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    Non-guaranteed waterproofing today
    is a guaranteed problem for tomorrow

    Diasen is a company that for more than 20 years has been creating and developing
    a wide range of innovative products and systems to waterproof every kind of surface,
    focalizing its attention to the best reliability of final result and to the drastic reduction
    of probability of committing mistakes by the applicator; following a reaserch and pro-
    duction policy based on maximum respect of the enviroinment.
    Diasen mission is to provide specific solutions, being in direct contact with designers,
    distributers and companies, developing systems studied expressly for solving pro-
    blems and satisfying the particular requirements of the yard from projecting phase to
    final construction.
    Diasen has constantly combined quality of its products with an excellent technical
    service, providing a qualified assistance that is able to solve every kind problem of the
    building yard.
    Continuos control and examination of its products, technical assistance, after sales
    service and costumer satisfation are principles that have always led Diasen action.
    In these years our company has been proved, day by day, to believe strongly in rese-
    arch and countiunous development, increasing constantly its investements in R&D
    and quality areas.
    This, together with the certified quality guaranted by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifica-
    tions, allowed Diasen products to be used in several national and international projects,
    in which have been firmed important partnerships and collaborations (UNESCO).
                                                                    to protect                             3

                                                                      to solve
                                                                to waterproof

                                                                             Under-roof waterproofing
                                                                                        Acriflex Winter
                                                             Restoration of old bituminous membranes
                                                                                         Oriplast Reflex

                                                    Waterproofing of wet areas (bathroom and kitchen)
                                                                                         Acriflex Mono

                                                                                 Terrace waterproofing
                                                                                         Acriflex Winter
                                                                                       Safety-Joint Roll
                                                                                        DiaSeal Strong
                                                                                        Floorgum Paint
                                                                                          Acriflex Fybro

                                                                            Foundations waterproofing
                                                                                             SBS Gum
                                                                               Car park waterproofing
                                                                                        Acriflex Winter
                                                                                       DiaSeal Strong
                                                                                         Floorgum Tyre
                                                                  Below grade concrete waterproofing
                                                                          Counterthrust waterproofing

An appropriate waterproofing will allow your building to live longer without
    Acriflex® Winter

    Waterproofing systems for every kind of surface

    Water-based waterproofing product, composed by acrylic resin and modified cement, that
    guarantees long-lasting elasticity as well as an easy, simple and quick application, with
    very low margins of committing mistakes by applicator.
    Acriflex Winter was born from a requirement and a need. More than 10 years ago we started
    to study new solutions to solve the problem of water infiltrations in civil and industrial
    buildings, and how to develop the inefficient tecnologies available at the time.
    Our research has led to develop a single product that, with only one liquid coating,
    eliminates the main cause of failure of all old systems: seals between prefabricated
    waterproofing sheets.
    A single products able to maintain, in the course of time, enough elasticity to withstand the
    most critical surface settings. A product of such quality to ensure decennal waterproofing,
    even if subjected to high and low temperatures and to continuous freezing - defrosting
    A product easy to apply, that reduces risks of making mistakes for the user.
    A product, an idea that comes true: Acriflex Winter.

    A unique system, thousands of solutions

                                                                                                    Drinking water tanks
                                                                                                    Epokoat Swimming
               Wet surface                                                                          (pag. 11)
              Tiled surface
                 Grip Primer
                     (pag. 8)                        ACRIFLEX WINTER                                Drive-over
                                                             +                                      Floorgum Tyre
                                                                                                    (pag. 10)
        Bitumen membrane                                  POLITES
                   surface                                 (mesh)
         Floorgum Antracite
                     (pag. 9)                                +                                      Reflectance
                                                     SAFETY JOINT ROLL                              Oriplast Reflex
                                                                                                    (pag. 19)
        Surface with rising                           (nets and joints)
     damp or counterthrust                                                                          Walk-over
                   WATstop                                                                          Floorgum Paint
                    (pag. 18)                                                                       (pag. 22)
                                                                                       Diasen waterproofing systems


                      Key benefits
                      • Quick application.
                        Allows to waterproof applying low-thickness layers.
                        Can be applied directly on existing floor.


