crustaceans activity by steph777


Hello there! My name is Cody and I’m a crab. I live in the ocean. I belong to a special group of animals called crustaceans. All of us have shells. That means our skeletons are on the outside of our bodies. We all breathe through gills, just like fish. Our bodies are jointed and we have many pair of legs. We have feelers that we use for touching, feeling, or smelling. I have many cousins like shrimp and the lobster. Some of us can swim and some of us can only travel along the ocean floor, like me, the crab. The barnacle is also a crustacean that sticks to a hard spot and never moves. The hermit crab is also a crustacean because of its shell. He does not grow his own shell. He has to find an empty shell of some other animal and move in when his own shell becomes too small. We all live around or in water. I, myself, live in a tide pool. Some of my family likes to live in coral reefs.

Answer the questions below by highlighting each answer with a different color. 1. What do all crustaceans have in common? 2. How do crustaceans breathe? 3. Name the different kinds of crustaceans? Yellow Blue Pink

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