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YMCA Summer Day Camps - DOC


									                     Summer Camps and Programs

                        Selecting an Appropriate Camp

Parents may have questions and concerns about sending a child to camp for the first time, particularly a child with
special needs. Will my child be able to handle being away from home? How can my child possibly participate in
activities like white water rafting and tree climbing with his disability? Are these activities really safe? Is the camp staff
really qualified to provide my child with the care he needs?

According to Jane Carr, camp director of Easter Seals Central California, concerns are only natural. The following tips
can help parents through the camp selection process:

      Review your child's interests and abilities to determine what type of camp setting may be most appropriate for
       him (e.g., day, residential, special interest, or inclusive camps).

      Find out if the camp you are interested in is accredited by the American Camping Association (ACA) and if
       "standards for persons with special needs" have been met. ACA accreditation ensures that camps meet
       recognized requirements for safe and stimulating programs.

      Talk with the director about the camp's philosophy and goals. Can the camp provide the type of experience
       you and your child anticipate? Ask about the director's training and experience in working with children who
       have similar disabilities to those of your child.

      Check on the camp's health and safety procedures and facilities, e.g., is there a registered nurse in residence
       and have emergency arrangements been made with a nearby hospital? A strong supporter of camping for all
       kids, Bridget Houlihan's mother Patsy maintains, "Parents should come prepared with a list of their questions
       and concerns for camp staff, and if their child has special medical problems they should talk to camp medical
       personnel beforehand."

      Determine the age, training and experience of counselors. Are they at least 18 years old? Have they had
       experience working with children with disabilities? Camps having a tie-in with professional schools or offering
       college courses to counselors are optimal.

      Refer to the return rate of campers and counselors as an indicator of quality. An extremely low rate may be a
       bad sign.

      Inquire about the ratio of counselors to campers. For children with severe disabilities, the ratio should be at
       least one counselor for every two or three campers.

      If possible, visit the camp to observe the quality of its facilities and programs. Is it accessible to children with
       limited mobility? Are its activities interesting, stimulating, and appropriate for your child's age, interests, and
       abilities? Are campers encouraged to choose and plan their own activities? Since many children with
       disabilities have had little opportunity to make choices, this can be great experience. Others can benefit from
       learning that living with a group can sometimes limit choices.

      Be sure to ask about the camp's registration fee. The expense of attending camp is not necessarily an
       indication of quality. Many camps for children with disabilities charge only a fraction of actual costs.
      Remember that a child included in all stages of camp selection will be better prepared and have a more
       enjoyable camp experience.

If you're a parent and you have additional questions, contact Easter Seals or explore Easter Seals camps to find one
that's best for you and your child.

*With all summer camps and programs, please be sure to ask about financial aid, scholarships, subsidized
pay, and additional support for a child with special needs.

                                        Overnight Summer Camps

Camp Hope
Lake Forest, Illinois, USA Camp Hope is a five-day recreational and residential summer camp in the Chicago area for
children, teenagers, and young adults who are challenged by developmental disabilities.
Camp Little Giant
Carbondale, Illinois, USA
45yrs continuous service enabling people w/disabilities to experience nature,build self-esteem make friends & enjoy
Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, USA
Camp Type: Residential | Adult
Easter Seals Camps Wawbeek and Respite serve both kids and adults that have a variety of disabilities. Both camp
programs are unique and all of our activities are adapted with ease. ...

                                                        YMCA Camps

Lake View YMCA

3333 N Marshfield Ave
Chicago, IL 60657
Telephone: 773-248-3333
Irving Park YMCA

4251 W Irving Park Rd
Chicago, IL 60641
Telephone: 773-777-7500

McCormick Tribune YMCA in Logan Square

1834 N Lawndale Ave
Chicago, IL 60647
Telephone: 773-235-2525

High Ridge YMCA

2424 W Touhy Ave
Chicago, IL 60645
Telephone: 773-262-8300

Austin YMCA

501 N Central Ave
Chicago, IL 60644
Telephone: 773-287-9120

Third Age Office YMCA

801 N Dearborn St 4th Fl
Chicago, IL 60610
Telephone: 312-932-3000

Lawson House YMCA

30 W Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL 60610
Telephone: 312-944-6211

North Lawndale YMCA

3449 W Arthington St
Chicago, IL 60624
Telephone: 773-638-0773

Irvine Park YMCA Day Camp
Chicago, Illinois, USA Phone: 773-777-7500, ext- 286

Indian Boundary YMCA Day Camp
Downers Grove, Illinois, USA Phone: 630-968-8400

Leaning Tower YMCA Day Camp
Niles, Illinois, USA Phone: 708-647-8222 ext. 2204
Self-esteem specialty. Campers thrive in non-competitive, caring atmosphere with opportunities to belong and
Austin YMCA
Chicago, Illinois, USA Phone: 773-287-9120

                                     Chicago Park District Summer

The Chicago Park District online registration system now utilizes PayPal. More information on this below.


Program information available for viewing online: Monday, April 6
Online registration begins: Monday, April 20 at 9am
In-person registration at most parks* begins: Saturday, April 25

Most sessions run Monday, June 15th- Sunday, August 23rd

Camp session (for most camps) runs June 22 - July 31st
Online registration ends: Sunday, June 14th

After programs have begun, you can still register in-person at the parks, if spots are still available.

* Programs offered at the North Park Village Nature Center and the McFetridge Sports Center follow a different
registration schedule. For further information, please call them directly. North Park Village Nature Center:312.744.5472.
McFetridge Sports Center:773.478.2609. Also, please be aware that some parks are not open on Saturdays. For these
parks, the first day of in-person registration will be Monday, April 27.

In compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Chicago
Park District does not discriminate on the basis of disability in employment or admission/access to programs and

Save time by doing these two things before the first day of online registration
1. When viewing programs, save programs you plan to register for in your wishlist.
2.All online registration transactions are processed via PayPal (more info. on PayPal below).If you have previously set
up a PayPal account, plese log into PayPal to make sure your information is up-to-date, specifically your address and
payment information. Please noteit is not necessary to set up a PayPal account to register online, butit may save you

The Chicago Park District is now utilizing the PayPal online payment system.
Click here for a brief review of the Chicago Park District and PayPal screens you will access when registering online.


