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<br><br>As of 2004 it is estimated that there are 59,040 people residing
in Bandar Utama. The primary residents appear to be Chinese, followed by
Indian and Malay. However, there were nearby squatter settlements of
illegal immigrants in the neighbouring Kayu Ara village which is enclosed
by Bandar Utama and Damansara Utama. They have now mostly been relocated
to nearby low-cost flats and their squatter houses demolished to make way
for legal developments.
<br><br> History
<br><br>Until 1991, the area of Bandar Utama consisted of nothing more
than palm oil estates with fewer than 100 people. In the early 1990s,
development began in Bandar Utama under See Hoy Chan Holdings Sdn. Bhd.,
and an attempt to modernise the area was made, with the opening of a TV3
station in Bandar Utama, as well as the 1 Utama Shopping Centre, which
became increasingly well known after the Jaya Jusco chain of department
stores shifted one of its outlets from nearby Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala
Lumpur to Bandar Utama in 1995.
<br><br>With the opening of several new schools in 1997 and 1998, as well
as the establishment of Kolej Bandar Utama, a tertiary institution,
Bandar Utama continued to grow. As of 2004, construction of additional
residential precincts of BU7, BU10 and BU6 (comprising 2 1/2-storey
houses) were completed. These are newer sections of Bandar Utama compared
to the older sections, BU1 until BU4, which were completed in phases
beginning from 1991 till 1996.
<br><br> Geography
<br><br>Bandar Utama is roughly 1000 acres (4Â km) in size, and is
divided into 12 sections ranging from BU1 to BU12. These sections are
served by roads, e.g. Jalan BU2/5 where "Jalan" is a Malay word meaning
road, BU2 is the section and 5 is the road number. Houses on one side of
the road are numbered evenly, and the other side are numbered oddly, so
one side of a road will consist of houses 2, 4, 6, 8 and so forth while
the opposite will have houses numbered 1, 3, 5, 7 and so on.
<br><br>A bridge over the Sprint Expressway joins the two parts of Bandar
Utama, sections BU1 till BU10 and BU11 with BU12, which are separated by
Sprint Expressway.
<br><br>To go to Bandar Utama, via the northbound route of NKVE, you
should see the Sony building (now known as 1 Tech Park) on your left,
right after the toll plaza. Continue straight, all the way down until you
see an intersection on your left leading to Damansara Jaya. Make a U-turn
here and continue. Just before you see the toll booth again, go up the
ramp on your left. At the traffic light you can opt to turn left to go to
BU11/BU12 or to turn right to head to the BU1 till BU10.
<br><br>If coming from the Lebuhraya Damansara-Puchong (LDP; in English,
the Damansara-Puchong Expressway), look out for Taman Tun Dr Ismail on
your left. When you see the intersection leading to it on your left, turn
right instead towards the 1 Utama shopping centre, and Bandar Utama. If
coming from the opposite direction, look out for the pink facade of One
Utama on your left and turn left at the appropriate intersection.
<br><br> Places
<br><br> Places of worship
<br><br>Until today, there is no church in Bandar Utama. Most
Charismatics opt for Grace Assembly which is located in Taman SEA (SEA
Park) or Damansara Utama Methodist Church, which is in Seksyen 13. Roman
Catholics tend to worship at the Church of St. Ignatius, near Kampung
Cempaka (Cempaka Village) or Kristus Aman, located in Taman Tun Dr
<br><br>There is a surau (prayer hall) for Muslims at BU3, and the
squatter village of Kayu Ara has a mosque.
<br><br>Buddhists can join the Bandar Utama Buddhist Society, now
operating from their new temple at No. 3, Jalan BU 3/1.
<br><br>As of 2004 there are no places of worship for Hindus in Bandar
Utama but prayer can be performed at a temple at Kayu Ara.
<br><br> Education
<br><br>There are 3 national primary schools, a Chinese primary school
(Puay Chai 2) and a Tamil primary school. Also there are four secondary
schools in Bandar Utama. The first primary school was opened near BU12 in
1998, but as of 2004 had begun to languish due to the opening of primary
schools on the other side of Bandar Utama.
<br><br>The first secondary school SMK Bandar Utama was also opened
around the same time. The school has enjoyed an increase in media
coverage particularly due to their performance in the annual The Star
National Best School Newspaper Competition; in which the 2003 class of 4
Adil won runner-up. This includes a recent Student Exchange Programme
held between Peicai Secondary School, Singapore and SMK Bandar Utama
which had gained the approval from the Ministry Of Education with the aim
to foster stronger relations between the schools in its neighbouring
countries. This programme had also been highlighted in stuff@school
pullout of The Star newspaper.
<br><br>In early 2007, the school beat Bandar Utama 4 and Damansara Jaya
in the Tan Sri Datuk Wira Abdul Rahman Arshad cup; in the first and
second rounds. Against Damansara Jaya, the school's third speaker was
named Best Speaker. The school's Drama Team landed third place at the
Drama competition for the Damansara zone; with their comedy The Poser
<br><br>There is a propensity for some parents to school their children
outside Bandar Utama, particularly for those living on the BU11/BU12
side, who tend to send their children to the Tropicana primary or
secondary schools in Sunway Damansara, or the highly reputed primary and
secondary schools at Damansara Utama and Damansara Jaya.
