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									Michael Leander
Maximize Your Business Using the Internet
Course Outline
NOTE: This course is offered in English. Information in Arabic is
for reference only.
                          Free Follow-up web seminar course included
45-60 days after the course, all attendees are invited to join an online seminar where Michael Leander will
summarize the course contents and answer all questions you may have.

DAY 1: Registration begins 07:30. Course 08:30 to 17:30. Coffee Breaks + Lunch
included in course fee
Understanding digital and internet marketing
- A look at the past, present and future
- Future scenario analysis: Discuss what is likely to happen in your local market
- How will your company benefit from being a “first internet marketing mover” in your local market
- Outline a roadmap for your company's internet presence
- Prerequisite market conditions for internet marketing; learn how to adjust your offering with the
  Current market standing
Your key objectives for internet marketing
- Examples of successful internet marketers
- Define explicitly why you are investing in internet marketing
- How to set your critical few internet marketing objectives
- How to measure your key internet marketing metrics
Understanding internet behavior now and in the future
- Understand the different needs, wants and desires of different audiences
- Understand the key mechanisms for response
- An introduction to internet browsing (surfing) behavior to help you understand the challenges
  in internet marketing and learn how you effectively attract audiences to your website
Multiple channels and internet marketing – how to make it work
- How do you align your online communication with your offline communication
- Learn what we know about typical multi-channel behavior – how your internet presence can
  positively impact your physical presence
- Discuss how multi-channel marketing might play out in your industry
Building or improving your website
- Design, develop and delivering your online marketing value proposition
- Learn: The 10 second rule of thumb and the ”Walk-in-the-Park” technique
- Learn about keywords and why they are outrageously important to your business
- Learn how you design and implement a website
- Learn how you structure your content to make your website relevant
- Learn how you implement “call-to-actions” to increase your customer acquisition and/or
  repeat business from existing customers
- See examples of best-in-class companies whom have expanded their business by leveraging
  internet marketing
3 other tips to make your online presence successful
- Make and/or save money by servicing your customer online
- How to utilize blogs and social networks
- Examples of word-of-mouth campaigns for your inspiration
DAY 2: Course starts at 09:00 and ends at 13:00. Coffee Breaks included in course
Driving traffic to your website
- Learn about different techniques that will increase the number of visitors to your website
- Learn about generic and paid-for-traffic
- An introduction to SEO – Search Engine Marketing; Learn the 7 most important tips to search
  engine optimization
- Learn about Google Adwords – one of the most cost-effective methods to increase your visitors
  and ultimately your sales
- Learn about banner campaigns and other types of media placement
- An introduction to email marketing and why the email component is very important to meet your
  short- and long term objectives
Monitoring and measuring your traffic and visitor behavior
- Are your visitors behaving according to your plan?
- Learn how free tools can help you monitor and measure your website traffic, user behavior
  and conversion rates
How to get started with email marketing
- What is email marketing and how do you use it to your advantage?
- Getting started in 9 easy steps; a crash-course to help you take advantage of the most powerful
  and cost-effective media today
- How to implement your email marketing newsletters as part of your online offering
Creating your internet marketing plan
- Your progress will depend on where you are today. At the end of the course, Michael Leander will
  help course attendees develop their own internet marketing plan.
- Taking your market, your target audience and your present situation into account, you will outline
  your own internet marketing plan.
- The plan will help you get the most from this course. You will take away a concrete plan outlining
  concrete suggested actions your company should take now and in the near future to best exploit
  the enormous opportunity internet marketing represents

                          Free Follow-up web seminar course included
45-60 days after the course, all attendees are invited to join an online seminar where Michael Leander will
summarize the course contents and answer all questions you may have.

The course outline contains a summary of all the components you will learn about in the course. The final
detailed course outline will be available to delegates one week prior to the course. Michael Leander reserves the
right to make small adjustments if he believes such adjustments will increase the overall quality of the course.

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