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					Corporate Profiles

                                  1. Mo’men Company Profile

    In 1988, three brothers from the “Mo’men” family opened a fast food restaurant in Heliopolis and
    named it after their family name with confidence in the success they will achieve. They
    recognized a need to provide quality food, special flavors and premium service. The Mo’men
    group competed against multinationals although it was established by Egyptians where they had
    to build their own reputation and make resources available for their operations. Their business has
    expanded over the years to include more and more branches until becoming an international
    franchise available in many countries including the UAE and Malaysia. Besides the Mo’men
    restaurants, the Mo’men group has now a portfolio of famous food brands including “Three
    Chefs”, “Planet Africa restaurants” and “Pizza King”. They currently have the vision of
    becoming a recognized food servicing and manufacturing group in the MENA region and
    Southeast Asia in the near future.

   This business group started in 1988, when 3 brothers opened a fast food restaurant in Heliopolis
   Their fast food chain expanded to serve 9 million Egyptians per year and became a franchised in
    Bahrain, UAE, Libya, Sudan, and Malaysia
    Besides their fast food restaurants, this business group also owns “Three Chefs”, “Planet Africa
    restaurants” and “Pizza King”

                                           2. Olympic Group

Abd Allah Sallam started his own business in the 1930’s by manufacturing radios and electrical
transformers. Many years later, he established a retail chain for household appliances called “Shaher”
that witnessed great success and was considered a pioneer in the business. Unfortunately, “Shaher” was
nationalized by the government in 1963. Not being discouraged by this incident, Abd Allah Sallam
pursued his dreams by creating the “Olympic Electric” brand in the 1970s producing electric water
heaters. He also established in 1975 EPA to be responsible for the trading, distribution and after-sale
service of the “Olympic” products. The business kept expanding and creating new subsidiaries which led
to the establishment of a holding company called “Olympic Group”. Later in the 1990s and due to their
continuous success, “Olympic Group” was able to acquire the largest public sector manufacture of
household equipment “IDEAL”. Even after Abd Allah Sallam passed away, the Sallam family continued
the journey and was able to create a trading arm for the group which was called “Olympic Stores” but
now known as “B-Tech”. “Olympic group” is considered now as a leading entity in the white goods
industry in Egypt reaching a net profit of almost 120 million Egyptian pounds in the first 9 months of

       This business started 70 years ago producing small appliances such as radios and electrical
       A holding company was established in 1995 to manage the group’s various subsidiaries
        specialized the manufacturing and trading of household appliances.
       This business group established the largest home appliances retail chain in Egypt named B.Tech.
       You can say that this business is just IDEAL.

                                             3. Pharco profile

Dr. Hassan Abbas Helmy, is an entrepreneur who established “Pharco Pharmaceuticals” in 1987 to be the
third private pharmaceuticals company in Egypt with only 100 employees. The “Pharco Corporation”
now includes 6 pharmaceutical companies with 1 billion Egyptian pounds in sales and 5,000 employees.
Currently, the “Pharco Corporation” has worldwide subsidiaries in the Gulf area, Libya, Malaysia,
Kazakhstan and Australia. Pharco is renowned in the Egyptian market with products such as the antacid
“FAWAR Fruit”, and the multivitamin “V2 PLUS”. Dr. Helmy’s ultimate goal is to become a major
player in the global healthcare industry by “by applying cutting-edge scientific tools to find new uses for
existing products, by meeting customer needs and by recruiting the best workforce candidates in the
industry, we seek to become a true partner in global healthcare”.

       This is a pharmaceutical company established in 1987 with 100 employees.
       Being located in Alexandria, this business is now the largest pharmaceutical group in Egypt and
        the North Africa region.
       This company offers products such as “FAWAR Fruit”.

                                          4. Toshiba El Arabi

It started when the three brothers Mohamed Ibrahim El-Araby, Mahmoud Ibrahim El-Araby and Abd
Algayed Ibrahim El-Araby co-operated and started up their business in 1964 with a capital of 4000
Egyptian pounds at the business of hardware hound, school supplies and toys, importing SANYO (white
& black) TV, fans and cassettes. El-Araby group, an Egyptian joint stock family enterprise, is currently
one of the most successful companies in Egypt and the Middle East. There was an important strategic
stage in 1974 when El-Araby group was able to attract one of the major Japanese companies, as it signed
a commercial agency contract with the Japanese Toshiba. Then, it became a partner with Sharp
Corporation in 2002, followed by being the only agent to SEIKO & ALBA for watches in Egypt, and
signed the La Germania agency contract in 2009. Actually, Toshiba has certified that the products
manufactured by El-Araby as equivalent in quality to those produced in Japan.

       One of the biggest companies in Egypt that produces TVs, refrigerators, Air conditions and other
        electronic machines.
       Its name has an Egyptian part and a Japanese part.
       It’s well known for its high quality products.

                                                 5. SEKEM

SEKEM was established by Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish, on an area of 70 hectares of desert in 1977. The name
SEKEM is the transliteration of a hieroglyph, meaning "vitality". In 1983, SEKEM launched its first
product line of herbal remedies on the local pharmaceutical market under the brand name SEKEM
HERBS and foodstuff was introduced to the local market under the brand name ISIS. It has different
variety of products, such as Cinnamon, Mint, Tea, Green tea, Anise, Juices, milk, and yogurt. The
products are made from ingredients from biodynamic farming. SEKEM isn’t only known for its high
quality products but it is also known for its social activities. In 1987, the first SEKEM Kindergarten and
the MAHAD Adult Training Institute were established. Also, the SEKEM School started with primary
and secondary stages. Its current main goal is to contribute towards a comprehensive advancement of the
individual, the community and the environment.

       It was established by Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish in 1977
       It is well known for its herbal products like mint, anise and green tea
       One of its famous brands is ISIS


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