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Make Believe


									For once in our life.

We had a moment to hold,

to make a difference,

a story to unfold,

a truth to reveal,

a lesson to be learned

from the mistakes we made.

The secrets and lies,

and the words unsaid.

Wasting precious tears,

for those who never loved,

and for those who'll never care.

Fighting back the fear,

of what if they leave us?

Alone and halfway, in times unfair.

Maybe they had promised,

that they'll be with us all through.

All ups and downs, in depressed times,

to face circumstances so harsh, untrue.

But promises were never meant to be kept.

And we're left with our heart badly broken.

For they were mere words, with little hint of heart.
So fake, when they were spoken.

All so sudden, we found that we are

in the middle of nowhere,

and reality hits hard.

But maybe that’s the right time,

for a brand new start.

So, keep on saying

to yourself, you're not heart, no, you're not.

You're just been playing,

or being foolishly over smart.

'Cause this little lie will bring you the faith

of starting all over again, on your own.

You need no help, no, you don't.

So what, you're alone?

So what, you don't have friend?

Or, someone to love?

You'll survive, it’s not the end.

Believe in your own, or

even if it’s impossible, just make believe.

You're not a loser, you're only waiting
for your chance, for a reason to live.

Dream for yourself,

'cause they are not only meant for sleeping.

Wish for yourself,

'cause they might come true if you don’t stop believing.

Love yourself,

it’s not always others showing you how.

Live for yourself,

what if others don't need you now?

Or better if you've got somebody

who loves, cares and lives for you.

Don't ever let them go.

For diamonds they are, who make your life aglow.

Sadness, happiness, stays and goes.

But memories never fade, even when time flows.

Don't hold on to time, just let it go.

You too, would have the time of your life

just make believe, and don't stop believing so.

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