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Rescue Equipment ....................................................................................................................................... 7

First Aid Equipment ..................................................................................................................................... 12

Pool Equipment ........................................................................................................................................... 20

Lifesaving Sport Equipment ........................................................................................................................ 27

Wearables .................................................................................................................................................... 29

Books, DVDs & Videos .................................................................................................................................. 32

Promotional Materials ................................................................................................................................. 38

Water Smart® Stuff ...................................................................................................................................... 40

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                      Training Systems


                                                                                        ACTAR 911 Squadron [2A]
                                                                                        10 adult manikins, 100 disposable lungs, video,
                                                                                        instruction card and a durable nylon bag with carry
                                                                                        handles and shoulder strap.

                                                                                        ACTAR 911 Patrol
                                                                                        5 adult manikins, 100 disposable lungs, video,
                                                                                        instruction card and a durable nylon bag with carry
                                                                                        handles and shoulder strap.

                                                                                        ACTAR 911 Trooper [2B]
                                                                                        Single adult manikin, 5 disposable lungs, instruction
                                                                                        card and corrugated plastic carrying case.


ACTAR 911™
This affordable CPR training system is the best for group instruction. One manikin
per student means more hands-on practice. ACTAR is easy to clean, low
maintenance, lightweight and compact. The Lifesaving Society is proud to have
played a role in the development of ACTAR 911 – a breakthrough in CPR training
for group instruction. View the entire family of ACTAR products in “The Store” at

[3A]   ACTAR 911 Cadet Pac [3A]
       These 5 child pistons convert 5 adult manikins into ACTAR 911 child manikins. Soft carrying case
       clips onto squadron or patrol bag, or Cadet Pac can be carried separately with its own shoulder
       strap; weight 1.4 kg (3 lb.) Buy 2 Cadet Pacs for a fully convertible squadron.

       ACTAR 911 Infantry (10-pack / 5-pack / 1-pack) [3C & 3B]
       10- and 5-packs include: infant manikins, 100 disposable lungs, instruction card and video in
       durable carry bag with shoulder strap. Singles come with 5 disposable lungs.

       ACTAR 911 Adult/Child Lungs
       Packs of 100 lungs in handy pouch with instruction card, adjust to both adult and child lung
       ACTAR 911 Infantry Lungs
       Packs of 100 infant lungs in a handy pouch with instruction card.

       ACTAR 911 Face Shields
       Packs of 36 plastic barriers for use in training.

       ACTAR 911 Parts & Accessories
       Airway caps (orange) for Infantry – connects head to body; packages of 10
       Body – Infant single
       Carry bags – Squadron and Patrol singles. Infant 10- and 5-packs
[3C]   Chest plates – Adult and Infant singles
       Compression pistons – Adult, Child and Infant singles
       Heads – Adult and Infant singles or cartons of 10
       Plastic tray inserts for carry bags – Squadron holds 10 manikins; Patrol holds 5 manikins;
       Infant 10-pack and 5-packs
       Triple-action airway – for Adult 911 manikins; packages of 10

                      Training Systems


                                                                                                     ACTAR D-fib Compact 25 [4A]
                                                                                                     25 ACTAR D-fib manikins with rolling cart
                                                                                                     and cover; includes 50 disposable lungs and
                                                                                                     instruction video.


ACTAR D-fib™
All the features needed to teach both CPR and AED (Automated External Defibrillation). Meets the revised 2005 CPR Guidelines. ACTAR D-fib features
a closeable airway and is designed to facilitate a jaw thrust. Lightweight, fully modelled upper body accommodates AED training electrode pads.
Landmarks include navel, nipples, xiphoid process, Adam’s apple and carotid artery crease. Use ACTAR D-fib for both child and adult compressions. No
pistons, no elastics and easy to use: no bleach-soaking required and no need to disinfect between users. ACTAR D-fib’s disposable lung doubles as a
face-shield/barrier. Entirely recyclable: no PVC. View the entire family of ACTAR products in “The Store” at

[5A]   ACTAR D-fib Compact 10 [5A]
       10 ACTAR D-fib manikins in nylon carry bag with shoulder strap; includes 50 disposable lungs
       and instruction video.

       ACTAR D-fib Compact 5 [5B]
       5 ACTAR D-fib manikins in hands-free nylon backpack; includes 50 disposable lungs and
       instruction video.

       ACTAR D-fib Singles [5C]
       Single ACTAR D-fib manikin with nylon tote bag; includes 5 disposable lungs.

       ACTAR D-fib Lungs
       Packs of 50 lungs that double as face-shields; comes in a handy pouch with instruction card.

       ACTAR 30:2 CPR Audio CD [5D]
       Musical rhythms and practice drills using the 30:2 (30 compressions to 2 breaths) CPR cycle.
       Makes learning CPR fun and increases skill retention and confidence. Practice drills lead learners
       through basic rescue breathing scenarios including initial assessment and one-rescuer adult CPR.
       Use with ACTAR 911 and ACTAR D-fib manikins, or other CPR manikins.


       ACTAR D-fib Parts & Accessories
       Body (grey)
       Carry bag for compact 10 (nylon)
       Chest plate (blue)
       Head (replacement)
       Slide clip for head (keeps assembled head closed)

                       Training Systems


                                                                                                   ACTAR AED Trainer 10-pack [6A]
                                                                                                   10 AED Trainers, 10 sets of cables, 50 pairs of
                                                                                                   reusable training electrode pads, audio training CDs
                                                                                                   and booklet, pouch for cables and nylon carry bag.

                                                                                                   ACTAR AED Trainer 5-pack
                                                                                                   5 AED Trainers, 5 sets of cables, 25 pairs of reusable
                                                                                                   training electrode pads, audio training CDs and
                                                                                                   booklet, pouch for cables and nylon carry bag.

                                                                                                   ACTAR AED Trainer Electrode
                                                                                                   Pads (100 pair / 25 pair) [6B]
                                                                                                   These electrode pads are reusable and will not leave
                                                                                                   residue on your manikins; each pair comes with a
                                                                                                   simulated “nitro” patch.


ACTAR AED Trainer™
AED Trainers allow an entire class to practice AED scenarios simultaneously. One AED Trainer per student means learners get lots of hands-on practice
for more proficiency in less time. This AED Trainer provides realistic sequencing including placement of electrode pads and use of “Power-on,”
“Analyze” and “Shock” buttons. ACTAR AED Trainer is great in combination with ACTAR D-fib manikins or any other brand of CPR manikin or doll.
View the entire family of ACTAR products in “The Store” at



Lifesaving Rescue Tube [7A]
Strong and ultra-light; meets Lifesaving Society
specifications for lifeguards on patrol and for
lifesaving sport; bright yellow, uncoated soft-foam
with blue leash and wide shoulder loop. Stainless
steel clip and rings wrap ‘n’ snap around victim or
manikin. Light (500 g), tough and more versatile
than a rescue can.

Rescue Tube - 40” [7B]                                     Ring Buoys (throw line sold separately)
Durable strapping runs the full length of the tube.
Made of soft, vinyl-dipped Ensolite foam combined
with a new quick-release Delrin buckle to reduce           1) Orange, 20” and 24” diameter, soft-coated dense foam.
the chance of swimmer injury on contact. The               2) Orange, 20” and 24” diameter, plastic for outdoor pools and waterways.
12” strap extension accommodates larger                    View our rescue equipment in “The Store” at
swimmers. May be used for throwing or towing a
swimmer. Heavy-duty 6 ft. polypropylene towline
features an extra-wide strap to reduce pull on the

Rescue Can - 27” [7C]
High visibility, lightweight and durable; includes a
7 ft. line with nylon shoulder strap. Ideal for open-
water conditions; comes with a unique contoured
grip with side and rear hand holds, comfortable for
any hand size. Designed by professional lifeguards,                                                                                    [7C]
available in red or yellow.


Throw Line (for ring buoys) [8A]
8 mm diameter, braided buoyant polypropylene line approved by the Lifesaving Society for use
with ring buoys. Sold by the metre and cut to order.


Lifeline Throw Bag [8B]
Rugged construction with mesh side panels: 20 m of 8 mm line complete with wrist and
storage loop, and 1½” wide plastic buckle shoulder-belt or waist-belt strap.

Ring Buoy Wall Hooks (stainless steel)
Stainless steel bracket hook for storing ring buoys.


Life Hook with 8 to 16 ft. Adjustable Pole [8C]
Strong and safe double hook easily attaches to rescue pole. Telescoping pole goes from 8 to
16 ft., with easy lock cam for quick adjustment in a poolside emergency; made from heavy-
duty, non-conductive fibreglass and drilled for a life hook.


Power Megaphones [8D]
Rugged ABS plastic construction ideal for indoor and outdoor use; long-range audibility and
high-powered articulation, dependable solid-state circuitry with feedback elimination feature
and easy-to-locate grip-mounted on/off switch, volume control and warning whistle.
Large: 3 lbs., 14” long, 15/20W rating, carries up to 1,800 feet, C batteries x8.
Mini: 500g, 12W rating, 120 m range, AA batteries x6.

              Large Waist Pac [9A]
              Large enough to hold first aid and personal protective equipment; easily attaches to waist and
              has multiple compartments inside. Comes empty, yellow (17.5” x 8.5” x 3.5”).

              Small Waist Pac [9B]
              Ideal for carrying personal protective equipment such as pocket masks, gloves and various
              bandages. Comes empty, royal blue and emblazoned with the Society’s “Lifeguard” logo,
              (8” x 4.5” x 3.25”).

              Universal Head Immobilizer [9C]
              Waterproof; base can be secured with attached straps or permanently mounted on solid
       [9B]   spineboards with set of 4 bolts.

[9C]          Spineboard – Plastic [9D]
              Heavy-duty, solid yellow plastic with vinyl covered aluminum runners. Unique two-person soft
              rubber beaver tail option. Versatile strapping system with 5 plastic buckles safely secures almost
              any body size or type. Available with beaver tail pre-installed, or you install. Head immobilizer
              sold separately, set of 5 replacement buckle straps available.

              Spineboard Parts & Accessories
              Spineboard straps – generic sets of 4 Velcro® or 4 buckle straps, fits most boards except
       [9D]   V-block, and sets of 5 buckle straps for yellow plastic spineboard only.
              Spineboard wall hooks

              Spineboard – V-Block [9E]
              Heavy-duty, solid grey marine polymer with vinyl covered aluminum runners; includes its own
              V-Block head immobilization system secured firmly by Velcro® and transport strap and comes
              with set of 4 Velcro® body straps and wall-mounting bracket. Optional: rubber two-person beaver
       [9E]   tail. Available with beaver tail pre-installed, or you install.

              V-Block Parts & Accessories
              V-Block head immobilizer replacement peel-and-stick foam (4 pieces)
              V-Block head immobilizer with forehead strap
              V-Block replacement Velcro® straps (set of 4 pairs)
              V-Block transport strap (secures head immobilizer to spineboard)


 Rescue Paddleboard [10A]
 3.2 m board meets Lifesaving Society specifications for trusted rescue performance; made
 with durable polyurethane foam core with polyester glass construction. White with “RESCUE”
 printed on bow, sides and keel; knee pads for paddling comfort; 6 “sure-grip” handles. Made
 by Dolphin Surf Craft - Australia’s premier surf craft - available in North America exclusively
 from the Lifesaving Society.

