button. This brought
Prescott Computer Society MESSENGER                                                        Page 3

up another window for verification of the        I have considerable contact information in
changes to be made. After clicking on "OK",      the Clie along with many memoranda, I really
the application was downloaded from the          wanted to be able to run this under Ubuntu.
Internet and installed on the hard drive         In the System-Preferences menu there is a
without any further action on my part. A         selection for PalmOS devices. Now that
shortcut icon was also added to the Office       sounded like it would be quite simple to
portion of the applications menu. There was      install the applications necessary to run the
no reboot required to complete this process.     Clie. Clicking on the selection runs the
After the installation, the "Add/Remove"         Gnome-Pilot application which helps the user
application reported the successful              to determine the settings for synchronizing
installation and remained open in case I         with the Clie. Unfortunately, it could not find
wanted to use it further.                        the Clie PDA. So I had to go back online to
       My Windows financial software was         the Ubuntu forums to see if I could find the
Microsoft Money. Supposedly it will export       secret. It turns out that getting a PDA
its data files in the Quicken format. I did      recognized and synced with Ubuntu is not
that and then copied the files from the          always simple. After spending considerable
Windows partition to the Ubuntu partition.       time reading various solutions I came across
However, the import into GNUcash was not         a command line entry that showed the
really successful. I’m not sure why but I        entries where my Clie was being recognized
suspect there was information missing which      by Ubuntu. The PDA was properly identified
resulted in misidentification of some of the     by vendor and product ID’s. Now all the
accounts. Anyway, I selected an arbitrary        information I had gathered indicated that the
date and entered opening balances for that       PDA should be listed as using a USB
date. So now, it is working perfectly and is     connection and usually ttyUSB0 and ttyUSB1.
in agreement with my bank balances. Using        Much to my surprise my printout showed the
it is even somewhat easier than working          Clie as using ttyUSB9 and ttyUSB10. The
with either Money or Quicken. Plus, the          Gnome-Pilot software refused to accept
price is right.                                  either of these as valid locations. However,
       Another application that I needed for     another application, J-Pilot, accepted
Ubuntu was a genealogy program. Here             ttyUSB10 and synced with the Clie when the
again I was able to find a five star program,    sync button was clicked. The synchronization
GRAMPS. (Very appropriate name I thought.)       transferred all of my information directly into
It was also available through the "Add/          the J-Pilot software. This software works on
Remove" application so installation was          the desktop in a very similar manner to the
completed quickly. GRAMPS imports GED            Clie and Pilot software I had used under
files as do many genealogy programs. So I        Windows. Successive synchronizations have
exported my files from my Windows                also been successful. So that was one less
software in the GED format then copied the       application that would need to run under
GED file to the Ubuntu partition. The import     Windows.
into GRAMPS was essentially a two-click                There has been one big disappointment
operation. Everything, including notes and       in the hardware setup. I have a multi-
references, were now available in an Ubuntu      function media card reader built into the
application. GRAMPS also has more report         laptop. It reads SD cards as well as xD, MMC,
formats than my Windows software                 and memory sticks. This reader works great
included. So I consider it a very successful     under Windows as a way to transfer photos
replacement.                                     from my camera to the computer. However,
       For quite some time I have used a PDA,    there is apparently no driver available for
specifically a Sony Clie which runs Palm Pilot   this to work under Ubuntu. The card reader is
software. The Sony CD loaded the Windows         manufactured by 02 Micro and they
version to the hard drive and also included      apparently don’t believe Linux is here to stay
software to synchronize with the PDA. Since      so they have no plans to create Linux drivers
                                                 for any of their products. At least that’s the
Page 4                                                                           Prescott Computer Society MESSENGER
Ubuntu & Linux Software (continued)

