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                                                  Volume XXVII No. 11   Bell Tower Building Cumberland, MD 21502 November 2009

                                                                                                “Chamber After Hours”
                                                                                                Wednesday, November 18, 2009
                                                                                                       5:30 to 7:30 pm
                                                                                                           hosted by
                                                                                                   Life Fitness Management

                                                                                                November Calendar
Chairman’s Message
                                                                                                November 4
Every now and again I, like a lot of business                                                     Member Orientation
owners and managers, like to take a step           Examples abound of opportunities to            Chamber Boardroom
back and reflect on our visions and goals          provide and get support at the Chamber.      November 5
and the progress in reaching them. Recently        The recent “Chamber After Hours” held          8:30 am
when doing this bit of introspection, I            at Rusco Home Improvements, Inc,               Membership Committee Mtg.
decided that it is again time to refocus energy    member orientation, annual recognition         Chamber Boardroom
on the sound fundamentals that make our            awards dinner at Rocky Gap Lodge and            6:00 pm
businesses successful. You too may find the        Golf Resort, Drury Customer Service             Annual Recognition Dinner
fundamentals helpful.                              seminar, river enhancement meetings,            Rocky Gap Lodge and
                                                                                                   Golf Resort
If we genuinely return to our roots, we will       and numerous committee meetings are
                                                   but a few recent events that come to mind    November 6
make certain that we:                                                                             Noon
                                                   that benefit both the participants and the
Find enjoyment in our everyday lives, at                                                          Past Presidents Advisory
                                                   community.                                     Council
work and at home. Let others become mired                                                         Cumberland Country Club
in worry and doubt. Our positive energy            It is also time to move forward and focus
and appreciation of what really matters            on ways to work smarter; more efficiently    November 12
                                                   and creatively expand our customer base.       7:30 am
– family and community – will guide our                                                           Education Committee Meeting
decisions and help us to find peace and            The Chamber is here to help and support
                                                                                                  Chamber Boardroom
contentment in all things.                         you every step of the way. I would like to
                                                   encourage everyone to attend an upcoming     November 17
Remind ourselves of our original visions.          function. They are fun, enlightening, and      8:00 am
We must rediscover the excitement and                                                             Leadership Allegany!
                                                   just may make your organization a little       Steering Committee Meeting
enthusiasm that launched our businesses            stronger. Visit our web page www.allegany      Chamber Boardroom
in the first place and convey this clearly to for complete infor-
our customers.                                                                                  November 18
                                                   mation or call us 301.722.2820.                Noon
Provide sincere and professional service                                                          Legislative Committee Mtg.
to customers. After all, they are not mere                 Steve Nelson                           Chamber Boardroom
prospects or numbers; they are our neigh-                  Chairman of the Board                   5:30 – 7:30 pm
bors and friends.                                          Allegany County                         “Chamber After Hours”
                                                           Chamber of Commerce                     Life Fitness Management
Stay the course when we are confident
                                                                                                November 19
that the direction we are taking is the right                                                     8:00 am
one. Let’s stay focused on our mission;                                                           Economic Development
meeting our goals is sure to follow. By                                                           Committee Meeting
supporting and encouraging each other,                                                            Chamber Boardroom
we strengthen our personal and business                                                            Noon
relationships and we become stronger.                                                              Board of Directors Meeting
                                                                                                   Chamber Boardroom
                                                                                                December 3
                                                                                                  Annual Membership Meeting
                                                                                                  Cumberland Country Club
   Leadership Allegany!
   The Leadership Allegany!
   Class of 2010 recently held
   their Orientation Retreat,
   which kicked off the twelfth
   year of the Allegany County
   Chamber of Commerce’s
   program of developing emerging
   leaders. The program seeks
   individuals committed to making
   a difference in Allegany County
   as well as proven leaders who
   are likely to assume greater
   rsponsibility within the

