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                                                                                   Issue 2, 2010
      Jackson Hills & Jackson Meadows
                                                      Teresa Lamb, CMA Association Manager:
New Year Wintry Weather Introduces 2010
                                                       Fire (Non emergency): 972.675.1633
They say if March comes in like a lamb, it will
                                                      Police (Non emergency): 972.495.2271
go out like a lion. Sachse certainly has had its
share of winter with spring being caressed with
                                                   Spring Fling, Annual Meeting ... and more
more than a dusting of snow and cold. While
multiple snow storms hit Texas, the North          May 22 is being considered as the date for the 4th
Country was experiencing spring temperatures       Annual Spring Fling. Once finalized, the Board
of 50 plus degrees. The following picture was      will let the community know the details so keep
taken of shrubs covered with the snow that fell    checking the web site for updates on important
in February!                                       events.
                                                   The Annual Meeting with the Board of Directors
                                                   of the Jackson Communities is scheduled for June
                                                   17, 2010 and will be held at Woodbridge.
                                                   Read about how to submit an Architectural
                                                   Control Committee Form (ACC) or to pay your
                                                   Homeowner’s Association dues using the CMA
                                                   Management web site.
                                                   We sure would like to hear from the community
                                                   members so let us know your thoughts and
                                                   questions and how you like the web site and what
                                                   you would like to see in the newsletter. E-mail
                                                   us at:

                                                   SAVE THE DATE!

                                                            Annual Meeting will be

                                                          Thursday, June 17th at
                                                       Woodbridge Golf Club Pavilion!
Don’t fret, however. Spring is finally here.
One good thing about the snow in Texas, it             (Notices will be mailed in May)
never lasts very long.Check out more pictures on                           R
page 4. R
“What is an ACC, Why do I need it, What is           As for the easiest and fastest way to submit an
the easiest way to Submit?”by Teresa Lamb            ACC, why not try out the CMA web site? You can
                                                     find the web site at
Living in a Homeowner’s Association sometimes
                                                     Once registered on the web site, you can view
brings about frustration when owners don’t realize
                                                     your account, submit an ACC request, pay your
there is a required procedure when changes are
                                                     assessments, view violations or request a resale
made to their property.
                                                     certificate! First you will need to log on to the
Like most Associations, Jackson Hills and   web site, go to top
Jackson Meadows have an “Architectural               right, click on need to register. Complete all
Control Committee,” an ACC. This Committee           fields then submit. Your name will need to be
reviews any anticipated exterior alterations or      shown as an owner of the property and you will
improvements to your home.                           need your Association name and account number.
The Declaration of Covenants, Conditions             If you need help with this, contact your Manager
and Restrictions for Jackson Hills and Jackson       (Teresa Lamb) or the Customer Care Department
Meadows Section 7.6 defines improvement              and we will be glad to help!
as: “Improvement shall mean and include all          Once submitted, a password will be emailed to
buildings and roofed structures, parking areas,      you within a few hours. Once registered, the
fences, walls, hedges, mass plantings, driveways,    ACC submission is a selection from the Customer
swimming pools, changes in any exterior color        Service tab on the web site. Much of your
or shape and any new exterior construction or        information is already filled in and you just select
exterior improvement which may not be included       the choices, upload photos and submit. It is sent
in any of the foregoing. It does not include any     to CMA to enter on your homeowner’s account,
replacement or repair which does not change          then sent to the ACC committee for review.
exterior appearances. It does include both
                                                     If additional information is needed for the ACC,
original improvements and all later changes and
                                                     our office will contact you; otherwise, after the
                                                     committee has reviewed your submission you will
Examples of what type of items would require         receive a letter of the committee’s decision. If
an ACC: Swimming pools, arbors, decks, patios,       denied, the owner has a right to make a written
storage buildings, play equipment, trampolines,      request for a hearing. The entire process can take
landscape changes, new fences, walkways, solar       only a few days or up to 30 days. (The average
screens, or awnings.                                 is probably 1 – 2 weeks). For more information,
The easiest way to think about it is: ANY            review Section 7 of the CC&Rs and the Design
CHANGES or ADDITIONS to your home require            Guidelines.
an ACC. If you are repainting the exterior of home   Also, the ACC Committee is needing additional
the same color it does not require an ACC because    members. If interested, please contact:
it is not a CHANGE. However, if you are painting
it a DIFFERENT color, then it does require
submission of the form. If you are planning to put
up a play set or trampoline, that it is CHANGE
to your back yard, so a form is required.
                                                     George Bush Turnpike (GBT) I-190 Eastern
Homeowner Associations require the ACC process
simply to have some policies in place so that the
                                                     Extension Progress Report
integrity of the neighborhood is maintained and      Installation of the storm drain system and
property values are not compromised because          reconstruction of ramps at the SH78 interchange
someone chose to put up a structure that was         continues. In Section 29, west of Miles Road to
not aesthetically pleasing in the style of the       north of the future Merritt Rd., crews continued
community.                                                                George Bush Turnpike– Continued on page 3

