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    Date                      Observe                     Description                    Actions                     Category                              Open/Closed                       Comments

for past year
 as of 9/30/10

                  Area around RV28 and RV29 is
   2/3/09          very hot, and could potentially                           Put a warning note in the S.O.P.   Safety Suggestion            Dave            Closed
                            cause a burn.
  10/22/09        A dust collector was in the floor                        Bracket was repaired                  Faulty Equipment             Tim            Closed      bracket is broken
                                                                           Explained situation to Tim
                   Minor static shocks noticed near
                                                                           Casperich. Grounding straps were      Misc. Equipment
  10/22/09       the dust collectors on M&M 105 on                                                                                            Tim            Closed
                                                                           added to inside of ductwork and          Problems
                  crushing and grinding experiment
                                                                           bonded to structural steel.
                      On the crushing & grinding
                                                                           This was discussed at the safety
                 experiment, the bushings to adjust
                                                                           meeting and a warning was added       Misc. Equipment
  10/22/09       height on rotaps are hard to move,                                                                                           Tim            Closed
                                                                           to the safety manual for this            Problems
                    it caused a crushing/pinching
                 Cooling tower experiment: Rubber
                 washers between temperature                                                                     Misc. Equipment
  11/10/09                                                                 Recommend changing washers                                         Tim            Closed      changed washers
                 nodes and plastic were                                                                             Probelms
                                                                                                                                                                         This is the pump cooling line. The students are
                 Pumping A: Valve 27 was leaking
                                                                           Valve was closed and re-opened;                                                               not reading the warning in the safety manual
  11/12/09       water onto the floor when fully                                                                 not following JSA                           Closed
                                                                           leaking stopped                                                                               and are setting the cooling water flow rate so
                                                                                                                                                                         high the drain can't keep up with it.
                 valve V-27 on pumping A leaking
   12/8/09                                                                 notified TA                           not following JSA                           Closed
                 Valve RV-29 on PDMS reactor is
   4/15/10                                                                 Dave Caspary was notified                                          Tim            Closed      valve packing was tightened