 Rescue Paddleboard Parts & Accessories                                                               [10B]
 Bolt and slide nut – replacement bolt and slide nut for all Dolphin
 racing and rescue paddleboards
 Paddleboard knee pads – replacement knee pads for all rescue
 and racing boards
 Rescue paddleboard keels – replacement keels for rescue boards

 Soft Rescue Paddleboard [10B]
 Soft rescue boards perform similarly to Dolphin rescue boards and can be used on beach patrol
 for real rescues. Benefits of soft rescue boards include: fewer injuries to rescuers, lower repair
 costs, easier transition for lifeguards in training.                                                 [10C]

 NEW! - Water Rescue Manikin [10C]
 Our easy-to-fill and easy-to-drain rescue training manikin is ideal for lifesaving courses,
 lifeguard training, employer screenings and lifesaving sport athletes. Similar to our competition
 manikin on page 27, but without white trims and screw caps, this manikin has an open
 bottom (no cap) that fills with water to simulate an unconscious victim and provides more
 realistic training than bricks. The manikin drains when elevated above the water.

 Fox 40 Whistles [10D]                                    [10D]
 Available in yellow or moonglow.

 Fox 40 Wrist Coils
 Blue coils for attaching accessories such as
 whistles or keys.

 Conference or ID lanyard available with swivel
 hook or bull-dog clip. Each lanyard is imprinted
 with “”

                                                 Easy Grip Bricks [11A]
                                                 Family of 5, 10 and 20 lb. bricks for instruction, training and competition. All three feature the
                                                 new easy-grip contour; easy to pick up, easy to hold, easy to stack. Soft rubber casing is also
                                                 easy on pool linings. Available in a 3-brick pack (1 brick of each weight) or separately:
                                                 5 lb. (2.25 kg), 10 lb. (4.5 kg), and 20 lb. (9 kg).


Guard Chair – 6 ft. Forever                                                 Guard Chair Parts & Accessories
Made from durable recycled plastic lumber; will never rot, rust or          Guard chair seat replacement – moulded fibreglass replacement
splinter; easily cleaned and slip-resistant; comes with an umbrella         seat for Scout and Portable
mount and ring buoy* holder. Meets the Society’s 72” high seat              Guard chair umbrella – protection from sunburn and impaired
standard. Built to last, indoors or out. Approximately 84” H x 66” W        vision caused by the sun; easy-lift, push-button tilt, 6 ft. diameter
(at base) and 200 lbs. Ships unassembled.                                   umbrella with 42” pole. Available in blue/yellow (mount not included)
*Ring buoy and umbrella not included.                                       Guard chair umbrella mount – universal mount can be used on
                                                                            any of our guard chairs; repositionable and made of stainless steel
                                                                            and glass-reinforced polypropylene
Guard Chair – 6 ft. Scout                                                   Solarteck umbrella – perfect for pool or beach, wind-flow feature
Rear-mount portable design; 360-degree rotating 72” high seat for
                                                                            through vented mesh keeps the elements out and allows wind to flow
continuous scanning; additional seat heights available on request.
                                                                            through; 6 ft. in diameter, navy blue; comes with carry/storage bag
Recommended by the Society and leading lifeguard consultants.
                                                                            and heavy-duty, coated-fabric tilting aluminum pole
Solid, stable 54” x 52” base and heavy-duty 5” wheels that engage
only when the chair is tipped and moved. Made of corrosion
resistant, durable stainless-steel pipe and 1” thick Starboard™ slip-
resistant decking.

Guard Chair – Portable
Durable and portable; sturdy moulded fibreglass 72” high seat;
moves easily by one person, yet stable and virtually maintenance
free; features a unique “no-weld” design for better storability and
trouble-free shipping.

Roto-Lock Floats                                                            Rope
New roto-lock design eliminates costly locking devices and is easy          3/4 inch three-strand twisted polyethylene rope for 5” x 9” roto-
to assemble. Made of linier polyethylene treated with ultraviolet           lock floats. Sold by the foot, 300 ft. per reel.
stabilizers and chlorine inhibitors; available in blue/white or             3/8 inch three-strand twisted polyethylene rope for 3” x 5” roto-
red/white.                                                                  lock floats. Sold by the foot, 630 ft. per reel.
Large 5” x 9” ideal for waterfront and pool environments;
fits 3/4” rope                                                              Rope Hooks
Small 3” x 5” ideal for making your own lane ropes, or designated           1) Rope hooks for 3/4” rope includes two hooks and hardware
swim areas in pool or beach settings; fits 3/8” rope.                       2) Rope hooks for 3/8” rope includes single hook and hardware

First Aid


                                                                               Bandages [12A]
                                                                               High-quality elastic fabric bandages and dressing
                                                                               strips: latex-free, hypoallergenic and water-resistant,
                                                                               sterile, absorbent pads are sealed on all sides,
                                                                               individually wrapped.

                                                                               Elastic strips – For small cuts and abrasions,
                                                                               (1” x 3”), 100/box.
                                                                               Elastic mini strips – For smaller cuts and
                                                                               abrasions, (7/8” x 1 ½”), 100/box.
                                                                               Elastic finger tip bands – Designed to provide
                                                                               coverage for finger and toe tips, (1 ¾” x 2”), 50/box.
                                                                               Elastic knuckle bands – Designed to provide
                                                                               coverage, protection and comfort for hard-to-
                                                                               bandage knuckles, elbows, joints, fingertips and toes,
                                                                               (1 ½” x 3”), 50/box.
                                                                               Elastic wound bands – Designed for larger
                                                                               wounds and punctures, (2” x 3”), 50/box.
                                                                               Elastic strips (extra long) – Ideal for small cuts
                                                                               and abrasions and provide extra length for securing
                                                                               to body, (3/4” x 4 1/16”), 25/box.
                                                                               Expand strips – Increased absorbency on the
                                                                               injured area. The bandage expands to absorb fluids
                                                                               and apply more pressure to the bleeding area,
 Complete details of all first aid equipment and supplies are in “The Store”   25/box.
 at                                                  Butterfly closures – Sterile plastic adhesive
                                                                               dressings designed to hold wounds together
                                                                               (like a stitch). Available in medium (3/8” x 1 ¾”)
                                                                               or large (½” x 2 ¾”), 100/box.

        Self-cling gauze bandages – Stretch gauze bandage clings to itself; ideal for securing or
        applying pressure to wounds. Available in 1” (6/box), 2” (3/box), 3” (2/box) and 4” (1/box).
        All rolls are 5 yards long.
        Sterile gauze pads – Absorbent surgical gauze, individually wrapped in water-resistant,
        tamper-proof packaging. Available in 2” x 2” (25 or 100/box), 3” x 3” (25 or 100/box) and
        4” x 4” (25 or 100/box).
        Cotton triangular bandage – Made of 100% unbleached factory cotton, latex-free and
        comes with 2 nickel-plated safety pins (40” x 40” x 56”).
        Bandage compress (pressure) dressing – Stops severe bleeding without the need for
        gauze pads and gauze bandages. Comfortable and absorbent; fast and easy to apply in
        emergency situations and comes with stretch gauze tails (4” x 4”).
        Elastic tension bandages with clips – Heavy-duty, non-fraying bandages provide
        tension, firm support and compression. Hand-washable and reusable; easy to apply and
        comes with two metal clips; ideal for wrists, feet, knees, ankles, shoulders, lower legs and
        the chest. (Available in 2”, 3”, 4” and 6”).

[13A]   Lifesaving Society First Aid Kit [13A]
        For personal use and packaged in a plastic container. Ideal for candidates on first aid
        courses, or for first aid emergencies at home, in the car, on the boat or at the cottage.
        None of the contents will freeze or expire.

        Ontario Standard First Aid Kit
        Packaged in plastic container complete with gasket to protect contents against moisture,
        dust and dirt. Carrying handle and hanging apparatus attached. Manufactured to meet
        regulatory requirements for all office spaces. Available in 3 sizes: 1-5 employees, 6-15
        employees and 16-200 employees.

        Ontario Deluxe First Aid Kit
        A more comprehensive kit than the standard version. Includes extra adhesive bandages,
        a CPR protective mask, extra disposable gloves, adhesive disinfectants and more.
        Available in 2 sizes: 6-15 employees and 16-200 employees.

        Ontario Swimming Pool First Aid Kit / Spa First Aid Kit
        Swimming pool kits and spa kits for for pool operators in Ontario: packaged in a plastic
        container containing full contents to meet regulatory requirements.

First Aid

 Paramedic “Run-With” Kit [14A]
 Suitable for emergency rescue personnel, lifeguards, first aid attendants, etc. Features a
 comprehensive assortment of first aid and emergency rescue supplies. Soft trauma nylon
 bag features 5 zipper compartments to easily access compartments and pockets; some
 pockets have sewn-in interior sleeves for scissors and forceps. Comes with shoulder strap
 and carrying handles, (17 ¼” x 11 ¼” x 12 ½”).

 Paramedic “Run-With” (bag only)
 Heavy-duty bag with roomy interior for storage of first aid and emergency items. Features
 include: 5 large zipper compartments (heavy-duty two-way zippers), sturdy reinforced
 carrying handles with fast-stick connectors, detachable shoulder strap and plastic stabilizing
 feet to keep the bag clean, dry and upright.

 Sports First Aid Kit
 Ideal for trainers and coaches in all sports. This first aid kit includes such items as cold
 packs, cold spray and various bandages for dressings and sprains. Every coach or trainer
 should have one at all times.

 First Aid Pocket Guide
 Replacement first aid pocket guide for all first aid kits; fully illustrated and bilingual.

 Adhesive Tape [14B]
 Waterproof adhesive tape
 Waterproof tape made of high-tensile, vinyl-coated cloth, with a zinc oxide adhesive
 backing. Easy to tear and unwind. Available in 1” x 5 yd. and 2” x 5 yd.

 Waterproof adhesive tape – triple cut
 Each roll of this waterproof tape contains three pre-cut widths: (5/8” x 5 yd.), (½” x 5 yd.)
 and (7/8” x 5 yd.).
 Hospital-quality cotton tape
 Premium-quality bleached cotton tape with a zinc oxide adhesive backing, specially
 formulated for skin contact and good adhesion. Available in 1”x 10 yd. (12/box) and
 2” x 10 yd. (6/box).

 Kit Ban
 Self-adhering wraps designed for compression, tension and support without clips, pins or
 tape. Increase tension as required to hold objects in place or to apply pressure to wounds.