George Bush Turnpike – Continued from page 2      Calloway’s Timely Tips for May
                                                  Perennials are becoming more important to
                                                  gardeners because of their staying power. They
                                                  are plants you set out once, yet they return year
                                                  after year for your enjoyment. Perennials are
                                                  often those plants that can be divided, shared and
                                                  passed on from generation to generation.
                                                  They do best when they are incorporated into
                                                  the landscape with other plants. While shrubs
                                                  provide the backbone to your beds, perennials
                                                  will contribute color at certain times of the year.
                                                  Mixing groupings of the same type of perennials
                                                  will give your landscape a nice splash of color.
                                                  Most often, perennials die back in the Winter and
                                                  emerge again in the Spring.
                                                  You can also use perennials in a “cutting garden.”
installation of precast retaining wall panels.    Plant a few evergreen shrubs for interest but allow
Utilities are being relocated. The cost of this   most of the bed for perennials. Select varieties
project is approximately $1 billion dollars for   that will bloom at different times of the year so
the 9.9 miles project extending the George Bush   something will always be in bloom. The charm of a
Turnpike from SH78 to I-30. Thanks to Joe Huber   “cutting garden” is the fact that it changes month
for sending in the updated pictures of progress   by month, bringing new blooms to enjoy.
to date.                                          We will be hosting a free clinic in every store on
Contact information for the corridor manager      Monrovia® Perennials on Saturday, May 22nd at
follows if you have additional questions:         10:15 am. Join us to learn more about gardening
                                                  with perennials! A complete list of our FREE in-
Pat Ellis, P.E.                                   store clinics is available at http://mytexasgarden.
5900 W. Plano Parkway, Suite 800                  com/index.php/free-clinics/.
Plano, TX 75093                                   Visit for more gardening
E-mail:                           tips, information and to become a member of our
                                                  Garden Club! Success in the garden made fun and
Phone: (972) 628-3188. R                          easy at Calloway’s Nursery! R

A Snow Storm on the First Day of Spring?
January through March are tough times for our
lawns and so we generally don’t select a Yard
of the Month winner until the growing season
resumes. Here are a few snow pictures that were
submitted to us during the past several months.
Photos by Rosemary Thomas and Joe Huber

                                                  More pictures can be found in the
                                                   Photo Gallery on the Jackson
                                                       Communities web site


My Favorite (Landscape) Things                          Another harbinger of spring with a yellow flash
by Rosemary Thomas                                      is forsythia. A deciduous shrub with graceful
                                                        arching branches, it bursts into bloom around the
Is it spring yet? It must be: daffodils are in bloom,   Ides of March. It’s ignored for most of the year,
and a welcome sight they are. Nothing says              but avoid cutting it back too severely if you want
spring like their bright yellow trumpets amid the       a spectacular spring show.
grays of late winter. Don’t get me wrong: I like
winter landscapes, with the stark, bare branches
silhouetted against the sky, sunsets unobstructed
by thick canopies of leaves, even straw-colored
lawns. But this year, enough is enough. Bring
on the yellows!

                                                        Arriving a little later is Carolina Jessamine
                                                        (Gelsemium sempervirens.) That’s the vine you
                                                        see mounding on top of fences and cascading over
                                                        the sunny side. Its glossy bright green leaves
                                                        make it a winner throughout the year, with some
                                                        repeat blooms.
Also called narcissus, which is the genus for
daffodils and jonquils, they do come in other
shades, but the farthest they get from yellow
seems to be white with maybe a deep orange
trumpet. You can experiment with many different
types (the American Daffodil Society lists over
14,000 varieties), or for returning flowers every
year, select a variety that naturalizes and likes
our soil.

                                                        But the real champion saving us from our
                                                        winter doldrums is winter jasmine (Jasminum
                                                        nudiflorum.) True to its common name, it puts on
                                                        its spectacle in January, whatever the weather.
                                                        It’s a sprawling low shrub that can spread by
                                                                             My Favorite Things – Continued on page 6

My Favorite Things – Continued from page 5
                                                                                            2010 Census—Have you Returned Your Form?
rooting where its branches touch down, but can
                                                                                            In the previous newsletter, we reviewed the
also be grown in a pot, even outdoors in winter.
                                                                                            purpose of the census. Each household should
                                                                                            have received their 2010 Census form by now. Be
                                                                                            sure to complete and return the form. Have you
                                                                                            returned your Census Form?
                                                                                            For more information on the April 1, 2010 Census
                                                                                            or for information on jobs with the Census Bureau,
                                                                                            you can go to the web site.R

