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									                              Meeting Minutes
                         Board of Directors Meeting
                                 January 10, 2011
                                6:30 PM to 9:00 PM
                              High School Math Room

Call to Order/Introductions:
       Time: 6:48pm
       Present:    Jefferson Buller-President, Eric Rossin-Treasure, Dan
                   Westphal-Secretary, Marshall Behling, Paul Sloan, *Chris
                   Topham, Lisa Yoshida
       Regrets:    *Tim Allen, Ivo Austin, Angela Pryor-Garat, Craig Stainbrook,
                   Jeffrey Westman-Vice-President
       Visitors:   Roland Baril, Andrea Johnston, Dana Revallo

         Led by Jefferson Buller

Approval of Minutes / Prior Minutes:
             None Submitted

Committee Reports:
      Treasure:              Eric Rossin
            Attached:        1/10/11; Monthly Budget Report 2010-2011

         Audit Committee:    Marshall Behling
                Verbal:      No Written Report

         Farm Committee:     Dana Revallo
               Verbal:       No Written Report
Motion:     Brought by Jefferson Buller and Seconded by Marshall Behling

                         “Allow Farm discretion to hire and maintain dog for rat
                         control. Dog to removed for the following; 1) Biting &
                         Aggression to people or animals- Automatic, 2)
                         Ineffectiveness- Discretion of Farmer, 3) Other
                         instances - Board action.

            Motion Passes
            Ayes:        6
            Nayes:       0
            Abstained:   0
            Absent:      4
            Passed Unanimously

      Faculty/GC Update:       Roland Baril
             Attached:   Diabetes Management Action Plan for Summerfield
                         Waldorf School. (Additional Attachments filed in
                         Closed Session Minutes)

Motion:     Brought by Jefferson Buller and Seconded by Eric Rossin

                         “Support in principal the submitted Diabetes
                         Management Action Plan with release of liability for

            Motion Passes
            Ayes:        6
            Nayes:       0
            Abstained:   0
            Absent:      4
            Passed Unanimously

      Enrollment: Via E-mail
             Attached:   “January 10, 2011 January Board Meeting Enrollment
                         Report, January 10, 2011-Roots and Shoots Report;
                         Enrollment Report 10-11 January; 2010-2011 Enrollment
                         Board Report-YTD”.

      Development:       Via E-mail
            Attached:    “Summerfield Waldorf School and Farm (SWSF)
                         Development Report to the Board of Directors; January
Old Business:

         New Board Member:      Jefferson Buller
               Verbal:     No Written Report

Motion:          Brought by Jefferson Buller and Seconded by Lisa Yoshida

                              “Nominate and Elect Chris Topham to the Board of
                              Directors to fill Tim Allen’s vacated seat temporarily
                              until May 2011.”

                 Motion Passes
                 Ayes:        6
                 Nayes:       0
                 Abstained:   0
                 Absent:      4
                 Passed Unanimously

         Time:         7:40pm-7:50pm

         SWSF Suppers Update:         Andrea Johnston
              Verbal:     No Written Report

Roland Baril Leaves

New Business:
     T.A. Committee Formation: Jefferson Buller
            Verbal:     2 Board Members: Eric Rossin and Craig Stainbrook if
                        he accepts. Jefferson Buller if Craig Declines. 2
                        Faculty Members to be selected by February 11th.

         5 Year Strategic Plan Discussion: Jefferson Buller
                Verbal:       Lisa Yoshida to form with representatives bodies

         Mandate Review Committee:     Dan Westphal
               Verbal:     Dan Westphal to form review committee

         Board Calendar Review- Assignments:    Jefferson Buller
               Verbal:       Assignments by e-mail

         Board Recruitment and On-Boarding:       Jefferson Buller
               Verbal:      Marshall Behling will start-board will support
      Continuing Education/ Board Study:      Jefferson Buller
             Verbal:      Discussion moved to future meeting

Community Forum


Adjourn Open Session:
      Time:       8:40 pm

Closed Session:
      Handout of Paperwork during Open Session: Due to Medical Privacy,
      Handout filed in closed minutes

Minutes Submitted By:     Daniel A. Westphal
     January 10, 2011

     January Board Meeting Enrollment Report:

