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									                                                                                                                        FALL 2008
                                                                                                                       Vol. 27, No. 3

                                                 PRESIDENT’S REPORT
Friday, November 21, 2008 - 7:30 PM              BY GLADYS YAN
Trinity Lutheran Church

5 Durham Road
                                                       his election year has been very busy for many incumbent politicians and aspiring
New Hyde Park, NY 11040
                                                       candidates on the national, state, and local levels. Deciding who to elect is also
PROGRAM                                          difficult for voters. However, hearing candidates from your district gives one the abil-
                                                 ity to make a more educated and informed decision as to who can best represent you
Elections for the 2009-2010 OCA-LI Board         and your community. Sadly, many Asian Americans still think their vote doesn’t mat-
of Directors will be held. Candidates will
                                                 ter; but the number of APA voters in the final analysis does count.
give speeches. Please contact any current
director if you would like to nominate some-     OCA National Life Members
one. Nominations will also be taken from                              I want to recognize and congratulate three new OCA
the floor.                                                            National Life Members from our OCA-LI chapter.
Ancestors in the Americas: The Canton                                 They are Howard & Ann Chan (National Family Life
Army in the High Sierras, the award win-                              members), and Jeanne Jackson (National Single Life
ning mini series, produced by Loni Ding                               member). Jeanne Jackson is a member of both OCA-
about Chinese workers building the transcon-                          LI & OCA-NY. She is also a National Single Life
tinental railroad, will be shown. (See page 7)                        member of each chapter, having paid Life member-
Estate Planning and Elder Law: Presenta-                              ship fees to both chapters.
tion by Lou Karol, Esq. Get an update on
the latest estate planning laws and prepare      OCA-LI Community Outreach
for the future!                                  Over the last three months, Long Island chapter members have been active in many
Food & refreshments will be served.              areas. They have participated at press conferences, community events, and have co-
                                                 sponsored two Candidate Forums in Flushing. The following is a listing of some of
                                                 our main activities:
                                                 • 6/21 — OCA-LI members attended the Korean American Voters’ Council’s an-
                         UPCOMING                nual event at Dae Dong Manor in Flushing.
                          EVENTS                 • 6/22 — One of the most enjoyable dinner/dances of the season was held at the
                                                 East Manor Restaurant in Flushing by the NYS Chinese Auxiliary Police Association.
US Merchant Marine Academy                       Their “Do Wop” karaoke singing and lots of good music kept everyone dancing to the
300 Steamboat Road                               beat all evening.
Kings Point, Long Island                         • 6/28 — OCA-LI members along with the Cammy Lee Leukemia Foundation and
November 19, 2008                                students of Great Neck South Middle School attended the first Great Neck “Relay for
(See page 8)                                     Life” sponsored by the American Cancer Society. As one of three cancer survivors in
General Membership Meeting                       attendance at the Relay, Cammy and I were invited to lead the relay walk around the
November 21, 2008                                track.
(See above)                                      • 7/31 to 8/3 — I want to congratulate the 39 OCA-LI mem-
American Cancer Society Annual Gala              bers, who attended the National Convention in Washington, DC.
Chateaubriand                                    Many also attended the Donor’s Luncheon at our National build-
Westbury, Long Island                            ing on August 3rd. It was wonderful to see our Life member,
November 22, 2008                                Andrew Wong, praised for his donation to the building fund.
Membership Appreciation Luncheon                 • 8/7 — OCA-LI participated in a press conference, as part of
East Manor Restaurant
                                                 a first ever coalition of Asian American organizations, to an-
45-46 Kissena Blvd, Flushing, NY
December 6, 2008                                 nounce the upcoming Candidates Forum for the 22nd State Assembly. This took place
                                                 at the Sheraton La Guardia East Hotel, Gallery Room, in Flushing. Purpose was to
Corky Lee Photo Exhibit                          remind everyone in the community to attend on 8/14, and be informed and ready to
Chinese American Museum
                                                 vote in the September primaries. Reporters from Sing Tao and World Journal placed
Los Angeles, California
November 15, 2008 through May 31, 2009           us in the Local News section of their papers.
                                                                                                                      (Continued on page 7)
PAGE 2                                         “E MBR AC ING THE HOP E S & ASP IR AT ION S S OF AS IAN P AC IF IC AME R IC AN S                                                        FALL 2008
                                                                        IN THE UN ITE D ST ATE S”

