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In October 2004, the Americans Kevin Rose founded the website, the first dig-off site. From March 2005 to gradually known, was originally located in the science and technology news mining; in June 2006, the third revision, expansion of the news side of the other categories, after the sharp increase in traffic quickly. Digg is currently 24th in the nation's public Web site, and is approaching the New York Times (No. 19), easily defeated the Fox News Network. digg's Alexa ranking is the first 100. Every day more than 100 people gathered in the dug-off, read, comment and "Digging" 4000 message.

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									Steve Williams
200 Park Ave             
Santa Cruz CA 95062      

To advocate for and create technology that helps people live rich, fun, productive lives.

•   Passionate open source and free culture advocate and successful open source contractor.
•   Experienced leader in consensus-driven grass-roots organizations.
•   Meticulous editor and writer, on-line and print. Expert producer of audio programs for education and culture.
•   Proven ability to learn, apply, and explain complex technical systems. Fast study, voracious learner.
•   More than 30 years of experience developing usable, maintainable software in a variety of domains.

1997–Present: Independent Internet Developer, San Francisco Bay Area
I create dynamic, attractive, easy-to-manage web sites for small businesses and nonprofits using LAMP and
web services. Emphasis: Attractive design, usability and accessibility, web standards compliance, and high
performance. See my portfolio (

May, 2000–Present: Editor, Developer, and Treasurer, BayCHI, San Francisco Bay Area
BayCHI ( is the internationally-respected San Francisco Bay Area chapter of SIGCHI, the ACM
Special Interest Group on Computer/Human Interaction. I am the creator and producer of the BayCHI
podcast, publishing BayCHI programs under a Creative Commons license, and the lead developer and
editor of BayCHI's LAMP-based web site. I have been BayCHI's volunteer treasurer since 2003, was editor
of BayCHI's email newsletter 2000-4, and have represented BayCHI to the public and before ACM.

July, 2009–Present: Executive Producer, CHI Conversations, Global Virtual Org.
CHI Conversations ( is the audio podcast channel on computer/human
interaction on the nonprofit Conversations Network. CHI Conversations is publishing BayCHI's audio archive,
an important, open collection of presentations by top technology scholars, executives, designers, and
scientists. I brought BayCHI and Conversations Network together to create the channel and lead a loosely-
coupled global team of volunteers and paid staff to produce the programs.

January, 2010–Present: Treasurer, Air and Space West Foundation, Moffett Field, CA
The mission of the Air and Space West Foundation ( is to establish a Smithsonian
Earth, Air, and Space education center within historic Hangar One at Moffett Field in the San Francisco Bay Area.

January, 2006–December, 2010: Developer Advocate and Programmer,, San Francisco, CA defined the new category of social news web sites and continues as one of the fastest-growing
examples of the genre. I was a developer advocate, supporting Digg API developers and syndication of
Digg content to major blogs and mainstream media and entertainment sites. As Digg's second programmer, I
created the caching object/relational mapper used by Digg through 2010, ensuring solid performance through
a significant growth period. I developed many user-facing features and the back-end support for them, and I
was the sole developer of Digg's first API, designed by Stamen Design and launched in July, 2006.

July, 2008–December, 2009: Steering Group Charter Member, Data Portability, Global Virtual Org.
Data Portability ( is a worldwide volunteer organization with the mission to design,
educate, and advocate interoperable, privacy-respecting Data Portability to users, developers, and vendors.
The goal is to empower people to use their personal data between trusted applications and vendors.

November, 2003–July, 2005: Systems Engineer, Axolotl Corp., Mountain View, CA
Axolotl ( provides enterprise health care automation, clinical community networks, and
medical transcription. I developed healthcare IT on the Lotus Domino/Notes platform. I was often responsible
for millions of clinical records for hundreds of thousands of patients in each community, including secure,
high-performance access, HIPAA compliance, and direct customer service. As part of the 24x7 on-call
rotation, I initiated many improvements in on-call procedures and resources.