What’s different about registration with the PayPal component added?
The Chicago Park District screens will be the same as they have been in the past. After you have selected your
programs and entered in the program participants' names, you will be connected to a screen where you need to add
your contact information. At this screen you can review the programs you have in your Cart. Note: At this point, you
have reserved the spots you have in your cart. You have 30 minutes to confirm everything is accurate on this page
before you lose the spots and they go back into inventory. If everything is correct, you will click on the ―Proceed to
Payment‖ button to be connected to PayPal. To review the PayPal screens, click here.

Do I need a PayPal account to pay for Park District programs?
No. You can use your credit card to pay for these programs with PayPal without having to setup a PayPal account. The
following credit cards are accepted by PayPal: Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

Please note that PayPal does require the Credit Card Security Code (CSC), the three digit number located on the back
of your credit card, or for American Express, the 4 digit number on the upper right hand corner of the front of your credit

If you plan to set up a Paypal account, you may want to consider setting it up prior to registration. Click here to set up a
PayPal account now.

Is payment required for all programs?
Yes. As a result of these improved security controls, an online transaction fee of $1.00 is added to every order. This
means that if you register for a free program, your transaction total will be $1.00. This fee is charged per transaction, not
program. So, if you sign up for one program or five programs, you will only be charged $1.00 for the transaction fee. If
you prefer not to pay the online transaction fee, please remember that for most programs you also have the option to
register in person at the park.

What are the benefits of using PayPal?
Paypal is an industry leader for accepting online payments. It is a safe and easy way to authorize payments to the
Chicago Park District and thousands of other online vendors without exposing your financial information to the vendor.
PayPal offers 100% protection from unauthorized payments and your account is monitored 24/7 to prevent fraud.

Now that PayPal facilitates the payment process for the Chicago Park District, you will know right away if there are any
issues with the credit card information you enter, as well as an almost immediate email confirmation of payment.

Paypal also offers you more payment options. You can simply pay using your credit card, or you can set up a Paypal
account. With a Paypal account, you will have the option to pay with either a bank account or credit card.

Can I still create a wishlist of programs prior to the first day of registration?
Yes. The wishlist component will remain. We encourage everyone to create a wishlist and save the program(s) for which
you want to register. Please note that you are saving only the program in your wishlist, not actual slots in the program.
When you are ready to register and you click on the program from your wishlist, at that time you can order multiple slots
in the program by entering multiple names. Creating your wishlist prior to the first day of online registration will save you
time on that day, which gives you a better chance of getting a spot before they fill up.

Can I register my friends’ or family members’ children?
Yes, but you must know the full name of each participant in order to register them online. Registrations are not
transferable, so it is important that you provide the correct name when registering. Also, please note that there is a
chance that the transaction may fail or time out (only 30 minutes allotted) before any children are registered, so you are
doing this at your own risk.

How will I be informed that my transaction was successful?
You will receive two email confirmations for your transaction. One will be a Receipt for Payment from PayPal (from The other will be an Online Registration Receipt from the Chicago Park District (from If you are using a spam filter, please set it to allow email from both of these addresses.
The PayPal email will confirm that the transaction completed successfully. You should receive this email almost
immediately after you completed your order. The Chicago Park District email will provide a link for you to access your
Online Registration Receipt. You should receive this email approximately 6 hours after your payment was successfully
completed with PayPal. The Chicago Park District Online Registration Receipt lists information on the programs you
registered for (program name, park name, dates, times, cost, etc.). You are required to present a hard copy of this
receipt to the park prior to the first day of the program.

After registering online, what do I need to do to follow-up in person at the park?
Look for your ―Receipt for your Payment‖ email from PayPal and your Online Registration Receipt email from the
Chicago Park District. Print out a hard copy of the Chicago Park District Online Registration Receipt and present that
(along with proof of age and residency) to the park prior to the first day of the program. At that time you will also be
required to fill out a Participant Information Form for each participant.

Proof of Age and Residency
Certain programs require proof of age and/or residency. Please present valid identification such as a driver’s license,
city utility bill, birth certificate, or other form of identification, to the park fieldhouse to prove age and residency. Whether
you register in person at the park or online, you must provide this information prior to the program start date. Note: All
fees are doubled for non-Chicago residents. If registering online, the additional fee must be paid at the park, prior to the
start of class.

A 15% service charge will be deducted from all refunds. Refunds should be requested from the park where the program
is being held, before the program start date. No refunds will be made after the program begins. Please allow up to six
weeks for your refund to be processed.

The Chicago Park District is the hot spot for kids this summer. To embark on the ultimate summer camp experience,
look no further than your local park! With a variety of camp offerings, you are sure to find an option to match your

Camp programs can be found at over 190 parks throughout the city where children enjoy water fun, field trips, athletic
activities and cultural experiences.

Important Dates
View camp options including locations, hours and price on-line beginning April 6.
Create an on-line wish list beginning April 6.
On-line registration begins April 20 @ 9 am.
In-person registration at local parks begins April 25.

When can I register for camp?
On-line registration begins April 20. Get a jumpstart on the on-line registration process by browsing and creating a
wish list beginning April 6. In-person registration at the parks begins April 25.

We recommend you register early. Some parks fill within a few hours others may not fill for several weeks. Some
parks only offer online registration.

What are the summer camp hours?
Hours vary. Traditional camp hours are typically no less than 5 hours per day, Monday thru Friday. Beginning April 7
you can view individual park program hours on-line.

When does the camp session begin? When does it end?
Length of camp programs vary, but most begin the week of June 22 and run for 6-weeks. Beginning April 6 you can
view individual park program session lengths on-line.

How much does camp cost?
Fees vary depending on the program but are always affordable. Beginning April 6 you can view individual park
program costs on-line.

What do children do at camp?
At traditional summer day camp programs children experience a variety of activities including field trips, visits to the
local pool, arts and crafts, fun with nature, sports, team games and much more. To learn more about a specific park’s
summer camp agenda contact the park directly.

