Benchmarking of Lactic Acid and Polylactic Acid in China

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					Benchmarking of Lactic Acid and Polylactic Acid in China   Report Summary

Aided by the governmental support and market demand growth, lactic acid
industry and polylactic acid (PLA) industry in China have witnessed fast
development in recent years, especially the later, which will enjoy great
prospect in the future. Total capacity of LA in China already comes to
over 200,000t/a. Meanwhile, there are four major PLA manufacturers in
China as of May 2011; all of them are expanding capacity to 10,000t/a,
among which two will launch their new production lines at the end of
2011. It can be predicted that China will become a large production base
of lactic acid and PLA worldwide in the future. Through this report, you
can find out the latest production situation of both products in China.
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covers six lactic acid manufacturers and five PLA manufacturers, which
are the key players in both industries. Each of the manufacturers has its
own production technology and some of them already own patents, so what
are their technology process and strengths? What are their production
costs in detail? About PLA, what’s the different point and
strength, quality level and entrance reason of key manufacturers? You can
find all the answers in this report. Besides the aspects mentioned
above, this report also provides market demand information of PLA in the
past five years and predicts that in the next five years, and policies
and regulations on bioplastics industry in China are also covered in this
report. This report combines CCM’s expertise in LA and PLA market
research, and you can obtain the following benefits from this report:
Have a deep view of both industries, which can help make your development
strategies of PLA and lactic acid business;     Gain a deep understanding
of key manufacturers in order to make targeted strategy;     Know about
investment opportunity in both industries.         Related Market Research
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