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									No.LUH/Gen-Br/-                                                            Office of the
                                                                         Medical Superintendent
                                                                      Liaquat University Hospital
                                                                      Dated the             2009.

                   The Director of Information (Advertisement),
                   Government of Sindh, Block No.96,
                   Sindh Secretariat, KARACHI.


                   Seven copies of Tender Notice advertisement of this hospital is sent herewith with the request that its may kindly be published in

widely circulated English, Urdu & Sindhi Newspapers in single insertion.

                                                                           Medical Superintendent
                                                                           Liaquat University Hospital

     Copy to the Secretary, Government of Sindh, Information & Technology Department, Karachi with request the same may be pasted

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No.LUH/Gen-Br/-1197/98                                                            Office of the
                                                                         Medical Superintendent
                                                                      Liaquat University Hospital
                                                                      Dated the              2009.

                   The Director of Information (Advertisement),
                   Government of Sindh, Block No.96,
                   Sindh Secretariat, KARACHI.


                   Seven copies of Tender Notice advertisement of this hospital is sent herewith with the request that its may kindly be published in

widely circulated English, Urdu & Sindhi Newspapers in single insertion.

                                                             Medical Superintendent
                                                            Liaquat University Hospital
     Copy to the Secretary, Government of Sindh, Information & Technology Department, Karachi with request the same may be pasted
on (with C.D)

1f8e5400-ec06-4c59-ae56-40221693d560.doc                                                                                                           2
                                                               TENDER NOTICE.

              Sealed tenders are hereby invited from interested Agent / Sole Agent / Foreign Companies in Pakistan for the purchase of following
Machinery / Equipment & Furniture / Fixture under SNE-2008-09 for Liaquat University Hospital, Hyderabad/Jamshoro during financial year 2008-09
on FOR basis. The last date for submission of tender is 9th April 2009 up to 11.30 Noon and the opened on same day at 12.00 Noon in presence of
    S.NO                            NAME OF ITEMS              Qty
     01          Anesthesia Machine with Ventilator            2
     02          Operation Table                               5
     03          Defibrillator                                 3
     04          Auto Clave Large                              3
     05          Operation Theater Light                       3
     06          Surgical Diathermy                            3
    S.NO                            NAME OF ITEMS              Qty
     01          Fowler Beds Double Crank Size: 3 x 6          60
     02          Bed Side Locker                               60
     03          Mattress 3 x 6 x 4" (10 years Warranty with   60
                 Raxine Cover)
     04          Instrument Trolley                            03
     05          Medicine Trolley                              03
     06          Wheel Chair Heavy Duty                        03
     07          Stretcher Trolley Heavy Duty                  02
The tender form can be purchased from 16.03.2009 to 08.04.2009 from office of the undersigned LUH, Hyderabad and Addl: Secretary Monitoring &
Inspection Cell Health Department, Government of Sindh Block No.24 Sindh Secretariat, Shahar-e- Liaquat, Karachi. On the Cash payment of
Rs.2000/=each (Non Refundable).


1f8e5400-ec06-4c59-ae56-40221693d560.doc                                                                                                3
    1. The Medical superintendent LUH, Hyderabad / Jamshoro reserves the right to increase or decrease the quantity of any item of schedules as and
       when it is deemed necessary without assigning any reason.
    2. The above Stores should be supplied upto 10th June 2009 positively.
    3. Tender form should be submitted in Two Envelope system i-e Technical and Financial separately.
    4. The Income Tax / GST will be deducted according to rules of Government of Pakistan if applicable.
    5. The specification and other terms and condition can be seeing from Tender Enquiry and website

                                                             MEDICAL SUPERINTENDENT
                                                          LIAQUAT UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL

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                                                                                                                           (Rs.2000/= Non Refundable)



    TENDER INQUIRY NO. 20/2008-09                                                                                      DUE ON 09.04.2009

                                            Time of Receipt of Tender Form upto 08.04.2009 11.30 A.M
                                             Time of Submission of Tender Form on 09.04.2009 at 11.30
                                           Time of opening of Tender Form on 09.04.2009 at 12.00 NOON

Offers shall remain open for 60 days from the date of opening. The tenders shall quote their price inclusive of all duties / taxes / Octroi transportation
etc, and all other expenses on free delivery to consignee’s end at Liaquat University Hospital, Hyderabad/Jamshoro basis. Price should be quoted in
                   Figure & words both failing which the offer will be ignored. The offers are required on F.O.R basis in Pak rupee.

