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   point of sale solutions for quick service restaurants

Restaurant Pro Express is a complete point of
sale and management solution designed for                 COMPLETE POINT OF SALE
quick service and fast food restaurants. The fast            Easy and accurate order entry
and easy software package from pcAmerica
enhances the speed and accuracy of the order                 Track delivery orders and drivers,
                                                             process drive-thru orders
taking process and provides integrated tools to
manage ingredients, delivery orders, drive-thru              Accepts payments by multiple
                                                             tenders including credit, gift card
orders, employee time tracking and labor
scheduling, gift cards, customer loyalty and                 Routes kitchen orders to kitchen
more. The built-in reporting is flexible and                 printers or display systems

generates the key figures needed to make                  BACK OFFICE SOLUTION
smarter business decisions. RPE is ideal for both
independent restaurants and chains of                        Detailed reporting with key
                                                             performance statistics
                                                             Labor scheduler, integration with
                                                             accounting, purchase order
                           IDEAL FOR                      system, tracks recipes & ingredients

                           • Fast food \ counter          INCREASE SALES, LOYALTY
                           • Quick service                   Integrated gift card processing
                           • Quick casual                    helps drive new revenue
                           • Delivery
                           • Drive-Thru                      Record customer information with
                           • Pizza                           itemized purchase history
                           • Bars and nightclubs
                           • Ice cream \ frozen dessert      Loyalty rewards plans encourage
                           • Coffee shops                    repeat business
                           • Cafeterias
                                                            Utilize customer and sales history
                           • Concession stands              data to launch effective marketing
                           • Snack bars                   campaigns by e-mail or paper mailing
                           • Delis
                           • Independent restaurants      SUPPORT 24x7x365
                           • Multi-site \ Chains
                                                          Live technical support is provided to
                                                          restaurants 24x7x365. Call at any
                                                          time for help with your point of sale
                                                          system. Various installation and
                                                          training options are available.
Restaurant Pro Express encompasses
the perfect mix of simplicity and
functionality. Systems can be ordered
with software and drivers preinstalled.
Initial configuration is streamlined
with a picture-rich user manual and
easy setup prompts. Staff can learn
how to enter orders within a few
minutes. Comprehensive written
tutorials can be supplemented with a
live training session to quickly teach
                                              EXTENSIVE FUNCTIONALITY
you how to enter your menu,
                                              Restaurant Pro Express is a complete quick service
configure employees, run reports and          point of sale system with a robust feature set. The
other useful system functions                 built-in functionality streamlines restaurant activities
                                              and helps your entire business run more efficiently.

                                          POINT OF SALE                    INVENTORY TRACKING
DELIVERY AND DRIVER                       •     Fast transactions          • Ingredient tracking
                                                                           • Calculate food costs
TRACKING, CALLER ID                       •
                                                Unlimited menu items
                                                Modifiers                  • Create recipes
                                          •                                • Track sales and stock
RPE enables your staff to track the             Kitchen printers
                                                                              levels of retail items
                                          •     Display orders on
delivery orders from the phone call             kitchen monitors           • View complete
through actual delivery. The Caller ID    •     Multiple menus for            purchase history
                                                different meals            • Forecast ingredient
interface identifies who is calling and                                       usage
                                          •     Fast invoicing and
gives you the ability to repeat the             tendering screen           • Scan\print bar codes
customers last order. The delivery        •     Split checks               • Purchase orders
                                          •     Process credit cards in
management system assigns orders to             as little as 2-3 seconds   EMPLOYEE TRACKING
different drivers, records when they      •     Gift cards                 • Employee time clock
are dispatched, and tracks cash when      •     Customizable buttons       • Hours & Wages
                                          •     Happy hour pricing         • Labor scheduler
your drivers arrive back at the           •     Multi-site capable         • Secure login cards
restaurant. Detailed driving              •     NTEP certified for         • Manager overrides
directions between each drop can                weight scales              • Security roles based on
                                          •     Delivery tracking            job code
print upon dispatch.                      •     Driving directions         • Tip tracking
                                          •     Caller ID
                                          •     Print food labels          CUSTOMER LOYALTY
                                          •     Order time statistics      • Customer loyalty cards
                                          •     Color code your menu       • Record information
                                          •     Drive-thru interface          such as e-mail address,
                                          •     Bar tabs                      mailing address
                                          •     Comps and voids            • Send mass e-mails and
                                          •     Cash and shift                paper mailers
                                                management                 • Birthday bonuses
                                          •     Exports to QuickBooks      • Frequent visitor
                                          •     Detailed reporting            discounts
                                          •     Scalable for multi-site    • Detailed purchase
                                          •     Coin changer                  history
                                          •     Pizza screen
RPE enhances the efficiency of your kitchen with its order display
capabilities and detailed performance statistics. Orders can be printed to
large-font kitchen printers, or alternatively displayed on a kitchen video
monitor. Most restaurants have one printer or monitor at each food
preparation station (ex: grill, cold food, bar.) Each menu item can be
configured to route to one or more stations.
Order fulfillment through a POS can reduce theft and loss. If kitchen
staff are trained and accountable to only prepare food routed by the POS
system, servers will have to add every item to a check, eliminating their
ability to give away freebies. Printers and monitors display orders
clearly, reducing wasted food from misinterpreted handwriting. The POS
introduces consistency and efficiency by ensuring servers choose
forced modifiers such as meat temperatures (rare, medium rare etc) and
side dishes at time of order entry.

