Importance of Media Activism by cuiliqing


									                                    Volume 6, Issue 7, Sha’baan 1426 AH - 2005

     Importance of Media Activism                                                                  Quran &
The most powerful weapon or tool available to minorities and those misrepre-                       Hadees
sented in the mainstream is the Media. Unfortunately, Muslims constitute a min-
iscule subset of the number of people involved in the fields of the Media (Print,
Radio, TV, and Film). There has been a long history of negative images and                      In the name of Allah, the
stereotypes pertaining to Islam and Muslims in mainstream American Media,                     Compassionate, the Merciful.
which peaked after the attacks of September 11th, and still continues to this day.
                                                                                          Surah Al-Saaffat Ayah 104-109
 The main concern is to encourage Muslim youth to study these fields of the Me-
dia and pursue them as full-time careers. Alhamdulillah many Muslim youth                 And We called out to him saying: O
have started to take these steps and are applying to Universities with the intent on      Ibrahim! You have indeed shown
earning degrees in Journalism, Radio and T.V. Broadcasting, and Film. Unfortu-            the truth of the vision; surely thus
nately, there still exists a lot of pressure from parents and the Muslim community        do We reward the doers of good:
in general to get “respectable”, “traditional”, “high-paying” jobs in the computer-       Most surely this is a manifest trial.
related, engineering or medical fields.                                                   And We ransomed him with a
                                                                                          Feat      sacrifice. And We
 This way of thinking will continue to cause major problems for the development           perpetuated (praise) to him among
of the Islamic and Muslim communities in the West. We must diversify our                  the later generations. Peace be on
skills and expand our expertise and talents, in order to better communicate our           Ibrahim.
ideas and views of the world to the mainstream.
 After September 11th, we all should have learned that we cannot continue to iso-
late ourselves and sit on the sidelines complaining about what people say about           Sermon 16, Delivered when
our religion. We have no excuse for sitting idly by, knowing full well that virtu-        allegiance was sworn to him
ally no Muslims are representing us in the mainstream media.                              (Imam Ali (AS)) at Medina -
 Combating stereotypes is just one side of the coin; if we continue to just do this,      Nahjul Balagha
we will never catch up. Our aim should be to be ahead of the game, and get the
true message of Islam out to those who have not yet been touched by its subtle
                                                                                          The responsibility for what I
mercy.                                                                                    say is guaranteed and I am
 At SBIA, the mosque I grew up in, we started a Media Outreach Committee in
                                                                                          answerable for it. He to whom
November of 2001, mainly to somewhat prepare our local community on how to                experiences have clearly
handle the media when tragic events such as Sept. 11th occur. The committee has           shown the past exemplary
grown and developed over the last few years to be an effective group of media             punishments (given by Allah
activists who have made contacts with many local media outlets and have been in           to peoples) is prevented by
proactive in getting positive coverage of Islam and Muslims in the local and na-
tional print, radio and TV media. We have also opened up our mosque and com-              piety from falling into doubts.
munity events to our non-Muslim neighbors, creating a greater understanding               You should know that the
about our religion and people within the larger community.                                same troubles have returned
 Some of our successes include getting several high profile articles about Rama-          to you which existed when
dan in the S.J. Mercury News and the S.F. Chronicle. We also succeeded in get-            the Prophet was first sent.
ting positive coverage of our Eid programs on almost all the major radio and T.V.         By Allah who sent the Prophet with
stations in the Bay Area, including KCBS Radio, KQED Radio, KPIX CBS 5,                   faith and truth you will b severely
KTVU FOX 2, KNTV NBC 11, ABC 7 News, as well as local media outlets such                  subverted, bitterly shaken as in
as the Metro, The Argus, the San Jose State University newspaper and Comcast              sieving and fully mixed as by

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Sept 10, 2005 @ 7:50PM            Viladat Bibi Zainab (SA)
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Sept 10, 2005 @ 7:50PM     Viladat Imam Hussain ibne Ali (AS)                                                                                   spooning in a cooking pot till your low
Sept 10, 2005 @ 7:50PM      Viladat Hazrat Abbas ibne Ali (AS)                                                                                  persons become high and high ones
Sept 18, 05 @ 12:00 Noon               Media Activism                                                                                           become low, those who were behind
                                                                                                                                                would attain forward positions and
Sept 18, 2005 @ 7:30PM      Viladat Imam Sahib alZaman (AS)                                                                                     those who were forward would become
      Sept 25, 2005        Annual Picnic @ Paramount Great                                                                                      backward. By Allah, I have not
                                                                                                                                                concealed a single word or spoken any
       Oct 5, 2005 *                 First of Ramadhan                                                                                          lie and I had been informed of this
       8 Ramadhan             Wafaat Hazrat Abu Talib (AS)                                                                                      event and of this time.Beware that sins
      10 Ramadhan               Wafaat Bibi Khadija (SA)                                                                                        are like unruly horses on whom their riders
                                                                                                                                                have been placed and their reins have been
      15 Ramadhan           Viladat Imam Hasan Mujtaba (AS)                                                                                     let loose so that they would jump with them
  19, 20, 21 Ramadhan         Majlis Shahadat Imam Ali (AS)                                                                                     in Hell. Beware that piety is like trained
  19, 21, 23 Ramadhan    Shabe Qadr (A’mmal: long on 19, short on 21, 23)                                                                       horses on whom the riders have been
                                                                                                                                                placed with the reins in their hands, so that
                      Oct 28, 2005                                                          Jummatul Wida and Yaum al Quds                      they would take the riders to Heaven.
                                                                                                                                                There is right and wrong and there are
                       1 Shawwal                                                                      Eid al Fitr                               followers for each. If wrong dominates, it
                      Nov 12, 2005                                                         Eid Program for Kids (and parents)                   has (always) in the past been so, and if
    * Subject to moon sighting. Please call the center or (408) 531-1121 for details.                                                           truth goes down that too has often
                                                                                                                                                occurred. It seldom happens that a thing
                                                                                                                                                that lags behind comes forward
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                                      Point To Ponder
Dear Readers,
AlhamduLillah, I am honored to write this column in nida –e– zahra and designate its title as ‘Point
To Ponder.’ The content of this column despite the previously established enunciation of its meaning
will further present an additional horizon for your trail of thoughts. I pledge to you that this viewpoint
will never change the basis of the original point of view.

