VOLUME 15, ISSUE 3

                                   LO C K H E E D M A R T I N
                                   M A N AG E M E N T A S S O C I AT I O N
                                   R E T I R E E S
                                   MARCH 2007

 INSIDE THIS                      wants to volunteer to help      strong did and used it as an     thirteenth floor window
 ISSUE:                           LMMAR continue to provide       amplifier and oscillator, key    rather than continuing to be
                                  the services and informa-       components, developing the       harassed by lesser inventive
  Joke                   2
                                  tion its members have ex-       regenerative circuits in wire-   talents.
  Travel                 2
                                  pected and enjoyed. I think     less radio communications
  luncheon               3                                                                         Ref. Encarta Encyclopedia,
                                  the membership has to ex-       where it could amplify weak
  Election of            3                                                                         Standard Edition 2005 and
                                  pect less from LMMAR than       radio signals without distor-
  Officers                                                                                         a KQED program on Arm-
                                  they have had in the past       tion far more effectively
  Membership             3                                                                         strong – Ralph Tamm
                                  unless we have some folks       than other radio receivers of
  Advertise-             4        step up to needs of the or-     that time. He later solved       LETTERS FROM MEMBERS
                                  ganization.                     the radio static problem by      You Probably Have This
  Greek Squad            4
                                                                  developing FM (Frequency         Memorized:
  More Jokes             4        I look forward to hearing
                                                                  Modulation) which provided
                                  from the membership for                                          “What A Nice Way To Be
   PRESIDENT’S CORNER                                             better sound quality and
                                  any suggestions or offers of                                     Surprised!”
                                                                  was more resistant to inter-
I am pleased to announce          help to solve what I consider
                                                                  ference than the older AM        How fortunate I felt when
that Ken Krug has agreed to       to be an inevitable crisis.
                                                                  (Amplitude Modulation)           your $50 check arrived. My
run the Bridge group on an        Chet Hayes                      broadcasting system.             hope of ever getting one
interim basis until we can        hayescf782@yahoo.com                                             had long since died. I spent
find a replacement for Frank                                      Today few people knew of,
                                  (408) 997-1224                                                   a trifle of it on an item
Fichter.                                                          or understood, his contribu-
                                                                                                   nearly too light to carry At
                                                                  tion to our modern world.
In last month’s LMMAR                POSITIVE HISTORY # 37                                         “Borders”: a neat pocket-
                                                                  He spent most of his time
newsletter I indicated that in    Edwin Howard Armstrong                                           sized rhyming dictionary!
                                                                  defending his patents and
addition to needing volun-        (1890 – 1954), an Ameri-
                                                                  trying to collect royalties      But then I realized, during
teers to fill certain chairper-   can electrical engineer, was
                                                                  from those who benefited         the neat Yuletide season,
son openings, we were seek-       one of our most underap-
                                                                  from his work rather than        that purchase hadn’t been
ing volunteers who would be       preciated inventors in his-
                                                                  working to advance knowl-        proper, for a good reason: A
interested in filling the open    tory. He developed several
                                                                  edge. Both Lee De Forest         windfall like the $50 should
positions for the forthcoming     electronic circuits and sys-
                                                                  and David Sarnoff (1891 –        more likely be spent helping
biannual election for officers    tems that were crucial to
                                                                  1971), head of RCA, were         to fund those providing
of LMMAR. To date, I have         the development of radio.
                                                                  the two people responsible       needed heaven-sent Mercy
not received even one in-         Lee De Forest (1873 –
                                                                  for making life difficult for    to those seriously in need…
quiry. I am surprised that in     1961) discovered the vac-
                                                                  him. Edwin Armstrong             so I happily then added
an organization consisting of     uum tube, later called the
                                                                  ended his life (committed        back enough to just allow
more than 800 members we          triode, but didn’t under-
                                                                  suicide) by jumping out of a
do not have anyone who            stand why it worked. Arm-                                                    (Continued on page 2)
      LOCKHEED MARTIN MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION RETIREES                                                  Page 2