Antiseptics/Disinfectants and Burn Care
Antiseptic/disinfectant swabs                                               Insect sting-relief swabs
Antiseptic and disinfectant swabs for minor wound care, injection           Topical medicated solution provides instant temporary relief from the
and IV preparation. Non-woven pads saturated with 70% Isopropyl             pain and itching associated with insect bites and stings.
alcohol in single use foil, 100/box.                                        Available in 10/box or 100/box.
BZK antiseptic towelettes                                                   After-Burn spray
Ideal for cleaning skin and minor wounds, and for disinfecting              Topical spray for minor burns; provides fast relief for pain associated
a caregiver’s hands prior to patient care. Sting-free for sensitive skin,   with superficial wounds, minor burns, sunburn, windburn, scalding,
100/box.                                                                    abrasions and itching.
Hand sanitizer packets                                                      Burn cream packets
Hand-cleansing towelettes reduce the risk of cross contamination.           Pain relieving gel provides fast, cool and soothing relief of pain from
Ideal for cleaning a caregiver’s hands prior to patient care.               minor burns, cuts and scrapes. Moisturizes and provides
Contains aloe vera to soften hands. Individually packaged in                a protective barrier against contaminants and irritants, (3.5 g) 10/
compact single-use foil sachets, 10/box.                                    box.
First response personal/pocket sanitizer                                    Burn care kit
Pocket-size liquid hand sanitizer dispenser; great to have in               Complete portable emergency response burn kit for 1st, 2nd and 3rd
first aid rooms, 118 ml.                                                    degree burns containing an assortment of sterile burn dressings,
                                                                            gloves, scissors and hand sanitizers. Packaged in a wall-mountable,
Certisol antiseptic spray
                                                                            high density polypropylene container, (9 ½” x 6 ½” x 3”).
Medicated cleanser and antiseptic preparation for cuts,
scratches, insect stings and bites. Cleans, disinfects and prevents         After-Burn pad
infection. Odourless and non-staining. Active ingredient:                   These self-cooling, non-adhering gel pads provide quick relief to 1st,
cetyltrimathylammonium bromide benzocaine 4.5% (weight by                   2nd and 3rd degree burns. Available in (2” x 6”), (3” x 3”) or (4” x
volume), 100 ml (3.5 oz.).                                                  4”).
Blood clotter spray                                                         After-Burn roll
Helps to promptly control superficial bleeding and inhibits growth          Burn relief rolls that wrap around burned areas; provide quick relief
of wound microbes. Active ingredient: benzalkonium chloride 0.2%,           to 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns. Available in 3 sizes: (1” x 36”),
Lidocaine 4% in concentrated hydrophilic, 100 ml.                           (3” x 36”) and (8” x 36”).
Alcohol spray                                                               After-Burn blanket
Antiseptic cleanser for wounds, abrasions and bruises, 90 ml.               This fire blanket allows for full coverage of patients with large area
                                                                            burns. Infused with a special gelled water formulation that protects
Hydrogen peroxide spray
                                                                            “like a sheet of water” to ensure immediate relief and cooling to
Topical antiseptic for cuts, scratches, sores, ulcers and oral hygiene,
                                                                            help reduce body temperature. Provides quick relief to 1st, 2nd, and
90 ml.
                                                                            3rd degree burns. May also be used to extinguish small fires, (50” x
After-cut spray bandage                                                     72”).
Liquid bandage to seal wounds: ideal for minor cuts, abrasions
                                                                            After-Burn face mask
and scratches, 100 ml.
                                                                            The burn face mask has pre-cut eyes, nose, mouth, and ear openings.
First aid cream packets                                                     The gelled water formulation avoids any wet or contaminated fluid
Ideal for small wounds, cuts, abrasions, scratches and minor burns.         from flowing into the patient’s ears, mouth or nose areas. Provides
Protects against infection and promotes rapid healing.                      quick relief to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree burns.
Water soluble. Contains cetrimide antiseptic to cleanse and kill
bacteria on and below the skin. Available in 3 g packets (10/box).

First Aid

 Hot and Cold Therapy [16A]                                                                         [16A]

 Instant cold pack
 Single use, easily activated for emergency use when cold therapy is required.
 Reaches 0ºC within seconds and provides effective cold therapy for up to 30
 minutes. Available in small (4” x 6”) or large (6” x 9”).

 Instant reusable cold/hot packs
 Reusable compresses for cold and hot therapy; can be placed in the freezer, or
 in boiling water or microwave. Always stays flexible, (5” x 10”).

 Instant hot pack
 Single use, easily activated for emergency use when hot therapy is required.
 Lasts for up to 30 minutes and reaches temperatures up to 54ºC, (6” x 10”).

 Cold spray
 Provides topical anesthesia (freezing) within seconds for treatment of
 strains, sprains, and muscle spasms, 100 ml.

 CPR, Oxygen and Airway Management                                                                  [16B]

 Lifesaving Society CPR pocket mask and case [16B]
 Packaged in a hard-shell, pocket-sized carrying case, this face mask features a clear
 mask with one-way valve and filter. Seals easily to adult, child and infant facial contours.
 Transparent dome allows rescuer to view mouth. Easy to clean. Replacement one-way valves
 and filters available.

 Disposable CPR protective device and one-way valve [16C]                                           [16C]
 Single-use protective device reduces the risk of cross contamination. Fits easily into first aid
 kits, purses, glove compartments, etc. Features silicone diaphragm, one-way isolation valve
 and semi-transparent face shield.

 Disposable CPR face shield (pocket)
 Large-sized, single-use face shield packaged in easy-to-open package.

 CPR belt kit [16D]                                                                                 [16D]
 CPR protective device complete with one pair of large disposable latex gloves;
 packaged in a water-resistant Cordura recloseable pouch with belt loop/key ring.

        Emergency CPR wall kit (complete) [17A]
        Practical kit for fast response to emergency breathing situations; includes hand sanitizer
        towelettes, pocket mask, paramedic scissors, latex disposable gloves and biohazards
        disposable gloves.

        Non-rebreathing oxygen mask – adult
        Allows for a high concentration of oxygen delivery; the one-way valve on the reservoir bag
        allows the oxygen supply to flow into the mask. Disposable and complete with 7 feet of
[17B]   oxygen tubing and a polypropylene connector.

        Oropharyngeal emergency airway kit [17B]
        Oropharyngeal devices are used on unconscious patients to suction fluids and depress
        the victim’s tongue to prevent blockage and maintain airway. This complete kit contains
        7 sizes of Guedel type disposable airways for infants to large adults.

        Nasal cannula with over-the-ear design
[17C]   Constructed from 100% PVC, this over-the-ear design provides comfort and a secure fit.
        Complete with tubing.

        Res-Q-Vac suctioning device [17C]
        Suitable for newborns, infants or adults. Unique disposable canisters with soft wide-bore
        suctioning tips provide clog-free operation. Complete with reusable handle, adult suction
        canister and directions for use. Compact, shorter stroke means less hand fatigue and
        more than 500 mm Hg of vacuum. Replacement canisters available for newborns, infants
[17D]   or adults.

        Bag valve mask (BVM) disposable [17D]
        This mask offers exceptional performance and feel. Complete with clear mask, ET Tube
        connector, positional exhalation valve, swivel mask and pop-off valves to reduce gastric
        distention. Available with adult or child resuscitator.

        Oral glucose gel
[17E]   Single-dose concentrated sugar in gel form for oral treatment of insulin shock; provides
        rapid increase in blood/sugar concentration. Packaged in a sealed tube with twist-off cap
        for quick administration, 15 g.

        EpiPen trainer [17E]
        This EpiPen® trainer is perfect for teaching the proper technique and protocol of EpiPen®
        use and administration. Contains no fluids.

First Aid

 Soft pak “run-with” oxygen unit [18A]
 Lightweight, 6-pound oxygen unit provides supplemental oxygen to a breathing patient,
 or oxygen-enriched CPR to a non-breathing patient. Features include a comfortable handle
 and shoulder strap, wall-mount hook, easy-to-read supply gauge, and a 240-litre aluminum
 “C” cylinder. Comes with crimp-proof hose, CPR mask with one-way valve and is refillable.
 Available in 6 and 12 LPM. (Oxygen supply: 40 minutes.)

 Wall oxygen unit [18B]
 Simple and easy to use with external 2-step instructions and clear cover; portable with
 convenient handle, simple On/Off control lever. Mask with one-way valve fits adults and
 children. Refillable and protected from dust and moisture. (Oxygen supply: 90 minutes.)

 AED defibrillator
 Lifeline AED semi-automatic defibrillator: just press a button and follow the
 voice-prompt instructions.
 AED prep-ready kit
 Complete kit for initial response includes a disposable razor, scissors, disposable towel,
 barrier mask and filter, and disposable latex-free gloves.

 Vinyl disposable ambidextrous gloves
 Medical gloves with AQL 1.5 provide an effective barrier while offering finger-tip
 sensitivity and comfort. Resistant to oil-based products. Various sizes, 100/box.

 Latex disposable ambidextrous gloves
 Medical gloves with AQL 1.5; strong, medical-grade latex examination gloves.
 Various sizes, 100/box.

 Nitrile disposable ambidextrous gloves
 Medical gloves with AQL 1.5; designed for healthcare providers and for latex-sensitive users   [19A]
 and patients. Puncture-resistant and provides a durable and effective barrier,
 excellent sensitivity, fit and comfort. Various sizes, 100/box.

 Metal wall-mounting bracket for gloves
 Designed to hold a box of gloves for easy access.

Instruments and Equipment                                                      Sharpes container
                                                                               Ideal for safe disposal of items such as used syringes, scalpels and
Paramedic scissors                                                             blades. Recommended for all first aid rooms. Includes one-way
Deluxe paramedic stainless steel scissors feature heavy-duty handle            tamper-proof entry, (1 litre). The Lifesaving Society accepts full
and blade capable of cutting various materials including metal/foam            containers for disposal with the purchase of a new container.
splints and safety belt webbing, (7 ¼”).
Splinter magnifier forceps
                                                                               Stations and Supplies
Stainless steel magnifier forceps provide users with a better view of
                                                                               Emergency eye-wash station [19A]
the object, (4 ½”).
                                                                               Complete single station comes with full plastic dust cover and one
Economy tweezers                                                               906 ml (32 oz.) eye-wash bottle (empty).
Dependable tweezers – a must in every first aid kit, (3 ½”).
                                                                               pH7 sterile buffered eye-wash solution
Disposable thermometers                                                        Ready to use, sterile rinse for eye irritation. Relieves irritations
Individually wrapped, single-use hygienic thermometers, 12/box.                caused by foreign materials, dust, pollutants, and fatigue. Contains a
                                                                               buffering solution to help neutralize eyes following exposure to acid
Multi-purpose “speedsplint”                                                    or alkaline substances; pH 7- balanced to liquid in eyes. Perfect for
Fast and easy to apply for temporary immobilization of the arm, leg            refilling your eye wash station, (1 litre).
or foot. Universal fit for adults and children. Can be worn for X-ray
procedures.                                                                    Neutralize chemical burn solution
                                                                               Ready-to-use, buffered solution works fast to neutralize chemical
Wire mesh (X-ray friendly) splint                                              burns in eyes or on any exterior part of the body, (1 litre).
Easy to shape to fit the various body contours. Can be cut with
scissors and worn for X-rays.                                                  Emergency chemical burn station
                                                                               Complete burn station for wall mounting in areas where chemical
Splint padding                                                                 burn emergencies may arise. Includes one built in socket to secure a
Soft padding used in conjunction with a splint provides comfort for            1-litre (35-oz.) bottle of Neutralize solution.
the injured body part, (4” x 8”), 1/box.
                                                                               Disposable dust/mist N95 masks
Emergency foil blanket                                                         Ideal for general use where respiratory protection from dust and mist
This multi-purpose emergency first aid blanket reflects body heat              is needed, 20/box.
back to the user. Lightweight, compact, windproof and waterproof;
easily fits into first aid kits and pockets, (56” x 80”).                      Heatwave sunscreen
                                                                               Ready-to-use 1-litre bottle of SPF 30 suncreen, ideal for outdoor
First aid blanket with protective case                                         protection.
Soft, grey, non-woven multi-purpose blanket provides excellent
insulation for injured patients. Ideal for stretchers, first aid rooms, etc.   Wall dispenser
Machine washable, (60” x 84”).                                                 Aluminum wall dispenser for 1-litre sunscreen applications.
Nickel-plated assorted safety pins
Nickel plated safety pins in a variety of sizes, 12/package.
Disposable “pen lites”
Pocket-size pen light features an intense focused beam operated
by applying pressure to the metal clip. Battery is sealed and non-



                                                                                          Basic Pull Buoys [20A]
                                                                                          Pull buoys held between the thighs provide buoyancy
                                                                                          to the lower body while doing arm pulling drills and
                                                                                          stroke correction. Made of Ethafoam (non-slip) with
                                                                                          adjustable nylon straps. Available in three sizes:
                                                                                          6-inch (yellow strap), 7-inch (blue strap) and 8-inch
                                                                                          (red strap).