    Members of the Class of
    2010 include:
   Mark Beals, Maryland DNR                                            Dotsy Malone, Western Maryland Health System
   Robert Boyce, Frostburg State University                            Juli McCoy, The Greater Cumberland Committee
   Kathleen Breighner, Friends Aware, Inc.                             Shauna McQuade, Allegany College of Maryland
   Dr. David Cox, Allegany County Board of Education                   Kelly Moran, Kelly Moran LLC/Fore Sisters Golf Course
   Pam Glenn, Lions Center for Rehabilitation and Extended Care        Kristin Morton, Western Maryland AHEC
   Shannon Gribble, Frostburg State University                         Michael Nestor, Thrasher Engineering, Inc.
   Rebecca Hadra, Allegany College of Maryland                         Laura Offstein, Alliant Techsystems, Inc. (ATK)
   Christine Haines, Allegany County Dept. of Social Services          Don Olsen, Potomac Council, BSA
   Kelley Hallam, ACT Personnel Service, Inc.                          Patrick Peto, MSDE/Division of Rehabilitation Services
   DeWayne Hendrix, Federal Bureau of Prisons                          Amy Shillingburg, Rusco Home Improvements, Inc.
   Denise Homberg, Thrasher Engineering, Inc.                          Elizabeth Stahlman, Allegany County Government
   Donnell Householder, State of MD – North Branch                     Neil Stylinski, Producer/Writer/Raconteur
       Correctional Institution                                        Ronda Walker, First Peoples Community Federal Credit Union
   Samatha Isom, Willetts Systems, Inc.                                Nicole Wigfield, Conxx, Inc.
   Deborah Litman                                                      Amanda Winters, First Peoples Community Federal Credit Union

Annual Membership Meeting                                              Leadership Allegany!
The Annual Membership Meeting will be held on Thursday,                Alumni Event
December 3, 2009 at noon at the Cumberland Country Club.
The Nominating Committee, chaired by Stacey Bingaman, First            The Leadership Allegany! Alumni Association raised and
Peoples Community Federal Credit Union, has recommended the            allocated $1700 in scholarships to the Class of 2010. In the
following candidates to serve a three-year term on the Board of        first year of existence over 60 alumni became members of the
Directors that will expire in December 2012:                           association, whose primary mission is to raise scholarship funds and
               Robert B. Boyle, Rehab First, Inc.                      to organize alumni events and forums. All Leadership Allegany!
                John J. Felten, CSX Corporation                        alumni are eligible to join the association. A fall membership
             James J. Kreiger, J. Kreiger Goldsmith                    event will be held on Thursday, November 12th from 5:30
        Sheri D. Sensabaugh, ACT Personnel Service, Inc.               pm to 7:30 pm at the Downtown Cumberland Holiday Inn.
             Andrew L. Vick, Allegany Arts Council                     The evening will feature a motivational presentation by Ahmad
          Mark L. Widmyer, Advantage Computer, Inc.
                                                                       Tootoonchi, PhD, Frostburg State University Interim Dean, College
According to the Chamber By-Laws, “additional names of candi-          of Business. All alumni and their guests are invited to attend.
dates for directors can be nominated by petition bearing the genuine   Come see what Leadership Allegany! is all about, reflect upon
signature of at least five (5) qualified members of the Chamber.       your leadership experience, and recall the valuable lessons gained
Such petition shall be filed with the Nominating Committee after
notice has been given of the names of those nominated. The             that further intensified your passion for our community. For more
determination of the Nominating Committee as to the legality of        information on the event, please e-mail leadershipallegany
the petition(s) shall be final.”                              A special thank you to all members of the
                                                                       association for your contributions, time, and energy to keep the
If you have any questions, please contact the Chamber office or
Nominating Committee Chair Stacey Bingaman, First Peoples              Leadership Allegany! experience alive and for building oppor-
Community Federal Credit Union, at 301-784-3000.                       tunities for other leaders.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009                             Chamber Overview

Location: Chamber Boardroom
     Bell Tower Building

      Lunch will be provided

                    Are you a new member of the Chamber?
           Want to learn more about the workings of the Chamber?
       Want to become more active in the Chamber and not sure how?
   New employees that you would like to introduce to the Chamber or just
      need more information on what your Chamber can do for you?

