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					Read the description of each rock series in the "Bedrock and Surficial Sediment Descriptions". using geologic maps of the area, compare the sites of landslides and rockfalls with the rock series of the area. Are the landslide-prone areas associated with any rock series? Explain your answer.

SUMMARY QUESTIONS: 1. What areas in our community are prone to landslides?

2. What are 3 factors that may influence the formation of landslides in this area?

3. What risk do you see to human life or property as a result of mass movement in this area?

4. If you had a role in planning the development of the community, what measures would you take to reduce the risks or potential hazards related to landslides in this area?

5. What impact have the landslide-prone slopes had on the development of highways in the area? How does this influence the economy of the area?

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