June 10, 2008 Personnel Action Reports by byprogressivethought



TO:           Members, Board of Education

FROM:         Eric J. Becoats, Ed.D.
              Sharon S. Ozment

DATE:         June 6, 2008

RE:           Personnel Reports

The following two items are presented for your review and action on a monthly basis:

        1) Personnel Action Report for the period ending May 21, 2008:
           Appointments, Terminations, Recommendations to Revoke License.

        2) Substitute List: Appointments and Terminations.

Also attached is the Personnel Information Report, which contains resignations and
retirements and does not require Board action, having been previously accepted by the
Superintendent or his designee.

RECOMMENDATION: We recommend the adoption of the monthly Personnel Action
Report and Substitute List as outlined above and detailed in the submissions.

Period Ending May 21, 2008
                                                                                  EFFECTIVE   ENDING
NAME                         ASSIGNMENT            DEPARTMENT/SCHOOL                DATE       DATE


Walker, Misty                ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL   GRIMSLEY HIGH                   7/1/2008   6/30/2010
Stimpson, Howard             ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL   HIGH POINT CENTRAL HIGH         7/1/2008   6/30/2010
Aviles, Lydia                TCHR-PRE K            ALLEN JAY ELEMENTARY           8/20/2008
Beringer, Stacey             TCHR-K                BRIGHTWOOD ELEMENTARY          8/20/2008
Christy, Deborah             TCHR-1 GR             JAMESTOWN ELEMENTARY           8/20/2008
Moon, Mary                   TCHR-3 GR             JEFFERSON ELEMENTARY           4/17/2008   6/17/2008
Francis, Victoria            TCHR-4 GR             JESSE WHARTON ELEMENTARY       8/20/2008
Sine, Kellie                 TCHR-5 GR             MADISON ELEMENTARY             8/20/2008
Disner, Robert               TCHR-5 GR             MURPHEY TRADITIONAL ACADEMY    8/20/2008
Billeisen, Jonathan          TCHR-ART              NORTHERN HIGH                  8/20/2008
Allen, Kathleen              TCHR-6 GR SS          NORTHERN MIDDLE                8/20/2008   6/16/2009
Koster, June                 TCHR-8 GR LA          NORTHERN MIDDLE                8/20/2008
Barr, Rakia                  TCHR-ENG              NORTHWEST GUILFORD HIGH        8/20/2008
Bloom, Walter                TCHR-BEHAVIOR IMP     NORTHWEST GUILFORD HIGH        8/20/2008
Cochran, Anne                TCHR-FL FRENCH        NORTHWEST GUILFORD HIGH        8/20/2008
Cutts, Constance             TCHR-MATH             NORTHWEST GUILFORD HIGH        8/20/2008   6/16/2009
Cayton, Jason                FACILITATOR-CURR      NORTHWEST GUILFORD MIDDLE      8/20/2008
Bonan, Katherine             TCHR-EC BED           OAK HILL ELEMENTARY            8/20/2008   6/16/2009
Pegg, Heather                TCHR-5 GR             PEARCE ELEMENTARY              8/20/2008
Strecker, Rachael            TCHR-MIDDLE GR SCI    PENN-GRIFFIN SCHOOL FOR ARTS   8/20/2008
Locklear, Glen               ATH DIR               RAGSDALE HIGH                  7/1/2008
Benson, Annie                TCHR-K                RANKIN ELEMENTARY              8/20/2008
Mitchell, Ashley             TCHR-4 GR             RANKIN ELEMENTARY              8/20/2008
Cox, Andrea                  TCHR-4 GR             REEDY FORK ELEMENTARY          8/20/2008
Richardson, Kanesha          COUNSELOR             SMITH HIGH                     8/20/2008
Cox, Harold                  TCHR-CTE SCI VISUAL   SOUTHERN GUILFORD HIGH         5/19/2008   6/17/2008
Roberson, Heidi              TCHR-EC AU            SOUTHWEST GUILFORD MIDDLE      8/20/2008
Davis, Sarah                 TCHR-EC PK AU         STERNBERGER ELEMENTARY         8/20/2008   6/16/2009
Burchette, Tammy                    TCHR-3 GR                            SUMMERFIELD ELEMENTARY                            8/20/2008
Tate, Rovahnda                      MONTESSORI COORDINATOR               WASHINGTON ELEMENTARY                              7/1/2008


