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					                   Lake Greeley Camp

                                                                                                                           January, 2011
Winter Office: P.O. Box 219, Moscow, Pennsylvania 18444                      (570) 842-3739

      py New Year !
                                       Can you believe it? It’s another new year! 2010 was a fantastic year for Lake

                                       Greeley Camp, our summer could not have been better. We had great weather, a

                                       superb staff, great instruction, exciting evening activities and special events, and our
              campers, well, you were undoubtedly the best part of the summer. So what will the new year bring?
        My wish is for a summer that’s more fun than 2010. Is that even possible?
With each new year, comes New Year Resolutions. Do you have any? If you have made any New Year Resolutions, share
them with us. Email them to and we will put them in our next newsletter.
Have you mailed in your reunion registration form? Don’t wait until tomorrow. Lake Greeley Camp’s Winter
Reunion will be held on Saturday, January 22, 2011 at Space Odyssey USA in Englewood, New Jersey. We
can’t wait to see you there!

2010 - The Year in Review                                                    INSIDE THIS EDITION
There’s no doubt about it, 2010 was a great year, highlighted
by an incredible summer! Check out the events below from                     • 2011 Winter Reunion
this past year and you’ll agree it sure was terrific. We’re just             • Camp Construction Projects
sad it went by so quickly.
                                                                             • 2011 - The Year In Review
January 4th - The tallest man-made structure at 2,717 feet
                                                                             • Camper & Staff Birthdays
tall, the Burj Khalifa, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates officially
opened.                                                                      • Scramble Challenge
January 22nd - Conan O’Brien officially ended his reign as                   • Lake Greeley Video Update
the ‘Tonight Show’ host, leaving NBC after a bitter dispute.
January 23rd - Lake Greeley Camp’s Winter Reunion is
held at Space Odyssey USA in Englewood, NJ.
January 27th - Apple unveils the iPad.
February 7th - New Orleans Saints defeats the Indianapo-
                                                                    LGC Video
                                                                    By now, you probably have heard about the trailer for
lis Colts to win Super Bowl XLIV. The Super Bowl was the            Lake Greeley Camp’s new camp video. There has been
team’s first in franchise history.
                                                                    a tremendous amount of buzz and excitement about it
February 12th-28th - The 2010 Winter Olympics are held              on our Facebook and Twitter fan pages. Based upon your
in Vancouver, Canada. The United States lead all countries          comments, you like it, and we do too. If you haven’t
with 37 medals: 9 gold, 15 silver, and 13 bronze.                   seen the trailer, we have placed a link on our home page,
March 7th - ‘The Hurt Locker’ wins the Oscar for Best Pic-
ture at the 82nd Academy Awards ceremony.                           The full version of the camp video is close to completion.
March 23rd - After months of debate, President Obama                We have reviewed the most recent draft of the video, and
signed the health care bill into law. One of the most sweep-        let’s just say, if you enjoyed the trailer, you will love the
ing pieces of social legislation ever passed by Congress.           full video. It is fantastic.
March 30th - The world’s largest atom smasher collided two          Thank you to all the campers who participated in the
protons at a speed three times faster than ever before. The         making of the trailer and video. While the images of the
experiment was designed to simulate the Big Bang Model,             camp, its facilities, and activities are great, by far, you
and help explain the origin of the building blocks of the uni-      are the stars of the video.
verse.                                                              Once the final revisions have been made, we will post it
April 5th - Duke University edges Butler University 61-59 to        on the Lake Greeley Camp website, and we will send a
                                              continued on page 2   DVD of the video to each camper.
                                                                  Happy Birthday...
2010 continued from page 1
win the Men’s NCAA Basketball Championship, its 4th NCAA
                                                                  it’s your birthday, get out there and make it a
April 11th - Phil Mickelson wins his third Masters golf tour-
nament. He is only the fifth golfer to win the Masters three
                                                                  memorable one, Happy Birthday!
times.                                                            William Ridgley, Tim Smith, Jeremy Falconer, Natasha
April 14th - An eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in       Hanson, Alyssa Henriques, Charlotte Miles, Matthew
Iceland released a massive plume of smoke and ash in the          Buynak, Solange Azor, Matthew Bosch, Ari Brinson, Lau-
atmosphere over northern and central Europe. Air travel in        ren Buynak, Kyle Dieckman, Mariana Dougherty, Han-
the region was halted for several days, disrupting the travel     nah Dunlevy, Lily Feldman, Sydney Groll, Sarah Harrell,
plans of millions of people.                                      Lincoln Hawke, Lauren Howe, Jack Ifrah, Veronica Jones,
April 20th - An explosion on the British Petroleum oil rig, the   Griffin Kaufman, Max Kesten, Emily Kopach, Allison
Deepwater Horizon, off the coast of Lousiana set off a three      Leiva, Julia Magliozzo, Marc Manasse, Lizzie McCord,
