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  Conservation News
A Newsletter for Schools in San Mateo County                                            Issue No. 12, 2010-11

Dear Teachers and Administrators,                                                             • FREE Field Trip
                                                                                                See page 2
It’s our pleasure to present you with the 2010-11 Resource Conservation News.
This issue along with the RecycleWorks website,, is                      • School Spotlight
packed with information on how you can green your classroom, while at the                        See page 3
same time infuse recycling, reuse, composting and saving natural resources
into your classroom curriculum.                                                               • Educate Yourself
We are happy to come to your school to make a classroom or assembly                             See page 4-5
presentation on the four R’s- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot - free. In addition
we would be pleased to offer advice on improving your school’s recycling                      • Grants, Activities
program- also free. Lastly, we welcome the chance to conduct teacher-                           And Curricula
training workshops on the subjects of recycling, backyard composting and                        See pages 4-5
vermicomposting (worm composting).
                                                                                              • Legislation
To receive email notices from RecycleWorks about events, workshops, awards
                                                                                                See page 7
and grants, sign up for our listserv at
Put in your email address and check the box for Environmental Education.                      • Free Stuff
                                                                                                See page 7
                                                                                              • Recycling
OPPORTUNITY AWAITS:                                                                             See page 8

Green Star Schools
RecycleWorks is continuing to collaborate
with Alameda County and the City of San
Jose to create and launch the regional
Green Star Schools certification program.                                          is Here to Help
This program will certify a classroom,
                                                                                   RecycleWork is a program of the County
school, or district as being “green” at
                                                                                   of San Mateo and can provide free
three different levels. We hope to launch                                          resources, assistance and presentations.
the pilot stage of the program in the
near future. Stay tuned via our website                                            CONTACT RecycleWorks:
or sign up on our listserve for up to date                                         1-888-442-2666
information about this new innovative                                    
Transfer Station and Recycling Center
RecycleWorks will again be offering 10 free field trips (including bus transportation)
for classes of 25-30 students in grades 3rd–12th. Participating students will tour a
working Transfer Station and Material Recovery Facility. On these tours the students
will see how garbage and recyclables are sorted and processed to be shipped out to
a landfill or recycling facility. If time permits, students will also take a walk on the
footpath of a local closed landfill to learn about its environmental impacts.
These field trips correlate to the California State Content Standards and are a great opportunity for students to gain
firsthand knowledge about resource conservation. Classes are selected for these field trips by a random drawing from
the applications submitted. If your class is selected for a field trip, we will assist you in developing pre- and post-tour
activities to incorporate into your existing course units in preparation for this trip. You will also be required to attend
an informal orientation workshop on January 27, 2011, from 4:15 pm to 6:15 pm to discuss field trip goals, as well as to
schedule your class field trip date. Mark your calendars!
Field trips will be scheduled during the Spring Semester. To apply for a FREE FIELD TRIP, please fill out the application form below
and mail or fax it to RecycleWorks by December 15, 2010.

         Complete and return this form to RecycleWorks.
         We must receive your application by 5:00 pm, December 15, 2010
         to be entered into a random drawing.
         Mailing address:
         School Bus Trip, RecycleWorks Program
         555 County Center, 5th Floor
         Redwood City, CA 94063-1665
         Or Fax to Attn: Recycling Field Trips (650) 361-8220

         Teachers will be notified by mail within three weeks after the application deadline. Due to the holiday
         season, please provide an alternative address where we can mail your notification letter if you do not have
         an email address. If selected, you will be required to attend an informational workshop on January 27, 2011,
         from 4:15pm to 6:15pm in order to be awarded the trip and participate in the program.

         School: ___________________________________________________City: _________________________

         Teacher: __________________________________________________________ Grade: _______________

         Phone:_____________________________ Email:______________________________________________

         School Address: _________________________________________________________________________

         Alternate Mailing Address/City/Zip Code: ____________________________________________________