RECIPES, INVENTORY &                                           CUSTOMER LOYALTY &
INGREDIENT TRACKING                                            MARKETING
A restaurant can financially                                   Customer loyalty plans are a
benefit from keeping a pulse on its                            proven way to generate repeat
inventory and ingredient usage.                                business in your restaurant. RPE
Restaurant Pro Express helps                                   manages these plans, and can
reduce spoilage, waste and theft                               also record information such as
with its integrated, comprehensive                             name, phone number, birthday,
inventory and recipe system.                                   address and e-mail address to be
                                                               used in marketing campaigns.
                                                               LOYALTY PLANS
   Enter a recipe for each menu
   item including yield percentages                              Customized loyalty cards can be
                                                                 swiped to quickly lookup
  Generate a ‘Theoretical Usage’
                                                               customers within the POS system
  shopping list of ingredients
based on past sales
                                                                 RPE manages loyalty plans for
  Stocking ingredients based on                                  bonus points, birthday bonuses
  past sales, not guesswork,                                   and frequent visitor discounts
reduces loss from spoilage
COUNTING INVENTORY                                                Rewards cam be tracked for a
                                                                  single location or multiple sites
  Built-in counting system for
  inventory, either entire list or                             MARKETING
only high priced items                                            Maintain full itemized purchase
                                                                  history for your customers
   Discrepancy reports highlights
   stock overages or shortages                                   Send mass e-mails and paper
                                                                 mailers to consistently remind
  Built-in purchase order system                               customers of your business
  maintains list of vendors and                                   Statistics on coupon promotions
inventory\ingredient pricing
Restaurateurs spend countless hours
calculating profits, expenses and
payroll and performing a variety of
manual tasks in other to run their
business. Restaurant Pro Express
contains dozens of built-in tools to
help restaurant owners streamline
administrative tasks and manage
their restaurant more efficiently.
•   Cash management with         •   Integrate with                 EMPLOYEE MANAGEMENT
    discrepancy reports
    Menu management              •
                                     QuickBooks Accounting
                                     Vendor payouts                 AND LABOR SCHEDULING
•   Configure specials and       •   Accounts receivable,
    promotions                       record payments, print
                                                                    It’s crucial to monitor the cash and employee
•   Inventory and ingredient         statements                     activity inside of your restaurant. Employee
    tracking                     •   Gift card manager              theft is one of the leading causes of
•   Create coupon items          •   Use back office functions      shrinkage, caused by a combination of theft
•   Generate purchase orders         from any terminal              of cash as well as unwarranted discounts or
•   Create vendor list with      •   Marketing tools                freebies. Restaurant Pro Express helps curb
    inventory costs              •   Employee time clock
•   Global price changes         •   Labor scheduler
                                                                    this by limiting functionality within the
•   Employee job code and        •   Bar code printing              system based on an employee’s unique login,
    role assignments             •   Optionally view reports        as well as having strict cash control features
•   Multi-store capable              online through web site        to identify cash discrepancies down to the
                                                                    shift or the staff member.
•   Breakdown by payment         •   Employee activity reports      •   Cash management process records
    method (cash, credit, etc)       summarize performance              starting cash, cash tips and ending cash,
•   Detailed reports with            & time clock information
                                                                        helps ensure all money is accounted for
    flexible criteria such as    •   Ingredient ‘Theoretical
    date and time range,             Usage’ shopping list           •   Assign system permissions and
    employee and register #      •   Create your own reports
                                                                        restrictions to each of your employees
•   Extensive sales reports          using built-in report
    summarize cost, sales and        writer                         •   View exceptions reporting to monitor
    profits                      •   Daily financial
                                                                        suspicious activity of employees and
•   Itemized check listing           summaries
•   Menu mix reports show        •   Labor percentage versus            managers
    your best and worst              sales reports
                                                                    •   Create & print labor schedules including
    selling menu items           •   Employee tip summary
•   Exceptions reporting         •   # of checks, # of guests           hours, breaks and job code being worked,
•   Comp and void summary        •   Over 75 flexible reports           restrict clock-in to scheduled employees

                                                                 FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT US ONLINE
                                                                       OR CALL US AT 1.877.539.2825

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