FROM THE EDITOR                                                                                                                        OCA-SUNRISE
Dear Friends,                                                                                                                                            Vol. 27, No. 3

L    ast month, a few OCA-LI members and I had the pleasure of having lunch with Loni Ding,
     the honoree at our recent Gala. Curious about her background, our questions led her to
talking about her life as a young child growing up with immigrant parents in America. Via the
                                                                                                                                               Published by
                                                                                                                                   ORGANIZATION OF CHINESE AMERICANS
                                                                                                                                           Long Island Chapter
internet, I found an interview which Loni had with Barbara Abrash (BA), Associate Director at                                                 P.O. Box 2052
the Center for Media, History and Culture at New York University. The following condensed                                             Garden City, New York 11531
version highlights circumstances in Loni’s early life, which consequently led to her successful                                      Website:
career as an independent Emmy award winning filmmaker.              Please enjoy,                                                   Email:
                                                                    Janis Woo                                                                                Editor

                                      LONI DING                                                                                                            Janis Woo

                                 Interviewed by Barbara Abrash of NYU                                                                                   Contributors

                   BA: Loni you are a filmmaker, an advocate, a community organizer, a                                                                     Ann Chan
                                                                                                                                                            Gary Mar
                   teacher. This is a very rich and complex life. You are a major force in                                                                 Gladys Yan
                   independent filmmaking. How did this journey begin?
                       I was the last of seven kids. My mother and father came from China in 1919                                                     Photographers
                   to San Francisco. We grew up in Chinatown for the first three years of my life                                                        Chester Mah
                   and then we moved into a part of San Francisco which was, at that time, a                                                              Gary Mar
                                                                                                                                                        John Tandana
                   place where "Orientals" did not live. There was something called "restrictive                                                          Gene Woo
covenant", so you could not just live anywhere in the city.
    All through my school years right up until the time I went to college at U.C. Berkeley, I at-                                                    Executive Board
tended schools in which my sisters and brothers were the only Asians. So I had the experience of                                                    President             Gladys Yan
growing up very aware that I was different from every one else. It was also really clear to me                                                   Executive VP             Winnie Mou
that we as a family were embattled and every one of us had a role job to do: to represent our-                                                                            John Tandana
selves as a Chinese family.                                                                                                                 VP Finance                    Joseph Chu
                                                                                                                                    VP Communications                     Janis Woo
    Very early I had to make up my mind what I felt about being Chinese. Was that an inferior                                             VP Education                    Kevin Kim
thing or not? Luckily, because of the kind of family I grew up in, I knew absolutely that the                                      VP Community Affairs                   Edward Chu
problem was not mine. But the reality was that we were powerless. So I had to think of strategies                                         VP Programs                     Ann Chan
and I would keep certain things to myself.                                                                                              VP Membership                     Shuet Y. Lam
                                                                                                                                         VP Hospitality                   Donna Lee
    Outside is not inside; inside the home is not outside on the street. That constant duality was
something that I lived with all of my life, including what I thought to myself within my family                                                    Board of Directors
and what I said out loud within the family.                                                                                                  Chairperson               Gene Woo
    I think that created an inner life for me. Ultimately, it helped to develop a multilayered kind
                                                                                                                                             Ann Chan Cammy Lee
of consciousness, not only in the way you act but also in the way you get used to having to bal-                                          Lianne Chew Donna Lee
ance things against each other. So long as you are not troubled with the feeling that there is                                             Edward Chu Lily C. Lee
something basically wrong with you, which I was spared, then it becomes complexity rather than                                              Joseph Chu Debbie Leong
contradiction and conflict. I don't think I was particularly conflicted.                                                                     Kevin Kim Gary Mar PhD
                                                                                                                                       Edward Kang PhD Winnie Mou
BA: Were you all accepted as the only Chinese family in your neighborhood when you                                                         Monica Lam John Tandana PhD
were growing up?                                                                                                                          Shuet Y. Lam Janis Woo
                                                                                                                                                    Gladys Yan
    Oh, no. It was terribly hard, and my family looked for five years before they even found a
house that would rent to us. One day my mother said, "I want to show you something." She                                                     Convention Coordinator
lifted up the carpet, and the whole floor was a patchwork of metal plates which were covering up                                                           Peter Gong
the holes in the woodwork. She had patched up the holes with some metal.
    My family made a living as herbalists, which in itself was a very special thing because it                                                              Advisors
meant that they made a living not selling groceries or obvious straightforward things. Medicine                                             Jim Chin-Bow              Helen Chan
required a more trusting, closer relationship, but neither of my parents spoke English at all.
    My mother ran an herb store in Chinatown and my father ran the one in the white district, and
sometimes they exchanged places. Both of them managed to communicate with customers and                                           OCA is a national nonprofit, nonpartisan
were fearless about it. They had the courage and confidence to do that.                                                           civil rights organization with 90 chapters
    Then we moved out of Chinatown entirely with nothing but the livelihood of selling herbs in                                   and affiliates across the country. It was
a white district. Anyway, my mother had these metal tins in which pills that come from China                                      founded to ensure the civil rights of the
were kept. After the pills were used, she would take the tins and pound them out flat. That is                                    APA community. It is headquartered in
what she used on the floor. We lived above a brawling Irish bar which on Friday nights had a lot                                  Washington, D.C.
of loud crashing around, and in the morning you always found that someone had vomited on
your doorstep.
                                                                                                                                  OCA Sunrise is a publication published by the Long Island
    You would find here and there people who were friendly to you, but overall you knew that                                      Chapter of the Organization of Chinese Americans (OCA) Inc.
the place as a whole was not receptive to you and that you would have to watch yourself. I was                                    No contents may be reproduced without expressed written
protected by elders and grownups who were very strong people.                                                                     permission from the Publisher. Unsolicited material will not be
                                                                                                                                  returned. Letters sent to OCA Sunrise become the property of
BA: Were you the only Chinese family in that neighborhood?                                                                        the publication. While every precaution has been taken to insure
    Absolutely. We were the only persons of color around for miles.                                                               the accuracy of information included at press time, neither the
                                                                                                                                  Publisher nor the editors shall be liable for damages arising out
BA: Did you go to school with the white kids?                                                                                     of errors or omissions. The opinions expressed herein are those
                                                                                                                                  of the authors and not necessarily those of OCA Sunrise or the
    Yes. They would say to me, "Oh, you are one of the Ding girls!" I would say, "Yes, I am."                                     Publisher. We reserve the right to edit articles
                                                                                         (Continued on page 6)
FALL 2008                                            “E MBR AC ING THE HOP E S & ASP IR AT ION S S OF AS IAN P AC IF IC AME R IC AN S
                                                                                                                                                                               PAGE 3
                                                                              IN THE UN ITE D ST ATE S”

