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									                            Application for the Neuroscience Scholars Program
All materials listed below, including this cover page, should be submitted together with the EXCEPTION of letters of
recommendation which should be sent directly by the referring individuals. This cover page and the two-page application
form should be completed as a PDF form (type responses directly into the field boxes) and e-mailed as a PDF attachment
to Corresponding application components (three-year plan, essay, transcripts, resume/CV, advisor’s
biosketch) should be attached (PDF format preferred) in the same e-mail. Please fill in the requested information below.
The grey boxes will expand as you type.
The application deadline is Friday, May 20, 2011.

Application Checklist

      Name:      First:                                       Last:

         Current Status:           Undergraduate Student                         PhD Student/Candidate

                                   MD/PhD Student                                Postdoctoral Fellow

      Completed application form (pages 2 and 3)

     Three-year plan
Write one to two brief paragraphs for EACH of the next three years highlighting your research and programmatic plans,
prospective course work, and graduate or postdoctoral training. If you are an undergraduate student, please indicate if
you've been accepted into a graduate program.

Write a 500-word essay describing your professional goals and what you hope to gain from the fellowship.

      Current copy of your transcripts
An unofficial scanned image file should be attached in your application submission e-mail.

       Resume / C.V.
Please include in your resume or curriculum vitae: (1) a full list of publications; (2) conference presentations including
name and date of meeting and title of abstract; (3) scholarship, honors, and awards; (4) any scientific associations or
committees to which you belong.

     Advisor’s biosketch
Biosketch form (Microsoft Word) and completed sample available at

      Two letters of recommendation
Two letters are required from persons in professional settings evaluating your deservedness of the fellowship. At least
one of these must be a faculty member familiar with your academic work. Please note: References must e-mail letters of
recommendation directly to the SfN Professional Development and Special Programs Manager at Letters
must be received by the application deadline. Application packages missing letters of recommendation will not be

                                          Neuroscience Scholars Program                                            APPLICATION

First Name:                                           Last Name:                                                   MI:
Social Security No.:                                                                               Male                  Female
Notification Address:
City:                                                 State:                                Zip:

Primary Phone:                                                                   Home               Lab/Work              Cell
Alternate Phone:                                                                Home                Lab/Work              Cell
E-mail Address:                                                      Alternate E-mail:

U.S. Citizenship:              Yes       No            If No, provide residency status:
Name and address of closest living relative:
                                                                                Relationship to self:

How did you learn about this program?:          print ad       web     past scholar       advisor         friend     other:
Race/Ethnicity:            White           Hispanic/Latino                            Black/African American

                           Asian           American Indian/Alaska Native              Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander

        I am from a racial or ethnic group that has been shown by the National Science Foundation to be
        underrepresented in health-related sciences on a national basis; refer to for specific criteria.

        I have a disability, defined as a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or major life activities.
         Specify disability:

         I come from a family with an annual income below established low-income thresholds; refer to
         for specific criteria and required documentation

        I come from a socially, culturally, or educationally disadvantaged background; refer to for specific
        criteria. Specify disadvantaged background:

Current University/Institution:

Current Status:                  Undergraduate Student                    PhD Student/Candidate

                                 MD/PhD Student                           Postdoctoral Fellow
City:                                                 State:                                Zip:

Study/Research Area:

 Current Degree/Training Expected:
 Degree/Training Start Date (MM/YYYY):                              Expected Graduation/Completion Date (MM/YYYY):
 Academic Advisor Name (First, MI, Last):
 Advisor Department and Address:

 Have you taken the GRE?               Yes           No      GRE Score:                 Verbal                   Math                    Analytical

 Have you ever presented research at a scientific meeting or had research published?                                    Yes         No
 If yes, were you ever a:              First author            Coauthor           First author and coauthor
 Have you submitted an abstract for the upcoming SfN Annual Meeting?:
                                                                       If yes, please name grant and indicate if it provides travel
 Are you currently receiving any other grants?:                        funds:

                                                           Educational Background
                 Beginning with current degree/training expected and working in reverse chronological order, complete the table below.
           Institution                Location            Dates of Attendance            Major Area of Study                  Degree                  GPA
                                                                        - present

Please provide the names and contact information for the two persons who will be providing letters of recommendation for
your application:
                                                                   Reference 1
 Name:                                                                        Title:
 Phone:                                                                       Fax:
 Relationship to self (professor, advisor, etc.):

                                                                   Reference 2
 Name:                                                                        Title:
 Phone:                                                                       Fax:
 Relationship to self (professor, advisor, etc.):

            I certify that the application information provided is accurate and correct to the best of my knowledge.
 Date:                                    Signature:


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