1f8e5400-ec06-4c59-ae56-40221693d560.doc                                                                                                          5
S.No: DESCRIPTION OF WORKS                                                                                                                      RATE ON F.O.R

                                                                                                                                                  LUH, HYD


                                                                                                               Model                   Make

01         ANESTHESIA MACHINE WITH VENTILATOR                                                            02
           Anaesthesia Machine capable of fitting two vaporizer selectatec type. Flow meter, block
           for O2, N2O with hypoxic guard system. Three position selection valve O2 + air, O2 +
           N2O or Air only. Oxygen failure warning device (audio able/visual) swivel fresh gas out
           lets. Monitoring shelves with at least four electrical socket. Stainless steal work surface
           with pivoting writing table. 3 x drawer unit. 3 x pipeline NIST fitting ( 1 x O2, 1 x N2O,
           1 x air) 2 cylinder NIST fitting (1 x O2, 1 x N2O) Auxiliary O2 out lets, halothane
           vaporizer with selectatec interlock, flow & temp controlled. CO2 absorber 2000ml, Gas
           scavenging system( active) suction/aspiration with vacuum or oxygen . Anesthesia
           ventilator . Pneumatically driven time cycle for use with adults and paediatrics,
           inspiratory time ,expiratory time and flow rate. Adjustable low and high alarm.
           Inspiration time: 0.25-3.0 sec. Expiratory time : 0.5-6.0 sec. Flow rate 0.1-1.0 L/sec.
           Adjustable pressure relief : 20-80 cm H2O. Control I:E Ratio : derived from inspiratory
           & Expiratory time . Set tidal volume: Adult : 25-1600ml :Paediatric : 25-300ml. Driving
           Gas : Oxygen . Supply pressure : 45-100PSI Airway pressure Gauge: -20-100cm H2O

           OR EQUIVALENT.


     1f8e5400-ec06-4c59-ae56-40221693d560.doc                                                                                                             6
           OPERATION TABLE                                                                            05
           Multipurpose hydraulic head-end control operation table . 5 section table top: Head,
           back, seat, legs sections. Table dimension: 200cm x 51cm. Table top rotation : 360°.
           Literal tilt left/right: 25°/25°. Trendelenburg/Reverse: 22/28°., Back Section Up/Down:
           +80°/-20° , Head Section Up/Down : +30°/-90° .Leg Section Up/Down: +20°/-90°.
           Seat section up/down 20°/20°. Break function by foot pedal. Table should be equipped
           an acrylic plates for X-ray radiography. Head rest can be extended or replaced with U-
           shaped. Table should have kidney operation function. Table base, top frame should
           covered with stainless steel. Side rails for accessories should make by stainless steel.
           Unit should be complete with Screen Frame, Shoulder Supporter , Body Support. Arm
           Rest , Knee Crutches & Mattress.
           CE or FDA approved.

           OR EQUIVALENT.

           (EEC / KOREA/TAIWAN)
03         DEFIBRILLATOR :
           Biphasic technology. Simple and intuitive . portable and light weight . integrated
           paediatric paddles. Monitor: high resolution LCD display 320 x 240 points (115 x
           86mm). ECG for 10 lead patient cable , paddles for multifunction disposable electrodes.
           Heart rate 0 to 300 ppm. Alarm limits. Rechargeable Battery ECG display in real time.
           speed: 25mm/sec. display time : 4.5 sex x 2. sensitivity : 0.5-1-2-4cm/mv. Recorder:
           Thermal array 50mm Speed 10, 25, and 50mm/sec. Operation mode manual and
           automatic. Defibrillator Waveforem: Biphasic truncated exponential adapted.
           Synchronized cardiovesion.       Defibrillator energy : 200 joules. Energy selection:
           Energy: 1 - 2 - 3 - 5 - 7 - 9 - 10 - 15 – 20 - 30 - 50 - 70 - 100 - 125 - 150 - 200 J.
           Charging time. Less then 6 sec at 200 joules. RECORDER : Paper: 50 mm thermal .
           Speed: 10, 25 and 50 mm/sec. Operating mode: Manual, automatic, 8 second delay.
           CE or FDA Approved.

           OR EQUIVALENT.

