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VOLUME 37, NUMBER 2                                                                        OCTOBER 2007
   INSIDE THIS ISSUE                    President’s Message
                                        By Al Waters
Racing Ramblings ……………...          2
                                        NAMBA President
Grand Prix Classic ……………..          5
                                            Time flies when you are having fun. Just that quick and we are already at the end of
News From Sixteen …………….            7   my term as NAMBA President. I do plan on running for office again so we will see
                                        how that pans out. However in the mean time there are still plenty of things to do.
NABGO Combat Nationals …….          8   I would first like to thank all of the District Directors who have made my tenure a
                                        pleasant one. This year we will not only vote for the President and Vice President
Goodbye Mongo ………………. 11                positions but all odd numbered districts District Directors also. If you see only one
2007 Electric Nationals ………..      12   candidate for your respective district, please show a vote of confidence. If your odd
                                        numbered district does not show a candidate, no one has submitted a nomination and
District Five News …………….. 15           the current District Director has already agreed to continue in his position. If there is
                                        more than one candidate in your odd numbered district, please vote. It is amazing the
District 11 Report ……………...        15   number of times that NAMBA offices have been decided by less than a handful of
Safety Corner - Summer Review      16       This year’s NAMBA Nationals for Fast Electrics was held outside of Seattle,
                                        Washington and District Eight Director/NAMBA Safety Chairman Lohring Miller was
District One - Half Way In 2007    16
                                        on hand and participated in the event. The NAMBA Nitro and Gas Nationals were
District Eight Director’s Report   17   hosted by District Nine in San Jose, California. I attended the Nationals in District
                                        Nine and if you weren’t there, you will never know what you missed. The first
NAMBA Scale Chairman Report 18          question I asked myself was why was the host hotel 11 miles away? I soon found out.
                                        Eight of those miles were freeway so that was just a five minute trip. The other three
Technically Speaking ………….         19   miles were a piece of cake as the traffic was moving in the opposite direction. It was
                                        all about the host hotel. When have you gone to a Nationals where you had a free full
News From Nineteen ………….. 22            on breakfast every day? There was your choice of eggs, omelets, bacon, sausage,
                                        potatoes, coffees, juices, and cereals. Then after a day of racing there were two hours
NAMBA Records ……………..              23
                                        of free happy hour including munchies. There was a large atrium area for socializing
Educating The Public ………….         23   which also doubled as their restaurant. And the food? I had dinner three times at the
                                        hotel because I was too comfortable to want to leave. When we did decide to go
Hello All From District Seven … 24      restaurant hopping, there were groups anywhere from six to twenty people.
                                            The hotel layout was the perfect setting for meeting everyone at the end of race day.
In Memory of Ira Cotton ………. 25         Contest Directors Roger Hooks Jr. and Mike McKnight and all of District Nine did an
                                        excellent job of putting these Nationals together. The Raging Waters Park race site was
Mark Grim Hall of Fame ………. 26          real nice, the weather was beautiful every day, and the awards banquet was first rate.
Gas Rule Change Proposals …… 27                                                                            Continued on page 2

President’s Message
(Continued from page 1)
                                                                                              Racing Ramblings
                                                                                              By Alan Hobbs
    Oh, did I forget to say that District Nice hosted a free open bar at the awards           NAMBA Past President
banquet complete with free commemorative Martinelli’s bottles of cider with the
Nationals logo on the label. Free is probably not a politically correct term to be used           When you attend the NAMBA Nats,
for the hospitality that all of the race entrants were provided. The whole event was          you get a badge that lists your name,
very professionally handled so complimentary would be the more appropriate term.              NAMBA number, and how many
All I can say is that I had a good time. Granted, there were bumps in the road that           NAMBA Nats you have attended. Lots
District Nine had to deal with, but they did it in such a way that the boaters were never     of people check out your badge to see
aware of them. That’s how you take care of business.                                          how many Nats are listed. It isn’t all that
    Speaking of Nationals, next year’s 2008 NAMBA FE Nationals location has yet to            complementary when someone looks at
be determined. However, the 2008 NAMBA Nitro and Gas Nationals will be hosted                 your badge and says, “Holy Cow! How
by District 20 in Denver, Colorado. Kelly Stout and his group have been having                old are you?”
meetings and determined with the July 4th holiday taking a Leap Year jump, the                    My first NAMBA Nats was Amarillo,
Nationals will be held July 12 -19, 2008. For those of you who really like to plan            Texas in 1981. I’ve only missed a couple
ahead, keep July open in 2009 as District Eight will be hosting the Nitro and Gas             since then, and I’m proud that I have
Nationals at Twin Lakes in Marysville, Washington.                                            made it to every NAMBA Nats since
    One of the things I feel I should do as NAMBA President is be honest with the             1988. Every big race is fun and I’m
membership. A lot of things are taken care at Board of Directors level because you            happy to say I’ve enjoyed all the
have voted all of those people in to office to represent you and make decisions on your       NAMBA Nats I’ve attended.
behalf. There will be times where we all do not agree on matters. However, we discuss             NAMBA has spread our annual event
them and final decisions are made by a majority vote. That is the beauty of a                 across the USA, from every corner to
democracy.                                                                                    places in between and Canada. When
    Two items come to mind at this time and I will take them one by one.                      you go to these races you get to meet a
The question has been asked about running boats that are not allowed as per the               lot of model boaters. One thing you can
NAMBA rule book and whether a person has insurance coverage if there is an                    count on is that some of the nicest
accident. Whether we follow the rule book the membership has voted in or not,                 people you will ever meet race model
excessive claims of any kind will ultimately cause us to lose our current insurance           boats.
carrier. Following the entire contents of the rule book that the membership has voted             And, you will meet a lot of nice
in will help minimize the possibility of an accident happening. That is the best way to       boaters at races that are not NAMBA
look at it.                                                                                   events. While I have raced across the
    The next question that has come up is the result of the answer to the previous            USA and Canada at NAMBA events,
question. How do we get a particular class or motor in the NAMBA rule book if                 I’ve also raced at APBA and IMPBA
currently running it conflicts with the rule book possibly jeopardizing our insurance?        sanctioned events. It is always fun. I
Let’s use turbine boats or gas boats with twin 26 cc motors as examples. Currently            always meet some great people. And,
turbine power is not authorized and twin 26 cc motors exceed the maximum allowable            I’ve found that no matter where you go,
size for gas motors. For those of you who are truly interested in going this direction,       there are people willing to help you
my suggestion would be to submit a letter of request to the NAMBA Board with your             through any problems.
pros and cons. Your best chance of getting something like this to fly is to get as many           Just because racing in North America
of the NAMBA BOD together to observe an exhibition. The best place to do this                 is fantastic, does not mean it is the only
would be at the NAMBA Nitro and Gas Nationals. You will have most of the BOD                  model boat racing, or even the best
including the Safety Chairman present. There would be a controlled situation                  model boat racing. About 10 years ago I
providing you with the best possibility of succeeding at your request.                        was invited to race at the NAVIGA
    Well, there is still a lot more racing left this year. Districts are coming down to the   World Championships in France. I didn’t
wire with their class championships and there are still quite a few special event races       really know what to expect, but I hadn’t
being held throughout the country. When you attend your next race, take a moment to           been to Europe before and I figured that
thank your District Director for stepping up to the plate as well as your Contest             even if the racing was bad, I could
Directors for hosting races. A little thank you sure goes a long way.                         always have fun checking out the area.
    See you at the next race.                                                                 Well, racing in France was fun. Andy
                                                                                              Brown and I entered. I met some really
                                                                                              nice people from dozens of different
                                                                                              countries. Petr Kvita from Switzerland
                                                                                              and Kjell Noddeland from Norway were
                                                                                              there. On a quiet day I visited the
                                                                                              original Notre Dame in Chartres. I
                                                                                              walked up stone steps that were placed a
                                                                                              thousand years before.

2                                                                                                                         October 2007

    While driving around in little cars        his family at the French WC. There was      I ever raced was in the 15cc Finals in
through small towns with narrow               no question but that I was going to          Poland. We hit the start line six boats
winding roads and street signs you can’t      Poland. The easiest schedule was a flight    across with two boats right behind us.
read is a challenge, getting lost in Paris    to Frankfurt, Germany and pick up a          Into the first turn the spray and sunlight
was a real thrill. I found myself driving     rental car. I had reserved a VW station      made it difficult to see your boat. We ran
around the Arc d’Triomph amongst              wagon.                                       that way for about four laps before the
eight haphazard lanes of fast moving              When I signed the stack of car rental    boats started stringing out. I ended up in
traffic. Not only was I lost, but I had no    papers, the rental agent asked me if I       second place. It was great.
idea of how to avoid an accident. Well,       needed anything else. I asked for                Slovenia hosted the 2004 NAVIGA
it wasn’t my car, so who cared? I gave it     directions to Poland. The rental agent       WC. I met Andy Brown again in Milan
gas, slipped into every opening I could       picked up my papers and tore them up in      and we drove through Italy to get to
find and finally drove by the Eiffel          front of me. “Nice German cars go to         Slovenia. On the way we spent a day
Tower.                                        Poland and they don’t come back,” he         walking around Venice. We were back
    Eventually I found a Shell gas            said. We ended up with a German Ford         in Velenje and we could notice that the
station. The attendant spoke English          that ran great.                              local economy had improved. We saw
very well and drew me a map so I could            Driving on the Autobahn was an           fewer Yugo automobiles and more
get back to my hotel. As I left, she gave     experience. We were tooling along at 90      Opels, VW’s, and small Audis. Hotel
me her phone number and told me to            miles per hour, in the middle lane.          rooms cost more and it was $10.00 to get
call if I got lost again. After an            Trucks and slow traffic were in the right    a week’s worth of laundry done.
experience like that, how could I not go      lane, and the left lane traffic is hard to       My friend Simona Strnisnik was
to the next NAVIGA World                      explain. Before you saw them coming,         announcing the event again and her
Championship?                                 they had passed you. Audis, BMW’s,           parents were helping in other areas.
    In 2000 NAVIGA held their World           and Porsches flew by at 150 miles per        While in Slovenia this trip I took a few
Championships in Velenje, Slovenia.           hour plus.                                   side trips. Ptui is a town in northern
Slovenia was the first part of the former         The roads in Poland were posted at       Slovenia that is home to one of the
Yugoslavia to break off and went              100 KPH max. And, there weren’t that         oldest castles around. Ptui actually dates
through a short civil war. It is right next   many roads you could cover at 100            back to a Roman garrison that protected
to Italy, Austria, and Hungary. In            KPH. Just about the time you get             a river crossing.
addition, it is near Bosnia, and in 2000      comfortable driving along at 100 KPH,            One thing I noticed while in Italy and
the fighting was still going on in Bosnia.    you go around a corner. There is a           Slovenia is that there are a lot of people
My question was, “Is it a smart thing to      temporary sign that says “50 KPH” and a      that enjoy nude sunbathing. On the way
take my boats to that part of the world?”     cop with radar. Normally they have a car     back to the Milan airport, we stopped in
Most of my friends said, “No, don’t go.       stopped, but if there is not one already     Trieste, an Italian city on the coast. A
They are killing people over there.”          stopped, you get stopped, and fined.         four lane, heavily traveled highway runs
But, it was a boat race and there were        Frequently, drivers in Poland play their     right next to the beach. I don’t see how
people coming from all over the world.        own version of “Chicken.” The roads are      you can watch the road with so many
Many of my new friends would be there.        narrow with few places to pass. But they     nude sunbathers next to the highway. It
I’d meet new friends.                         pass anyway, expecting that someone          was dangerous. So, I decided the best
    I flew into Milan, Italy, joined up       will get out of their way. I was starting    thing to do was park the car and take a
with Andy Brown, and rented a car.            to see what the car rental agent meant       walk.
Slovenia is a beautiful country. It was       what he said about nice German cars in           Many of us have enjoyed the
clean, friendly, and inexpensive. At my       Poland.                                      Australians that attend NAMBA Nats. In
hotel, they did a week’s worth of dirty           Well, I was wrong. We stayed at a        January 2005, I entered the big
boaters’ clothes for $3.60. Slovenia may      very nice lakeside Polish resort. The        Australian race at Hunter Valley. Bill
be the friendliest place I have ever          parking lot was locked and under 24          Annabelle and Greg Hill met me at the
visited.                                      hour security. During one week four          airport and took care of me for a few
    I didn’t do very well racing. But,        German cars were stolen from the lot         days while I got used to the time change.
again I made some nice friends. I met         and three or four others were broken         Racing in Australia is much like racing
Simona Strnisnik, the Slovenian               into. The resort manager told me it was      in the USA. Go fast, turn right, and hold
announcer and Vitaly Yukkers, a               Russian Mafia. My Russian friends said       on. There were a few differences that I
Russian Aeronautical Engineer. Some of        that the Poles always blame the Russian      noticed. Flies in Australia are not afraid
these people have become my good              mafia, but don’t believe it. According to    of you. You don’t just wave your hand to
friends that I see whenever possible.         the Russians, the Poles have their own       scare them away. Another difference
Again, I had a great time.                    mafia. So be it. My rental Ford wasn’t       was a kangaroo standing along the road
    Poland was the site of the 2002           touched.                                     into the pond.
NAVIGA World Championships. My                    We had a good time in Poland. I did          Norway hosted the 2006 NAVIGA
friend, Chris Lisiak, was part of the         better racing and made the finals in 15cc    WC. I flew into Oslo and rented a Volvo
organizing group. I first met Chris and       Hydro. One of the most memorable heats                               Continued on page 4