         How many students will be attending the field trip? ________

                           SCHOOL                                                  SPOTLIGHT
Worms Worms Worms                                                                 while the other half explored them. Featured
                                                                                  topics included demonstrations on how to build
at Sunnybrae School in                                                            and use solar ovens, build an adobe bench,
San Mateo                                                                         make art from materials that would otherwise
                                                                                be thrown out as trash, and plant seedlings; there
It all started four years ago when a volunteer
                                                                             were even fundraising booths, where classes raised
RecycleWorks Master Composter introduced
                                                                     money for endangered species.
vermicomposting (worm composting) to the second graders at
Sunnybrae Elementary School and helped them to set up worm           At one of the booths, a fourth grade class displayed a device
bins in each of their                                                that they built for demonstrating the energy required for
four second grade                                                    incandescent light bulbs as compared to compact fluorescent
classrooms. With                                                     bulbs. The device was a small generator powered by a stationary
the guidance of the                                                  bike, which was wired to the two different sets of bulbs. As a
teachers and a Master                                                student peddled the bike, he or she could actually see which
Composter, the second                                                light required more peddling. This demonstration was also
graders continue to                                                  correlated to the 4th grade CA State Science Academic Content
learn how to feed the                                                Standards, Physical Sciences - 1a & 1g.
worms, maintain their
home, harvest the
                            The Second Graders’ Classroom Worm Bin
worm castings from
the bin and use it
                                                                     The Green Academy at Woodside
as a rich nutrient source (soil amendment) for plants. In fact,      Due to the enthusiasm and influence of staff, students, and
these activities are correlated to the 2nd grade CA State Science    parents of the Woodside High School (WHS) Green Task Force,
Academic Content Standards in Life Sciences – 2a & 2b and Earth      the school has successfully implemented and is now running
Sciences - 3c.                                                       the second year of the Green Academy. The academy’s objec-
                                                                     tive is to prepare youth for careers in the Green Job market.
Having a worm bin is a great teaching tool for every                 Students in this
classroom and it is easy to maintain. Teachers have                  academy are taking
incorporated worms and the worm bins into lesson plans.              classes in Science,
If you need lesson plan ideas visit the school section of our        History, English,
website at         and Career Techni-
If you are interested in having a Master Composter volunteer         cal Education that
demonstrate how to set up and maintain a classroom worm              focus on project-
compost bin, please contact us directly at 1-888-442-2666 or         based interactive                                            lessons integrated
                                                                     into resource con-
                                                                     servation topics.      WHS Green Academy Students Working and
                                                                                            Studying in their New Outdoor Classroom
Earth Day at                                                         With the help of
Highlands                                                            donors and community partnerships, the academy’s staff and
                                                                     students have built a new garden on the campus. It is used as
Elementary                                                           an outdoor classroom where students are learning about native
Congratulations to Highlands                                         plants, composting, organic gardening, and
School for running their sec-                                        poultry husbandry. If you’d like to learn more about the
ond annual Earth Day event!                                          Woodside High School Green Academy, visit their website at
This event involved the whole                               or if you would like ideas about
school and it was integrated                                         integrating resource conservation topics into your curriculum
into California State Academic                                       or setting up a Green Task Force / Green Team at your school,
Content Standards. Half of the                                       contact RecycleWorks at 1-888-442-2666 or
classes at the school hosted   A student on a stationary bike
their own interactive booths, powering the light bulbs

                        EDUCATE                                                                  GRANTS, CUR
                        YOURSELF                                                                                 ON ENVIRONME

Council of Math/Science Educators
Conference for K-12 Educators
                                                                        LOCAL PROGRAMS AND RESOURCES
The Council of Math/Science Educators of San Mateo County
will hold its annual conference March 5, 2011. This conference
provides additional tools and resources for educators in San
Mateo County who teach math, science and environmental
education for K-12 students. For more information on the                Free Composting Demonstrations (all grades)
conference, or obtaining approved professional growth units,            Composting is a great
contact Janet Shi at 650-802- 5363 or             way for students to
                                                                        experience hands-on
Bay Area Earth Science Institute (BAESI)                                learning in nature while
BAESI offers hands-on teacher-training workshops and field              simultaneously recycling
trips. By attending these activities 4th-12th grade teachers will       organic waste such
be provided with instructional materials for classroom lessons,         as fruit and vegetable
and they could earn continuing education units (CEU’s)                  leftovers and yard waste
through San Jose State University. For more information visit           from school gardens.                                                         RecycleWorks offers free
                                                                        classroom demonstrations on outdoor composting and
Workshops at RAFT                                                       “vermicomposting” (worm composting), which is especially
Attend workshops at RAFT and earn continuing education                  fun for Pre-K - 2nd graders. To schedule a demonstration
units (CEU’s) from either San Jose State University or Foothill         contact RecycleWorks at 1-888-442-2666 or schools@
College. There are over seven interactive workshops scheduled 
to take place this Fall Semester at the new RAFT in Redwood

