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									                                   SANTA BARBARA COUNTY
                                SPECIAL DISTRICTS ASSOCIATION

                         AUGUST 28, 2006, at the Meadows Restaurant, Solvang


Attendees:                              Position                Representing:
Arnold, Chuck                           Director                Montecito Sanitary District
Azoury, Kamil                           General Manager         Goleta Sanitary District
Blair, Charles                          Trustee                 Mosquito & Vector Mgmt Dist, SBCo
Bower, Rick                             Manager                 Goleta Cemetery District
Carastro, Joseph                        Director                Embarcadero Muni. Improvement Dist.
Cunningham, Jack                        Director                Goleta Water District
Emerson, George                         Director                Goleta Sanitary District
Fox, John                               Director                Goleta Sanitary District
Fox, Tony & Guest                       Director                Vandenberg Village CSD
Geyer, Craig                            Trustee                 Goleta Cemetery District
Maler, Carl                             Director                Santa Ynez CSD
Martin, Bobbie                          General Manager         Santa Ynez CSD
McCalob, C.M.                           District Engineer       Montecito Sanitary District
Meyer, Larry                            Director                Goleta West Sanitary District
Peters, Oscar                           Guest Speaker           S B Co Employee Retirement System
Raggio, Jim                             CEO                     Lompoc Healthcare District
Schlottmann, Cathy                      Director                Mission Hills CSD
Walsh, Kevin                            General Manager         Goleta Water District
Warnstrom, Susan                        Director                Mission Hills CSD
Wilson, Larry                           Director                Montecito Water District
Wyckoff, Robert, & Guest                Director                Vandenberg Village CSD

President Susan Warnstrom called the meeting to order at 6:28 p.m. The attendees were introduced. All
present participated in the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States.

Approval of Minutes: Motion, second, unanimous, to approve the Minutes of July 24, 2006 as presented.

Treasurer’s Report: Chuck Arnold said the checking account has $2,519.10 and the savings account has
$3,393.65 for a total of $5,912.75.

LAFCo Report: John Fox said the Los Alamos CSD MSR is complete. The meeting on government options
for the area between the cities of Santa Barbara and Goleta will be held on October 7, 2006.

Grand Jury: John Fox suggested we notify the county Grand Jury that we are available to testify on special
district matters. During discussion, it was suggested the Grand Jury might not have authority over special
districts that do not receive tax money.

CSDA Report: John Fox noted the annual conference will be held at Squaw Creek September 26-28th. After
discussion, due to the number of people attending the CSDA Conference, it was consensus we not hold a
September meeting.
Santa Barbara County
Special Districts Association                Minutes                             August 28, 2006

Annual Awards: President Warnstrom said the applications for the annual awards are due September 15th.
Presentations will be made at out annual meeting in October

Legislative Report: George Emerson distributed a CSDA letter regarding Proposition 90.

Nominations for 2007: Nominations for 2007 are: Jim Raggio for President; Charles Blair for Vice-
President; Cathy Schlottmann for Secretary; Chuck Arnold for Treasurer; Craig Murray for District 1; Jack
Cunningham for District 2; Larry Meyer for District 3; Bob Wyckoff for District 4; Tom Gibbons for
District 5; Susan Warnstrom for Immediate Past President; At Large Directors are George Emerson, John
Fox, Larry Wilson, and Tony Fox.
         Motion, second, unanimous, to accept the nominations. The vote will be at the next meeting.

Guest Speaker: Oscar Peters, Administrator of the Santa Barbara County Employees Retirement System:
Mr. Peters said he is speaking only for Oscar Peters and his career has been managing defined benefit
contribution plans. The County has a defined benefits retirement system. The County’s plan is similar to
PERS. While PERS has $236 billion, the County’s plan has $1.6 billion, it is a small plan. The disadvantage
of a defined benefits plan is that future costs can not be controlled. Defined contributions plans are offered
through Public Agency Retirement System ( Both the County’s system and PERS have a
health insurance component plus disability and other items. Mr. Peters compared defined benefit plans with
defined contribution plans He said government employees are urging more post-retirement benefits. Any
plan should consider each employee’s life cycle and strive for balance between stocks and bonds with risk
appropriate for their age.

Old Business: None.

New Business: None.

Annual Meeting: Peter Detweiler will be the guest speaker at our annual meeting on October 30, 2006.
This will be out next meeting.

Adjournment President Warnstrom adjourned the meeting at 8:00 p.m. The next meeting will be Monday,
October 30, 2006 at this location.

                                                         s/ Cathy Schlottmann
                                                         Cathy Schlottmann
                                                         Secretary, SBCSDA

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