    (on surfaces      • Suitable for lesioned/damaged surfaces.
   without mesh)      • Tiles could be pasted directly on Acriflex Winter using a good adhesive for exterior.
     2,5 kg/m2        • Could be converted as a walkable surface applying Floorgum Paint, or as a drive-over
  (Polites system)
                        surface applying Floorgum Tyre.
                      • Can be applied also during the winter season (until +5 °C, not under).
                      • When completely dry is rain resistant.
     ACk IN           Uses


  Part A = 17 kg      •   Terraces and balconies.
  Part B = 8 kg       •   Flat roofs.
                      •   Water tanks and basins.
                      •   Swimming pools.
                      •   Parking areas.
                      •   Foundations.

     YINg TI

 4 hours at 20°C      1. Clean accurately the surface. If it is a little bit wet, or in presence of old tiles, apply Grip
                      2. Put Safety Joint Roll on vertical/horizontal joints and dampen it with Acriflex Winter (by
                      3. Spread Polites Mesh on surface caring to do overlapping of about 3 cm on joints. Polites
                         have not to show any kind of bubbles or frills.
     STO E
                      4. Mix two components using a professional mixing drill of at least 1000W and 45RPM
                         (speed). We suggest to dilute part A with 5%-10% of water before applying the first
     12 months           coat. Apply by roll, brush or airless.
   in a dark area,    5. Caring to cover perfectly each area of polites mesh.
from +5°C to + 35°C   6. Drying time is 4 hour at 20°C.
    Acriflex® Winter

    Technical features

                                                UV-rays resistant
                                       3,2 mm
      Crack Bridging Ability
                                                Time before degradation.
      Resistant to surface
      micro-lesions and building                1000 hours of Weathering test (UV rays cycle)
      structural movements.                     5 years of continuous sun-exposure.

                                                Positive thrust waterproofing
                                                Maximum water pressure.
                                                before cracking (frontal side)             9,5 atm
                                                9.5 atm.

                                                Negative thrust waterproofing
                                                Maximum water pressure before
                                                cracking (back side)
                                                5 atm.
                                                                                           5 atm
                                                Tensile strenght
                                                Maximum pressure                           2,32
                                                before cracking: 2.32 MPa.                  MPa

                                                Punching test
                                                Maximum pressure before
                                                perforation 68.7 N.

                                                Adhesion on surface treated
                                                with Grip Primer:
                                                Maximum adhesion                            650
                                                strenght: 650 N/m.                           N/m

                                                Resistance to aging test:
     Cold flexibility                           8 hours cycles of UVA radiation at 60°C.   2000 h
     Minimum temperature in which
     the product resists to traction
                                       -34°C    15 minutes cycles of warm rain at 50°C.
                                                8 hours cycles of fog at 60°C.
                                                                                           10 anni
     and flexibility stress.
                                                                                             Diasen waterproofing systems

Waterproofing of new
balconies and terraces
Acriflex Winter - Polites - Safety Joint Roll



                                                             3B                                          3A

Key benefits                                 Application
• No weldings.                               1. Waterproof corners with Acriflex Winter
• Tiles or synthetic resins can be applied      reinforced with the elastic non-woven
  directly on the waterproofer, avoiding        fabric band Safety Joint Roll.
  additional concrete layer.                 2. Waterproof the horizontal surface with 2
• The concrete floor keep dry.                  coats of Acriflex Winter, applied directly
• Simple and quick system.                      on Polites mesh, previously spreaded on
• Low probability of committing mistakes        support. (integrated system).
  by applicator.                             3. Apply the tiles directly on the
                                                waterproofing (with a normal glue for
                                                external) or, alternatively, apply the
                                                walkable coating made with synthetic
                                                resins (Floorgum Paint).
    Waterproofing and refurbishing
    the surface without removing the tiles
    Grip Primer - Acriflex Winter - Polites - Safety Joint Roll - Floorgum Paint
    Grip Primer. multipurpose primer that guarantees Acriflex Winter adhesion on particular support like old floorings, metal
    sheets or very smooth surfaces. Can be used also as steam barrier on wet or high permeability level surfaces.