Hunsinger, Megan                    TECH-SIMS                            AYCOCK MIDDLE                                     5/19/2008
Payne, Debra                        SNS ASST I                           BROWN SUMMIT MIDDLE                               5/19/2008
Thompson, Chapel                    OFC SUP V                            CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER                           5/19/2008
Gillis, Tuwana                      OFC SUP III                          COUNSELING SERVICES                               5/20/2008
Graham, Alsheka                     SNS ASST I                           DUDLEY HIGH                                       5/15/2008
James, David                        CUST I                               FERNDALE MIDDLE                                   5/21/2008
Simmons, Vickie                     SNS ASST II                          GUILFORD MIDDLE                                   5/12/2008
Redmon, Kimberly                    SNS ASST I                           KERNODLE MIDDLE                                   5/20/2008
Sullivan, Linda                     TECH-SIMS                            KISER MIDDLE                                       7/1/2008
Smart, Archie                       MNT-FOREMAN CARP                     MAINTENANCE                                       5/12/2008
Samuels, Pamela                     ASST-TCHR                            MCLEANSVILLE ELEMENTARY                           8/20/2008
Moore, Henry                        CUST I                               MONTICELLO-BROWN SUMMIT ELEM                      5/16/2008
Matthews, Judy                      CUST I                               NORTHERN ELEMENTARY                               5/19/2008
Jackson, Barry                      CUST I                               NORTHWEST GUILFORD HIGH                           5/7/2008
Marion, Jacquelyn                   BUS DRIVER                           NORTHWEST HIGH/NORTHERN HIGH                      4/26/2008
Martin, Daphne                      BUS DRIVER                           NORTHWEST HIGH/NORTHERN HIGH                      4/25/2008
Rheaume, James                      BUS DRIVER                           NORTHWEST HIGH/NORTHERN HIGH                      4/26/2008
Scoggins, Karen                     BUS DRIVER                           NORTHWEST HIGH/NORTHERN HIGH                      4/24/2008
Newman, Leslie                      SNS ASST III                         OAK RIDGE ELEMENTARY                              4/28/2008
Gee, Beth                           SNS ASST I                           PEARCE ELEMENTARY                                 5/19/2008
Williams, Barbara                   OFC SUP III                          PLANNING                                          5/15/2008
Long, William                       CUST I                               SOUTHEAST GUILFORD HIGH                           5/16/2008
Speight, Malik                      CUST I                               SOUTHEAST GUILFORD HIGH                           5/16/2008

 NOTE: Ending dates are provided when employees are employed on a time specific contract (i.e. LOA replacements, interim/temporary contracts
 where teachers would not be able to complete 120 work days associated with a probationary contract). Ending dates are not provided for non-
 temporary contracts because these are up for renewal during the spring contract renewal process, which is taken to the Board for approval. Classified
 appointments will have end dates only when employed on time specific assignments such as LOA replacements. Generally these employees are hired
 to be ongoing, so long as funds and the need for the positions exist.
APPOINTMENTS:      30            JULY TO DATE

NON-WHITE           6   20.00%       34%
WHITE              24   80.00%       66%

MALE                7   23.33%       24%
FEMALE             23   76.67%       76%

APPOINTMENTS:      23            JULY TO DATE

NON-WHITE          10   43.48%       60%
WHITE              13   56.52%       40%

MALE                7   30.43%       30%
FEMALE             16   69.57%       70%

TERMINATIONS:       0            JULY TO DATE

NON-WHITE          0    0.00%       0.00%
WHITE              0    0.00%       0.00%

MALE                0   0.00%       0.00%
FEMALE              0   0.00%       0.00%

TERMINATIONS:       0            JULY TO DATE

NON-WHITE          0    0.00%        90%
WHITE              0    0.00%        10%

MALE                0   0.00%        60%
FEMALE              0   0.00%        40%
Period Ending May 21, 2008