            (EEC / KOREA/TAIWAN)

     1f8e5400-ec06-4c59-ae56-40221693d560.doc                                                              7
04         AUTO CLAVE LARGE                                                                            03
           Electric Automatic control system with pressure control system. Chamber size : 600mm
           x 1200mm (D) . chamber capacity : 339 litres. Heating power 12.0 KW 50/60 Hz .
           Pressure control switch. Water level control switch. Dry function. Liquid sterilization
           function. Unit should be complete with : 1 x Tray and 2 x viewer tube

           OR EQUIVALENT.
            (EEC / KOREA/TAIWAN)

05         OPERATION THEATER LIGHT                                                                     03
           Infrared remote control system. OT Light with dual dome , high-tech polygon reflector
           and a-class heat-isolation glasses for red ray elimination. Color temperature 4300k. Dual
           control system by infrared remote control and control panel. Adjustable illumination
           from 0 - 100%. Alarm system. Memory for previous stage of illumination. Sterilizable
           handles. 2 x halogen lamps with lamp dia.(double head) of 62cm + 62cm. Intensity :
           110,000lux + 110,000Lux . Color temp.4300°k±200. CRI: 93±3. focus range 60 -
           180cm. Depth : 70cm . Aaction radius: 183cm . Head elevation: 105cmC
           OR EQUIVALENT.


     1f8e5400-ec06-4c59-ae56-40221693d560.doc                                                               8
06           SURGICAL DIATHERMY                                                                                                          03
            Microprocessor digital technology. 400W maximum out put. Mono polar & bi polar
            functions. Patient return electrode monitoring. Two modes of bi polar coagulation (99
            Watts maximum power) and soft coagulation (50 Watts maximum power). Memory
            function as standard. Seven different types of current. Four modes of mono polar
            cutting. Pure , blend I, blend II, blend III. Pure cut 400W at 500ohms. Blend I: 230W at
            300 ohm, Blend II: 180W at 300 ohms, Blend III: 120W at 300 ohms. Contact
            coagulation :100W at 300 ohms. Spray coagulation : 80W at 500 ohms. Biopolar
            coagulation: 99W at 100 ohms. 50 W at 100 ohm . Main frequency 400,500,800KHz +/-
            10%. Repetition rate : 20,33KHz +/- 10%. High frequency leakage current : less than
            150mA. Low frequency leakage current: patient leads to Ground: Less than 0.01mA.
            chassis to ground : Less than 0.1mA. unit complete with: bipolar forcep . reusable
            bipolar forcep cable. Reusable mono polar handle with cable. Reusable twin button
            handle with cable. Electrodes . double foot switch. Single foot switch. Disposable dual
            return plate. Reusable return plate cable. Reusable metal plate with cable.
            CE or FDA approved

            OR EQUIVALENT.


     N.B: -
     1   Free installation/Demonstration at consignee’s end must be confirmed by the bidder.
     2   Two year free service from the date of installation. 05 year tube warranty/service contract and available of spare parts may also be confirmed by the bidders
     3   Sole agent Certificate / Authority letter from the manufacturer must be provided by the bidder.
     4   The service manual with circuit diagram will be provided with all above mentioned items.
     5   The supplier will be bound to train nominated technical personnel to operate and for repair and maintenance of supplied equipment.
     6   The supplier will be bound to provide free service during warranty period and to supply spare parts accessories of the supplied equipment on demand.
     7   Joint inspection will be carried out by consignee representative / End User and Director Bio-Medical Govt. of Sindh or his representative.
     8   Guaranteed presence of manufacturer’s trained service engineer in Karachi.
     9   Presence of manufacture’s engineer and application specialist during commissioning phase.

         DELIVERY PERIOD: ……………………………………VALIDITY…………….
     General Conditions & Instructions:

     1.1 The tenders shall be submitted with all documents and drawing literature & catalogue (in equipment) in sealed envelops,
     1f8e5400-ec06-4c59-ae56-40221693d560.doc                                                                                                                            9
     with sealing wax. The envelope must contained tender enquiry No. on the top. The name of manufacturer and the supplier
     should be affixed on the face of envelope at the left side.
1.2 Tenders must be filled in with blue or black ink in the columns provided/on separate letter Head duly signed.
1.3 The tenders must be free from erasing cutting and over writing. In case of erasing, cutting and over writing, authorized person should initial it.
1.4 The rates of each item should be written in figures as well as in words. In case of discrepancy the price in works will be taken as authenticate and final.
1.5 Conditional Tenders will be ignored and will not be considered/entertained/accepted.
1.6 Tenders from shall be accompanied by Earnest Money @ 2.5% of the value of stores quoted by them in form of call Deposit / pay order.
1.7 Original purchase receipt must be enclose with their offer.
1.8 The tendered rate should be inclusive of all taxes, Income & Sales Tax etc payable to Federal & Provincial Govt or Local bodies and no claims on this account shall be entertained.
1.9 The bidder shall furnish General sales tax (GST) Registration Certificate of the firm failing which the offer will be ignored. In case the item is exempted from GST either documentary evident or
     certificate from competent authority shall be attached with the offer.
1.10 The bidder shall furnish copy of valid professional Tax (Excise & Taxation)Certificate