                          3                       4



    Key benefits                                      Application
    • Can be applied directly on old floorings,       1. Prime the surface with Grip Primer.
      without any removal.                            2. Waterproof and reinforce corners with
    • Complete savings of demolition costs.              Acriflex Winter, and Safety Joint Roll
    • Low-thickness waterproofing (primary               band.
      and most important feature on restoring         3. Application of Acriflex Winter in 2 coats.
      projects).                                      4. Applycation of Floorgum Paint.
    • After treatment the surface appears             5. Apply tiles directly on Acriflex Winter.
      completely renewed.
                                                                                           Diasen waterproofing systems

Waterproofing and restoring
of old bitumen membranes
Floorgum Antracite - Acriflex Winter - Polites - Safety Joint Roll
Oriplast Reflex / Oriplast



                                                              3                             5


Key benefits                                  Application
• Can be applied directly on old bituminous   1. Prime the surface with Floorgum
  membrane without any removal                   Anthracite
• It makes possible to avoid demolition/      2. Reinforce and waterproof joints with
  waste disposal costs                           Safety Joint Roll and Acriflex Winter
• It waterproofs definetively the old         3. Lay polites Mesh
  bituminous membrane                         4. Apply two coats of Acriflex Winter
• Suitable for many kinds of systems, such    5. Apply the walk-over syntetic resin
  as walk-over or ultra-reflecting systems       coating (See Floorgum Paint or Oriplast
  (see Floorgum and Oriplast Relfex)             Reflex)
     Waterproofing and coating
     system for parking areas
     Grip Primer - Acriflex Winter - Polites - Safety Joint Roll
     Floorgum Tyre / Polypark / Floorgum Paint
     The safest system for new and old parking lots with minimum thickness and minimum weight. Certified to be resistant to
     abrasion, UV rays and continuous freezing-defrosting cycles.





     Key benefits                                  Application
     •   Can be used on new or old parking lots.   1. Clean the surface and prime it with Grip
     •   Easy application.                            Primer, to reinforce the base and create
     •   Drive-over.                                  a steam barrier.
     •   High weather protection.                  2. Waterproof expansion joints with Diasel
     •   Optimum resistance to abrasion.              strong, safety Joint roll and Acriflex
                                                      Winter applied by brush.
     •   Anti-slick.
                                                   3. Waterproofing by integrated structure
                                                      composed by Polites mesh and two
                                                      coats of Acriflex Winter, applied by Roll,
                                                      pvc-floor squee-gee or airless.
                                                   4. Apply by roll two coats of drive-over
                                                      coating FloorGum Tyre or Polypark,
                                                      in all the areas subjected to a high
                                                      traffic density. In areas subjected only
                                                      to pedestrians passage is enough the
                                                      application of two coats by roll of one
                                                      component walkable coating Floorgum
                                                                                              Diasen waterproofing systems

Waterproofing system
for swimming pools
Grip Primer - Acriflex Winter - Polites - Safety Joint Roll - Epokoat Swimming

Diasen has conceived a safe system to waterproof all kinds of basin or swimming pools, both made up of concrete and
metal; certified to be in direct contact with drinkable water or foodstuff.