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1995–2004: Editor and Electronic Services Director, American Yankee Association, Global Virtual Org.
AYA ( is a nonprofit association serving 2,000 aircraft owners worldwide. I was the editor of
The American Star, AYA's bimonthly print newsletter, including writing, editing, layout, and production
management. I led a cadre of volunteers to build and maintain the AYA web site, launched on the Lotus
Notes platform in 1998 and migrated to LAMP in 2002.

1995–2000: Technical Architect, Axolotl Corp., Mountain View, CA
As Employee Number 7 at this health care start-up, I created the technical architecture for the Elysium on-
line clinical messaging platform and contributed extensively to its development and deployment on the Lotus
Domino/Notes platform. The architecture now is used by many thousands of doctors serving millions of
patients in connected clinical communities across the U.S. Axolotl was acquired by Ingenix in 2010.

1986–1995: Project Manager, TSI International, Norwalk, CT
As TSI's first PC software developer, I developed cross-platform software for enterprise data entry and EDI in
Standard C on OS/2, MSDOS, Windows, and VM/CMS. I built and maintained automated nightly build-and-
regression-test system and established procedures for source code control and configuration
management. TSI went public in 1997 and was later acquired by Ascential.

1984–1986: Software Engineer, Colonial Data Technologies, New Milford, CT
1981–1982: Embedded Software Developer, Sweda Division of Litton Industries, Parsippany, NJ
1978–1980: Embedded Software Developer, Intermec (formerly Norand Corporation), Cedar Rapids, IA
1977–1978: Microcomputer Programmer, Byte Shop of Palo Alto and The Microdoctors, Palo Alto, CA
See my web resume ( for details.

•   Experienced programmer. Fluent in PHP, literate in Python and Javascript.
•   Internet languages and protocols: LAMP, XHTML, CSS, AJAX, RSS, Atom, OPML, HTTP, SMTP, POP3, etc.
•   Longtime advocate for open standards: OpenID, RSS, RDFa, Microformats.
•   Understanding of XML technologies: XSLT, XML-RPC, SOAP, web services.
•   Expert knowledge of free and open source tools: Wordpress, Movable Type, Apache, etc.
•   Expert technical writer and editor, both on-line and in print. Expertise in U.S. copyright and licensing.
•   Expert in audio production and publication: Adobe Audition, MP3 ID3, Podcasting.
•   Skilled in visual design tools and print production: Adobe Acrobat, PageMaker, Photoshop, ImageReady.
•   Fluent in internet server administration: FreeBSD, Linux, Unix, Lotus Domino/Notes, Windows, etc.

• A wide variety of articles for The American Star in my capacity as editor.
• Williams, S. B. and Williams, K. "Using Tomorrow's C Standard Today" Computer Language
    (now Software Development) July 1988: 49-54.
• Moody, B. and Williams, S. "SCHDL: A BASIC-Coded 'Daily Reminder' for Home and Office Use"
    Dr. Dobb's Journal of Computer Calisthenics and Orthodontia (now Dr. Dobb's) June/July 1977: 15-16.

• Brigham Young University: Studied computer science under Dr. Alan Ashton, founder of WordPerfect. Left
    school after freshman year to take a job in Silicon Valley arranged by Dr. Ashton.
• Platt Regional Vocational-Technical School Sikorsky Satellite School for Aviation: Completed two-year
    avionics technician program.
• In addition to broad-ranging, comprehensive self-education in the field of computer science, I attend
    numerous seminars, training classes, and professional development courses.
• Certified Lotus Professional Application Developer.

• Licensed private pilot with instrument rating and around 2,000 hours experience piloting since 1979. Own
  American Trainer two-seat light aircraft and perform most of its maintenance. Completed coast-to-coast
  flying tours of the U.S., clockwise in 2005 and counterclockwise in 2010.
• Owner of a stable of three classic German automobiles, including a 1967 Beetle I've owned since 1975.
• Violinist, having performed with the Cedar Rapids Symphony Orchestra and the Virginia Philharmonic.

Work Status: United States Citizen
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