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					Without you
I dont wanna see the morning sun
I promise this to my vision

Without you
Walking is also painful
I promise this to the lanes

This is what my heart speaks thereto
That my will to live is with you

Without you
I'm apart from my breath
I promise this to the winds

You are the place
On which i have built my world
And where will i go
without you

You are my hope
I live because of you
And now without you
I wont be able to cope

All of my words are with u
You are my sun and you are my dew

Without you
It doesn't even rain
I promise this to the clouds

When ur hands are with mine
Then the heart starts pumping high
And wen we r apart
Everything becomes dry

When you are close
I have an existence
And without you
My world is filled with grievance

Yes i'm addicted to you
For me you are worshipable

Without you
My wishes dont come true
I promise this to you

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