 Therapeutic Recreation Activities for Daily Living – Ages: All Ages
 For individuals with special needs or disabilities.
 Restrictions: Instructor permission required to register
Bessemer Park                                       Base Fee: $50.00                                      Available
8930 S. Muskegon Ave.                               Total Fee: $50.00                     for walk in registration only
60617 (Map It)                                      Gender: Co-Rec
Phone: 312.747.6023                                 Skill Level: Open to All
M,T,W,Th,F,12:00 pm - 6:00 pm                       Activity Code: 116464
8/3/2009 - 8/14/2009

Social Club - Special Recreation – Ages: All Ages
Restrictions: Instructor permission required to register
McGuane Park                                           Base Fee: $6.00                                     Available for
2901 S. Poplar Ave.                                    Total Fee: $6.00                   walk in registration only
60609 (Map It)                                         Gender: Co-Rec
Phone: 312.747.6497                                    Skill Level: Open to All
F,6:00 pm - 8:00 pm                                    Activity Code: 117072
6/22/2009 - 7/31/2009
Social Club - Special Recreation – Ages: 18 & Over
Restrictions: Instructor permission required to register
Mt. Greenwood Park                                     Base Fee: $50.00                                    Available for
3724 W. 111th St.                                      Total Fee: $50.00                  walk in registration only
60655 (Map It)                                         Gender: Co-Rec
Phone: 312.747.6564                                    Skill Level: Open to All
Th,4:00 pm - 9:00 pm                                   Activity Code: 114605
6/25/2009 - 7/31/2009
Social Club - Special Recreation – Ages: 16
Restrictions: Instructor permission required to register
Mt. Greenwood Park                                     Base Fee: $15.00                                    Available for
3724 W. 111th St.                                      Total Fee: $15.00                  walk in registration only
60655 (Map It)                                         Gender: Co-Rec
Phone: 312.747.6564                                    Skill Level: Beginner
W,4:00 pm - 6:30 pm                                    Activity Code: 114606
6/24/2009 - 7/31/2009

Special Recreation – Ages: 8-12
For individuals with special needs or disabilities.
Restrictions: Instructor permission required to register
Independence Park                                      Base Fee: $0.00                                     Available for
3945 N. Springfield Ave.                               Total Fee: $0.00                   walk in registration only
60618 (Map It)                                         Gender: Co-Rec
Phone: 773.478.3538                                    Skill Level: Open to All
M,T,W,Th,F,10:00 am - 2:00 pm                          Activity Code: 117246
8/10/2009 - 8/14/2009
Special Recreation – Ages: All Ages
For individuals with special needs or disabilities.
Restrictions: Instructor permission required to register
McGuane Park                                           Base Fee: $65.00                                   Available for
2901 S. Poplar Ave.                                   Total Fee: $65.00                      walk in registration only
60609 (Map It)                                        Gender: Co-Rec
Phone: 312.747.6497                                   Skill Level: Open to All
M,T,W,Th,F,4:00 pm - 6:00 pm                          Activity Code: 117071
6/22/2009 - 7/31/2009

                                     Other Summer Programs in
                                    Chicago (Suburbs)

Communication Clubhouse Summer Groups – Downers Grove
Social Skills Pragmatics in Action - For ages 4 to 7 and 8 to 11 –
Speech, OT and Behavioral counseling join forces to help kids develop social communication
skills such as turn-taking and reciprocity, understanding the perspective of others and body
language recognition through fun, theme based activities. OT prescription required.
Friendship, Fun and Games - For ages 3 to 5 and 6 to 8 – In this group children participate in
fun and games while our speech therapists guide them in refining their peer interaction skills like
turn-taking, dealing with winning and losing, ―chatting,‖ perspective taking, respecting the feeling
of others and self-regulation.
The Art of Conversation - For ages 6 to 8 – When words escape children, art can be the
perfect medium to facilitate the expression of thoughts and feelings. Our speech therapists use
a variety of art activities to encourage conversation, team work, perspective taking and friendship
Chatter Club - For ages 2 to 3, 3 to 4 and 5 to 7 – speech and language development set in
play with theme-based classes that focus on increasing expressive communication and sound
Clubhouse Cooking Club - For ages 4 to 5 and 6 to 8 – We’ve got the recipe to enhance your
child’s language and speech development! Come to the Clubhouse Café’ for cooking activities
that will facilitate overall communication skills. Personalized photo cookbook included.
Sing, Dance and Talk! - For ages 2 to 3 and 4 to 5 – Our speech therapists use the universal
language of music and movement to encourage communication skills and enhance language
Feeding the Picky Eater - For ages 2 to 3 and 4 to 7 – Speech and occupational therapists
maximize the influence of peers to help children develop all new eating habits.
Body Talk - For ages 2 to 3 – Speech and occupational therapists collaborate in a program to
develop language, motor skills, sensory integration and pre-school skills.
Karate for Everyone - For ages 4 to 10 – Our martial arts instructor teams up with our licensed
OT to create a dynamic program that emphasizes coordination, balance, motor planning and
Move and Groove - For ages 2 to3 and 4 to 5 – Our physical therapists incorporate musical
activities into a program designed to work on all areas of motor development.
Music Together – ages birth to 4 - A nationally recognized music program for moms and kids to
share together (sibling discount).
Art Expressions – ages 4 to 7 - Our art therapist uses all forms of art to help children express
themselves while working on fine motor development and sensory processing.
Yoga – ages 4 to 12 - Yoga can be easily modified to work on the strengths and challenges of
everyone, making this group an excellent opportunity to bring together children of all abilities for
fun and exercise.
Center for Gifted – Chicago, Glenview, Gurnee, LaGrange, Naperville, Orland Park, Skokie,
Wheeling and Winfield – 847-901-0173
For grades K thru 10 - Offering hands-on courses for bright and talented youth in creative
writing, robotics, chemistry, musical theatre, chess, roller coaster physics, art, diplomacy, Lego
logo, archaeology and more

Locations in Naperville, Northbrook, Skokie, Flossmoor, UIC, Rogers Park and Hyde Park
For ages 4 to 10th grade, day camps and overnight camp. Click on link for details.

Lindamood-Bell Learning – Oak Park and Deerfield - 800-233-1819
Multi-sensory, research-based learning programs

Chicago Filmmakers Digital Moviemaking Summer Camp – Chicago
For ages 10 to 14 and 15 to 18 campers will learn about all phases of moviemaking including pre-
production, planning, storyboarding, digital video camera, lighting, sound, shot composition and
computer editing. They will work collaboratively on group projects and each student will receive a
copy of their work at the end of camp.

