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									What is it worth

Long ago, when we lived in Europe, there was a poor Jew. He seemed unable to live with
dignity. Once, he and poor families do not have nothing but debt. They sell chicken eggs
producing only one they have to earn money. When their money is just left over 10 copeck
(worth a few dollars), he decided to ask for advice to the Rabbi. Maybe it could help her

The rabbi heard he told his suffering, adversity, and
Rabbi then said, "Everyone in this world begins from God. I would
give you my blessing may God help you. Go, and with this the rest of your money, buy the
first item you find. With it, God will give help from heaven and you will prosper. "

The man thanked the rabbi and the rabbi left the house. He headed for the village
market. There are several vendors selling their wares. He saw a merchant selling a beautiful

"Perhaps this is what should I buy," he told himself.

Then he approached the merchant, he asked, "You have very beautiful jewelry, sell it to me
for 10 teat."

"10 teat, are you crazy? For 10 teat, you can only get
rotten potato! Jewelry worth more than that, worth thousands
rubles! "

"All I had only 10 teat, and I want to buy something from you," said
man. "Rabbi told me to buy an item first
which I found to buy and the Lord will help me in all my problems.What can you sell me?
"The merchant saw the man
innocent and decided to trick on him. "I told you,
friends. I plan to menjualmasa front of me.
Maybe you're interested? "

Without a doubt, the poor man was issued a 10 teat out of his pocket and
give it to the merchant. The merchant gladly take the money and write a note in cash in a
later paper handed to him.

"Agreed!" The merchant said, and shook his hand. Poor man was then left happy, with
menggegam piece of paper in his hand.The merchant could not contain his excitement and
started to laugh. That afternoon, he could not wait to tell his wife about getting money very
easily from the poor.
Merchant's wife, apparently, saw something else. He saw a lot of traders thought that, then
she heard her husband's anger began to sell part of him, namely his future. "I do not want to
live with people who do not have a future!" he shouted to her husband."Go and do not go
home until you get a piece of paper that you write that!"

The merchant, looking scared of the wrath of his wife, then
leave home and go looking for that poor man.

Once down the alleys, he at last found the man's poor. "Listen to me, I'm very sorry I am
fool. Let me
return your money and you return the piece of paper that, ok? "." No, I'm quite satisfied with
the transaction. You do not fool me, "replied the man.

"Look, I give you 20 teat, really, I'm very sorry to do
this transaction. "

"No, no. It's okay. I'm not ready to sell. I'm sure I'll get a lot of money."

The merchant realized that he was unlikely to sell very cheaply, so he raised his offer. "My
friend, how about I make an offer you can not refuse. I'll give you 100 rubles to the paper.
Now, it seems interesting right? Please, do not reject my offer."

Poor guy was not interested. "I need a 1000 rubles to pay my debts and start a new life. If
you could give, then I'll sell it to you. Otherwise, I keep this paper because I believe God will
help me through this paper."

The merchant was desperate, 1000 rubles! A very large number.But on the other hand, the
wrath and rejection of his wife to stay with him the poor man's agreed bid.

The merchant immediately ran home with paper in hand to
disclosed to his wife. "I've spent 1000 rubles for
buy this worthless paper is only worth 10 teat. Only
for you! "his wife took the paper and went to the Rabbi's house.

"Rabbi," the woman said, "tell me, my husband had sold the
front to a poor man who comes to you for advice. He received 10 copeck for it. I asked him
to buy his future back or I will not live with him again. It made my husband issued a 1000
rubles. Tell me, if my husband has a future and if so, is it worth? "

Rabbi explained, "when your husband is willing to sell their future for the 10 teat, his future is
not even worth 10 teat. But when he is willing to buy it back for 1000 rubles, you should
know that his future is now worth more than that."

Value of our future is determined by how we judge it.

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