         If you answered yes to any of the above questions then make plans to
     attend. The Orientation provides an opportunity for you to learn more about
       your Chamber, the committees that comprise the Chamber, the variety of
      networking opportunities that you can participate in as well as an overview
  of the many programs and events that the Chamber conducts throughout the year.
         Committee chairpersons will be on hand to answer all your questions.

      The Orientation is informal and a complimentary lunch will be provided.

                                   Please RSVP by October 29, 2009
                                  Allegany County Chamber of Commerce
                                            Bell Tower Building
                                            24 Frederick Street
                                       Cumberland, Maryland 21502
                                           Phone: 301-722-2820
                                            Fax: 301-722-5995
The Allegany County Chamber of Commerce
                                 sponsored by

                   1226 National Hwy, LaVale, MD | Ph: 301-729-2275

                         5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
                   Wednesday, November 18th 2009
                                       Chamber Members
                                      “Network and Win”

 $5.00 registration fee is
  donated towards the
                                    $1000                               Only members who pre-
                                                                        register, and are present
                                                                       during the 7:00pm drawing
                                                                           are eligible to win!
      Healthy snacks, beer, wine, your chance to win a
      Free 3 Month Membership, and other great prizes!
      Please respond by Friday, November 13th 2009
 Organization Name:________________________________________________________
 Member Names:____________________________________________________________
 Member Guests:____________________________________________________________
Return to Allegany County Chamber of Commerce, Bell Tower Building, 24 Fredrick Street, Cumberland, MD 21502
                Phone: 301-722-2820 Fax: 301-722-5995 EMAIL:
                                                      301 722-2820 I FAX 301 722-5995
                                                                                           KOLIN M. JAN

                                     ALLEGANY COUNTY
                                   CHAMBER OF COMMERCE
                                         NOTICE OF
                                 ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING

The Annual Meeting of the Allegany County Chamber of Commerce will be held on Thursday,
December 3, 2009 at the Cumberland Country Club beginning at noon.

The Nominating Committee composed of Stacey Bingaman, Dr. Barbara Beebe, Matt Shipway and Jim
Kreiger, have submitted the following names of candidates for the Board of Directors to serve a term
of three years, expiring December 2012.

                                     Robert B. Boyle, Rehab First, Inc.
                                     John J. Felten CSX Corporation
                                  James J. Kreiger J. Kreiger Goldsmith
                            Sheri D. Sensabaugh ACT Personnel Service, Inc.
                                 Andrew L. Vick Allegany Arts Council
                              Mark L. Widmyer Advantage Computer, Inc.

Bios of the six candidates vying for the six positions are attached.

Additional names of candidates to serve as directors can be nominated by petition bearing the
                                                        Chamber.      petition
signature of at least five (5) qualified members of the Chamber. Such petition should be filed with the
Nominating Committee prior to November 27, 2009.

Lunch will be served at a cost of $20.00 per person. Please RSVP by detaching and returning the
reservation form or by phoning the Chamber office (301-722-2820) no later than Monday,
November 30, 2009.
                              Allegany County Chamber of Commerce
               Bell Tower Building, 24 Frederick Street, Cumberland, Maryland 21502
                             Voice 301-722-2820, Fax 301-722-5995

                             2009 ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING
                                CUMBERLAND COUNTRY CLUB
NAMES: ____________________________________________________________________