CyberCamps – Concordia University, River Forest
June 25 thru July 27 - Day camps for Gaming, Game Design and Modding Courses; Graphics,
Flash and Web Design Courses, Programming and Robotics Courses and Spotlight Courses.

The Language and Music School - 150 N Oak Park Ave., Oak Park - 708-524-LALA
For ages 4 months to adult – music lessons, Spanish preschool, Spanish parent-tot and foreign

Lifetime Fitness Summer Camps and Summer Programming – all Illinois (Algonquin,
Bloomingdale, Burr Ridge, Old Orchard, Orland Park, Romeoville, Schaumburg and Warrenville)
locations - Download Lifetime Fitness’ Summer Camp Program Guide includes loads of different
camp themes and activities for ages 3 to 16. You do not need to be a member to sign up for

Second City Training Center -1616 N Wells St., Chicago – 312-664-3959
Acting, improvisation, writing, music and directing.

Sports Broadcasting Camp - Chicago - 800-319-0884
Boys and girls age 10 to 18 will have an opportunity to learn from the pros in the industry, make
sports anchor/reporting tapes from a TV studio, make play-by-play tapes from a live MLB/Minor
League baseball game, tour Wrigley Field and make reporting tapes from the park, meet sports
celebrities and more. Day/overnight sessions available.

National Summer Camp List
Listing of 519 special needs camps, choose by disability

American Camp Association Find a Camp
You can also search for special needs camps, allows for more detailed searching

Camp Channel

Summer Camps Illinois

Cowboy Dreams of Illinois
NARHA Premier Accredited Center
112 Wool Street
Barrington, IL 60010
(847) 381-9323

NARHA Premier Accredited Center
9501 N. Austin Ave.
Morton Grove, IL 60053
(847) 965-1632

Friends for Therapeutic Equine Activities
28W051 Liberty St.
Winfield, IL 60190
(630) 588-8543

Main Stay Therapeutic
NARHA Premier Accredited Center
6919 Keystone Rd
Richmond, IL 60071
(815) 653-9374

Manhattan Meadows
Rt. 52 & Huff Rd.
Manhattan, Illinois 60442
(815) 919-4149

North American Riding for the Handicapped Association (NARHA)
Promotes the benefit of the horse for individuals with special needs.

Partners for Progress
Location: Field and Fences
Hunt Club Rd. and Stearns School Rd.
Gurnee, IL
(847) 226-1300

Ray Graham Assn.
NARHA Premier Accredited Center
15 W 431 59th St
Burr Ridge, IL 60521
(630) 325-5330
    Ready, Set, Ride
    13056 S. 224th Ave.
    Plainfield, IL 60544
    (815) 439-3659

                                    OLD TOWN SCHOOL OF MUSIC

    Private Lessons
    Find A Teacher by Instrument

          Autoharp
          Banjo
          Bass Guitar
          Cello
          Clarinet
          Dobro/Lapsteel
          Drum Kit
          Fiddle
          Flute
          Guitar
          Hammered & Mountain Dulcimer
          Harmonica
          Mandolin
          Piano
          Recorder
          Saxophone
          Violin
          Voice

    Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced musician looking to take your playing to another level, private
    lessons provide the opportunity to get the personal attention that can be beneficial to your growth as a musician.
Lessons are scheduled weekly, for 30, 45, or 60 minutes, and are available every day of the week at both our Lincoln
Square and Lincoln Park locations. Our experienced and professional faculty will work with you to develop an
individualized program that helps you achieve your musical goals.

Call the front desk at 773.728.6000 to register. Or stop on by the school to register - we'd love to see you.

                                      Call for details

                                      Refunds, Credits, Cancellations
                                      We cannot offer credit or refunds for single, student-cancelled lessons. You can
                                      cancel your 8-week private lesson registration within the first 3 weeks of the
                                      session and receive school credit or a refund as follows:

                                            Cancel by the Sunday before the session begins, you will receive a full
                                      refund or credit.
                                            Cancel in the first 3 weeks of the session to receive a proportional credit
                                      on your school account.

                                                         BUDDY BASEBALL
Keshet's Buddy Baseball allows children with physical and developmental disabilities to participate in the all-American
  sport of baseball and with the help of typical teenagers, it allows friendships to form and substantial barriers to be

 This year hundreds of players, fans and buddies joined Keshet at Wrigley Field for the 5th annual all-star game. We
were joined by our friends from Chicago Youth Programs, an organization which serves at-risk youths from the Cabrini
                                  Green, Washington Park, and Uptown Community.

                  Keshet's Buddy baseball is an opportunity like no other for children with disabilities.

      For more information or to sign up as a player or a "buddy," please call Dean Klassman at 847-454-0660.

                                       Buddies help kids have ball at Wrigley
                   Ballpark becomes an all-star venue for those with few other outlets to swing a bat
                               Jewish Child and Family Services
Attention: Camp Firefly Dates and Locations Have Changed!
Camp Firefly is bigger and better than ever! Join us for a week long overnight camp experience at the luxurious
Perlstein Resort & Conference Center in Lake Delton, just minutes from Wisconsin Dells at Camp Chi

Click here for the Camp Firefly Postcard

This summer's camp session will be AUGUST 2 – 9 2009.

About Camp:
Camp Firefly offers a unique week long, overnight summer camp experience to boys and girls, ages 9-12, who have
been diagnosed with social disorders, such as Social Anxiety, OCD, PDD, Asperger's Syndrome, Non-Verbal Learning
Disorder, and High Functioning Autism.

Camp Firefly Offers:
A fun and therapeutic environment focused on enhancing your child’s social, language, sensory, and adaptive
development. Each camper’s individual needs are accommodated and adapted into daily schedules.

Schedules that are specially designed to offer your child appropriate, interactive therapeutic group activities, and fun
social camp activities that include swimming, arts and crafts, boating, lakefront activities, horseback riding, fishing,
ropes courses, wall climbing, campfires, cookouts, and special outings including Wizards and Bowling.

Small counselor to camper ratio (1:2) to ensure the safety of each camper. All of the counselors are highly trained in
the treatment of social communication disorders, have degrees in mental health, special education, or speech and
occupational therapy, and are supervised by on-site psychologists.

