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                  Lung Cancer Registry Steering Committee

The Role of the Committee
           On average, lung cancer kills more than 1800 Victorians every year, making it the number
           one cancer killer in our community. Although rates of smoking continue to decline, the large
           number of former smokers means that death from lung cancer will continue at this rate for
           several decades.

           Despite advances in imaging, surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and targeted therapies,
           the overall 5 year survival rate for lung cancer in Victoria remains unchanged at 11%.

           One of the most basic tools needed to enhance outcomes for all lung cancer patients across
           Victoria is accurate, prospective, real-time data. Without such data, it will not be possible to

           translate new biomarkers, screening modalities and therapies into the Victorian community.
           Based on our internationally recognised expertise in registry-based population research, this
           project aims to

           establish a Victorian Lung Cancer Registry as an essential platform for all lung cancer
           research in our state

           This project is a pilot for a population based lung cancer registry. The objective of the
           collection of data is to enable description of the the epidemiology, assessment, diagnosis,
           staging, management

           and outcomes of lung cancer in Victoria.

The selected consumer will be required to join The Lung Cancer Registry Steering Committee. The
Steering Committee will meet quarterly to oversee and manage the registry's activities, including the
establishment of guidelines and policies of significance to the registry.

 The Role of the Consumer
 The consumer will become an active member of The Lung Cancer Registry Steering Committee. The
 committee will meet quarterly to discuss and oversee the registry's activities, including the establishment
 of guidelines and policies of significance to the registry. Steering Committee members will monitor the
 quality of the registry data, and will review all research and data requests for identified or identifiable
 data. The committee will also review and advise on communication strategy.
 Commitment Required
 Attendance of quarterly meetings. Meetings are held on Tuesdays 5.30pm – 7.00pm at The Alfred
 Centre, 99 commercial Rd, Melbourne.

 Selection Criteria
 Ideally the consumer appointed to the steering committee will be an informed and effective
 communicator. Personal experience or knowledge of lung cancer is preferred, as is the experience of
 working on a committee.
 Applicants will be interviewed by project staff at the School of Public Health and Preventative Medicine,
 Alfred Hospital, Melbourne. Preferred times are Thursdays between 9am – 12noon.

 Recruitment Procedure
 Applications should be sent directly to Peta McLaughlin, School of Preventative Health and Preventative
 Medicine, Monash University. Ph 9903 0040, email Please forward
 your application a.s.a.p.

 Support Offered
 The consumer appointed to the Lung Cancer Steering Committee will be reimbursed for travel and
 parking expenses when attending quarterly meetings.

If you are interested in applying for this position please complete attached application form and forward to
Nicky Barry at Health Issues Centre.


                       If you would like more information please contact Nicky Barry
                                              (03) 9479 3222

EOI close:
Consumers who respond to positions advertised by HIC participate as a general consumer/carer nominee
and NOT as a representative of Health Issues Centre. (Hence, the views they express will their own, not
necessarily those of Health Issues Centre).

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