NAME                       ASSIGNMENT               DEPARTMENT/SCHOOL               EFFECTIVE DATE
Katherine Sutter           TCHR-FL SPAN             ARCHER ELEMENTARY               6/17/2008
Janie Copple               CURRICULUM FACILITATOR   AYCOCK MIDDLE                   6/17/2008
Zeneta Sims                TCHR-3 GR                BRIGHTWOOD ELEMENTARY           6/17/2008
James Bailey               TCHR-MP MATH             DUDLEY HIGH                     6/17/2008
Ronda Furer                TCHR-EC RES              EASTERN GUILFORD HIGH           6/17/2008
Daniel Blackburn           TCHR-EC RES              FALKENER ELEMENTARY             6/30/2008
Demia Stewart              TCHR-MP 8 GR LA          FERNDALE MIDDLE                 6/30/2008
Eric Lyons                 TCHR-PE                  FLORENCE ELEMENTARY             6/17/2008
Patrice Williams           TCHR-FL SPAN             GRIMSLEY HIGH                   6/18/2008
Charles Richard            TCHR-ESOL                HIGH POINT CENTRAL HIGH         6/17/2008
Kendra Williamson          TCHR-EC RES              JACKSON MIDDLE                  7/31/2008
Frances Goza               TCHR-5 GR                JONES ELEMENTARY                6/30/2008
Alicia Ray                 TCHR-EC RES              KISER MIDDLE                    6/17/2008
Delores Mingo              TCHR-2 GR                MILLIS ROAD ELEMENTARY          6/17/2008
Latonya Stafford           TCHR-CTE MKTG            NORTHEAST GUILFORD HIGH         6/17/2008
James Streeter             TCHR-SS                  NORTHEAST GUILFORD HIGH         6/19/2008
Amy Lineberry              TCHR-EC RES              NORTHWEST GUILFORD MIDDLE       6/17/2008
Constance Rutherford       TCHR-4 GR                PECK ELEMENTARY                 6/17/2008
Lisa Crompton              TCHR-3 GR                PECK ELEMENTARY                 6/17/2008
Shepard Stephenson         PSYCHOLOGIST             PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES          6/18/2008
Emily Brown                TCHR-4 GR                RANKIN ELEMENTARY               6/17/2008
Toni Gummere               TCHR-EC RES              SMITH HIGH                      6/17/2008
Janetta Johnson            TCHR-MP ENG              SMITH HIGH                      6/17/2008
Brandon Singerman          TCHR-EC RES              SOUTHERN HIGH                   6/17/2008
Deanna Miller              TCHR-1 GR                SOUTHWEST GUILFORD ELEMENTARY   6/17/2008
Kimberly Wilson            TCHR-MP 3 GR             UNION HILL ELEMENTARY           6/18/2008
Virginia Nunez             TCHR-ESOL                UNION HILL ELEMENTARY           6/30/2008
NAME                      ASSIGNMENT               DEPARTMENT/SCHOOL               EFFECTIVE DATE
James Johnson             TCHR-ART                 ALLEN JAY ELEMENTARY            7/1/2008
Barbara Moffitt           TCHR-4 GR                BROOKS GLOBAL                   7/1/2008
Marsha Sarvis             TCHR-EC VIS IMP          EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN            9/1/2008
Linda Heller              TCHR-EC TR SC AU         GUILFORD MIDDLE                 9/1/2008
Sharon Stewart            TCHR-MP MATH             HIGH POINT CENTRAL HIGH         8/1/2008
Theresa Hinkle            TCHR-7 GR SS             KERNODLE MIDDLE                 7/1/2008
Catherine Miller          TCHR-MATH                NORTHWEST GUILFORD HIGH         7/1/2008
Elizabeth Seel            TCHR-FL SPAN             NORTHWEST GUILFORD HIGH         7/1/2008
Susan Cole                TCHR-EC HEAR IMP         NORTHWEST GUILFORD MIDDLE       9/1/2008
John Meyer                TCHR-IB                  PAGE HIGH                       7/1/2008
Deborah Foust             CURRICULUM FACILITATOR   SOUTHEAST GUILFORD HIGH         7/1/2008
Syretta Simmons           TCHR-1 GR                SOUTHWEST GUILFORD ELEMENTARY   8/1/2008