Small cabin groups (4-5 children in each cabin) that better promote friendships and positive social interactions among
campers in a supportive and safe atmosphere.

In order for your child to be considered for this year's camp session, please complete the following forms:

Camper Intake
Camper Questionnaire
Health History

Payment of $1450 is required in full to complete your camp registration. Transportation to and from Camp Chi can be
provided if needed for an additional fee.

Please send all forms to:

Melissa James
255 Revere Drive
Ste. 200
Northbrook, IL 60062

Melissa James, Psy.D.
Dr. James received her doctorate of psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She provides
individual and family therapy, psychological, educational, and autism evaluations, supervision of students, and
consultation services for the Integrated Pediatric Therapies program. Dr. James also coordinates Group Firefly,
therapeutic play groups designed for children eligible for Camp Firefly who require weekly, therapeutic social
interventions throughout the school year.

Daniel Sorkin, Psy.D.
Dr. Sorkin received his doctorate of psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. He provides
individual and family therapy, psychological evaluations, and consultation services to local preschools. Dr. Sorkin has
been involved in residential camping for 18 years and previously worked for several years as the Teen Director at
Camp Firefly's host camp, Camp Chi.

                                               Glick Family Camp
Glick Family Camp
   Countless families are grateful for Glick Family Camp, a program of the Glick Center for Early Childhood
 Services, which ensures that families with children and teens with disabilities have the opportunity to enjoy a
  fun, nature-filled camp experience. To ensure that everyone can relax, a respite worker is assigned to each
family during their weekend filled with a variety of social, creative, recreational and supportive activities. Glick
 Family Camp is offered twice each year—once in the spring and once in the fall—at Jewish Community Youth
                         Services Camp Henry Horner/Camp Red Leaf in Ingleside, IL.

                       Thes dates for 2009 Family Camp are May 8-10 and September 11-13.

Children and adults can participate in nature hikes, canoeing, campfires, fishing, kickball and candlemaking.
  If families would like to add an educational element to their weekend, they can join educational parent and
sibling groups and learn how to handle situations commonly experienced by parents and siblings of children
                                                 with disabilities.

Previous participants concur that Glick Family Camp is about building community. One parent states, ―This is
   the place where I can be with my family without having to explain my family.‖ Another parent relays with
  gratitude, ―Thanks so much for all your work on last weekend’s family camp. As I sat at work on Monday,
  telling my boss the details of the weekend, I was overcome with gratitude. You cannot know how much it
 meant to me. My son cried during the car trip home because he missed his new friends. Thank you again for
                                   all of your dedication and determination.‖

                                                               AYSO Camp

                                                  Summer Camps 2009
  NOTE: AYSO Region 418 is not affiliated with any camps listed here. We provide this information for parents so that children
               have the opportunity to attend local and regional soccer camps during the summer months.

                     MLS Chicago Fire Camps: July 13-17; August 10-14; August 17-21

               Chicago Fire Camps & Training soccer programs are the only ones in the world that feature Strengths-
 Based Coaching, where developing quality players means focusing on every child’s strengths and individual talents.
Using green cards to encourage and reward positive play, your coaches will teach, educate and inspire young players
to play and learn the best. Each player will receive a Chicago Fire t-shirt at graduation and a game ticket to a summer
                                   MLS game at TOYOTA PARK with Chicago Fire.

                            Ages 5-10 years: Play S.A.F.E curriculum (9:00am - 12:00pm)
                                      · Daily theme Monday – Running with the ball
                                     · Daily theme Tuesday – Dribbling and Turning
                                   · Daily theme Wednesday – Passing and Control
                                    · Daily theme Thursday – Shooting & defending
                                           · Daily theme Friday – MLS Open Cup

                                    Ages 11-15 years: A.T.T.A.C.K. curriculum (9:00am - 12:00pm)
                                  · Daily theme Monday – Fast footwork, Creating Space
                                         · Daily theme Tuesday – Combination play
                                · Daily theme Wednesday – Passing and Support phases
                                     · Daily theme Thursday – Attacking phases of play
                                            · Daily theme Friday – MLS Open Cup

 To learn more about the camp curriculum, Strengths Based Coaching, registration or any questions you may have,
                         please email or call (708) 496-6768.

                             VIP Special Needs Program
  AYSO VIP Program provides a quality soccer experience for children whose physical or mental disabilities make it difficult to
 successfully participate on mainstream teams. We recognize that everyone needs to feel a sense of belonging and acceptance.
  The VIP program offers that acceptance and carries the philosophy of "Everyone Plays®" to new heights - giving everyone a
                   chance to play. The VIP program offers children ages 4-18 with special needs the chance to:

                                  Play Soccer!             Meet Friends!              Have Fun!

                                               Spring Season:
                                       Saturdays April 11 to May 30, 2009
                                                 3:00-4:00 pm
                      Between Foster and Lawrence, East of Lake Shore Drive in Chicago’s Lincoln Park
                                            Field #5 (Look for the AYSO Tent)

                                 Fall Season: Saturday afternoons beginning September 2009

                                          Registration for players new to the program:

  Any child that was registered for the Fall 2008 season is automatically registered for the Spring 2009 season. If your
       child was not registered in the Fall, then follow the instructions below to register for the Spring season.

  Go to to complete the registration forms. Do NOT pay online. Please send a copy of the completed registration
forms with a $80 check to: VIP Program, AYSO Region 418, 4507 N. Ravenswood - Suite 101, Chicago, IL 60640. Financial aid is
                 available. Please see our VIP Player Frequently Asked Questions section for more information.

                                             Want to coach kids with special needs?

  Adult coaches needed now to help with the VIP soccer program, Saturday afternoons 2:45pm to 4:15pm. Coaches may be
parents of VIP players, parents of youth volunteers, AYSO volunteers or other interested adults. Experience working with
 special needs children or knowledge of soccer is not required. NOTE: Volunteers receive training and ongoing support. Please
   see our VIP Coach Frequently Asked Questions. To volunteer or for further information contact Ellyn Bank, VIP Volunteer
                                            Coordinator, at

                                         Youth Volunteers wanted now for VIP soccer!

  Youth volunteers, a.k.a. "Buddies", are needed now to assist on Saturday afternoons 2:45pm to 4:15pm. Please see our VIP
 Volunteers Frequently Asked Questions section for more information. To become a volunteer, go to to complete
the required online registration form, then contact Karen Curtin Bond, VIP Youth Volunteer Coordinator, at or
                       773-880-5518. This is a fun way to complete your school's service hour requirement!

