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WELCOME - Benton County Iowa


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									Organizations that were awarded for 2010

                     Organization                                                         Project
Benton County Conservation Board                Hannen Park shoreline protection
Virginia Gay Hospital, Inc                      simulation manikins (baby and adult)
Benton County Community Foundation              Benton County Community Foundation Budget
North Benton Ambulance Service                  cardiac 12-lead monitor acquisition (2)
Blairstown EMS                                  purchase heart monitor and CPR machine
Young Parents Network                           Prenatal/Parenting Support meetings with high school students
Newhall Fire Department Foundation              Purchase of a thermal imaging camera
Benton County Volunteer Program                 medical transportation reimbursement
City of Belle Plaine Parks and Rec              purchase new safety equipment
Junior Achievement of Eastern Iowa, Inc.        financial literacy programming for BC School Dis.
Benton County Chapter of Habitat for Humanity   building a house in Benton County
Atkins Improvement Mission                      new library and city hall
Newhall Lions Club/Iowa Lions Foundation        parks playground equipment revitalization
Vinton-Shellsburg Special Olympics              purchase uniforms and equipment
City of Walford                                 purchase generator for Community Center
City of Blairstown                              purchase generator for water treatment plant and warning system
Belle Plaine Area Ambulance                     purchase generator for shelter
Independent Child Advocate Services, Inc.       extend After School Program for At-Risk Children
Belle Plaine Police Department                  automated external defibrillators
Iowa Baseball Museum of Norway, Inc.            museum equipment & tuckpointing
Workplace Learning Connection                   work-based learning
Grace C. Mae Advocate Center, Inc.              Mountain Movers project
Luzerne Park Foundation                         Phase II - removal of old and replace playground equipment
Norway Beautification Committee                 Norway City Park Renovation Project - replace playground equipment
Genesis Development                             mental health & Genesis services information creation and dissemination
Benton County Extension 4-H                     Summer Discovery Camps for Benton County
Belle Plaine Partners for Beautification        welcome signs
Vinton Area Dollars for Scholars                purchase tools to help in Holiday Roping Fundraiser for scholarships
Cedar River RATS                                Third Annual Cedar River Clean Up - supplies and shirts
Organizations that were awarded for 2009.

Organization Name                Project
Genesis                          CPR training and equipment
BC Disaster Recovery Coalition   disaster recovery funds
Vinton Fire Dept                 hydrant markers
City of Vinton                   Maple Lane Center purchase tables
BC Volunteer Program             medical transportation
Workplace Learning Connection    work-based learning services
Belle Plaine Police              digital in-car video system
Vinton Water Trail               signage along river
Cedar River RATS                 river clean up program
Norway Museum                    materials to fix building for museum
BC Foundation                    administrative and marketing
Benton Dev Group                 marketing partnership dues
Vinton Parks                     playground equipment
City of Urbana                   message sign
Jr. Achievement                  program - economic education K-8
Belle Plaine Dev Corp            promotions and on-line newspaper
ASAC                             prevention specialist
VU - Business Opp Group          marketing materials
Happy Time                       playground equipment
Habitat for Humanity             building home
City of Belle Plaine             street scape enhancement
HACAP                            medical loan closet (wheel and bath chairs)
ARC                              children summer day program
Blairstown Foundation            city park renovation
Girl Scouts                      one night event
Decat                            help serious emotional disturbance children get assistance
Belle Plaine Parks and
Recreation                       pool project - slide
Organizations that were awarded in 2008
Applicant                               Project/Program
Benton County Community Foundation      Operational budget
                                        Regional marketing to enhance economic
Benton Development Group                development
                                        Independent living mock apartment - therapy
Virginia Gay Hospital Foundation        program
                                        Purchase and install 60 KW generator at
Van Horne Fire Department               emergency station
                                        Child Abuse Prevention / Strengthening Families
Benton Co Family Nurturing Council      Promotions
Junior Achievement                      Program funds
                                        Functional family therapy program and
Benton/Iowa Decat                       certification
Newhall First Responders Foundation     Purchase reliable, up to date, used ambulance
                                        Equipment, admission fees and additional staff
ARC of East Central Iowa                for activities
Genesis Development                     Staff training
Mt. Auburn -American Legion Post 177    New roof
Roger's Park - Benton Co Conservation   Final phase (3) of new park equipment
Girl Scouts                             Financial assistance for participation in program
                                        Medical transportation under 60 / General
Benton Co Volunteer Program             Operation Funds
Horizons - A Family Service Alliance    Purchase a meals on wheels van
                                        Purchase two hand held radios and two
Izaak Walton League of America          defibrillators
                                        Purchase 3 defibrillators, AED training pads and
Vinton Police Department                bags
City of Vinton                          Replace 30 yr old sirens and battery backup
                                        Park improvements - shelter, rest rooms, flag and
Belle Plaine Parks and Rec              lighting
                                        Purchase two ice rescue suits, a ice rope, bag and
Vinton Fireman's Association            anchor
Vinton - American Legion Post 57        Purchase defibrillator and train personnel
City of Garrison                        Fill Old Creamery building area
                                        Batteries, smoke detectors, promotional
Red Cross                               materials, training
Luzerne Safe Kids                       Update unsafe playground equipment
                                        Pay for student transportation costs and driver
Lutheran Transportation                 wages
Harvest Valley Ministry Center          Food an non-food items
Independent Child Advocate Services     Youth center
Center Point-Urbana Schools             Middle school wireless sound system
Belle Plaine Historical Society         Preserve textiles
Benton Co Historical - SOCS             Phase 1 - moving schoolhouse
Organizations that were awarded in 2007
Applicant                                 Project/Program
Junior Achievement                        program service for BC
Benton Development Group / Benton Co.     regional marketing and business development partnership
Happy Time Child Development              Phase I - playground renovation
B/I County Decategorization / Four Oaks   functional family therapy
Benton Co Foundation                      operating budget
Blairstown Community Foundation           renovation of city park
BC Family Nurturing Council               reducing child abuse and neglect
BC Volunteer Program                      medical transportation / operating budget
Belle Plaine Community Development        building renovation and operating budget
Cedar/Mt. Auburn Fire Dept                Phase II - quick attack truck
Garrison Fire Dept                        expansion of fire department building
Benton County Conservation                update playground equipment
American Legion Post 57                   replace parking lot
Vinton Fire Department                    generator light
Vinton Unlimited                          produce DVD and market
Workplace Learning Connection             career exploration activities
City of Vinton                            automatic door opener for easier accessibility
Mt. Auburn Youth Council                  Phase III - playground improvement
Girl Scouts                               sending BC girls to program

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