                                      CONFERENCE FOR PREJUDICE REDUCTION
                                                                               BY DR. GARY MAR

F    or the past several years, OCA Long Island has been using their
     Allstate/OCA Hate Crimes Grant to invest in a relationship with
Roberta Richin, executive director of the Council on Prejudice Reduc-
                                                                                              conference was also able to promote OCA National President Ginny
                                                                                              Gong's From the Ironing Board to the Corporate Board: My Chinese
                                                                                              Laundry Experience in America. Professor Gary Mar and Ginny Gong
tion, and its Annual Conference. On November 7th, four Stony Brook                            were co-presenters as a session entitled "Bullying, Hate and Prejudice
students from Professor Gary Mar's course attended the 16th Annual                            from the Internet to Our Hallways: What We Can Do Right Now."
Conference whose theme was "Closing the Achievement Gap". The

 Brian Forur, Roberta Richin, Nicole Shivcharran, Mark Secko, and Soojin Jennifer Lee                      Nicole Shivcharran interviewing OCA National President Ginny Gong
                        at Conference for Prejudice Reduction

                                                        MORE OCA-LI ACTIVITIES
                                                                                                                                                                Far Left: OCA-LI mem-
                                                                                                                                                                bers outside OCA Na-
                                                                                                                                                                tional Building Center in
                                                                                                                                                                Washington DC after
                                                                                                                                                                National Convention on

                                                                                                                                                                Left:: OCA-LI members
                                                                                                                                                                with Cammy Lee &
                                                                                                                                                                students of Great Neck
                                                                                                                                                                South Middle at Relay for
                                                                                                                                                                Life on 6/ 28/08