 Rolling Equipment Rack
 Store all of your equipment on one convenient portable rack. Four adjustable shelves     Uni Leg Floats [20B]
 made with sliding PVC crossbars enable storage of any size ball. Versatile and easy to   Designed for swimmers of all ages, the special
 manoeuvre, assembly required, blue, (54”H x 24”D x 64”W). View our complete line of      curvature provides perfect fit with no need for
 pool equipment in “The Store” at                               adjustment. Durable, rigid polyethylene foam fits
                                                                                          comfortably between legs. Small 5” (yellow and blue)
                                                                                          or Large 7” (yellow and blue).

        Kickboard – Water Wonder [21A]
        Made of closed-cell PVC foam that retains its shape for years. Perfect for pools, clubs and water
        parks. Moulded finger grips on the sides allow easy use for every age.
        Available in yellow; approximate dimensions: 10.5” x 18” x 7/8”.

        Kickboard – Junior
        Same great design as the original Water Wonder but smaller (9.5” x 14”). A great tool for kids
        learning to swim or as a training aid.


        Kickboard – Classic [21B]
        Top of the line kickboard, perfect for a variety of workouts with multiple handholds and side
        finger grips. Available in blue.

        Water Barbell
        Use for aquatic fitness to work both arms and legs, or as a great learn-to-swim device (also
        known as a “kickstick”). New padded bar for more comfortable, slip-resistant grip. Lightweight
        and easy to tote; made of buoyant Ethafoam and PVC.

        Water Workout Dumbbells [21C]
        Unique design ideal for all aquatic fitness programs. Available in small (red) or large (yellow),
        sold in pairs.

        Basic Hand Bars
        Use for aquatic fitness. Durable EVA foam discs on soft-padded hand bars, sold in pairs.

        Aqua-Sizer Belt [21D]
        Wide-back “belt” offers extra back stability and support; attaches with a strong, stretch webbing
        waist-belt with clip; can be used in deep or shallow water; ideal for aquatic therapy and rehab
[21D]   patients. Turn the aqua-sizer around for abdominal support; provides adequate flotation for most
        adults. Foam is 27.5” long. Replacement belts available with buckle (2” x 47”).


 Water Polo                                                                                          [22A]

 Water Polo Caps
 Top quality water polo caps made of sturdy, chlorine-resistant mesh nylon with reinforced
 seams and advanced design ear guards. Caps are numbered in sets of 32: No. 1 red goalie
 (x2), Nos. 2-16 royal blue with white numbers and Nos. 2-16 white with royal blue numbers.

 Water Polo Balls (Sizes 3, 4 and 5) [22A]
 Buffed finish for better grip. Approved by AAU, USS, FINA, NFHS and U.S. Water Polo. Official       [22B]
 size and weight: available in sizes 4 and 5. Also available in size 3 for recreational use.

 Swim Instruction
 Egg Flips [22B]
 Little floats help teach breathing techniques to beginning swimmers. Blow forcefully on the         [22C]
 “egg” at water level and over it flips. Bright, contrasting colours provide clear indication
 that the swimmer is breathing correctly, 10/pack.

 Aqua Splats – Pack 1 and 2 [22C]
 Brightly coloured, soft and squishable aquatic toys. Fabric exterior absorbs water and still
 floats. A great learn-to-swim toy. Each is approximately 3” in diameter. Order both packs
 and have the complete collection!
 Pack 1 includes a seahorse, starfish, crocodile and crab.
 Pack 2 includes a penguin, octopus, turtle and frog.
 Squirting Fish [22D]
 Set of four brightly coloured latex fish squirt toys, 4/set.

 Dive Ring – Large
 Made of live rubber that will not harm pool bottoms or sides; ideal for learn-to-dive drills.
 6” diameter, sold individually.

 Dive Rings 4/pack or Crab Rings 5/pack
 Small, brightly coloured flexible toys; useful for practicing and improving surface-diving skills           [22E]
 and underwater depth perception, or for just having fun.

 Duck Family [22E]
 Mom, dad, son and daughter ducks - a floating duck family ready for water games,
 4 ducks/pack.

[23A]   Swim Caps and Goggles
        Swim Cap – Latex [23A]
        Durable, lightweight latex. Special head-grip design conforms perfectly; available in white,
        blue, black, purple, red or yellow.

        Swim Cap – Silicone
[23B]   UV resistant with a non-slip interior that improves tear resistance; available in black, blue or

        Goggles – Adult Raptor [23B]
        Comfortable, silicone, unibody blue frame with anti-fog clear lens.

[23C]   Goggles – Kids Dynamo [23C]
        Comfortable, silicone gasket - sized just right for smaller faces. Durable 100% silicone strap
        with adjustable nose-piece; available in blue frame/clear lens or pink frame/clear lens.

        Swim Training
        Colour Training Fins [23D]
        Comfortable, full-pocket design with the convenience of colour-coordinated sizing.
        Women’s (Men: size up 1 or 2 sizes): Size 1-3 orange, Size 3-5 green, Size 5-7 yellow,
        Size 7-9 blue, Size 9-11 red, Size 11-13 navy blue, Size 14-16 lime, Size 15-17 black.

        Workout Backpack [23E]
        Designed for swimmers. Sturdy stand-up construction, convenient storage features: front-
        zip opening with space for team logo. Roomy main compartment (20”H x 13”W x 10”D),
        4 interior pockets, 4 large exterior zip pockets, 2 mesh side pockets, 1 front pocket with
[23E]   interior storage for small items, 1 front mesh pocket for wet gear. Padded, adjustable
        shoulder strap, back rest and waist belt. Two D-Ring straps for affixing gear. Available in
        blue or red.


 Stopwatch – Meet Timer [24A]
 Features event timing, cumulative splits, 1-2 finish, 1/100 second precision, calendar and
 time, daily alarm, hourly chime, big digit display; shock and water resistant with neck
 lanyard. Blue only.


 Hand Paddles – Stroke Perfection [24B]
 Hand paddles encourage long, smooth strokes and reinforce proper stroke techniques; helps
 improve the length of your stroke. Soft moulded plastic design discourages a short stroke by
 slowing forward propulsion when the hand incorrectly enters the water.
 Silicone straps (7.5” x 5”).



 Swim Belt – 4 ft.
 Perfect for small swimming spaces and swimming in place. Great for travel. Adds resistance
 to workout and increases endurance. Available in medium tension for recreational and
 competititve swimmers. Add a 6 ft. extension to lengthen the range of your swim belt (sold

 Dryland Power Cord with Paddles or Handles [24C]
 Dryland training is an essential part of a top-level swimming workout. High quality
 resistance tubing helps develop stroke technique, endurance and strength. Medium tension
 tubing is available. Paddles version shown.

        Lane Ropes
        Keifer Advantage I Lane Ropes (25 m or 50 m)
[25A]   Proven to make pools faster! Featuring patented float construction in every segment resulting
        in the ultimate wave quelling. Designed and tested by championship swimmers and coaches.
        Discs measure 4.52” (11.5 cm) in diameter by 2.75” (7 cm) long. Compact float size and large
        fin guard are perfect for multi-use pools.

        Storage Reel − Wave Eater™ [25A]
        The Wave Eater™ has the largest capacity on the market to store lane ropes. The T-304L
        stainless-steel frame is electro-polished; polyethylene discs and reel core make the Wave Eater
        strong and durable. Large casters equipped with a locking device make it easy to roll; holds
        6 x 25 m Advantage I Lane Ropes. Dimensions: 5’ x 5’ x 6’. Wave Eater storage covers sold
[25B]   separately.

        Lane Rope Ratchet
        Ratchet wrench used for tightening your lane ropes (5/8” x 9/16”).

        Lane Rope Take-Up Reel
        Replacement take-up reels for lane ropes.

        Rolling Equipment Caddy [25B]
        Heavy-duty, all steel-wire construction caddy; easy to handle with multi-directional casters and
        large handles. Open-grid design allows for easy viewing and drying of equipment yet, deters
        thieves with lockable, hinged cover, (36”H x 24”W x 24”D)

        Rolling Noodle Storage [25C]
        Holds approximately 50 standard (2.5”) noodles. Bright-blue PVC pipe with white side
        bars, square, and feature four 2” plastic wheels. Mesh insert for hassle-free storage. Simple
[25C]   assembly required, (53”H x 21.5”W x 21.5”D)

        Mesh Equipment Bags [25D]
[25D]   Regular: roomy 18” x 30” bag holds kickboards, pull buoys, fins, etc.
        Large: super-size 36” x 45” holds all your equipment for a day’s work or workout. Both
        models have drawstring top. In royal blue only.


 Pace Clocks [26A]                                                                                 [26A]

 Made of sturdy, moulded polyethylene body and plastic face with protective lens;
 contrasting red and black markings and hands for optimum visibility even at a distance;
 minute and sweep-second hands easily repositioned through rear access panel; convenient
 start/stop button; battery models use one AA battery; all available in yellow, blue or red; all
 with Kiefer one-year limited warranty.

 Battery Pace Clock 15 inch face: personal pace clock (23” x 4”)
 Battery Pace Clock 31 inch face: concealed stabilizing foot adds sturdiness, built in             [26B]
 recessed handle also functions as wall-mounting device
 Electric Pace Clock 31 inch face: uses AC electric power (add an 8 ft. AC extension cord
 with start/stop switch, sold separately).

 Swimming Pool Test Kits
 Taylor sureTRACK-4 [26B]                                                                                  [26C]
 Simple dip-n-read test strips to determine free chlorine or bromine, pH and total alkalinity
 in 15 seconds. Ideal for backyard pool owners and operators required to test every 2 hours.
 Packaged in a travel-size re-sealable foil pouch with 10 tests, or in an easy-to-use bottle
 with 50 test strips.

 Taylor Complete-High (K-2005) [26C]
 Designed for the kind of comprehensive, routine testing performed by commercial and
 public pool operators and health inspectors.
 Taylor Complete FAS-DPD Chlorine (K-2006)
 The latest trend in testing aquatic facilities is testing with FAS-DPD titration that reads
 free and combined chlorine directly without subtraction; measures these levels as low as
 0.2 ppm and as high as 20 ppm. A must-have for facilities with hot pools/spas. Measures
 the same as K-2005 except uses titration to improve accuracy and eliminate colour
 matching problems.