October 2007                                                                                                                        3

Racing Ramblings                              Mussolini, and Tito made famous                your engine and get the boat into the
(Continued from page3)                        speeches. My hotel, while very modern,         water. There is a 30 second time frame
                                              was originally built prior to 1600. The        to set up for the start. If your boat does
station wagon. I went by myself this          central city streets were narrow and           not pass under the transponder antenna,
time and found driving in Norway to be        cobblestone. It was an experience I will       your lap does not count. Buoy cuts cost a
no problem at all. But, do not speed on       remember.                                      lap, just as in NAMBA. Normally, the
the Norwegian highways. The fines are             I will definitely be back in Leno, Italy   buoys are large and very hard. A hit on a
so high that you might have to sell your      for the 2008 NAVIGA WC. In the                 NAVIGA buoy can mean a broken boat.
car to pay the speeding ticket.               meantime, it looks like there is another       The buoys are made to stand up for the
    The races were held in a private          race coming up in Australia. Bill              full two weeks of racing.
beach area of a large lake. This was a        Annabelle is trying to put together a race         When the race is over, do not leave
private resort area with cabins, camping      this January in Sydney. He hopes to hold       the pontoon until you are told to leave.
spots, a restaurant, and a large dock area.   it at the Olympic rowing venue. I’ve           Your pitman must listen carefully to the
Kjell Noddeland, one of the Norwegian         seen that location and it is really            judges so he can tell you if you have a
racers and a good friend, provided me         something.                                     penalty or your lap did not register.
with a starting box.                              What do you need if you want to race       While the announcements are made in
    The Norwegian organizers hired my         your model boats around the world?             English, there are a lot of other
Slovenian friend, Simona Strnisnik, as a      First of all you need patience and a sense     languages spoken on the pontoon. While
translator and announcer. Chris Lisiak        of humor. Remember, you aren’t going           the judges rarely call driving infractions,
and his family were there also. On a          to win the first time you race in another      you can be called for driving too close to
quiet day, Chris, his family, Simona, and     country. There are lots of good racers         the pontoon, cutting another boat off, or
I drove to Lillehamer, the site of a          around the world. In addition, there will      driving dangerously.
previous Winter Olympics. While there,        be some rule that you’ve never ever seen           Your boat must conform to the
Simona and I rode the bobsled which is a      before. Just accept it. Smile a lot, and       NAVIGA standards. Your boat will be
bit of a thrill. We also visited some of      enjoy the experience.                          inspected by the judges prior to the
the Oslo museums, including the Nobel             As an example, in a NAVIGA event,          event. If your boat does not pass, you
Peace Prize, Kon-Tiki, and Viking Ship        you don’t go onto the drivers’ stand,          must make the changes required or you
museums.                                      known as the pontoon, until you are            can’t race that boat. You are allowed to
    I did not do very well racing in          called up. You march up in order based         have two boats for every class you enter.
Norway and decided I needed more              on what position you have been                 When I first heard that, I wondered why
experience racing at the NAVIGA               assigned. You are announced to the             everyone brought back up boats. Then I
venues. In July, 2007 I traveled to Leno,     spectators then you and your pitman            saw the buoys. The noise limit is 80 db
Italy to get some experience there before     enter the pontoon and walk to your             with the meter at the water’s edge. If you
they host the 2008 NAVIGA WC. As I            position. NAVIGA is now using                  don’t meet the 80 db limit, you will be
had never been to Austria, I decided to       transponders. If you have your own             warned. You must make a positive
fly into Vienna, rent a car there, and        transponder, it must conform to their          attempt to quiet your boat. If you are
drive through one of my favorite              standards. If you rent one of the              again over 80 db, pack it up because you
countries, Slovenia, to Italy. The            organizer’s transponders, they will            are out of that class.
Slovenian economy was even better this        provide it to you when they are ready for          Every boat running at a NAVIGA
time. Not only were there no Yugos on         you to have it. It may be available before     event, has a large number card
the streets, I saw a lot of big Mercedes,     a few minutes before your heat. It may         displayed. The number you put on the
Audis, BMWs and Porsches.                     be available just in time for your heat.       boat conforms to the numbered position
    Grahame Morgan, a friend from             Once on the pontoon, do not turn on            you stand while driving. Instead of
England mixed me up some fuel and             your radio until you are told to turn it on.   saying the first yellow boat was over at
provided the starting box. He was my          A judge will watch you operate your            the start, the judge will say number four
pitman and we had some very good              rudder and throttle. If the judge is not       was over. This really simplifies
races. The Italian organizers hired           satisfied that they are working properly,      identifying which boat is which. The
Simona to announce and interpret for          you won’t be allowed to race. Do not           number must remain on the boat
them. She talked me into visiting her city    blow out your engine while you are on          throughout the race. At one NAVIGA
of Ljubljana.                                 the pontoon. Blow it out before you            event I saw, two boats were on the same
    On the way back to the Vienna             leave your pit area. You cannot turn your      frequency in the same heat. One boat
airport, I spent a few days in Ljubljana,     engine over again until the clock starts.      was correct, the other incorrect. But both
the capitol of Slovenia. Simona and her       The pontoon areas are tight. Be careful        boats were not allowed to race that heat.
boyfriend, Dejan showed me around the         where you kneel when starting your             It wasn’t fair, but that was the judge’s
marvelous city center. We spent most of       engine so that you don’t touch someone         ruling and judge’s rulings are not
one day visiting a castle built by the        else’s propeller.                              overturned.
Hapsburgs to protect Austria from the             NAVIGA uses a floating clock. As in            The basic NAVIGA events are FSR–
Turks. I saw where Napoleon,                  NAMBA you have two minutes to start            V, Offshore, and Hydro. Most Hydros

4                                                                                                                        October 2007

are American designs such as Eagles           charges. Rental cars will set you back. One week in Austria, Slovenia, and Italy was
and Roadrunners. They race a six lap          about $900.00 after taxes and surcharges. Hotels range from reasonable to out of sight.
course. The offshore boats are deep vee       I stayed seven nights in Leno for less than $600 which included a small breakfast. My
hulls and cats. The offshore boats race       room in Ljubljana was $135 per night with a small breakfast. Charges are listed in
similarly to our monos. The exception is      Euros, not dollars. Watch the conversion rates.
that once the race starts, the offshore           While the European cars get good mileage, gasoline and diesel will cost about
boats race for eight minutes. How many        $7.00 per gallon. Most of the good roads are toll roads. Meals in Norway were very
laps do you get in eight minutes? The         expensive. At the race site a hamburger and fries was $25.00. That did not include a
best results were 24–26 laps.                 drink. Meals in Italy were good and relatively inexpensive. We had one dinner at a
    FSR-V classes are 20 minutes in the       nice restaurant that cost me about $65.00. But you could get by at a restaurant for
qualification rounds and 30 minutes in        $25.00. There aren’t Burger Kings and McDonalds on every corner. I always end up
the Finals. These boats race counter-         buying a lot of bottled water. Coca-Cola and bottled juice is very expensive.
clockwise around an M shaped course.          Race entries are more expensive there than here. They use the entries to hire approved
The heats are normally 12 or 13 boats,        judges and officials. The banquet tickets are quite expensive considering the meals.
and begin with a countdown Lemans             Beer, wine, and vodka are normally very cheap.
start. FSR-V boats race at 45 to 50 miles         Most of the European racers camp out at the race site and cook their own meals. A
per hour and there is a lot of banging        lot of them sleep on the ground in tents to save money. Fuel and glow plugs are very
and shoving in the corners. That is why       expensive in Europe. I found it quite expensive to race in Australia also. Thank
the buoys are so tough.                       goodness I had friends to help me out. I didn’t have to rent a car and I spent some
    No matter what class you race, you        nights at Bill Annabelle’s house. The hotels are expensive. The meals are expensive.
will race for two days in the qualifi-        The people are special and that makes all the expense worthwhile to race in Australia.
cation rounds. The top eight in each          There is no question about it. I am a very lucky individual. I’ve found a hobby I really
Hydro and Offshore class go to the            love. My family thinks it is great that I race boats instead of doing something silly. I
finals. There are four heat races in the      have made friends all over the world and at my age I have the time to visit these
finals. The top 13 in each FSR-V class        friends and race boats with them. Someday I won’t be able to race boats like I do now.
go to the finals. Each country gets a         That will be a sad day as I will really miss the old friends and miss out on the new
limited number of entries in each class.      friends I haven’t met yet. In the meantime, I’m going racing. Let’s see, in 2008 it will
Countries that have won an event in the       be Sydney Australia, the Colorado NAMBA Nats, Calgary and Edmonton Alberta,
past get extra spots in that event. For the   Leno, Italy, and with the Wet Dreams race team in Utah. I’m told there will be a
USA, we have three opportunities to           practice race in Hungary in 2009. Time just flies when you are having fun.
enter in each event.                              If you seriously want to race outside North America and want some information,
    The NAVIGA events are 3.5cc, 7.5cc        contact me at To race at a NAVIGA event, you must be a
and 15cc Hydro. The offshore classes          current NAMBA member. To race in Australia, you must join the Australian
are 3.5cc, 7.5cc, 15cc and 35cc. FSR-V        organization. Both Australia and Leno will be a lot of fun in 2008.
classes are 3.5cc, 7.5cc, 15cc and 35cc.
There are junior classes in some of the
3.5cc, 7.5cc and 15cc classes. Juniors
must be less than 18 years old. That
                                              Grand Prix Classic
means that there are some really good         By Roger Hooks Jr.
junior drivers.                               District Nine
    Don’t think that the best model boats         The Grand Prix Classic has come to
and drivers only come from the USA. If        another grand conclusion. A fleet of 80
you’ve been watching, boaters from            race ready boats converged on Fremont,
Europe took first and second in X Hydro       California's Kaiser Cove navigated by
at the Orlando Winternats a few years         drivers from as far away as Los Angeles,
ago. Petr Kvita and his son ran very well     California, Oregon, and Washington. It
at the NAMBA Nats in 2005. Bill               included such note-worthy names as
Annabelle and Steve Spinks have each          Jerry Dunlap and Lohring Miller, as well
won a few NAMBA National titles.              as LA speed demons Don Maher and
There are good model boat drivers all         Henry Velasco. We truly appreciated the
over the world.                               attendance of all our competitors despite the threat of heavy rain. Everyone maintained
    How much does it cost to race in          a pleasant racing spirit which provided the stage for spectacular entertainment for the
Europe or Australia? The biggest              many spectators that were in attendance.
expense is travel. There are deals to             As usual, our season opener started the day with casual testing as many racers were
Europe now and then. Hopefully you            igniting the glow inside their nitro and gas burners for the first time since last season.
can take advantage of one. Packing your       Spectators began to stream in. It is estimated that hundreds of spectators made their
boats is a challenge. I check mine as         way to the somewhat inconvenient spectator event. Local newspaper coverage and
luggage and pay the additional luggage                                                                              Continued on page 6

October 2007                                                                                                                          5