Key benefits                                  Application
• Perfect for direct contact with drinkable   1. Apply two coats of Grip Primer as steam
  water or foodstuff.                            barrier.
• Optimum resistace to stagnant water.        2. Waterproof vertical and horizontal joints
• Waterproofing finishing.                       of the basin with safety joint roll and
• Lasting life.                                  Acriflex Winter applied by brush.
• Possibility to apply mosaic directly on     3. Spread Polites mesh only on the basin
  Acriflex Winter.                               base and apply 2 coats of Acrifelx Winter
                                                 on the whole swimming pool surface.
                                              4. Apply epokoat swimming (4A), an elastic
                                                 waterproofing and coloured finishing,
                                                 resistant to UV rays, directly on Acriflex
                                                 Winter, or alternatively apply the mosaic
                                                 flooring for swimming pools directly on
                                                 Acriflex Winter with a suitable adhesive
                                                 (as an alternative to coloured paint).
     Waterproofing system
     for small surfaces
     Acriflex Fybro
     Fiber reinforced liquid bi-component water-based waterproofer, formuled with cement and acrylic resin, suitable also at
     low temperatures. UV-rays, stagnation and freezing-defrosting cycles resistant. Perfect to waterproof flat roofs, walkable
     surfaces, parking areas, swimming pools, tanks, foundations, expansion joints and to restore old bitumen membranes.
     Thanks to polypropylene fiber presence can be applied without reinforcement mesh.

     Key benefits                                   Uses
     • No reinforcement mesh needed.                Levelled surfaces smaller or equal to 20m2.
     • Excellent elasticity: 60%.                   Vertical surfaces subjected to movements.
     • Excellent resistance to tensile stress:
       According to ASTM D2370.                     Application
     • Flooring with tiles or synthetic resins.     1. Waterproof joints with Acriflex Winter
     • Quick and easy to apply.                        reinforced with the elastic non-woven
     • No “grass effect” if not coated.                fabric band Safety Joint Roll.
                                                    2. Waterproofing of surface applying
     Features                                          Acriflex Winter liquid resin in 2 coats
     Application without net (mesh).                   directly on glass-fiber Polites armor,
                                                       previously spreaded down on the floor
     Packaging                                         (integrated System).
     Part A (resin and fibers).
     Part B (cement).
                                                                                             Diasen waterproofing systems

Single component waterproofer
for internal surfaces
Acriflex mono
Liquid acrylic water-based waterproofer; UV rays, low and high temperatures resistant.
Its elastic structure makes it capable to follow structure settlement movements and dilatations due to thermal stress.
Suitable waterproofing of bathrooms, showers, kitchens and every kind of wet areas. Available in different colors.



Key benefits                                  Uses
• Total waterproofing.                        Bathrooms, shower cubicles, kitchens, wet        1. Acriflex Mono
                                              areas and surfaces with sloping level not        2. Tile adhesive
• Mono component ready to use.
• Water based (solvent-free).                 lower than 10%.
• Excellent elasticity and maximum versa-
  tility.                                     Application
• Directly flooring (with common glues).      Ready to use, if necessary dilute with maxi-
• Application by roll or brush.               mum 5% of water.
                                              1. Surface must be cleaned, consolidated,
Technical Features                               and with appropriate slope.
Acrylic mono-component waterproofer.          2. Spread Polites mesh down on the floor,
                                                 caring to do overlapping on joints of at
Packaging                                        least 3cm. Polites must not show bub-
5 Kg can.                                        bles or frills.
25 Kg can.                                    3. To obtain a good thickness apply it in 2
                                              4. Can be applied by brush, roll or airless.
                                                 Total drying time is 12 hours at 20°C.
     Waterproofing system for
     corners and vertical/horizontal angles
     Safety-Joint Roll
     TNT elastic band. Safety Joint Roll is a self-adhesive joint-covering band in non-woven fabric (100% polyester).
     Thanks to its practical removable anti-spot film, Safety Joint Roll is very handy, workable and quick to apply.