2.1     Store is required Immediately. The tenders may, however, give their short guaranteed delivery period by which the supply
        will be completed positively.
2.2     Tenders are required to specify make , country of origin and furnish detailed technical Description literature / catalogue
        along with their offer.
2.3     The Bidders shall quote their firm and final price both in figures & words on “Free Delivery basis to Consignee end.
2.4     Also choice to select/ignore any their alternate offers shall rest with the purchaser.
2.5     No manufacturer shall authorize their distributor/agent/any firm or person to quote the same item which manufacturer is
       quoting it self in any tender. Failing that offers of both the manufacturer, which the manufacturer as well as other bidder
       shall be ignored.
2.6    Tenders shall purchase separate tender documents and furnish purchases receipts for each alternate offer in case they want to
       submit alternate offer for any items. All the bids with alternate offers without separate purchases receipt (Original) are
       suppose to be rejected.
2.7    The bidder shall confirm the refund of cost difference if the same goods is/was supplied at lower rates to any other
       Govt./Semi Government institution or Armed Forces in the province or out side in the same fiscal year.
2.8    The Bid shall comprise a single package containing two separate envelopes. Each envelope shall contain
       separately the financial proposal and the technical proposal.
2.9    The envelope shall be marked as “ FINANCIAL PROPOSAL “ and “ TECHNICAL PROPOSAL “ in bold
       and legible letters to avoid confusion.
2.10   Initially, only envelope marked as “ TECHNICAL PROPOSAL “ shall be opened.
2.11   The envelope marked as “ FINANCIAL PROPOSAL “ shall be retained in the custody of the procuring agency
       without being opened.

3.            Purchaser’s Right Vary Quantities at time of award.
         The Purchaser reserves the right to increase/decrease or delete the quantities of goods etc at the time of award of contract and also reserves the right to enhance the quantity by 25% of goods
         and services originally specified in the Schedule of Requirements without any change in unit price or other terms and conditions of goods at any time during the contract period
         The purchaser reserves the right to accept or reject any bid, and to annual the bidding process and reject all bids at any time prior to contract award, without thereby incurring any liability to
         the affected Bidder or bidders on the grounds for the Purchaser’s action
4.       Notification of Award/Advance Contract:
4.1      Prior to the expiration of the period of bid validity the purchaser will notify the successful bidder in writing delivery by hand or by registered letter by cable to be confirmed in writing by
         registered letter that is bid has been accepted
4.2      The notification of award will constitute the formation of the contract

1f8e5400-ec06-4c59-ae56-40221693d560.doc                                                                                                                                                         10
4.3       Upon the successful bidder furnishing of the performance security pursuant to Sr.No.1.1 of the instructions and Sr.No.3 of the advance contract the purchase will promptly notify each
          unsuccessful bidder and will discharge its bid security on receipt of bidder’s request.
Surgical Diathermy
5.      Award of Contract & Contract Agreement

          Subject to the fulfillment of all codal formalities the purchaser will award the contract to the successful Bidder who’s bid has been determined to be qualified to perform the contract
6.        Performance Security:
          The successful tenders will have to deposit with the purchaser 5% Security Deposits of the total value in shape of call Deposit / Pay Order.
7.        Criteria for evaluation of bids.
               a.   Quoted prices.
               b.   Specification compliance/preferred functions
               a.   After sale service facility (In case of equipment)
               b.   Operational cost (In case of equipment & Vehicle)
               c.   Delivery schedule
               d.   Authority letter from manufacturer
              e.    Earnest money
8.        Fee for Award of Contract:
          Service charges @ 0.25% of the value of the Contract will be realized/charged by the A.G. Sindh, while making payment to the contractors for award of each contract (If applicable).