                                                                                            April Fool’s Day
                                                                                            Have you every wondered how this silly holiday
                                                                                            began? Here’s a bit of history regarding this
                                                                                            event. The history of April Fool’s, also known
These four are evergreen, deciduous, or bulbs that                                          as, All Fool’s Day, is not totally known. One
can return year after year. No work involved after                                          speculation is that it began sometime in the
the initial planting, but what delightful surprises                                         1500s in France when the Gregorian Calendar
at the end of winter.R                                                                      was changed by King Charles moving the New
                                                                                            Year to January 1.
                                                                                            Communications were certainly not instantaneous
Calendar                                                                                    as they are today and it took a really long time
                                                                                            for all the people to be informed of the change.
April 22 (Thursday) ........................................................Earth Day
                                                                                            Some simply refused to believe that the changes
April 23-24 (Friday-Saturday) .................................. Relay for Life             had even occurred and continued to celebrate the
April 24 (Saturday) ................Sachse Mother and Son Round-up                          New Year on April 1.
May 5 (Wednesday) ............................................. Cinco de Mayo
                                                                                            Those that didn’t change were called “fools”
May 8 (Saturday) ......................................... City Council Election            and were ridiculed and sent on futile hunts or
May 9 (Sunday) ....................................................... Mother's Day         were sent invitations to parties that didn’t exist.
May 22          ............................................................ Spring Fling   The recipients of the jokes became known as
May 31 (Monday).................................................... Memorial Day            “poisson d’avril” or “April fish.” Thus, this is how,
                                                                                            over time, April Fool’s jokes came to be. R
June 14 (Monday)........................................................... Flag Day
June 17 (Thursday) ........ Jackson Communities Annual Meeting
June 19 (Saturday) ............................................. June Nineteenth
June 20 (Sunday) ..................................................... Father’s Day             April 1
June 21 (Monday)..........Summer Solstice (First day of summer)
July 4 (Sunday) ...............................................Independence Day

                                                                                               Fool's Day
Community Emergency Response Team                     Crime Watch Alert
(CERT) Class                                          The Murphy Monitor reported on Thursday, March
A Community Emergency Response Team                   25, 2010 that “...area police were seeking citizens’
(CERT) is a neighborhood-based team trained           help in solving burglaries targeting Asians.
by professional responders and certified trainers     According to Patty Montagno, a Staff Writer at
in areas that will help them care for themselves      the Murphy Monitor, “Since November, the cities
during an emergency.                                  of Sachse, Richardson and especially Garland
                                                      began seeing a dramatic increase in break-ins
                                                      to homes where persons of Asian ancestry live,”
                                                      Sachse Police Lt. Marty Cassidy said. “The break-
                                                      ins are currently occurring during the daytime
                                                      hours, and entry is usually through the rear of the
                                                      home.” Cassidy said the burglars
                                                      are making off with jewelry and
                                                      cash. There were reportedly 40
                                                      such break-ins in the past four
                                                      months and are reportedly
                                                      under investigations.
                                                      Sachse CERT distributed
                                                      crime alert flyers to all the
                                                      Asian population, banks and
                                                      Asian-frequented businesses
For more information or if you are interested in      on Hwy 78. The Asian radio
being a part of the team, contact:                    stations have also been contacted.
                                                      Sachse CERT is a group of people
Fire Administration Office, City Hall
                                                      organized as a neighborhood-
5560 Highway 78
                                                      based team that receives special
972-495-0975, ext 48
                                                      training to enhance their ability                            to recognize, respond to, and R                               recover from a major emergency
                                                      or disaster situation.
                                                      Cassidy said the majority of the
Relay for Life                                        victims are Vietnamese. “We’re investigating
The Sachse Chamber of Commerce has joined with        to see if they are all connected to each other,”
the American Cancer Society for the Relay for         Cassidy said. “The only common thread seems to
Life, April 23 and 24. Sachse citizens and groups     be that all the victims have shopped at the Saigon
are being encouraged to participate. Mayor Mike       Market in Garland. The burglars seem to be
Felix is supporting the event.                        expanding their victim base to other ethnicities,”
                                                      Cassidy said. “So everyone should be on guard.”
It has organized a walk to help the American
Cancer Society battle all types of cancer through     Police are asking residents to make sure their
raising funds for research. Participation is a        home’s doors and windows are locked, even if
thoughtful way to honor those who have fought         they are leaving for only a short time.” For more
or are fighting this disease.                         information, you can go to the following web
For additional information about this event, go to:
form235065388/secure_index.html.R                     templates/news.asp?articleid=1012&zoneid=4
                                                      Source: The Murphy Monitor, March 25 ,2010   R
Teresa Lamb, CMCA
Association Manager for Jackson Communities
RTI/Community Management Associates Inc., “CMA”
Allen Regional Office
1301 Central Expressway South, Suite 110
Allen, TX 75013

Howdy Newcomers!
We’re glad you have chosen to join us in the Jackson Communities. For newcomer information, send
an e-mail to or visit the web site at
There is lots of information available ... and welcome to the neighborhood. R

                      Did You Know you Can Pay
                      Your Annual Dues On-Line!


                      Click on the Customer Service
                         Tab and select Payment
                       Methods. Follow the easy to
                            follow instructions.

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