     Key benefits                                  Uses
     •   Easy and quick to apply.                  To waterproof vertical/horizontal angles
     •   Goes over PVC problems.                   and joints, combined with Acriflex Winter.       2
     •   Highly elastic.                           To waterproof expansion joints of terraces,
     •   For safety joints.                        balconies, pre-fabricated panels, floorings,
     •   Perfectly integrated into the system.     etc.
     •   Total adhesion on the surface.            Application
     •   Reduce application time.
                                                   1. Spread by brush a first coat of Acriflex
     •   Can be used in internal or external          Winter on the relevant area.
                                                   2. Lay Safety Joint Roll on the wet product
     Features                                         to achieve excellent impregnation and
                                                      perfect adhesion to the base.                 3
                                                   3. After the waterproofing coating has
                                                      begun to set, remove the adhesive anti-
     Quick to apply.
                                                      spot film.
                                                   4. Spread a second coat of Acriflex Winter
                                                      to completely cover Safety Joint Roll.

                                                                                                    Diasen waterproofing systems

Waterproofing system
for expansion and building joints
Safety Joint Roll - Diaseal Strong
Single-component polyuretane sealant suitable for both vertical and horizontal applications into expansion, structural and
building joints.

                                                                                                      1. Acriflex Winter
                                                                                                      2. Polites
                                                        1                                             3. Safety-Joint Roll
                                                                                                      4. Diaseal Strong
                                                                                                      5. Neoprene Cord





Key benefits                                        Application
• Easy to apply.                                    1. Clean accurately the joint and insert an
• Aging resistant.                                     appropriate containing neoprenic kerb.
• It can be painted over.                           2. Application with special machine of
• Elastic till - 40°C.                                 Diasel Strong sealant along external
• Suitable for application under water level           side of the joint.
• Optimum resistance to micro organisms             3. Level and push accurately Diasel Strong
                                                       into the joint.
• Suitable for sealing of swimming pools
  joints.                                           4. Spread Safety Joint Roll, with removable
                                                       film that looks up, caring to obtain a
• Suitable for direct contact with drinking
                                                       perfect impregnation of the material.
                                                    5. Apply a second coat of Acriflex winter,
• Perfect adhesion on quite all surfaces
                                                       covering totally the joint.
  without applying primer.
                                                    6. Spread Polites mesh over the band,
                                                       caring not to cover the joint, that should
Uses                                                   be free to move, expand an contract
Building joints sealing.                               itself.
Water tanks.                                        7. Apply 2 coats of Acriflex Winter covering
Irrigation canals.                                     totally Polites mesh.
Foundation walls.
Pre-fabricated concrete components.
Can be used on concrete, wood, marble,
aluminium,steal, ceramic, plasterboards, etc.
     One coat waterproofing
     system for foundations
     Aquabit is a water-based bituminous waterproofing product ready for use. It has polystyrene micro-spheres that make it
     very workable and spreadable, making it perfect to fill up all defects of concrete surfaces with just one coat. A very hard
     result to reach with the traditional liquid waterproofing products.

     Key benefits                                     Uses
     •   Only one coat applicaiton.                   Waterproofing for foundations and walls in
     •   Totally cold application.                    contact with the ground.
     •   No primer needed.                            Suitable also to waterproof small surfaces
     •   High elasticity and long-life.               under the concrete.
     •   No weldings.
     •   Easy to apply: with a common american        Application
         spatula.                                     1. Clean accurately the surface, caring to
     •   Quick drying.                                   remove dust and all kind of debris that
     •   Odourless.                                      could compromise a perfect adhesion of
     •   UV rays resistant.                              the product.
     •   Solvent-free. Neither toxic nor flammable.      Restore with cement any eventual lesion.
     •   Excellent elasticity and resistance to       2. Apply Aquabit in only one coat with normal
         crack bridging.                                 “american” spatula, making a thickness
                                                         of at least 2 mm.
     •   Completely waterproof up to 5 atm.
                                                      3. Aquabit could be applied by air-less
     •   It does not dissolve if in contact with
                                                         in only one coat. Immediately after
                                                         application, level the surface smoothing it
     Technical features                                  with spatula.
                                                      4. After application, protect the waterproofer
     No weldings.                                        with root-inibiting draining sheet.
     Totally cold application; spatula is enough.
     Can be applied with just one coat.
     Application also by air-less.
                                                                                                Diasen waterproofing systems