Grand Prix Classic                           but the "Old Man" Jay Selby showed              Alfred Lanza, Dave Bestpitch, and
(Continued from 5)                          the crowd what an old K & B engine can           Roger Hooks, Jr. rounded out the field
                                            do with a new boat which was clearly             and Dave Bestpitch amazed the audience
flyer distribution at local hobby shops     one of, it not, the fastest boat in the fleet.   with a consistent run, making him the
contributed to the attendance.              Speed, consistency and driver experience         favorite for the main event. Alfred Lanza
   This year was an extra special           carried Jay to a second place finish in the      was a hit and miss for the entire event,
occasion as we were fortunate enough to     main event behind Rudy Formanek.                 displaying awesome burst of speed only
secure the privilege of adorning the        Third place was captured by Dave                 to lose an engine, sputter and pull off to
Grand Prix Classic name with the            Osman, fourth was Lorenzo Martinez,              the side of the course. Roger Hooks, Jr.
Legacy and Spirit of Gary Johnson. A        fifth was Jeff Wells and last but not least      didn't make it to the finish for most of
perpetual trophy will be awarded in         was Alfred Lanza.                                the entire event or to water for most of
Gary's honor in one of Gary's most                                                           that time, but due to the small fleet he
favorite classes, Scale Unlimited                                                            still qualified for the main event.
Hydroplane.                                                                                  Ironically, Roger Hooks stole the glory
                                                                                             and emerged victorious in the main
                                                                                             event but only because the Contest
                                                                                             Director held the clock long enough for
                                                                                             him to get his boat in the water.
                                                                                             Knowing this Roger, Jr. graciously
                                                                                             relinquished his award to what was the
                                                                                             clearly the best boat in the class driven
                                            A couple of tunnels go deck to deck … or
                                                                                             by Dave Bestpitch.
                                            is it over the deck?
                                                                                                  As 1/8th Scale replicas of the full size
                                                The Sport II class attracted a small         Unlimited Hydroplanes, scale class
                                            fleet this year, however, young Tommy            provided several beautiful and colorful
                                            Levescy displayed impressive speed and           scale boats. Rounding out the fleet was
                                            driving ability with a Phil Thomas Super         Mike McKnight and his son Preston,
                                            Sport 45 that his dad bought on EBay.            driving the beautiful Miss Exide and
                                            Tommy wowed the crowd with several               Miller High Life. Another show stopper
                                            impressive runs against seasoned and             on hand was Dave Osman's checker-
                                            successful veterans like Alfred Lanza.           board Miss Bardahl, while Roger Hooks,
                                            Unfortunately, the new boat and                  Sr. debuted the unique looking 1981 U-
The Gary Johnson perpetual Scale            impressive speed wasn't enough to take           21 Eliminator. At 11 years old, Preston
Unlimited Hydroplane Trophy                 the win from Lanza and his Mac                   McKnight showed the fleet that age was
                                            powered Mutt II hull.                            just a number as he displayed some
    As an added treat, Joel Johnson, son        With the emerging popularity of G1           consistent, safe, and smart driving
of Gary and champion R/C car driver,        Cat it was a no brainer to make the              to finish second in the main event. He
joined us for the momentous occasion.       decision to add this exciting class to the       finished two places above dear old dad
Joel participated in the competition as     GPC line up. A special thanks goes out           who placed fourth. Third, fifth and sixth
well with an entry in Gas Catamaran and     to Gary Crawford for sponsoring the              places were captured by Jeff Alvey, Kent
the RTR Sport Class.                        class. Plenty of awesome Gas Cats have           Sterner, and Don Maher. The Gary
    A Mod Tunnel took to the water with     emerged from the District Nine fleet of          Johnson Grand Prix Classic 1/8th Scale
partly cloudy skies and a slightly chilly   Gas Burners. Among the boats with                Unlimited Hydroplane Perpetual Trophy
temperature. Eric Osman showed              impressive speeds were Glenn Burkhard,           was captured by none other than Dave
promise with consistent driving with a      Lorenzo Martinez, and Alfred Lanza.              Osman with his beautiful checkerboard
strong run at the start of the day. Eric    Joel Johnson made a hard run for the             Miss Bardahl.
maintained his consistency to take the      main event but was over powered by the                What possibly stole the show for the
win on Sunday's main event followed by      speed of the rest of the fleet. Lorenzo          entire weekend was the RTR Sport
Ray Hilburn, while Jeff Harteau found       Martinez emerged victorious in this class        Class. This class was added due to the
his way to third place with his popular     followed by Gary Crawford, Jesse                 request of several regular attendees to
'Nemo' painted Leecraft Hull.               Alvitri, Joe Marroquin, Dave Bestpitch,          the GPC. This was definitely a turn for
    B Mod Tunnel took to the water with     and Bill Batara.                                 the better. Despite the much slower
several high powered competitors vying          Multiengine outrigger was added to           speeds this class proved that it doesn't
for the number one spot. Alfred Lanza       the GPC line-up to show off their                take speed to have a blast at racing these
blazed a trail in the water with his CMB    awesome speed. Only three boats made             little bundles of fun and excitement.
powered Lee Craft hull. Lorenzo             it to the pits this year and double trouble      Probably the most nerve racking and
Martinez and Rudy Formanek also             was to be found for two of three entered.        confusing yet hilariously fun and
displayed some awesome speeds as well

6                                                                                                                          October 2007

entertaining aspect was that most of the fleet were the white Miss Vegas. What added
to the mayhem was that there were no frequency conflicts so all eight boats were raced
                                                                                          News From Sixteen
at once. The boats milled the full course but raced the first half. With the judges       By Keith Warham
pointing every which way on which white boat was the leader, the drivers pushed,          District 16 Director
banged, and bumped their way around the course vying for position and possibly the
win. In the end, Lorenzo Martinez emerged victorious... or so he said... who knows
really. It was an awesome spectacle to see these little boats take some bump'n and
keep on truck'n.
    The class looked more like NASCAR on the water with boats running side by side
and turn to turn for most of the race. These boats were truly a joy to drive and watch.
With the proper race format they are every bit as exciting as any other class if not
more. The slower speeds, big heats, and shorter course kept any boat in traffic for
most of the race, making passing exciting no matter what place you ended up. We like
to thank Jerry Dunlap, designer of the Miss Vegas, Aquacraft, and Twisted Liquid
supporting this class of events.
    As impossible as it sounds to me every year, we still managed to out do ourselves
with the help of the many sponsors who supported our event. Thousands of dollars of
raffle prizes were on hand compliments of Kyosho, Horizon Hobby, AquaCraft,
Airtronics, local Hobbytown Hobby Shops, NorCal Hobbies, Century Helicopters,                 It seems like the race season just
Grim Racer, Traxxas, Hooks Custom Hardware, Competition Marine Designs, Inc.,             started, however the race schedule for
Gary "Craw Daddy" Crawford, and Twisted Liquid Racing,                                    2007 is quickly coming to an end with
    So we come to the close of another exciting year of the Grand Prix Classic. We        only three races remaining. Where has
welcome the addition of the Gary Johnson legacy and from here on out the event will       the summer gone?
be named the Gary Johnson Grand Prix Classic as we look forward to the future and             Races this year have been very
continue down this road in his spirit and the spirit of all of those that founded this    competitive with most classes still open
organization for all of us to enjoy for many more years to come.                          for placing changes. The closest class is
    And the results:                                                                      X Hydro with Paul Omerzu in first
                                                                                          place and Rob Duckering in second only
G-1 CATAMARAN                                 SPORT 40-2                                  separated by 150 points. Second is A
1. Lorenzo Martinez                           1. Alfred Lanza                             Hydro with a separation of 600 points
2. Gary Crawford                                                                          between Alan Yuen and Doug Sick. C
3. Jesse Alvitri                              SCALE UNLIMITED:                            Hydro is another close race between
                                              1. Dave Osman                               Alan Yuen and Kevin Traboulay with
B MOD TUNNEL                                  2. Preston McKnight                         only 1069 points separating them from
1. Rudy Formanek                              3. Jeff Alvey                               first and second. Other classes have
2. Jay Selby                                                                              larger separations in the low to the mid
3. Dave Osman                                 RTR:                                        2000 points but as we all know anything
                                              1. Lorenzo Martinez                         can happen and with the points as close
A MOD TUNNEL                                                                              as they are changes could take place.
1. Eric Osman                                 GARY JOHNSON SCALE AWARD                        Good luck to all in the remaining
2. Ray Hilburn                                1. Dave Osman                               three scheduled races.
3. Jeff Harteau

               The traditional BBQ lunch is always a favorite among
               the racers
October 2007                                                                                                                      7

                                                                                            command of Captain Jeff Burns,
NABGO Combat Nationals                                                                      attempted to do a battle tow cargo run.
By Wreno Wynne                                                                              Unfortunately for the Reluctant, the
Commanding Officer - North Texas Battle Group                                               Dallas tow cable ripped off the entire
    Editors Note:Located in NAMBA District Seven in the state of Texas is a “Big-           upper works of the hapless Reluctant and
Gun” model warship combat club called the North Texas Battle Group. Each year               literally pulled her spinning under the
since 2003 the NTXBG hosts the North American Big Gun Open (NABGO), which is                waves in Dallas’ wake. Since the entire
the Big Gun Nationals. The event is held at the Star Brand Ranch Executive Retreat in       crew of the Reluctant abandoned ship in
Kaufman, Texas, an 8000 acre oasis of traditional Southern hospitality, and will also       time, no-one was hurt, though many
be the site of the 7th annual Big Gun Model Warship Combat World Championships in           laughed heartily. The Reluctant was re-
2008.                                                                                       floated, but sank again on re-launch – not
    This multi-day event was held July5-8 and covered battles such as the Cargo is          a good day for the little Reluctant.
King where the object is to get cargo runs in. Ship damage is incidental, however the           As for details of the battle, it was
carnage is incredible. On the final day was the Texas Cage Match, Last Man Standing         incredibly chaotic. The French and Italian
event for any ships still able to muster, with maneuvering room limited to within the       captains frequently switched sides
port barriers. Restrictions on battle reverse are removed and, at some point, the rate of   without warning (OK, they ARE French/
fire restrictions are lifted. Basically, it is a slugfest. The last one afloat wins.        Italian), however there are a few
    Entrants came from as far away as Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, and our            highlights. Richelieu, under the command
own state of Texas, which is pretty big in itself. For more information please go to        of Captain Mike Duffy, succumbed to and There is an introductory article covering the              heavy shelling late in the day, the largest
different forms of model warship combat, from Servo Magazine, on the                        ship sunk in action. Imperio, under the web site. Now on with the battles and awards:                                 command of Jacob Zieleniewski lost
                                                                                            turret rotation, but just manually rotated A
Cargo is King                                                                               and B turrets, one to Port and the other to
    The weather was clear and calm on the Western gulf as both Axis and Allies settled      Starboard and gamely battled, on looking
in to re-supply the troops. There was an oddity – the Axis forces had captured an           for that perfect “oreo” shot where he
American Liberty ship, the Jeremiah O’Brien, to press into service along with the           could cream both from the middle.
DKM Altmark. It is believed that they hoped this would seed confusion in Allied                 Verdun reports that she received most
ranks, but, as we shall see, this plan was ill-fated. Meanwhile, the Allied command         of her holes during the latter half of the
had captured the DKM Komet and pressed her into service for the Allied command              battle. Due to the chaos, Captain Kliever
under a similar rationale.                                                                  is unsure whether it was Richelieu or
    As the convoys ventured forth,                                                          Imperio who did the most “whopping up”
USS Dallas sallied forth in support                                                         on her, but feels it was the Imperio. He
of the convoys in spite of being                                                            credits the superior marksmanship of his
under manned and without                                                                    opponents with forcing him to retire to
ammunition. The Komet stayed                                                                port with the decks starting to go awash.
close to her flank during the initial                                                       Also, it was during this time that the
raids by the Axis forces, relying on                                                        elevation system for his stern battery was
the shadow of her armor alone for                                                           destroyed, rendering them more effective
protection. Both Cimarron, under                                                            for shelling the harbor than combat. He
the command of Captain Todd                                                                 officially attributes his early control
Allen and the Axis O’Brien, under                                                           troubles to sabotage (of course) rather
the command of Captain Bob                                                                  than any shortcomings on the part of the
Fristrom, were early casualties, not The Verdun and Richelieu slug it out                   excellent crew of the Verdun and her fine
completing a single cargo run. The                                                          officers. All in all, a good day at the pond
DKM Altmark, under the command of Captain Wes Wynne, was able to complete two               methinks.
cargo runs before his Axis communication system failed and he was forced to return to
port, unsunk, by Allied forces.                                                             Texas Cage Match
    During a lull in Axis attacks, USS Dallas was able to rearm and rejoin the fight,       Participants:
staying by Komet’s side much of the time to great effect. Even though superior Allied       Espana, Todd Allen commanding
manufacturing capacity was able to field additional ships, the Nathanael Greene, a          DKM Komet, Chris Kliever commanding
Liberty in her first sortie in these waters, under the command of Captain John              USS Dallas, Jeff Burns commanding
Mianowski, and the USS Reluctant, also making her first sortie, a Camano Class ship         Imperio, Jacob Zieleniewski commanding
under the command of Captain Wreno Wynne, their cargo runs (16 for the Greene,              Verdun, Eric Kliever commanding
and only short coastal hops for the Reluctant) were wholly unnecessary to assure a          USS Iowa, Cheryl Wynne commanding
decisive Allied victory. Komet, under the command of Captain Chris Kliever,
completed 67 successful cargo runs, a new single event record for this theater of
operations. At one point, due to engine problems on the Reluctant, Dallas, under the

8                                                                                                                        October 2007

Six Ships Enter, One Ship Leaves            disabled in Espana’s mines, becoming Espana’s recovery float and winching her up off
     All ships entered the sealed port,     the bottom with her props by the mine cabling. This weight on Imperio’s drive-train
looking for trouble. Dallas, with her       caused an engine overload and power failure. A couple of more intense volleys from
superior mobility, navigated the            Verdun, and Espana was able to drag Imperio to protection under the waves.
Sargasso Sea on the Western end of port     By this time, most gas and ammo had been expended, so a cease-fire for reload was
and found a nice hide, challenging the      called.
bigger ships to come and get her. This          On rearming, the Rate of Fire limitations are waived. Verdun, and Dallas square
was a dangerous tactic, as she was          off. A bit of sparring with the far heavier Verdun, and Dallas is in deep trouble,
wedged pretty tightly. At the same time     settling by the stern. Dallas headed for the dock, settling gently into the deeps just as
Espana made for the Northeasterly           she arrived
corner, so that she could have plenty of    dockside. It is reported that most of the crew got off safely, even though no boats were
room to maneuver, and put her               deployed. Last ship afloat, and still ready for more, was the heavily scarred Verdun.
Starboard flank to the port barrier so      Way to Battle, Eric! Our congratulations to Chesapeake Battle Group on having a
that she only had to defend one side.       member win the Texas Cage Match again!
Iowa decided to make a temporary non-           See page 10 for NABGO Awards Scenario Champions
aggression pact with Espana, and moved
to cover Espana’s Port flank while
Espana covered Iowa’s Starboard,
leaving Verdun and Imperio to duke it
out and pummel Komet. Komet assessed
the situation and made a run to separate
Iowa and Espana, or, at the least, get a
little protection by getting between them
and the port barrier.
     Verdun and Imperio sparred, but
found the Iowa a tempting target and
divided their salvos in making attacks
on her with Dallas venturing forth from
time to time to take advantage when she
could. Before long, Iowa’s pump
succumbed, and she slid below the
waves, leaving Espana unprotected.
Since Espana was no longer providing
much protection, and was, indeed,
drawing fire, Komet decided it was a
good time to get the heck out of Dodge.
Not necessarily the best move, as she
was next to succumb, in spite of the        The Dallas keeps Richelieu at bay from the transport Komet while the Indianapolis is
large holes already opened in Espana.       maneuvering into position coming out of port
     All attention became focused on the
spunky little Espana. Why was she still
afloat? It seems that her captain was
keeping her up by sheer force of will.
She was listing, but perhaps it was her
damage control parties keeping the
massive 6 to 12 foot holes above the
waterline. Eventually Verdun and
Imperio called a truce to gang up on her.
Using Verdun as “the rock”, Imperio
nudged her upright, forcing the massive
Swiss cheese structure that had once
been a hull into the water. Down she
went. In a last act of defiance, the crew
of the Espana deployed mines like the
Lake Shore did last year. Imperio (last
year’s winner, but already struggling
with damaged rotation) learned the          The NABGO 2007 attendees awards presentation
“Lesson of the SoDak,” and became