Good Leadership:
 Leadership is word, an action, a state of being that is synonymous with competence, courage and good
 A leader is a commander, guide, authority and a director. If these four characteristics along with other
virtues exist in a ‘Leader’, then we surely have a good Leader. Leadership carries with it values that
should be accepted by a higher ranking authority especially if the Leader is in somebody’s subordination.
A good Leader will maintain under any circumstance a successful system of operations designed and de-
veloped either by his superiors, or by his own formulations.
 When a Leader adheres to successful instructions of a predecessor he often places himself in an untrou-
bled ‘calling’. The handed down wisdom of the predetermined system typically becomes a consistent tract
of effectiveness.
 Some of us are wrapped up with a notion that the Leaders of this world know everything there is to lead
a group, an organization or a country, and, we then are dissuaded with disappointments even at their
slightest failure. We expect a lot from these Leaders, we expect them to know and lead us to the best of
their ability. We do not realize that Leaders possess limited human faculties, especially in Knowledge,
Wisdom and Humility. Although, many arrogant, despotic and tyrant rulers and leaders like Firoun,
Hamaan or Qaroon were limited in their capacities they all also lacked a good fair system in their affairs.
 Therefore, I am forced to conceive the idea that a Leader dealing with worldly affairs with an ungodly
system tends to fail in leading his subjects with high profile ethics.
In the Islamic realm, the jurisprudence of good leadership adopts a version directly related to the ulti-
mate ‘Book’- the Quran-e-Majeed and the messages of our Prophet, Mohammed S.A. Moreover, good
Leadership waits for no reciprocation of trust from the people but gains the trust and confidence through
his inward spiritual grace of actions that ultimately displays an outward and visible signs of his piety.
We all agree that a good religious Leader is the best follower of Mohammed S.A and a mediocre Leader
disguised as a good Leader is just as bad as a poor Leader.
 My point to ponder is to focus on the good Leaders who led the people with very unique, holy and pious
credentials, instead of by the power of materiality.
Faith was their force of life, knowledge of infinity about earth and heavens were their achievements.
 Leading with confidence whether it was a battlefield or a gathering where one could demand a challenge
to expose his knowledge was an explicit example of the boundless courage.
Verily the call of “Saluni, Saluni” still amazes people to their utmost.
Why did it amaze them, didn’t they know the Wisdom, Knowledge and Humility to AhleBait were all
handed down from our Prophet Mohammed S.A.?

Unfortunately, people could never imagine the real ranks of these Leaders. The Imam once said “If you
don’t understand our status from the Quran you are not safe from mischief.”
Are not the followers known by their Leaders?
                                                                                            Fatima Mirza

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Vol. 01, Sec. 07

Q – I just signed a twelve month lease on my apartment. In the agreement it states that a tenant shall
not ‘commit waste.’ What does this mean?
A - Often a lease will contain a provision stating that a tenant shall not "commit waste" with respect to the
rental property. This means that the tenant has the responsibility to keep the rental property clean, to properly
dispose of trash, and shall not deliberately or negligently allow damage to the property. Further, most leases
require the tenant to return the rental property to the landlord in a clean and habitable condition, except for
"reasonable wear and tear," at the end of the lease term.
Q – My friends and I recently got jobs with the same company, however we all have different proba-
tionary periods. Can an employer establish different probationary periods for new employees?
A - An employer is free to establish a probationary period for new employees, during which an employee
may be terminated with or without any reason. While different probationary periods may be established for
different employees, or different categories of employees, this may make the employer vulnerable to a claim
of discrimination. Therefore, an employer should be prepared to justify any differences in the probationary
period. As long as the variance in probationary periods is not discriminatory, the employer may be able to
justify the difference

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                    Media Activism

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Cable Television Channel 15.
 Several of our committee members have been interviewed many
times for local radio, T.V. and print media and through our success-
ful media training courses we continue to instill a sense of confi-
dence and expertise into our members so they will be better pre-
pared for communicating our views through the media. Our train-
ing sessions are unique, because we focus not only on how to effec-
tively use language and words to get our message across, but also to          A Chance to earn a permanent place in the
understand the psychology of the Media and how it works. Under-               heavens. Amenities include everything that
standing the use of body language, color, technical aspects of light-           your heart desires. Excellent location
ing, backgrounds and the fast paced “sound-bytes” of the news                  Please donate generously to Azakhana -e- Zehra
media today will make us all better prepared to not only handle a
                                                                                  473 Los Coches St. Milpitas, CA 95035
difficult situation, but take control of it as well.
 Our next step is create a strong Media Activist network with the
larger mosques within the Bay Area, so we can recruit more Mus-                 G.R. 2 AUTO BODY REPAIR
lims to get active with the Media and work together as a stronger             Auto Body Repair,Automotive repair, frame
team to better combat the negativity which has been prevalent in
the mainstream media for too long.
                                                                                work, foreign or domestic. Call Rasul
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