Liquid waterproofing
system for foundations
SBS-gum is a liquid bituminous waterproofing, mono-component and water-based,very elastic and resistant. Ideal for air-
less and roll application on wide vertical or horizontal surfaces to be fill in with earth, after application of root-inibiting
(see Dreno) or to be covered with concrete slab, after suitable application of non-woven fabric.



Key benefits                                     Uses
• Application by roller or air-less.             Waterproofing for foundations,cement
• Totally cold application.                      handmade and surfaces in contact with
• No primer needed.                              the ground.
• No weldings.                                   Waterproofing of flat surfaces (joined with
• Quick drying.                                  Polites TNT reinforcement) to be covered
• Excellent elasticity and resistance to         with concrete slabs.
  crack bridging.                                Restoration and localised repairing for
• UV rays resistant.                             old bituminous membranes (joined with
• It does not dissolve in contact with water.    Polites TNT reinforcement).
• Completely waterproof up to 5 atm.
Technical features                               1. Clean and make the surface dry, doing
                                                    necessary reparations.
No weldings.                                     2. Protect with draining sheets in concrete.
Totally cold application by roller or air-gun.      Drying time is about 24 hours.
     Waterproofing system
     with negative thrust
     WATstop is an epoxy-cement three component waterproofing, based on special resins and inerts that make it a product
     very resistant against negative thrust and severe humidity, water infiltrations and salts.

     Key benefits                                  Uses
     • Easy application by brush, roller or        Negative thrust waterproofing.
       spatula.                                    Damp      and    saltpeter   encapsulating
     • Quick drying even in damp conditions        waterproofing.
     • Highly versatility.                         Elevator pit and flower box waterproofing.
     • High adherence also on smooth and low-      Waterproofing against rising dampness on
       absorption supports.                        resistantoncrete beds and floors.
     • High salt resistance.                       Anti salt osmotic barrier in Diasen humid
     • Solvent-free. Neither toxic nor flammable   walls restoration system (see brochure
     • Odourless.                                  about Diathonite, the cork plaster).
     • Cold application.
     • To be coat with any traditional rendering   Application
       or paint.                                   1. Open epoxy mortar in plastic bag and
     • Resistant up to 9.5 atm of negative            put it into the bucket.
       thrust.                                     2. Take the cement, pour into the recipient
                                                      and mix the materials.
     Technical features                            3. Take the catalyst, pour it into the
     Complete barrier against water and sealts.       recipient and mix the materials.
                                                   4. Add water on following ratio:
                                                      20% of total weight if the product is
                                                      applied by trowel.
                                                      40% of total weight if the product is
                                                      applied by brush.
                                                                                             Diasen waterproofing systems

Ultra reflecting protective system
for bituminous membranes
Oriplast Reflex
Oriplast Reflex is a coating for external use made with special synthetic water-based resins. Applied on existant bituminous
membrane, waterproofs and protects it against aging due to atmospheric agents. Thanks to its high reflectance index,
Oriplast Reflex is able to reflect a high quantity of solar energy (more than 95%) with ensuing decrease in the temperature
on the treated surface and on the environment below the support, allowing remarkable saving on air conditioning costs.

