Love And Time by Rachmad_Refid


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									                                        Love And Time

  Once on a small island, there lived a variety of objects 'abstract': there is Love, Grief,
Wealth, Joy, and so on. They coexist well.But one day, comes the storm slammed the small
            island and the sea water suddenly rose and would sink the island.

    All the inhabitants of the island quickly tried to save themselves.Love is very confused
      because he can not swim and not have boats. He stood on the beach trying to find
   help. Meanwhile, rising water soaking the feet of Love. Soon Love to see Wealth is being
pedaled boats. "Wealth! Wealth! Help me!" Love cried."Ouch! Sorry love!" Wealth word "boat
has been filled with treasures bendaku. I can not take you as well, this boat will sink. Anyway
  there's nowhere else for you in this boat." Wealth then quickly paddling his boat away. Sad
love once, but then he saw the excitement over his boat. "Fun! Help me!" Love cried. But the
 excitement was too excited because he found the boat so that he could not hear the cries of
      Love. Love the higher the water soaks down to the waist and love getting panicky.

  Beauty Gone Soon. "Beauty! Take me with you!" Love cried."Well, Love, you're wet and
 dirty. I can not take part. You're going to pollute this beautiful boat." Beauty said. Love was
                             so sad to hear that. He began sobbing.

When it's Gone Sadness. "Oh, Grief, take me with you." Love said. "Sorry love, I'm sad and I
want to be alone ..." Grief said he continued to pedal a boat. Love despair. He felt the water
                                     rising and it will sink.

   At the critical moment that suddenly terdengan voice, "Love! Let's quickly go up to my
boat!" Love turned toward the voice and saw an old man with his boat. Love quickly climbed
into the boat, just before the water drowning. On the nearby island, the old man down Love
                                 and immediately left again.

  At that point, Love realized that he did not know who the old man who had rescued it. Love
immediately asked a resident on the island, who is actually the old man. "Oh, old man? He is
 the time the man said." But why did he save me? I do not know him. Even friends who knew
 me were reluctant to help me. "Love asked in surprise." Because, "the man said," Only Time
                   was the one who know how the real value of the Love is ... "

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