October 2007                                                                                                                       9
                                           NABGO Awards Scenario Champions
1st – Imperio, Jacom Zieleniewski commanding
2nd – Richelieu, Mike Duffy commanding
3rd – USS Dallas, Jeff Burns commanding
Maneuvering (Warship)
1st – USS Dallas, Jeff Burns commanding
2nd – USS Indianapolis, Rob Fristrom commanding
3rd – DKM Scharnhorst, Rob Fristrom commanding
Maneuvering (Cargo Ships)
1st – DKM Komet, Chris Kleiver commanding
2nd – Nathanael Greene, John Mianowski commanding
3rd – Jeremiah O’Brien, Dr. Bob Fristrom commanding
Most Feared
1st – Imperio, Jacob Zieleniewski commanding
2nd – Verdun, Eric Kliever commanding
3rd – Richelieu, Mike Duffy commanding
Last Man Standing, Texas Cage Match
1st – Verdun, Eric Kleiver commanding
2nd – USS Dallas, Jeff Burns commanding
3rd – Imperio, Jacob Zieleniewski commanding
Most Cargo Delivered
1st – DKM Komet, Chris Kliever commanding (new course record – 67 runs)
2nd – Nathanael Greene – John Mianowski Commanding
3rd – DKM Altmark – Wes Wynne commanding
Best Performance by a Rookie Captain
1st – Dr. Bob Fristrom, commanding Jeremiah O’Brien
2nd – Todd Allen, commanding USS Cimarron
Most Damaged Without Sinking
1st – Verdun, Eric Kliever commanding
2nd – USS Dallas, Jeff Burns commanding
3rd – DKM Komet, Chris Kliever commanding
Most Damaged (Sunk)
1st – Richelieu, Mike Duffy commanding
2nd – Jeremiah O’Brien, Dr. Bob Fristrom commanding
3rd – DKM Altmark, Wes Wynne commanding
Sieve Award aka "Holier than Thou" (most holes regardless of damage score)
1st – Originally won by Verdun, Eric Kliever commanding. Relinquished to Espana, under command of Todd Allen,
      after her amazing performance at the Texas Cage Match
2nd – Verdun, Eric Kliever commanding
3rd – DKM Komet, Chris Kliever commanding
Best Sink
1st – USS Reluctant, Wreno Wynne commanding
2nd – Jeremiah O’Brien, Dr. Bob Fristrom commanding
3rd – Richelieu, Mike Duffy commanding
Most Sunk (aka Davey Jones award)
1st – USS Reluctant, Wreno Wynne commanding
2nd – Richelieu, Mike Duffy commanding
3rd – Jeremiah O’Brien, Dr. Bob Fristrom commanding
Best of Show
1st – DKM Komet, Eric Kliever - builder
2nd – USS Nathanael Greene, Mark Bunting – builder, John Mianowski - commanding
3rd – Special group award to Chesapeake Battle Group
Best Looking Ship
1st – Verdun (Eric Kliever – builder)
2nd – Nathanael Greene (Mark Bunting – builder)
3rd – Indiana (Eric Kliever – builder)
Best Engineered Ship
1st – Verdun (Eric Kliever – builder)
2nd – DKM Komet (Eric Kliever – builder)
3rd – USS Dallas (Jeff Burns Builder)
Greatest Distance Traveled
1st – Chris Kliever
2nd – Dr. Bob Fristrom
3rd – Rob Fristrom
10                                                                                                              October 2007

Goodbye Mongo                                                                                  The Propwash
By Larry Watson                                                                        NAMBA International
Camarillo Pond Rats                                                                    1815 Halley Street
    I lost a very good friend of mine a                                                San Diego, CA 92154
few days ago. Marcus (Mongo)                                                           (619) 424-6380
Williams died September 8th, 2007                                                      Fax - (619) 424-8845
after a courageous fight with cancer.                                                  e-mail
My name is Larry Watson, and                                                           Editors:
Marcus and I were known as the                                                         Cathie Galbraith and Al Waters
“Bruise Brothers” in outboard racing
with the Camarillo Pond Rats and                                                       Newsletter Contributors
District Nineteen. I’ve known Mongo                                                               Jeff Burns
for 22 fun and crazy years. When I                                                                Carlo Catalanotto
first met Marcus he was an equipment                                                              Richard Grenier
operator for a concrete cutting                                                                   Mark Grim
company. I was the mechanic that had                                                              Scott Grissman
to maintain everything that he broke. I                                                           Alan Hobbs
know to this day that he did his best to                                                          Roger Hooks Jr.
break everything I fixed.                                                                         Mike McKnight
    Sometimes I would take my                                                                     Lohring Miller
models to work and build or repair                                                                Dave Rychalsky
them on my lunch hour. Mongo took                                                                 Keith Warham
an interest in the model boats right                                                              Larry Watson-
away. As you know from years past, in the beginning Mongo hit every buoy on the                   Chris Wittrig
course. We spent many nights in hotel rooms patching holes and fixing motors. I                   Wreno Wynne
remember one night in Vegas where on the twelfth floor of a casino we were repairing
his boat. The smell of lacquer thinner was so heavy in the room that we had to            This newsletter is sent to all members
unscrew the windows for fresh air. He also used to help my boys (the Jr. Bruise        free of charge as a part of their
Brothers) drive their boats, once again putting them into every buoy and me in the     membership. All articles contained herein
repair shop.                                                                           may be reproduced as long as proper
    My friend Marcus and I have had a lot of good times with boats and planes, way     credit is given as to author and
too many to talk about. So Mongo, take it easy on God’s buoys…and FLY MARCUS           publication source.

                                                                                        Classified Ad - $10.00
                                                                                        Business Card - $25.00
                                                                                        1/4 Page - $25.00
                                                                                        1/2 Page - $50.00
                                                                                        Full page - $100.00
                                                                                           These prices are per issue. Multi
                                                                                        issue discounts are available. Advertis-
Mongo poses with Richard Hazlewood                                                      ing will be printed in the body of the
                                                                                        newsletter in the same color as the text.
                                                                                        Please call for quotes for special or two
                                                                                        color printing. Should an advertiser
                                                                                        choose to supply the Propwash with
                                                                                        professionally printed or multi-colored
                                                                                        flyers for insertion into the newsletter,
                                                                                        the charge will be $50.00, as well as the
                                                                                        delivery to the NAMBA office of
                                                                                        approximately 1500 flyers.
                                                                                           Please call the NAMBA office at
                                           The Bruise Brothers celebrate a boaters      (619) 424-6380 for more information or
                                           first win with a toss in the lake            for special advertising requests.

October 2007                                                                                                                   11

2007 Electric Nationals
By Lohring Miller
District Eight Director
    I attended my very first electric race     instituted the Royal Order of the Rubber       and modern division, but the combined
this year. Naturally, I chose an entry         Chicken. If a racer made a silly mistake,      scale entry made it the largest group. P
level race suitable for someone with no        a rubber chicken, furnished by my wife,        Mono was an illustration of old versus
electric experience and brought a boat         was hung in their pit. The racer then got      new boat size. Daren Jordan souped up
that I just built with almost no time          to induct the next deserving member.           his Super V 27 with 3S2P lipos, a Neu
running it. Welcome to the NAMBA               Commodore Scott Bickford was the first         motor and a Castle speed control. The
Fast Electric Nationals. I was joined by       member for not finishing the first heat of     boat was a little too small and the 33
several other long time nitro racers, Jerry    the first race. The competition increased      inch Delta Force monos of Brian Buass
Dunlap from the Northwest, Russ                from that point, with all the best racers      with three firsts and Greg Schweers with
Williamson and Mike Zabaroski from             wanting in. Mike Zabarosky copied his          two firsts and a second, both with their
the Midwest, as well as electric racer         tattoo on the chicken, Brian Buass             full 4s2p lipo packs, out ran him every
Ken Hayes who came all the way from            furnished a high quality rope, and             time. Super V 27 was a survival race as
Florida. The Northwest’s best electric         everyone had a great time posing for           the wind came up. The boats were very
racers were also there, bringing their         pictures with the chicken.                     similar in performance since identical
latest lithium polymer battery powered                                                        Aquacraft props were drawn out of the
boats and beautiful scale boats ready to                                                      hat for every heat. It came down to setup
set records and impress the locals.                                                           and driving. Jerry Dunlap had the secret
    Electric racing, for those of you who                                                     with conservative starts and added
haven’t experienced it, is really different.                                                  weight for consistent finishes to win.
The first thing I noticed is how much                                                         Ken Haynes came all the way from
thrashing it takes to get a boat ready. I                                                     Florida to show the Northwest how to
took pictures to prove this. Seriously,                                                       race Super V. His very forward battery
this was the most relaxing event I                                                            placement was the trick for second place.
attended all year. Lots of time was spent                                                     Brian Buass lead the class until he
shooting the breeze while batteries                                                           dumped in the last heat to take third
charge, everyone was exceptionally                                                            overall.
helpful and friendly, the contest was          Ray Fuller (r) oversees a tech discussion          The Sport Hydro classes brought out
very well organized, and even the starts       by a couple of FE racers                       some beautiful boats lead by Mike
were relaxed. From the very beginning,                                                        Zabaroski’s P Sport Hydro prototype. In
when a racer I never met (it turned out to        Because lithium polymer batteries           the N-2 Sport Hydro class John Morama
be Darren Jordan) looked at my setup           were legal for the first time this year,       had a perfect day with three firsts
and gave me advice on how to program           there was much interest in their safety        handing Brian Buass his only defeat.
the speed control, to Carol Hazlett            and performance. As far as safety went,        Brian and Darren Jordan tied for second
loaning me her computer to do it, people       there were absolutely no problems.             place points, but Darren’s Banzi Sport
went out of the way to help me. When           Performance was another story. In the          28 hydro beat Brian’s Dark Horse on
my speed control stopped working, Ray          classes where lipos and nickel metal           time for second. The Limited Sport
Fuller traded me for a new one even            batteries raced together, lipos won all but    Hydro class saw lipos coupled to
though I didn’t get the original one from      Limited Sport Hydro. There Mike                brushed motors for many contestants.
him. Byron Pimms loaned me his 80-             Zabaroski’s Bandet won on nickel metal         Even so, Mike Zabaroski’s Bandit won
watt soldering iron to install it. Russ        cells. The closest other race was P Sport      using nickel metal cells. Byron Pimms
Williamson even gave me a Super V 27           Hydro, where Mike Zabarosky’s                  was second with his Dark Horse and
to race. As my “uncle” Jerry Dunlap            beautiful nickel metal powered                 Aaron Olson changed the power plant in
says,” Just shut up and say thanks.”           Aquacraft prototype was third to Brian         his P Sport Hydro to tie Byron on points
Thanks everyone.                               Buass’ Dark Horse and Aaron Olsen’s            but slid to third on time.
    Jim Bickford and his scoring crew of       Hydro Marine hydros. There were five               Scale was an exhibition class, running
Carla Wells and Kathy Bickford had             potential new records set, all with lipos. I   combined rules developed by the
things under control from the beginning.       doubt that all the power of these batteries    Northwest electric scale groups. The
There was a shelter with electric              has been tapped. As new high amp speed         most unique feature was counter
generators for battery charging. A record      controls are developed, speeds will            clockwise racing. Watching the modern
course was set with electric (naturally)       increase even more.                            class boats start from the left, electric
chase boats ready to pick up dead boats.          The big classes were P Mono, its            motors whining, was a very close replica
Yes, electric boats stop (and sometimes        close relative, the spec Super V 27 class,     of the real thing. If the vintage boats had
start) for no obvious reason. Because          N-2 Sport Hydro and Limited Sport              a Merlin sound card, it would bring back
electric racers are so serious (NOT), I        Hydro. Scale was divided into a vintage        the really old days of unlimited racing.
12                                                                                                                        October 2007

    Because electric motors are clean, the boats always looked good, and many unusual
boats were modeled. My favorites were Ron Daum’s Miss Pepsi, The Jones family’s
(Ted, Ron Sr., and Ron Jr.) designs: Slo-Mo-Shun IV, the U95 early turbine, and the
twin wing Coors Dry. They all were a graphic depiction of unlimited design evolution.
There was also an Atlas Van Lines and Roger Newton’s 1/8 scale Miss Budweiser.
The latter gave several great demonstration runs, sounding very much like the real
turbine boat.
    Jeff Campbell’s Pay n Pak won the vintage shovel nosed class with three firsts.
Michael Campbell’s Notre Dame dumped in the first heat but won the next two heats.
It wasn’t enough to beat David Newton’s consistent second place finishes. David’s
beautiful Miss Bardahl took second. The modern boats were lead by Craig Mullin’s
Pay n Pak with three straight wins. Mitch Dillard’s Trendwest had a solid second over    The Atlas Van Lines
Michael Campbell in third.
    The final results and setups for all classes at the 2007 NAMBA FE Nationals are at
    It was an outstanding event.