Key benefits                                    Uses
• It reflects 95% of solar rays.                Ultra-relecting and UV rays protective
• Temperature 12°C lower (certified) in the     waterproofing for bituminous membranes,
  enviroinment under the treated support.       synthetic resins, metals and bricks.
• Excellent adhesion on slate bituminous
  membrane,        oxidized       bituminous    Application
  membrane and synthetic resins.
                                                Ready to use. Before application clean the
• Availables adhesion adjuvants for
                                                surface from oil, grease and dust. To give
  substrates of non-oxidized bituminous
                                                the product a perfect grip on the support,
  membrane or metal.
                                                if necessary apply an adhesion primer
• Excellent resistance to atmospheric           (Eposint).
  agents and UV rays.
                                                If applied on metal ensure to remove
• Total waterproofing.                          completely the rust (Rust Converter).
• It does not dissolve itself in contact with   If metal surface is seriously damaged
  water.                                        prime it with Eposint.
• High elasticity: 327%.                        After mixing with attention apply product
• Waterproofing and long lasting alternative    by air-less, roll or brush.
  to aluminium paint.                           When first coat is completely dried (about
                                                4 hours), apply the second coat using the
Technical features                              same procedure.
Total waterproofing.
Extremely elastic.
     Waterproofing system for
     foundations walls and mat
     Bentonite geo-compound made from sodium bentonite encased in a special self-hooking non-woven fabric and a strong
     polypropylene membrane tightly sewn together.


                    1                                                  5

     Key benefits                               Uses
     • High tear resistance.                    Protection and waterproofing of under-level   Legend
     • Easy application.                        concrete structures or where ground water     1. Diajoint
                                                                                              2. Safety Joint Roll
     • Quick installation.                      is present (mats, foundation walls, etc).     3. Acriflex Winter or Aquabit or SBS Gum
     • Self-sealing and self-hooking.           Garages, cellars, vaults, tunnels.            4. Bentosend
     • Unlimited storage, as long as kept in    Artificial basins and lakes.
                                                                                              5. BentoTelo
                                                                                              6. TNT 300 gr/m2
       suitable condition.
     • EU certified.
                                                                                            Diasen waterproofing systems

Waterproofing system
for casting seams
Diajoint N
Diajoint N is an hydroexpanding sealing seaming joint made from a special mixture of sodium bentonite (75%) and butyl
rubber (25%).

Key benefits
• Remarkable plasticity and felxibility.       • High steadiness over time.
• High resistance to tensile stress.           • No immediate concrete containment is
• Excellent free swelling capacity in water.     needed; in normal conditions it can stay
• High swelling power ensuring liquid            exposed up to 48 hours.
  sealing between concrete elements cast       • The product does not contain any toxic
  in place.                                      substances. It can be handled with no
• Application temperature: from -15°C to         risk for operators.
  +50°C.                                       • Expansion up to 400%.
     Protective walkable coating
     for resins waterproofing systems
     Floorgum Paint
     Floorgum Paint is a syntethic coating made with water acrylic styrol resins suitable to any civil or sport walkable surface.

     Key benefits                                    Uses
     • High elasticity.                              Apply as finishing on asphalt or cement
     • High resistance to weather agents.            surfaces (in this last case apply Grip
     • High resistance to brackish air and salts.    Primer as steam barrier before Floorgum
     • Periodical maintenance not needed.            application).
     • It can be applied as finishing of resin-      Realisation of walkable synthetic surfaces.
       based waterproofing systems.                  Cycle traks.
     • Excellent UV rays resistance.                 Coating    for   sport    playing    courts
     • Available in different colours.               (professional or not; see Sport Flooring
     • Anti-sliding.

     Technical features                              Application
     Apply directly on last layer of liquid          Ready to use
     waterproofer Acriflex Winter, avoiding floor    1. Floorings to be coated have to be
     tiles or any other more expensive coating.         completely levelled and well cleaned.
                                                     2. If applied on concrete before application
                                                        of Floorgum Paint prime the surface
                                                        with Grip Primer.
                                                     3. If subgrade is damaged apply one coat
                                                        of Floorgum Filler.
                                                     4. Spread two coats of Floorgum Paint.
                            Diasen waterproofing systems

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