City. Through these workshops teachers will learn hands-on
activities for teaching a variety of subjects. Paper Art, Wow!,
It’s Science Magic!, and Worm Composting are just a few of the
workshops that will take place. For more information visit RAFT         Water Pollution Prevention Program
                                                                        Website and Free Presentation
                                                                        The “Teachers” section of the San Mateo Countywide Water
Waste/Recycling Lessons
                                                                        Pollution Prevention Program website provides teachers
The California Integrated Waste Management Board,                       with resources to educate youngsters about water and how we
now known as CalRecycle, created “Closing the Loop,”
                                                                        can prevent pollution of our local waterways. The Program
an interdisciplinary K-12 curriculum emphasizing waste
                                                                        also offers a free Pre-K – 6th grade assembly presentation,
prevention, recycling and composting through hands-on
                                                                        “We All Live Downstream,” performed by the Banana Slug
activities. To download the curriculum visit www.calrecycle.
                                                                        String Band. For more information visit
                                                                        cs_teachers.php or to schedule a presentation contact the
                                                                        County Environmental Health Department at 650-372-6214.
Project Learning Tree: Municipal
Solid Waste Module (grades 6-12)                                        BAWSCA Activity Kit & Free Presentation
This 75-minute hands-on workshop for groups of six or                   The Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency
more teachers, shows the interrelationships between waste               (BAWSCA) offers member agencies free 5th grade,
generation, natural resource use and disposal. Teachers                 Water-Wise School Education Kits and a K-8 assembly
receive the curriculum, training, and correlations to the               presentation, “The H20 Show,” performed by the
California Content Standards. Contact RecycleWorks at                   EarthCapades. These programs teach students about water
1-888-442-2666 or to set up                    science and conservation. For more information visit www.
a free workshop.                                              
RRICULA & PROJECTS                                                                              EDUCATE
ENTAL TOPICS                                                                                    YOURSELF

  ENERGY:                                                                  PEAK Energy Lessons (grades 3-7)
                                                                           Attend a PEAK teacher-training workshop and learn how
  Solar Oven                                                               to incorporate project-based energy lessons into your
                                                                           classroom curriculum. PEAK will provide participating
  Explore the world of solar energy                                        teachers with a free guidebook, toolkit for setting up
  and how you can harness the sun’s                                        labs, presentations, and ongoing support. For more
  energy to make heat and electricity.                                     details about this program visit
  RecycleWorks has a solar oven                                            or contact Elise Noland at
  (includes instructions) available for teachers to borrow for
  free. There is an accompanying hands-on activity for students
  to create their own solar ovens out of pizza boxes and use them
  to make nachos. This activity is available for download on               Climate Calculator
  the RecycleWorks website, along with additional solar energy             Calculate the Carbon Footprint of your district, school,
  information and resources. Visit           or classroom by using a Climate Calculator. Visit

  Protect Your Climate
  The Bay Area Air Quality Management District is offering 4th and
  5th grade teachers a curriculum: “Protect Your Climate.” This is
  a science-based curriculum that is aligned with California State
  Content Standards. It provides teachers with sixteen lessons
  based on hands-on experiments and activities. The goal is to give
  students an understanding of climate change and how it fits into
  air quality, energy, transportation, and waste issues. For more
  information visit www.baaqmdgov/pln/climatechange.htm.               Parks Curriculum (all
                                                                       activities for 2nd-6th
  Clue Into Climate
  The “Clue into Climate” curriculum by the KQED Education
                                                                       The San Mateo County Parks
  Network has lessons that use multimedia resources including
                                                                       Foundation has developed a
  video clips, diagrams, and animation, which introduce students
                                                                       guide to help teachers take
  to the topics of climate change. All lessons are correlated to
                                                                       advantage of park resources. The guide includes information
  4th- 8th grade CA State Academic Science Content Standards.
                                                                       about the parks, suggestions for teaching applications, fun
  For more information visit
                                                                       activities for kids, and correlations to California State Content
                                                                       Standards. Teachers can borrow the free Park Pack, with 15
                                                                       copies of five different field guides, five sets of binoculars,
                                                                       numerous hand lenses, and a nifty gadget that plays bird
                                                                       songs. Contact the Foundation at 650-321-5812 or office@