      Early Childhood:
      Kindergarten applications are rolling in for 2010-11 school year. I am
relying on our website and grassroots outreach to help with enrollment, Open
Houses, an Education Expo, Walk through the Grades, Tea’s etc.. to help boost
enrollment. And interesting trend is that some of those families who declined a
2 year kindergarten space for their child are interested in exploring the one
year option now. Families are contacting me to reapply. Two children are
leaving preschool but no available space for outside children to join, we will be
filling internally. I have spent quite a bit of time this month working with both
Donna Stusser and enrollment for Roots and Shoots is strong. The more
cohesive approach is definitely helping build this program which feeds our

    Lower School:
    Our lower school has maintained an even enrollment in most grades.
Families are contacting me for 2011-12 availability. It will be good for
Summerfield to be at the upcoming education expo later this month.

     High School:
     High School applications are coming in we will know more next week as
applications are due January 14th. We are projecting a good number of
students from our current 8th grade will apply and I also have applications on
hand for non Summerfield students. (Local parochial students, public school’s
and charter public schools) I am hoping for a large healthy 9th grade class.
Summerfield Waldorf School and Farm (SWSF) Development Report to Board of

                                                                   Month: January
                                                                   Year: 2011

SWSF                               Board Development Report
 Campaign, Event, Revenue Source    Goal/To Date/Expenses                          Notes

Annual Giving Campaign 2010-        2010: 180,000/137,150
2011                                2011: 200,000/170,517          2011: 99% families
                                                                         100% staff/board

                                                                   Successful event: Anonymous donor
                                         10,000/10,470/3555        guarantees meeting $10,000 goal
                                                                   6000 HS Water cachement/awarded:
                                                                   Summerfield is officially an Ocean
Grants                             $393 Rotary for music           Guardian School; launching 1/24/11
                                                                   Looking for matching gift kick-off:
Perry Hart Scholarship Fund               $150,000+/300            press release out in January
                                           6,000/2981/1651         Event attracted 175 guests;
                                   (Note: 1 grandparent may        successful (highlighted school and
                                   donate 136,000 now to pay       budgetary needs), but did not meet
Grandparents’ Day (Nov. 24,        granddaughter’s tuition 2nd –   line item goal (unless grandparent
2010)                              12th grade).                    comes through).
                                                                   200 alums attended successful
                                                                   reunion; half returning, half new and
                                                                   younger in general. Tim made
                                                                   appeal, Perry spoke about
                                                                   scholarship and Tim collected contact
                                                                   information. Need for maintenance
Alumni Event (Dec.26, 2010)              0/1000                    staff clear.
                                                                    Beginning February 2011, one or two
                                                                   suppers monthly for potential donors
F2F (May 15, 2010)/Summerfield                                     catered by Mateo Granadas leading
Suppers (Feb-April)                      75,000/5900/              to F2F ($250 ticket price) in May.

Scholarships                             16,802                    14,762 balance
                                                                    Includes West County School grants,
Directed Donations                       38,500/36,268             15,000 to teacher development
                                                                   Sale of bags, mugs and SH rental
General Operating Income                 1367                      income
                                                                    Feasibility study underway with
                                                                   Irwin-Wells; identifying interviewees.
Road Not Taken - Capital                                           Hired scheduler. 35 potential
Campaign                               $20-30 million              interviews begin in February
                                                            2011/online survey as well.

Community Smart/eScrip               5,000/1378
Other Drives/Campaigns
                                                            Successful results (see SWSF
                                                            Facebook page for updates); other
                                                            outreach projects include Greek
                               Budget: 2 yrs                Games and Circus with Roseland
City-Country Learning Garden   46,000/8,000/3629            classes.
Winemakers’ Fund/1
scholarship                         100,000/
                                                            Focus on admissions and supporters;
                                                            simplify and change template within
Website                        Need to overhaul.            contract fees for now
                                                            Will hire at $2000 level and split with
Marketing                       2000-6000 projected costs   admissions: reviewing KQED ad package

Business Directory              Ads: 1175/500               Distributed in December.
Leads, Appointments
                                                            Major donor/historical research and
                                                            active cultivation underway in
                                                            conjunction with capital campaign.
Cultivation                                                 Work closer with admissions.
                                                            Trafficking and submission up: friends
Facebook Campaign                                           nearing 500.


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