Right: : Ribbon cutting
celebrating re-opening of
Red Cross office in Kew
Gardens with John Liu &
Grace Meng on 6/11/08
Far Right:: OCA-LI
members at Candidates
Forum with candidates
Toby Stavisky & Peter
Koo of District 16; James
Gennaro of District 11

                                                                                                                                                              Left:: OCA-LI members
                                                                                                                                                              attended seminar on labor
                                                                                                                                                              laws given by Job Service
                                                                                                                                                              Employer Committee (Peter
                                                                                                                                                              Koo speaking) on 6/10/08

                                                                                                                                                              Far Left: OCA-LI life mem-
                                                                                                                                                              ber Peter Gong visited
                                                                                                                                                              Vietnam Wall during Na-
                                                                                                                                                              tional Convention on 8/1/08
PAGE 4                          “E MBR AC ING THE HOP E S & ASP IR AT ION S S OF AS IAN P AC IF IC AME R IC AN S   FALL 2008
                                                         IN THE UN ITE D ST ATE S”

OCA-LI GALA — Dae Dong Manor
October 3, 2008—Photos by Chester Mah
                                                                                               PAGE 5
                                     IN THE UN ITE D ST ATE S”
PAGE 6                                       “E MBR AC ING THE HOP E S & ASP IR AT ION S S OF AS IAN P AC IF IC AME R IC AN S                         FALL 2008
                                                                      IN THE UN ITE D ST ATE S”

                            OCA CELEBRATES APA VOTERS,

W      ASHINGTON DC — OCA is proud to have been part of this
       historical US election, where Asian Pacific American (APA)
voters registered and turned out in record numbers. Multiple OCA
                                                                                            However, OCA is disappointed over the results of several state
                                                                                      ballot measures:
                                                                                            The passage of Proposition 8 in California overturns a previous
chapters representing all regions of the country mobilized to register                state Supreme Court decision and denies the right of same-sex partners
voters in partnership with APIA Vote and hosted town halls and candi-                 to marry. Arizona and Florida also passed similar ballot measures ban-
date forums. OCA also partnered with the Asian American Legal De-                     ning same-sex marriage. OCA is disappointed by these blows to equal-
fense and Education Fund (AALDEF) to monitor polls and protect the                    ity.
APA vote.                                                                                   Amendment 1 in Florida, which would have repealed the last out-
     “OCA is very proud of our members for all the voter registration,                dated and unconstitutional alien land law in the country, failed to pass.
education, turnout, and protection efforts we coordinated under our                   The law was adopted in the early 1900s to ban Asian immigrants from
OCA Vote 2008 program,” said Michael C. Lin, OCA executive direc-                     owning land.
tor. “OCA looks forward to working with President-elect Barack                              “After 6 years of hard work, [OCA is] very disappointed that
Obama and the new Congress, including continuing our work with                        Amendment 1 didn’t pass to remove this outdated discriminatory law
Senator John McCain around immigration reform and other issues im-                    from the Florida Constitution," said Winnie Tang, president of the
portant to the APA community.                                                         OCA-South Florida chapter.

