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									                                                                                                             Case Study

Secure Mobility is a Slam Dunk at
University of Connecticut Health Center
                                                                     A Healthy Appetite for Mobility
                                                                     Mobility plays a strategic role in delivering medicine. UConn
•   Enable mobile healthcare applications for                        Health Center is developing mobile applications for its hospitals,
    physicians, researchers and staff
                                                                     ambulatory clinics, emergency rooms and specialties. Physi-
•   Support a variety of smartphones, including
                                                                     cians and other medical professionals rely on e-mail and
    BlackBerry, iPhone and iPad
                                                                     access to medical databases from their smartphones – whether
•   Enforce compliance with federal and state
                                                                     they’re on campus or at another medical facility across the
    security and privacy regulations
                                                                     state. “Everyone wants the same thing – the power of informa-
•   Gain visibility into and control over
    smartphone usage                                                 tion in their grasp,” says Mann.

                                                                     UConn Health Center had chosen RIM BlackBerry as its
                                                                     standard for smartphones, but recently expanded the list to
Users are leading the way in the current adoption of smart-          include Apple iPhones and other iOS devices like the iPad. “The
phones, demanding the very best devices and applications. The        iPad makes the mobile environment much more practical and
physicians, researchers and medical staff at University of           applications more useful,” says Mann.
Connecticut Health Center are no exception. University of
Connecticut Health Center provides outstanding healthcare            UConn Health Center must support the mobility needs of a
education in an environment of exemplary patient care,               broad range of physicians. In addition to medical and adminis-
research and public service. UConn Health Center is composed         trative professionals who work at the University’s Medical
of the School of Medicine, School of Dental Medicine, the John       School, Dental School or Hospital, it also supports physicians
Dempsey Hospital, the UConn Medical Group, UConn Health              who work in the community. For instance, UConn Health Center
Partners and University Dentists. It also provides managed           manages a State of Connecticut community medicine program
healthcare to State of Connecticut inmates.                          aimed at developing a high tech healthcare corridor in the
                                                                     greater Hartford area. As part of this program, physicians from
UConn Health Center is not immune to the challenge of                the health center and from other hospitals rotate through area
managing smartphones and other mobile devices. Whereas IT            hospitals to treat patients and educate other physicians. In
is accustomed to managing a fleet of laptops, smartphones are        addition, residents and teaching physicians are preceptors for
different. There are many different mobile operating systems.        physicians in other hospitals.
Data and application usage are growing rapidly. And employees
often buy smartphones at the local shopping mall and use them        “The physicians don’t want to come into our hospital to update
at work. IT is facing significant security implications as employ-   their PDAs with the teaching tools and medical databases. They
ees access corporate applications and data from personally-          don’t want to be tethered to our facility,” says Tom Murphy,
owned phones.                                                        director of information security at UConn Health Center.

“Mobility presents unique challenges for us,” says Steve Mann,       Secure Mobility at Scale
director of telecommunications at UConn Health Center. “The          UConn Health Center needed to support its user constituency
challenge is how we keep the keys to the kingdom while               and a broad range of mobile devices while effectively enforcing
supporting the mobility needs of a disparate user base.”             its mobile computing security policy. In addition to complying
with HIPAA and State of Connecticut privacy laws, UConn             With MobileIron, IT enforces passwords, encrypts data on the
Health Center had to comply with a recent state law mandating       phone and SD cards, locates lost phones, and remotely locks or
the encryption of sensitive data on all                                                 deletes data on phones. “MobileIron helped
state-owned PCs and laptops.                                                             us enforce our existing mobile computing
The Health Center set out to find a                   “MobileIron helped us              policy,” said Mann.
solution to secure and manage mobile
                                                       enforce our existing
devices. “Our selection criteria were                                                    With MobileIron, UConn Health Center
simple,” says Mann. “We wanted a
                                                        mobile computing                 gains visibility into mobile expenses. “We’ll
device or appliance that could encrypt                       policy.”                    look at phone usage, particularly interna-
data on mobile devices, password                                                         tional roaming, and see who are the
protect them, and remotely wipe data on
                                                         Steve Mann,                     frequent fliers and frequent offenders,” says
the phones.”
                                                          Director of                    Mann.
UConn Health Center chose the
                                                   University of Connecticut             With Mobile Activity Intelligence, IT, finance
MobileIron Virtual Smartphone Platform
                                                        Health Center                    and the end user obtain a detailed view of
to manage its fast-growing fleet of                                                      phone usage, cost drivers and service
smartphones. The MobileIron Virtual                                                   quality. UConn keeps tabs on the cost of
Smartphone Platform combines data-driven smartphone                 mobility while ensuring a quality user experience. Plus,
management with real-time wireless cost control. It provides        accountability for the cost and tools to control it are distributed
visibility into content on a smartphone and how it's being used,    to the departments, moving IT out of a policing role.
letting both IT and users better secure data and control costs
without compromising privacy, even on employee-owned                As a university entity, UConn can’t take an autocratic approach
phones.                                                             to mobility. “We can’t tell users that they have to do X, Y and Z
                                                                    to get access. We use a carrot-and-stick approach,” says Mann.
“MobileIron provided everything required for secure, scalable       “MobileIron offers carrots like an Enterprise App Store. We can
mobility so we could hit the ground running,” says Mann. “That’s    tell our users that we’re not just securing their devices, but we
important because there’s no one person or one department           can also offer them the ability to install apps and back up their
solely responsible for managing mobile devices. One group           data. They like that.”
acquires them, one group secures them, and another group
supports them.”                                                     With the MobileIron application catalogue functionality, users
                                                                    access internal and external applications approved by IT. They
MobileIron’s advanced visibility capabilities are powered by the    also self-provision their phones through MobileIron
Virtual Smartphone architecture. Administrators manage the          MyPhone@Work or through links to external app stores.
lifecycle of the phone and its data, from registration to retire-
ment, so they can get smartphone operations under control.

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