COMPANY: ________________________________________________________________

_________ will attend (my check for $ ________ is enclosed)

_________ will not attend

                 Make checks payable to the Allegany County Chamber of Commerce
Candidates for the Board
Vote at the Annual Meeting
Robert B. Boyle is managing partner of Rehab 1st, a     In addition to serving two previous terms on the
full provider of physical, occupational, and            Allegany County Chamber of Commerce Board of
massage therapy services founded in 2001. He is a       Directors, he also serves on the County United
life-long resident of the area having graduated from    Way’s Campaign Committee. He is also a member
Bishop Walsh High School in 1992. He attended           of the Allegany College of Maryland Foundation
Duquesne University and graduated with a                Board.
Masters in Physical Therapy in 1998.                    John and his wife Charlotte reside in the
Rob began his professional career with Rehab            Cumberland area. They have three sons, two
Solutions in 1998 as a physical therapist in the        grandsons and one granddaughter. John spends
Johnson Heights Medical Building, Cumberland,           his free time enjoying all types of sports and
MD. After just one year of employment, he became        outdoor activities.
the clinic manager and then transitioned into the
role of regional manager for the next 2 to 3 years.     JAMES J. KREIGER
After leaving Rehab Solutions, Rob partnered to         Jim Kreiger is a lifelong resident of Allegany County
form Rehab 1st where he is a managing partner and       having worked in Cumberland for thirty-one
a treating physical therapist. Rehab 1st has been in    years, twenty-nine of those as a self employed
operation for 8 years now and has three locations -     craftsman and business owner. He is a certified
Cumberland, Frostburg, and Gaithersburg,                graduate gemologist, a self-taught jewelry designer
Maryland.                                               and a manufacturing goldsmith. As a business
He is also a partner and COO for InVision               person in Cumberland, Jim has faced many
Healthcare that has operated facilities in Cleveland,   challenges due to the economic climate of the
OH, Frederick, MD, and Philadelphia, PA.                region. Therefore, he has a keen interest and deep
Rob resides in the area with his wife Chelsea and       investment in the growth and development of
his two children Aubree and Aiden.                      the region's economy.
                                                        Jim has been a member of the Cumberland Rotary
JOHN J. FELTEN                                          Club for over twenty years, and served as President
John Felten is currently employed by CSX                in 2008. He has served on the Downtown
Transportation. His current position is Plant Man-      Development Commission for several years and is
ager at the Cumberland Locomotive Shop. He has          currently on the Board of Directors of the Union
30 years of experience with the company having          Rescue Mission and the Western Maryland Food
started his career with CSXT as an electrician at the   Bank
Cumberland, Maryland Shop.
John is a native of Cumberland, having graduated        SHERI D. SENSABAUGH
from Allegany High School and attended Allegany         Sheri Sensabaugh is President and founder of ACT
Community College. He served a four year                Personnel Service, Inc. She is a graduate of
electrical apprenticeship through Local 307 of the      Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Fine
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers in      Arts, Painting, Art History degree. She serves on
Cumberland.                                             the Board of Directors of the Allegany Arts Council,
Prior to joining CSX Transportation in 1979, John       the Garrett Information Enterprise Center, and The
spent 7 years employed with Queen City Electric         Greater Cumberland Committee Executive Board.
Company in Cumberland, MD. He has also spent            Sheri is a past Chairman of the Allegany County
2 years with CSXT at their locomotive repair facil-     Chamber of Commerce Leadership Allegany!
ity located in Waycross, GA.                            Steering Committee and was Vice-President of the
Candidates for the Board ...