<br><br>For example, SMK Damansara Jaya not only excels academically, it
has also built a strong name for itself in co-curricular activities. A
very prominent product of SMK Damansara Jaya is its debate team which, to
date, has won ten national inter-school debating titles in the last nine
years. These tournaments include the prestigious national Tan Sri Datuk
Wira Abdul Rahman Arshad Cup (2001, 2003, 2008), Taylor College Annual
Inter-School Debate competition (2000, 2002, 2005, 2006) and HELP
University College Tan Sri Paduka Dr Saleha Debate Cup (2004, 2006,
<br><br>There is also KBU International College (KBU), a private tertiary
<br><br>See also: Education in Malaysia
<br><br> Community Centre
<br><br>There is a community centre completed in the year 2005 situated
between BU6 and BU3 next to Puay Chai 2 school. This community centre
contains a community hall, a football (soccer) field, basket ball/volley
ball court and a few indoor badminton courts. It was built as a trade-off
for not building low-cost houses. Many residents like to play games at
the facilities.
<br><br> Commercial complexes
<br><br>Residents of Bandar Utama tend to shop at the 1 Utama shopping
mall, the largest in Damansara. 1 Utama is located at the far end of the
BU1 till BU10 side (right along the Damansara-Puchong Expressway), and
quite a distance from BU11 and BU12. It is tenanted by almost every
international brand, and includes homegrown brands such as Giant
supermarket and some very large cineplex. A significant number of
international tourists also shop at 1 Utama. It has been well patronised
since its opening in 1995, allowing it to more than double its size since
then. As of 2004 it spans more than 5,000,000Â square feet (460,000Â m2),
making it one of the largest malls in Malaysia.
<br><br>Centrepoint, a much smaller commercial complex is also frequented
by those who do not feel like travelling to the far end of Bandar Utama.
It is located in the heart of the neighbourhood, and is much more cosy
than 1 Utama. It thrives in particular on officeworkers in a hurry having
their lunch breaks, as well as students from the three secondary schools
within walking distance of it, who dislike the food provided by the
school canteens for lunch. It is also right next to a McDonald's drive-
through franchise.
<br><br>A Tesco outlet, the Ikano Power Centre, the Curve mall and the
largest Ikea outlet in Southeast Asia were opened in the adjacent
township of Mutiara Damansara. This has provided ever more choice to the
residents of Bandar Utama. There are also free bus services from the
Curve to Bintang Walk, and from 1 Utama to Sri Hartamas.
<br><br>Covered parking in 1 Utama is RM1 for the first 6 hours, and RM
2.00 for the consecutive hours. Recently the administration of 1 Utama's
parking lots added a convenient Touch 'n Go service to the parking
system, and it costs RM1.10 for the first 6 hours, and RM2.20 for the
consecutive hours, basically being 10% more than paying by cash. There is
also a Preferred Parking zone located at the new wing on Level 3,
charging slightly more. The open air parking is at a flat rate of RM1 per
entry. They have reinstated a free pass-through for the car park if you
are parking or passing through the car park for less than 15 minutes.
<br><br>Centrepoint introduced new parking fees effective 1 April 2006.
On weekdays, the first hour is free of charge. The second and third hours
are charged at 50sen each, and the following hours at RM1 each. There is
no charge for entry after 6pm on weekdays, and all day for weekends and
public holidays. You do not need to validate your parking ticket if you
are exiting within the free parking timeframe allocated.
<br><br>There are frequent bus transfers to and from the Kelana Jaya LRT
station at 30 minute intervals at the New Wing bus stop. There are also
RapidKL busses serving the area connecting Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya
(the new central governmental administrative centre of Malaysia).
<br><br>The ramp heading downwards from the NKVE flyover (connecting both
sides of Bandar Utama) to Tropicana and the Damansara NKVE toll has since
been closed for construction work. To get to the toll booth, you will
have to take the KL-bound exit and make a U-Turn at the Damansara Jaya
exit, keeping in mind not to go on the flyover passing over the nearest
<br><br> Hotel
<br><br>There is a 5-star hotel completed in 2007 named One World Hotel.
There are 438 rooms in the hotel located next to Sri Pentas.
<br><br> Administration
<br><br>Bandar Utama, like most of Damansara, falls under the
jurisdiction of the Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya (Petaling Jaya City
Council). Like the rest of Damansara, it too falls under the
parliamentary constituency of Subang, and thus is represented in
parliament by Sivarasa a/l K. Rasiah. In the State Assembly of Selangor
it is represented by Wong Keat Ping of the Parti KeADILan Rakyat
political party under the constituency of Bukit Lanjan.
<br><br> See also
<br><br>Bandar Utama bus hub
<br><br> References
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