 Taylor FAS-DPD Test Kit (K1515 A) [26D]
 Designed to complement your existing test kit when you want to have a more accurate
 reading using FAS-DPD titration.

 Taylor Replacement Reagents [26E]
 Single, boxed or multi-packs are listed in “The Store” at and
 include R-0001 through R-0013, as well as R-0870-I (10 g) DPD Powder, R-0870 DPD
 Powder 1/41b and R-0871 FAS-DPD TTR’G Reagent.

Lifesaving Sport

        NEW! - Competition Manikin [27A]
        Our competition manikin is Canadian-made and uses paint that won’t fade or chip. The
        painted nose meets ILS evaluation criteria. Spin-welded, one-size fittings prevent water
        leakage and use the same cap on all openings. The secured weight is now non-removable
        to eliminate risk of loss. The new location of the middle plug allows you to fill and drain the
        manikin to the precise location – no more guessing, shaking or time delays in event set-ups.

[27A]   Throw Line
        8 mm diameter, braided buoyant polypropylene line approved by the Lifesaving Society for use
        with ring buoys. Sold by the metre and cut to order.

        Lifesaving Rescue Tube [27B]
        Strong and ultra-light; meets Lifesaving Society specifications for lifeguards on patrol and for
        lifesaving sport; bright yellow, uncoated soft-foam with blue leash and wide shoulder loop.
        Stainless steel clip and rings wrap ‘n’ snap around victim or manikin. Light (500 g), tough and
        more versatile than a rescue can.

        Racing Fins [27C]
        Handcrafted fibreglass racing fins that meet Lifesaving Society and ILS equipment standards.
        In medium, hard or extra-hard flexible varieties, (25 x 65 cm). Racing fins bag (sold
        separately) holds up to 3 pairs of senior fins, ideal for storage and travel.

        Obstacles [27D]
[27D]   Lightweight and constructed of CPVC materials; fits between existing lane ropes and
        provide the opportunity to add a different component to training and programming. Senior
        obstacles 200 x 70 cm, Junior obstacles 200 x 35 cm (sizes can accommodate wider or
        shorter lanes).

        Stopwatch – Meet Timer [27E]
        Features event timing, cumulative splits, 1-2 finish, 1/100 second precision, calendar and
[27E]   time, daily alarm, hourly chime, big digit display; shock and water resistant with neck
        lanyard. Blue only.

Lifesaving Sport

   [28A]                                 [28B]                             [28C]                                [28D]

 Dolphin Senior Racing Board [28A]                                         Surf Ski and Racing Board Rentals
 Quality construction in lightweight styrene foam and epoxy glass;         Need an extra craft in a hurry? Want to take a test ride? Consider
 kneepad comfort in deep knee wells; four handles. Colourful custom        renting; we rent craft by the week, month or season (based on
 deck graphics. Cover/carry bag (sold separately) fits racing and rescue   availability).
 boards of all sizes, comes with a shoulder strap.
                                                                           High Performance Racing Paddles
 Dolphin Junior Racing Board [28A]                                         100% carbon-fibre, high-performance paddles; available in small or
 Two-metre junior racer; lightweight styrene foam core with epoxy          medium. Paddle cover sold separately.
 glass construction; four handles.
                                                                           Dolphin Surf Craft Parts & Accessories
                                                                           Adjustable seat – replacement for 17 ft. skis
 Dolphin Junior Foamie Board [28A]                                         Bolt and slide nut – replacement bolt and slide nuts hold keels in
 The “foamie” is built with an EVA foam deck and closed-cell foam
                                                                           place on all Dolphin racing and rescue paddleboards
 core that will not absorb water; slick bottom for speed and durability,
                                                                           Knee pads – replacement knee pads for all rescue and racing
 nose- and tail-blocks provide strength in high-impact areas; ideal for
 pools or waterfronts, 7’3” long, 10 lbs. (4.5 kg).
                                                                           Racing board fins – replacement fins for all senior racing boards;
                                                                           bolt and slide nut assembly not included
 Dolphin Dominator Surf Ski (19 ft.) [28B]                                 Ski rubber stopper – replacement rubber stopper for all racing skis
 Fast, stable comfort for the competitive athlete. Fibreglass              Ski rudders – replacement ski rudder fits all skis; come with the
 construction with colourful custom deck graphics. Meets ILS and           nuts and bolts required for mounting
 Lifesaving Society specifications. Cover sold separately.                 Ski rudder cover – replacement racing ski rudder covers; round,
                                                                           plastic screw-on “O” ring included
 Dolphin Adjustable Surf Ski (17 ft.) [28B]
 Same construction as the Dominator but with an adjustable seat to         SPT Lockable Tie-Downs [28C]
 fit all leg lengths. Cover sold separately.                               For securing paddles, boards, surf skis, snowboards, kayaks – or
                                                                           almost anything – to any vehicle roof-rack. Constructed of
 Used Surf Skis and Racing Boards                                          33 mm stabilized webbing, 2 hardened stainless-steel cables, soft
 Want a board or ski at a lower price? We have a variety of                Santoprene protective casing, polished die-cast buckle, weather-
 refurbished craft for immediate use, or do-it-yourself-repair models.     resistant lock with dust shutter and 8 ft. (2.5 m) strap.
 Check out the Lifesaving Sport Equipment section of “The Store” on
 our website for details.                                                  Craft Tie-Down [28D]
                                                                           Easy-to-use 1” wide adjustable strap for securing your paddleboard
                                                                           or surf ski to a roof-rack, sold in pairs.


        Lifeguard Uniforms
        Available exclusively through the Lifesaving Society, there is a new standard for lifeguard
        uniforms in Canada that offers a distinctive new look consistent with International Life
        Saving Federation guidelines.

        The uniforms are: Canadian-made, readily identifiable at a distance of 50 m or more,
        durable and lightweight, provide instant credibility, offer UV protection, and use
        internationally recognized colours of warm yellow and red.

        All uniforms can be customized to include your corporate logo or a corporate sponsor. View
        all our uniforms and clothing in “The Store” at

        Lifeguard Singlet (Male & Female) [29A]
        High-visibility yellow polyester with red side panels; LIFEGUARD lettered on front and back
        in red; centred Lifesaving Society round bilingual logo on the upper back in white; available
        in both male and female-fitted cuts. Recommended for indoor use.
        Men’s sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL.
        Women’s sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL.

        Lifeguard Singlet (Sponsored) [29B]
        Sponsored singlets are available throughout the year and are available in both male and
        female fits and sizes. Produced on a first-come-first-serve basis, our sponsor’s name appears
        on the lower back. The benefit is a reduced-price singlet in return for a sponsor’s name on
        the uniform – a great way to save money!

        Lifeguard Unisex Short-Sleeve Shirt [29C]
        Yellow polyester with red side-panels, short sleeves with crew-neck to protect shoulders and
        arms from sun exposure. For indoor or outdoor use.
        Unisex sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL.

        Lifeguard Unisex Long-Sleeve Shirt [29D]
        Long sleeves and a two-button ribbed collar provide superior sun protection ideal for
        outdoor pools and beaches.
        Unisex sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL.



 Female Maxback TYR Bathing Suit [30A]
 TYR’s 100% polyester training suits fit so well you can race in them. “Durafast” material
 designed to provide exceptional chlorine and sun resistance, made from a unique blend of
 47% polyester and 53% PBT (textured polyester yarn with stretch characteristics similar to
 spandex). Front-lined and available in royal blue – custom orders and other products are

 Evolution Board Shorts [30B]                                                                    [30B]
 Black board shorts ideal for both men and women as lifeguard uniforms, or for everyday
 wear or swim wear; made of comfortable, quick-dry microfibre.

 Crocs™ [30C]                                                                                    [30C]
 Perfect for pool decks, beaches, boating, diving, water sports and everyday wear. Crocs
 will not mark floors or boat decks and are ideal for people who are on their feet all day.
 All Crocs feature Croslite – the proprietary closed-cell resin, which warms and softens with
 your body heat and moulds to your feet – is antimicrobial, which means Crocs are resistant
 to bacteria that cause foot and shoe odour. Available in black or sea blue with yellow strap
 emblazoned with Lifesaving Society logo. We offer a wide range of sizes to fit any size foot.

[31A]   Promotions
        National Lifeguard T-shirt [31A]
        Women’s: black form-fitted short sleeve, 95% combed cotton, 5% Lycra for a snug fit, with
        Lifesaving Society logo on left sleeve.
        Unisex: black heavyweight short sleeve, 100% preshrunk cotton, with Lifesaving Society logo
        on left sleeve.

        Bronze Cross “Bronzed” T-shirt [31B]
        Women’s: blue form-fitted short sleeve, 95% combed cotton, 5% Lyrcra for a snug fit.
        Unisex: blue heavyweight short sleeve, 100% preshrunk cotton.

        Bronze Medallion “Lifesaver” T-shirt [31C]
        Women’s: white form-fitted short sleeve, 95% combed cotton, 5% Lyrcra for a snug fit.
        Unisex: white heavyweight short sleeve, 100% preshrunk cotton.

        Swim to Survive® T-shirt [31D]
        White, 100% cotton, 10 oz. Lifesaving Society Swim to Survive® logo on the chest and
        Lifesaving Experts logo on sleeve. Back reads: “Roll. Tread. Swim. Survive.”


        Buddy the Lifeguard Dog T-shirt [31E]
        White cotton with a picture of Buddy and “Always Swim with a Buddy” message on back.

        Lifesaving Society Golf Shirts
        100% combed cotton with Lifesaving Society logo embroidered on sleeve (in white or navy).
[31E]   Contrasting colour band on collar and sleeves. Available with or without the following options
        embroidered on the chest: “Instructor”, “Examiner”, “Official” (white shirt only), “Instructor
        Trainer”, “Inspector”, “Auditor”.
        Women’s: V-neck.
        Men’s: golf shirt.

Books, DVDs
                & Videos

                                                                          Alert: Lifeguarding in Action [32A]
                                                                          Required textbook for candidates in the National
                                                                          Lifeguard training course. Emphasizes teamwork in
                                                                          prevention and rescue in the lifeguarded setting.
                                                                          Available in French.


                                                                          Canadian First Aid Manual [32B]
                                                                          Updated with the 2005 CPR guidelines, the CFAM
                                                                          is the essential reference for first aid instructors
                                                                          and candidates, with emphasis on the practical
                                                                          things first aiders can actually do something about.
                                                                          Covers all material required in Basic, Emergency
                                                                          and Standard First Aid, CPR, Airway Management
                                                                          and AED certification courses. Available in French.


 Further details are posted in “The Store” at

        Canadian Lifesaving Manual [33A]
[33A]   Updated with the 2005 CPR guidelines, the CLM is the reference text for instructors and
        candidates for all lifesaving training levels. Required for the Society’s Bronze Medal awards,
        first aid training and the Lifesaving Instructor Course. Available in French.

        Boat Study Guide
        Everything you need to know to pass the test for the Pleasure Craft Operator (PCO) card.
        Required reference on Lifesaving Society BOAT courses, with full-colour art, graphs, charts
        and photos. Plus specific drowning prevention messages and advice based on Lifesaving
        Society research. Available in French.