an even split when divided 3 ways           nificant memories of our own lives.         physical. All of his tests come back
between some extremely deserving            Certainly, we’ve been witnessed to          with normal results. The doctor says,
Organizations I have found to never be      tremendous events in the 20th cen-          "Hank, everything looks great.
self-serving. Like some: The proud          tury. Each of us has more than one
                                                                                        How are you doing mentally and emo-
local Salvation Army Corps”, The            story to tell, I’m sure, and many of
                                                                                        tionally? Are you at peace with God?"
“Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA)        these would be enjoyable for us to
and for the third gracious “givers”, the    read in the pages of the LMMAR              Hank replies, "God and I are tight. He
Disabled American Veterans” (DAV),          newsletter.                                 knows I have poor eyesight, so
carefully serving each pleased man!                                                     he's fixed it so when I get up in the
                                            We’re not getting any younger, and if
My current status: This coming No-          you haven’t already started, what’s         middle of the night to go to the
vember will be My 20th year of retire-      YOUR story? Now’s a good time to put        bathroom, POOF! the light goes on.
ment, while still quite happily follow-     it down on paper…and don’t forget to        When I'm done, POOF! the light goes
ing some 35 years with good ol’ Lock-       share it! Thank you again,
                                                                                        off. " WOW, That's incredible" the doc-
heed. And, also, very recently a 10th
                                            June Sythe                                  tor says.
year survivor, indeed, of that Mela-
                                            (Wife of the late Bob Sythe)
noma cancer in my present 81st year!!                                                   A little later in the day, the doctor calls
I’m active and happy with my wife                                                       Hank's wife.
June and clear in my thinking of how        LMMAR                                       "Ethel," he says, "Hank is doing fine!
good life can truthfully be, If you don’t
                                            I thank you for the $50 check for No-       But I had to call you as I am in
take it’s poorer times any too seri-
                                            vember 2006. I gave some thought as         awe. Is it true that he gets up during
                                            to what to do with it and come to the       the night and POOF! the light goes on
Ray Donahue                                 conclusion that I wanted to send it to
                                                                                        in the bathroom, and when he's done
                                            help our troops in the present strug-
                                                                                        POOF! the light goes off?
Dear Norm Dhom:
                                                                                        "Oh my God!" Ethel exclaims,
                                            I am sending it to “Fisher House Foun-
Thank you for the $50! What a nice
                                            dation,” an organization that gives         "he's peeing in the refrigerator again!”
surprise and what a lucky event for
                                            help to military families in time of
the start of a new year! Thank you!
                                            need. They enable family members to
After seriously consideration, I’ve de-     be close to a loved one during hospi-       Travel Chairman Vern De Vincenzi
cided to donate the $50 to the Moffett      talization for an illness, disease or       916-408-4852 cell 408-348-4629
field Historical Society. This is an all-   injury. I saw it featured on a Larry King   For additional information call 800-
volunteer organization that maintains       program and decided that is where I
                                                                                        Asst. Travel Chairperson Janet Ham-
the Moffitt Field Museum, initially         wanted to send the money.                   merlund 408-348-9933
started by Carol Henderson and re-
                                            I will use this good fortune to help out           Travel for 2007 and 2008
tired Naval personnel. Their efforts
                                            our troops who are defending us.
have undoubtedly encouraged others                                                      June 21 – 27, 2007: San Juan Islands.
                                            Thank you,
to the extent that the outcry against                                                   Enjoy Orca whales and marine mam-
demolishing Hanger One has halted           John and Katherine Constantinides
                                                                                        mals close enough to hear the rush of
that effort, at least temporarily.                            JOKE                      their breathing. Experience cruising
I chose the museum also because it          Its hell getting old                        the rugged shorelines aboard the 32
represents a task for each of us – the                                                                           (Continued on page 3)
                                            Hank an 80-year old man goes for a
task of setting down on paper the sig-
      VOLUME 15, ISSUE 3                                                                         Page 3

