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					Letter of Application
The purpose of a letter of application is to get an employer interested in your qualifications so they will ask you for an interview. Use a letter of application in the following situations: 1. when you answer a newspaper ad 2. when you mail a résumé 3. when an employer requests it Pointers: 1. Write to the person who is doing the hiring. Be sure spelling is correct. 2. Keep it short and to the point. Busy people don’t take the time to read a lengthy letter. 3. It should include three carefully planned paragraphs. a. In the opening paragraph, tell why you are writing. Mention the job and how you found out about the opening. b. In the second paragraph, tell why you think you are right for the job. Mention your résumé here. c. In the last paragraph, ask for an interview. Mention where and when you can be reached by phone. 4. Use standard 8 ½ X 11 white typing paper. Use standard business style when typing. 5. Check spelling and punctuation again, and again.

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