[33B]   Lifesaving Instructor Pac [33B]
        Required by candidates in the Lifesaving Instructor Course. Includes: Instructor Notes, First
        Aid, Swim Patrol, and Bronze Medal award guides with the Lifesaving Images binder. All
        available in French.

        Swim Instructor Pac
        Required by candidates in the Lifesaving Society Swim Instructor Course. Includes: Instructor
        Notes; Parent & Tot, Preschool and Swimmer, Adult Swimmer award guides; with Lifesaving
        Images binder. All available in French.

        Combined Pac: Swim and Lifesaving Instructor
        Required by candidates in the Lifesaving Society combined Swim Instructor and Lifesaving
        Instructor Course. Includes: Instructor Notes; Swim Patrol, Bronze Medal, First Aid, Parent &
        Tot, Preschool, and Swimmer, Adult Swimmer award guides, with Lifesaving Images binder.
        All available in French.

        NLS Instructor Pac [33C]
        Required by candidates on NLS Instructor courses; includes NLS Award Guide, NLS Standards
        DVD, Guide to Ontario Public Pools Regulation and the Lifesaving Images binder. A required
        reference for National Lifeguard Examiners and an excellent reference for NLS candidates.
        Available in French.

        BOAT Instructor Pac
        Required by Boat Operator Accredited Training (BOAT) Instructors. Includes: BOAT Instructor
        Notes (3-hole drilled for use in the Society’s Lifesaving Images binder), 23 colour masters
        for overhead or handout, and 20-minute Stay in the Boat and Don’t Crash into Anything DVD that
        focuses on key content.

Books, DVDs
                   & Videos

 Canadian CPR-HCP Manual [34A]
 Presents cardiovascular-respiratory resuscitation skills and procedures for Health Care
 Providers (HCP); teaches responders to perform CPR with and without adjuncts of a medical
 setting, such as barrier devices, bag-valve-masks and defibrillators.

 Notes for Instructor Trainers
 The required reference for candidates on Lifesaving Society Instructor Trainer courses. 3-hole
 drilled for use in the Society’s Lifesaving Images binder (included). Available in French.

 Lifesaving Images Binder
 This 1½-inch D-ring binder features colourful images of lifesaving equipment and activities         [34A]
 with the Lifesaving Society logo. Exterior spine pocket allows for custom labelling; interior
 cover pocket provides storage space for lesson plans, handouts, brochures, CDs, stickers,
 seals, etc.

 Instructor Notes
 Designed to help instructors prepare to teach the Society’s training programs. Instructional
 tips complement the technical content found in the Canadian Lifesaving Manual. 3-hole
 drilled for use in the Society’s Lifesaving Images binder. Available in French.

 Parent & Tot, Preschool Award Guide [34B]
 For Swim Instructors; features curriculum overview, performance requirements and
 evaluation criteria for Parent & Tot and Preschool levels. Includes an introduction by
 Canadian Olympic swimmer Mark Tewksbury. 3-hole drilled for use in the Society’s
 Lifesaving Images binder. Available in French.
 Swimmer, Adult Swimmer Award Guide
 For Swim Instructors; features curriculum overview, performance requirements and
 evaluation criteria for Swimmer and Adult Swimmer levels. Includes an introduction
 by Canadian Olympic swimmer Mark Tewksbury. 3-hole drilled for use in the Society’s
 Lifesaving Images binder. Available in French.

 Swim Patrol Award Guide
 Updated with the 2005 CPR guidelines. Features test requirements for the Canadian Swim
 Patrol Rookie, Ranger, and Star Patrol levels. 3-hole drilled for use in the Society’s Lifesaving
 Images binder. Available in French.

 Bronze Medal Award Guide [34C]
 Updated with the 2005 CPR guidelines. Features test requirements and evaluation criteria
 for the Bronze Star, Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross awards. Includes notes, suggested
 learning activities and teaching strategies for each item. 3-hole drilled for use in the            [34C]
 Society’s Lifesaving Images binder. Available in French.

        First Aid Award Guide [35A]
        Updated with the 2005 CPR guidelines. Features test requirements and evaluation criteria
        for the Society’s Basic, Emergency and Standard First Aid, CPR, Airway Management, and
        AED certifications. 3-hole drilled for use in the Society’s Lifesaving Images binder.

        First Aid Instructor Resource CD
        Contains complete lesson plans and PowerPoint presentations for each award in the
        Society’s First Aid program: AED, Airway Management, Anaphylaxis Rescuer, CPR, Basic,
        Emergency and Standard First Aid.

        National Lifeguard Award Guide
        Updated with the 2005 CPR guidelines. Features test requirements and evaluation criteria
        for National Lifeguard competencies in all core items and items in the Pool, Waterpark,
        Waterfront and Surf options. 3-hole drilled for use in the Society’s Lifesaving Images binder.
        Available in French.

        AST Award Guide
        For AST Instructors to plan and deliver the Aquatic Supervisor Training program; outlines
        objectives and learning outcomes together with time guidelines. Gives a unit-by-unit
[35B]   outline of content.

        Junior Lifeguard Club Coaching Manual
        Outlines the Junior Lifeguard Club content components and priorities; features coaching
        strategies, activity cards, club meeting plans and information concerning club content and
        the developmental stages of youth. Includes tabbed section dividers.

        JLC Waterlog [35B]
        The passport for recording a junior lifeguard club member’s progress and achievement;
        space is provided to record personal bests with “Waterlog Seals” (sold separately).
        Time Tracker [35C]
        Makes it easy to track times, record personal bests and establish benchmarks.

        ICE: The Winter Killer [35D]
        Resource manual about ice, ice safety and ice rescue. Features ice-related drowning
        statistics; ice facts and “ice smart” safety tips; signs and symptoms of cold shock response
        and hypothermia; ice rescue procedures; signs and symptoms of critical incident stress; steps
        to help communities promote ice safety.


Books, DVDs
                  & Videos

 Guide to Ontario Public Pools Regulation [36A]
 Helps aquatic staff to understand and interpret the Ontario Government’s regulations
 governing public swimming pools. The “pool regs” are outlined in simple language using
 everyday terms understood by aquatic personnel. Also includes the entire Public Pools
 Regulation (565) and Technical Standards & Safety Act 2000, Amusement Devices, Part V:
 Water Slides.

 Guide to Ontario Public Spas Regulation
 Helps aquatic staff to understand and interpret the Ontario Government’s regulations
 governing public spas. The “spa regs” are outlined in simple language using everyday terms.
 Standards Journal 1 [36B]
 Reports on 2 precedent-setting court decisions, 3 coroner’s inquest reports, and Lifesaving
 Society positions on safety issues relevant to owners and operators of aquatic facilities.
 Includes Lifesaving Society positions on issues not addressed in regulations or protocols:
 Lifeguard breaks; Staff training; Meaning of “within call”; Change in a lifeguard’s health
 status; Criminal reference checks.

 Standards Journal 3
 Available in 2010, our latest journal includes new inquest reports and Lifesaving Society
 position statements, as well as essential statements reprinted from Standards Journals 1
 and 2.

 Waterfront Safety Guidelines                                                                   [36B]
 Assists waterfront owners and operators in providing a safe aquatic environment;
 recommends minimum safety standards for waterfront operation and outlines the
 Lifesaving Society’s position on issues related to waterfront safety.

 Wading Pool Guidelines
 Provides Ontario Government-recommended requirements for the construction and operation
 of public wading pools and splash and spray pads including supervision requirements.

 Backyard Pool Safety Guidelines
 Identifies what actions pool owners should take to prevent dangerous or risk situations.
 The guidelines are intended to assist backyard pool owners to analyze their own facility and
 build “layers of protection” to protect their family and friends.

Dragon Boat Race Event Organizers Safety Handbook                        Boat Rescue for First Responders
Outlines the safety procedures clubs and organizations should            Comprehensive guide to boating accident prevention, safety and
follow to facilitate safe dragon boat races; procedures are designed     boat rescue. Content exceeds required basics of the Society’s Boat
to maximize the safety of race participants, officials and spectators.   Rescue Award. A companion Manual is available separately featuring
Addresses race course set-up, emergency procedures and rescue            tools required to teach the award. Both available in French.
                                                                         Within Arms’ Reach (DVD)
Pool Operations Manual                                                   Barbara Underhill, former World’s Pairs Champion figure skater
The required on-course reference for the Lifesaving Society’s Pool       whose 8-month-old daughter drowned in the backyard pool, tells
Operator Certification assists managers and operators to provide a       pool owners how to prevent such tragedies in this 11-minute DVD.
safe, hazard-free swimming pool environment.                             “Within Arms’ Reach” highlights how quickly and silently drownings
                                                                         occur and what owners can do to prevent these tragedies.
Ontario Drowning Report
Easy-to-read summary of the “who, what, when, where, why and             Making the Difference (DVD and Guide)
how” of drownings in Ontario. (Consult or download the current           The essentials of effective lifeguarding: this 28-minute DVD covers
edition from                                 basic preparation, scanning techniques, recognition, double
                                                                         drownings and shallow water rescues. Includes instructor discussion
Program Guide                                                            guide and 2 student worksheets.
The aquatic programmers’ reference resource to all Lifesaving
Society programs and services. Summarizes requirements for and           Stay in the Boat and Don’t Crash into Anything (DVD)
how to administer the Society’s certification programs including         Designed for recreational boaters, this 20-minute DVD focuses on
leadership training. (Consult or download the current manual at          rules of the road and on buoys and beacons; it emphasizes key                                              information required to pass the test for the Pleasure Craft Operator
                                                                         card. Designed for self-study use by participants or by instructors on
ILS Competition Manual [37A]                                             Boat Operator Accredited Training (BOAT) courses.
The official rule book for the World Lifesaving Championships and
ILS-sanctioned competitions. Covers all International Life Saving        Snap Decisions (Video)
Federation procedures, event descriptions and rules. (Consult or         A 33-minute training resource video on response to the spinal-
download the current manual from or the ILS    injured victim, Snap Decisions explores management options in a
site at                                                   step-by-step modular form; includes leaders’ resource guide and
                                                                         plastic case.
Commonwealth Competition Manual
Outlines the standards and procedures for Commonwealth Lifesaving        NLS Standards (DVD)
Championships and RLSS Commonwealth-sanctioned competitions.             Shows instructors and examiners the test item “Must Sees” in the
                                                                         NLS course.


                                                                              Bronze Medallion Poster
                                                                              and “Take-One” Cards
                                                                              Potential Bronze Medallion candidates are the
                                                                              target for the 11” x 17” “Serious Hardware for
                                                                              Your Wall of Fame” poster. Place in aquatic facilities,
                                                                              schools, libraries, arenas – anywhere young teens
                                                                              spend time. Designed for use with the posters, our
                                                                              “take-one” promo cards target young teens and
                                                                              their parents. Space is provided on both posters
                                                                              and take-ones to add specific course dates, times,
                                                                              locations or contact information.
 View our promotional materials in “The Store” at   10 posters per package (available in French).
                                                                              100 take-one cards per package. Clear plastic
                                                                              countertop display stand for take-ones supplied
                                                                              individually. All free to affiliate members.

                                          [39B]                                        [39D]

        Learn-to-Swim Poster [39A]                  Lifesaving Society Banner
        Full-colour “All children should learn to   Comes with a dowel and rope for hanging
        swim”, 11” x 17”, in packs of 10. Free to   and features the Lifesaving Society’s
        affiliate members.                          circular bilingual logo, (70” x 40”).