CM4110 2010
 Cycle 1 & 2
                     Eye wash and shower by B005
                                                                                                                 Signage, tagging,
   9/2/10        door don't have green label on wall                       tape was added to floor                                            Tim            Closed
                                                                                                                hazard identification
                              identifying them
                  Second rung on spiral staircase is                                                             Misc. equipment
   9/13/10                                                                                                                                    Tim            Closed      tightened up second run
                             loose and wobbly                                                                       problems
                 Garden hose between batch
                                                                           Tightened nozzle and cleaned up
   9/13/10       filtration and cooling tower in B005                                                                  Leaks                  Tim            Closed
                 has a small leak
                 Person wearing necklace during                            Informed person about safety
   9/14/10                                                                                                           PPE other                               Closed
                 heat exchanger lab                                        hazard and necklace was removed
                 Hot water spills on the floor from
   9/14/10       previous group during 'pail and                           Mopped up water                             Spills                                Closed
                 Valve V-2 on heat exchanger is                                                                                                                          Class discussion at safety meeting to remind
                                                                           Suggests placing safety card near
   9/14/10       extremely hot after using lab, could                                                                 Gloves            safety committee     Closed      students that insulated gloves are required for
                                                                           valve or installing insulated knob
                 burn hands                                                                                                                                              operation of steam valves.
                 Heat exchanger cold stream outlet
                                                          splashing of
                 at 50% steam and 25% CW
   9/16/10                                                water out of                                             Hot surfaces              Dave            Closed      Class discussion
                 produced exit temp of 212˚F
                                                        tube, which is a
                 (boiling point)
                                                          burn hazard
                 Drain gate removed caused                                                                                                                               Class discussion (hole needs to be blocked off,
   9/16/10                                                                 Replaced drain cover                  Misc. unsafe act                            closed
                 tripping/falling hazard                                                                                                                                 so no one falls in)
                 Crane control switches left on the
                                                                                                                 Misc. equipment
   9/16/10       flammability cabinet during heat                          Notified TA                                                        Tim            Closed      control was moved
                 exchanger experiment
                 Person not wearing long sleeves                                                                 Other protective
   9/16/10                                                                 Informed person                                                                   Closed
                 during heat exchanger lab                                                                             gear
                 For non-Newtonian flow
                 experiment, the constant water                            Placed pan underneath and soaked
   9/28/10                                                                                                       Faulty equipment             Tim            Closed      issued work order to replace tank
                 bath around the capillaries is                            up puddles
                 leaking water in multiple locations
                                                         These cracks
                                                        may reduce the
                 For vacuum drying experiment, the       total vacuum
                                                                                                                                                                         These early signs of deterioratoin are noted and
   9/28/10       rubber seal lining inside is cracked     created and                                            Faulty equipment             Tim            Closed
                                                                                                                                                                         will be monitored.
                 in several places.                     make the pump
                                                        work harder than
                                                           it needs to
                 CSTR tank that's labeled NaOH                             Used another jug and labeled it as
   9/28/10                                                                                                             Leaks                                 Closed
                 leaks around the seal of the jug                          NaOH; set aside other jug
                 For pumping A, battery on outlet                          Had Tim replace the battery in the
   9/28/10                                                                                                       Faulty equipment                            Closed
                 pressure gauge is not working                             outlet pressure gauge
                 For FBR experiment, the feed            Doesn't reach     Had to have someone constantly        Misc. equipment
   9/28/10                                                                                                                                    Tim            Closed      replaced with longer hose
                 sample tube should be longer                sink          hold tube over sink when in use          problems
                 For cooling tower, the flow meter,
                                                                                                                 Signage, tagging,
   9/28/10       hot water in, and water out need                                                                                             Tim            Closed
                                                                                                                hazard identification
                 ID tags
                                                    Tripped on it 4
                                                      times, just
           For cooling tower, the drain and         blends in and
                                                                      Suggests painting the 90˚ elbow a                                                The drain line is up against a work table and not
9/28/10    drain pipe are both yellow and             doesn't get                                              Safety suggestion      Tim     Closed
                                                                      contrasting color                                                                in a walk area.
           blend in together                        attention since
                                                     everything is
           For FBR experiment, solution                                                                                                                Solution is sugar water and not a hazard.
                                                   Solution dumps     Suggests a drip tray or angle tray to
9/28/10    pours out when all air is released                                                                  Safety suggestion      Tim     Closed   Bleeding air out of the DI unit is part of the
                                                     on the floor     funnel it into the sink
           from the top                                                                                                                                normal start up procedure.
           At distilled water station, water
9/28/10                                                               Mopped up water                                Spills                   Closed
           leaks from the distilled water pipe
           In B003A, there was metal mixed
                                                             Informed TA and she took action to                Misc. equipment
9/28/10    with glassware in the top right                                                                                                    Closed
                                                             move items around                                    problems
           For vacuum drying experiment, the Causes water to
           pipe following V-14 sends          spill onto the
9/28/10                                                                                                        Safety suggestion      Tim     Closed   installed longer pipe
           condensate to the drain. The pipe   floor before
           is not long enough.                    draining
                                                     The leak is not
           For Pumping A, when V-28                easy to see until
                                                                     V-28 was immediately turned down
9/28/10    (cooling water) is turned on too         the water builds                                           Not following JSA              Closed
                                                                     until the leak disappeared
           high, small leak occurs in pump 1.      up and overflows
                                                      onto the floor

           For CSTR experiment in B003, the
                                                                      Mess contained and cleaned;                                                      Caps need to be tightened before installing the
9/30/10    tanks holding 10 liters solution leak                                                                     Leaks            Tim     Closed
                                                                      instructor notified                                                              filled tanks.
           onto station and floor
           At higher pressures, Methocel has                          We were plugging the end of the
           tendency to flow out of capillary                          tube with fingers to prevent loss of
9/30/10                                                                                                        misc.unsafe acts       Tim     closed
           and spills onto table and all over                         Methocel. Also, we placed beaker
           equipment.                                                 under capillary.
           Person standing on ladder didn't                           Informed person about safety                                                     Had ladder safety discussion/presentation in
9/30/10                                                                                                             Ladders                   Closed
           have 3 points of contact.                                  hazard to make them aware                                                        safety meeting.
           For non-Newtonian flow
           experiment, the constant water
9/30/10                                                               Water absorbed with paper towels               Leaks            Tim     Closed   issued work order to replace tank
           bath around the capillaries is
           leaking at 2 of the leg junctures
           When checking safety showers
9/30/10    and eye wash stations, a beaker                            Told TA and she took care of it          Misc. unsafe act               Closed
           was found underneath an eyewash.
           Fire extinguisher on 1st floor, west-
9/30/10    side, has loose hose and no hose                           Informed supervisor                      Safety equipment       Tim     Closed   OSHS was informed.
                                                                                                                                                       No idea what experiment this is in reference to.
           Emergency shut-off valve (V-3)
9/30/10                                                               Told TA                                        Leaks                    Closed   Class discussion at safety meeting did not
           has a very slow leak
                                                                                                                                                       resolve the mystry.