                                      GRANTS, CURRICULA & PROJE
                                                                    Science Fair
                                                                    Every year the San Mateo County Office of Education holds its
                                                                    annual Science, Math, and Technology Fair at Hiller Aviation
WILDLIFE:                                                           Museum during the first week of February. This is a great
                                                                    opportunity for 5th to 12th grade students to demonstrate their
                                                                    work and compete against other students in the County. The top
Field Trips in San Mateo County
                                                                    students can move on to the Bay Area and State Fairs.
Check out the following places and programs in San Mateo
County where you can take your students to experience nature.       For more information visit or contact Janet
                                                                    Shi at 650-802-5363 or For science fair
•   Go on docent-led hikes in San Mateo County                      project ideas visit
    Edgewood Park or the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve:                         San Mateo County Fair: Sustainable Living Awards
•   Take a Discovery Voyage with the Marine Science                 Is your class or are your students creating artwork from materials
    Institute and learn about the creatures that lurk in the        that would otherwise be thrown out as trash? Or are your students
    water and mud of the San Francisco Bay: www.sfbaymsi.           engaged in science fair projects focused on sustainability topics?
    org/school.html                                                 If you answered yes to these questions, then your class or students
                                                                    should be encouraged to have these projects displayed and
•   Discover the plants and animals in and around
                                                                    recognized at the Sustainable Living Department in the San Mateo
    Elkus Ranch in Half Moon Bay: http://cesanmateo.
                                                                    County Fair, June 2011. Additionally, these projects compete
                                                                    against others in various categories for awards and prizes. For
                                                                    more information about this event email: slnt@smeventcenter.
•   View Elephant Seals in their natural habitat on                 com, or visit:
    the beach at Año Nuevo State Park:                                   Check out the following organizations to discover
•   Visit the wildlife habitats and gardens at the                  more grants and curricula to support your classroom.
    Coyote Point Museum:                     Gardening:
                                                                    California School Garden Network
MORE LOCAL RESOURCES                                      

FOR THE CLASSROOM:                                        

Free Presentations for Your Classes (all grades)                    Atmosphere:
RecycleWorks staff is available to give free presentations          Climate Change Education.Org
to classes, small groups, school assemblies or events to            www.climatechangeeducation.
support your school’s recycling, composting, waste                  org/k-12/index.html
reduction, and green building efforts. Contact RecycleWorks
at 1-888-442-2666 or for                   Alliance for Climate Education
more information.                                         

Kids Connect                                                        Energy:
(5th-7th grades)                                                    Energy Kids, U.S. Energy Information Administration
Help students make a connection between natural resources 
and their daily consumption and disposal                            PG&E Solar Schools Program
habits by visiting the Kids Connect section of the        
RecycleWorks website,

ECTS       ON ENVIRONMENTAL TOPICS                                                          CALIFORNIA STATE
                                                                                            The Blueprint and
  Water:                                                                                    Environmental Education
  California Coastal Commission                          On March 13, 2010 the White House released the Blueprint
                                                                       For Reform: The Reauthorization of the Elementary and
  National Marine Sanctuary                                            Secondary Education Act. Educators across the Country                    are ecstatic to learn that this overhaul of the No Child
                                                                       Left Behind Act includes the importance of environmental
                                                                       education as being a valuable content area for a world-
  Multiple Environmental Topics:                                       class education along with literacy, mathematics, science,
  California Regional Environmental Education                          technology, history, etc. To help achieve the goal that all
  Community (CREEC) Network                                            students in the U.S. receive a well-rounded education, the                                                proposal will make competitive grants available to states,
                                                                       districts, and non-profit partners for improving the teaching
  National Environmental Education Week                                and learning of all subject areas including environmental                                                       education in high-needs schools. To learn more about the
                                                                       Blueprint download it at
                                                                       blueprint/blueprint.pdf and check out pages 24 and 28.