        First Aid Poster [39B]                      Lifesaving Society
[39A]   Full-colour “A, B, C, D”, 11” x 17”, in     Wind Dancer [39C]
        packs of 10. Free to affiliate members.     Comes with a sleeve and is ideal for
                                                    long poles and outdoor use; features the
        Junior Lifeguard Club                       Lifesaving Society’s circular bilingual logo
        Poster                                      (96” x 30”).
        Full-colour “Serious Fun”, 11” x 17”, in
        packs of 10. Free to affiliate members.     First Aid Stickers [39D]
                                                    First Aid logo on round 1.5” stickers, great
        Canadian Swim Patrol                        for program or candidate participation,
                                                    in rolls of 100.
        Highlights Rookie, Ranger and Star Patrol
        emblems on a 76” x 42” white banner.        Swim Program Logo
        Comes with dowel and rope for hanging.      Stickers
                                                    Swim Program logo on 3” stickers, great
        Swim Program Banner                         for program promotion or candidate
        This 70” x 40” banner features the Swim     participation, in rolls of 100.
        Program logo in full-colour – a great
        promotional tool; comes with a dowel and
        rope for hanging. Available in English or


 Water Smart Stuff
            View all of our Water Smart® in “The Store” at

 Water Smart® Action Guide                                                    Ice Thickness Poster [40C]
 Resource for instructors, lifeguards and other community leaders to          Recommends minimum ice thickness while travelling on ice when
 guide drowning prevention efforts in the community.                          snowmobiling, in a car or truck, while walking or while ice fishing. Full-
                                                                              colour 11” x 17” poster in packages of 10.
 “The Rules Have Changed” Brochure
 Provides information for boaters about the regulations that require          Ice Thickness Card
 boaters to obtain a Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCO card). Full-           Full-colour wallet card recommends minimum ice thickness for safety
 colour brochure in packages of 100.                                          while ice fishing, snowmobiling, for cars and trucks, and for walking
                                                                              on ice.
 “Get it Right” Decal
 Depicts the rules of the road for boaters by indicating who has the          Cold Water Poster [40D]
 right of way. Decal measures 4” x 6” in packages of 100.                     Full-colour 12” x 17” poster in packages of 10, reminds people of
                                                                              the danger of cold water shock and to “buy yourself some time by
 Choose It. Use It.                                                           always wearing a lifejacket”.
 Two posters targeting male boaters with awareness of inflatable PFDs
 (personal flotation devices). Both 11” x 17” posters are full-colour in
 packages of 10.
 Poster A features inflatable vest with caption: “Finally a wicked way
 to laugh in the devil’s face.”
 Poster B features fisherman’s vest with caption: “Finally a practical
 alluring way to avoid biting the big one.”

 “Within Arms’ Reach” Poster [40A]
 Depicts a toddler in the water with this message to parents: “If
 you’re not within arms’ reach, you’ve gone too far.” Full colour 11” x
 17” poster in packages of 10.

 “Within Arms’ Reach” Brochure
 Advises parents of young children − especially toddlers − with special
 emphasis on backyard pool risks and safety. In packages of 100.

 “The Look Out!”                                                                                        [40A]

 Colouring & Activity Book [40B]
 Endorsed by the Lifesaving Society and suitable for kids of all ages. Full
 of safety rules and activities, and features characters from the book “The
 Look Out!”


                                                                    [41A]       [41B]                             [41D]

                                              Buddy Bookmarks                                  Swim to Survive®
                                              Thick stock 8” x 2½” white paper with an         Wristbands [41D]
                                              image of Buddy in action and the message
  BUDDY                                       “Always swim with a buddy!” Two lines with
                                                                                               Two-tone (blue and lime) moulded letters that
                                                                                               read “Swim to Survive – Lifesaving Society”
  the Lifeguard Dog                           plenty of space to write your name. In bundles
                                              of 100.
                                                                                               with logo. Available in two sizes: adult (for
                                                                                               men) and youth (for children and women).
  Buddy is our big, black furry                                                                Each wristband comes in an individual bag, in
  Newfoundlander mascot, who wears            Buddy Catcher [41B]                              bundles of 50 or 100.
  a lifeguard uniform complete with a         Learn about Buddy and water safety message
  whistle and a National Lifeguard dog        playing this easy game. Instructions describe    These wristbands help raise funds for the
  tag. Buddy makes appearances at special     how to fold the catcher and control it with      Swim to Survive® program, which provides
  events such as Drowning Prevention          your fingers. Packages of 100 (8½” x 11”)        children with the essential skills they need to
  Day and the Santa Claus Parade, but         sheets.                                          survive an unexpected fall into deep water.
  he is also available to affiliates for
  appearances at Water Smart® fundraising     Swim to Survive® Poster [41C]                                                    [41C]
  events. To book Buddy for your event,       Full-colour 11” x 17” poster in packages of
  contact the Society by phone or email       10 with the message “All children should                   learn to swim” and the skills required to
                                              achieve the Swim to Survive standard. Free to
Buddy the Lifeguard Dog
Poster [41A]                                  Swim to Survive® Parent
Full-colour 11” x 17” poster in packages of
10, shows Buddy the Lifeguard Dog logo with
                                              Full-colour parent handouts outlining and
the message ”Always swim with a buddy”.
                                              promoting the Swim to Survive® program.

Buddy the Lifeguard Dog                       Swim to Survive® Tattoos
Stickers                                      Full-colour, 1½” x 2” temporary tattoos with
Buddy’s handsome face on 3” stickers. Rolls   Swim to Survive® logo. Reverse side lists
of 100.                                       instructions for application, 100 per pack.

 Training Programs

                                                           2010 Edition

                             Guide                                                               The Lifesaving Society has a strong and respected
                                                                                                 leadership training tradition for aquatic leaders.
                                                                                                 Each year we certify thousands who provide the
                                                                                                 leadership of our swimming, lifesaving,
                                                                                                 lifeguarding and first aid training programs. We
                                                                                                 also train and certify aquatic supervisors and
                                                                                                 managers and personnel responsible for safe
                                                                                                 swimming pool operations.

                                                                                                 Consult our Program Guide for complete details of
                                                                                                 all Lifesaving Society leadership training programs:

                                                                                                    •	   Assistant Instructor
                                                                                                    •	   Swim Instrustor
                                                                                                    •	   Lifesaving Instructor
                                                                                                    •	   Advanced Instructor
                                                                                                    •	   National Lifeguard Instructor
                                                                                                    •	   First Aid Instructor
                                                                                                    •	   Advanced First Aid Instructor
                                                                                                    •	   BOAT Instructor
                                                                                                    •	   Lifesaving Coach
                                                                                                    •	   Lifesaving Sport Officials
                                                                                                    •	   Pool Operator
                                                                                                    •	   SEE Auditor
                                                                                                    •	   Aquatic Safety Inspector
                                                                                                    •	   Aquatic Supervisor Training
                                                                                                    •	   Aquatic Management Training
                                                                                                    •	   Aquatic Safety Auditor
 Lifesaving Society
 400 Consumers Road                                                                                 •	   Chief Auditor
 toronto, ontario
 M2J 1P8
 tel.: 416-490-8844
 Fax: 416-490-8766

 Training Programs
 In pursuit of enjoyment in, on or near the water, drowning and other aquatic fatalities claim the lives of almost 500 Canadians annually. Learning to
 swim and learning to rescue are fundamental to our drowning prevention mission. Our Program Guide outlines complete details of all Lifesaving
 Society training programs. Visit

Swim for Life®
Our swim program focuses on lots of in-water practice to develop solid   Junior Lifeguard Club
swimming strokes and skills in addition to valuable Water Smart®         Junior Lifeguard Club (JLC) offers an action-packed challenge for
behaviour that lasts a lifetime. Swim for Life® is organized in 5        those kids who love the water and who want more than “lessons.”
modules that flow together seamlessly. Program them independently        Quick learners, those caught between levels or programs, and youth
or as a continuous progression into the Society’s lifesaving training    who thrive in an energetic learning environment are all welcome.

Parent & Tot (3 levels) for parents and children                         Advanced and Specialized Awards
up to 3 years of age
Preschool (5 levels) for children 4–5 years                              Distinction and Diploma are advanced lifesaving awards
Swimmer (6 levels) for children 5 years and older                        that develop water rescue skills and knowledge, and lifesaving
Adult Swimmer (3 levels) for people over 16 years of age                 leadership.
Fitness Swimmer for swimmers of any age who want to improve
their overall physical fitness                                           Lifesaving Fitness is for participants of all ages who learn how
                                                                         to measure, monitor, and maintain personal physical fitness for
With no per-participant charges, Affiliate Members save substantially    lifesaving emergencies.
with the Lifesaving Society Swim for Life® Program: our single
annual licensing fee covers unlimited numbers of participants. Swim      Boat Operator Accredited Training (BOAT) teaches the safe
for Life® Licensed Affiliates may purchase badges and/or seals as        boating knowledge required to earn the Pleasure Craft Operator
optional candidate recognition items.                                    (PCO) card.

                                                                         Boat Rescue provides lifesaving knowledge and rescue ability for
                                                                         those engaged in small craft activities.

                                                                         Wading Pool Attendant provides knowledge of wading pool
                                                                         operations and lifesaving skills to prevent injuries and promote the
                                                                         safe use of these facilities.

                                                                         Patrol Rider® provides knowledge and rescue techniques
                                                                         applicable to personal watercraft (PWC). Learn to provide fast,
                                                                         efficient and safe response in water emergencies.

 Training Programs

        Canadian Swim Patrol
        Our Canadian Swim Patrol Program is the on-ramp to lifeguarding for 8–12-year-olds who
        are ready to go beyond Learn-to-Swim. Swim Patrol’s three levels – Rookie, Ranger & Star
        – build on the swimming fundamentals learned in the Swim Program to develop swimming
        strength and efficiency, with emphasis on personal responsibility for safety around the
        water. Physical conditioning and lifesaving judgment are emphasized.

        Bronze Medal Awards
        Over 30,000 Ontarians earn one or more of our Bronze awards annually. Long considered
        the cornerstone of lifesaving in Canada, the Society’s Bronze awards are the foundation for
        lifeguarding, leadership and advanced lifesaving training.

        Bronze Star
        Participants develop problem-solving and decision-making skills individually and in partners.
        Candidates learn CPR and develop the lifesaving skills needed to be their own lifeguards.
        Bronze Star provides excellent preparation for success in Bronze Medallion.

        Bronze Medallion
        Bronze Medallion teaches an understanding of the lifesaving principles embodied in the 4
        components of water-rescue education – judgment, knowledge, skill and fitness. Rescuers
        learn tows and carries, and defence methods and releases in preparation for challenging
        rescues of increased risk involving conscious and unconscious victims of various types.
        Lifesavers develop stroke efficiency and endurance.