           Still have questions? Contact Lisa Leib, VIP Division Administrator at or 773-871-7761.

                                    Rogers Park AYSO Soccer Camp

Everyone Plays

We are committed to developing soccer skills, team play and sportsmanship in all the children in our program.
Everyone has something to learn. Everyone plays.

This translates into a commitment of equal play for all players on a team. We have set limits on the number of players
we allow on a team so that, for the most part, every child can count on playing two quarters of every game and no
child will play four quarters until all have played three quarters. No one sits out on a regular basis.

We also make a commitment to rotating players so that everyone gets a chance to play every position, particularly in
the younger divisions. We believe that future forwards need to know how to defend a goal and work with their
teammates—and vice versa. Specialization comes later.

Balanced Teams

Although we don’t run tryouts for our league (everyone plays), we do our best to make sure that each team in an age
division has a blending of skills. Every team should have a mix of strong, weak and in-between players. This makes
our games competitive and fun.

Unfortunately, there is no way to get perfect balance. There are always winning teams and losing teams. But if you
lose, there’s always next year! We remix the teams every summer and try to rebalance. To achieve this balance we
limit requests from players who want to be together on a team. Although we definitely do not ignore these requests,
team balancing comes first.

Open Registration

Every child who meets the age requirements and is willing to come out and play is entitled to register and be placed
on a team regardless of skill level.

Because of limited space in Roger Park, we set numerical limits for each age division. Parents who register their kids
at our public registrations are generally assured a spot. (We haven’t turned anyone down yet.) Early or late
registrations are not accepted. Late registrations will be placed on a waiting list and moved onto a team on a first-
come-first-served basis if space is available in the child’s age division.
Positive Coaching

We are committed to making the AYSO experience fun. This means that our coaches are trained not to scream at the
kids and not to punish, but rather to reward and praise. Correction should be positive and directed toward improving a
child’s skills, team spirit and sportsmanship. Coaches should be role models for their players and should treat
everyone with complete respect.

Part of our coaches training suggests that coaches leave instruction for practices and keep quiet during games. We
recognize that exuberance and team spirit makes that hard to do in real life. But look for our coaches to yell out ―good
play!‖ or give simple direction. No one should be embarrassed by missing a goal or failing a defense.

We hope that parents follow the rules of conduct we ask of our coaches: be positive at all times to the children on your
team, to the coaches, to referees and to opponents. (Read the national AYSO Parents’ Code of Conduct.)

Good Sportsmanship

In the final analysis, we know that the vast majority of our players will find other work to do in life than playing soccer.
We hope the experience brings richness, physical skills and values to their lives that they can apply to everything they

The greatest value we hope they learn from their time with us is to work within a team and to respect competitors.
Working to a common goal with others is important throughout life. Knowing when and how to compete aggressively,
following the rules and knowing when the game is over is vital. We hope that all the volunteers in our organization hold
this value dear and do their best to teach it to the children and exemplify it in their lives.

Please tell us if you know of a team that does not live up to these philosophies. We are committed to them as a
Region and would like to do our best to fulfill our commitment.

Waiting List FAQ

   o   All players (returning and new) who miss registration MUST go through the waiting list process.
   o   Entering your child's names DOES NOT mean your child will be put on a team.
   o   Once your child is placed on the waiting list, you will not be contacted about your status. Your child's name
       will remain on the waiting list until the next registration period (Spring 2008).
   o   We will contact you ONLY if we can place your child on a team.
   o   We can not honor any requests for placement with a particular coach, player or team. Children will be placed
       wherever there is a team vacancy.
   o   Children on the waiting list will be contacted (if a team vacancy occurs) in the order they were entered onto the
       waiting list.
   o   Parents who are willing to volunteer as a coach, referee or board member will be given waiting list
   o   Not all divisions will have vacancies at the same time. If you are placing more than one child on the waiting list,
       there might only be room for one of your children on a team.
   o   Most children (90%) on the waiting list never get placed, but it's the only chance of getting on a team.
   o   If you have any other questions contact the registrar via email at

                                   Click here to place your child on the waiting list

                               Kids enjoy exercise now.

All of KEEN's programs are based on a single principle: pair a trained volunteer with an athlete and let them discover together
how much they can do. Programs are all open and unstructured, allowing athletes facing significant challenges to have fun and be
successful. KEEN Chicago now operates two programs throughout the greater Chicagoland area. Programs are open to athletes
ages 5 - 19.


         2nd and 4th Sunday of each month.
         1st Session 3:00 - 4:00.
         2nd Session 4:15 - 5:15.
         Program Coordinators: Lisa Mendelsohn, Kristine Mayle
         LOCATION: High Ridge YMCA• 2424 W. Touhy Ave• Chicago, IL.
         Click here for Map

         During the Sports Program, athletes and volunteers come together for one-to-one activities. In the Sports sessions they
         have a group warm up, and then move to individual activities which are tailored solely to the needs of the athlete. They
         may throw a basketball or kick a soccer ball, or they may take a walk around the outdoor track. Many love to bounce on
         36‖ balls or be pulled along the floor on a flat wheeled scooter. A group may form for Duck, Duck, Goose. The session
         ends with everyone coming together in a circle (although some athletes still need to run around its periphery, and that’s
         okay) and sharing with the group what they did that day ―that made them very Proud.‖ They literally go out dancing: the
         Hokey Pokey for the younger kids and the Macarena for the teens and young adults. Athletes burn energy, meet and
         interact with new volunteers, see old friends, and then rejoin their parents, who have had some precious respite time.


         2nd and 4th Sunday of each month.
         1st Session 3:00-4:00
         2nd Session 4:00-5:00
         Program Coordinators: Danielle Danno, Keara Enoch, Sara Whalin, Renee Derdaele
         Location: High Ridge YMCA• 2424 W. Touhy• Chicago, IL.
                         Free parking is available behind the YMCA. Entrance is off of Western
                         Ave on Northwest corner of Western and Touhy.
                         Click here for Map

         KEENQuatics brings the KEEN formula to the swimming pool. A large variety of inflatable equipment makes even the
         most cautious athlete eager to get in the water and splash about. Swimmers who are able are encouraged to swim a lap
         or two.