month oil leak spilling an estimated 12,000 to 19,000 barrels     Peter Mitchell, Ethan Mitchell, Lia-Leti Okada, Laura
of oil per day into the Gulf of Mexico.                           Ruperez, Ryan Salyer, Garrett Sopko, Mark Steelman,
April 28th - The U.S. government approves the building of         Jessica Suozzi, Lawrence Tandol, Elisabeth Toutounov,
the nation’s first wind farm, dubbed Cape Wind, off the coast     Alexis Traussi, Christine Whitty, Megan Wilson, Duncan
of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.                                       Pell, Eduardo Gonzalez, Pablo Veyrat, Tiffany Henriques,
May 7th - ‘Iron Man 2’ premieres at the box office.               Stella Hackett, August Piro, Jack Wade, Lila Walsh, Peter
May 9th - Betty White became the oldest host of ‘Saturday         DeAngelo, Kyle Heffernan, Avery Maudlin, Emily Gold-
Night Live’, at the age of 88.                                    stein, Brittany Accurso, Daniel Vivolo, Samha Ndossy,
                                                                  Emily Malmquist, Max Monterosso, Nelly Shmorhun, and
May 23rd - After six seasons, ABC aired the series finale of
                                                                  Jen Wales.
June 9th - The Chicago Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup
scoring an overtime goal in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup
Finals clinching the series over the Philadelphia Flyers. The
Blackhawks had not won the Stanley Cup since 1961.                              SCRAMBLE
June 11th - July 11th - South Africa welcomed soccer fans
around the world as the World Cup opened for the first time                     CHALLENGE
on African soil.                                                   Try to unscramble the words below. Once you have the
June 17th - Lakers win the NBA Finals.                             correct answers, email them to us at info@lakegreeley.
June 18th - ‘Toy Story 3’, the third feature length film in the    com. Please type the word, Scramble Answers, in the
Toy Story series is released. The film is currently the highest    subject line.
grossing film of 2010.                                             The first five campers who have identified all 15 words
June 24th - American John Isner defeated France’s Nicho-           correctly, will win one ticket to a Scranton/Wilkes-Barre
las Mahut 70-68 in the 5th set, in an 11 hour and five minute      Yankees baseball game of their choice.
tennis match, which spanned three days. It is the longest          Good luck!
match in Wimbledon history.                                            1. LALTKASBBE
June 27th - Lake Greeley Camp opens for yet another great              2. LSVEI RINDNE
summer.                                                                3. YPISLOMC
July 3rd - Serena Williams wins her 3rd Wimbledon title,               4. REIFMAPC
beating Vera Zvonareva in straight sets.                               5. UYKCL OOTLT
July 4th - Independence Day celebrated at Lake Greeley                 6. HEICF HIANOLK
Camp highlighted by a spectacular fireworks display.                   7. OOLP TASRPIE
July 8th - LeBron James ended years of speculation by                  8. HYARECR
announcing he would be leaving Cleveland and would join                9. TISIHBR HNCLU
Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh on the Miami Heat.                          10. EBGNEU AETMONIPLR
July 9th - The first 24-hour flight by a solar powered plane is        11. CETENNA
completed by the Solar Impulse.                                        12. IHICAUHCAR
July 11th - Scoring in overtime in the 129th minute, Spain             13. PZEEART
beats Netherlands 1-0 to win the World Cup title.                      14. BTLINPLAA
July 21st - An amazing rendition of ‘The Wiz’ is performed in          15. ASL GEASV INHTG
                                            continued on page 3
Camp Projects
                                                               2010 continued from page 2
                                                               front of an appreciative audience at LGC’s Performing Arts
Several months ago, we had written about the camp im-
                                                               August 3rd - Greece wins the 23rd Lake Greeley Camp
provements and renovation projects that we had scheduled
                                                               Olympic Games.
during the off-season. Since that time, construction crews
have been hard at work on these projects and have made         August 17th - Elke de Carteret and Devin Kasper named
significant progress.                                          Counselors of the Year.
• With the addition of two cov-                                August 19th - Perhaps the saddest day of the year, the last
ered porches and vinyl siding                                  day of camp, Lake Greeley Camp’s summer season comes
to the exterior of Goody Hall, it                              to a close.
hardly looks like the same build-                              September 22nd - 26-year-old Facebook founder Mark
ing. The porches have been                                     Zuckerberg announced that he would donate $100 million to
added to the entrances to protect                              the Newark Public Schools.
the floor and gymnastic mats                                   October 13th - After spending 68 days trapped in a mine
from inclement weather and to                                  half a mile underground, the first of 33 trapped Chilean min-
help prevent water and debris                                  ers are rescued. The rest of the miners will be carried to
being tracked into the building                                safety over the next 24 hours.
from outside.
                                                               October 22nd - The International Space Station surpasses
• This summer getting to pho-                                  the record for the longest continuous human occupation of
tography will be so much easier,                               space. The Space Station has been continuously inhabited
although it will be the same                                   since November 2, 2000; a total of 3,641 days and counting.
