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									eGestalt Launches SecureGRCv11: Managed Security & Compliance Made Easy

Simple, cost-effective, easy-to-use SaaS solution Partners can use to
service SMBs, enterprises,Medical Providers & their Business Associates,
Retailers & Merchants.

Washington, DC, CompTIA, Saturday - August 06, 2011 -- eGestalt
Technologies ( ) today announced version 11 of
its award-winning security and compliance management solution that
provides PCI and HIPAA/HITECH-based security and risk assessment,
auditing and remediation. The tool offers peace of mind to channel
partners servicing SMBs to large enterprises, including medical providers
and their business associates, retailers and merchants that must meet PCI
and HIPAA/HITECH requirements.

SecureGRC SB™v11 will be offered in two versions: Enterprise and Small
Business editions. Partners will immediately realize the benefits of
using SecureGRC’s highly automated, scalable, andcost-effective security
and compliance management solution complete with pre-audit and post-audit
support, a real-time dashboard that offers multiple assessments, reviews
and remediation:in short, a configurable policy-based risk model with
real-time status.

SecureGRC SB is targeted at small to medium businesses that are looking
for an easy-to-use, cost-effective self-assessment based security and
compliance solution. The enterprise version of the solution supports the
self-assessment capability from SecureGRC SB but adds a pre-audit and
audit capability along with complete customizability suitable for medium
to large enterprises that are looking for a robust, next-generation
security and compliance management solution.

Built from the ground up to profit the channel, SecureGRC offers ready-
to-use, pre-packaged content such as policies which are continuously
updated, a trove of best practices, and plenty of assessment questions
that make it an easy step-by-step process to run the assessment and reach
compliance, yet flexible enough to fully customize accordingly.

Being a cloud-based service, service providers/MSPs can take comfort in
knowing that no hardware or software deployment is involved. The solution
consolidates all compliance-related evidence into a single and
centralized repository. Additionally, all data is stored in a SAS 70 Type
II secure data center yet no electronic records are removed from the
client site.

Delivered exclusively through the channel, the SecureGRC solution allows
service providers and MSPs to profit from attaching new bundling
opportunities - additional add-on services - that are discovered during
the course of conducting their compliance assessments.

"During the course of taking a client through the steps of becoming HIPAA
compliant (
management.html ), the SecureGRC tool sniffs out revenue-making bundling
opportunities like nothing else I’ve seen," says David Altizer, vice
president of SOS Systems based in Memphis, TN, and an eGestalt partner.
"We invariably discover multiple areas that need our attention; we find
our clients need written policies, they need endpoint security, they need
Active Directory, and a host of other things that improves our perceived
value and length of engagement."

The solution also generates extensive risk and compliance reports on
demand - mandatory documentation and reports used to prove full
compliancy with auditors.

"We used feedback from the channel to build the easiest, most cost-
effective way to ensure that appropriate controls and safeguards have
been implemented to prevent unauthorized access and disclosure of
sensitive patient data - all that is at the core of meeting and
sustaining compliance," said Anupam Sahai, president, eGestalt. "We have
truly demystified the complexity associated with HIPAA/HITECH ( ) to
the point where absolutely no prior knowledge of these regulations is
assumed. This represents a tremendous opportunity especially for service
providers who are new to this space, to enter this profitable line of
business at virtually no cost."

Says Altizer of SOS Systems, "Version 11 looks like it's going to be a
lot easier to deploy, a lot easier to manage, and will let us grow a lot
faster. It's a more intuitive user interface, and it's easier for us to
manage our clients. Every concern of ours has been addressed. We are
looking forward to v11 and already have two deployments scheduled for

Pricing & Availability:
Available today, SecureGRC SB edition has a starting MSRP of $750 per
year. It has the ability to conduct self-assessments and offers scalable
compliance management for pre-audit and post-audit compliance support.
Please call +1-408-689-2586 or Email for further

Visit eGestalt at the following tradeshow events:
* CompTIA Breakaway, August 1-4, Washington, D.C., booth #418 ( )
* XChange Americas/Everything Channel, August 10-13, Hyatt Regional,
Denver, CO, booth #204 ( )

About eGestalt Technologies Inc.:
eGestalt ( ) is a world-class, innovation driven,
leading provider of cloud-computing based enterprise solutions for
information security and IT-GRC management. eGestalt is headquartered in
Santa Clara, CA, and has offices in the US, Asia-Pacific and Middle East.
eGestalt was nominated Breakthrough Technology Vendor at XChange
Americas, Aug. 2010, and selected by SiliconIndia among the "Top 10
Security Companies to Watch." Its SecureGRC application was voted runner-
up in the Managed Services Category at XChange Tech Innovators, Nov.
2010. And in Feb. 2011 eGestalt VP of Worldwide Sales Jim Hare was named
a Channel Chief by Everything Channel’s CRN.

Press & Media Contact:
Victor Cruz
For eGestalt Technologies
Washington, DC
+1 978-594-4134

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