Loni Ding                                                                             expressively, not meaningfully, but fast, without error.
(continued from page 2)                                                                   I was really very happy to be in Chinatown, whereas people who
BA: So you were famous?                                                               lived there acted like they could hardly wait to get out of the place be-
                                                                                      cause they thought it was so provincial. But to me Chinatown was
   Yeah, except there would be these little experiences. The teacher                  warm and accepting so I formed attachments to the place and the peo-
would send me around on little errands, like the March of Dimes to pick               ple. And this very close feeling for them came back to me many years
up the money collected in different classrooms. One teacher used to                   later when I started making films.
snatch my hand and say, "Look, class! Look at this little hand! Aren't                    So I went into sociology and right about that time the civil rights
those the tiniest little fingers you have ever seen?" I wanted to die! A              movement came along. Like everyone else I was watching what was
china doll.                                                                           happening in the south on television and felt like I had to do something
BA: Your parents were herbalists. Was that what they had been                         about it. I finally married David who was in Mississippi during that
trained to be?                                                                        same summer; he became my life partner, a key person in my develop-
   No. Up until 1965 you could legally come in only as either an                      ment and my work.
American citizen, the child of someone who had been born here or as a                     Then the Vietnam war came along while I was doing my disserta-
merchant or a diplomat or a foreign student. My parents came in as                    tion. Being at Berkeley at the time, we were among the leaders of the
merchants. My mother had been trained as a medical doctor, but you                    anti-war movement. I found that I was truly happy doing that instead of
couldn't come in as a doctor.                                                         being in the stacks with my books and writing and re-writing very tur-
   Things got worse after that. By the time we came to the United                     gid stuff.
States in 1939 the quota was zero, and we were able to come only be-                      So I organized against the war for about two years and then I got
cause we were bringing my great-grandfather to visit his son, who was                 shifted into grass roots organizing for the arts. I did that for a couple of
in the U.S. There was no way you could stay. Our family was able to                   years, and during that time I had married and I had my daughter, and
stay only because the congressman in Arizona put a special bill in Con-               somehow it all worked together—having the family, doing community
gress. The Chinese Exclusion Act was a zero quota. China was our ally                 work, doing community arts work.
during World War II so Chinese were given a quota of 105 people. That                     At that time I was also involved in media advocacy. That was dur-
was in 1943. Then none of the laws changed again until 1965.                          ing a time when the media had to answer to the FCC and stations could
BA: How did you become a filmmaker?                                                   get renewal of their lucrative licenses only if they could show that they
                                                                                      were serving communities.
   When I started college, I thought I was heading into medicine like a
                                                                                          The Chinese community wanted a TV series for teaching basic Eng-
typical good Asian female. But I wasn't interested in chemistry. All my
                                                                                      lish to Chinese immigrants. I ended up being the project director and
time was spent reading psychology, philosophy and flipping through
                                                                                      line producer for this TV series of English lessons. It gave me my first
the art books, but never thinking I should major in art because that was
                                                                                      experience in what television could do, and I loved it.
not an appropriate thing for a serious person like me. Luckily, I got
                                                                                          So I came out of the series thinking that this was the field I really
saved by my lousy grades. I would have to study something else.
                                                                                      wanted to go into. Right about that time there was an offer to go into a
   I happened to have had an excellent teacher at that time at Berkeley
                                                                                      training program, and I said, "Fine, they will train me and I don't have
who was a social psychologist. I had always been trying to figure out
                                                                                      to do anything or organize anything!" So I became a trainee at KQED
the difference between my family and other families. What was the
                                                                                      public television in San Francisco, a training program for people of
difference between the part of the city where I lived and San Francisco
                                                                                      color. So there I was again, still a person of color! We were to learn to
Chinatown where I would go to Chinese language school? Two differ-
                                                                                      operate every piece of broadcast studio equipment, and then, after one
ent worlds; in one world you were considered to be independent, have
                                                                                      year's time, we would operate it as a community station.
your own opinions, express yourself and the teacher is supposed to
encourage you to do that. In the other world the boys and the girls were              BA: After the seven years with the station, what did you do?
separated in the classroom and the teacher was an unchallengeable au-                 After seven years as a staff producer at KQED San Francisco public
thority, and you recited by memory pages out of texts, the whole point                television doing mainly access production with Bay Area community
of which was getting good grades and reciting as fast as you could. Not               groups, and a few national shows, I became an independent.
FALL 2008                                    “E MBR AC ING THE HOP E S & ASP IR AT ION S S OF AS IAN P AC IF IC AME R IC AN S
                                                                                                                                                                     PAGE 7
                                                                      IN THE UN ITE D ST ATE S”