P OPC                                             P Mono
1. Scott Bickford                                 1. Brian Buaas
2. Scott Heller                                   2. Greg Schweers
3. Larry Kirby                                    3. Darin Jordan
N1 Mono                                           1/10 Scale Hydro Div. 1
1. Darin Jordan                                   1. Jeff Campbell
2. Larry Kirby                                    2. David Newton
3. Scott Bickford                                 3. Mike Campbell
N1 Hydro                                          N2 Mono                                The Mountain Dew
1. Bill Oxidean                                   1. Greg Schweers
2. Darin Jordan                                   2. Brian Buaas
3. Scott Bickford                                 3. John Morana
N2 Offshore                                       P Sport Hydro
1. Brian Buaas                                    1. Brian Buaas
2. John Morana                                    2. Aaron Olson
3. Darin Jordan                                   3. Mike Zaborowski
N2 Sport Hydro                                    1/10 Scale Hydro Div.2
1. John Morana                                    1. Craig Mullen
2. Darin Jordan                                   2. Mitch Dillard
3. Brian Buaas                                    3. Mike Campbell
LSH                                               AquaCraft Super V27
1. Mike Zaborowski                                1. Jerry Dunlap                        Miss Eagle Electric and the Nitrogen
2. Byron Pimms                                    2. Ken Haines
3. Aaron Olson                                    3. Brian Buaas
P OffShore                                        N2 Hydro
1. Brian Buaas                                    1. Larry Kirby
2. Greg Schweers                                  2. Byron Pimms
3. Andy Shanks                                    3. Scott Bickford
O Sport Hydro
1. Scott Bickford
2. John Morana
3. Kevin Humphrey

                                                                                         The Slo-mo-shun IV

October 2007                                                                                                                    13

Brain Bauss exhibits some good humor as he takes his turn     Kathy and Jim Bickford appear to be pretty happy that they had
accepting the Royal Order of the Rubber Chicken               a turn with the chicken

                                                              The 2007 FE NAMBA Nationals
                                                              Photos and the Royal Order of the Rubber Chicken
                                                              courtesy of District Eight Director and NAMBA Safety
                                                              Chairman Lohring Miller

At NAMBA Nationals, the scoring crew is always hard at work

Darin Jordan wonders what he did to deserve the Rubber         Brian Pimms poses for the cameraman as he takes a turn

14                                                                                                             October 2007

District Five News                                                                           District Eleven Report
By Carlo Catalanotto                                                                         By Richard “Rags” Grenier
District Five Director                                                                       District Eleven Director
    I want to start off by saying the last eight months have been quite an eye opening           I’m writing to report that District 11
experience for me to say the least. It was around the end of last year when my buddy         is alive and well, albeit silently, as this is
Mike Cantavespri and I decided that we wanted to start a RC boat club. There were            my first Propwash article in some time.
plenty of local RC boaters in the area and the only time all of the guys would get           While the news from the district may
together was when there was a race within our district. All of the other clubs in district   have been lacking, the racing was not.
five would always ask when we were going to start our own club and it just seemed            The 2006 races were well attended, saw
like the time was right. We got all of the local guys together and talked about what         few if any controversies worth noting,
organization we wanted to be affiliated with and decided to discuss this with the rest       and provided plenty of competition and
of the clubs in our district before making a decision. After a lot of discussion and         camaraderie, hallmarks of District 11’s
hearing a lot of unhappy stories about rules, race schedules, and lack of respect for our    racing fraternity.
district from some of leaders of the IMPBA, we decided that our club would be the                The 2007 racing season opened with
ones to get the ball rolling for the rest of District Five to make the switch to             high hopes for another great year, but
NAMBA the following year. Since the racing schedule had been already made for our            has been hampered by weather and
district, we decided that we would also join IMPBA until the end of the year to keep         schedule changes. Our very first race in
things simple for this year. With all of the politics behind us we started our search for    May had to be cancelled the night before
a pond or a lake where we could make our home. A couple of months later while                the event. Rarely a problem in the past,
going flying with a friend Mike stumbled upon a wonderful lake right next to Reserve         the race site is an overflow for a small
Airport in St John The Baptist Parish about 40 minutes out of New Orleans. After             dam. We had a wet spring to begin with,
going through the legal process to get permission to use the lake we were on our way.        and heavy rains were forecast for the
Little did we know that would be the easiest part of getting the club started.               weekend of the race. In anticipation of
    I have raced all over the country and I wish someone would have told us that the         the rain, the day before the race, dam
driver stand, container, buoys, buoys holders, catch boat, bulkhead, PA system, safety       operators saw fit to draw the pond down
fence, and building materials just don’t show up when you decide to start a club. We         to almost nothing as a precaution. That
never knew how expensive it was going to be just to get started. I called and talked         effectively proved the boating axiom,
with Marc Levac of and he told me he would help setup a raffle             “When the draft of your boat exceeds the
on his site as well as Jim’s RC Boat dock for one of my CC Racing Engines modified           depth of the water, you are most
Zenoah engine and that I could just give the proceeds to the club. The support we            assuredly aground!” and the Southern
received from the raffle and the guys who frequent those two websites really helped          Maine club had to cancel on the eve of
get the club off the ground and I can’t thank them enough. We are very fortunate to          the race. Word quickly spread to all the
have a great group of guys in our club that really want to see this thing take off and       racers and everyone got to sleep in that
they have been busting there butts driving pilings, wiring the driver stand, building        Saturday.
roofs, collecting materials and anything we needed to do get our facility up and                 The Greater Hartford Model Boat
running. We even have another member of district five from the Baton Rouge club              Club hosted the next race in June, but
James Hohensee donating his time to build our website. You can check it out at               not without its own weather drama. We . We have got a lot accomplished in the last few months               couldn’t escape the curse of yet another
and even had a local company donate us a 40x40 pavilion that we put up next to the           heavy downpour. We don’t mind racing
drivers stand. That should come in handy when we cook food for everyone at the               in the rain, but we had a 45 minute delay
races, and you know us Cajuns love to cook. All the hard work seems to be paying off         during a deluge that made even the
as we had our first Fun Run on August 3rd and 4th and most of the district and even          largest canopies ineffective, as the rain
some of the Texas crew came out to support us. It was a great time with minimal              splashed surprisingly long distances
hiccups and it showed us what we needed to do to prepare for our first big race in           when it hit the ground. It stopped as
November “The Sport Hydro Shootout”. We have already received entries from all               quickly as it started, but the pond was
over the country and it seems as though it is going to be a really big race and I hope to    now measurably higher! Everything else
see some of you there.                                                                       went off without a hitch and everyone
    Getting a club up and running requires a lot of work and a lot of good people to         was glad to just be back racing, after
help. I want to thank all of our VooDoo members and Al Waters for helping me out             such a long break from the last race in
whenever I have questions about our new club. If we have gained anything through             October of ’06.
this process it is lot of respect for all of the clubs where we race around the country.         The membership decided to have a
The effort that it takes to get a club going and to put a race on is not a glamorous job.    second race in June to make up for the
So the next time you are at a race make sure to stop and thank the people involved as it     cancelled May race. Unfortunately, that
is a lot of hard work and they truly do it for the love of the hobby.                        pond was still not filled and rather than
                                                                                             take the risk, we ventured back to
                                                                                             Rollinsford, the site of the ’05 Nats.
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October 2007                                                                                                                            15

District Eleven Report
(Continued from page 15)
                                               Safety Corner – Summer Review
                                               By Lohring Miller
    Attendance was down somewhat, a            NAMBA Safety Chairman
victim of the sudden changes in the
schedule I suspect, but that didn’t                It has been a standard race season as far as safety is concerned. By far the most
dampen the spirit or the competition. We       usual safety related problem was loss of radio control that caused a boat to hit the
held our annual meeting during this            bank. I think that nearly every race I attended this summer, including two national
event, and the membership made several         championships, had someone loose control of their boat. It happened to novices and
decisions concerning the district. The         exceptionally experienced racers. It happened to me as well. The good thing with
type of awards given out to the district       model boats is that they are usually contained in the pond and the people are outside of
champions was changed, and tweaks              the pond. This most important safety precaution has kept NAMBA from being sued or
were made in the schedule for next year.       having any really large insurance claims. I hope our good luck will continue. Everyone
We’re also adding two new classes that I       knows how to prevent this accident. Fix the corroded connectors, replace the iffy
understand are successfully being run in       switch, charge your batteries right before the race; be sure the connectors can’t unplug;
District One. Those are Open Mono and          do a range check; waterproof your radio box; test the controls before launch, and don’t
Open Hydro. Any motor, any fuel,               send the boat out unless everything is working as it should. Even with the most careful
including electric. If you’ve raced long       preparation, loss of control can still happen. That’s why no people should be on the
enough, you probably have a surplus of         pond or close to the edge when we race.
boats in storage that you haven’t run for          Another standard accident is falling out of the retrieve boat. Fortunately, the only
whatever reason, or you want to                incident I observed happened close to shore and the boater was wearing a life jacket.
experiment with, and this is a great class     The only injury was a bruised ego. If it happened in the middle of a 50 foot deep pond
to get into and has a lot of excitement        and the boater was a non-swimmer, the consequences could have been more serious. It
potential. We are also actively seeking        won’t help if the life jacket is in the boat and you are outside the boat.
new race sites, preferably in                      The third accident I observed was a badly cut finger from a propeller. Because
Massachusetts and Rhode Island. This           model boat propellers can turn 10 times faster than standard wood working machinery,
would give us five district championship       all contact with flesh is serious. I have seen propeller cuts despite prop guards, hot pits,
races in five states, a unique distinction     and all the other standard safety precautions. Electric boats pose a new hazard because
geographically.                                their propellers are potentially dangerous as long as the battery is connected. Just
    Southern Maine R/C Model Boaters           because the propeller is not turning doesn’t mean its safe. I had a receiver failure that
finally got their chance to host a race just   allowed the speed control to turn the motor on in the retrieve boat, even though the
this past weekend in Sanford, Maine.           speed control should fail in the off state. Some electric racers have a main battery
Attendance rivaled anything we’ve had          connection outside their sealed boat. This allows the battery to be disconnected by
in recent years and we welcomed the            anyone without un-taping the hatch.
return of a Rhode Island racer and a new           The summer was memorable for the accidents I didn’t see. There were no fires
racer from Maine that was running a            from lithium polymer batteries or gasoline. No people were hit by model boats. No
stock gas boat. We ran the Open classes        property was damaged by our models despite loss of control or race maneuvering. A
for the first time and they were well          lot of us had a really good time. Let’s keep it that way by being aware of safety.
received, a good mix of nitro and gas
power. There were no electrics, but the
word hasn’t gotten out yet, so it remains      District One - Half Way There In 2007
to be seen if there is any interest from       By Dave Rychalsky
that aspect of the hobby at future events.     District One Director
We do have a new website, at namba-, and as you might expect, it is             As of the writing, we are midway through this racing season. If you recall from my
linked to the regular NAMBA website. It        article in the previous Propwash, we are running gas, nitro and electrics in the same
is a work in progress, but is getting          heats! I must say that it is an exciting and educational year for everyone. In District
better with each passing race as we            One, our electric group holds all of their races in the very beginning of our season,
develop more information to add. From          when it starts to warm up, and at the tail end of the season, before ole man winter
all of us here in District 11, we hope you     makes a visit. There’s a big gap in the middle of the summer, so allowing the electrics
are enjoying your racing season.               to race with the gas and nitro is a win-win for everyone. Our gas/nitro schedule is set
                                               up to run sanctioned races every two to three weeks from May all the way through
                                               October. Many of the classes are being filled up with some really good running electric
                                               boats. So far, we have AB Mono, CX Mono, AB Hydro, CX Hydro, Open Cat, and
                                               Scale classes competing with some of the electric boats. In all classes, with the
                                               exception of perhaps Scale, every boat has been very competitive with the combustion
                                               engine boats.
                                                   I’ve been running nitro boats for over 25 years and gas for five years, and I’ve
                                               noticed some obvious advantages in running electrics. First of all, they are much