                                                                       California’s Education and Environment
                                                                       Initiative (EEI)
                     FIND FREE STUFF                                   It has been a long haul since Assembly Bill 1548 (2003)
                     FOR YOUR SCHOOL!                                  and AB 1721 (2005) passed in order to implement an
                                                                       environmental-based education into California classrooms.
                                                                       This year the EEI curriculum was approved by the State
  CalMAX for California’s Schools                                      Board of Education (SBE), and is now available for use
  CalRecycle has a website “to provide a source of used                by teachers. The K-12th grade curriculum consist of 85
  materials to California’s schools, businesses, and residents.”       units teaching select Science and History-Social Science
  You can search CALMAX for items that are free or sold                academic standards. “Each EEI Curriculum unit teaches
  at discount prices. Items that are free to schools are tax           these standards to mastery using a unique set of California
  deductible for businesses and individuals. CALMAX website:           Environmental Principles and Concepts.” To download the                             units go to
  Excess Access
  This is an excellent website where schools and nonprofits
  can post their wish lists. Excess Access keeps track of what         California Green Building Standard Code
  you want and will match your requests with items available
                                                                       Starting January 1st 2011, California will be implementing
  from businesses. You will be notified by email of nearby
                                                                       their new Green Building Standard Code. This will apply
  donations that might match your wishes. Excess Access
                                                                       to new construction and remodels at all school districts
                                                                       throughout California. It will also apply to private schools
                                                                       unless a local jurisdiction/city or county has a more stringent
  FreeCycle                                                            green building code. Some of the measures that will be
  Teachers and administrators can become part of a local               included in the CA Code are providing accessible areas in
  FreeCycle group. Through this network you will be able               buildings for recycling, installing HVAC equipment that does
  to search online for free items that nearby businesses,              not contain Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), and having naturally
  organizations, and individuals are offering. Register at             ventilated space in buildings. Learn more about this Code by                                                   visiting

                      WHAT CAN BE RECYCLED AT SCHOOL

Free Technical Assistance!                                            Reuse Centers
RecycleWorks staff can give your school or staff free technical       There are several organizations in the area that collect a wide
assistance with beginning or expanding your school recycling          variety of manufacturing byproducts, overruns and other
program. Call our hotline at 1-888-442-2666 to get started.           scrap materials, and then redistribute them to schools and
                                                                      community groups for reuse. Many of these materials are great
Computers                                                             for science and art projects! Visit the following local reuse
Goodwill donation sites in San
Mateo County accept working                                           • Resource Area for Teaching (RAFT) Redwood City; (650)
and non-working computer                                                 802-5505,
equipment for reuse and                                               • Scroungers Center for Reusable Art Parts (SCRAP), San
recycling free of charge.                                                Francisco; (415) 647-1746,
RecycleWorks can help you find                                        • The ReArt Store at Whole House Building Supply,
a local Goodwill donation site                                          East Palo Alto; (650) 562-3417,
or other recycling centers for                                
your electronic waste.
                                                                      Surplus Property Sales
Books                                                                 Once a month the public can purchase surplus office
Visit RecycleWorks at                            furniture, computers and office equipment from the County
and search the Recycling Database for locations in                    of San Mateo. Visit
San Mateo County where you can donate books in good                   pdf. or contact Russ Hayes at 650-363-4690 for more
condition. Damaged softcover books can be recycled at                 information.
your school site in your mixed paper recycling bins.
Damaged hardcover books can be recycled at Sierra
Pacific Recycling in Redwood City, 650-364-3333 or
                                                                      REUSE IDEAS: There are many resources
search for additional locations.
                                                                      on how to reuse materials to create art
                                                                      and craft projects such as bird feeders,
Batteries and Fluorescent Lights                                      collages, candleholders, decorative cards
It is illegal to dispose of these items in your trash. For            and envelopes, etc. To connect with these
information on how to properly get rid of these items, call           resources, check out the RecycleWorks
650-363-4305 or visit
                                                                      Creative Reuse at:
Overhead Transparencies
Mail your used 3M transparencies (no paper) to the
address below for recycling. Please include your name and
organization for record keeping purposes.
3M Recycle Program c/o Gemark
99 Stevens Lane
Exeter, PA 18643
                                                                              Resource Conservation News
                                                                                             is published by:
The energy saved by recycling one
plastic bottle will power a computer
for 25 minutes.
                                                                       • 1-888-442-2666


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