Cycle 3
           Person on ladder didn't have 3                                                                                                              Had ladder safety discussion/presentation in
10/19/10                                                              Correct ladder use explained.                 Ladders                   Closed
           points of contact.                                                                                                                          safety meeting.
           Eye wash stations drain onto floor
10/19/10                                                              None taken.                              Safety suggestion              Closed   Common practice.
           not into pipes.
           Electrical disconnect #3 for                                                                        Signage, tagging,
10/19/10                                                              Alerted TA.                                                     Tim     Closed   looked fine when it was checked
           Pumping A not clearly labeled.                                                                     hazard identification
           Paper blocking drain for Non-
                                                                      Paper removed and floor was              Misc. equipment                         Lack of wet floor signs. Check all drains for
10/19/10   Newtonian flow causing it to                                                                                                       Closed
                                                                      mopped and dried.                            problem                             blockage.
           Small water leak from bottom of
10/19/10   cooling tower (front left corner) at                       Alerted Tim.                                   Leaks            Tim     Closed   tightened bolts around flange
           No MSDS for floor-dry in green                             Copy of MSDS made and added to           Improper/Missing
10/21/10                                                                                                                                      Closed
           binder.                                                    binder.                                       MSDS
           CSTR reactor 1 has minor leak at                                                                                                            Unable to determine if leaking from tube
10/21/10   the bottom where NaCl and NaOH                             Alerted TA.                                    Leaks            Tim     Open     connection or the seam at the bottom of the
           enter (near V-5).                                                                                                                           tank.

Cycle 4
           Water spilled from the sink in room
10/19/10                                                              Spill was mopped up.                           Spills                   Closed
           Vacuum pump disconnect box left
11/1/10                                                               Alerted TA, and was turned off.            equipment/                   Closed
                                                                                                              Improper shutdown
           Unclear instrument labels on              Ambiguous
11/9/10                                                               Discussed issue with Dr. Sandell.             Labeling          Dave    Open     RT-01
           membrane separation experiment.           equipment
           Guard not covering shaft on                                Tried to move guard and was not          Misc. Equipment
11/9/10                                                                                                                               Tim     Closed   installed larger guard
           pumping B.                                                 successful.                                 Problems
           Floor drain next to cooling tower
           experiment has a pipe blocking
11/9/10                                                               Submitted Paws Form                     Safety Suggestion       Jerry   Open
           drain, so the drain plug cannot be
           used properly if needed.
           Condensate from the overhead in
                                                                                                                                                       Caused by moist air leaving cooling tower. No
           the cooling tower experiment is                            Bucket place near leak to collect
11/9/10                                                                                                       Safety Suggestion               Closed   known solution. (Occasional drips of water at
           leaking through the blue seal near                         water.
                                                                                                                                                       room temp.)
           the main air duct.
              Pumping B guard is rubbing               Equipment is                                       Misc. Equipment
  11/11/10                                                          Submitted Paws Form                                               Tim        Closed   Guard was repaired.
              against the shaft                       being damaged                                          Problems
              When pumping B experiment
  11/11/10                                                          Alerted TA and Tim                           Electrical                      Closed
              started the fuse was blown
              Broke test tube during CSTR                           Swept up broken glass and
  11/11/10                                                                                               Handling glassware                      Closed
              experiment                                            disposed of it
              Cooling tower ladder was being                        Told them to wait for help when
  11/11/10    moved by one person (over 6'                          moving a large ladder, that two              Ladders                         Closed
              ladder)                                               people are needed.
                                                                                                                                                          Packing was tightened on valves V-13 V-10 V-
  11/11/10    Pumping A had 3 leaking valves                        Submitted Paws Form                           Leaks               Tim        Closed

  Cycle 5

              Pumping A has sharp edges                                                                   Misc. Equipment
  12/9/10                                                           Submitted Paws Form                                               Tim        Open
              exposed behind Tank 1                                                                          Problems
  12/9/10     Non-newtonian bath leaking                            Alerted TA.                                 Leaks                            Closed
              3 points on ladder not being
  12/9/10                                                           Submitted Paws Form                          Ladders                         Closed
              Do Not Climb sign missing from
  12/9/10                                                           Submitted Paws Form                   Safety Suggestion           Dave       Open
              Pumping A (table with Tank 1 on it)
              Pumping A leaking valves (V-13
  12/7/10                                                           Submitted Paws Form                           Leaks               Tim        Closed
              and V-14)
              Pumping A leaking valves (V-13
  12/9/10                                                           Submitted Paws Form                           Leaks               Tim        Closed
              and V-14)
              Pumping B leaking valves (V-3
  12/7/10                                                           Submitted Paws Form                           Leaks               Tim        Open
              and V-5)
  12/9/10     Pumping B leaking valves (V-3)                        Submitted Paws Form                           Leaks               Tim        Open
              Cannot keep 3 pts on ladder when
              using Anemometer on Cooling
  11/11/10                                                          Submitted Paws Form                   Safety Suggestion           Dave       Open
              Tower- suggest adding holder and
              longer wire on probe