number of steps. A new exterior
                                                               November 1st - The San Francisco Giants won their first
entrance will eliminate the need
                                                               World Series since 1954, defeating the Texas Rangers 3-1 in
of walking into the music room
                                                               Game 6.
to get to photography, benefiting
both activities. No more inter-                                November 11th - The stranded Carnival Splendor cruise
ruptions, now that’s music to the                              ship returned to port after losing power off the California
ears of all our talented musicians                             coast. More than 4,500 passengers and crew members
and vocalists.                                                 were left without power for three days.
• The renovation project of the                                November 29th - More than 250,000 classified U.S. docu-
Partridges/Sparrows cabin is                                   ments are released by the whistle-blowing website WikiLe-
coming along quite nicely. Con-                                aks.
tractors have literally removed                                December 21st - The first total lunar eclipse visible in North
the front wall of the cabin and                                America since 1638. The next total lunar eclipse will occur
rebuilt it adding new doors and                                on April 15, 2014.
windows. A new porch is cur-                                   December 26th - A massive blizzard pounded the North-
rently under construction. They                                east, dumping more than 20 inches of snow on New York,
have been busy in the cabin too.                               New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.
The entire bathroom has been
gutted. Everything from the fix-
tures to the floor has been ripped
out. New lighting, new plumbing,
new wall covering, new ceiling,
                                                                       Dates to Remember
and new fiberglass showers are
                                                                   1/22/11 - Winter Reunion at Space Odyssey USA
currently being installed. No, we
did not forget the toilets, they will                              2/15/11 - February Discount Application Deadline
be installed soon.                                                 2/15/11 - First tuition payment due
                                                                   4/30/11 - Final camp tuition payment due
• Work began in the Dining Hall as soon as camp had ended.
We painted the walls on the senior side and have removed           4/30/11 - GREELEY’S ANNUAL OPEN HOUSE
the tile floor from the entire Dining Hall. A new wood floor       6/26/11 - Camp begins
will be installed in early-March.                                   7/9/11 - First half visiting day
Our contractors will continue to work on these projects even       7/22/11 - End of the first half session
though the winter weather has made progress, at times,             7/23/11 - Start of the second half session
difficult. We will keep you updated with each new phase of          8/6/11 - Second half visiting day
these improvement projects and keep you informed of any            8/18/11 - Last day of camp
new projects we begin.
Winter Reunion
Saturday, January 22, 2011
Great news, we’re going back to Space Odyssey USA!
Last year’s winter reunion, our 3rd at Space Odyssey USA, was a smashing success.
Everyone had a great time and attendance was an all-time record. We have never had
more campers and parents at any reunion before, proving what we already knew, Space
Odyssey USA is fun and a great place to spend time with your friends. We obviously had
no other choice but to go back again this year. Join us on January 22nd from 10:00 a.m.
to 1:00 p.m. for our annual winter reunion.
Located in Englewood, New Jersey, Space Odyssey USA is 26,000 sq. ft. of fun. It’s a
huge indoor playground filled from wall-to-wall with games and amusements, and it’s all
for Lake Greeley Camp. We reserved the whole place, all 26,000 sq. ft., exclusively for
Lake Greeley Camp for the entire three hours!
During the reunion we have unlimited use of:
 • lasertag - 3,000 sq. ft. glow-in-the-dark arena
 • thunder bowling
 • space ship - 3 level indoor playground
 • alien train ride
 • spacecade - featuring the most sophisticated video and redemp-
   tion games. Each camper gets a $10.00 arcade card.
 • enjoy a game of basketball, soccer or dodgeball on the 3,500 sq.
   ft. indoor Galaxy Court.
There’s more to this reunion than just fun and games. It’s a great
opportunity to get together with your friends from the summer, catch
up on what’s been happening since the end of camp and reminisce
about the great times we shared this past summer. We’ll be serv-
ing bagels and juice in our party room throughout the reunion,
present a slide show of pictures we’ve taken from last summer
and even hold a Lucky Lotto raffle drawing. It’s guaranteed to
be an great camp event.
For more information on Space Odyssey USA including driving
directions, visit their website at
There’s no charge to attend the winter reunion and it is open to
Lake Greeley Camp campers from previous summers and new
campers who are enrolled for the 2011 summer, their siblings
and, of course, parents.
Lake Greeley Camp staff members will
be present at Space Odyssey USA during
the reunion. We, however, recommend
that a parent or adult guardian accompa-
ny all campers to the reunion and remain
at Space Odyssey USA. Parents can
relax and enjoy a coffee at the Starbucks
cafe inside of Space Odyssey and we’ll
make sure you get a raffle ticket too!
Registration for the winter reunion is
required. Registration forms can be found online at www. Please
return the completed form to the Moscow, Pennsylvania of-
fice by mail, email or fax it to us at (570) 842-0410 no later
than January 19th.
See you at Space Odyssey USA on January 22nd
for the Winter Reunion!

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