        Bronze Cross
        Bronze Cross is designed for lifesavers who want the challenge of more advanced training
        including an introduction to safe supervision in aquatic facilities. Bronze Cross is a
        prerequisite for all advanced training programs including National Lifeguard and Instructor

                                                                        Four levels of CPR training are designed to meet the needs of both
                                                                        public and professional rescuers alike:

                                                                        1. CPR-A: CPR and choking procedures for adults.
                                                                        2. CPR-B: CPR and choking procedures for adults, children and
                                                                        3. CPR-C: CPR skills and theory for adults, children and infants.
                                                                        4. CPR-C-HCP: This Health Care Provider (HCP) level is designed
                                                                           specifically for those who, as part of their job description as
                                                                           Health Care Providers, have a duty to respond to medical
                                                                           emergencies (e.g., doctors, nurses, paramedics and allied health
                                                                           care professionals).
First Aid
                                                                        Automated External Defibrillation (AED)
Ontario’s Workplace Safety & Insurance Board recognizes the             Provides knowledge of how the heart works and what goes wrong
Lifesaving Society’s Standard and Emergency First Aid programs.         when defibrillation is required. Participants learn when and how
Our first aid programs also satisfy the first aid requirements in the   to operate an automated external defibrillator, including AED
Ontario Public Pools Regulation.                                        maintenance, data management and reporting protocols after an
Basic First Aid
Covers the basics including how to contact emergency medical            Airway Management
services, rescue breathing, how to treat choking and minor injuries.    Provides senior and experienced lifeguards with specific knowledge
                                                                        and training in the use of oxygen, suction devices, oral airways and
Emergency First Aid                                                     mask/bag-valve-mask.
Covers a general knowledge of first aid principles and the
emergency treatment of injuries. Skills include: victim assessment,     Anaphylaxis Rescuer
CPR, choking, heart attack, stroke and what to do for external          Provides training to learn how to use an auto-injector with
bleeding. Includes CPR-B certification.                                 confidence. The recognition and first aid treatment for anaphylaxis
                                                                        is covered in both the Anaphylaxis Rescuer and Standard First Aid
Standard First Aid                                                      certifications; in addition the Anaphylaxis Rescuer award covers
Provides comprehensive training covering all aspects of first aid and   prevention and risk management.
CPR. Standard First Aid incorporates all of Emergency First Aid and
is designed for those who require a more in-depth understanding of
first aid including CPR-C certification.

 National Lifeguard

                                                                                   The National Lifeguard certification represents the
                                                                                   definitive performance requirements and evaluation
                                                                                   criteria for Canada’s lifeguards based on the
                                                                                   Society’s research into drowning and water-related
                                                                                   injuries, rescue techniques and equipment. This,
                                                                                   combined with the knowledge and experience
                                                                                   gained from the Society’s participation in drowning
                                                                                   inquests and court cases over the past 40 years,
                                                                                   means the National Lifeguard program is regularly
                                                                                   reviewed and authoritatively revised.

                                                                                   NLS is the industry-recognized lifeguard standard in
                                                                                   Canada. The single NLS standard means employers
                                                                                   know instantly what your National Lifeguard card
                                                                                   stands for and who stands behind it. Employers can
                                                                                   be confident that NLS is accepted by governments
                                                                                   and the courts as the reasonable standard for
                                                                                   lifeguarding. Employers also know that the NLS
                                                                                   standard is supported by the Lifesaving Society’s
                                                                                   safety management services – aquatic safety
                                                                                   audits, aquatic safety standards, analysis and
                                                                                   interpretation of provincial regulation, inquests
                                                                                   and court case decisions, and expert witness
                                                                                   consultation. Importantly, employers know that the
                                                                                   Society is at their service in case of catastrophic
                                                                                   injury or fatality.

                                                                                   The founders of the National Lifeguard Service
                                                                                   envisioned a definitive, national standard for
 NLS: Canada’s Lifeguard Standard                                                  professional lifeguards in Canada − a single
                                                                                   standard accessible to all employers. Today, the
                                                                                   National Lifeguard certification is that and more.
 The National Lifeguard Service (NLS) certification consists of a core component   The National Lifeguard certification is backed by
 focused on lifeguarding principles and techniques, together with environment-     the authoritative expertise of the Lifesaving Society
 specific content leading to certification in one (or more) NLS option – Pool,     supported by an NLS Advisory Committee − The
 Waterfront Surf, or Waterpark.                                                    Canadian Armed Forces, the Canadian Parks
                                                                                   and Recreation Association, Physical and Health
                                                                                   Education Canada, the Canadian Red Cross Society,
                                                                                   the National YMCA, and the RCMP.

                                         Aquatic Safety
                                           Management Services

Aquatic Safety Audits
Our aquatic safety audits maximize safety by
identifying what can be done to minimize the risk
of drowning or serious injury. Our audits range in
scope from a narrow focus on a specific aspect of
one facility’s operation to a comprehensive review
of the entire aquatic operation in a community.

Aquatic Management Training
Enhance your aquatic management skills and
knowledge through our certification programs:
  •	 Aquatic Supervisor Training
  •	 Aquatic Management Training
  •	 Aquatic Safety Inspector, Auditor
  •	 Pool Operator − Level 1 and 2
  •	 SEE Auditor

Literature and Resources
The Lifesaving Society clarifies regulations, sets
standards for aquatic operations and publishes
recommendations through Coroner’s Inquests, Civil
and Criminal Court. Safety management literature
resources are listed on pages 36 and 37.

Expert Consulting
The Lifesaving Society consults as an expert in legal
cases involving aquatic safety issues.

                                                        As Canada’s lifeguarding experts, the Lifesaving Society establishes aquatic safety
                                                        standards and consults on aquatic safety issues. The Society offers a suite of services
                                                        to help aquatic facility operators maintain and improve safe pool and waterfront

                                                        Consult our Program Guide for complete details or visit the Safety Management
                                                        section at

                   Find a
                                                                                 •		 omplete	at-a-glance	history	of	your	Lifesaving	
                                                                                   Society certifications – an impressive attachment to
                                                                                   job applications or resumés.

                                                                                 •		 roof	of	certifications,	despite	lost	or	otherwise	
                                                                                   missing certification cards.

                                                                                 •		 ind	a	Member	is	continually	updated.	Use	it	
                                                                                   to learn the processing status of an award you
                                                                                   recently took (e.g., check if your recertification
                                                                                   has been processed yet).

                                                                                 Affiliate Members/Employers
                                                                                 •		 btain	immediate	confirmation	of	certifications	
                                                                                   of staff members – no telephone tag, no busy
                                                                                   signals – even when the Society’s office is closed.

                                                                                 •		 ave	time	not	having	to	chase	staff	to	obtain	proof	
                                                                                   of certifications or to get updated qualifications in
                                                                                   for verification. You can easily verify claims of
                                                                                   “I am certified but lost my card” when a staff
                                                                                   member does not bring in copies of certifications
                                                                                   before a temporary card expires.

                                                                                 •		 erify	current	instructor	certification	required	to	
                                                                                   teach specific courses like National Lifeguard or
                                                                                   Standard First Aid.

 Check Out Your Quals Online                                                       C
                                                                                 •		 onfirm	certifications	in	cases	where	the	authenticity	
                                                                                   of a card is questioned. Find a Member can provide
 Find a Member allows Lifesaving Society members to check their certification      employers with proof that certification cards being
 record online at All you need is your personal         presented are valid (or not), especially when cards
 Lifesaving Society ID code and access to the Internet. Check in from anywhere     are altered (wet/sticking to plastic covers/faded).
 at any time!
                                                                                 •		 ccess	an	applicant’s	complete	history	of	Lifesaving	
                                                                                   Society courses – an excellent tool for interviews – and
                                                                                   immediately verify certifications required for hiring.

                                                                                 •		 heck	prerequisites	for	staff	or	potential	staff	who	
                                                                                   are taking courses.

                                                                                 •		dentify	expiry	dates	for	staff	or	applicants’	
                                                                                   certifications and plan to host the needed
                                                                                   recertifications as appropriate.

                                                                                                   About the

The Lifesaving Society is a full-service provider of programs, products and services designed to prevent drowning. We do this through our training
programs, Water Smart® public education campaign, water-incident research, safety management services and lifesaving sport. We are a national
volunteer organization and registered charity composed of tens of thousands of individual members and over 2,000 affiliated swimming pools, water-
fronts and schools. The Society operates globally in over 40 countries and in every Canadian province and territory. In Canada, we have been teaching
swimming and lifesaving since the first Lifesaving Society Bronze Medallion was earned at Upper Canada College in 1896. The Lifesaving Society
represents Canada in the International Life Saving Federation, the world water safety organization, and the Commonwealth Royal Life Saving

We Train Swimmers, Lifesavers and Lifeguards
Over half a million Canadians participate annually in our swimming, lifesaving, lifeguarding, first aid and leadership training programs. Our
Junior Lifeguard Club, Swim and Swim Patrol programs, and Bronze medal awards offer youth a challenging bottom-to-top swimming and
lifesaving training progression. Our National Lifeguard certification is the recognized standard for professional lifeguards in Canada.

We Train Aquatic Leaders
Lifesaving Society instructors and examiners provide the leadership for our swimming, lifesaving, lifeguarding and first aid training programs.
We also train and certify aquatic supervisors and managers and the personnel responsible for safe swimming pool operations. And we train and
certify Canada’s aquatic safety inspectors and auditors.

We Make Canadians Water Smart®
The Lifesaving Society has been tracking and analyzing drownings since 1987. Our annual water-incident research enables us to focus our
Water Smart® drowning prevention efforts on people most at risk – like men fishing in small boats – or on those who can make a significant
difference, such as parents of young children.

We Establish Aquatic Safety Standards
The Lifesaving Society establishes aquatic safety standards and consults on aquatic safety issues for the aquatic industry, governments and the
judicial system. We perform aquatic safety audits and serve as experts in legal cases involving aquatic safety.

We provide Affiliate Members with expertise in the safe operation of aquatic facilities through inspections, comprehensive audits and
architectural reviews prior to construction.

We Govern Lifesaving Sport
The Lifesaving Society is the Canadian sport governing body for lifesaving – a sport recognized by the International Olympic Committee and
the Commonwealth Games Federation. We organize annual championships for age-group, senior and masters athletes and coordinate
Canada’s National Lifesaving Team’s participation in international competition.

We Provide Outstanding Training, Service and Administrative Support
Our drowning prevention work is supported by a network of volunteers and an experienced professional full-time staff in training programs,
public education, safety management, lifesaving sport, administration and finance, member services, and marketing and communications.

     ACTAR is Canada’s No.1 CPR and AED training system.
     Lifesaving Society instructors and those from other agencies
     depend on ACTAR for teaching groups of candidates
     simultaneously and cost effectively.

     The ACTAR training system meets the 2005 CPR Guidelines
     outlined by the International Liaison Committee on
     Resuscitation and the American Heart Association.

     ACTAR products are lightweight and come in convenient
     carrying bags that are easy to transport. They are easy to clean
     and require little maintenance. A full line of accessories and
     parts is available as your systems age or when you need to
     restock supplies.

                                                                              ACTAR D-Fib for CPR and AED training. (ACTAR AED Trainer sold separately.)

ACTAR 911 for Adult / Child CPR.        ACTAR 911 Infantry for Infant CPR.     ACTAR AED Trainer for simulating live sequences.

                                                                 LIFESAVING SOCIETY | |
                                                                 400 Consumers Road, Toronto ON M2J 1P8 | Phone: 416.490.8844 | Fax: 416.490.8766

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