A masterpiece

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					A masterpiece, crafted by

the hands of a prolific artist.

Every curve, every arch placed with grace.

Made, with no mistakes.

I am a masterpiece.

But not everyone will understand or embrace.

Some will walk by not taking even a glance.

Unable to see the beauty my artist placed in me.

Others will admire, stand awhile and stare.

But will be unable to truly appreciate

the completed work that they see.

Some will want to own me,

just to show off my artistry.

To be able to say they obtained a rare piece.

But never able to grasp

the meaning behind the work

that went into creating me.

But there will be ones

that gaze in amazement and admiration.

Unable to take their eyes off the art they see.

I will capture his soul,
speak to his heart and be placed at his side.

He will truly see the piece of work that is ME.

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