passenger MV Island Spirit, your pri-     you cabin. Limited number of cabins       May 1 for the next luncheon. Dot E.
vate yacht through the U.S San Juan       are available. Call Vern for brochures    said she would check out David’s (on
Islands and the Canadian Gulf Islands.    408-348-4629 or 916-408-4852              Tasman, I think) as a candidate for
$2785.00 per person and includes 19                                                 future events.
                                          April 24 – May 10, 2008 The Panama
meals, Round trip air and shuttle ser-
                                          Canal Trip aboard the Coral Princess.
vice from the Bay area. Brochures are                                                      ELECTION OF OFFICERS
                                          Ft. Lauderdale to San Francisco in-
available. There are only 5 cabins
                                          cludes a one-night stay in Ft. Lauder-
available as of January 22, 2007
                                          dale. Inside II Cabin - $2585.00, Out-    We need to elect officers for the next
NEW DATE October 4—17, 2007, Bu-          side F Cabin - $2885.00, Balcony BC -     two year term which is July,2007
dapest to Prague aboard the MS po-        $3175 00, Outside cabin BD-               through June, 2009. Officers are:
etry. Arriving in Budapest we will        $3230.00 All prices quoted Double         President, Vice-President, Secretary,
spend two days exploring Budapest         occupancy, Include Shuttle service to     Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, and
During our stay in Budapest our sight-    Bay area airports and shuttle service     Assistant Treasurer. Members may
seeing will include the Buda Castle,      from docking terminal in San Fran-        nominate candidates for these posi-
Matthias Church, the Royal Palace         cisco. Brochures are available.           tions. The prospective nominee must
and much more. We will have free                                                    be willing to serve. We also need
                                          In progress for 2008
time for shopping in Budapest. before                                               someone to volunteer to serve as Spe-
boarding the Poetry. Our ports of call    Spring or early summer River cruise       cial Events Director.
on the river are Durnstein-Melk, Vi-      on the Duro River Portugal and a two
                                                                                    Norm Dhom, (408) 732-2742
enna, Linz-Passau, Austria, Regens-       night stay in Lisbon.
                                                                                    (norm_dhom@earthlink.net) and Carl
burg-Danube Gorge, Nuremburg and          September 2008 How about Italy,           Roberts, (408) 270-8663
two nights in Prague. This one thou-      Tuscany area bed and breakfast near       (carldroberts@sbcglobal.net) are on
sand year old City has been preserved     Florence with day trips, this is in the   the nominating committee.
in time. Starts at $3960 per person.      planning stages with more details by
and includes round trip air, There are    May or June.
limited cabins available. To expedite     Happy Traveling                                  MEMBERSHIP COLUMN
your reservation call Linda at Talbot
tours.800 662-9933 Brochures are
                                                                                          $50 Winners for February
available.408-348-4629                           FEBRUARY LUNCHEON
                                                                                                 Kirby Hollis
November 2 -- 18, 2007 Cruise NCL         This was our third luncheon at the
Spirit from New York to New Orleans                                                            Pierre Morinaud
                                          Fremont Hills Country Club. We had a
with an overnight stay in New York.       pretty good turnout with 100 atten-                    CHANGES:
Categories, JJ $2015.00, D-outside        dees. We have had scattered com-
                                                                                    Vincent Morgan
$2165.00, BD-Balcony $2250.00 and         plaints about the menu and food ser-
                                                                                    380 Branham Lane, Unit #24
BC-Balcony $2415.00 Per person            vice but we always do.
                                                                                    San Jose, CA 95136
prices includes round trip air; Shuttle
                                          We thank Paul Contos and his guest        Ph: (408) 281-8847
to and from the airport. The ports of
                                          Joyce Brewer, Paul Peuker, Dot.E.
call are St. Thomas, St. Lucia, Bridge-                                                          DECEASED:
                                          Siko-Arnold, and Gloria Wetsch for
town, Barbados, Oranjestad, Aruba,
                                          their help.                               Roy Matz      07 Jan 2007
Costa Maya Mexico, Santo Thomas De
Castilla, Guatemala, Belize City, Be-     We will continue to use this facility     Richard ‘Dick” Guhse 03 Feb 07
lize, Cozumel, Mexico and New Or-         until someone comes up with some-                                (Continued on page 4)
leans.. Deposit $400.00 and reserve       thing better. We scheduled Tuesday,
      L M M A R          P . O .       B O X    3 8 4 7 ,       L O S       A L T O S ,       C A     9 4 0 2 4