Small Business Development Committee for the          also serves on the Maryland Tourism
Huntsville/Madison County Chamber of                  Development Board, the Allegany County
Commerce. She served on the M & T Bank Business       Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, and is a
Development Board, the Board of Directors of the      Past President of the Rotary Club of Cumberland.
Mineral County Chamber of Commerce, the Board         Andy is also a member of the City of Cumberland's
of Directors for Family Services (a United Way        Downtown Development Commission, a member
Agency), the Credential Review Board for the          of The Greater Cumberland Committee and is
Huntsville Rehabilitation Center and the Frostburg    co-coordinator for the Arts and Entertainment
State Foundation Board.                               Districts in Downtown Cumberland and
Sheri served as Co-Chairman of the Small Business     Downtown Frostburg.
Advisory Board for Governor Parris Glendening’s
Economic Task Force, and was the Co-Founder           MARK L. WIDMYER
charter member and past Vice-President of the         Mark Widmyer moved to Allegany County from
Women’s Economic Development Council. Sheri           Virginia in 1956. He graduated in 1963 from
was chosen to address a national audience on          Allegany High School and attended Allegany
behalf of ACT's successful partnering with the        Community College and Potomac State
YMCA and transitioning of local welfare               College, with a concentration in Business
recipients into the workforce during Vice President   Management. He was employed by Kelly
Al Gore's 1998 “Welfare to Work Coalition” to         Springfield Tire Company and in 1985 he began
Sustain Success meeting live at the White House.      a career in computers at Miller and Miller Apple
She received the Cumberland Chapter of Business       Computer Sales. In 1990, he was employed by TCI
and Professional Women’s 2003 “Woman of the           Cablevision of Maryland, Inc. as Special Projects
Year” and “Employer of the Year” for outstanding      and Budget Coordinator until 1999, when he went
contributions to the community and women in the       to work for GS Communication in Frederick, MD
work place. Sheri’s company, ACT Personnel            as Special Projects Director. In 2002, Mark joined
Service, Inc., was the Allegany County Chamber of     the Knippenberg Nationwide Agency as a licensed
Commerce 2004 Outstanding Business and                insurance agent. In 2005, his friend Frank
Community Service Award recipient, the first          Valentine purchased Advantage Computer and
woman owned firm to receive this recognition.         Communications and he entered into a partnership
                                                      with him as the Vice President of Sales and
ANdrew L. VICK                                        Marketing.
Andy Vick has been the Executive Director of the      Mark is a member of the LaVale United Methodist
Allegany Arts Council since April of 2003. Prior to   Church. He and his wife, Linda, are the parents of
his career in the arts, he was employed as a          four children, Marta, Manda, Mark II and Myra.
Marketing Director and as a Manager of Human
Resources for businesses in the Washington, DC
area. In addition to his role as Executive
Director of the Allegany Arts Council, he is
the Chairman of the Canal Place Preservation
and Development Authority (the state of
Maryland's first certified heritage area). He
                                        BUSINESS BAROMETER                                                                  November 2009

       Sales Tax Collections by Class of Business (value in $):                                                        Percent Change from:

                                                                           September '09             August '09           September '08
                                         Food and Beverage                      $927,881                  -10.5                   -3.3
                                                    Apparel                     $163,728                  35.0                    -7.1
                                       General Merchandise                      $691,527                  11.4                    -6.3
                                               Auto and Oil                     $260,671                  -1.0                    -4.4
                                  Furniture and Appliances                      $129,953                  34.3                   -22.7
                                     Building and Industrial                    $330,826                  -2.9                    -9.8
                                Utilities and Transportation                    $358,906                  43.3                    31.2
                           Hardware, Machinery, and Equip.                      $104,879                  -5.2                    -3.1
                                              Miscellaneous                     $287,603                  44.3                    -7.1

                            ALLEGANY                           August '09                    July '09                 August '08
                                  Labor Force                   34,285                        34,920                   35,486
                                    Employed                    31,401                        31,926                   33,425
                                  Unemployed                     2,884                         2,994                    2,061
                            Unemployment Rate                     8.4                           8.6                      5.8

                                                                                                        Monthly                   Annual
                                    CONSUMER PRICE INDEX                    September '09               % Change                 % Change
                                      ALL URBAN CONSUMERS                         216.0                    0.06%                   -1.29%
                               URBAN WAGE AND CLERICAL                            211.3                    0.08%                   -1.68%

                                            BUILDING PERMITS September '09                           August '09           September '08
                                COUNTY BUILDING PERMITS                       $1,571,800             $1,094,300             $1,948,565
                        CUMBERLAND BUILDING PERMITS                            $175,100               $668,800              $6,620,150

           Unemployment Rates: August 2007-2009                                                    Sales Tax Collections, September 2007-2009

 6.0                                                                            3,000,000
 4.0                                                                            2,000,000
 2.0                                                                            1,000,000
       8 9 101112 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 101112 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
                                                                                              9 101112 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 101112 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
               M aryland         United States         Allegany Co.