quotation from a response to a query from a                         Smart Computing Magazine
Ubuntu user. So when I have photos to
transfer to my computer I can either reboot                 Tips & Fun Facts
into Windows, or I can connect the camera
with a USB cable. The USB cable works fine as             • Safeguard Your Purchases: In addition to filing
Ubuntu recognizes the camera right away. It               warranties and manuals, create a separate list of
also opens the F-Spot Photo Manager which                 product information and update it whenever
allows me to choose the pictures and the                  you make major purchases, not just electronic
location where I want them saved.                         gadgets. The list should include the
       One of the applications included with              manufacturer, model name, model number,
Ubuntu is Brasero, a CD/DVD burner. When I                serial number (if applicable), date of purchase,
first tried to use it, it refused to recognize my         place of purchase, and cost. Store a copy of the
DVD+R discs. It would read and write DVD-R/
                                                          list with a family member or in a safe-deposit
RW with no difficulty. Since I had a supply of
the +R discs I decided to look for other DVD
                                                          box, if you have one, and don't forget to keep
burning software. In the ADD/Remove                       the copy up-to-date. If it's practical, include a
application there were several CD/DVD                     copy of the receipts, at least for big-ticket items.
burners listed. One of them was five star                 This information will save you time and stress in
application called K3B. It was written                    the event of theft or a fire.
primarily to work with the KDE destop that is
an alternative to the GNOME desktop. The                  • Recycle Your Mobile Phone: Created in 2003,
KDE desktop comes with Kubuntu and has an                 the EPA's Plug-In To eCycling program works
interface that is closer to the one found in              with manufacturers to help consumers donate
Windows. Anyway, K3B will work with                       or recycle their used electronics. In 2008, the
GNOME, so let ADD/Remove install it. Any                  EPA developed a cell phone recycling program
software that you add through Add/Remove                  with major U.S. carriers, service providers, and
can be removed simply by locating it in the
                                                          mobile phone manufacturers. The EPA told us
list and removing the checkmark that
                                                          that nearly all mobile phone suppliers now offer
indicates it has been installed. So now I have
both Brasero and K3B installed. I also found,             online mail-back programs, in-store drop-off
the next time I wanted to burn a DVD, that                services, and mail-back envelopes to return your
Brasero would now work with my external                   old phone when you purchase a new one. Check
burner and the +R discs. I do like the                    with your supplier for details.
interface for K3B better than Brasero, but
they both work.                                           • Use System Restore: System Restore is
As you can see one of the nice attributes of              Windows' utility that can roll your system's
using open license software is the ability to             settings back to a previous date, or Restore
install it and use it at no cost. If you don’t like       Point. System Restore doesn't alter files you've
it, you simply remove it. It’s certainly not that         recently created, such as email and Word docs.
simple in Windows. So, if you want to try a               Using a Restore Point will remove any Windows
Linux OS on your computer download a "Live                updates or program-specific upgrades
CD" and try it out. Also check out the online
                                                          (particularly virus and spyware definitions) you
help forums. I think you’ll find them easier to
                                                          installed after the Restore Point's date. You'll
understand than much of the material
Microsoft makes available. Whatever you                   need to reinstall these after the restoration. To
                                                          use System Restore in WinXP, click Start,
decide, enjoy your computing!
                                                          Programs, Accessories, System Tools, and
                                                          System Restore and follow the steps given.
           Dr. Lewis is a former university and medical
   school professor of physiology. He has been working           Reprinted with permission from Smart Computing. Visit
         with personal computers for over thirty years, to learn what Smart
          developing software and assembling systems.                    Computing can do for you and your user group!
Prescott Computer Society MESSENGER                                                                                      Page 5

                                           by Ron Broadhurst
                         A member of the Space Coast PC Users Group, Inc., Florida
        This article has been obtained from APCUG with the author’s permission for publication by APCUG member groups;
                            all other uses require the permission of the author (see e-mail address above).

These ideas are compiled from years of accumulations from various magazines, books, on-line sites,
and my own personal experience. I claim neither originality nor ownership to any of its contents.
My only intent is to share the various “tips, “tricks”, & “hints” in hopes of helping & maybe
enhancing your computing experiences. They are all intended for anyone who uses a PC. It is for
beginners as well as advanced users. Enjoy and use as you will.                Ron Broadhurst

    Editor’s note: I tried these tips in Windows XP and they worked fine. Vista users may find that their system has a
different way to do these things!                 Phil