16                                                                                                                          October 2007

lighter and much smaller than the comparable fuel boats. This helps when trying to             B Stock Tunnel and A Outboard Hydro
maneuver boats to and from the lake, in and out of the car, or up and down from the            with a second in A Stock Tunnel.
basement. Secondly, at the end of the day, the process of taking the fuel out of the           Lohring Miller was second in C Stock
tank, cleaning the nitro from the motor, then preparing the engine for the next race are       Tunnel.
not part of our typical task. It’s a matter of less than a minute, and the electric boat           Other notable District Eight finishes
clean up is done! All I see the electric guys do is remove the shaft, disconnect the           were Greg Roth’s second place in the B
batteries, and blow out any residual water in the cooling lines. When the boats are            Mono and A Outboard Hydro classes. In
running, they’re super quiet, efficient and very quick. Most of the spectators are             addition to his outboard wins, Eric
fascinated when watching an electric run because of lack of noise and the speeds they          Bourlet was second in B Hydro and first
produce. To put it in perspective, electric boats are like, hmm, let’s see, they’re like       in Sport 40 II, both with his battered
Jessica Simpson – you don’t hear too much out of them, they run reaaaaaally nice,              Mutt II Sport Hydro. This was Eric’s
they’re hot when they’re milling around, and they’re very simple. I won’t even                 third National Sport 40 II win, the first
mention the sponsons! As for the nitro boats, they can be equated to Rosie O’Donnell.          time that has happened. Just to show that
They’re loud, usually a lot of trouble, tons of baggage, and they leave a mess behind.         he can race more than nitro boats, Eric
Finally, the gas boats, I would say they’re like Kirstie Alley. They have style and            drove his Gas Sport Hydro to the GX1
class, with size being a frequent problem and the noise they emit is painful to an             class win, setting a new heat racing
innocent bystander!                                                                            record for the class. This time, 1:15, was
    Alright, let’s get back to reality. During our heat races, we run each race as a           the fastest gas time of the meet,
typical event in NAMBA. The electric guys drop their boats in the water at the “30             exceeded only by two nitro riggers. It’s
second” point, run the five race laps, one cool down lap, and boom – done! I guess the         too bad the gas rules won’t let him run in
only issue is the electric guys have been accustomed to trying to move their dead boat         the gas hydro classes like he can with his
inside the course to prevent “dead-boat-hits.” However, a mental note of where the             Sport 40.
dead boats used to be always lingers in the minds of the fuel racers who are still                 Electrics had a big event in the
driving the course. All in all, joining gas, nitro and electric is a positive move for our     district as Puget Sound Fast Electric
district and combines all facets of NAMBA’s boating classes into one event. I am so            Model Boat Club hosted the Electric
convinced that I’ve already purchased the parts to build an electric boat of my own.           Nationals. Though smaller than the Gas
This year, in practically all of our classes, the top point winners are closer than ever. It   and Nitro Nationals, the event was very
seems that one bad heat in any race results in a rearrangement of the district points          well run and attended. My observations
standings. Whenever I’m asked to pit for a racer, I’m always asked to “keep on eye on          as a novice electric racer are in another
so-and-so because we’re only a few points apart.” So, 2007 will go down as one of the          article. Electric scale racers from the
most competitive ones in years.                                                                district’s two electric scale groups
    Our new experimental class, the Gas Thunderboats, is going great. We have five             attended and provided excellent scale
boaters in the district and another three more on the building table for next year. These      racing. The big scale event, the
are great looking boats and there’s not one that’s faster than the others. I can’t wait        Northwest Scale Championships, is
until we have six to eight in one heat!                                                        scheduled for October. This event
    Lastly, we held one of our heat races the end of July. It started out great, but by        attracts entries from the various scale
1:00 PM, the skies literally opened up and killed the day. There were 40 to 50 mph             groups as well as racers from other
winds, and a ton of water. In fact, the water in the lake rose up 26” to the bottom of the     western states. This year the Sport .18
pit tables! We all had to hang on to our tents because the winds were lifting them up          RTR class will be run with the 1/8 scale
off the ground! When it finally ended, we couldn’t continue. Over the past months,             boats.
there were many ignorant fishermen along the outer edges of the lake, and literally                Big boats are pulling some model
thousands of bottles, cups, and trash were washed into the middle of the lake. It was          boat racers away. Team Toothpick
impossible to any boat to make it around the lake for one lap. So, this race never made        members, Shawn and Leslie Warren,
it to the books.                                                                               bought and rebuilt a 2.5 Litre Stock
    Let’s hope for good weather the remaining races of 2007. Best of luck to all racers.       Hydroplane. Leslie is the driver while
                                                                                               Shawn, Dave Solway, Bruce Moring,
                                                                                               and Chris Faneris are the crew. Leslie is
                                                                                               through her rookie period and can now
District Eight Director’s Report                                                               race with everyone. The team sports
By Lohring Miller                                                                              APBA regulation Team Toothpick shirts
District Eight Director                                                                        and is continuing the their reputation for
   This summer District Eight was all about Nationals preparation. A large group               racing fun. They still race their models
including Allen Burns, Steve Wolfenbarger, Jerry Dunlap, Tom Asif, Kelly Groul,                at district events.
Lohring Miller, Greg Roth, Mike Hughes, and Eric Bourlet attended. Everyone had a
great time, and we took home more than our share of trophies. The strongest area of
District Eight racing is outboards and the outboard classes supplied most of the
trophies. Eric Bourlet and Mike Hughes shared honors in many classes with Eric
winning A Mod and A Stock Tunnel and second in B Stock Tunnel. Mike was first in

October 2007                                                                                                                          17

NAMBA Scale Chairman Report
By Mike McKnight
NAMBA Scale Chairman
    Well this report as Scale Chairman was supposed to make into the last Propwash            wardrobe box from the local U-Haul
but as I was a little busy with the NAMBA Nationals I somehow didn’t submit it in             store, packing peanuts, and 5/8” insu-
time. As this is my first report as the NAMBA Scale Chairman I’d like to start with           lation foam from Lowe’s. I assembled the
thanking Al for asking me to take over the position. When he first mentioned that he          boat as if I were going to race motor and
was looking for someone to hand it off to I emailed him to “throw my hat in the ring”         all. I then wrapped the boat in plastic to
so to speak and let him know I was interested. At that time I wasn’t really expecting to      keep any packing material out and keep
be seriously considered as I figured someone that had been around longer than I might         any errant cleaning fluids or oil from
get it. Other than a few in my district not many really knew that I live and breathe          escaping. I then removed the wings and
boats and have all the way back to my days racing full sized outboard hydros with my          cowl and wrapped them in bubble wrap
brother back in the late 70’s through the late 80’s. Of course a lot of us then               separately. The insulation foam was cut
worshipped the Unlimiteds much the same way many Scale boaters do today.                      to match the interior of the box then the
    Although I love racing all of the different classes of boats that I own, the only class   boat and stand were placed inside with a
I am passionate about is Scale. So last fall I decided it was time to go try and run with     gap above the boat where I filled with the
the “Big Boys” meaning the guys in Washington. What better way to get to know both            peanuts. All of the extra parts were then
RCU and UNW then to go the Northwest Scale Championship and race for “all the                 immersed in the peanuts. I also added
marbles.” Well after making the Muncey in San Diego in September I wasn’t really up           another layer of foam on the end of the
for another long drive so Roger Newton and I were talking and he suggested that I just        box where the pickle forks would be to
ship my boat to his house and he would find a way to get me some fuel and help me             protect them and keep them from poking
with tools and a starter. I would then fly there and pick up my boat from him. Well           out of the box during transit.
apparently he convinced Mike Allen in District Three to make the trek from Florida                All in all we both ended up paying
doing the same thing. Although Mike Allen and I used different methods and carriers           about the same amount freight. It was
we still accomplished the same thing. Since there has been more interest in doing what        about $125 each way. One thing that I
we did I’ll give you both of our methods. I’ll start with Mike Allen’s since he also          will do differently in the future is that
shipped some gear as well as the boat. Here were his thoughts from a post on                  next time I will strap the box to a pallet
International Waters:                                                                         so that the boat has to ride horizontally as
    I used Fed-Ex ground. It takes five to seven business days from Miami to                  UPS stood mine up on end, not the pickle
Washington. I let the manager of the hotel know it was coming and put their name              fork end thankfully. I had to ship some
with mine on the bill of lading along with the air way bill number. Check with them           large equipment not long after that to be
the day it arrives. Don’t take anything for granted, so plan ahead and get two pick up        serviced and they had me ship it strapped
forms. One is for shipping from your place (house or business) the other is to pick up        to a pallet and that made it much more
at your hotel/motel. When you arrive give the pick up form for the return to the              secure as it was a long box much like a
manager to ship back to you the day after the race. The hotel manager will be more            scale. I will also ship it motor carrier next
than happy to help on the return home shipping. When you are at the race call fed-ex          time as opposed to UPS.
to reconfirm your pick-up date to return home, just so everyone is on the same page.              Well there you have it. Hopefully you
This is very important: the package must not weigh more than 150 pounds total weight          have the info you need and maybe we’ll
(boat, box, etd). Don’t push it or it will be placed in a different class and the freight     see a few more jet setting Scale boaters
will kill you. Total inches is 165 including one time length, two times height, and two       in the future. I know some of the rigger
times width.. Again this is an outside dimension, and don’t push this either. For             guys have been doing this with a
example 49" length equals 49 inches, 30" height (left and right side) equals 60 inches,       modified golf bag flight case for a while
and 27"width ( top and bottom) equals 54 inches. This nets a total of 163 inches              now. Unfortunately a Scale is as big as
(outside dimension remember).                                                                 the golf bag case. I was a bit nervous
    Packing, this is up to you, as long as it doesn't go over 150 pounds. No fuel can be      about not having any gear and tools but
shipped but everything else was OK. I have packed two Turbine Scales with stand,              the guys up north were very helpful and
radio box, tool box starter etc and have had zero problems. I stack the scales with           seemed genuinely pleased to see us come
stand on the side of the box, foam all around (looks a lot like the real ones travel.         up to race. So I expect we may see a few
Looking down on the box both scales are canopy to canopy) then bungee them stand              more at the NW Scale Champion-ship
and boat to the box. Remember nothing can move. These were the Formula with                   this year as I’ve heard rumblings of some
saltwater scoop and my Circus Circus. My box was built out of plywood (remember               Scale boaters from Indiana coming out
the outside will get damaged from shipping) but its inside that counts. Two things to         this year. I know it might be a little
remember: put angled aluminum on the outside corners for protection and two put               spendy on the freight, but even if you do
stringers on the bottom so the fork lift can pick it up. Remember to add the stringers in     this one time it’s worth it to race and be
the overall height measurement. I used FedEx Ground as that’s what I’m familiar with,         around some guys that share a love of
but you can choose any carrier you want.                                                      Scale boats
    Thanks to Mike Allen for those tips. I used UPS Packing materials were a

18                                                                                                                         October 2007

Technically Speaking
By Jeff Burns
Technical Officer, North Texas Battle Group
Rejuvenation of Circuit Boards
    Unprotected circuit boards (such as receiver boards) repeatedly exposed to water              The transport captains in the convoy
while energized can develop white deposits and have their performance degrade                 have their job to do as well, and I'm
slowly over time. To reverse some of this damage, spray the circuit board somewhat            addressing them in this paragraph.
liberally with Corrosion X and let it drip dry. To protect the board from further water       Transport Captains need to follow the
damage, cover the board with 3M Skotchkote electrical coating which has shown                 directions given by the Commodore
resilience in a hostile model combat warship environment.                                     without question.
Convoy Escort                                                                                     Occasionally those directions may
    A lot has been said on the job of being a convoy escort in previous newsletters and       seem insane, other times they ARE
in the various forums. But for all the strategy and positioning and such that goes into it    totally insane, but the Commodore is
and there is a lot, the single biggest part of protecting a convoy is keeping your            responsible for the transports safety and
warship with the convoy. With apologies to Admiral Nelson - "An escorting Captain             keeping them afloat. The time to
can do no wrong who puts his ship alongside the convoy." Since I've been the                  question the directions given, is AFTER
designated convoy escort more times than not, I thought I'd impart some "wisdom"              following them. This is not to say all of
learned over the years.                                                                       those directions will be perfect, or even
    The protecting warship Captain (who I'll refer to as Commodore) is responsible for        correct, but if the Commodore issues
the convoy, and that's whom I'm addressing in this paragraph. Commodores of a                 directions to go left and they're planning
convoy aren't to get involved in a gun battle. That's for the other warships of the fleet     on covering the right side from an attack,
to worry about. Getting involved in a gunnery duel will pull the defending warship off        and the transports do something else, the
the convoy, and allow the convoy to get pounced on by another enemy warship.                  escorting warship will absolutely not be
Gunnery for a warship on convoy patrol is more a deterrence. Basically, just to give          able to get into a positive position to
the enemy something to think about. If it slows down an attacking warship, or causes          provide protection. When a convoy
it to back off, then the job is done. Many times just keeping the turrets tracking the        panics and scatters, the escorting ship
attacking warship (without firing) is enough to give them a bit of a pause and cause at       can't protect any of them, and indeed
least a subtle change of tactics..That's generally enough to get another several feet         will likely end up a very damaged ship
towards the goal of a convoy run without new damage. As long as the attacking                 trying to do so by engaging enemy
warship's Captain thinks someone is alive at the gunnery position, many times the job         warships on their terms.
is done for keeping the convoy afloat and underway. The Commodore of the transport                That's about it in a nutshell for
fleet also needs to keep an overall situational awareness of the pond and keeping track       successful convoy runs. It is nothing
of which ships are where. That includes friendly ships as well as enemy ships. If you         fancy, no grandiose tactics per se. Just
need reinforcement, it's a good idea to know which direction it will come from.               keep it together and keep your wits about
    Knowing where the enemy ships are coming from gives you the opportunity to give           you and you stand a good chance of
the direction to the convoy to maneuver out of the way and time for you to maneuver           making it home.
into position to block or blunt the attack. The idea overall isn't for the escort to take a
lot of damage instead of the convoy, just to ruin the shot so that ALL units in your
fleet take reduced or no damage. The Commodore also needs to keep directions
continually going out to their charges. Convoy Captains are generally green, and need
a lot of attention. Getting in some maneuvering time prior to a battle is a good idea for
the convoy fleet to get used to each other and the crazy Commodore ostensibly in
charge of it. What if a convoy ship falls out of formation and gets pounced on? Leave
it. Better to have one badly mauled or sunk convoy vessel than adding a warship into it
and leaving other ships of the convoy undefended. Besides, the enemy's time spent
dispatching a rogue transport is time very well spent for your convoy getting around
the pond otherwise uncontested. There is nothing like a bit of chum thrown well away
from your position to distract/preoccupy the sharks. I wish I could give specifics of do
this exactly and do that exactly, but once the hostilities commence all but the basic
plans outlined above go OUT the window, so I'll save the specifics. Sometimes the
escort needs to follow the convoy to starboard, other times to port. Sometimes the
escort needs to be leading, other times following, sometimes directly to port or
starboard of the fleet. It all depends on the situation which is very dynamic on the
pond changing from minute to minute and sometimes second to second, and it all gets
back to the Commodore's situational awareness for knowing where to deploy the
escort vessel at that precise moment.