   The Business Barometer is generated by the Center for Regional Progress at Frostburg State University. Information is obtained from: Comptroller and Treas-
   ury, MD Dept. of Economic and Employment Analysis and Information, City of Cumberland Planning and Zoning, and
MeMber Profile:                                 ProCare Home Health
ProCare Home Health Providers is locally        Providers
owned and operated by Debbie Davis,             111 S. George St., Suite 11
Ellie Rice-Wilson and Heidi Petrie-Witmer       (located in the Smith Building)
and licensed by the State of Maryland as        Cumberland, MD 21502
a Residential Service Agency. Specialized       Phone: 301-876-9152
services are non-medical Personal Care
and In-Home Support. With a combined

                                                                                                President’s Comments
                                                                                                You could win $1000 cash! Attend
                                                                                                the “Chamber After Hours” November
                                                                                                18th at Life Fitness Management and
                                                                                                you could walk away as the monthly
                                                                                                drawing’s $1000 winner. To be
                                                                                                eligible, you must pre-register with
                                                                                                the Chamber at 301-722-2820 and
                                                                                                be present at the time of the drawing.
                                                                                                Employees of each member organiza-
                                                                                                tion are eligible. Bring a friend!
                                                                                                Employees are also eligible for restaur-
                                                                                                ant gift certificates when they recruit
                                                                                                a new Chamber member. Recruiting a
                                                                                                new member will result in receiving
                                                                                                two $25 certificates, to be redeemed
50 years of experience, the staff at ProCare    When aging loved ones are asked about           at Chamber member restaurants.
Home Health Providers assures their             their choice for housing during their           There is no limit on how many you
clients they are committed to giving them       retirement years, they will almost always       can receive: the more you recruit, the
the best services from their trained and        reply, “I Would Like To Stay In My Home.”       more certificates you’ll be awarded.
skilled caregivers. Their goal is to maintain   ProCare is a smart choice allowing people       Another event that might interest you,
a happy, healthy and safe environment           to remain in the comfort of their own home      regardless how long you’ve been a
while remaining in your own home.               environment. “Aging in Place” is more com-      member, is the Member Orientation
                                                fortable, prolongs independence, is safer,      seminar November 4th, noon at the
In-Home Care typically refers to non-med-       reduces stress and depression for the whole
ical services that assist individuals with                                                      Chamber’s Bell Tower Building in
                                                family and improves the quality of life.
Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) such as                                                      downtown Cumberland. Meet the
                                                Agency-based home care is more dependable.
Bathing, Dressing, Grooming, Toileting                                                          committee chairs and learn how you
and Feeding. Services can also provide          When choosing an agency, ProCare suggests       can contribute to the Chamber’s mis-
Meal Prep, Housekeeping, Laundry, Shop-         the following:                                  sion, while enjoying a free lunch.
ping, Companionship, Transportation             1. Choose a State Licensed Agency               The Chamber continues to search for
to Medical Appointments, Medication
                                                2. Make sure caregivers have completed          new ideas to improve member value.
Reminders and more. If a spouse or family
                                                   a thorough criminal background check         We should soon implement a page on
member is taking on the role as caregiver
                                                   including fingerprints and that they         our web site that will offer member
and they need a break or some time away,
                                                   are insured, bonded, and have current        to member discounts; this program is
they can provide the much-needed Respite
                                                   CPR and First Aid.                           popular in other Chambers. We will
Care they deserve. With Alzheimer’s and
                                                3. Work with an agency that handles the         also implement a jobs page, where
Dementia on the rise, they fully understand
                                                   caregivers payroll taxes, social security,   members can advertise employment
the special care needed and the demands
that the family faces with this on a day-          workers compensation and                     opportunities by providing a link to
to-day basis. The owners of ProCare have           unemployment taxes.                          your employment site. This is another