NAME                      ASSIGNMENT               DEPARTMENT/SCHOOL               EFFECTIVE DATE
Courtney Fields           ACES GROUP LEADER        ALAMANCE ELEMENTARY             6/12/2008
Elizabeth McGhee          ACES GROUP LEADER        ALAMANCE ELEMENTARY             5/26/2008
Garry Troxler             ACES GROUP LEADER        ARCHER ELEMENTARY               5/23/2008
Rodney Melvin             ASST STUDENT INTERV      HAIRSTON MIDDLE                 5/14/2008
Dominique Currin          ASST TCHR                HUNTER ELEMENTARY               6/17/2008
Elena Ponce               ASST TCHR IMMER          JONES ELEMENTARY                6/17/2008
Walter Witchey            MNT-GROUNDS I            MAINTENANCE                     5/16/2008
Lawrence Page             LEAD CUSTODIAN I         NATHANAEL GREENE ELEMENTARY     4/30/2008
Gloria Schick             SNS ASST III             NORTHEAST GUILFORD HIGH         5/6/2008
Thrysteen Boler           BUS DRIVER               NORTHEAST HIGH/EASTERN HIGH     5/16/2008
Marty Allen               SNS ASST I               PEARCE ELEMENTARY               5/12/2008
Elizabeth Barron          ASST TCHR                PECK ELEMENTARY                 6/17/2008
Staria Harvey             ACES GROUP LEADER        PILOT ELEMENTARY                6/17/2008
Tiffany McHoney           ACES GROUP LEADER        PILOT ELEMENTARY                6/17/2008
Melissa Knorr             ASST TCHR EC             PLEASANT GARDEN ELEMENTARY      6/17/2008
Tony Spates               ASST TCHR EC             RAGSDALE HIGH                   5/27/2008
Sharon Clifton            BUS DRIVER               SOUTHWEST HIGH/ANDREWS HIGH     5/27/2008
Bernice Graves            SPEC-TRANS ZONE RTNG     TRANSPORTATION                  5/12/2008
Lucinda Robinson          SNS MGR ELEM SCH         TRIANGLE LAKE MONTESSORI        5/12/2008
Carol Cheek              ASST TCHR EC   JAMESTOWN ELEMENTARY   7/1/2008
RESIGNATIONS:        27          July to Date

         NON-WHITE   11   41%       36%
             WHITE   16   59%       64%

              MALE    7   26%       23%
            FEMALE   20   74%       77%

RETIREMENTS:         12          July to Date

         NON-WHITE    1    8%       26%
             WHITE   11   92%       74%

              MALE    2   17%       27%
            FEMALE   10   83%       73%

RESIGNATIONS:        19          July to Date

         NON-WHITE   14   74%       59%
             WHITE    5   26%       41%

              MALE    5   26%       28%
            FEMALE   14   74%       72%

RETIREMENTS:          1          July to Date

         NON-WHITE    0     0%      27%
             WHITE    1   100%      73%

              MALE    0     0%      24%
            FEMALE    1   100%      76%

 LICENSED/CONTRACT                 July to Date

 Resignations           27
 Retirements            12
 Terminations            0

 TOTAL                  39

 Non-White              12   31%      34%
 White                  27   69%      66%

 Male                    9   23%      24%
 Female                 30   77%      76%

 CLASSIFIED                        July to Date

 Resignations           19
 Retirements             1
 Terminations            0

 TOTAL                  20

 Non-White              14   70%      55%
 White                   6   30%      45%

 Male                    5   25%      28%
 Female                 15   75%      72%
Period Ending May 21, 2008

Albert, Myra                 Davis, Kristina     Long, Harold       Rock, John
Anderson, Addea              Elkins, Joshua      Mann, Cornelia     Ross, Rosanne
Antar, Lana                  Fitzgerald, Laura   Marion, Patricia   Salgado, Alma
Bailey, Katherine            Freund, Kimberly    Markee, Jennifer   Sanderlin, Kentraille
Barker, Allison              Hall, Gloria        McLeod, Shuntia    Schick, Gloria
Bobetich, Theresa            Hamilton, Kevin     McSwaim, Robin     Smith, Christina
Boone, Daniel                Hudson, Nathaniel   Mitchell, Lisa     Smith, Douglas
Brown, Beatrice              Hunter, Candice     Mozingo, Tabitha   Sprivey, Sonia
Burnett, Cohen               Johnson, Jeanette   Muccio, Kinberly   Studivent, Michael
Connally, Anita              Jones, Darryle      Murphy, Aaron      Thomas, Heather
Daney, Kristyn               Lawning, Amanda     Pope, Tamara       Willis, Sheila
Davis, Jennifer              Linz, Wanda         Prevatte, Erica    Young, Demetria

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