October 2007                                                                                                                         19

           2007 NAMBA Nitro and Gas Nationals

                      Boaters Too

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...and so are the adults

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News From Nineteen
By Mark Grim
District 19 Director
    Here we are half way through another year of racing. I just got back from the              I will be in touch with the Parks
NAMBA Nationals in San Jose (Raging Waters). I’d like to congratulate all of the            Department in a couple of weeks and I
model boaters who won classes this year at the Nat’s. I would also like to personally       should know when and what kind of
thank everyone in District Nine who worked so very hard to put on a great Nationals.        work will be started. If you have any
The host hotel couldn’t have treated the model boaters that stayed there or visited         questions please feel free to call me at
there any better. Having a National event at a water park was a really nice treat. We       any time.
will all remember the Dragon Ride as it took days to forget the announcement from
                                                                                            New Memberships
running around in our heads!
                                                                                                We have had a lot of new members
    Every evening it was nice to sit with model boaters from all over and alk about the
                                                                                            join our district this year. We have
day’s events and bench race, chit chat and just have a great time. My wife and I had a
                                                                                            several new Fast Electric boaters as well
lot of fun this year. One of the most memorable events that personally happened to me
                                                                                            as Gas and Nitro boaters. Gas still seems
this year at the Nationals Banquet was the great honor of being inducted into the Hall
                                                                                            to be the biggest growing class in the
of Fame. To be recognized by the other Hall of Fame members and voted in by them
                                                                                            District. As a NAMBA member it should
was a great honor. Thank you!
                                                                                            be everyone’s responsibility to be
    I also wanted to let everyone know what transpired at the meeting with the Parks
                                                                                            friendly and helpful when they see a new
Department at Legg Lake. We now have a new Parks Superintendent, Joyce Gibson,
                                                                                            boater at a lake site running their boat.
and a new Regional Park Project Coordinator, Steven Derry. Joyce Gibson has 27
                                                                                            Ask if they are a NAMBA member and
years experience with Lake Management and assures us that the model boating area
                                                                                            if not inform them about the NAMBA
and the model boaters are one of her top priorities.
                                                                                            organization and how easy it is to join.
Joyce and Steve have been working with the state, city, and county to update the
                                                                                            Explain what the benefits to joining
model boating area and several other areas in the park. The Park meeting went very
                                                                                            NAMBA are and how well they are
well. It was one of the best meetings I have had in along time. One of their main
                                                                                            covered by the NAMBA insurance.
objectives is to keep the model boating area and the SAW area clean and free of weeds
                                                                                            With all of the Ready to Run model
and give it a new facelift.
                                                                                            boats that you can buy now from any
    The Parks Department has been in touch with water management and they are
                                                                                            Hobby Shop it is imperative that all
devising a plan to use more microbes on a monthly basis and any other means at their
                                                                                            NAMBA members help any new model
disposal to abate any weed issues. The Parks Department has been allocated funds to
                                                                                            boaters they may meet at the lake.
update the drivers stand. At this time it is not up the 2007 ADA standards and codes.
                                                                                                Inform them of the safety issues and
At the request of the Parks Department the Park Project Coordinator, Park Supervisor,
                                                                                            frequency conflicts as well as rules of
and myself went out to the drivers stand and went over all of the area improvements.
                                                                                            how you properly run a model boat with
The Parks Department will use the allocated money they have received to:
                                                                                            other boats in the water. Remember we
1. Remove and replace/update the stairs on the drivers stand as all stairs need to be the
                                                                                            were all new at one time or another and
same height.
                                                                                            the help that we received from other
2. Remove and replace/update the handicap ramp to the drivers stand as this needs to
                                                                                            model boaters is what kept us in the
be no more than a five degree slope.
                                                                                            hobby and made all of us the great
3. Redo and level the cement around the drivers stand so there will be no tripping
                                                                                            organization that we are today.
hazards. (Example: As you walk in the gate across from the stairs the cement is
                                                                                                See You at the Races!
4. Put a walkway on the right side of the drivers stand outside the fence so you will not
have to go up and down the stairs to the starting tables.
5. Put gravel in the water as a safety precaution so the boaters don't have to step down
in the water so far when launching their boats.
6. Put in electrical outlets with lock boxes for the model boaters use so we don't have
to use generators for the microphones and CD equipment at the races.
7. Put in more lighting around the drivers stand area.
8. Put in water faucets for easy access to hose the drivers stand off.
9. Add a water fountain for model boaters use
10. Put a permanent shade cover over the drivers stand to our specifications. The
shade cover has a life expectancy of about 10-12 years. The Parks Department will
replace this as needed from their allocated funds.
11. Paint the drivers stand and fence.
12. Put in more park benches and possible bleachers for spectators to watch the races.
13. Re-grade the model boating parking area inside the fence and put in adequate
drainage so we can park inside like we used to do.

22                                                                                                                      October 2007

NAMBA Records                                                                               Educating The Public
By Mark Grim                                                                                By Wreno Wynne
NAMBA Records Chairman                                                                      Commanding Officer:
                                                                                            North Texas Battle Group
    I would like to congratulate the following people on the records they have set so far
this year:                                                                                      For the month of June through July
                                                                                            18, the Kaufman County Library had a
One Mile Heat Racing:                                                                       Summer Reading Program themed Sail
GX1 Sport Hydro:                                                                            Away with Books. The librarian
Eric Bourlet: Anderson Hull, M&D Full Mod Zenoah engine, Anderson G667 Prop.                approached me at a Friends of the
Set 7/13 at the 2007 Nats.                                                                  Library meeting to find out if I had
                                                                                            anything of a nautical nature I could loan
1/16th Mile Straightline:                                                                   to help decorate (she had heard some-
G1 Sport Hydro:                                                                             where that I had an interest in boats).
Robert Tuttle: Whiplash Hull, Zenoah engine, ABC 2716.                                          The fleet set sail. In chevron
G1 Catamaran:                                                                               formation as you came into the library,
Bryan Robinson: RC Boatworks Stryker Cat, Ron Buck Zenoah engine, 6717/3                    on the port side, were Dunkerque, USS
                                                                                            Nathanael Greene (my new Liberty), and
2 Lap Oval:                                                                                 USS Lake Shore without her skin. To
B Modified Tunnel:                                                                          Starboard were Bismarck, Titanic, and
Seismic Racing: Lynx Hull, Grim CMB RS engine, Grim-Octura Prop.                            the tiny USS Reluctant. To help answer
                                                                                            questions, I supplied data sheets on each
Electric Heat Racing: All set at FE Nats on 1/8th mile course                               ship.
P OPC Tunnel:                                                                                   At the end, on the 18th, they asked
Scott Bickford: DPI Hull, SSI Motor, Atura M445 Prop.                                       me to come give a short presentation and
N2 Sport Hydro:                                                                             answer questions, which I was happy to
John Morana: Dark Horse Hull, Neu 1515 1D motor, Octura X640 prop,                          do (after all, they were offering free
                                                                                            pizza!). I brought along excerpts from
N2 Mono:                                                                                    the Inside RC video (although, sadly, the
Brian Buaas: Delta Force Hull, Neu 1515 motor, Octura Y537/3 prop.                          audio failed). It had to be pretty short
P Mono:                                                                                     and simple, as many in the audience
Brian Buaas: Delta Force Hull, Neu 1521 motor. Octura X450/3 prop.                          were in the K-1st grade range. However,
                                                                                            in the private Q&A during the free pizza,
P Sport Hydro:                                                                              I had about on-half dozen or so teen-
Brian Buaas: Dark Horse Hull, Electrifly Ammo 36-50-23 motor, Octura X642 prop.             agers, including one fairly RC-savvy
N2 Offshore:                                                                                Junior (NHS member), and several
(Set on Offshore Offset Course) Brian Buass: Delta Force hull, Neu 1515 motor,              adults come by to chat. One was a
Octura M447 prop.                                                                           woman who was inquiring for more
P Offshore:                                                                                 information to bring to her husband and
(Set on Offshore Offset Course) Brian Buass: Delta Force hull, Neu 1521 motor,              son, thinking they might be interested (a
Octura X445 prop.                                                                           good sign, as we all know, a supportive
   I have received some interest from the Fast Electric boaters that they would like to         I had to give out both the NTXBG
come out and set 2 Lap records on the standard course. There will be a 2 Lap event at       and NABGO addresses several times: (a)
Legg Lake October 13th -14th and a SAW Time Trials at Legg Lake the 9th thru the 11th       note to Jeff Burns – I wonder if we get
of November. If you have any questions about 2-Lap, SAW or any records please feel          any slight increase in local traffic and (b)
free to contact me at 714-890-3127 or by email at                     note to self and to anyone else who does
                                                                                            this – bring those advertising cards!
                                                                                            I also found out from the librarian
                                                                                            afterwards that they used the data sheets
                                                                                            a fair amount. In fact one student
                                                                                            wanted copies for a report they were
                                                                                                Sadly, NABGO came and the ships
                                                                                            sailed from this welcome summer R&R
                                                                                            port back into hostile waters on July
                                                                                            3rd. Of course the turret crews of the
                                                                                                                 Continued on page 24

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Educating The Public
(Continued from page 230
Dunkerque were so hung-over that the Dunk never quite made it into battle. The Lake
Shore did get her skin back, but let her new sisters battle, remaining in reserve. The re-
skinned Lake Shore and the Tashkent, under construction, were able to sail back for
the July 18th demonstration. Although the fleet was missed by some (some kids just
try and show up for the free pizza at the end), on a show of hands, it appeared that at
least 80-90 percent of the attendees got to see the ships (also a good indicator that
most of the kids had been there for the reading).
    The Librarian, Yasma Holland, said she would be happy so share information with
other local librarians on how the program went in implementing this theme if any
                                                                                             Dale Roberts beautiful gas sport hydro
wishes to follow suit. So, we can accomplish several goals at once – help educate the
                                                                                             the Bacardi Silver
public as to our hobby (and naval assets in general), recruit, and get the ships out of
the house and in public view (in a nice, air-conditioned, controlled environment) for
significant periods of time. I put this down as a Wynne-Win. Sorry, couldn’t resist the
bad pun.

Hello All From District Seven
By Scott Grissman
District Seven Director
   We are halfway though our race season with only three races remaining: Andrews,
Texas on August 18/19, Lubbock, Texas on September 15/16 and the final race in
Carlsbad, New Mexico on October 13/14. I would list a point total of who is leading,
but I am still waiting on some heat sheets to arrive in the mail. Our gas classes really     Dick Roberts Top Speed II converted to
seem to be growing in District Seven. And as always, the tunnel classes are strong.          a Fast Electric tunnel boat
   During our last race in Lubbock, Dick Roberts from New Mexico brought a few
FE's he has been working on over the winter. One was a Top Speed 2 tunnel, and the
other was a mono. We let him run with our Mod. tunnel class and his boat was able to
make the six laps and run with our nitro boats. In fact, it was faster than most of them.
   There was a lot of interest in his FE's. I feel a FE class may be coming to our races
soon. Speaking of Top Speed tunnels. they seem to be the boat of choice in
District Seven. I don't think most of us have quite figured them out completely, but we
are having a blast with them anyway. Then there is Jerry Wright of course with his A
Mod Tunnel, a Lynx that I believe is as fast as our B Mod Tunnels. I don't know what
we are going to do to beat him. Look out Tucson, when he shows up to represent
District Seven. We have yet to have a classic thunder boat class yet. But I know there
are a few in the making in our district. I am sorry to make this short but I am in Seattle
for Seafair and loving the cool perfect weather up here.
                                                                                             Matt Baker’s gas hydro that he laid up
                                                                                             and machined the hardware himself

                                                                                             Dave Baker’s gas hydro that he laid up
           District Seven boaters get ready for the two minute clock                         and machined the hardware himself
24                                                                                                                     October 2007