CM4120 2011
  Cycle 1
              Person using cell phone near                          Informed cell phone user of cell
  2/17/11                                                                                                Misc. Unsafe Act                    Closed
              PDMS experiment                                       phone rules.
              Gloves for KOH prep make it                           Suggests using a larger beaker or
  2/17/11                                                                                                Safety Suggestion                   Closed
              difficult to handle glassware                         smaller gloves
              The hoist chain was wrapped                           Tim was informed and he moved
  2/17/11                                                                                                Misc. Unsafe Act                    Closed
              around a pressure transmitter                         the hoist and chain
              Hot water leaking down from first                     Pans were placed to collect water,
  2/15/11                                                                                                Leak                                Closed
              floor steam generator                                 Tim was informed
              Second floor first aid supplies are                   Spoke to Vinay, Filled out Paws
  1/13/11                                                                                                Safety Equipment     Tim            Open
              expired in 1997                                       form
              Person moved 10' ladder without
                                                                    Reminded person of rules, wrote
   2/8/11     assistance and left ladders                                                                Ladders                             Closed
                                                                    Paws form
              Safety Strip on the floor between
              cooling tower and viscometer                                                                Misc. Equipment
  2/17/11                                                           Submitted Paws Form                                       Tim            Open
              readings station on basement level                                                             Problems
              is starting to peal. Person tripped.
  Cycle 2
              Person using cell phone near
  4/12/11                                                           Informed cell phone user of rules    Misc. Unsafe Act     Class          Open         Class Discussion
              PDMS experiment
              Inward facing gate needs to be                        Tim was informed and will be taking
  4/12/11                                                                                               Safety Suggestion     Tim            Open
              added to PDMS reactor                                 action
              PDMS SOP screen "heating and
                                                                                                         Misc. Equipment
  4/12/11     cooling system" needs to be used                      Update SOP for PDMS                                       Dave           Open
              instead of "Overview Screen"
              People standing in front of
   4/7/11     electrical disconnects while using                    Told people and they moved           Misc. Unsafe Act                    Closed
              left-hand ruld
              There were not operators for                          Told control room and they sent 2
   4/5/11                                                                                                Safety Suggestion                   Closed
              PDMS on the basement floor                            students down
              Someone entering the lab without                      Reminded the person and they
  2/24/11                                                                                                Hard Hat                            Closed
              a hard hat on                                         retrieved their hard hat
              Two people in lab with hooded                         Warned them and they tucked in
  4/12/11                                                                                                Other PPG                           Closed
              sweatshirts and strings                               the strings
              Footing for the ladder by the
  4/12/11                                                           Notified lab superviser              Safety Suggestion                   Closed
              PDMS is unsafe by the drain grate
              While draining steam on the first
  4/12/11     floor there was an overflow that fell                 Notified Tim and verified contents   Spill                               Closed
              to the basement
              Inward facing gate needs to be
  4/12/11                                                           Notified Tim and lab superviser      Safety Suggestion    Tim            Open
              added to PDMS reactor
              Including dots on safety glasses for
  4/12/11                                                           Notified lab superviser              Safety Suggestion                   Closed
              people who wear contacts
              Student not wearing steel toed                        Mentioned to student and they
  4/12/11                                                                                                Footwear                            Closed
              shoes into the lab area                               changed their footwear
              People standing in front of
  4/12/11     electrical disconnects while using                    Told people and they moved           Misc. Unsafe Act                    Closed
              left-hand ruld
   Date                   Observe                 Description                 Actions                     Category
 Fall 2008
                 Leak under tanks between                       Water was mopped up and
  9/23/08                                                                                                   leaks            Jerry
                      stations 3 and 4                          maintenance was notified

Spring 2009

              Health NFPA Values contradicted                   It will be assumed that acetone is a
  1/29/09                                                                                                  MSDS              Dave
              each other on the Acetone MSDS                    2 for the Health Rating

               Distilled water line needs to be
  1/29/09                                                                                              Signage, tagging      Tim

Open/Closed                     Comments

  Closed      leak repaired

              MSDS shows NFPA and HMIS ratings for H-F-
              R. The NFPA rating is 1-3-0, the HMIS rating is
              2-3-0. That's what they are. There is no
  closed      Pipe is labeled

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