                                     ANCESTORS IN THE AMERICAS
                                  CANTON ARMY IN THE HIGH SIERRAS

S    ince Loni Ding became an independent
     filmmaker, she has created over 250
broadcast programs which have been
                                                                                                                                    The program begins with a revealing look
                                                                                                                                at the Chinese role and sacrifices in building
                                                                                                                                the western half of the monumental Trans-
screened nationally and internationally. Her                                                                                    continental Railroad. Their actual experience
work has been recognized by more than 15                                                                                        is a part of our history which is not com-
career awards and fellowships. Her award                                                                                        monly known today. Here, the Chinese were
winning quartet, Ancestors in the Americas,                                                                                     80 to 90% of the workforce and built one of
is the only in-depth history of Asians in the                                                                                   the most difficult parts of the railroad, over
Americas.                                                                                                                       the Sierra Nevada mountain range. They
    At the OCA-LI meeting to be held on                                                                                         were forced to work from sun up to sun
November 21, a presentation of one of the                                                                                       down, labor in very dangerous conditions,
mini series in her film, Canton Army in the                                                                                     and sleep in tents in the middle of winter,
High Sierras, will be shown. This film                                                                                          without any protection against the cold or
starts in the 1860s and ends in the 1930s                                                                                       avalanches which swept whole camps down
when the second generation of Chinese             Chinese workers slept in tents next to railroad tracks in winter              mountainsides. Please join us for Loni’s out-
immigrants is establishing itself.                                                                                              standing presentation.

President’s Report (Continued from Page 1)
                                                                                        Mar as cameraman, interviewed John Tandana, Gene & Janis
                                                                                        Woo, Gary Mar, and me regarding where our parents’ “roots”
• 8/14 — OCA-LI along with 50 other civic organizations co-                             originated, etc. for a new film she has embarked upon.
sponsored the 2008 Flushing Candidates Forum between incum-                             • 10/21 — Press conference with Chinese & Korean reporters
bent NYS Assemblywoman Ellen Young (D), and her chal-                                   from NY1, Korean Channel and other media was held at the
lenger, Grace Meng (D). The primary election was held this                              Sheraton Hotel in Flushing, where the five co-sponsors—OCA-
past September for the 2009-10 NYS assembly seat. Demon-                                LI, KAVC (Korean American Voters’ Council), KAAF (Korean
strating continuous leadership, our VP of Education, Kevin Kim,                         American Association of Flushing), CAVA (Chinese American
did a tremendous job representing OCA-LI for our Flushing                               Voters Association), YKASEC (Empowering the Korean Com-
Candidates Forum. From coordinating co-sponsors, handling                               munity), invited the community to attend on 10/26 to meet the
phone calls, emails, conference calls, and media to press confer-                       candidates representing their district, and to educate themselves
ences and everything else in between, the Candidates Forum was                          before they vote on November 4th.
no small feat. This was held at the Sheraton La Guardia East
Hotel in Flushing with approximately 250 people in attendance.
                                                                                        • 10/26 — OCA-LI, along with KAVC, KAAF, CAVA and
                                                                                        YKASEC, came together to co-sponsor a Meet the Candidates
• 8/29 — Flushing Central Lions Club’s annual dinner/dance                              Forum at the Korea Village Open Center Auditorium. Queens
was enthusiastically represented by OCA-LI members at the                               District 16 was represented by incumbent Senator Toby
Sheraton La Guardia East Hotel Ballroom in Flushing, Queens.                            Stavisky, and her challenger, Mr. Peter Koo. Queens District 11
• Each month, members participated and still continue to at-                            was represented by incumbent Sen. Frank Padavan, and chal-
tend monthly FOCUS (Friends of the Community Unite &                                    lenger, City Councilman James Gennaro.
Serve) luncheons held at different Flushing restaurant locations                        • 10/30 — Attended a CUNY-Asian American Alliance/
to network, exchange information, and touch base with each                              Research Institute function at Golden Bridge in Manhattan, Chi-
other regarding the APA community.                                                      natown.
• 9/7 — Attended our annual OCA Tri-State Picnic, which                                 • 11/1 — Many members enjoyed the CAANH (Chinese
was hosted by our sister chapter, OCA-WHV, this year.                                   American Association of North Hempstead) auction and buffet
• 9/18 — Members in attendance at the MORUS gala at the                                 dinner at the Trinity Lutheran Church in New Hyde Park
Dung Fong Restaurant, in Manhattan Chinatown had a wonder-                              • 11/4 — On Election Day, I volunteered as a Poll Watcher
ful time networking, bonding, and having a good time during the                         at JHS 189 for the seven election districts
evening. OCA-LI members, Jimmy & Mary Tsang, were gra-                                  in the 22nd Assembly District
cious hosts for the evening.
                                                                                                                               I hope to see everyone at
• 10/3 — Our OCA-LI gala was beautifully orchestrated with                                                                     our upcoming OCA-LI
over 200 guests in attendance. Our honorees that evening,                                                                      General Meeting on Fri-
Film Producer/Director Loni Ding, NYS Assemblywoman Ellen                                                                      day, November 21st.
Young, and of course, our 2008 GM/OCA National Unsung
Heroes, Ann & Howard Chan, made this annual dinner/dance                                                                                         OCA-LI Gala
gala very memorable and enjoyable. The following morning, a                                                                                      Front: Honorees Ellen
                                                                                                                                                 Young & Loni Ding with
few hardy board members had dim sum with Loni Ding and Dr.                                                                                       OCA National President
Gary Mar at the East Manor Restaurant in Flushing. After-                                                                                        Ginny Gong
wards, we ended up at my house (since I lived nearby) using my                                                                                   Back: OCA-LI President
living room as her ‘studio,’ where Loni Ding with Dr. Gary                                                                                       Gladys Yan
PAGE 8                                     “E MBR AC ING THE HOP E S & ASP IR AT ION S S OF AS IAN P AC IF IC AME R IC AN S                         FALL 2008
                                                                    IN THE UN ITE D ST ATE S”