HOW TO GET RID OF                                              MAKE YOUR QUICK LAUNCH ICONS BIGGER
“SEND ERROR REPORT TO MICROSOFT                                  Unlock the Toolbar
    Right click My Computer on the desktop or                    Right click the QL toolbar
    in the Start menu.                                           Select the View tab
    Click Properties.                                            Select large icons
    Click the Advanced tab.
    Click the Error Reporting button at the                    PIN AN APPLICATION TO START MENU
    bottom.                                                    The Windows XP Start menu includes an area
    Click Disable error reporting. You can select              where two or more Microsoft applications,
    the checkbox under it if you still want to be              usually Internet Explorer and Outlook Express,
    notified when errors occur.                                are permanently positioned for easy access. You
    Click OK.                                                  can add your favorite application to this same
Note that you can disable error reporting for                  convenient location.
the operating system only, or for programs                          Open Windows Explorer and locate the
only, by unchecking the appropriate box under                       executable file for the application.
the Enable error reporting option.                                  Right-click the file and select Pin To Start
    You can also configure error reporting only                     Menu. The application will now appear in the
for specific programs by clicking the Choose                        Start menu.
Programs button.                                               To remove an application, locate it, right-click it,
                                                               and select Unpin From Start Menu. Alternatively,
ALPHABETIZE START MENU LISTINGS                                you can right-click the app in the Start menu and
    When you install a new program on your                     click Unpin From Start Menu.
system, it will often appear at the end of your
Start menu. Reorganizing files alphabetically in               CHANGE SYSTEM SOUNDS
the All Programs menu does not affect how                      Through the Control Panel you can change your
they appear in your start menu. In order to                    system’s program event sounds.
alphabetize your start menu, you’ll want to                            Click Start and Control Panel. If you’re
click Start and select All Programs. On any file                   using Category View, click Sounds, Speech,
or folder right-click and then select Sort By                      and Audio Devices; and Sounds and Audio
Name. Now all of your Start menu programs                          Devices. If you are using the Classic View,
are in alphabetical order. You can also sort                       click Sounds and Audio Devices. This loads
subfolders in your Start menu the same way.                        the Sounds and Audio Devices Properties
Page 6                                                                Prescott Computer Society MESSENGER

    dialog box.                                          Need Help With Computers?
       Choose the Sounds tab. Select the sound      Did you know that the Prescott Public Library
    you’d like to change in the Program events      has a program of Computer mentoring on a
    box, and then select a new sound from the       one-on-one basis? They have several
    Sounds drop-down menu. Or select a sound        experienced volunteers who will work with
    you’ve saved to the hard drive by using the     you using one of the Library computers.
    Browse button to navigate to the sound file.       All you need to do is make an appointment
    Change as many sounds as you like.              with either the "Ask a Librarian" personnel or
       Save your changes as a sort of theme         go to
    from the Sound Scheme drop-down menu
    above the Program events box. (Select the       Typical Monthly Meeting Schedule
    blank line and click Save As.)                               SIG = Special Interest Group
   You can also choose to disable program
                                                    1st Saturday       Quicken SIG
event sounds. When you’re finished click OK.
                                                    2nd Saturday       Digital Photo SIG
To save e-mail messages highlight the message       3rd Saturday       General Meeting
you want to save, then click on File > Save As.     4th Friday         Beginners Vista SIG
Select where you want to save the message and
                                                    4th Saturday       Advanced SIG
then save it as a .txt file.
                                                       Computer Book &
   Wanted: Newsletter Editor for the PCS               Magazine Recycling
        If you have ever wanted to create,                  Service
 publish and present a newsletter, this is your         Do you have old computer magazines or
 big chance! Phil is looking for a little more     books that you don’t need any longer? Bring
 free time and is willing to teach and coach       them to a General meeting. Just bring your
 someone who wants to take over his job as         recent, but no longer wanted computer-related
 the PCS newsletter editor. Experience             material to a general meeting. We suggest not
 preferred but will train willing learners.        bringing anything over a year old because they
                                                   are out-of-date.
                                                        Anyone, including guests, can help
     Prescott Computer Society                     themselves to any items on this table. There
   Officers & Board of Directors                   will be no charge for any items. After the
                  2007-2008                        meeting, remaining items will be discarded.
                                                       Please save your used computer-related
                                                   books and magazines and bring them to the
          President  Dave Emery
                                                   next General meeting for recycling. Your
          Vice Pres  Ray Carlson                   unwanted items may be someone else’s
          Secretary  JB Burke                      treasure.
          Treasurer  Edi Taylor-Richards
   General Directors:                                                        Welcome
                        Phil Ball                                               To
                        Nikki Krause                                       NEW MEM BERS
                        Andy Reti
                        Herman Schloss                              Diana Corkery
                        Bob Matthies
                                                                    Bob Fitzgerald

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