personal experience in dealing with                                                             way for people who are considering
                                                4. A Licensed RN will supervise caregivers
Alzheimer’s and will be there to give the                                                       relocation to the area to access the
                                                   in the clients home
family support as they move through the                                                         job market. Please let us know if you
                                                5. Agency is available 24/7 to meet the         have other ideas you would like to
stages of Alzheimer’s disease. For children
                                                   needs of the clients and any emerg-          see implemented. As usual, please
living out of town and worried about
                                                   encies that may arise.                       see our website at www.allegany
their parents and medications Certified
Medication Technicians are available to         ProCare Home Health Providers welcomes for additional
help with the medications. ProCare offers       the opportunity to discuss any of your          newsletter articles.
Peace of Mind for families who can’t be         In-Home Care needs. Please call or visit                           Kolin Jan
there on a day-to-day basis.                    their local, downtown office.
2010 – 2011 Membership                                                     Member Orientation
Directory                                                                Wednesday, November 4, 2009
The Allegany County Chamber of Commerce is pleased to                                Noon
announce that Chamber member, Alliance Publishing                            Chamber Boardroom
and Marketing, Inc., will serve as the publisher of the
2010-2011 Allegany County Chamber of Commerce Com-
munity Profile and Membership Directory.
This latest edition will be redesigned and feature many new
distribution outlets intended to target Chamber members,
residential and commercial newcomers, new medical pro-
                                                                             Recognition Dinner
fessionals moving to the area, the local community and                    Thursday, November 5, 2009
many more groups impacting our local economy. Over 16                          6:00 pm Cocktails
outlet categories representing scores of distribution points                    7:00 pm Dinner
have been defined.
                                                                         Rocky Gap Lodge and Golf Resort
The new directory will be repositioned as Allegany County’s
number one outreach tool, showcasing the Chamber of
Commerce organization, Allegany County’s resources, and
the 400+ regional businesses that – as Chamber members
– are considered to be of the highest caliber.                 New Members
Don’t miss the opportunity to advertise in this publication    Patronize these members and welcome them to the Chamber:
and define and market your business under the Chamber
umbrella. The Chamber is the information source for            Advance Debt Solutions
the county, and the Community Profile and Membership           P.O. Box 1031
Directory is the primary referral tool used by the Chamber     Somerset, PA 15501
to answer inquires. If you are not a Chamber member, this      814-444-8668
is the ideal time to join the Chamber to be included in the    Fax: 866-924-3023
2010-2011 directory.                                           Contact: Sabrina Gross, Owner
For additional information about advertising in the direc-     Category: Credit/Debt Counseling, Credit Repair,
tory, or to learn more about how joining the Chamber can       Credit Restoration, Financial Services Counseling
help you grow your business and stay informed, contact:        (specialize in debt relief, offer credit counseling, credit repair,
Alliance Publishing & Marketing, Inc.                          debt negotiation, financial counseling and help individuals avoid
308 Virginia Ave                                               bankruptcy if possible. We try to find a solution that fits each
Cumberland, MD 21502                                           individuals needs to help them get back on track financially)
301-777-1110                                                   Referred by: Chamber staff (Amy and Peg)

                                                               City Drive- In Cleaners
                                                               500 North Centre Street

       the                                                     Cumberland, Maryland 21502

The Chamber News is published monthly by the
                                                               Contact: Gary Keller, Owner
                                                               Category: Dry cleaning
Allegany County Chamber of Commerce                            (dry cleaning of clothes, drapes, etc and laundry of shirts)
                                                               Referred by: Linda Shoemaker
Kolin M. Jan, President
Bell Tower Building                                            DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen
24 Frederick Street                                            12816 Winchester Road
Cumberland, Maryland 21502                                     Showroom: 14704 McMullen Highway
301-722-2820                                                   Cumberland, Maryland 21502
301-722-5995 Fax                                               301-729-2400
Internet:                 Fax: 301-729-2095
Allegany County                                                Contact: Randy L. George, General Manager
Chamber of Commerce 2009 Officers                              E-mail:
Chairman: Stephen D. Nelson                                    Category: Remodeling – Repairs, Home Improvement Companies
First Vice Chairman: Stuart C. Czapski                         (remodel kitchens and bathrooms primarily. Including “aging in
Second Vice Chairman: Mark L. Widmyer                          place” or special needs alterations)
                                                               Referred by: Lynette Huff

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