                                                                JOIN US AT MERCHANT MARINE ACADEMY
          JOIN US TODAY!                                                                         BY ANN CHAN

   OCA-Long Island Chapter                                                            O
                                                                                     n November 19, 2008, OCA-LI members, as well as members
                                                                                     from the CCLI Senior Club, Mary Tsang from New York Life
                                                                                Insurance Company, and individuals from Morus Association of NY’s
                                                                                Chinatown, will participate in our second trip to the US Merchant
                                                                                Marine Academy at Kings Point. They will celebrate the appoint-
                                                                                ment of Rear Admiral Allen Worley as the new Superintendent of
Address                                                                         USMMA. For community outreach, the Senior Group from CCLI has
                                                            donated books to our midshipmen, and on this visit will donate the Marco Polo video
City/State/Zip                                              disk produced by Michael Yamashita. On a previous visit, Kyle Hobin, who is the
Phone                                                       grandson of Mrs. Yanti The, was briefed by the Admissions Office on the goals of train-
                                                            ing young people to serve our country. Over 40 people and 2 students have registered to
E Mail                                                      attend this session. Please contact Ann Chan if you are interested.
Occupation (Optional)
Membership Type:
                                                                             PLEASE DONATE HATS & GLOVES
                                                                                                 BY ANN CHAN
   Regular ($30)

   Student ($15)
                             Family ($50)

                             Life ($500)
                                                                                         ach Christmas, OCA-LI members join with others from
                                                                                         various organizations to bring gifts to several groups in
                                                                                    Flushing: Martin Luther King Nursery School, Chinese Planning
                                                                                    Council (CPC) After School Children, and CPC Handicapped
   Family Life ($750)        Corporate ($500)                                       Adults. Ages of recipients range from 4 to 45 years old. Instead
                                                                                    of bringing candy, please bring gloves, hats, scarves or toys.
   New                       Renewal                                                Please indicate with a sticker whether your gift is for a male or
Spouse’s Name                                               female, and specify the age group. I am sure the groups will greatly appreciate your gifts.
                                                                 Please bring your items to the next meeting: CCLI—November 21; OCA-Long
Children’s Names & Ages                                     Island—November 21st or December 6th; FOCUS—first Thursday in December to
                                                            luncheon; Long Island Chinese Circle—December 6th or 13th; Self Help— Per Jane Qui
                                                            and Grace Meng’s instructions.

Referred By
                                                                        ANN & HOWARD CHAN ARE
                                                                    OCA NATIONAL LIFETIME MEMBERS
Please make check payable to: OCA-Long Island                                                                  nn & Howard Chan, the 2008 Unsung Heroes from
                                                                                                               OCA-Long Island, have become OCA National
Mail to: Shuet Lam, VP Membership,                                                                       lifetime members. Ann & Howard are proud to be new
         42-05 147th Street,                                                                             lifetime members, and encourage others to join the na-
         Flushing, New York 11355                                                                        tional organization, which now has a permanent home in
                                                                                                         Washington, DC. The cost of an OCA National lifetime
Phone:     917-969-5092                                                                                  membership is $1,500 for a family, and $1,000 for an
Email:                                                                               individual.

            OCA-Long Island
            P.O. Box 2052
            Garden City, NY 11531

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