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History Questions on Douglas


									Frederick Douglass
What was Douglass’s job during harvest time at Mr. Covey’s farm? Why did Douglass become ill? Why did Douglass decide to walk seven miles in his condition? What character traits does Douglass show in his journey to his master? What action did Douglass take after being struck by Covey? What advice did Thomas give to Douglass? How did Sandy Jenkins help Douglass? Explain the elements of humor contained in Douglass’s account of Sandy Jenkins’s advice. What does this passage reveal about Covey’s character? What could Douglass have done differently? What could Covey have done differently?

Responding to the story: Describe how you might feel if you were a slave subjected to the kind of treatment Douglass received. What would you have done in Douglass’s situation?

Frederick Douglass

1. After reading “Memoranda During the War,” describe the character traits of Walt Whitman. 2. During his visits to the battle fields, what important observations did he make regarding the actions and emotions of the soldiers. 3. What senses are involved in Whitman’s writing? 4. Identify the following literary techniques used in this excerpt: Setting: Tone: Mood: Imagery: 5. What are the main ideas found in this excerpt?

6. What did Whitman encourage the soldiers to do?

Frederick Douglass

1. What was Howe’s inspiration for writing the “Battle Hymn of the Republic?” 2. How did the setting precipitate the writing? 3. What victory are they rejoicing? 4. What effect did the singing of the “Battle Hymn of the Republic” have on people? 5. What famous men in government are mentioned? 6. How is the language in the hymn different from today? 7. How might we word such a song today? What might the lyrics be? Activity: Using today’s terminology, rewrite the “Battle Hymn of the Republic.”

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