                                                                                              Ira went on to build many boats
In Memory of Ira Cotton                                                                   displaying his chisel nosed design and
By Al Waters                                                                              Oberto theme colors. If you ever have
NAMBA President                                                                           the opportunity to be in Washington at
                                                                                          Art and Dorothy Oberto’s home, or the
                                                                                          Seattle Museum where the Oberto family
                                                                                          is recognized, you will find Ira’s Oberto
                                                                                          boats that he has given to the family over
                                                                                          the years.
                                                                                              Being an Oberto fan wasn’t all that
                                                                                          Ira was. He was a San Diego Argonaut
                                                                                          member since the seventies and a club
                                                                                          Commodore many times. He was also
                                                                                          the Contest Director of two NAMBA
                                                                                          Nationals held in San Diego, and the
                                                                                          Contest Director for many years of the
                                                                                          now named Oh Boy! Oberto Presents the
                                                                                          Bill Muncey Memorial model hydro-
                                                                                          plane race that runs in conjunction with
                                                                                          the big boat circuit in San Diego.
                                                                                              Up until a few years ago, when
                                                                                          traveling became more difficult for Ira,
                                                                                          he had not missed more than a couple of
                                                                                          NAMBA Nationals during his model
                                                                                          boating career. His last Nationals was in
                                                                                          2005 in New Hampshire where he won
                                                                                          his first Nationals class. Ira smoked the
                                                                                          competition in Sport 40-1 with a perfect
                                                                                          1600 point day running not a chisel
    Ira Cotton passed away in his sleep on Wednesday, October 10, 2007. Ira was the       nosed Oberto but a replica of the drop
Super Salami of R/C boating, the man who made the chisel nosed sport boat famous.         sponson Oberto from 1975 which was
If you found an Oh Boy! Oberto scale unlimited at a race, you couldn’t help but think     the first boat the Oberto Sausage
of Ira Cotton and ask yourself if he built that boat, or was it built from his plans.     Company ever sponsored in hydroplane
Ira goes back in model boating many years before I met him. He was a civil engineer       racing.
who took his ideas to the water finding ways to improve the angles of attack,                 To honor Ira Cotton’s model boating
dihedrals’, tunnel depth, width, and length of air traps. Ira was a die hard scratch      accomplishments over the years, the
builder of many sport boats. I remember two lines he used to say about building           most esteemed honor in NAMBA was
wooden model boats: “If God would have wanted boats to be built out of fiberglass,        given to Ira in 1997. Ira was inducted in
then we would have had fiberglass trees” and another applied to a crash with a wood       to the NAMBA Hall of Fame. As time
boat: “There was nothing that couldn’t be fixed”.                                         went by, Ira didn’t race as much but got
    I am not sure how Ira got involved in model boats but one day when I was at his       the same if not more enjoyment by
house, he gave me a bunch of old R/C Flyer magazines from the seventies to read that      watching his designed boats race. The
used to have one page dedicated to model boats. One issue I gave back to Ira. There       last time I saw Ira was at the recent
was a black and white photo of him holding his first scale unlimited that he had built.   Muncey race in San Diego in September.
It was the Miss Technicolor with which he had won the concourse award at a large          Ira stopped by to get his race credentials.
event. If anyone knows the Miss Technicolor, you would remember that it had quite a       I asked why he was at the pond on a
few multicolor narrow curving stripes of colors of the rainbow. Ira did not use           Friday. He said to me, “I am still on your
graphics. He flawlessly painted every color.                                              race committee aren’t I?” I said “No Ira,
    While reading through the article about Ira’s award winning boat, I asked him how     I am on your race committee. You
he got involved with the Oberto boats that we have all come to know. I have to admit      started this whole thing back in 1977 and
that his answer really threw me. Back in 1977 at the Jack in the Box Regatta, which       I am glad that you have taken me along
was the big boat unlimited race in San Diego, the Oberto race team had a female pit       for the ride.”
crew of three women dressed in pink outfits. That alone intrigued Ira enough to build         The Oberto’s always said “Have
his first Oh Boy! Oberto scale unlimited, the 1977 chisel nosed Super Salami driven       Fun”. That’s what Ira Cotton always did
by Bill Wurster. That started a relationship over the years with the Oberto family that   and he would expect no less from the
words cannot express. Through his relationship with the Oberto family, boaters like       rest of us. See you at the races Ira.
myself and Roy Edenfield have been invited into their home for dinner and invited to
their hosting parties displaying our boats.

October 2007                                                                                                                      25

Mark Grim Inducted into the NAMBA Hall of Fame
By Chris Wittrig
Seismic Amigos Race Team
    Pas· sion [PASH-uh n]- noun. The word                                                    and as the figure head for any NAMBA
has several definitions, the most appropriate                                                record trial event. He held the Assistant
being “a strong or extravagant fondness,                                                     Director position for District 19 under
enthusiasm, or desire for anything.” I met                                                   Doug DeWitte and is the current District
Mark Grim in 1999, my rookie year, at a                                                      19 Director. His passion is also seen in
District 19 race. Mark introduced himself to                                                 his results. He has numerous National
my teammates, Jimmy and Jim Johnson, and                                                     Championships and several District
me offering any help we might need at any                                                    Championships including a few this
time then or in the future. Later that year we                                               year. Most noticeable, though, is the fact
committed to host a District race the following                                              that you cannot say NAMBA records
year. After the 2000 event schedule was                                                      without saying Mark Grim. Mark holds
announced at the 1999 District Meeting and                                                   or has held numerous records including
Awards Banquet in Laughlin, Nevada, Mark                                                     Straightway, Two Lap, Heat Racing, and
again offered us his full assistance with the                                                Fast Electric Straight-away. He currently
planning and management of our first race.                                                   holds himself or as a team driver six
    Over the next year our club attended every record event possible and, with the           Straightaway, five Two Lap, and one
assistance of Mark and the Three Amigos team which included Doug DeWitte, Don                Heat Racing records.
Maher, and Vince Henderson, hosted our first race as Seismic Racing with great                   Mark’s passion for the hobby,
success. During that time I had the chance to spend more and more evenings working           though, is best seen in what he does for
with Mark. The following year the similarities between our clubs became more                 other people. If you look beyond the
apparent and going into the 2002 season we decided to merge our clubs and become             records Mark holds you will see many
Seismic Amigos Racing. Though the newly merged team brought together several                 records set by others where Mark has
strengths in numerous facets of the hobby, it was the increased forging and bonding of       helped the other boater reach that level.
personal friendships that was the most obvious result.                                       Even more important is how Mark
    My personal friendship with Mark away from the lake actually had less to do with         makes himself available to anybody to
boating and more to do with golf. Believe me, if you took the average speed of the           help them perform better and realize
cumulative straightaway speed records Mark held in the early 2000’s my average golf          greater satisfaction from the hobby.
score would be a formidable contender. With a good chuckle I’m sure Mark would not           Mark simply gives so much of his time
only agree, but recognize there was a good reason we enjoyed playing golf together as        both at and away from the lake, even to
his was not much different than mine. The point is, we didn’t care. We enjoyed the           the level of hosting Straightaway
camaraderie in the same way we enjoy the camaraderie with our fellow boaters. Mark,          participants from other countries at his
his wife Kim, his son Chris and I went golfing as often as we could and left behind          house and working with the Los Angeles
several memorable moments and even more unfound golf balls. The result, though, was          Parks Department to help maintain one
the formation of a bond with each other forging a level of trust that allows us to speak     of the premier racing sites in all of
openly with each other on any topic whether personal or professional.                        NAMBA in a time when lakes are harder
    Preparation for the 2003 NAMBA Nationals in Carlsbad, New Mexico was my first            and harder to keep, that I cannot imagine
true insight into the level of passion Mark has for the hobby of model boating. While        many people more deserving of
preparing we spent many nights in his garage. By nights I mean Mark got home from            induction to the NAMBA Hall of Fame
his day job at 5:30, kissed his wife, pet the dog, and got in the garage breaking only for   than Mark Grim.
dinner or a phone call having something to do with model boating. Time spent with                I can say that I have personally
Mark and the Grim family after that showed me that preparation for the 2003 Nationals        benefited from both Mark’s friendship
was not the only time Mark put in those hours. Actually, what I found was preparation        and Passion for this hobby and I am sure
for the Nationals could only be done by setting some other things aside. To this day,        I’m not the only one. Congratulations
with me now on the East Coast, I can almost guarantee that, except when Mark and             Amigo on your induction into the
Kim are off participating with the Mustang club, when I am driving home from the             NAMBA Hall of Fame! A well deserved
airport after taking the late flight in (anywhere from 11 pm to 12:30 am) I can call         recognition.
Mark and he will be in the garage working.
    Mark Grim exemplifies passion in this hobby. His passion drives his competitive-
ness. His passion has resulted in his expertise in all facets from building his own
hydro’s, modifying other hulls for increased performance, modifying pipes and props,
and modifying engines and building his own engine parts. Mark started racing model
boats as a young boy in the early 1970’s. In the 1980’s he extended his contribution
becoming a contest director which he continues to do with heat races hosted by the
club, as a guest contest director at events such as the World Cup Gas Championships,

26                                                                                                                       October 2007

Gas Rule Change Proposals
By Lohring Miller
District Eight Director
    The gas rule proposals which are included with this newsletter stem from the            most of the following definition from
District Eight gas rules that we have run since 2001 when Mark Anderson, then the           the APBA.
District Director, tried to shut up the district gas guys by making me the District Gas         Add to section 27 B 1. b. i and
Chairman. I consulted with the more vocal members of my club and wrote some rules.          section 27 B 2. b. i: Gasoline is a
Most of them made it into the NAMBA rule book, but some did not. The following are          mixture of hydrocarbons with no
modernized versions of what we run.                                                         nitrogen bearing compounds. Ethers or
    The first change is to Section 27 B 1. a. i. that deals with the definition of a G      alcohols may be added commercially as
engine. Because the actual model Zenoah we run is not really made for industrial use,       oxygenating agents. It can be mixed with
we decided that the manufacturing methods used to keep costs down were the                  oil in any proportion for lubrication, but
important characteristics of a G engine. We replaced the current definition with a          no other additives are allowed that were
description of how the most critical parts are made. Die casting requires a serious         not in the fuel as originally manufac-
commitment to high production due to the tooling costs. Investment cast cylinders like      tured.
the current M&D cylinders and Quickdraw cylinders can be manufactured in moderate               I believe that our fuel protest method
numbers with a much lower investment in tooling. Die cast parts will be less expen-         can work without resorting to elaborate
sive for large production runs. Below is the proposed new wording:                          and expensive testing. I have run
    Engines in this class shall be highly mass produced as evidenced by the process         gasoline engines on standard boat fuel.
used to manufacture the major components. The cylinders and crankcases shall be die-        Up to 15% nitro with 20% oil and
castings, with cylinder and head as a one-piece unit. Examples of such engines are          methanol, the engine ran well. When we
Zenoah, Chung Yang, Kawasaki, Homelite and U.S. Engines.                                    went to 40% nitro, the plug electrodes
    The next area, Section 27 B 1. a. ii., has always been controversial. Our group felt    burned off and went out the exhaust,
that the reason for G class engines was to allow racers to experiment with tuning and       denting the piston. The performance
still keep costs down by requiring low cost parts. By adding ignition systems to the list   improvement with nitro should be
of major parts and specifically allowing the interchange of parts among engines from        obvious on the water. So far, I haven’t
the same manufacturer, we feel we address this issue. This also solves the contro-          noticed this. The fastest gas boat heat
versies that came up with hybrid engines and grafting Zenoah ignitions to other             time at this year’s Nationals was Eric
engines.                                                                                    Bourlet’s Gas Sport Hydro. I’m sure he
Below is the proposed change:                                                               ran pump gas.
    Secondary parts such as water jackets, nose cones, drive components, shim plates,           The purpose of these rule changes is
intake manifolds, carburetors, headers, pipes, etc. do not come under the “highly mass      to formalize actual practice over the
produced” rule. Major components such as cranks, rods, pistons, cases, ignition             years. I believe these changes will do
systems, cylinders, and cylinder heads do fall under the rule and must be parts of the      this while keeping the G classes
original motor manufacturer. Interchanging of major parts from one engine series to         inexpensive. We all like to tinker with
another is legal as long as the parts used were available on another engine from the        our engines, but most do not want costs
same manufacturer.                                                                          to spiral out of control. The GX classes
    Because the wording of Section 27 B 1. a. iii. was clumsy we replaced it with:          allow unlimited experimentation and
Modifications are allowed to major and minor components. However, major compon-             some of the porting improvements
ents may only be modified by removing material. Adding material or parts to modify          pioneered in the GX engines have found
an engine's major components will be illegal. The only exception to this rule is that a     their way into the G engines. Pressure
cylinder may be modified to accept (add-on) a water jacket.                                 from low cost, improved G engines has
    We also felt that it needed to be clear that mechanical supercharging or turbo-         kept GX engine costs down. Excellent
charging wasn’t allowed. Even though I don’t know of a successful mechanical                G1 and G2 model engines are now
supercharging system for our engines, we replaced Section 27 B 1. a. iv. with:              available from at least two manufac-
Induction systems must be piston-ported. Modifications incorporating induction              turers. Simple modifications allowed by
systems other than piston-ported systems are illegal. Engines must be naturally             the rules outlined above will continue to
aspirated. Tuned exhaust and intake systems are the only allowed method of altering         improve gas boating.
cylinder pressures.
    Our district mostly runs nitro boats. Even though I believe belt starting could give
an advantage, everyone else wanted to allow belt starting. Therefore we removed any
reference to starting method in Section 27 B 1. a. vi.: Recoil starters must be included
on the original engine and must be retained on engines in this class.
    The rules have never defined what we consider gasoline to be. This is a compli-
cated question, and most racing organizations have elaborate definitions as well as
testing procedures. Because I think most racers use readily available automotive fuels,
and the most effective way to cheat is to add nitro methane to gasoline, I stole

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