Point of contact for address changes      One week later, the Greek newspa-          the 9:45 or the 11:15?”
and other member concerns:                pers reported the following: "After
                                                                                     I went to the doctor for my yearly
                                          digging as deep as 800 meters, Greek
LMMAR                                                                                physical. The nurse starts with cer-
                                          scientists have found absolutely noth-
P.O. Box 3847                                                                        tain basics.
Los Altos, CA 94024
                                                                                     “How much do you weigh?” she
                                          They have concluded that 3000 years
Norm_dhom@earthlink.net                   ago, their ancestors were already us-      asks.
Norm Dhom, Membership Chairman            ing wireless technology.                   “115 ,” I say. The nurse puts me on
                                                                                     the scale. It turns out my weight is
                                                  More Jokes From Joan               150.
                                                      Tough Church                   The nurse asks, “Your height?”
To advertise items for sale in the
                                          One Sunday morning, the pastor no-         “5 foot 8,” I say.
newsletter, write to : LMMAR Newslet-
ter, P.O. Box 3847, Los Altos, CA         ticed little Alex was staring up at the    The nurse checks and sees that I
94024                                     large plaque that hung in the foyer of     only measure 5’ 5”.
                                          the church. It was covered with names      She then takes my blood pressure
          The Greek Squad
                                          and small American flags were              and tells me it is very high.
After digging to a depth of 100 meters    mounted on either side of it. The          “Of course it’s high!” I scream,
last year, Japanese scientists found      seven year old had been staring at the     “When I came in here I was tall
traces of copper wire dating back         plaque for some time, so the pastor        and slender! Now I’m short and
1000 years and came to the conclu-        walked up, stood beside the little boy,    fat!” She put me on Prozac.
sion that their ancestors already had a   and said quietly, “Good Morning,
                                                                                               I don’t know how I got over
telephone network one thousand            Alex.”
                                                                                     the hill without getting to the top.
years ago.                                “Good morning, Pastor, “replied the
                                          young man, still focused on the                     One of the many things no
Not to be outdone in the weeks that
                                          plaque. “Pastor, what is that?”            one tells you about aging is that it
followed, Chinese scientists dug 200
                                          “Well, son, it’s a memorial to all the     is such a nice change from being
meters and headlines in the Chinese
                                          young men and women who died in            young.
papers read: "Chinese scientists have
                                          the service.”
found traces of 2000 year old optical                                                        Old age is when former
                                          Soberly, they stood together, staring
fibers and have concluded that their                                                 classmates are so gray and wrin-
                                          at the large plaque. Little Alex’s voice
ancestors already had advanced high-                                                 kled and bald, they don’t recognize
                                          was barely audible, trembling with
tech digital telephone 1000 years                                                    you.
                                          fear, when he asked, “Which service—
earlier than the Japanese."                                                                    Submitted by Joan Brock

LMMAR NEWSLETTER                                                                                      FIRST CLASS MAIL
O/27-6A B/163                                                                                        U.S. POSTAGE PAID
P.O. BOX 3504                                                                                           PERMIT NO. 303
SUNNYVALE, CA 94088-3504                                                                                 SUNNYVALE, CA

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