                                      Boys and Girls Club

Looking for a fun outlet for young people during the summer that is safe, supervised and affordable? In addition to the after-school
programs for which Boys & Girls Clubs is known, we offer full-day camps during the summer at each of our Clubs. Young people
are involved in a variety of engaging programs under the supervision of adult professionals, including field trips to baseball games,
water parks, museums and other local attractions.

Hours and costs vary by Club. Find a Club near your home or work and call for more information.

1.Beethoven Club
Ludwig Van Beethoven
Elementary School
25 W. 47th Street
Chicago, IL 60609
(773) 268-5999

2.Cather Club
Willa Cather Elementary School
2908 W. Washington
Chicago, IL 60612
(773) 638-5464

3.Daniel A. Cotter Club
2915 N. Leavitt Street
Chicago, IL 60612
(773) 348-1866

4.Dett Club
Nathaniel Dett Elementary School
2306 W Maypole
Chicago, IL 60612
(773) 226-2323

5.Englewood Club
Englewood Tech Prep Academy
6201 S. Stewart
Chicago, IL 60621
(773) 535-0010

6.Ford Heights Club
Tidye A. Phillip Grammar School
1401 E. 13th Place
Ford Heights, IL 60411
(708) 758-1960

7.Green Elementary Club
Wendell E Green Elementary School
1150 W 96th St.
Chicago, IL 60643
(312)-235-8000 x5101

8.Holy Angels Club
Holy Angels School
750 E 40th Street
Chicago, IL 60653
(773) 268-4819

9.James R. Jordan Club Boys & Girls Club and
The Chicago Bulls Family Life Center
2102 W. Monroe
Chicago, IL 60612
(312) 226-2323

10.Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Club
2950 W. Washington
Chicago, IL 60612
(773) 638-5464

11.Little Village Club
2801 S. Ridgeway
Chicago, IL 60623
(773) 277-1800
12.Logan Square Club
3228 W. Palmer
Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 342-8800

13.Logandale Club
Logandale Middle School
3212 W. George
Chicago, IL 60618
(773) 342-8800

14.Robert R. McCormick Club
4835 N. Sheridan Rd.
Chicago, IL 60640
Club: (773) 271-8400

15.    McCutcheon Club
John T McCutcheon Elementary School
4865 N. Sheridan Road
Chicago, IL 60640
(773) 271-8400

16.Paderewski Club
Ignance Paderewski Elementary Learning Academy
2221 S. Lawndale
Chicago, IL 60623
(312) 235-8000 x5104

17.    Park Manor Club
Park Manor Elementary School
7037 S. Rhodes
Chicago, IL 60619
(312) 235-8000 x5100

18.    Reed Club
Walter Reed Elementary School
6350 S. Stewart
Chicago, IL 60621
(773) 535-0010

19.    Schiller Club
Frederick Von Schiller Elementary School
640 W. Scott
Chicago, IL 60610
(312) 235-8000 x5102

20.    Schneider Club
George Schneider Elementary School
2957 N. Hoyne
Chicago, IL 60618
(773) 348-1866

21.Tilton Club
George W. Tilton Elementary School
223 N. Keeler
Chicago, IL 60624
(773) 533-1688

22.    Louis L. Valentine Club
3400 S. Emerald
Chicago, IL 60616
(773) 927-7373

23.    Vernon Johns Club
Vernon Johns Academy
6936 S. Hermitage
Chicago, IL 60636
(312) 735-8251
24.    Gen. Robert E. Wood Club
2950 W. 25th Street
Chicago, IL 60623
(773) 247-0700