9.        Undertaking:
9.1       That I/we agree whether our tender accepted for total partial or enhanced quantity for all or any single item. I/we also agreed to supply and accept the said item at the rates for the supply of
          contracted quantity with in the stipulated period shown in the contract.
9.2     I/we understand and confirm the refund of cost difference if the same goods is/was supplied at lower rates to any
          other Govt./Semi Govt. institution in the province in the same fiscal year.
9.3     I/we undertake that , if any of the information submitted in accordance to this tender enquiry found incorrect our
          contract may be cancelled at any stage on our cost and risk.

We guarantee to supply the stores exactly in accordance with the requirement specified in the invitation to this tender.

                                                                         Signature of Tenderer………………

                                                                         Name & Designation………………


1f8e5400-ec06-4c59-ae56-40221693d560.doc                                                                                                                                                        11
 Rs.2000/= Non Refundable)


      TENDER INQUIRY NO. 21/2008-09                                                  DUE ON 09.04.2009

                         Time of Receipt of Tender Form upto 08.04.2009 11.30 A.M
                          Time of Submission of Tender Form on 09.04.2009 at 11.30
                        Time of opening of Tender Form on 09.04.2009 at 12.00 NOON

 S.NO            NAME OF ITEMS                                        QTY   RATE IN WORDS   RATE IN FIGURES

 01              FOWLER BED DOUBLE CRANK:                              60
                 main bed frame size: 36"(w)x 72"(l) made M.S
                 pipe 1"x2" SWG 16.. Head side legs made from
                 prime quality M.S pipe 16 SWG and centre
                 supporting bar. Two diagonal coaster with circular
                 brakes. Matress base hieght 20" overall
                 dimension 36"x81"x39"

 02              BED SIDE LOCKER                                       60
                 Size: 16" 16" top made of S.S sheet 24 SWG Box
                 made M.S sheet 24 SWG off white painted three
                 side ralling..
 03              FOAM MATTRESS SIZE:           3' X 6' X 4"            60
                 (10 years Warranty with High Quality Raxine

1f8e5400-ec06-4c59-ae56-40221693d560.doc                                                                      12
 04              MEDICINE TROLLEY:                                            03
                 The trolley will be made of M/S sheet 20 swg. The
                 trolley front and rear side will be has
                 cassatas.The trolley to left side will have drawer
                 for dustbin and danger box.The cassatas have
                 with combination locking system The trolley top
                 will have a sliding tray on right side Trolley has 4”
                 die revolving wheel castors. Two with brake made
                 in fallshaw. The trolley will have a handle on left
                 side for pushing The trolley will have bumper rail
                 at the frame bottom.The trolley paint will be Epoxy
                 coating colour

 05              INSTRUMENT TROLLEY:                                          03
                 Instrument trolley stretcher will be pipe size 1” X
                 1”. Trolley shell has two s/s shelves 20 SWG 3”
                 diameter four-wheel coasters dia 3” ,
                 (fallshaw)Two drawers with reeling. With dustbin
                 Over all size of instruments trolley 18” x 24” x 33”.

 06              STRETCHER TROLLEY HEAVY DUTY                                 02
                 Made M.S pipe 1 1/2" GWS with five inches dai.
                 Coaster Size: 34" (H) x 36" (W) x 48" (L)
                 removable stretcher size: 22 x 56 inches frame
                 made of 1 1/4" pipe of 18 SWG covered with S.S
                 of 26 SWG duly spray painted.

 07              WHEEL CHAIR HEAVY DUTY:                                      03
                 Wheel Chair (Loadable) Best Quality Studiously
                 Constructed Folding Frame Work Durable
                 Rexene seat & back with Stretch Visitant
                 Linor.Uphllsterod arm rest and 200mm Dia Front
                 Caster Wheel.

                 i ) Subject to saving from these items Quantity will be enhanced of these
 Note :-         items.
              ii ) Sample must be supplied for inspection at the time of opening of tender otherwise tender will not be entertained.
                 iii ) Order will be placed on quality basis, after approval of the sample by the Purchase
                 Committee of this hospital.

1f8e5400-ec06-4c59-ae56-40221693d560.doc                                                                                               13
 Name____________________                  Signature & Stamp___________________

 NIC No.__________________                 NTN/GST No._______________________

1f8e5400-ec06-4c59-ae56-40221693d560.doc                                          14

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