    Puentes Autism Treatment Program offers dramatic
By C. H. Barton
Special to Inside
Timmy Sheperd was two years old when his parents, Bonnie and Jim, took him for a
standard hearing test after a nursery teacher noticed that the boy was not responding when
she called his name. The test concluded that Timmy's hearing was normal, so the Sheperds
began the grueling quest for answers. Over the course of a year, Timmy exhibited a variety
of behavioral symptoms. He did not respond when spoken to, made no eye contact, threw
temper tantrums, screamed, constantly repeated the word "more," threw objects around the
room, and practically lived "in his own little world," said his father, Jim. The Sheperds finally
learned that Timmy exhibited symptoms of autism.
Autism is a complex developmental disability that typically appears during the first three
years of a child's life. There are 1.5 million Americans who suffer from some form of autism,
according to the Autism Society of America. Although there is no cure, diagnosis at an early
stage followed by the right treatment could drastically improve a child's condition.
Today, a few years later, Timmy is a very different child. At five years old, he reacts to his
environment, makes eye contact, carries out daily tasks, and has recently learned to
communicate verbally with the people around him. "He is not the same boy," said Jim in
amazement, "thanks to a very special program."
The Puentes ("bridges" in Spanish) component of the Autism Treatment Program at
Advocate Illinois Masonic Pediatric Developmental Center is a unique, comprehensive,
home-based treatment program for young children, ages two to six, with autism. The
program was established in 2000 after therapists at Illinois Masonic realized the growing
need for a special program for autistic children. The program integrates three approaches
into one: developmental, behavioral, and educational, and has been able to show dramatic
progress in the development of these children. The Sheperds started Puentes when Timmy
was three years old, after a year of therapy in which Timmy was taught sign language. "We
saw no improvement. We were really frustrated," said Jim. "Only when we started Puentes
did things start rolling in a positive direction."
Over the course of 12 months, the family-focused program provides parents and siblings
with the tools and resources to interact more successfully with the autistic child. "Through an
intensive and individualized program, parents are given the skills to organize their home life
in a way that meets the child's unique needs," said Carol Rolland, PhD, clinical psychologist
and Director of Developmental Pediatric Services at the hospital. In the first stage, parents
meet for four informational sessions to learn about what they may expect from the program
and what it means to be a parent of an autistic child. "It was a real eye opener for us,"
indicated Jim. "They told us that there is a wide spectrum of autistic behavior and we kept
saying 'hey, my kid does that!' They also stressed from the very beginning that Bonnie and I
needed to be involved every step of the way."
In the spirit of getting parents involved, a therapist is assigned to each family, and during a
four month period, the therapist visits the family's home three times a week to guide and
work with the parents and child within their own environment. "We work around the family's
schedule to suit their needs," said Valeria Nanclares, the Puentes program coordinator. "It is
important that we work within the child's environment and teach the family members how to
function inside that environment, utilizing the resources that are available. They can use
what they are taught on a day-to-day basis." Bonnie and Jim recall that one of their first
tasks was to create a workstation for Timmy where he would have his own activity area. "We
were taught that it was important for Timmy to have his own work space," said Jim.
The therapist works with the family to create a routine for the child where he or she learns to
carry out daily tasks, like brushing teeth, eating breakfast, and putting on clothes. The child
receives instructions through visual support, a picture system that illustrates the activities
that the child would need to accomplish from the first waking moment until the time he or
she goes to sleep. Through repetition, Timmy began easing into a daily routine where the
tasks became more and more challenging. "The good thing about it is that Timmy always
engages in some activity, and he receives positive reinforcement from his therapists and his
family," said Jim.
Within the program's philosophy of working in the child's environment, the therapist
interfaces with local schools to facilitate placement and a smooth transition for both child
and parent. The therapist cooperates with the teachers in creating the best curriculum for
every individual case. According to Nanclares, many programs encourage parents to pull
the kids out of school, but Puentes encourages parents to keep them part of it for the benefit
of the child. "School is a good environment for children and we serve to empower the
teachers," she said. Timmy currently attends a special needs class for a half day and the
other half is spent in a regular classroom.
Positive reinforcement and encouragement are a constant thread throughout the program.
The Puentes therapists are aware of the challenges that face the families and work to push
both parents and children to achieve more. When the parents see their child reach a certain
level of performance they may become relaxed, and even "lazy," said Jim, "but the therapist
keeps on pushing us and Timmy to achieve more," by setting short-term and long term-
goals. The parents are also committed to doing their own homework. They record the child's
progress and submit it for the therapist's review. "The therapist gave us the discipline that
we needed to keep moving forward," said Jim. "We are always on the same page."
Once the child is on a daily schedule, about four months into the program, the therapist
gradually reduces the number of visits until the 12-month mark. The therapist visits twice a
week during the fifth month, once a week during the sixth month, and once a month for
months seven through 12. During these time frames, the therapist continues to assist with,
monitor, and evaluate the child's progress.
The program does not come to an end after the initial 12-month Puentes component has
been completed. Support for the families is ongoing with continuous consultation, and
parent/ sibling support groups. Children go on to other therapies, social learning groups, and
special education. "The program turns into an outreach; there is a social component that
naturally forms between the parents, the staff, and, other families," said Nanclares, adding
that "the families continue to be in touch." Jim agreed. "We will always be a part of the
program," he said.
Jim and Bonnie praise the therapists at the Puentes program for their commitment, support,
and dedication to their family and for Timmy's progress. "You can't find a better group of
people to take care of your child," said Jim. He believes that if they had stayed with their
initial program, their family would have ended up communicating with Timmy through sign
language. "People don't realize that these kids are going to become an active and integral
part of society someday," said Jim, "They need the proper care to move them forward," he
added. "Today, Timmy has mastered the goals that we had set for him, and he is a success
of this program from beginning to end."
For more information on the program, please contact the Advocate Illinois Masonic Pediatric
Developmental Center at (773) 296-7340.
Gala to raise funds for Puentes
The Puentes Autism Treatment Program assists families, including those with financial
challenges who otherwise would be unable to afford services for their autistic children. The
treatment is provided through the help of public and private donations. "We are fiscally
responsible," said Valeria Nanclares, the Puentes program coordinator, and "no family is
denied treatment."
Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center is hosting the Spectrum of Life Gala to raise funds
to benefit the services of the hospital, including the Puentes Autism Treatment Program. In
addition to Puentes, the Gala will celebrate the supporting programs that span the Spectrum
of Life, including Maternal/Child Health, Emergency/Trauma Waiting Room Improvements,
Diabetes Care Program, and Senior Outreach Program.
The Gala takes place Saturday, May 22, in the Winter Garden Room at the Harold
Washington Library, 400 S. State St. Reservations are $250 per person.
For more information about the Gala, please call (847) 384-3400.
                                        Easter Seals

  Camp and Recreation Without Barriers for Children and
                Adults with Disabilities

                                                                                      Interested in camp?

                                                                             Find an Easter Seals camp or recreation
                                                                                       program near you.

                                                                                                        Zip code

                                               Residential and Day Camp
                From campfire sing-a-longs and late night ghost stories, to boating, nature walks, swimming,
                and arts and crafts, Easter Seals camps provide the same excitement and activity available
                  at other summer camp programs. The difference? Easter Seals campers experience the
                                 joys and challenges of camp in a fully-accessible setting.

                                             Work at an Easter Seals Camp
                 Easter Seals camps offer a variety of locations and employment opportunities. Each year
                 there are hundreds of job openings for men and women. Join our team of committed staff
                   and volunteers who provide recreation and leisure activities to children and adults with
                                             physical or cognitive disabilities.

                                                      Recreation and Sport
                   The value of recreation is at the heart of one's ability to enjoy life, develop important life
                skills, and create social relationships and networks. Recreation programs provide all people,
                  including those with disabilities, the freedom to make choices, to initiate selected leisure
                  activities, to develop and pursue life goals, and to develop and deepen relationships with
                                                  family members and friends.
                         Easter Seals respite programs make a double difference, serving both people with
                       disabilities and those who care for them on a day-to-day basis. Respite programs give
                    participants an opportunity to engage in social and recreational activities, while their families
                                      get a much needed break from the demands of caregiving.

  As a veteran service-provider for children and adults with disabilities, Easter Seals meets the need for accessible camping with 140
camping and recreation facilities across the country. Day and residential camp sessions, as well as weekend and after-school programs,
   are available. (Hours, duration, activities, eligibility requirements, transportation availability and tuition vary from camp to camp.)

                                                            Additional Links

                                                 Selecting an accessible camp

                              Nationwide directory of Easter Seals camping and recreation services

                        Success stories: graduates of Easter Seals camp, recreation, and respite programs

         With open arms: embracing a bright financial future for you and your child with disabilities and other special needs

                        Contact Easter Seals to learn more about Easter Seals camps across the country.

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